Real Alien Worlds: A Brief Encyclopaedia: First Edition Volume 1

REAL ALIEN WORLDS: A Brief Encyclopaedia: First Edition Vol 1

Real Alien Worlds

The Book’s Purpose

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P1 Up-Front Statements

P2 A New Age Of Discovery

P3 Astral Dimensions

P4 Categories of Alien

P5 Time Distortions and Shifts

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Training & Exploration

Real Alien Worlds

A Brief Encyclopaedia


David McCready

First Edition

Volume 1: The Prefaces


The Book’s Purpose

Until the 21 century, alien civilisations that visited the Earth revealed very little about themselves. Accordingly, human beings were largely isolated from all the other residents in this and other universes. There was even a culture of denial in places.

In order to assist human beings develop, the 21st century was chosen as the point in which human beings would be given a careful introduction to their many neighbours.

The primary purpose of increasing contact is to enable human society to have access to the social models more advanced cultures have developed. Similarly, that souls who are currently experiencing living as human beings, should have access to helpful reminders upon the practicalities of reawakening their higher consciousness.

Without this reawakening, humankind will remain in a relatively primitive warlike state.

This book is a tool which enables the reader to rediscover more advanced worlds, and import the fundamental advances you will be shown.

You could say; this book is a new form of intergalactic Internet.

Credits and Copyright


Real Alien Worlds: A Brief Encyclopaedia

A unique book documenting the result of 2 years research using controlled out of body exploration by specialist investigators.

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Lead Researcher and Compiler:

David McCready

Research Team:

Antony Othona

Charlie Farleigh

Chris BB

Dan Abbott

David P

Elvis Garnham

Michelle Allen

Serge Schoenmakers

Wenda Ramsamy

And many thanks to everyone else not wishing to be identified

Principle Editor:

Cathleen McGuire

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Gillian Jay

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Derived from NASA material

About The Author

David McCready was born in the United Kingdom in 1963 as the first son of two homeopathic doctors. Both parents displayed good intuitive skills, and his maternal grandfather was ahead of his time in this regard.

Young David displayed no obvious clairvoyant skills, and his interests mainly lay with mechanical things. David ultimately qualified as a professional structural engineer and project manager. He went on to principally work as a building and maintenance contractor dealing with a comprehensive range of mechanical and electrical systems.

David always had an interest in otherwise invisible or unreachable worlds. In 1995 David achieved reliable access to the Astral World and an array of non-physical beings who were able to take over his adult education. David was then able to set aside his engineering profession and instead specialise in training people in astral science and projection.

In 2014 David was upgraded with special consciousness abilities which would enable him to lead pioneering research into extraterrestrial worlds using astral projection.

David (2016) is married with a wonderful wife and two sensitive children.

Preview of the Encyclopaedia

Volume 1: Full Preface

P1 Up-Front Statements

P2 A New Age Of Discovery

P3 Astral Dimensions

P4 Categories of Alien

P5 Time Distortions and Shifts

P6 Interactions With Human Beings

The prefaces contain an explanation of how it was possible to research this encyclopaedia. Fundamentally, the Earth you experience is an engineered illusion you can transcend. Thus it is possible to link into other parts of the greater illusion; i.e. Alien Worlds.

Volume 2: Encyclopaedia Chapter E01 to E05

E01 Grasshoppers 1

E02 Big Eyed Humanoids 1

E03 Icke’s Lizards 1

E04 Grey Goblins 1

E05 Small Greys 1

This volume includes details of Grasshoppers 1, from who’s world a team of alien researchers sufficiently improved human contact and made this encyclopaedia possible. Also in this volume, is the world of alien reptilians who are often accused on malignly influencing human beings.

Volume 3: Encyclopaedia Chapter E06 to E10

E06 Large Greys 1

E07 Smart Plants 1

E08 Lobsters 1

E09 Future Humans 1

E10 Alternative Humans 2

This volume includes one more of the many species of greys, intelligent alien plants, plus earthly human beings from the future who visit Earth and hence get categorised as aliens.

Volume 4: Encyclopaedia Chapter E11 to E15

E11 Nordics 1

E12 Nordics 2

E13 Dinosaur 1

E14 Engineered Viruses

E15 Ants 1

This volume deals with more of the human-like species who visit Earth, and an example of a real dinosaur world in development.

Volume 5: Encyclopaedia Chapter E16 to E20

E16 Mechanoids 1

E17 Big Jelly 1

E18 T1s

E19 Star Children 1

E20 Xeons 1

This volume explores an extraordinary alien species which is really a universe in its own right, plus insights into aliens who have significantly contributed to, and even engineered, the Earth world you are experiencing.

Volume 6: Appendixes A1 to A4

A1 The Ultimate Creator

A2 The Creators

A3 How The Universe Works

A4 The Moon

If you want to know more about who is ultimately responsible for the creation of everything, read this appendix. Similarly, there is a fascinating account of Earth’s moon a few dimensions up, where it is teeming with life.

Volume 7: Appendixes A5 to A6

A5 Large Greys Domes

A6 Summary

The Large Greys 1 have gathered together an amazing collection of living alien species in one location, visiting them is a must. Finally, there is a summary of some of the insights this encyclopaedia has delivered.


P1 Up-Front Statements


Nearly everything written in this encyclopaedia is the result of research conducted via the medium of Astral Projection or Out of Body Consciousness. Similarly, at the time of pre-publication released in late 2015, the only way to verify most of the information and observations recorded was by employing Astral Projection.

This first draft of the encyclopaedia may contain errors. A helpful analogy is an early map of the world drafted from the initially crude observations made by the first intrepid explorers. Such maps inevitably contain errors. But nevertheless, it makes it possible for other explorers to retrace the navigation. Thus validate, or where appropriate correct, the map.

Europeans did not bother trying to sail to the Americas until Christopher Columbus brought its existence to their attention. This is an invitation to the reader to personally explore everything that is described. If you do not already know how, then you, the reader, can learn the requisite Astral Projection techniques which enables such exploration.


When You Are Allowed

This book is designed to create an energetic connection, or portal, between the reader and other worlds the reader can explore.

If you speed read this book, you will miss out on much of the access to other worlds you, the reader, might wish to gain personal insights into.

If you gently read this book, you will receive unique insights that will assist your human mind’s development. But this comes at the expense of being able to read dozens of pages at a time.

When You Are Not Allowed

Human minds are often prevented for making new and interesting discoveries. Should this obstruction come to affect your human mind, you will find it almost impossible to read this book. Even if you appear to overcome the difficulty, you can end up reading in a dreamy state after which it will be difficult to remember what you read.

The solution is to try reading it later when you are in a happy alert state, and read only as far as is comfortable.

General Warning

This book was compiled through contact with numerous extraterrestrial species. Souls manifesting as advanced extraterrestrial beings often reside in worlds that vibrate at higher speeds compared to what the reader is accustomed to on Earth. Reading this text will connect the reader’s consciousness to other dimensions and higher vibrations. Until you become acclimatised, this can have a disturbing effect (e.g. Headaches, Dizziness, etc). If this occurs, let both your body and the book rest until you have regained a healthy happy alert state. DO NOT push yourself to read this book.

P2 A New Age Of Discovery


For humans to physically travel to alien worlds in order to meet and interact with their inhabitants has, at least up to the early part of the 21st century, been technologically beyond humankind’s capability. There are, of course, close encounters with alien beings and their UFOs, but these are inevitably brief and very little about their worlds and cultures has so far emerged.

Humankind has found itself effectively imprisoned like some caged animal in a zoo. Where other beings can visit us, we cannot physically escape Earth and visit them. The result of this confinement is that humans know very little about extraterrestrials, whilst they know a great deal about us. Unsurprisingly, the alien beings who do visit us are of the opinion that humans are currently still in a primitive state.

Fortunately, there are plenty of alien beings who are enthusiastic about assisting Earthlings to discover more about other advanced beings in the universe. Metaphorically speaking, the human species is being offered a chance to improve itself and join an inter-galactic club of highly advanced species.

This encyclopaedia is an example of the type of assistance being offered. With the support of advanced beings, it has been possible to compile a groundbreaking set of observations detailing who some of our galactic “friends and neighbours” are.

Reading this encyclopaedia has the effect of connecting your consciousness to these advanced beings. You are being given a “contact list” of alien beings who want to help you, the reader, evolve.

Exploration of the Unknown

All advanced alien races are aware of simple techniques which can enable any moderately advanced conscious animal to escape the confines of its body, and project its awareness to almost any location in the universe. On Earth, this is most commonly known as Astral Projection, or inducing controlled out-of-body experiences (OBEs), or remote viewing.

Using Astral Projection to visit alien worlds has already been accomplished by many individuals. But the scale of such activity has hitherto been so limited that it has only provided brief and very incomplete insights into who and what is out there.

This encyclopaedia is the first significant exploration of alien civilisations that are interacting with humans, and identifies many of the significant races you can visit using Astral Projection. Whilst it only scratches the surface of the multitude of intelligent beings in the universe that can be potentially visited, it nevertheless provides an important series of insights on the races which it examined.

Due to the very nature of Astral Projection, it is inevitable that these initial findings will contain some errors and misunderstandings. However, they provide a benchmark for others to validate, expand upon, and where necessary, correct.

Think of this encyclopaedia as being akin to a very early map of the world. Whilst inevitably some of the continents might not have been accurately drawn, their existence and approximate location are thus established. By using this early map and improving upon it, it will become increasingly more accurate and detailed.

Stuck In the Cage

This encyclopaedia was initially previewed in late 2015, a point in time in which the average human being was unaware of the possibility of being able to explore the universe beyond planet Earth using Astral Projection.

Returning to the analogy that humans are comparable to animals stuck in cages being visited by more advanced species, but whom to date have largely been unable to reciprocate such visits, an extraordinary fact has emerged. The minds of human beings are under the influence of a force that makes them decide to mostly stay put. It’s as if the animals in the zoo’s cages have somehow been hypnotised so that they want to stay where they are, and have yet to demonstrate the necessary free will to escape.

So despite most human beings having the capability to learn the necessary Astral Projection skills to visit the rest of the universe, they have to date, barely used them. Furthermore, even for those humans who have developed this ability and discovered the existence of alien worlds, they have persistently neglected to return. It’s not that they couldn’t return, it’s just that they needed to be alerted to the fact that you have to unlock the mind on an on-going basis in order to enable astral travel. It’s akin to owning a top-of-the-range new phone with amazing features, only to keep forgetting to use them.

A rational human being might well suggest that this proposition is absurd, and any individual determined to undertake such astral exploration would face no such obstacle. However, this encyclopaedia is not a debate on what is or is not available, but simply the recording of a set of observations based on using astral projection to explore alien worlds. Because of obstructing apathy, any reader wishing to verify these observations will find it to be an exceedingly difficult task.

Nearly all human minds have had their ability to astrally explore the universe substantially disabled by their higher selves. The result of such programming is that you, the reader, are initially more likely to fantasise about such explorations than to engage in them. Getting out of the “cage” requires bypassing this mental programming designed to make you fantasise as opposed to proactively explore. With appropriate training, ordinary Astral Projection is relatively easy, but for the reason just identified, exploring alien worlds is much more demanding to accomplish.

Galactic Access

Advanced alien races consider human beings to be only now finally emerging from a relatively primitive existence. Furthermore, advanced aliens are of the view that this is an appropriate point at which to assist human beings to start exploring the universe around them. To this end, they are tentatively assisting appropriate human minds to gradually escape the invisible boundaries that otherwise confine them.

Human beings can be likened to a child that has hitherto had its Internet access restricted by a parental lock which requires access codes to disable. This “parental lock” is applied by your higher self, who has given advanced alien beings the permission to disengage it.

The price of such access turns out to be nothing more onerous than demonstrating more mature, self-aware behaviour.

Whilst researching this encyclopaedia, it was found that most of the alien worlds explored were otherwise unreachable without assistance from their inhabitants, along with better access to your self-awareness. Hence, the “parental lock” analogy. Once humans achieve self-awareness, access to other worlds becomes easily possible.

