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Re-Animating The Spark

Happy birthday #CharlesDarwin! 2017-02-12

Re-Animating The Spark

A Short Story by Arno Le Roux


Peculiarly, mankind’s two-fold ultimate search was back on track as they crossed and cut orbit after orbit into the unchartered black abyss. Their ancient quest have always defined their adaptation to their environment and similarly they have adapted their environment to suit their needs and wants. If someone had to turn the coin, they would discover on the opposite side, man’s yearning need to meet his creator, confident that mankind’s presence in some way had a great significant purpose or place in the bigger scheme of things.


The fleet of a meager 22 darting ships, 11 years post bidding farewell to the blue sphere, had relentlessly and exponentially traveled furter and further away at a mind boggling speed. They were a miniscule sample of a once dominant species in their micro galaxy and harboured the only proof that there had been a base to billions of earthlings, now in search of a biosphere, light-years away in deep space. Their laboriously planned destination was obscured from eternal plaguing space radiation, and according to unpublished data, believed conducive to the continuation of the human storyline. A hope to carry on human perseverance, ingenuity and dominance over its fellow plant and animal creations. Repetition if you will, of more stardust gathered and compressed, in limbo, waiting for eons for the Godly spark of a more advanced hand to animate a living thinking breathing carbon based machine, elsewhere, too far to fathom, from where it’s cousins earned their rightful place on the tiny galactic podium. On earth they were bobbing and weaving apocalyptic sized meteors and finally, three addresses away, in the old world, massive solar flares wrote the final chapter and abruptly and unceremoniously, ended it all. At the time, for millennia, their proximity not too near and not too far from its majestic life-giving power plant, the sun, both sustained and finally claimed all life. But it was a story with a happy ending, so to speak. At least it produced, for a fraction in its evolution, all of early mankind and naturally their search for their Grand Animator, overseeing a sense of order, protection and their sustainable continuation…

