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Mini-Series #1

Copyright 2014 Dannielle Wicks

Shakespir Edition


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I lean up against the cold brick wall of the locker room and stare off into space. Tonight’s the night. Brendan has made a reservation at a restaurant across town after his game. He’s going to propose, I can feel it. I’m so excited I can’t even think straight. I tap my foot against the cement impatiently.

I’m so engrossed in my thoughts, I don’t notice Brendan standing in front of me until his lips touch mine and his fingers weave into my loose hair. He pulls away with a knowing grin and leans down once more to kiss me on the nose.

“Ready to go?” I nod enthusiastically and practically skip to the car like a small child. He opens the passenger side door and motions for me to hop in.

We pull out of the dark parking lot and cruise down the highway back into the city at an alarming pace. I guess he’s as excited as I am. I grip the edge of the seat as he turns a corner too quickly and steers us towards a large intersection in the middle of the street. He’s going too fast. The light turns red and I start to panic a little. He’s not slowing down.

“Brendan!” I scream as we approach the busy intersection. He glances over at me for a split second. A split second is all it takes.


My senses come back slowly at first. There’s a horn blaring loudly somewhere nearby. I lift my heavy hand to my head, I feel like I’m floating and drowning all at once. I peel my eyes open and the hazy world around me comes into sharp focus. There is a dim yellow light splashed across the interior of the car. Something is burning; it smells like fuel and melted plastic.

I reach for my seatbelt and panic when it doesn’t come free straight away. I snatch at it with more force, but it’s jammed. Twisting in my seat, I look over at Brendan. His head is lying back on the headrest and his eyes are closed. He’s not moving. A small line of blood trickles down his chin from the thin line of his mouth.

What’s left of the car is crushed at odd angles around us. I glance back at Brendan’s chest. Is he breathing? I hold my breath, waiting, but he doesn’t move. He doesn’t take a breath. A small sound escapes my throat and I struggle harder to free myself.

One last yank on the jammed seatbelt and it gives, mercifully setting me free. I spin in my seat and try the door handle; it doesn’t lift when I grab it. Oh god, oh god. Taking a deep breath, I lift my heavy legs and kick as hard as I can at the crumpled door until it groans open.

Jumping out, I stumble on unsteady legs before jogging to the other side of the car. Another crushed wreck of a car sits less than a meter away from Brendan’s door, its dim headlights shining on our car. I can’t hear anything over the noise of the horn.

Clutching Brendan’s door handle, I pull it up with all my might. The crushed door holds fast. Letting out a frustrated scream, I kick it in anger and sprint back to my own door. I climb across my seat to Brendan and grasp his shoulder, shaking him. His head lolls to the side limply. Leaning over, I place my ear to his chest and close my eyes, concentrating on finding something… anything.

A heavily laboured breath escapes his lips and a very faint, dying heartbeat stutters under my ear.

“Brendan, wake up!” Hot tears dribble down my cheeks and soak into his shirt. I sit up and place my hands on his chest, starting CPR. “Please, just wake up.”

Sirens sing in the distance, coming closer. Help is coming. He needs to hold on. I glance out the shattered front windscreen, searching for the ambulance’s flashing lights.

Something moves in the shadows across the street. I squint into the smoky air. The shadow materializes out of the darkness beside Brendan’s door. A person, a man. Is someone coming to help? I peek up at his dark face, but I can’t make out any features.

He calmly reaches his hand through the splintered glass and places it softly on Brendan’s forehead. I lean over to swipe away his hand, but stop myself at the last minute.

“Please, don’t touch him,” my voice shakes as I speak. The man tilts his head slightly to gaze over at me. The dim light coming from the other car catches his face and shines off his unusual white eyes, making them glow. I stop breathing. He looks away and back at Brendan, who gasps suddenly. He pulls his hand away and Brendan goes still.

“No!” I shout at the man. “You can’t have him. Give him back.” I love him.

The man’s glowing eyes turn back to me, his voice eerily cold. “Do you know the price of keeping him?”

“I’ll do anything, please.” I sob, clutching Brendan’s shirt in my hands. The man nods once and places his hand back on Brendan’s head. His body jerks and he takes a large gulp of air.

“Oh god,” I say, moving to help Brendan. “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” I look up, but the man is gone.

The sirens become louder and the flashing red and blue lights appear through the thick smoke. Finally, they’ve arrived to help. I jump out of the car to meet the paramedics as they pull up.