Are You a Human Being?

Everyday life tends to reinforce a perception that you are a human being. However, you are only experiencing life as a human being. You are in fact actually something else. From a spiritual or soul perspective, you are merely a visitor to Earth.

The relevance of this fact is two-fold. Firstly, many of the readers interested in this encyclopaedia experience some difficulties fitting in with human life on Earth since they themselves have strong alien connections. Secondly, your higher self wishes to assist you in discovering how to hack or otherwise undo the parental lock it has placed upon the human mind you are experiencing, thus enabling you to see the greater reality of what you are for yourself.

Whilst it might be exciting and comforting to fantasise that you might be more than a human being, such imaginative thoughts are in practice counter-productive. If you do want to discover the truth for yourself, then you need to train the mind how to perceive without imagining. That means using your mind to observe reality, without instantly creating an imagined memory of the thought you just observed. Making this advance enormously improves your astral access to the rest of the universe.


Many Similarities

Had life on Earth spontaneously evolved from nothing, all on its own, then there would either be no other life forms in the universe, or they would be completely different. Researching this encyclopaedia revealed that most of the alien physical life forms you might encounter have a great deal in common with elements that already exist on Earth.

By far the vast majority of alien visitors to Earth are bipeds (walk upright on two legs) and generally of humanoid appearance. Researching these alien species reveals that the majority of them were evolved from species similar to those already found on Earth.

Genetic Seeding

The similarities between life forms on Earth and those found elsewhere provide strong evidence that organic life had both been introduced to Earth and manipulated so as to produce premeditated results. Meeting alien beings soon reveals that many of them claim to have been involved in the development and manipulation of life on Earth.

Furthermore, many samples of life forms that have been evolved on Earth have in turn been taken by alien beings, and the said life forms have then reproduced elsewhere. A good example of this is human beings who have been recreated in other worlds using human DNA samples taken on Earth.

Self-Aware Species

In very simplistic terms, a self-aware species is one who knows what created it and why. Humans by comparison, for the most part, have not reached this milestone. Belief and speculation are no substitute for actual knowledge and hard information. Personal validation is crucial.

Earth was designed to produce a number of self-aware species. It is therefore useful for humankind to have the opportunity to examine other worlds where similar experiments have been undertaken and thus observe useful parallels. For example, how do other species with self-awareness actually behave?

All self-aware species are inclined to support and assist humans striving for this milestone of development. It follows that they are for the most part inclined to share their insights along with how to take advantage of them.

Ending the Isolation

Prior to this encyclopaedia, whilst there have been endless alien encounters, only very limited technological or cultural exchanges have occurred. However, the isolation is now ending.

One of the most relevant advances many species go through is the moment when they begin making meaningful contact with other species that are more advanced and alien to them. This is a very challenging phase because with greater access to the universe comes greater responsibility. So increased access can only be phased-in depending on how well new thinking and behaviour patterns are adopted.

Furthermore, too much access to advanced species has the potential to destabilise the previously isolated species’ own unique development. The plan is not to make a species a clone of other advanced species, but rather uniquely self-aware in their own right. All advanced life is an experiment pointed towards each species being able to arrive at its own independent observation. So a balance has to be struck between assisting a species develop, and pre-determining what the outcome of that development will be.

Historically on Earth there have been multiple examples of one human culture trampling upon another. For example, the effect of Europeans on the indigenous population of the Americas. By comparison, advanced aliens are mindful not to do the same to human beings, as this would dilute their unique observational ability.

Technological Advancement

In general terms, all species need to make similar technological advances. It follows that Earthlings are now being given access to numerous technological breakthroughs which have already been acquired by alien races.

However, it would be inaccurate to think that humankind has always invented things for itself. Instead, it would be more accurate to observe that the ideas behind technological advances have been downloaded into the minds of human beings by aliens or non-physical beings.

So readers alive on Earth today are about to witness a progressive shift, from people perceiving that new ideas apparently drop into their brains out of nowhere, to learning that such advances were specifically revealed to them by other beings.


Little Physical Alternative

At the start of the 21st century, it is unlikely the average person has encountered a UFO, and even less likely to have actually met an alien. So for most people, the likelihood of having an intelligent conversation with an alien would appear to be fantasy. This perception has the effect of making human minds tend to discount the reality that astral communications are easily achievable.

Aliens have shown up here and there, but have historically appeared to have mostly taken a somewhat hands-off approach and generally tried not to obviously interfere in earthly events. They have made contact with government officials, but there has been no significant interaction, even through that medium.

So people who want to initiate interaction with alien beings have traditionally been limited to activities such as hanging around places where previous alien encounters occurred. In such a situation wearing a placard saying “We believe in you, please visit” or the proverbial “Take me to your leader” would at least identify your intentions to other human beings curious as to why you might be loitering expectantly in the middle of nowhere.

For some people the alien encounters have occurred in the form of “abductions,” which generally are not pleasant experiences.

In summary, the history of alien encounters remains just that: encounters. Human beings know almost nothing about them. Similarly, at the point of first publication in 2015, there was no physical means of reaching their worlds.

Advancing an Existing Technology

Almost every human being has encountered some minor form of out-of-body experience. A very simple example would be the weightless feeling that occurs when your physical body falls asleep and your spirit partially disengages. If your mind is still just about awake, the resulting weightless sensation is generally perceived as falling or tripping, which can thus wake up the body with a jolt.

Most individual’s experience of out-of-body projections are associated with falling to sleep or even taking hallucinogenic drugs. The breakthrough that has occurred is that techniques to reliably Astrally Project whilst fully awake have now been revealed to humans. Thus, what was previously very difficult for most people is now an easy, dependable technology even a child can learn.

Human beings have achieved alien contact now and again using Astral Projection. But for most people replicating such achievement has been beyond them as crucial aspects about the techniques have not been publicly revealed. The difference is that now, through the disclosure of critical information, it is becoming possible for almost any interested person to achieve contact, as opposed to just an obscure few.

An analogy would be the well-established technology of fire. Fire on its own just burns things and turns them to ash. But if you harness fire within an internal combustion engine, such as is found in automobiles or aircraft, it will propel you around the world. It’s easy to forget that whilst our early ancestors had access to fire for several million years, it is only in the last 200 years or so that the human species discovered how to use it for propulsion.

Quality of New Access

Astral Projection has been around since the beginning of history. But Astral Projection training of the calibre required has hitherto been practically nonexistent in the Western world. Similarly, in modern times, the calibre of training required was barely available even in Eastern countries.

With proper training, nearly anyone interested in Astral Projection can learn how to project their consciousness to almost any alien world, and see and experience those worlds directly through interactions with alien hosts. Similarly, aliens use human minds to access insights into life on Earth. You are in effect accessing a two-way portal when you connect with aliens.

Communication is largely telepathic, and whilst the training techniques are straightforward, there is a physical component which needs to be practised. Human beings at this point in our evolution are generally poorly versed in telepathic communication, so aliens initially keep it quite simple. This may be irritating for fast intellectual human minds who forget that they are in effect learning a new language.

Telepathy harnesses parts of the mind often used for imagination, which causes beginners considerable initial confusion. If the human mind is compared to a computer screen, then imagination is the equivalent of spending all day watching fictional movies or a screen saver. By comparison, telepathy would be using that same screen for a more interactive experience such as video conferencing. The same parts of the brain are required, but the experience is very different.

Similar to video conferencing, two or more people can simultaneously project to the same alien world and compare their perceptions. Whilst there will always be a minor variation in perception, it will normally be substantially similar. In practice, two or more people Astrally Projecting to the same location can discuss their visit and interactions whilst projecting. This has made it relatively straightforward to validate the observations made as well as significantly adding to them.

All the substantial information in this encyclopaedia has been validated by at least two or more people making simultaneous projections.

Technique and Training

Human spirits disconnect from their bodies every time they fall asleep. Unsurprisingly, traditional Astral Projection has taken advantage of this fact and uses a technique which could be described as staying awake whilst your body falls asleep. This approach produces a very “heavy” Astral Projection, which rarely produces access to alien worlds.

Reliably reaching alien worlds normally requires using a “lighter” Astral Projection technique in which you remain as awake as possible. In practice you “download” a higher awareness which gives your consciousness a very high flight “power-to-weight ratio.” In such a state you are also clairvoyant (e.g. able to see auras) and mediumistic (e.g. able to perceive deceased relatives).

How the technique works can be explained in relatively few words: Basically a practitioner physically sits straight, smiles and breathes properly. To actually learn how to apply the technique on your own, however, usually results in a lot of muddling through. If you go through the author’s 1–2–1 training, though, you can get near-immediate results. An interested person in their 20s will typically be meeting and interacting with aliens within 10 hours of regular practice. Older people generally take longer, as they find it more challenging to relearn how to think.

Access Portal

Science fiction has often entertained fantasies that it might be possible to create some sort of portal that could transmit you from A to B. Such fantasies involve a lot of unspecified high-technology equipment as in “Beam me up, Scotty.” With Astral Projection, no such equipment is physically visible, but you will often notice your consciousness is being drawn through some kind of portal.

The concept of portals is one way of understanding how astral access is achieved. It also transpires that the human mind is subjected to initially mysterious forces which can effectively wipe your memory as to how access to such portals is achieved. To say your memory gets wiped by something is a phenomena that will still surprise you when it happens. So until you get proficient at Astral Projection, you will all too often progressively lose access to a portal within a matter of days of having been taken through one.


Attempting to visit distant alien worlds unaided is impossible for an ordinary human mind. The programming of the early 21st century typical human mind by and large prevents most people from accessing alien worlds. As you relearn to access the astral world from which all alien planets can be reached, it becomes obvious that this is only possible because of assistance from beings that are invisible in what we perceive as the “normal” physical world.

These previously invisible beings will assist you to meet aliens in their worlds, at which point it will become obvious that such visits are prearranged. You will frequently find that alien beings are assigned to work with you, as your visits often form part of their own research projects. Thus, you will often frequently find yourself paired with alien beings intent upon working with you. Such partnerships are essential.

Too Good To Be True?

Even people experienced in traditional “heavy” astral projection might consider reports of what can be achieved using the advanced “light projection” techniques, to appear far-fetched. When the earthly author of this book reported his findings at one of Earth’s largest Astral Projection forums, he was met with considerable derision. When one of the forum’s readers experimented with the author’s 1–2–1 training, the reader found the claims to be wholly validated. However, when that reader posted his own personal experience of what was possible on the forum, the author was banned from the site for “Attempting to undermine the forum’s membership.”

In summary, the first reporting of this information appeared far-fetched to many experienced astral travellers, as well as the uninitiated. If you have previously focused upon attempting “heavy” Astral Projection, the alternative “light” approach is quite different. If you have never consciously experienced useful Astral Projection, then this is a wake-up call.


Human beings know surprisingly little about the advanced alien races which regularly visit the Earth. So whilst there have been many instances of limited alien contact with human beings, those alien beings had divulged very little as to where they came from and what their worlds are like. Nevertheless, bit by bit, various authors and researchers are achieving alien contact of sufficient quality to progressively redress the substantial lack of information about alien worlds and their inhabitants.

This encyclopaedia is a ground-breaking invitation by a host of alien races to get to know them better. Ground-breaking because this book is designed to energetically connect the reader to a catalogue of alien races and their worlds.

In principle, it could have been possible to examine over 100 alien worlds in considerable detail for this first edition of the encyclopaedia. However, in practice it took a year and a half to cover a mere 20 alien cultures and in brief detail at that. Thus, it must be acknowledged that whilst in principle a great deal more content could theoretically have been compiled, that would have been at the expense of delaying publication for many years. As such, this first edition of the encyclopaedia is just a very brief snapshot of what is out there.

Primitive Humans

As explained earlier, advanced aliens find human beings to still be a relatively primitive race. However, advanced aliens consider that humanity has now reached a point where a significant step forward has become reasonably achievable.

