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Ready or Not, Here We Come


Ready or Not, Here We Come

Rita Hestand



Ready or Not Here We Come

Rita Hestand

Shakespir Edition

Copyright© 2016 by Rita Hestand

All Rights Reserved

ISBN # 9781370054497

“Cover art by Fairy Lights Boutik


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Ready or Not Here We Come is a work of fiction. Though some of the cities and towns exist they are used in a fictitious manner for purposes of this work. All characters are works of fiction and any names or characteristics similar to any person past, present or future are coincidental.



Children get lost all the time, but knowing who to trust in a situation like this is important. Always know that the police will help a lost child, and teach your children to know how to recognize them.


God Bless



Rita Hestand


“Sam, what do you think?” Joe his older brother asked as they walked the streets of New York. It was cold and the sky was gray, making it darker on the streets than normal.

“It’s scary, like we’ve been swallowed by the whale.” Sam said as he glanced at his brother.

“Yeah, it is kind of like that story, isn’t it?” Joe remarked, his eyes going all over the tall buildings that seem to crowd around them. It made them feel so small.

“Where we going, Joe?” Sam asked.

“I don’t know. Our folks are gone Sam, it’s just you and me now.” Joe told him.

“Where did they go Joe?” Sam asked.

“To heaven I reckon.” Joe didn’t want to go into detail with Sam. He was too young to understand it all. Joe didn’t understand it either. But he was the big brother, he had to act like he knew.

“Is heaven a good place, Joe?” Sam continued to bombard his brother with questions.

“Sure. It’s a great place. Don’t you remember all the stories Momma told us from the Bible. Well, heaven’s even better Sam. You get to eat what you want, and sing all day and be happy.” Joe told him to quiet him.

“Then why didn’t we go there?” Sam asked.

Joe stopped walking for a minute and stared at his younger brother. “Sam quit asking so many questions. I gotta figure out where we are going and what we are going to do. We gotta find something to eat and someone to take care of us.”

“We do?” Sam looked completely puzzled.

“Sure we do, you don’t want to starve, do you?” Joe asked him.

“What does starve mean?”

“It means you gotta have something to eat or you starve.” Joe shook his head.

“Don’t be mad Joe. I’m just three and half and I don’t know so much…”

“I know…” Joe nodded. “I’m not mad. I’m worried.” After all, Joe was five, and he didn’t know everything either, Joe reasoned.

Sam decided he’d asked enough questions, but he wondered why his brother was worried. He couldn’t help him; he didn’t know enough to help him.

Joe stopped and looked at Sam. He missed his folks, but he was glad Sam was here with him. He didn’t want to tell Sam, but he was scared too. He didn’t know where he was going, or what he was going to do.

They’d gotten pushed into the crowd that was leading to the docks and he had no idea where he was or how to find someone who did.

Still, he was the oldest, and his mother had taught him to take care of his little brother.

He reached to pull his coat tighter and adjust his hat. Sam’s lip pouched out, and trembled just a tad. Joe stared at him. He was going to cry, Joe knew it.

“Don’t worry Sam, I’ll take care of you.” Joe told him and hugged him. But Joe wondered how he would do that?

They walked forever before Joe found anything that looked like might help.

But there in front of them was a place that people were going in and out of. A lot of the people had matching blue clothes on and Joe cocked his head to one side. He tried to remember what his mother told him. They must be policemen. According to his mother, policemen wore clothes like that and helped people.

Joe nodded and gave Sam a slight smile. “Ready or not, here we come.” Joe said.

Sam smiled.

Taking Sam’s hand, he headed up the long line of steps to the front door. He made a game of it, so Sam would laugh.

He went inside, pulling Sam behind him.

Sam’s finger was squeezing Joe’s.

It smelled kind of funny in here. Like his wet socks did when it rained.

People were going every which way.

When a uniformed man came inside behind them, Joe walked over to him and pulled on his sleeve. “Mr. are you a pol—-ice…man?”

“I sure am,” the man bent just a tad to look into Joe’s and Sam’s faces.

“What can I do for you lad?” The man asked, his jolly round face was all smiles. Joe looked at the red hair that creeped from under his hat.

He looked around for a minute then leaned toward the man. “We just came off the big boat, out there, in the water. And we’re sort of lost.”

The policeman looked outside the glass door window and saw the big boat in the harbor. “That boat?”

“Yes sir.”

“Well son, where’s your folks?”

Joe’s head fell now and he mumbled quietly so Sam couldn’t hear, “They’re…dead…”

“Dead?” The policeman looked startled.

“Yes sir.”

“They died on the boat?” The policeman frowned now.

“Someone on the boat took them away.” Joe didn’t want to think about that. It made him want to cry. And he couldn’t cry in front of Sam. “Yes sir, they got real sick. Then they told me they were dead.”

“I see. Well, do you have any folks here, to meet you or come get you?” The policeman asked.

“No sir, Momma said we were going on a Cation, and they got sick.”

“Where you from boy?” The policeman asked.

The question confused Joe. He thought on it a minute then his eyes got big and he smiled, “From home.”

