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Out Of The Heart – The Mouth Speaks

The dictionaries meaning of “sacred”; “Worthy of respect”.

Proverbs 4 – 23: Above all else guard your heart for everything you do flows from it.

The bible spends much time cautioning us to “guard our hearts”. Perhaps our scripture reference’s final seven words reveals the “why” behind the caution.

As designed by God, the heart is a spiritually sacred place where God communes with us, thus its importance is beyond measure. Guarding it is therefore, our sacred responsibility. It’s where our “unique selves” ( who we are ) live! In short; “What” we see in the mirror is not “Who” we are but merely the housing for Who we are. Admittedly, some have nicer houses than others but at the end of the day, that which is going on inside the house, is that which is of supreme importance!

If the foundation of the “dwelling” is falling apart, a new coat of paint on the exterior, while momentarily distracting us from the defect, won’t solve the problem.

Interestingly but often tragically we tend to gladly volunteer excessive amounts of time taking care of our “what” while leaving our “Who” utterly un-attended, as if seen by us as irrelevant or worse non-existent.

Perhaps it’s us and our busy lives not affording the time to acknowledge our “true” existence out of convenience. Could it be an “I’ll get to that later when time permits” mindset relegating it to secondary in importance, optional-type status. As is often the case, we never do “get to it” with societies constant demands of acceleration never deceleration.

Let’s face it; Society with its majorities mandate does not nor ever will encourage introspective thinking. Just conform, keep your feet moving, and “don’t think” is its preached mantra.

You see when we think we challenge ourselves and inadvertently challenge others. A little to radically uncomfortable for many, thus we are discouraged to do so. Therefore and fittingly so, the onus for our well-being lands solely in our laps. After all, it is our heart! If we don’t value it, why should others do so?

In the process of re-evaluating and hopefully changing our perspectives, we will likely lose the popularity contest but gain the great reward of finding our buried but still alive selves!

Whether we like it or not, we live life from the inside out. That’s an un-avoidable, sobering, truth. Ignoring it doesn’t change it! For better or worse, our internal well-being, without exception, will become our external reality.

That being said, doesn’t automatically nor immediately initiate a more serious approach to the matter on a personal level. We may have busied ourselves for a very long time keeping up to the pace of life while leaving our hearts to fend for themselves. We may have become used to devaluing its relevance and true worth. Therefore, we may be existing but not truly living!

When we think of the verb “guard” what immediately comes to mind is a visual of focused vigilance. A seriousness that reflects our acknowledged “value” of that which we are guarding!

If our conclusion is “little value” then we will carelessly expose the very center of our emotional and spiritual well-being to whatever and whoever desires access to that sacred place that lies within.

On the other hand, if our findings lead us to a sincere expression of “much value”, we will “guard “ our hearts with a relentless protectionary tenacity.

As an example; When Shila visits me and it’s time to say goodnight, we go through the same routine each and every time. I put on my coat and shoes to escort Shila down to her car with Shila saying: “you don’t have to do that”. Now, how many times do you think I have allowed Shila to actually go downstairs by herself? Correct and zero is a very small number.

You see I do have to! I am compelled to! Am I being unreasonably or obsessively protective? Well both descriptives being relative to who I’m protecting, can only be determined by the “value” I put on Shila which is massive. So my “have to” is no more unreasonable or obsessive than having armed “guards’’ in Brinks Trucks. You see, it’s all about established value!

The eventual question for all of us is; How much do we value the emotional health of our hearts with the attached; How much do we value our “true” selves?

Taking an educated guess, I would think that somewhere in the vicinity of ninety percent of us are controlled by others opinions as if being victims to them. We seldom challenge them thus we exalt their supreme authority in our lives.

As we observe the normal landscape of life on planet earth we notice our mindset is adhered to by the majority. Therefore we deem it as normal and repetitively carry on without a moment’s thought, awaiting our daily permission from others to “feel worth”. Our tomorrows will include more of the same as we continue the “groveling for crumbs of acceptance” cycle. A cycle that has “conditional” written all over it!

At the root of the issue? We have devalued, for the sake of conformity, our God given right to embrace ourselves as uniquely and wonderfully created by Him and in doing so, our victimized hearts have suffered the consequences!

If “out of the heart the mouth speaks”, why are we so surprised that what it speaks is seldom as flattering as it should be in the light of our God given status?

We are valued beyond measure, so why doesn’t our hearts express that transcendent truth in an inspirational explosion of divine euphoria? Because it doesn’t know! It’s time to inform it!

As A Person Thinks In Their Heart – So Are They

Proverbs 27 – 19: As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart.

My goodness, that’s powerfully true and in fact our daily realty! It’s interesting that “ignored reality” doesn’t make it less real!

