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Return of Old Faithful

Return of Old Faithful

Copyright © 2016 by Penny Tawret

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Mixy “Caleb” Boothroyd

I stepped wearily off the MARC onto the damn near barren and desolate

platforms of the Pennsylvania Railroad’s old Odenton Station as I hailed

the single cab posted at the end of the parking lot corner and hopped in. I

made one of my first stops on route to my new apparent location was the

old Lone Star diner on Dobbin Lane; which at one time used to indeed

be a full on diner and five star eatery just exactly as its original named

highly implied. However over the many years during my transition from

cub all the way up to twenty one year old full grown panda, the place

had mysteriously lost a shit ton of business and faced shutdowns more

than twice over the course of its prominent existence. Now, it was just

yet another one of those cheap takeout joints that all the local

neighborhood kids constantly hit up when they blew more than enough

of their parents’ money to not afford Chipotle about a block or so down

the street. I stepped casually in to the cool, air conditioned

establishment; which was unsurprisingly packed to the brim with

customers near and far, and began my disgustingly snail slow wait in

one of the left hand aisles of the order counter. Finally, thirty whole

minutes of foot tapping, eyebrow ridge twitching, and stomach whining

later, I approached the elderly Ursadae behind the order and pickup

counter and was just about to open my mouth when whoever was

controlling the speakers in this place had the fucking audacity to blast

Johnny Rebel’s “If I Could be a Nigger for a Day”, and every other

bear’s head in that eatery that was not at all of foreign derision or

descent turned automatically and sickeningly in my direction. “Oh, you

motherfuckers.” I laughed, rather cynically and manically. “Okay,

alright. My homies and I know where to find you bitches. Say goodbye

to your green and your shithole establishment once again, you redneck

cocksuckers!” I stormed out of there as briskly as I could and made it

back to my cab which luckily was still there like I kindly asked the nice

black leopard driver, named Renato, to hold there for me. “Where to

now, Miss Boothroyd.” He asked kindly, with a tip of his hat. “6669

Stone Cloud Lane.” I informed, equally jovial in return. “The last little

red shutter house on the left.”

Return of Old Faithful

  • ISBN: 9781370975204
  • Author: Penny Tawret
  • Published: 2016-07-26 22:20:06
  • Words: 476
Return of Old Faithful Return of Old Faithful