We are both taken to the private hospital. When we arrive they place Brendan in an induced coma while they tend to his injuries. One of the nurses examines my leg and gives me five stitches. They won’t let me in to see Brendan, so I sit and wait anxiously in the hospital’s sterile waiting room, clutching a warm Styrofoam cup of coffee to my chest. The roasted coffee bean aroma helps calm my nerves.


I stretch in the plastic hospital chair and rub my sore eyes. I must have fallen asleep waiting. A nurse stands in front of me smiling patiently.

“You can come see him now, he’s awake.”

I follow the nurse down a long corridor and into one of the rooms. Brendan is awake on the bed, an oxygen mask covering his mouth and a string of needles and machines attached to his arms and chest. I smile, walking over to him.

“How do you feel?” I ask softly, placing my hand over his.

His eyes shift to me and his forehead creases in confusion. He lifts his other hand and pulls the oxygen mask from his face.

“Who are you?”

I gasp, snatching my hand away, my eyes start burning with tears. “It’s Gracie, don’t you remember?”

His frown deepens. “Gracie, what are you doing here?”

Okay, now I’m confused. “What do you mean?”

He tilts his head to the side and lifts an eyebrow. “Last time I saw you, we just graduated high school.”

“What?” I ask in disbelief. How did this happen? Has he got amnesia? I turn to the nurse and she gives me a small sympathetic shrug. Gulping down my feelings, I dash from the room, pushing through the heavy entrance doors and heading for the taxi stand.

As soon as I get to my apartment building, I slam through my door, barely locking it behind me and strip down to jump in the shower. The scalding hot water burns down my back, but it feels so good. I stay under the water until the warmth is long gone and then I wrap myself in a towel and curl up on my bed, tears dribbling down my nose onto my pillow. My apartment feels so empty and alone. I feel as though I’ve lost everything all at once.


I wake the next morning feeling a little better. I should visit Brendan, if he doesn’t remember that we are in love, I’ll just have to make him fall for me all over again. Easy. I hope.

Decision made, I catch a taxi down to the hospital and walk to Brendan’s room with a smile on my face. I freeze just outside the doorway when I hear Brendan talking to someone. A female voice laughs. Is he flirting? Hurt crashes through my chest.

“Are you okay?” I turn and lift my head to look up at the tall man standing behind me. He looks familiar, although, I don’t recall ever meeting someone with such dark eyes. Tilting my head, I take in his dark jeans and black t-shirt. His hands are stuffed in his pockets as if he’s uncomfortable, and his dark hair is a gorgeous mess.

I narrow my eyes in annoyance. “Do I know you?”

He turns his head away and coughs once to hide his embarrassment. “Umm, no. Sorry, I just saw you hurry up the corridor and then suddenly stop.” Who is this weirdo?

“I’m fine,” I snap back before marching into Brendan’s hospital room and scowling at the flirty nurse. Her eyes widen at the sight of me and she nods once, dashing out of the room.

I plaster the prettiest smile I can manage on my face and turn to Brendan. “How are you feeling today?”

“Great, besides the broken ribs and a punctured lung.” I move closer to his bed and giggle. Oh god, was that me? I sound so fake.

“Look, Gracie,” Brendan starts, sitting up higher in his bed. Oh no, please don’t. I brace myself for what’s coming as I sit stiffly in the plastic hospital chair beside his bed. “I don’t really know you, so this is all a little weird for me.”

“That’s fine. It’s actually why I’m here today, to remind you of what we had.” I smile and lean closer reaching for his hand. He snatches it away and frowns at me. Ouch, okay that really hurt. I look away and purse my lips, trying not to cry. Brendan clears his throat uneasily.

“Maybe you should leave. I’m just going to keep hurting your feelings.” He smooths the blanket in front of him with his hands, not meeting my gaze. I nod once, swallowing my sob and walk as slowly as can out of the room. Once I’m out of his line of sight, I take off running.

I find myself more than three blocks away at the public park. Sitting on a bench, I tip forward and rest my face in my hands. How can he ask me to just leave like that? I love him; I want to be there for him. He was supposed to propose and then we were going to get married on the beach and have two kids, a girl and a boy and maybe a dog. How can he just take that all away from me?

Oh god, how could I even think that? It’s not his fault, he didn’t ask to be in a car accident and lose his memory. I can’t give up on him. I won’t.