Human beings were evolved for good practical reasons; “evolved” in the sense that the natural evolutionary process has also been steered to some extent by a wide-ranging series of experiments. Such experimental manipulation, or directed evolution, of the human species continues to this day. The reasons are complex, in large part because you must personally grasp the greater reality of the universe in order to be able to understand those reasons. Nevertheless, the main reason humans are being manipulated is so that a human mind can understand from a new perspective what has actually created it.

What should be obvious is that human beings are undergoing an accelerating pace of change. Not to their physiology, but rather to their behaviour and abilities.

In simplistic terms, human beings are learning how to understand radical new concepts. Such knowledge fundamentally upgrades a human being’s abilities. Hence, humankind is being elevated from its relatively primitive condition.

All to say, this encyclopaedia is designed to make you, the reader, more capable by expanding your awareness.

Examples of Primitiveness

By giving human beings the opportunity to study how more advanced civilisations live, immediate comparisons can therefore be made. Human beings are adept at copying each other’s advances, and it is anticipated that this will extend to advances made by alien species as well.

Stages of moving beyond primitiveness are:

Firstly; moving from a state of low self-awareness. The principle criticism that can justifiably be levied is that experiencing a human mind currently makes it very challenging to remember who and what you really are. Whilst you inhabit a human body, it’s challenging to recognise that your adopted body is just a vehicle, and not who you really are. Though on the other hand, this is a good challenge to undertake.

Secondly; advancing away from murderous tendencies. The human mind tends to perceive that the ultimate answer to most difficulties comes down to killing each other. Any species which is handicapped by such an attitude is a danger to all other life forms. Little by little, humans are progressing beyond this.

Thirdly; no longer staying put. Despite human beings entertaining endless fantasies about accessing the whole universe, this is part of the system to keep them where they are. The fact that most human minds have difficulty noticing the aforementioned “parental lock” restricting their movements is a clear indicator of a residual primitive condition. If you have not yet encountered such restrictions, it simply means you have not progressed enough to validate this fact. Or you are already an amazing alien visitor with unrestricted astral access.

Learn How to Astrally Project to Other Home Planets

Many human beings’ consciousnesses have been seeded with what could be described as alien spirits. Experiencing the relatively barbaric human mind is somewhat of an adventure. However, such visitors to Earth can ultimately find the place disturbing, depressing and even isolating. It often takes considerable practice before a visitor truly enjoys the beauty of Earth.

Amongst the first wave of readers who read this encyclopaedia and relearn the necessary Astral Projection techniques, there is a 100% chance that you will find original friends and family on other planets in alien form if you genuinely try. You could say that this book is part of the kit which enables you to go somewhere that feels like a different yet familiar “home.” You are fundamentally neither human nor alien, but use the physical body as an experiential device. On examination, you may even find certain alien species more comforting and familiar company than our own human species.

Discover New Materials and Technologies

Alien beings have been dropping clever ideas into human heads for as long as humans have existed. However, this is a slow developmental approach. The new experiment is to give participating human minds more direct intuition and insights.

The principle language of all advanced species is a combination of higher awareness and telepathy. Up until now, human beings have not scored highly relative to what is possible even for human beings. However, with minimal practice, a human mind can comprehend enough basic telepathy in order to download new ideas and insights.

Try This For Yourself

Christopher Columbus revealed the existence of the Americas to the Europeans. He was able to achieve this using relatively crude but available technology. Similarly, you now have access in principle to a universe of alien species. Go forth and explore.

Feel free to communicate your findings back to the author so that new discoveries can be incorporated into future editions.


Have you ever thought of all the things that could have been done differently and better in your adopted human life had a smarter approach been taken ? If so, then pay attention now.

Similar Patterns Across the Universe

From a developmental perspective, a human being can be likened to a tempestuous teenager starting to show some sensible maturity. This leaves open the twin possibilities of incredible and rapid advancement, or the alternative—a return to self-obsessed chaos. But this is hardly the first time we have been at this fork in the road.

Other species, with a great deal in common with humankind’s developmental path, are scattered across the universe. Advanced alien civilisations have themselves faced a great many of the challenges that now confront the human species. So whilst humans have interesting new possibilities to explore, in many ways you have been here before.

The Collective Consciousness

You, your consciousness, are an extension of the super-consciousness. You are part of a system of multiple, interconnected extensions that are interlinked and form into a vast collective consciousness able to interact with and assist each other. At this higher level, all these extensions are joined as a oneness. It follows that when embracing the scope of all the different lives you have created, you have amassed considerable wisdom and experience.

In many worlds there are aspects of the greater you that live in civilisations that have already been through most of the challenges humans now face. In most respects, you have been through the same developmental advances being experienced on Earth many times before in other worlds.

Why not draw from the wealth of your past experience ?

P3 Astral Dimensions


This chapter covers an overview of the astral science that enables exploration of alien worlds. If you have not experienced advanced astral projection, you will probably find yourself attempting to imagine a very different reality, with somewhat inaccurate results. Without proper astral experience, the challenge you face is similar to a caveman trying to understand how a computer or smartphone works, which would be difficult and inclined to produce inaccurate assumptions. Alternatively, with minimal proper training, first-hand experience will enlighten anyone quickly; i.e. If you gave a caveman experience of using a smartphone, he would start to understand it much faster.

Making Better Use of the Brain

It is often suggested that human beings are only using a small proportion of their brains. The extent to which this may be true is debatable. However, what any proficient astral projector will confirm is that it places demands upon your mind that significantly exceed that of typical day-to-day activity.

Astral projection harnesses the parts of the brain otherwise devoted to imagination, along with the parts devoted to more physical brain functions. Switching your brain to perceiving alien worlds places a considerable, and arguably healthy, strain upon both your brain and whole body. So if you want to make better use of your brain, astral projection is an excellent stimulus.

Imagination is like an automobile engine revving when no forward gear has been selected. Whereas, astral projection is what occurs when the engine engages and drives the automobile’s wheels so as to take you somewhere interesting.

Astral Basics

Astral projection gives you access to a vast Astral World. What can be categorised as physical alien worlds only take up a small portion of the Astral World. Furthermore, these physical worlds mostly manifest at relatively low dimensions. Achieving access to alien worlds is made much easier if you receive training that gives you access to the entire Astral World. The greater an explorer’s overall ability, the easier it becomes to access advanced alien species and their physical worlds.

The objective of this chapter is to explain the basic astral science enabling the creation of this encyclopaedia. If Christopher Columbus had written an encyclopaedia of the Americas (the parts he had encountered), then an equivalent chapter would probably have been titled “Sailing Technology”.

If the science seems too confusing, you can skip it.

Alternatively, if you wish to personally verify the information in this encyclopaedia, then you will most probably require specialised training in advanced astral projection. Such training will give you a practical understanding of all the science summarised in this chapter. Once trained in advanced astral projection, you can then personally verify and expand upon everything written here. You will find that astral projection is a physically tangible activity and easy to distinguish from mere contemplation or imagination.


It may come as a surprise to many people that there are alien cities and populations already well-established on Earth. This is because alternative dimensions can co-exist in the same place. Thus, at higher dimensions, there is an abundance of future humans and aliens already living upon the Earth.

Simple Dimensions

A helpful way to categorise dimensions is to define the current dimension you, the reader, are principally experiencing as the “Earht Plane” dimension (The deliberate miss-spelling is intended to stimulate awareness).

The Earht Plane is the physical world you perceive, which is connected to an imagined world you probably spend much of the day in. The imagined world is a very low and limited astral dimension or plane. All your Earht Plane experiences are perceived via this adjacent imagined world.

Everything you can physically perceive constitutes one dimension. Dimensions roughly correspond to the speed at which matter vibrates. When matter vibrates significantly faster or slower than your observation vibration, it is classified by physics as “invisible” or “dark matter” So whilst there is plenty of other physical matter, it is not readily detectable from the Earht Plane. It’s similar to how changing frequencies on an old radio tunes you into different radio stations and their programmes. Thus, many different frequencies can co-exist and be detectable, but you can only listen to one radio frequency at a time.

In the Astral World, you don’t really see physical matter at all because you lack physical eyes. On the other hand, you can perceive the energetic forces which create the illusion of physical matter. In other words, you see the Astral World using your consciousness or higher awareness.

Whilst physically it is difficult to change frequency or dimension, by comparison in the Astral World it is absurdly easy for your consciousness to do so. Hence, you can easily experience what may appear as higher or lower dimensions relative to the Earht Plane.

Overlapping Time

On the Earht Plane time appears to be linear; .i.e. one moment appears to chronologically follow the next. The greater reality is that all moments co-exist. This is initially very difficult for the untrained human mind to comprehend. It is fair to say that a human mind will never properly understand this until it experiences examples of it.

Using the astral projection approach to exploration, you soon find that you can visit what appears to be the past or the future. This allows you to have meaningful communications with some of the human beings in the past or future. Similarly, when encountering aliens whilst using astral projection, it is helpful to be alert to potentially different “time zones”.

A common feature of interacting with advanced aliens is that time for them will often be running slower when compared to Earth time. You will also tend to find this effect when interacting with future human beings.

Astral projection is always best carried out in the company of some sort of guiding spirits of one sort or another. Between it being possible to transcend time, and interact with beings experiencing a different speed of time, or occasionally no time at all, this is all very challenging for anyone to properly comprehend on their own.

Layers Upon Layers or Overlapping Dimensions

Anyone who has become proficient with astral projection can confirm that there appear to be multiple dimensions layered one on top of another, also described as different planes. By adjusting your energetic level, you can move up and down through these layers, encountering different entities. Thus to meet a particular species obviously requires finding it at the correct layer.

A simple example of the effect of layers or planes is that human astronauts and people using a heavy astral projection approach will find the Earth’s moon to be a barren and lifeless rock. Go up a layer and you start finding a variety of alien species residing there.

Any search for alien life that is only conducted at the Earht Plane dimension will result in a very limited set of findings. In the case of the Earth’s moon, you would miss 100% of the life forms.

Furthermore, most advanced aliens who visit Earth, cannot easily live here as they come from higher dimensions. When removed from their normal plane and transposed into the relatively lower Earht Plane, their bodies run too slowly and ultimately decompose. Whereas a human body on their world would instead burn up as a result of the body’s cells running too fast and being literally shaken to bits. The effect on a human body can be similar to that of gamma radiation or X-rays.

There is generally little in the way of obvious boundaries between one layer or dimension and the next. So when any reference is made to such distinctions, remember that how they are calibrated and defined is generally a matter of convenience. Typically when moving between dimensions, it is not as if you suddenly go from, say, something similar to water into air. Rather, the changes are more subtle.

Parallel Dimensions

Using the analogy of a chess board, higher or lower dimensions are the equivalent of moving up and down the board. Similarly, parallel dimensions are the equivalent of moving laterally, or from side to side. If for example, the Earht Plane is near the bottom middle of the chess board, then there are parallel dimensions either side.

Parallel dimensions allow multiple possibilities to be explored. For example, in the lifetime you are currently experiencing, no doubt you may have wondered what would occur had you made different choices. Parallel dimensions allow for the different possibilities to be experimented with and experienced.

Researching this encyclopaedia often uncovered that experiments, or developments, in parallel dimensions have been fed back into the Earht Plane. Furthermore, aliens from other parallel universes have gained access to the Earht Plane. There is a surprisingly integrated system at work.

Moving Through Space and Time Via the Singularity

The conventionally known Earht Plane and the universe you are experiencing appears to be many billions of light years across. If you explore this universe astrally, you will find that the whole thing appears to be emitted from some sort of vortex, at the centre of which is a singularity containing the source of all known space and time.

It appears that the universe is an expanded projection of that singularity. So in practice, all earthly space and time exists at one point in that vortex, at the co-existent singularity. You, the reader, are experiencing a projection from that singularity.