And so the story of creation was told in 2099

Patiently stroking his chilled smooth blueish electronicly lit glassy desk, he softly tapped his stiff old fingers to an earlier far more ancient date that had been recorded on the ships’ memory bank. Darwin 13 had been the most frequently repaired ship as it was leading the expedition and remained the head of the fleet, again facing a recent unexpected 2 hour long ocean of colliding asteroids. Theos had at best four cycles left to see the bright morning sun of the new world and would in all probability not be alive to see the fruit of his labour which had already started absorbing his health on earth. Thirty Jupiter sized giants in various orbits made up their new galactic home as all orbited a bright blue sun at its centre. Meticulous as always, Theos slowly tugged on the velcro hook-and-loop fastner tab and retrieved his pocket book from his space suit’s thigh and slid back down into command’s stanless steel chair again. Not that ageing Theos didn’t trust Eve, but Eve controlled everything from the much needed food preparation for the ten member crew, right down to the climate control and sleep monitoring. By design, the only say Theos had in the smooth running of his solitude never ending travelling world in space, was comparing their time cycles to the old earth hours and days. It was more nostalgia than a particular need that often had him pencil in a crew members birthday or that of his three daughters. The triplets were each captaining one of the other ships. What was required from earth was either stored in the 22 strong shipped fleet, each with a 2 hectare storage space on three separated, sealed levels, or recorded on the ships’ massive memory banks. Theos rubbed his tired wrinkled old eyelids and revisited the footage from earlier times. “2-0-1-7”, would have seemed, at the velocity the 22 ships were hurling through space, like 300 years if they were on earth, but in Theos’s reality his body experienced a mere 11 almost weightless human, or rather earth years. Theo knew that his and his crew members’ declining bone density could not be solved by exercise alone and the daily calcium tablets were taking their toll on their kidneys. The 21 other convoyed ships showed no sign that their crew members were suffering heath issues. But only Theo had been aware that their main ship’s declining health was as result of the detrimental cost saving at design and rendering phase. 50 meter Uranium and Plutonium rods; as propellant rather than the safer liquid Radium propelling the remainder of the fleet, had been chosen, to complete their mission. And that, part of his influenced decision why he insisted his daughters captaining some of the other ships, rather than being with him. “Time for your medicine Captain Theos, and hello messages from your daughters are on screen when you’re done evaluating the religious study guide” Eve’s computerised voice in recent days seemed somehow more compassionate when she habitually reminded of the exact time for the calcium tablets. Almost as if she was aware of the crew members’ health status. “Thank you Eve, but I’ll take the messages now, if you don’t mind?” Theos caringly and lightly stroked the inner cover of his pocket book and his memory travelled back to earth to the celebratory evening the glass cased photo was taken. “Dad, look! Our results!” His proud 21 year old triplets’ thick long burdandy hair was bobbing up and down as they jumped excitedly and repeatedly. They were the top of their class in Chemistry, Philosophy, Agriculture, Architecture and Kendo. Proud Father Theos, whose background as a Greek priest, had been part and parcel of the design of the course for possible candidated “KWAN Travellers” as the Chinese space centre staff referred to them. Global dwindling investments and the cost of America’s continued wars to maintain a key player in the oil world; combined with the fact that they found it impossible to pay their loans back to China, mothballed NASA and saw China taking the lead for humanity’s exit when time knocked loud and clear on the Space Race door. “Of course Captain Theos. Captain Monique first – (Daddy, happy birthday! And happy Darwin day! Found a recipe very close to Mommy’s chocolate cake, uploaded it to Eve’s memory. Enjoy! And just so you know, Adam 1, the test animation, is doing well. He’s reading and self defence skills are on par with our study guide. I’ve uploaded that too for when you have time. Love you and we’ll talk more later. Mwha!)” Monique’s transmission, just like her Sisters Siobhan and Tanita always ended with a loud smacking kiss. Sometimes the transmission reports were seemingly mundane as Theos had no doubt that his triplets had everything under controll. He was mostly just anticipating his favourite last part of the messages… “I love you Daddy, Mwha!” “Just like their mother…” Theos thought. One after the other, Theos listened attentively and finally noted something in his pocket book. He left it open with his pencil in the middle of it, next to the lit keyboard and upped the recording’s volume as he scanned for a collection he was readying for Council approval. “…Under a certain set of circumstances, microbes carried by a human corpse might be able to survive the space environment. We’ve pulled microbes out of permafrost, and there we’re talking about organisms surviving around one million years in suspended animation,’ King told Astronomy Magazine…” He forwarded to a following week and thought how ironic it was that the recorded religious debate on Re-Animating humans from stored cells in Switzerland was on the 12th February 2017, which was none other, than what would have been Charles Darwin’s birthday. “…but do they have souls? These creations are abominations…! Our God would never approve of this…” A red faced and irate priest was gripping the edges of a podium, his knuckles white. “If it’s the end then it’s the end. It’s prophesied. Re-Animating humans at a later stage on a different place, in space!? It’s preposterous!” The man was spitting mad and still after months had been in total disagreement on allowing increased funding for deep space exploration as a safety-net to the ever increasing number of meteor showers across the globe. “Amazing.” Theos thought. Neither finding a safe habitat for the precious gargo he was part of, nor the great care with which the four thousand seeded capsules of earth plants would have to be planted in the hope of survival of the re-animated humans, was Theos’s real mission. Theos had been tasked to formulate an acceptable version of creation, a watertight storyline, for the two hundred male and and female humans, that had to be re-animated to populate earth 2. In nine too short hours he woke again and reluctantly reached over for his analogue bedside alarm clock. The clock had been his other reminder of old earth, that had not been contaminated when the solar flare made it’s arrival known in March 2017, and literally fried every digital mode of storage and communication. “Good morning Eve”, he wiped his tired eyes as he noticed the camera eye scanning the small bedroom to detect his heat signature. “And the top of the morning to you Captain Theos”, the tireless program returned his greet. “Shower first, or play the intro that you saved yesterday Captain Theos?” Eve energetically enquired. “What’s with the Irish greet Eve?” And Theos smiled. “Oh I thought I’d introduce you to some culture Captain Theos.” “Your attempt to introduce a Greek Priest to culture with an Irish greet? Well this should send shivers through my spine…” And Theos bellowed out a hearty laugh, knowing one of the crew members put Eve up to it. It was standard procedure to add an evolving personality to Eve for experimental Artificial lntelligence purposes, but of late it seemed to serve as entertainment for the ships lonely crew. By all means Eve, please play…” Theos rolled his eyes at the voice that knew too early that he was awake, not granting him a few private moments to gather his thoughts properly. The intro was part of earth history which was to be studied by the re-animated humans on Valhalla once settled. “Eve, run the index first please, and just for today, please adres me as Theos, I’m not in a formal mood…” With that the Eve’s mood also adapted accordingly and she pointed out the index with a brief discussion on the origin of each chapter as well as the various religions born and evolved in turn from each. “Gladly Captain. Ok Theos, so here’s the rundown:

1. The Madrid Codex is one of the only surviving books attributable to the pre-Columbian Maya culture of around 900–1521 AD…