“Hello again.” The dark haired man from the hospital stands a few feet away from me. His hands still stuffed in his pockets.

I look over at him, curious. “Are you following me?”

He chuckles softly and takes a step closer. “No. I’m pretty sure this is a public area, besides, I was here first. Are you following me?” I ignore his question and move to stand up, clutching my bag in front of me. Something about this guy seems off – like serial-killer off. He has this vibe that just screams death. I smile casually and throw my bag over my shoulder.

“I was just leaving. I’m meeting up with some friends, they’ll be expecting me.” In other words, don’t follow me or I’ll call the cops. I turn and start walking away, trying to keep my pace natural and slow.

“Wait,” he calls out behind me. Oh no. I stop and turn around, my heart beats nervously in my chest. “What’s your name?”

Do I answer that? I’ll just give him a fake name. “It’s Carly.”

Even from this distance I can see the frown of confusion form on his face. Just as I turn to leave again, I catch a small smirk turn up one corner of his mouth, as if he doesn’t believe me. I shake my head and nearly jog away from the park.


“Eww, what is that? You need to get out of this stinky apartment,” Sarah mumbles from my kitchen. I lay on the couch staring at the ceiling; I really don’t have a reason to get up. I mean, why should I? It’s not like I have anywhere to be. I don’t have a job; Dad pays my rent and sends me an allowance every month. The perks of being a rich kid.

“Did you hear me Gracie?” Sarah stomps into my lounge room and stops beside the couch, her hands on her hips as she stares down at me. My lips twitch in annoyance and I turn my head away. “That’s it.” She grabs my arm and hauls me off the couch. “You’re coming to work with me tonight.”

I groan. “Sarah, you work in a bar.”

“Exactly, it will be good for you. One day when all this blows over and Brendan comes begging for you back, you’ll thank me.”

I arch my brow at her. “I’ll thank you?”

She smiles serenely. “Yep, now let’s get you ready.” She tugs me to my bathroom and shoves me inside, shutting the door behind her. “Have a shower, get dressed, and don’t think you can escape, I’ve barricaded the door and I know where you live.” She giggles and her footsteps leave the hallway.

I step out of the bathroom half an hour later. The hot water felt amazing, washing away the days of grime and sadness on my skin. I’ve tried visiting Brendan in the hospital again; they won’t even let me past the front desk anymore. Apparently he’s told them he doesn’t want to see me. Fine.

Sarah smiles and holds my door open for me as I meet her in the entryway. We walk down the street in silence and once we reach the dark, dingy, smelly bar, she works in; she leaves me at one of the stools along the bar while she gets ready. This place stinks; I screw up my nose and glance around at the empty room.

Sarah strolls over to me, tying her apron around her waist. “Do you want something to drink?”

“No,” I answer, shifting in my seat. “Does it get busy or is this it?” She smiles knowingly and shakes her head, walking away. I frown after her and fiddle with the bar mat in front of me. Tonight is going to be so boring.


The bar fills up quickly and before long I’m being bumped and elbowed by people shuffling past. I narrow my eyes at the bench in front of me when I’m elbowed yet again in my back. This is so stupid, why did I agree to come here? It was a waste of time.

I stand and push my stool back forcefully. Sarah frowns at me from the other end of the bar while she serves the drunken group of girls in front of her. Ha! She can’t stop me from leaving, she’s busy.

I turn and push my way through the crowd, slowly inching towards the exit. Someone steps in front of me and blocks my escape route. I nearly growl as I look up.

“We just keep bumping into each other don’t we?” The stranger from the hospital smiles crookedly at me and grabs a hold of my arms, moving me away from the man beside us, who is spilling his drink everywhere.

“This is getting creepy,” I reply flatly, trying to yank my arms out of his grip.

He lets go and places a hand on his chest. “Pure coincidence, I swear.”

“Ah-huh.” I arch an eyebrow at him and try to push past and head back to the bar. No way am I going home by myself now, he’s obviously stalking me. What if this creep follows me home and I become a headline in tomorrow’s paper. DUMB GIRL GETS HERSELF MURDERED OUTSIDE A BAR. No thank you, I’ll just wait for Sarah to finish.

Creepy man follows me back to the bar. I turn on him with a scowl. “What do you want?” He smirks, but doesn’t answer, which only infuriates me more. Another random guy bumps me on my other shoulder, I turn to him unimpressed.