An analogy which helps explain the singularity is comparing it to a movie. The movie’s celluloid film is put through a projector which creates an illusory projection upon a screen in front of you. Yet the actual film itself is normally out of sight behind you.

Whilst the conventionally known universe appears to be a vast expanse, from the Astral World, this appears to be an illusion. Hence, because everything is already co-existent at one point, you do not have to go anywhere in order to experience any other part of the universe.

Once you have gained access to the singularity at the centre of the vortex, you have access to everything that appears to be emitted from it. So you can explore any time, location or dimension you wish, within the human capability to do so. Distance and time are therefore no longer obstacles.

The Vortex

The vortex is so named because that is what it looks like. If you are good at heavy astral projection techniques, you might occasionally see the underside of it. If you are using the lighter astral projection approach you can find what lies above it, and similarly see it from above. It is also possible to convert a heavy astral projection into a light one mid-flight, thus any original distinction between the two projection methods fades away.

Above the vortex you find a bright super-consciousness, or God the ultimate Creator. Below the vortex you find the energetic source of “The Big Bang”, which it should be noted appears to be on-going as opposed to a past event. Similarly, you find various planes or dimensions being emitted from the vortex.

As you examine the vortex in more detail, it becomes apparent that all these planes or dimensions are, as a point of fact, not actually emitted from the vortex. Instead they merely appear to be emitted or projected from it. This is why the world you experience is often referred to as an illusion; i.e. Everything you are experiencing on Earth actually exists as a singularity, at the singularity. Similarly, the vastness of everything physically around you is just part of this illusion.

The alien worlds the encyclopaedia focuses upon are sub-vortex and therefore manifest varying degrees of physical form. It should be readily apparent that there are plenty of worlds to potentially explore. However, for the time being we are mostly exploring planes or dimensions where the “traditional” alien beings are to be found and interacted with.

In conclusion, if you were looking for all the “dark” or traditionally undetectable matter thought to comprise the total (humans + aliens) universes, you can find it all below the vortex.


Advanced astral projection allows a human mind to investigate the far reaches of the known and suspected universe. In practice it is possible to literally drop into these worlds and explore them.

When this encyclopaedia was first published in 2015, most people attempting astral projection were using a “heavy” approach that rarely gave them the necessary access to far away worlds. Hence, the majority of people who had at least some concept of how it might be done, had not yet succeeded in accessing a multitude of alien worlds.


When this encyclopaedia was first published in 2015 there was no conventional scientific means of detecting “dark matter”. This was principally due to the fact that most of the human scientists hunting for it did not appreciate the degree to which it was literally under their noses. So a good starting place is to better understand what the existing (detectable) matter actually is.

The Good News For Creationists

Creationists, the people who believe God created everything, will receive some comfort from the next few paragraphs.

When astrally projecting above the vortex, you can observe a big bright thing. You can observe that this bright thing is powering your existence as you are in fact a part of it. This bright thing is typically referred to as a super-consciousness, or God, or the ultimate Creator. There is no question as to whether or not it exists, because it is there for anyone and everyone to observe.

The super-consciousness emits a wonderful unconditional love full of unformed intent; i.e. The intention is there, but the form it might take is not fully specified, hence it is ultimately unconditional. By analogy, an intention in human terms might be to create a cake of some sort, without specifying whether it should ultimately be a sponge or fruit cake.

Let us label this intent as being what ultimately creates an “intention template”, which can often be seen as an “aura”.

Below the vortex, the intention template causes all matter to appear out of raw energy. Recall Einstein’s equation E = mc². Setting aside where the “E” or universal energy came from, it can be observed that the universe is full of energy. Matter “m” is energy apparently slowed down by the speed of light “c” x “c”. So the illusion of physical matter is created by making raw energy “E” appear to be slowed down.

The form of physical matter is defined by the intention template. So, for example, the intention template causes atoms and molecules to appear to exist. If you examine them closely, they have no actual substance, and for that reason they are actually an illusion.

The intention template similarly has the effect of creating life, and what that life might potentially do. Hence the notion that the super-consciousness or God created Earth and human kind is valid, albeit there is some practical engineering required to make it all occur.

Multiple Dimensions Overlap

The raw energy from which the physical matter you experience on Earth is created, can also manifest other physical forms at other vibrations. A simple example is the human aura, or the energy field which helps create a human being. A clairvoyant person both feels and sees human auras. The aura and human being can be observed to exist in different dimensions, yet both the body and aura can be detectable at the same time overlapping the same space.

In the Astral World you can move between different dimensions or levels. However, as mentioned earlier, on further inspection everything will appear to be located in the same place. This is because everything sub-vortex is actually located at a single point of the singularity. But you will generally experience the illusion that this single point has been expanded into an incredibly large universe.

This phenomenon makes it valid to state that everything is all in one spot, and equally valid to recognise that all physical forms exist in an illusion of vast time and distance. When dealing with multiple dimensions, how then do you identify where everything is, particularly if it all appears to be confusingly lumped together ? The solution most people adopt is not to perceive everything as a real singularity, but an illusory expanded universe.

Dimensional Compatibility

When astrally projecting, a typical human consciousness is configured to operate happily in the dimensions immediately above the Earht Plane. This up and down transition feels natural and compatible. Conversely, when heading (sideways) into parallel dimensions, it physically feels difficult unless you adapt to the local energetic environment. The distress does not amount to pain, more a discomfort. An analogy to dimensional incompatibility would be like trying to put on a shoe that is too small for your foot. You can try and squeeze your foot in, but it will not fit unless you change your physical size.

The practical issue this raises is that in the Astral World you can ascend out of the Earht Plane. But to then visit an alien world you typically need to descend into a different location in order to make useful observations. A human consciousness can find the descent into an alien world too distressing and therefore access is effectively barred.

A good practical solution is to borrow an alien body or host. Sharing or pairing up with an alien body creates a far more stable body from which to explore that world. To some extent an alien body acts as some sort of spacesuit for your consciousness. Thus instead of changing your human astral body to suit an alien world, you borrow an alien’s astral body.

It correspondingly becomes obvious that aliens have a similar difficulty and therefore like to share or adopt human bodies when visiting Earth. So you can explore their world, whilst they get to explore yours. Hence the compatibility issue is easily resolved by interspecies co-operation or pairing.


There are three fundamental dimensions a human consciousness can readily observe, along with further points or regions of interest.

1. Creator Dimension

Above the singularity is the Creator’s World. From here you can easily observe a convenient projection of the super-consciousness or God, which of course is part of the human consciousness you are experiencing.

This is a timeless place, and timelessness is something your human consciousness may find very challenging because it is designed to interpret everything in linear time.

At this level you can find the experiential moments or the momentary intentions which create everything that therefore comes into existence. Moments appear as repeating or looped actions. A simple example would be an experiential moment where someone would experience sneezing. Thus that moment would appear to be one sneeze endlessly repeating itself.

The Singularity

The singularity is the ultimate home of everything, and gateway to everything. Everything is projected from it. It’s not really a dimension because it is infinitely small, to the point of appearing to be nothing. Hence you can pass through it and not even notice having passed through “apparently nothing”.

Below the vortex is the Astral World you will mostly be (or become) familiar with. However, it is worth pausing here to recognise that from the singularity you can enter different versions of the Astral World and thus altogether different universes.

2. Most Relevant Astral World Dimension

“Most Relevant” referring to the fact that this is the main region a human consciousness will experience below the vortex.

The Astral World is really constructed from intention templates, or energies for things to occur, and the experiential moments which contribute to them. Human minds will mostly be interested in how this created personalities, and the lower you go, the greater the extent and complexity of those personalities.

Near the vortex the Astral World becomes progressively more and more timeless. Whilst the lower you go, the more you encounter linear time (one moment apparently following another).

Lower down in the Astral World is where all the physical worlds appear to exist. So for example, you will find a low region we can describe as the Earht Plane, which incorporates the intention template which forms the illusion of the Earth itself. You will similarly find other planes which create alternative dimensions including parallel or alternative Earths.

3. Physical Dimensions

This is where the Earth and most of the alien worlds dealt with in this encyclopaedia will appear to exist. An important fact to always bear in mind is that the physical matter and the energy which manifests all these worlds or universes is created out of nothing. The intention template causes matter in the form of particles, atoms, and molecules, etc, to appear to exist.

The atoms and molecules of the physical dimension are themselves drawn together by further intention templates to form planets, and physical beings such as humans. If for example, that intention is removed from a human being, the body would die and decompose.

The templates by their very nature span all the physical dimensions. This allows templates to create similar manifestations in different dimensions.

Physical Sub-Dimensions

When exploring the majority of relevant alien worlds, the “physical sub-dimension” (often referred to as just higher or lower [physical] dimensions) are what will mostly concern a human mind.

Experienced astral explorers will find themselves able to move between these sub-dimensions with considerable ease. The existence of these sub-dimensions is the principle source of all the “dark matter” in the universe. Matter from one dimension does not readily interact with matter from another dimension, which makes it exasperatingly difficult for early 21st century human scientists to detect the matter in the other dimensions. Though in respect to the formation of space time, there are detectable interactions which are progressively being uncovered.

Astral explorers can detect the otherwise dark matter because they can simply scan across all the dimensions. Thus when astrally exploring, it is possible to examine any location and then compare changes at different dimensions.

Alternative Universes

The Astral Worlds and the many physical sub-dimensions the reader can explore are all clustered together and appear to contain a great many similarities. However, with the right guidance, projecting via the singularity at the centre of the vortex, it is possible to access completely different universes.

In the physical sub-dimensions of the universe the reader currently experiences, the laws of physics are broadly similar, and the main differences concern the density of matter and the speed of light. In alternative universes such parallels are fewer, and in many instances there are fewer physical forms.

Since the dark matter of parallel dimensions affects the visible universe the reader is experiencing, then by definition an alternative universe is one which does not physically affect this universe. However, what occurs in any one universe still affects all the other ones in other ways. So for example, peoples’ behaviour is influenced by what occurs in alternative universes.


It is possible for a reader, in fact any consciousness, to sense and experience things outside the boundaries of their physical body. The strange thing about experiencing being alive in a physical body, is that you are not really there in the first place. Fuller technicalities behind this are detailed in “The Great Simulator” series of books (www.GreatSimulator.com). In the meantime, here is a helpful summary of how astral projection works.

The simple fundamental fact which explains why astral projection works is that; you actually exist at the singularity. All the vastness of space time, other worlds and universes, etc, all exist at the singularity. Everything you are currently experiencing is an illusory projection from the singularity. Because you fundamentally only exist at the singularity, you have access to any conceivable illusory projection from it.


The super-consciousness can be observed in a projected form in the Creator’s World above the singularity in the centre of the vortex. However, super-consciousness actually exists at the singularity.

You, the reader, are an extension of the super-consciousness, and are in no way separated from it. So in principle you have access to everything created by the super-consciousness. Experiencing life as a human being is only a temporary condition. You are experiencing a special mechanical system which makes you perceive you are a human being.

In simple terms, when your physical body dies, the effect of that mechanical system is vastly reduced and you begin to notice what you actually are. To reiterate the vital point; you are not a human being, rather you are experiencing being one.

Focusing Machine

You are experiencing a mechanical system which compresses your consciousness into a very small entity. The last stage of this mechanical system gives you the impression of being in a human body in a physical world.

If the physical body dies, you are still subjected to this system, but not to the same extent. In simplistic terms, the Astral World, as a whole, is this compressing machine. As you go lower in the Astral World the compression gets greater and you perceive yourself to be an individual.

You Are Actually Everywhere

When seen from above, it is clear that the physical world you are experiencing is actually all compressed into the infinitely small singularity. That is why astral projection can instantly take you anywhere in the universe, because in reality that universe is tiny, and you occupy all of it.

In principle there is no reason why you cannot be focused anywhere in the Astral World. What prevents you from exploring at this instant, is that your consciousness is being focused in what will appear to be a human body. So by simply reducing the extent to which you appear to be focused in a human body, you can instead become focused anywhere else in the Astral World, (and in principle) including any alien world.

