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Reading the Stars

Chapter 1

The Book It was August, with a slight chill in the air. I was home alone again. Buzzzz. I jumped, oh it was just my phone. It was so quiet here anymore. My dad was out with his new girlfriend. I feel bad for him ever since my mom died he has been different. Buzzzzz. I grabbed my phone it was Eric. Eric was my crush, he was tall with short black hair and brown eyes, and if he ever found out I liked him I would die, because he was one of my really good friends. He wanted to see if I could come over.

I decided to go. His house was only down the road from where me and my dad lived. Our house was small but it was fine. I walked into Eric’s house, he was drying off his hands. “Hey” I said. “Hi, Jade” said Eric “Are you here alone?” I asked “Yea” he said “I found something” I wondered what it was. ‘Here take a look” he said “its some sort of astrology book.” “Wow, how old is it?” I asked “It’s from like the 1800s” he joked “It does look really old.” I mentioned “Here you can keep it, maybe create an article in the paper.” I was the creator for the Woodland High School paper. “Yea, I guess I can run the idea through Mrs. Willow.” I claimed “ I have to go now I’ll see you later.” “Let me drive you” he said while grabbing his hoodie and car keys. “Fine” I said happily any chance i got to see my Eric I did.

When he dropped me off i decided to go to my room it was about 5:00 and my dad wasn’t home yet. I went to my room and started reading the book it was filled with astrology and explained how to use astrology. It said stuff like “ Scorpio: The intense but loving one, the mysterious one who keeps you guessing, the karma believer, and the observer.” Vroom. I shut the book instantly not wanting my dad to see it or at least not yet. The car shut off. I walked into the kitchen to see my dad standing their with a grin. “What?” I questioned. “Nothing just saw that Twistee Treat is open.” He answered. “Cool, can we get some?” I asked. “Yea.” lets go he *replied. *

When we got home I decided to head to bed “Night” I told my dad. “Night, sweetie” He said. The next day I had school.

To Be Continued

Reading the Stars

  • Author: lexi4books
  • Published: 2016-04-05 00:20:05
  • Words: 431
Reading the Stars Reading the Stars