2. Gutenberg Bible – the first copies of which were printed in 1454-1455 AD. Celtic Psalter…

3. Diamond Sūtra A Buddhist holy text, the Diamond Sūtra is considered to be the oldest surviving dated printed book in the world. In May 868 AD, on the instruction of his parents, which is noted at the end of the text………

4. Siddur. A Jewish Prayer Book . This Jewish prayer book dated back to around 840 AD.

5. The Book of Kells. This is thought to have been created by Celtic monks around 800 AD….

6. Nag Hammadi Library. It’s estimated age is around 1,693 years old.

7. Next, the Pyrgi Gold Tablets. Estimated age: 2,513 years old….

8. Etruscan Gold Book. Thought to be the oldest multi-page book in the world, dating to about 660 BC, the Etruscan Gold Book was discovered 70 years ago whilst digging a canal off the Strouma river in Bulgaria. Estimated age: 2,673 years old…”

8. The Viking Havamal and poems, was the arguably one of the oldest text ever recorded and recovered. When the ancient Vikings migrated south from the frozen Nordic countries and met the newly formed Messianic groups…

9. To understand the eastern influence on prayer, meditation, Christianity, and rosary or prayer beads better, we point to the 5000 year old Piri Reis map. Here you see Antarctica pre its frozen stage… Chinese pirates already used this map for navigative purposes thousands of years prior to Antarctica’s (re-discovery) in the early 1800’s…

10. The lost years of Christ and his return from the East at age 30…

11. The Shakespearen influence on the King James Version of the Bible…

12. “Perfect. Just pause there Eve, could we continue once I’m dressed and upstairs?”

“Thank you Eve, please pause. May we continue this after I’m showered and dressed? We’ll talk when I’m upstairs?” Theos abruptly insisted, as he stared in total disbelief our his cramped bedroom window…”

Outside his window an array of silvery glitter decorated his view as far as he could squint. From what he could guess, the largest of what he now discovered, was the nearest space ship’s fragments, approximately shoebox sized crumpled metal, had been furter obliterated by the protective shield of Theos’ ship. “Theos, urgent message from Captains Monique, Siobhan and Tanita, may I patch through?” Eve was still in informal mode. “Dad! Did you see that! We’re under attack! Are you ok!?” All three yelled over each other. “What!? Under attack, how, by what… by whom?” Eve and Theos simultaneously enquired. Eve followed protocol and instantly returned to her default formal mode. “Captains, I’ve been programmed for this but it’s unlikely you’ve been trained for what you’re about to learn…” Eve apparently had no time for answering questions and bluntly continued in her unemotional tone as she already assessed the nature of the incident. “Wormhole entered a 10,000th of a cycle ago, ships 2 through to 9, and 11 through to 20 found themselves in the identical position as when we left earth in 2017. Somehow my data does not explain where we are… I mean the other us?” Ships 1, 10, 21 and main ship 22 still intact, for now. Recalibration in process. And there is something else… Incoming data from earth. Somehow, although seemingly void of human life forms, the radiation, well… it’s down to acceptable levels in Africa and China. Actually, the sphere is wholly… it’s safe! On ship 1 during Adam 1’s valuation, and the booming shockwave which rocked them, the crew had neglected to return him to sleep again and the following months’ data was downloaded in error. “Are you my maker, what shall I call you? You haven’t introduced yourself properly…” It was the deep male voice of a perfect and nude seed 9,000,000,001 that had been animated as a trial run only, to establish the effects of a variety of twenty known types of space radiation. He somehow managed to disable his lab security pad and wandered up to the command centre. “Apologies if I startled you” He apologised. “But I was alone and hungry… I’m specimen 9,000,000,001 but I think I like it more when you called me Adam 1…” His deep blue piercing eyes stood staring in turn at the crew of the ship he was on, waiting for a response… “Captain Theos?” Even Eve was speechless, waiting for a response…

The End.

Re-Animating The Spark

Synopsis Peculiarly, mankind's two-fold ultimate search was back on track as they crossed and cut orbit after orbit into the unchartered black abyss. Their ancient quest have always defined their adaptation to their environment and similarly they have adapted their environment to suit their needs and wants. If someone had to turn the coin, they would discover on the opposite side, man's yearning need to meet his creator, confident that mankind's presence in some way had a great significant purpose or place in the bigger scheme of things.

  • ISBN: 9781370311880
  • Author: Arno Le Roux
  • Published: 2017-02-12 16:50:10
  • Words: 2590
Re-Animating The Spark Re-Animating The Spark