You the reader, can experience being anywhere, because you are already there.

Heavy Astral Projection

A “heavy” astral projection occurs when the body falls to sleep and your spirit body floats free. However, as that spirit body is also a focusing machine designed to make you think you are a human being, it restricts you from travelling too far in the Astral World. This is why most people using this form of projection will generally be earthbound and not get much further than their bedrooms, or compelling lucid dream worlds.

Light Projection

If you keep the mind more awake, it is much easier to leave that heavy spirit body behind with the physical body. You could say you park the two of them and venture forth using your consciousness. This produces an interesting duality in which, you remain aware of the physical body, but also become able to perceive other parts of the Astral World.

Alien Worlds

Physical alien worlds are low down in the Astral World. Thus, to physically perceive them you need a heavier spirit body to act as your focusing machine.

If you are using light astral projection, your human spirit body is best left with your physical body. However, the lack of a focusing machine makes it difficult to perceive the world you are visiting. What you really need is an alien focusing machine, because it is designed to perceive the alien location and dimension you want to visit.

This is why visiting alien worlds is really only achievable by invitation. The aliens who reside there can supply you with an alien spirit body (focusing machine), which will enable you to perceive their world. When visiting, you will generally find that you get best results by aligning your energy system with a host alien body. The result is that you will find you will to a certain extent perceive that alien world as an alien would.


When this encyclopaedia was previewed in 2015, and first published at the beginning of 2016, the relevant science behind astral projection was, by and large poorly understood. A simple consequence of that was if a reader wished to procure the necessary quality of training to visit alien worlds, it could easily have taken a very long time to find it.

Yet the basic scientific understandings which enable astral projection are not very complicated to grasp.

With proper training, most readers can tangibly experience the Astral World within an hour. So with minimal practice it is possible for most readers to visit alien worlds within a few training sessions and start verifying everything for themselves. You simply have to train the human mind how to function differently, which is achieved using very straight forward exercises.

The age of astral projection to alien worlds appearing to be mysterious and difficult is ending, whilst a new age of exploration and discovery is commencing. In humankind’s future, astral projection and telepathy are some of the core subjects taught to youngsters.

P4 Categories of Alien


Science fiction often imagines alien races living on planets not entirely dissimilar to Earth. When exploring dimensionally nearby alien worlds, you will find this assumption has reasonable foundations. Conversely, when exploring dimensions significantly distant from the Earht Plane, the parallels are fewer.

Primitive Races

On Earth, human beings are the dominant species, and this encyclopaedia focuses upon equivalent dominant species. Whilst the majority of alien life forms are less advanced than human beings, the focus of this encyclopaedia’s first edition is to catalogue a selection of the more advanced species with whom it is educational to interact.

By comparison, advanced alien races consider human beings of the early 21st century to still be somewhat primitive. Similarly, they consider human beings have hitherto not been ready to engage in meaningful cultural exchanges with more advanced species. One of the prerequisites for such exchanges is that human beings should establish some preliminary contact using advanced astral projection.

Advanced aliens also point out that early 21st century humankind is still a potentially hostile species inclined to warfare. This constitutes further evidence of a primitive culture and overall low self-awareness.

Across the universe it is possible to find plenty of other alien races who, like humankind, are technologically advancing, but handicapped by a general failure to acquire a more self-aware culture. This has left many aliens with similar residual warlike tendencies to the ones influencing humankind.

The insights such primitive alien races have to offer are always interesting, but are largely lacking in useful advancements humankind can readily adopt. If early 21st century humankind or primitive alien races had the physical means to visit each other’s worlds, there would tend to be strong cultural clashes and probably war. Mindful of this, advanced alien races are not disposed towards disclosing the technological means of long-distance, inter-planetary travel to primitive races. So the majority of primitive races tend to develop in relative isolation from their similar warlike neighbours.

Most primitive alien races have very little, if any, awareness of humankind’s current existence on Earth. If they have any encounters, it is mostly with more advanced future human beings. Those primitive aliens who have developed advanced astral projection abilities have a better awareness of what exists in the universe, and some of them are therefore attempting to make a more formal contact.

A reader might imagine that all races would be keen to explore the universe. But similar to early 21st century human beings, less advanced aliens with the astral projection skills are mostly constrained by emotions that inhibit them from such exploration.

Eco Disaster Planets

For environmentally interested readers, there are some planets where ecological misfortune has struck. In fact, some alien races no longer have a home planet.

By and large, aliens who have found themselves homeless due to ecological disasters are not at fault. In the majority of cases such ecological disasters were planned by the creators of these worlds so as to make room for another species to evolve on that planet.

Completely poisoning a planet through general incompetence and industrial processes appears very difficult to achieve in practice. Scaring a planet with atomic, fission or fusion weapons is not uncommon, but usually leaves a planet habitable once the radiation subsides.

The biggest single sudden problem appears to be planetary collisions; in particular, asteroids. These can truly be devastating, and in later versions of this encyclopaedia the research will be extended to incorporate more detail about such disasters.

The major long-term issue is when an atmosphere becomes unbreathable which, for example, can occur due to volcanic activity. Similarly, Earth itself has undergone such a typical disaster when early micro-organisms poisoned the atmosphere with oxygen and wiped out 90% of the species.

DNA Organisms

All physical life on Earth is DNA-based and originated from primitive bacteria and viruses, mostly seeded approximately 3.5 billion years ago. The encyclopaedia includes an introduction to the beings principally responsible for such seeding and subsequent genetic modifications and improvements.

It turns out that these aliens had been busy elsewhere in the universe humans experience, having seeded many other planets in this and similar dimensions. The whole subject of exactly who did what is further complicated by time travel and races contributing to their own early development.

Overall, whilst all organic life will tend to evolve of its own accord, researching the encyclopaedia repeatedly points towards advanced aliens clearly having had a hand in nudging the evolutionary process in some specific directions. It’s also fair to say that some species have been evolved in particular directions for specific purposes. For example, creating challenging predators can help a dominant species to evolve faster.

Researching this encyclopaedia also revealed that the type of DNA seen on Earth is common to many other worlds, and is in many ways interchangeable.

Evolutionary Parallels

On Earth there is a pattern of evolutionary development in which various niches and trends have occurred such as the trend towards specialised species. For example, flying animals such as birds and bats. Alien worlds all show similar parallels. However, it transpires that ape-like mammals do not have a monopoly on reaching the top of the evolutionary ladder. Nor are they the highest form of development.

Even before specifically researching this encyclopaedia, it had become apparent that of all the species, advanced insect evolutions appeared surprisingly common. But that is not to say that further research will prove otherwise in regard to species that have yet to be encountered.

Development Loop

If you astrally travel forward in time on Earth, you will see the practical effects of meaningful alien interaction with the human race. In many ways there would appear to be some sort of developmental loop whereby a universe of species are creating and re-creating each other.

In this arrangement, advanced species create primitive ones and then assist their creations’ advancement. The souls which occupy and animate the advanced species’ bodies then have the opportunity to experiment with being the more primitive species just created. The “game” is then to advance the primitive species and explore new possibilities.

In this context, all the research so far conducted for this encyclopaedia points to humankind being just such an experiment in advancing a species. Advanced alien species have been actively contributing to the process of achieving humankind’s evolution from a forest-dwelling ape to a (future) technologically-advanced, highly self-aware species.

In the light of these facts, it should come as no great surprise that humankind has a great deal in common with the great majority of advanced alien species so far discovered.



For simplicity, aliens can be found in three categories of physical dimensions, plus the greater non-physical reality of the Astral World:

  1. Earht Plane and the current physical universe: This is the physical dimension you, the reader, principally experience.
  2. Other physical planes or dimensions in the complete universe: Most of the physical universe falls within the category of dark matter; i.e. Matter that early 21st century earthly science cannot physically detect, but is nevertheless recognised to exist. Aliens living within these dimensions are responsible for the majority of UFO sightings when they enter the Earht Plane dimension.
  3. Other universes: Other physical universes which are separate from the current universe including its otherwise invisible dark matter. Whilst there is interaction between different universes, physical matter cannot be transported from one to another, only recreated afresh at the new location.
  4. Astral World: This is the non-physical reality in which everything physical is created. All physical life forms are illusory projections from this non-physical dimension. This is where, for example, human heavens are found.

For completeness, there is also a sub-Earht Plane dimension below Earth. However, explorations have yet to find anything particularly advanced to report. If you do explore it, you will find a lot of partially-formed and forming matter. Beings at that level are somewhat elemental. Accordingly, human beings appear to reside at the bottom level of what one could reasonably categorise as the first well formed worlds, which are located above the part formed sub-level(s).

In respect to astral projection to higher dimensions such as human heaven and the world above the vortex, this version of the encyclopaedia does not explore them to any great extent. It is mainly concerned with beings that exhibit a reasonable degree of physicality. Human heaven and the world above the vortex is currently better dealt with in The Great Simulator books.

Simplified Species Categories

This alien categorisation draws on earthly parallels for ease of understanding.


Common to all worlds as a single-form organism, but by and large not ranking as anything with which one could have insightful interactions.


Common to most worlds, and all lower ones. Viruses can become advanced enough to be intelligent life-forms in their own right, albeit peculiar to communicate with.


Aliens that, whilst evolved, are technically actually plants.


Aliens that live in water. There are many sub-species within this group, although very few of them have physical interactions with 21st century human beings.

M[_olluscs _]

These beings are with or without shells. To draw on a science fiction analogy, think of Jabba the Hut from Star Wars.


Aliens that still exhibit their insectoid origins.

R[_eptilian _]

Similar to earthly reptiles.


Similar to earthly mammals.

Hyb[_red _]

These beings take characteristics from the list above. An example of a hybred is the “Star Child” species.

M[_echanoid _]

Organic beings integrated into machinery. To draw on a science fiction analogy, think of the Daleks from Doctor Who.

R[_obots _]

Science fiction regularly suggests Earth is in danger of invasion from machines that constitute a race of their own. However, all robots so far discovered appear to have organic masters and so are not really a species in their own right.


20th century humankind recognised that it is in principle possible to grow an embryo into a fully-grown baby using an artificial womb. Extending this principle, it is possible to grow that embryo into a complete adult before it is born. Some alien species have adopted this process to the point of no longer needing to reproduce naturally and thus abandoning that ability.

Hostile Aliens

There are plenty of hostile life forms to be found if you go looking for them. However, none of those unearthed by the research for the encyclopaedia’s first edition were particularly advanced, hence were mostly left out. Gaining access to advanced astral projection technology entails greater use of unconditional love. Accordingly, aliens who have advanced up to and beyond that milestone lose most of their primitive hostility.

In general, hostile aliens are not given physical access to the rest of the universe. Even though they can theoretically discover the necessary technology to transcend space-time, it appears to be surprisingly easy to restrict such advances. If you, the reader, think this suggestion is far-fetched, then notice how humankind has similarly been restricted. Humans have had access to astral projection technology for around 2 million years. So in theory humans have had the ability to thoroughly map the universe. Yet in practice, humans have mostly been apathetic and disinterested in doing so.


On Earth, societies all tend to have an appointed leader of some description (as evidenced by the expression “take me to your leader”). Early 21st century humans, however, have not reached a point where it is possible to appoint a single leader for the whole planet. Whilst such a development is likely in the long-term, it is dependent upon there being a single common language, which in Earth’s case is heading towards being English.

All advanced aliens likewise rely on a common language. In all cases researched to date, that language is or includes telepathy. Learning telepathy enables the human race to interact with all advanced beings.

Since telepathy is a universal language, the main divergence that arises is the extent to which advanced alien races also rely upon other systems of communication such as:

  • Sound and speech
  • Visual signals (gestures and colour changes)
  • Chemical or odour (smells)
  • Body parts (releasing or gathering parts of a body; i.e. Body parts can detach and reattach from the main body, as part of a communication protocol)

For the human astral explorer, telepathy is all that is required as all other communication systems translate into it.