“Dance with me?” New guy’s sparkling blue eyes seem clear, so maybe he’s not drunk? I turn my back on my stalker and follow… umm, whatever his name is.

“It’s Michael.” His blue eyes glint as we spin out into the crush of people on the dance floor. Michael holds me close, a smile on his lips. Wow, this is fantastic.


Before long, I need to catch my breath. The bar is stuffy and I need fresh air. I lean in close to Michael and tell him I’m going outside for air before turning and heading to the exit.

Cold wind assaults me as soon as I open the heavy door, it smells like rain. I duck over to the edge of the building and lean against the cool bricks, closing my eyes.

“About time.” My eyes snap open and I stare at the shadow in front of me.

“Michael?” I ask, looking up at his dark face. He smiles menacingly and pulls me roughly around the corner and into the alley beside the bar. I open my mouth to scream and he clamps his hand over my face cutting me off. I try to kick away from him and he pushes me up against the bricks. I took a self-defence class; I just need to remember what I learned. Come on Gracie, you can do this, just stay calm.

He lets go of my mouth to hold both my hands in one of his and then he runs the other hand up my blouse, his dirty fingers touching my skin and making me cringe. I spit at him, my saliva landing on his cheek. He pauses and glares down at me with a snarl. I use the distraction to quickly lift my knee and hitting him square in the jewels. He doubles over with a grunt and I turn to sprint out of the dark alley. At the last second, he snatches my foot out from underneath me. I hit the ground with a heavy oomph. I struggle to kick out at him, but he holds my legs down.

“Help!” my scream echoes down the alley. Please someone hear me. Michael crawls up my body and grins.

“No one is coming-” He’s cut off with a gurgle. A dark shadow lifts Michael by his throat until his feet are dangling off the ground. I scramble out from under him and back up against the alley wall. Michael’s eyes go wide and he chokes loudly, trying to pull at the grip around his throat.

“Stop, you’re killing him.”

The dark figure of a man turns his head towards my voice. I gasp at his glowing white eyes. It’s the man that saved Brendan. Who is he? Or what is he? I can practically see the shadows moving around and clinging to him. The man drops Michael and walks over to me, stopping inches from my face. I have to tilt my head back to look up at his eyes, he’s tall. His dark hand reaches up and I recoil as he runs a finger down my cheek.

I try not to flinch at his touch; I don’t want to make him mad. I can literally see the dark shadows leeching out of his skin. If I had enough courage I would reach out and touch them. He pulls his hand back slowly and stares down at me for a moment longer before taking a step back and disappearing into the darkness.

I let out the breath I didn’t realize I was holding and lean forward, bracing my hands on my shaky knees. Michael groans from the other side of the alley. I push off the wall and stumble out of the alley before he wakes up and decides to retaliate.

I turn towards home and start running. The whole thing keeps flashing across my mind. What would have happened to me if the shadow man hadn’t appeared to save me? I shake my head to rid myself of the morbid and terrifying answers.

About three blocks from home, I stop running, exhausted. The adrenaline is wearing off quickly now. I push myself to jog the rest of the way; I can’t stop until I’m safe in my locked apartment.

I reach my door puffing and pull my key from my pocket. My hands are too shaky to put it in the deadlock. I nearly scream in frustration and throw a tantrum like a toddler. I try again and the key hits the wood of the door. A fat, wet tear dribbles down my cheek. I just want to get inside.

I close my eyes, take a deep, shuddering breath and open them again. This time when I reach my key for the lock, someone else’s hand wraps around mine, lining it up. I scream and snatch my hand back, leaving the key in the lock, and spinning to the person standing behind me.

My creepy stalker takes a disarming step back with his hands up in surrender.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you.” He smiles slightly and drops his hands slowly. I narrow my eyes on him. What the hell is wrong with this man? “I saw what happened at the bar, I was just making sure you got home okay.”

Wait, he saw what happened? Then did he see the shadow man? If he did, maybe I’m not going crazy. “What exactly did you see?”

He frowns. “I saw you get attacked. Are you okay?” He reaches out a hand towards me and I flinch back. That wasn’t the answer I was looking for.

“Who are you?” Please don’t be a serial killer. I inch my way back to my door as slowly as I can, hoping he doesn’t notice.

“I’m Logan,” he answers, glancing down at my feet and arching an eyebrow, before looking back at my face and smirking. I don’t really care what his name is, I want to know why he’s following me, but I suppose he’s not just going to tell me outright that he’s here to murder me.