The policeman was making faces at this point as though that answer confused him even more. “How old are you lad?”

“I’m five, and my brother is three and a half.” Joe answered, glad the policeman finally asked him an easy question.

The policeman seemed to study that answer a minute. “Okay, then you two come with me.” He instructed.

Glad someone else was finally helping him, Joe smiled. “Come on Sam, we’re going with him.”

Sam still held Joe’s finger hard and followed along. Sam’s finger sweat and it was hard to keep hold of it.

They went down several halls then finally into another room with a door.

The policeman told them to take a seat in the chairs that lined the wall and he went behind the big desk. He took his coat off, his scarf and his hat and put them away then he spoke to someone else.

A lady policeman came up to them. “What’s your names?” She asked.

“I’m Joe and this is my little brother, Sam.” Joe told her.

Sam hadn’t turned loose of Joe’s finger yet.

“Well, I’m pleased to meet you, my name is Pam. Are you boys hungry?”

“We sure are,” Joe nodded.

“Okay, I’ll get you something to eat then.” Pam left.

Joe sat back down and waited.

The policeman that brought them in came around to them and squatted down in front of Joe. “My name is Harry.”

Joe smiled.

“Now, you came off that boat in the harbor, you said.”

“Yes sir.”

“And there is no one to meet you here?”

“No sir.” Joe shook his head.

“Do you know where you were headed?”

“No sir.”

He nodded. “Alright, well, Pam will be back with some food for you and you sit tight while I try to find out some information on you.”

“Yes sir.” Joe nodded.

Pam came back inside and gave the boys a small pizza to eat between them. She brought them both a glass of water to wash it down with.

The boys ate every crumb and wiped their mouths with the napkins she gave them.

Harry came back to them again, “Did you get enough to eat?”

“Yes sir.” Joe nodded.

“Good. Well, I called the ship you came from, and they are looking into the matter for us. We should get a call back from them and then we’ll proceed with what to do with you.”

Joe shrugged, “Okay.”

“Tell me something Joe. How did you know to come here?”

Joe scuffed his shoe on the floor a minute. “Well,” he thought a minute. “Momma told me that men that wore clothes like you, were a big help. So, I thought you would help us, because we’re lost and don’t know where to go now.”

“Well you are right about that Joe. Your mother was right too. Policeman that wear uniforms do help son. And we will do our best for you.”

Joe nodded. “That’s what she called you too, policemen.” Joe pronounced the word with difficulty.

“You are safe here son.” The man smiled at them both. “I’m glad you knew to come to us. Your mother was a very wise woman to tell you.”

Sam looked a bit scared, but Joe was smiling so he didn’t cry.

“Can we go home, now?”

“I’m afraid not yet son. But we’ll figure something out.”

Joe nodded.

Joe saw that Sam was nearly asleep now and he pulled Sam so his head was in his lap. “Don’t worry Sam, it’s going to be okay.”

Watching people come in and go out, made Joe sleepy so he closed his eyes too now.

Harry came back to Joe after a long while. “Well, what you told me is correct. Your folks did die of food poisoning on the boat. They were taken to the m…” He stared at Joe and realized quickly he had no idea what he was talking about. He cleared his throat and tried to smile at him. “But from their ticket, they came on board in Corpus Christi.”

“That’s it. That’s what I was trying to remember.”

“But that’s all the information we have. Now, tell me Joe, do you know your last name?”

Joe thought about that question. “Joe Peters.”

“Good, and you lived in Corpus Christi?” He asked.

“I think so. I recognize that name.” Joe blinked hard.

“Good. Well, now, it’s going to take us time to get all the information we need. And it’s getting late, another shift will be on. But I’ll be here tomorrow.”

He looked around and motioned to Pam.

Pam came up to him.

“We need a place to bed these two down for the night.” Harry told her.

Pam nodded. “I could take them to my apartment, it would be more comfortable than staying here all night. I just live around the corner a bit.”

“That’s a great idea. You working tomorrow?”

“Yes,” Pam replied.

Joe looked at Pam, she was a pretty lady, black and all smiles.

“Would you boys go with Pam then?” Harry asked.

Joe nodded.

“Let me get my coat and we’ll go.” Pam told them.

Joe woke Sam up.

“I’m still sleepy,” He murmured.

“I know but, wake up, we gotta walk some. We’re going to stay with the pretty lady.” Joe told him.

Sam nodded and yawned.

When Pam was sure they were bundled up, she took Joe’s hand and Joe took Sam’s. “Let’s go boys.”

She took them to her small apartment. It was clean and smelled nice.

“Now, the bathroom is in there and you can sleep in my bed with me or on the couch.”

Joe looked around the room, it was a small apartment, and everything was practically in the same room. “We’ll sleep on the couch. Sam sometimes have to get up at night to go potty.” Joe told her.

“Okay, that’s fine, I’ll get you a blanket then.”

She went to her closet and pulled out a blanket.

As she was taking off their coats she saw the stuffed animal Sam was carrying. “What his name?” Pam asked Sam.

Joe answered for him, “He calls him Skittles, like the candy.”