Returning to the theme of who is in charge; a principle that has run throughout humankind’s development since the last ice age 8,000 years ago, is divine rule. Humankind has flirted on and off with the possibility that rulers could, or even should, be God’s representatives on Earth.

Meanwhile, advanced alien societies have consistently been able to implement the divine rule system. Alien divine rule, however, has tended towards the Judaic (Jewish) version in which everyone has access to divine will, not just a specially-trained elite (which is often the Christian interpretation).

Researching this encyclopaedia revealed that advanced species end up creating their own sub-God, which is in many ways a product of their collective group consciousness. The super-consciousness creates the seed of a potential sub-God, and a species wishing to experience divine rule energises it into a fully-fledged consciousness. In some instances advanced aliens also have a member(s) of their society channel this divine group consciousness so that they have a living God(s) to lead them.

In summary, across the diversity of many alien races, all possible governmental permutations exist. However, as these alien societies advance, they all incorporate some form of divine rule. Most human beings will only have experienced poorly-functioning versions of such leadership, and hence need to observe fully-functioning versions so as to understand how it really works.


Standard Advances

From a technological and psychological standpoint, it is fair to observe that most species need to grasp a common set of advances or developments. These common advances broadly fall into two categories; technological and self-awareness. For example, a species might have a very high self-awareness, but technologically be relatively backward. In the early 21st century, human beings were technologically advancing whilst mostly having a relatively low self-awareness.

The following advances briefly highlight those made by most advanced species:

Technological Advances

Stone Age

Wooden tools and stone blades.

Heavy Industry

Iron, steel, steam engines.


Electrical power, computers, communications.


Create and modify life-forms.

Matter Transfer

Collapsing atomic structures and reconstituting them elsewhere.

Time Travel

Matter reconstitution across time.


Ability To Contemplate

Imagine and think about ideas relating to the past, present and future.

Astral or Psychic Awareness

Ability to sense and see the Astral World. Most life-forms possess this, but it is often lost as a result of increasing intellectual functions.


The universal communication language. It involves sensing the energies which make or will make events occur.

Astral Projection

The ability to consciously navigate the Astral World. Whilst most animals possess rudimentary psychic and telepathic skills, translating them to navigate the Astral World is a significant advance.

Awareness of the Super-Consciousness

First-hand, personal experience of how you are truly an extension of the super-consciousness causes a vital advance in your body’s capability.


Accessing Free Will enables life-forms to become part of the team who create universes and their contents.

Categorisation By Advance Difficulties

Since advanced alien races are intent on assisting humankind, the reader is likely to encounter groups with such an intention. It is possible to find less advanced alien species, but since they are generally not proactively attempting to connect with human beings, such encounters tend to be seldom. Therefore, a reader beginning their own exploration of the Astral World will mostly tend to encounter alien species which are relatively more advanced than humankind.

It can initially be difficult for the reader to establish how much more advanced a particular alien species is. When compared to mankind, most of the initial encounters simply reveal that the majority of alien species appear to be significantly more advanced. An analogy would be a poor person earning $1 a day having difficulty distinguishing between wealthy people who earn $1,000 a day versus those who earn $10,000 a day.

So whilst it is possible to categorise aliens by the advances they have made, this will mostly be of little practical use to the reader, and therefore not focused on in the early versions of the encyclopaedia.


Understanding the point in time from which an alien being exists relative to the reader can be very perplexing. Nonetheless, from a categorisation perspective, where possible, it is helpful to understand everything’s relative position in space-time.

Alternative Location

If you are being invited by alien hosts to a particular location, you will be instructed as to where to go. Alternatively, if you proceed without such guidance, your astral projection may take you to a similar location, but not necessarily quite that one you originally intended.

Another practical effect of not having sufficient guidance is that an astral projection may bring you to, for example, the correct location, but not your intended point in time. Since a beginner’s mind has a habit of filtering out or otherwise discarding things it may not understand, it is easy to apparently experience “getting nothing.” Not because there was nothing to perceive, but because the mind was discarding what it did perceive.

Should you find yourself astrally projecting to an unexpectedly different point in space-time, allow the mind to perceive where you actually are as this unexpected location may also be worth visiting.

Similar Time Zone or Not

When visiting alien beings, it is sensible to try to ascertain their relative position in space-time compared to 21st century Earth. Generally they will know and therefore be in a position to enlighten you on this point.

An astral projector who is not alert to, or wary of, this point will not be hindered from enjoying the connection, but may fail to grasp key facts. A simple example is exploring the alien races who live on Earth at higher dimensions. If you are not alert to where they might be located, your description of where to find the aliens may not be clear enough for anyone else trying to project there and validate your discoveries.

Record Analogy

Everything physical or astral really exists in the form of a singularity, or one infinitely small point. However, you the reader will mostly be experiencing a projection from this point into a vast universe. In this case we will liken the universe to an old vinyl record which has the normal single groove wound into a spiral which terminates near the centre.

The space-time you experience is located within that groove, so each moment is another point along the groove. To reach another point in the groove you can either travel along your groove until you reach it, or simply hop into the groove’s adjacent parallel location, should that be a shorter route. In simplistic terms, if you hop from one parallel part of the groove into another and towards the centre, you can go up a dimension, and yet still remain in the same geographical location.

In terms of categorising aliens, it is helpful to recognise that a lot of them are, in many ways, adjacent to you in terms of parallel grooves on a record, although a huge distance away if you were to travel the length of the groove to reach them. As such, it is helpful to stay alert to which dimension and time zone they are in.


Composing the first edition of this encyclopaedia took around a year and a half. The first edition is designed to give a snapshot of advanced alien species with whom it can be educational to interact with. However, during this period it became apparent that the experiment of creating human beings was not an isolated incident at all.

Many Alternative Human Races

Preliminary research indicates that there a great many humanoid species with considerable similarities to human beings. The human body you experience inhabiting is a well-used design that has been deployed in many other worlds.


Twenty-first century human beings tend to have greater interest in the more humanoid alien species. From an educational perspective, however, it is important to at least be aware of a broader horizon of advanced aliens.

P5 Time Distortions and Shifts


“The distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion” – Albert Einstein, 1955

On the Earht Plane the time distortions and shifts you consciously experience are minimal. Most people are barely aware that their satellite GPS (Global Positioning System) in their automobile depends on being able to accurately correct minor time distortions. However, once you start astrally projecting beyond the Earht Plane it soon becomes obvious that you can access altogether different moments in time. Furthermore, the relative rate at which time passes can be different (and usually is) for the aliens you may visit.

Linear Time

Time as you will normally relate to it is made from moments. If you scan your memories, you will find they are stored as moments. These moments do not have to be arranged in chronological order. On further inspection, it transpires that the arrangement of any moments into chronological order is engineered and a constructed illusion.

Physically experiencing moments on the Earht Plane is engineered into an apparently chronological order which is, for practical purposes, a function of distance. A helpful analogy is the example of an old movie where each moment is defined by a frame on the film. As you move along the film, you experience a linear succession of moments or time passing. Alternatively, as the film is moved through a projector, you will get the impression of linear time in action. Hence, time is measured by the distance you have moved along the film.

On the Earht Plane you will experience being locked into a system where you are always apparently moving from one moment to the next. Your human form is locked into this system and cannot revert to a previous moment nor jump to a future one. Also, whilst your human mind may perceive itself as stationary, it is equally valid to suggest that you are instead moving along a stream or film of moments, and that each moment occurs at a separate location.

Note the important point: each moment you experience occurs at a different physical location.

No Time

If you astrally project at a low level of the Earht Plane, you will find you are subjected to the normal linear passage of moments. Alternatively, if you ascend into the higher Astral World the moments all become apparently closer together and ultimately no longer separated by distance. The effect of removing the distance between moments is to eliminate time; i.e. If there is no distance between moments, there is no longer any time.

Once you have astrally ascended to a level where all the moments are clustered together, you are no longer locked into which one you are experiencing. You can move between them. You therefore have access to time travel because you can now drop into these moments at any point and join a stream.

Repeating Moments

For completeness, if you examine raw moments you will find that they repeat. It’s a bit like an old vinyl record where the needle keeps jumping back into the same part of a groove. Hence, the music keeps repeating itself without progressing.

Experiencing such raw moments assists you in recognising them for what they actually are.

Time Travel

Time travel of sorts is not only possible during astral projection, but when using advanced astral techniques it becomes normal. A typical example is that you can have a conversation with another being who would otherwise be elsewhere in linear time, provided of course that such a being manages to interact with you.

This means that in principle you can interact with other beings wherever you might find them in their linear time. However, if the being you are visiting does not have the ability to notice your presence, interaction of any sort obviously would be difficult or impossible.

Time Distortions

Astral projection involves being focused outside of your physical form. However, you are still connected to your original physical form which retains a connection to your local linear time. When interacting with advanced aliens, you will often notice that time for you is running faster than it is for them. For example, ten minutes for you might equate to five minutes for them.

As the aliens beings you interact with become more advanced, you will often find that the distortions become more extreme. For example, a minute for them can equate to a year of a human life. Noticing such distortions assists your ability to recognise what sort of beings you are encountering.

Altering Moments

The reader might wonder if astral projection might alter the course of events. However, this would not be possible for a less advanced consciousness, because it would not have the ability to alter moments. So for practical purposes, whilst the reader can experience interactions in the apparent past, in practice that interaction has probably already occurred. So everything is as it was; i.e. For people in the apparent past, you would already have visited them, and you are now simply acting out this event in your present time or moment.

However, if you the reader have access to Free Will, then you will be able to alter moments. Since moments are all interconnected, if you alter one, you affect everything around it. Thus, using Free Will to alter any moment affects other moments, not only in the future, but also in the past.

The effect of truly altering moments brings the scope of the first edition of this encyclopaedia tantalisingly close to the mechanics of parallel dimensions. However, too much digression now would divert the principle direction of the present book.


Advanced astral projection allows you, the observer, to move backwards and forwards in space and time. This might incline you, the reader, to imagine that you could become the time traveller of your dreams. Unfortunately this will probably not be the case as the reality of the matter is likely to be different, and you will probably need to significantly advance your human form’s ability.

Limiting Ego

You might think the personality you are experiencing is you, but it is not. You are experiencing a human form that is not actually you. The normal human ego often prevents exciting bouts of time travel from occurring.

The limitation your normal human ego applies might appear to be a tedious mistake. In fact, you choose to experience that ego, which is why you will now not readily escape it. This limitation is likely to persist until the act of you continuing to choose that ego is both understood and is consciously experienced by your adopted human mind; i.e. To change what you are experiencing, it is normally essential to observe what you are already actively choosing.

Access Egos

If a human mind is taken over by an alternative ego or personality that is programmed to engage in advanced astral projection, that is what the human mind will then experience. Think of it as computer software or an app. If your human mind runs that advanced astral projection APP, then it will manifest new abilities.

A quick witted inexperienced human mind will then contemplate, “How can I download that app ?”

However, it turns out that such an Access Ego is actually more alive than a human mind. A human body can be likened to a computer, and it is the software or the app that turns out to be more alive because it is accompanied by its own operator.

Practical Effect

This means that for such an Access Ego to download itself into a human mind and permit astral time travel, the original human ego has to take a back seat. You could say the Access Ego is choosing the human mind it will work with, and is for practical purposes in charge of what occurs.

The implication, the possibly irritating implication, is therefore that the typical human ego you, the reader, might be experiencing has a very restricted say in what occurs; i.e. It cannot choose what will be downloaded next. However, all the human egos you are experiencing have the ability to cooperate and allow more advanced apps to take over if they so choose.


For anyone learning astral projection, it soon becomes apparent that beings from your apparent future are working to assist you. For example, sometimes a future version of you might work to educate and train you, its primitive predecessor. Alternatively, a future version of you might be researching the past, and therefore require access to a relatively earlier point in time.