“I’m going inside now.” I grasp the door handle and turn. Please don’t follow me inside. Turning my back on him, I suck in shallow breaths to try and keep calm.

“Wait.” His hand lands on my shoulder and I squeak, jerking away. “Did he hurt you?”

“He who?” Is he talking about Michael or Shadow Man?

“The guy that attacked you?” he asks, confused. Great, so I really am crazy. I decide not to answer and escape into my apartment instead. I slam the door in his face and lock it. Wait, where is my key? Dammit… I inch the door open and peek through the gap. Nothing. The hallway is empty. How did he leave so quickly? I can’t even hear his footsteps on the stairs. I reach around the door and snatch my keys out of the lock before closing it again and flicking the lock.


“Where did you go?” Sarah’s concerned voice echoes down the phone line. I groan at her, too tired to answer. Seriously, she works in a bar and she’s still a morning person. I roll over and mumble an apology into the phone. Sarah giggles. “I’ll let you get back to sleep then.” The line goes dead and I push the phone away from me across the bed.

Well, I’m awake now… I moan and rub the hair out of my eyes. I need a shower.

Refreshed and feeling alive, I dress. Do I want to go out today, maybe a walk in the park? I tie up my joggers and grab my keys off the counter on my way out the door.

I freeze in place just across the doorjamb.

What is that?

I kneel down and pick up the folded piece of paper off my mat and flip it over. It feels expensive. I open it and nearly throw it across the stairwell.

Grace, Let me take you out on a date.


No number or address. Even if I did agree to go out with him, how would I contact him? I jog down the stairs and throw the piece of paper in the first bin I find on the street. No thank you, creepy stalker man.

The fresh air smells great and if I could taste it, I’d say it tastes like strawberries and fresh baked bread. A light breeze ruffles the leaves in the trees scattered throughout the park. I find a soft spot of grass in the shade and lay back, closing my eyes.

“Summer is beautiful. Don’t you agree?”

I jump up into a sitting position at the sound of the male voice and stare with my mouth open at Logan sitting on the grass beside me, his arms resting on his knees comfortably.

“What the hell?”

He smirks. “Sorry, did I scare you?”

“Yes. Having a stalker scares me, a lot actually,” I answer sarcastically. “I didn’t even hear you sit down.” He purses his lips and looks away without answering. Have I hurt his feelings? Good, maybe he’ll leave me alone. “Why are you following me Logan?”

“I’m not actually sure,” he answers quietly. “I keep finding myself drawn to you.”

“Because that makes perfect sense…” I slide across the grass discreetly, trying to inch away from him. If I jump up and run, will he chase me? Should I take the chance? I look out across the park, searching for anyone in case I need witnesses. How can the park be empty on a day like this?

“Are you afraid of me?” Logan leans toward me with a small smile.

I look at him in disbelief. “Am I afraid? That’s a silly question. Tell me Logan, why wouldn’t I be afraid of you?” He nods once and shifts away from me.

“I’m not trying to scare you, but I’m running out of time.” He stands.

I cower back as he steps closer. “Running out of time for what?”

“I’m sorry Gracie.”

“Sorry for what? What are you doing?” I hold my hands up toward him off as he comes closer again. “Stay away from me.” Oh god, this is it. There will be no witnesses to my murder; they’ll only find my body parts strewn across the park. I open my mouth to scream, but Logan’s hand clamps over it, stopping me. Tears well up in my eyes and a sob escapes my covered lips. I don’t want to die, I’m not ready yet. Logan presses in, smothering me. Everything suddenly becomes dark, as if I’ve been swallowed by shadows.


I peel my eyes open and fear takes hold. I can’t see anything. Either I’m blind or there is absolutely no light here. I lift my arm, it feels heavy. Where am I?

“Hello?” I whisper into the dark, afraid of what might answer. “Can anybody hear me?” Footsteps – somewhere close. Suddenly light bursts across my vision and I have to hold my hand up to shield my sensitive eyes. Someone touches my arm gently. I jerk away and squint at the shadow. “Who are you? Where am I?”

“Sebastian. I’m here to help,” a soft male voice answers. The grip on my arm tightens, lifting me off the floor.

I frown and yank my arm out of his hand. “Help with what?”

“Well, aren’t you hungry?” My stomach grumbles at the possibility of food. How long has it been since I ate?