Pam laughed. She turned the television on and let them watch it while they went to sleep, tucking the dog, Skittles against Sam.

The next morning Pam had made them bacon and eggs and toast. The boys ate up and followed her back to the police station.

“Are you a policeman too?” Joe asked her.

“Yes I am.”

“Oh good.” Joe smiled at her.

Pam smiled.

Joe and Sam went to sit down like she told them to and they waited again.

Harry came in and waved at the boys.

An hour or so later he came up to Joe again. “Do you have any relatives, kinfolks in Corpus Christi.”

Joe didn’t understand the question. “A grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle?” He asked.

Joe studied the question. “Uncle George.” Joe remembered with wide eyes.

“Good, George Peters then?” Harry questioned.

Joe shrugged.

Harry went back to his desk.

Joe didn’t know what took them so long, but by the end of the day, Harry looked a bit miffed. “We are going to have to find a place for you, for a while. We haven’t been able to find your Uncle yet, and no one can come get you yet. So, we need to put you in a day care facility. We have a day care upstairs, and Pam said you could go home with her at night if you want to. How does that sound?”

“Okay.” Joe said.

So, for the next week Joe and Sam went to day care and then at night to Pam’s apartment. Pam bathed them every night and Sam still seemed worried. Joe kept telling him that the police would take care of it.

Pam washed their clothes for them too, so they weren’t dirty.

Sam didn’t understand what was happening and why they weren’t going home. He didn’t understand who these people were. And he was tired of going from the day care to Pam’s apartment. He wanted his Momma and he began to cry a lot.

“It’ll be alright Sam.” Joe tried to comfort him, as he hugged him.

“I miss Mommy.” Sam cried.

“I do too Sam. But Uncle George will come…” Joe swallowed the lump in his throat, and forced the tears away.

“Uncle George?” Sam repeated.

“Yeah…” Joe smiled at him. “You know Uncle George who comes every Christmas.”

Sam seemed to settle out after he figured out who Joe was talking about.

But as the days passed, Sam worried more and more and Joe couldn’t control his crying.

Pam would rock him to sleep at night, but she looked almost as worried as Sam.

Then one day Harry came up to them smiling. “We found your Uncle.”

“You did!” Joe smiled.

“Yes, he’s flying in tonight, so in the morning he’ll probably be here.”

Joe’s eyes widened and he jumped up. “Hear that Sam?”

Sam stood up, and looked at his brother.

“Uncle George is coming to get us.”

Sam smiled now. Joe knew he didn’t understand, but Joe didn’t understand everything either. He just knew his Uncle was coming to get them.

The next morning, their Uncle was waiting at the police station for them.

“Uncle George!” Joe cried running into his arms.

“Hi squirt. Sammie,” Their uncle hugged them and took them into his arms. Joe saw the tear in his Uncle’s eyes. “Aren’t you glad to see us?” Joe asked.

“Glad, you don’t know how glad I am.” Uncle George almost cried like Sam. Joe didn’t understand that. He’d been trying to be a big boy and here his Uncle was nearly crying too.

Carrying them on each hip he laughed and cut up with them for a long while. Sammie even laughed now.

“Are we going home?” Joe asked him.

“Very soon, boys, very soon.”

Finally, after all the paperwork was taken care of, Uncle George bent down to them. “Boys, we’re going home. To my house. Can you tell them goodbye here?”

Joe went up to Pam and hugged her, “Thank you for taking care of us.” Joe cried trying to sound like a big boy.

“It was a pleasure, Joe. Sam.” She nodded as Sam edged his way to her too.

Then they turned to Harry. “Boys, looks like you are finally going home. And I’m happy for you. Although we’ll miss you around here.”

Joe and Sam hugged Harry too and told everyone goodbye.

Uncle George bent to pick them up in his arms after telling Harry and Pam how much he appreciated their help.

“Well boys, ready to go home?”

“Ready or Not, here we come!” Joe and Sam hollered.

Everyone laughed, waving and hollering goodbye at them.

Joe knew he’d miss Harry and Pam, but he was glad to be going home with his Uncle. He didn’t want to think about his Mommy and Daddy just yet. It made him tear up like Sam. Someday he would, but not in front of Sam! After all, he was the big brother.



The End


Ready or Not, Here We Come

This is a children's short story that I hope even the parents enjoy reading. Five year old Joe and three-and-half year old Sam Peters get shuffled off the cruise ship in New York City. It doesn't take them long to get lost and wonder where their next meal will come from. But thank goodness Joe sees a place where people are coming and going with blue suits on. He leads Sam up the long flight of stairs and into the building. Immediately they run into Harry the cop, who listens to their story and takes them to headquarters. While Harry investigates their story, Pam, another cop feeds them. Then because they haven't solved the investigation yet, Pam takes them home to her apartment for safe keeping. But something has to be done, according to the kids, their parents died on the boat, and they were hurdled through the crowds leaving the ship and lost in New York City.

  • ISBN: 9781370054497
  • Author: Rita Hestand
  • Published: 2016-10-30 02:20:09
  • Words: 2982
Ready or Not, Here We Come Ready or Not, Here We Come