Alien Assistance

When first studying astral science, it soon becomes apparent that alien beings have consistently been assisting mankind’s development. In fact, you are entering an exciting new era where aliens can provide even more assistance. Previously, they were dropping ideas into human minds without the said humans noticing. Now human minds can notice what is occurring and take greater advantage of the process.

Before this encyclopaedia was published, there was considerable suspicion that some aliens might in fact be human beings from the future. In this encyclopaedia we will explore this occurrence.

Self-Help For Humankind

Mankind can, and will, advance a lot faster by accessing the minds of future human beings. You could say mankind of the future is facilitating its own evolution.

Researching this encyclopaedia revealed repeated evidence that human beings from the future were actively assisting human beings from their relative past. It’s as if the future human beings were working to ensure their own destiny.

For you, the reader, this means that there is an abundance of help on tap, and you are being encouraged to access it.

Historical Enquiry

In principle, astral projection allows an investigator to research any location in space time. Though in practice it soon becomes apparent that invitations of various sorts are necessary to achieve this, as some kind of higher assistance is needed. Nevertheless, in principle it can be and often is done. Accordingly, readers through these words are being encouraged to undertake their own investigations. So be alert for potential invitations to do so, which may, for example, come in the form of a sudden sense to research a subject or location.

The historical enquiries you might make fall into two categories: interactive and observational. Sometime you can interact with beings in the past or future, whilst on other occasions you can only really observe them. In the case of research conducted for this encyclopaedia, most of it was interactive. Similarly, should the reader attempt to validate any of that research, this too should normally be an interactive experience with the advanced beings who are assisting you.

P6 Interactions With Human Beings


Covering Their Tracks

The average person might wonder why, despite numerous UFO sightings and alien encounters, it’s extremely difficult to find any official record of one that has not been attributed to yet another rogue weather balloon or something similar. For the typical person, unless they lived next to a weather balloon launching point, the chance of actually seeing one is very remote. So a typical person is probably more likely to encounter a UFO as opposed to an actual weather balloon.

The question then is why do governments persistently cover up UFO sightings and actual encounters ?

Fact 1. No official greetings yet.

If an advanced alien race wanted to say hello to the human race, it would have no difficulty doing so. It follows then that alien races are probably reluctant to be seen landing on the front lawn of the White House in Washington and asking if the U.S. President is available for a quick photo opportunity. Thus, it can be inferred that alien races are currently shy of publicity. At least up to the point of first publication of this encyclopaedia. However, an alternative invitation to meet advanced aliens is in place through, for example, books such as this.

Fact 2. You are just visiting in human form.

You, the human reader, are not always in control of your adopted human mind. Every life form is operated by something greater than its mere physical manifestation. The personality you experience being are not actually you. The real you adopts a human personality and then experiences being it; i.e. you have chosen to experience being something very different to what you really are. At a higher level you are in control and direct the life you are now experiencing. The human mind and your adopted personality or ego you are experience being is not actually in control. You are a visitor to the Earth.

Fact 3. Human minds are easily influenced.

Your adopted human mind is constantly influenced by external forces which determine its thoughts and actions. People who believe they cannot be influenced, are the easiest to influence because they do not question where thoughts and desires come from. Alien beings, or really the greater entities which animate them, have no difficulty influencing human minds. It follows that by targeting and influencing a relatively small number of human beings in positions of authority, this is sufficient to make a global cover-up system appear to function. Thus, the majority of people employed in cover-ups would never be conscious of what actually influenced their thoughts and behaviour.

In summary, governments get the blame for covering up UFO activity, but this is a wholly unfair apportionment of blame. The pliable human mind is easily influenced, particularly by advanced beings who are familiar with influencing primitive species. By this means aliens cover their tracks.

A Cautious Hello

This encyclopaedia is part of a cautious hello from a “club” of advanced beings who are tentatively inviting members of the human race to join. Obviously human beings have had alien encounters since the evolution of modern humans, though such encounters are largely sporadic and hardly upon equal terms. This invitation is an experiment to explore the extent to which some human being capabilities have evolved.

Human beings do not currently have the mechanical technologies to physically visit alien worlds. Whereas, advanced aliens both have access to such technology along with the ability to download an understanding of it into human minds. However, enabling human beings to physically visit alien worlds is considered to be altogether risky by their inhabitants. Instead a more measured and safer approach is to allow human beings non-physical or astral access. Rather in the same way a child might be allowed to see something delicate, but restrained from actually touching it.

Advanced aliens consider human beings to still be all too close in temperament to wild animals. By analogy, you might allow a pet dog or cat in your home. But on the other hand you would not invite a wild grizzly bear to visit, or any other wild animal for that matter. It would neither be practical nor safe. So educating, and in many ways taming, human beings via non-physical or astral access to alien worlds is a sensible preliminary step before allowing unfettered physical access.

Giving human beings, or any other evolving race, improved Astral Projection technology is a safe and sensible method of introducing them to the many alien worlds. Human access can thereby be restricted and easily controlled. Similarly, it is easy for advanced aliens to educate and for practical purposes tame visiting human beings so that greater access becomes a viable proposition.

Experts in Unconditional Love

To enable human beings to astrally project to alien worlds requires improving their access to unconditional love. It follows that some of the aliens you, the reader, have the potential to interact with, such as Grasshoppers 1, will assist you. Hence, practicing astral projection in collaboration with such alien beings significantly improves your human form’s connection to this vital energetic force.

When visiting worlds where advanced aliens have succeeded in channelling far greater amounts of unconditional love, it is easy for you to observe how they accomplish this. Similarly, it is fascinating to examine the effect unconditional love has on their societies and ways of life.

Human beings are familiar with the fact that healthy societies rely on good organisation and to a lesser extent upon technical advances. What is less well understood is the importance of the emotional energies needed to drive them. So it is refreshing to observe the effect of greater unconditional love upon alien societies and the considerable degree to which this advances them.


Most human minds reading this encyclopaedia have encountered unconditional love. The source of this emotional energy is the super-consciousness or God which is the origin of all life, and in fact everything.

Acknowledge Your Part

You, the reader, are a manifestation of this unconditional love, but at the time this encyclopaedia was first published, it was very difficult for most humans to notice this on an on-going basis. Typically, most human beings will only notice unconditional love from time to time, instead of experiencing it on an on-going basis. In fact, for a human being to achieve this observation at least once a day was exceptional. Note that imagining unconditional love ten times a day is better than nothing, but imagining anything is, of course, not a substitute for actually experiencing it.

Connecting to the wonderful unconditional love which has created the universe you are experiencing affects your abilities and behaviour. This improvement affects your influence on everything around you. The more human beings acknowledge and channel this energy, the more it affects the environment around them.

Play your part.

Alien Unconditional Love

When connecting with advanced alien consciousnesses, their unconditional love may initially be difficult to sense, but it will normally be present. An indicator of a poor connection is that you may perceive such advanced beings to lack compassion. Connecting with their sub-god normally remedies this deficiency.

Astral Projection Fuel

The quality of advanced Astral Projection you need to reliably visit alien worlds is a skill you are being encouraged to develop. The human form you are experiencing living through is designed and programmed to give you the compelling impression that you are a human being, and to a large extent earthbound. A vital part of transcending this human condition involves experiencing unconditional love to a significantly greater extent.

Advanced Astral Projection (fairly basic Astral Projection as far as most advanced alien races are concerned, but never mind) relies on running different programming through the human mind. As you probably know, if a computer is running too much software or programs at the same time, the system often freezes up. A reboot is in order if you want to get that computer running properly again. Similarly, an unconditional love reboot, followed by principally running some better “mental software” is the easiest way to keep the human operating system clear.

To summarise: unconditional love is the emotional energy which enables you to easily de-clutter your mind and run the necessary “mental software” which makes Astral Projection possible. You could describe unconditional love as a fuel which makes advanced Astral Projection possible.

Use Unconditional Love Playfully

Many people enjoy blending with unconditional love as a retreat from the anxieties and pressures of the world around them. They find being unconditionally loving in the midst of life’s daily challenges too demanding. This is a self-evident shortcoming.

The answer is to learn how to access this energy playfully. By practicing the playful approach you significantly improve your ability to do Astral Projection.


If you are taking an astral projection approach to visiting alien worlds, then the likelihood of coming to harm is very low. The reason is that your hosts are inviting you into their realms, and only tend to invite in their friends or potential friends. Note that without an invitation, you will find projecting to such worlds very difficult in a way that will make you tend to rapidly desist. Either way, no actual harm is likely.

Whereas, if you are involved in an earthly physical meeting with aliens, the chances of having an unpleasant interaction are far higher. The vast majority of close interactions (meeting them up close as opposed to seeing a distant object) seem to fall within the category of scientific research by aliens. Furthermore, you will tend to have had very little conscious choice in the matter, even though your consent invariably exists at a higher level.

Not Lab Rats

The reader may wonder if more technologically advanced species sometimes regard human beings to be little more than lab rats ?

The response was that the various soul groups from which earthly rats, humans, and aliens are all ultimately drawn from, all have the same source. Therefore aliens conducting experiments treat humans rather better than humans treat earthly rats. Any affected humans should realise that they are merely assisting scientific advancement, and have chosen this noble path.

Scientific Research

In the same way that scientists research the lives of different animals on Earth, so do alien scientists perform research on human beings. Whilst it is rare for a human being to be permanently abducted, temporary abductions for scientific research purposes are all too common.

In terms of the sorts of research carried out, comparing it to that done by human scientists on animals makes a helpful comparison. Human beings development is of interest to aliens and unsurprisingly they often examine human specimens to monitor progress.

Considering the diversity of life on Earth, it is noteworthy that aliens seem to generally be more interested in human development than all other species on the planet put together. There are three reasons for this interest:

  1. Aliens were responsible for all the physical steps involving the development of all life on Earth and had a hand in most of the significant evolutionary advances. So the subsequent monitoring of human progress is therefore hardly surprising.
  2. The spirit beings which manifest as aliens can also often manifest as human beings, so monitoring adaptations which improve human manifestation is also unsurprising.
  3. Whilst the “victims” of alien abduction might disagree, most of them have soul links to the aliens who abducted and interfered with them. The said aliens would consider that in many ways they were looking in upon one of their soul friends who is manifesting as a human being.


No doubt you are familiar with the concept of attaching a radio collar to an animal and then monitoring its movements. However, you are extremely unlikely to find someone wandering around wearing a radio collar of alien origin. Such an attachment would run contrary to aliens’ standard policy of keeping a low profile.

Meanwhile, clairvoyants occasionally report that people have been fitted with non-physical attachments. An alternative way of understanding it is that some people have been fitted with physical attachments that are not physically visible at the Earht Plane dimension.

The bulk of monitoring devices tend to affect the human energy system, and it is quite common for someone thus tagged to experience mental health issues. Luckily for the rest of the tagged people, they are either not aware or do not feel a kinship with alien races. So for them there will not be an issue.

In respect to being “checked up upon,” many people have experienced being drawn out of their bedrooms and into alien space craft, often on a regular basis. In many such instances the people in question have not been physically abducted, but had their Astral Bodies pulled out. Many people who have experienced Astral Projection will have at some stage had the experience of someone pulling them from their physical body. If you did not consciously wish for such an experience, it can be very disturbing and frightening.

DNA Experiments

Fundamentally, any physical body, be it human or alien, is a vehicle through which a soul being can experience physical form. The more advanced the physical body, the more interesting and useful the physical experience becomes. It follows that aliens are very interested in making on-going improvements to human beings. Similarly, the key to such improvements involves optimising human DNA so as to allow better self-awareness.

Thus, the dominant category of physical alien experiments involves improvements to human DNA and reproduction. In an obvious way, this mostly occurs in the form of taking samples of DNA and reproductive cells such as human sperm and eggs. Less obviously, many experiments involve modifying human DNA by, for example, using virus technology.