“I guess.”

“Then I will help you find food.” He grabs my arm again and pulls into a grey hall. I pause outside the door and look at my captor. He’s tall, brown hair and green eyes. He gives me a small smile and motions for me to follow as he turns and walks down the hall. There are no pictures on the walls or ornaments of any kind; it’s just cold grey cement.

We stop at a big wooden door, it has something carved on it, but I don’t get a chance to take a closer look before Sebastian opens it and we step into a grand entrance room. Staircases split on either side of the room leading up to the next floor. There’s an enormous chandelier hanging from the impossibly high ceiling and it’s not a tacky one either. It glitters, sending rainbows across the dark marble floor. I swear it’s the most amazing room I have ever seen. It even smells nice, like jasmine and roses.

Sebastian nudges me on the shoulder with a smirk. I have to remember to close my mouth to stop the drool as I follow him to one of the huge staircases.

Wow, even the dark coloured railings are polished smooth.

“Where are we going?” I try to keep my voice quiet, but it still echoes up the stairs. Sebastian doesn’t answer. We turn down another corridor, and then another. Pretty soon, I’m lost. There is no way I’d be able to find my way back to the entrance hall. We stop at another wooden door and Sebastian motions for me to enter first.

I’m temporarily blinded by the beautiful kitchen I’ve walked into. The benches are stainless steel, all the appliances matching. The cupboards are a dark polished wood. It’s absolutely gorgeous. There is an older lady standing by the stove, she turns as we walk in, a curious look on her face.

“Carme, our guest is hungry,” Sebastian declares, walking past me and further into the kitchen. Carme smiles and turns back to the stove.

I walk over to Sebastian, who is sitting at a large wooden table set up in the centre of the room, and sit on the stool across from him.

A moment later two plates appear in front of us. Carme pushes one to me and hands me a spoon. It smells amazing, a take a deep breath and then dip my spoon into the thick pumpkin soup. It tastes fantastic, thick and creamy but still full of pumpkin flavour.

“Where am I?” I ask around a mouthful of soup.

“Hell,” Sebastian answers dryly.

“Ha-ha, very funny, no really, where am I?”

He raises an eyebrow at me. “Do you see me laughing?”

Okay, he’s crazy. As soon as I finish eating, I have to find a way out of here. “Seriously, Hell?”

“Yes, Hell… As in the underworld, the valley of the dead, purgatory, Hades realm, take your pick.” He pushes his chair back and stands, taking my empty bowl and dumping it in the sink.

“The last thing I remember is Logan. We were in the park.”

He screws up his face, confused. “Who?”

“Logan?” Maybe I’m the crazy one?

Sebastian walks back over to the table and leans towards me. “I don’t know anyone by that name.”

“She’s talking about me.” I spin in my chair at the familiar voice. Logan stands in the shadowed doorway watching me.

“Logan.” I’m one part relieved to see him, one part angry and scared.

He glares at Sebastian. “What is she doing out of her room?”

“Hardly a room. She was hungry. I think we can afford our guest a little bit of hospitality.”

“I told you to keep her in there,” Logan’s voice rises in anger. “Escort her back, now.”

“I’m not going back in that dark room,” I interrupt. “Take me home.”

Logan purses his lips, then shakes his head and walks away. I jump up, my chair falling back and hitting the tiles with a thud as I race after him.

“Wait!” I can’t see him, so I turn down another hallway. Which way did he go? I slow to a stop when I reach another, smaller set of stairs leading down into a dark hallway. I turn, looking back the way I came. What do I do?

I square my shoulders and start slowly down the staircase. The door at the end isn’t locked, so I take a deep breath and push it open. I step out into a wide, deep cavern made of rock. It’s dark, but I can still see in the faint light. I take another step and squint at the glowing figures in the distance. People?

Something growls beside me. I freeze and glance quickly to my left. The black dog is huge, more like a wolf, and it’s nearly taller than me. Its deep red eyes sear into my soul, making me cringe away.

“Nice doggy,” I say quietly. It snaps its jaws in warning, saliva flicking from its sharp fangs. I start shaking in fear. The dog steps closer, still growling, lips pulled back and ears flat against its skull. “Please,” I whisper, holding my hands up in front of me.

I shuffle back until my back hits something solid. I nearly scream when a deep growl rumbles against my back. There’s another one. Right behind me…





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