As we humans interact on a daily basis “words” are exchanged thus opinions are formulated and for what they’re worth, worldly values are established. If all words are deemed as worthy of our consideration, we can get caught up in a whirlwind of always changing variables.

Example: My boss loved me two days ago but his “words” suggest not so much today. He did catch the flu yesterday so, is it the flu, is it me, or is it him? Or perhaps none of the above? Maybe it’s as frivolous as his favorite sports team lost their game the previous night and he didn’t sleep very well because of it. You see what I mean by the complexities of variables. Trying to discern them all can drive us crazy, usually with no absolute clarity in the end!

So, who gets to determine your value. Is it me? Earlier I mentioned Shila’s massive value. By expressing it, am I in fact determining it? Absolutely not! Am I dictating it? Absolutely not! I’m simply confirming what has already been determined! I’m therefore aligning myself with the “already established”!

So perhaps Shila established her own value and I’m by choice, agreeing with it? Absolutely not!

We are the created not the Creator! We don’t get the final ‘’word” when it comes to our value, He does. Therefore His “words” are “all powerful” by default. WHAT HE SAYS, IS! End of debate with our only two available options being; either embrace His opinion or reject it! There is no third option of our altering it!

They say a picture paints a thousand “words”. God must have believed that to be true as He, from a cross, painted His never to be forgotten expression of our valued worth. It is there, our often neglected hearts find their true importance. It is there that God’s “words” ring out with the “power” to elevate rather than relegate. It is there that God proclaims; This is how much I value you! This is your worth! Today, I don’t get to determine that incredible truth, but I do get to embrace it and express it “to you” and “for you” and in doing so, “for myself”.

By God’s gracious invitation we have been given heavenly license to wear the only opinion that has the authority to have an opinion. I would encourage us all to do so.

But first we must have that one to one, “heart-felt”, personally intimate, internal chat with God. As previously mentioned, that’s where and when the re-introduction to our “true selves” and God’s “true self” takes place.

He has much “wonderful, value imparting, and healing” information to brand on our hearts. We must allow Him to change our internal dialogue to more accurately reflect His viewpoint.

In short order we will discover, our new external talk and walk is indicative of our new internal, revealed by God, reality. A talk and walk of re-established dignity, worth and value where our hearts are safely guarded by His truth and presence!

Denied Access

As mentioned earlier, we are responsible for our own hearts. It’s not societies job to up-date, inform, or dictate my worth. If I allow it to do so, then I’m barking up the wrong tree! A tree I’ve been cautioned to “not eat” from. If the cross of Christ is not sufficient proof and verification as to my value, then I have no idea what to present to myself as an intelligent option!

Back to our responsibility: We have the God given, always available, option of choice! We can allow access or deny access. That’s empowering news!

There’s many voices in the wind folks, but only ONE that cares for you like no other. This is His advice regarding you sustaining a truthful, long term, sense of your own worth.

All opinions that don’t align themselves with His opinion are “invalid” and to be denied access!

So, what do we inevitably “guard our hearts” with? His truth! A truth that never changes! A truth that sets the captives of “alternative opinions” free! A truth that changes our internal, heart felt, understanding of ourselves thus transposing itself to a changed talk and walk. A talk and walk that was purchased on a cross for our wearing! Let’s vigilantly wear it with the dignity it so deserves!

That which we give access to – we equally empower! We can’t drink from poisoned wells and simultaneously wonder why we’re sick. Guard your hearts folks!

Jesus said in John 4 -14: “ But whoever drinks the water that I give them will never thirst again. Indeed the water that I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life”.

Notice, Jesus isn’t referring to “eternal life” as a sometime later, after we’ve breathed our last breath, dynamic. He’s speaking in the immediate “right now”. The same Jesus made clear in John 10 – 10: “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy but I have come that they-we, may have life and have it to the full”.

We were never meant to “exist” but rather “live’’. We were never meant to limp through life but rather “walk” with heads held high, clothed in a sense of worth that only our Creator can truly impart.

I can tell you ‘’all day” how valued you are and I would be right. But it’s only when God’s heart speaks that truth to your heart, that its impact becomes indelibly, internally, and eternally inscribed. Have “the talk” and I promise it will change “the walk”!

When a heart wishes to conclude its true value, it mustn’t ever make the mistake of looking in the mirror as its source of information but rather re-direct its gaze to “a cross”. That which is in the mirror changes. The CROSS? NEVER!

Reflections Of A Sheep - The Series - Book Two

  • Author: Bill Taylor
  • Published: 2017-01-20 15:35:10
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Reflections Of A Sheep - The Series - Book Two Reflections Of A Sheep - The Series - Book Two