Whilst these sorts of experiments may appear unduly invasive and potentially harmful, they have nevertheless contributed to humankind’s advancement. Humans associate viruses with unpleasant illnesses such as colds. However the vast majority of viruses we are exposed to cause no obvious harm and are thus largely ignored. Using otherwise harmless viruses, it is possible to “infect” just a few individuals who will in turn spread a virus to most of a population.

Research indicates that human beings have been repeatedly “infected” with otherwise harmless viruses which can modify human DNA. So whilst abduction and “infection” tend to be somewhat unpleasant, these sorts of experiments have led to considerable advances in human intelligence.

Reproduction Experiments

For human males, experiments frequently involve the taking of sperm samples, often by encouraging them to copulate with what will appear to be highly attractive females. However, as female sperm recipients tend to be modified aliens from higher dimensions, a human male involved in such an experiment will be exposed to the equivalent of x-rays and may damage his subsequent fertility.

For human females, having their eggs and sometimes whole ovaries removed is even more unpleasant as the procedures tend to be highly invasive. It is also not unknown for female humans to find that they have been inseminated with modified sperm or embryos in order to make them pregnant.


Any form of significant advance on the Earht Plane requires considerable human input. Whilst fiction often portrays the image of a single (sometimes mad) scientist making technological leaps and building amazing new machines or weapons, the reality is that major advances are normally a team effort. For example, the 1940s Manhattan Project required the majority of the world’s top nuclear physicists, plus the efforts of 130,000 people to build the atomic bomb. Hence, major advances are generally going to require a lot of people.

Telepathic Communication

Advanced alien races are all very telepathically capable, and human beings are only gradually catching up. At the beginning of the 21st century, human beings were mostly close to “illiterate” with respect to telepathic ability. With a very modest amount of training, rudimentary ability can be achieved. The relevance of this is that whilst, for example, English has become the Earthly international communications language, the rest of the universe uses telepathy.

Without getting caught up in the technicalities of how telepathy works, most humans are telepathically illiterate, and that makes it challenging for aliens to interactively communicate with them.

Telepathy operates from a starting point of what you already know. If you are familiar with engineering, then receiving telepathic advances based upon your existing knowledge of engineering is possible. But technically-advanced experts must also be telepathic experts in order to communicate with advanced aliens. To demonstrate this inherent difficulty, take the possibility of making improvements to mobile phone technology using insights from an alien race. For this to be achieved, it would require telepathically passing the awareness of potential advances into the minds of mobile phone technology experts. How many mobile phone experts do you know who are also telepathically literate ?

Accelerating Advances

Visionaries such as Leonardo Da Vinci conceived of building tanks and helicopters. But without the supporting technology, these inventions remained fanciful ideas for another 400 years. So any significant advance will require a great many people making many progressive advances across a variety of fields.

Aliens have been downloading awareness of technical advances into human minds since human beings came into existence. However, human beings have largely thought new ideas were the result of their own genius and gave little thought to the possibility that they were being given considerable help. Going forward, this lack of awareness is changing as you read these words.

Human beings are now becoming aware of advanced alien races and gaining access to them through Astral Projection and telepathic communication. As this becomes widespread, there will be large numbers of technically-advanced human beings becoming sufficiently proficient with basic telepathy to start further accelerating the rate of human progress.


This exciting possibility of human beings making rapid advances is hindered by one major practicality: the effect of apathy. Whilst human beings can easily be trained how to astrally project to other planets and meet alien races, the majority are subjected to apathetic thoughts which considerably hinder their enthusiasm for putting this opportunity into practice.

Often the apathy takes the form of fantasising about communicating with advanced aliens, as opposed to actually doing so.

Duality Awareness

Duality means being aware of two states at once. For example, duality can be the physical world around you, along with an alien world you are connecting to.

If you spend most of your day with typical early 21st century urban human beings, you find this easily keeps you in a relatively low state of awareness. Alternatively, if you instead were mostly in the company of more advanced future human beings or aliens, you would find that you had a significantly higher state of awareness. In conclusion, your overall state of awareness would be influenced by the company you kept.

What is meant by awareness ?

A simple example is the extent to which your adopted mind notices you are just experiencing human form as opposed to actually being a human. This sort of awareness depends upon your adopted mind being conscious of; an alternate reality where you are actually somewhere else and the human life on Earth is clearly an interesting illusion you are actively choosing to experience. Being simultaneously aware of both realities is described here as “duality awareness.”

In practice, duality is achieved by your consciousness rapidly oscillating between the reality of what and where you are versus enjoying the illusion of living a human life.

When this encyclopaedia was first published in 2015, there were minimal opportunities for readers to spend significant periods of time with human companions who were happily functioning with duality awareness. This lack of such company will hinder a reader’s development.

The important assistance offered by advanced aliens or future human beings (there being little practical difference between the two) is that you, the reader, can be paired with at least one of them. Your partner in this exercise will keep reminding you to be aware and generally assist in the development of your human consciousness.

In summary, the reader is being offered access to good company through the available astral connection or portal. This represents a potentially very significant advance in the quality of one’s life.

Unconditional Love

The 21st century Earht Plane can be a difficult environment in which to experience unconditional love. By comparison, whenever you experience living in more advanced alien worlds, this becomes a great deal easier.

This encyclopaedia has been drafted in a very matter of fact way, with the intention that the reader should, as far as possible, validate everything for themselves.

The reason for any perceivable “lack of compassion” is to avoid artificially lifting the reader into a blissful state. An analogy is that; helping a child learn to walk involves eventually letting go of the infant so as to allow it to develop its own independent balance.

Human beings’ development relies on learning how to manifest unconditional love in the challenging environments they inhabit.

If the reader perceives a lack of unconditional love whilst reading these chapters, this is typically because of implicit exercises that have been implanted into the text.

During your human experience, you can allow unconditional love to manifest in any situation. It’s often a case of just letting this to occur. Allow the higher beings who understand the process and assist your adopted human form, unconditional access to that body.

When reading the text of this encyclopaedia, it should be obvious if you are permitting higher beings the necessary access to your adopted human form. When successful, you will experience a mutually unconditionally loving connection with advanced alien beings.

It may be the case that whilst reading the encyclopaedia, you experience some physical discomfort as this process of attuning your human body occurs. Know that this process can and will only take place with the full permission of your higher aspects. Do not push yourself to read. Instead, simply lay the book down as necessary, and spend some time in nature, enjoying the serenity which will re-stabilise you.

More specific directions upon manifesting unconditional love are explained in The Great Simulator part 3.


Training & Exploration


Everything you are experiencing on Earth is an engineered illusion. With specialist training it becomes possible to move your consciousness beyond the earthly illusion and it into worlds where aliens and other beings are manifested. Developing this ability in your current human body will have a life changing effect upon it.

Earth is only one of the worlds you have chosen to experience. You have soul friends and family living in other worlds. Reading this book is part of the “wake-up” mechanism you have placed before your current human form. Your soul friends and family want to assist you.

Train your human consciousness how to regain access to the Astral World and the many universes. This is a fundamental skill your consciousness would already demonstrate if your physical body was living in a more advanced environment.

Re-igniting this ability is a crucial step which enables your higher-self and soul friends to give you life-changing support.

Training Materials

The www.GreatSimulator.com website provides a range of practical tools which enable you to step beyond the engineered illusion of the Earht Plane.

If you have not already done so, access the range of downloadable books and training videos from the website today.

1 – 2 – 1 Training

Relearning to astrally project and reform your consciousness elsewhere in the Astral World and the many universes is easy with proper training. Astral projection is a natural ability and proper training converts it into a conscious exploration activity.

In many ways learning fully conscious astral projection can be compared to learning to fly an aircraft. The fastest way to learn to fly is by practicing in the company of a trained instructor; i.e. Instructor and student practicing side by side in the same aircraft at the same time.

When learning with a trained instructor, you both go simultaneously on the same journeys, exploring the same places. This approach provides instant feedback and students normally progress very rapidly.

The 1 – 2 – 1 training approach resolves all the basic mistakes which might otherwise take lifetimes to overcome.


The universe human beings principally experience has barely been explored by them. This is your opportunity to become part of the growing team of pioneers who are making amazing discoveries.

Work With Us

Living on Earth is a compelling engineered illusion you choose to experience. But this does not mean that you have to be locked into the illusion all the time.

If you want to take part in the exploration of the Astral World and the many universes, then contact us today. Send us an email to:

[email protected]


Real Alien Worlds: A Brief Encyclopaedia: First Edition Volume 1

Real Alien Worlds: A Brief Encyclopaedia Non-Fiction: First Edition Volume 1 BREAK-THROUGH EXPLORATION PROJECT: Alien contact revealed: > How the universe is constructed to produce experiential worlds > Human beings are vehicles for souls who have also lived on numerous alien planets > How human minds are mostly locked to Earth and nearby dimensions > A system through which human minds can explore any extraterrestial worlds using out of body consciousness > Enabling a pioneering investigation team to visit dozens of alien worlds and higher dimensions during a 2 year exploration project you need to know about ATTENTION Reading this book can induce alien contact: > Triggering latent memories of your lives on other planets > Reminding you how more advanced societies operate > Reconnecting you to lost friends and family members alive on other worlds > Enabling you to see through the illusion of the current human life you have chosen > Giving you access to lost skills and abilities your human body needs in the current Earth illusion ACTION Reading this book is an essential part of reawakening your higher abilities PREVIEW OF THE ENCYCLOPAEDIA Volume 1: Full Preface P1 Up-Front Statements P2 A New Age Of Discovery P3 Astral Dimensions P4 Categories of Alien P5 Time Distortions and Shifts P6 Interactions With Human Beings The prefaces contain an explanation of how it was possible to research this encyclopaedia. Fundamentally, the Earth you experience is an engineered illusion you can transcend. Thus it is possible to link into other parts of the greater illusion; i.e. Alien Worlds. Volume 2: Encyclopaedia Chapter E01 to E05 E01 Grasshoppers 1 E02 Big Eyed Humanoids 1 E03 Icke's Lizards 1 E04 Grey Goblins 1 E05 Small Greys 1 This volume includes details of Grasshoppers 1, from who's world a team of alien researchers sufficiently improved human contact and made this encyclopaedia possible. Also in this volume, is the world of alien reptilians who are often accused on malignly influencing human beings. Volume 3: Encyclopaedia Chapter E06 to E10 E06 Large Greys 1 E07 Smart Plants 1 E08 Lobsters 1 E09 Future Humans 1 E10 Alternative Humans 2 This volume includes one more of the many species of greys, intelligent alien plants, plus earthly human beings from the future who visit Earth and hence get categorised as aliens. Volume 4: Encyclopaedia Chapter E11 to E15 E11 Nordics 1 E12 Nordics 2 E13 Dinosaur 1 E14 Engineered Viruses E15 Ants 1 This volume deals with more of the human-like species who visit Earth, and an example of a real dinosaur world in development. Volume 5: Encyclopaedia Chapter E16 to E20 E16 Mechanoids 1 E17 Big Jelly 1 E18 T1s E19 Star Children 1 E20 Xeons 1 This volume explores an extraordinary alien species which is really a universe in its own right, plus insights into aliens who have significantly contributed to, and even engineered, the Earth world you are experiencing. Volume 6: Appendixes A1 to A4 A1 The Ultimate Creator A2 The Creators A3 How The Universe Works A4 The Moon If you want to know more about who is ultimately responsible for the creation of everything, read this appendix. Similarly, there is a fascinating account of Earth’s moon a few dimensions up, where it is teeming with life. Volume 7: Appendixes A5 to A6 A5 Large Greys Domes A6 Summary The Large Greys 1 have gathered together an amazing collection of living alien species in one location, visiting them is a must. Finally, there is a summary of some of the insights this encyclopaedia has delivered.

  • ISBN: 9781310881176
  • Author: David McCready
  • Published: 2015-12-25 14:50:10
  • Words: 19948
Real Alien Worlds: A Brief Encyclopaedia: First Edition Volume 1 Real Alien Worlds: A Brief Encyclopaedia: First Edition Volume 1