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Regrets, and other regrettably short stories






Regrets; and other regrettably short stories


By Christian Johnson


Published By Christian Johnson at Shakespir


Copyright 2016 Christian Johnson


Table of Contents:





Table of Contents


Make the Jump

Session 1


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Make the Jump


“Kristara, wait!” Corneoulous yelled through the crowd of people.

As she turns the corner she disappears from view. Kristara knew that it had to be done; she just had to get Corneoulous to understand that too.


At least that was something she could enjoy, being stuck on the Continental Carrier, there were plenty of corners and back channels she could jump in to hide from him.

There was a time when she actually started to like him. He was wonderfully ignorant. He tried to understand her career field. He tried to understand her, he was lost and confused about his beliefs, and he couldn’t help it. She stood there and thought about what he had been through.

“Dammit Krista, I thought you were going to the councilman.”

“I was, I had to catch my breath.”

“Krista, please? I’ll take it back I swear.”

She looks down into her jacket, the small creature sitting in her pocket glances up at her and whimpers.


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Regrets, and other regrettably short stories

"Take the Jump" follows Corneoulous and Kristara as they try to escape Claudio the head of the galactic council as they make their way through The Galactic Carrier. Kristara must look inside herself to decide what the correct course of action is. As Corneoulous is trying to write his wrongs. "Session 1" is a psychological thriller. Following a group of friends as they enter the woods to have a little fun. But, when one friend suddenly goes missing they all flee in terror from an unlikely horror. Regrets follows Henry and Martha as they are on their second honeymoon. Trying to bring back the spark in their relationship. As catastrophe strikes they are forced to rely on instinct alone to survive. Can they make the choices necessary for the greater good?

  • ISBN: 9781370281534
  • Author: Christian Johnson
  • Published: 2016-08-29 00:50:08
  • Words: 3382
Regrets, and other regrettably short stories Regrets, and other regrettably short stories