Raising The BAR: The Three Steps To RADICAL Success In Your Micro-Business

Raising The BAR

The Three Steps To RADICAL Success In Your Micro-Business



Emily Josephine


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Raising The BAR


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Are you a success? Merriam-Webster defines the word as “One who attains a desired object or end.” Given that definition, do you consider yourself to be a success?

If you’re like the average person, you feel successful – as though you’ve attained a “desired object or end” – at some level in some areas of your life. Take Joe Parent, for example, whose children are well-behaved and get good grades. He feels a good level of success as a father.

Then there’s Jane Executive, who earns a high salary; Adam Amateur Athlete, who has won at various local competitions; and Eve Hobby Farmer, who has won the State Fair competition for growing the largest watermelon.

Each of these individuals have experienced some level of success.

But if you’re like most people, you also have a sneaking suspicion you could do better.

Joe wants to be the parent who always models respect and sacrificial giving.

Jane wishes she could leave her high-power, high-paying job and live on a lake and write books with no money worries.

Adam wants to swim the English Channel.

Eve wants to learn to grow a garden large enough and productive enough that she can sell her produce at the local farmer’s market.

And then, while you feel somewhat successful in a few areas of life, you know you’re a miserable failure in others.

Joe is seventy pounds overweight and can’t seem to make any diet stick.

Jane hardly ever sees her teenage children, often just long enough to ask how their day was and say “good night.”

Adam would like to settle down and raise a family, but is so shy he can’t muster up the courage to ask any attractive ladies on a date.

Eve, despite her love for healthy food, smokes two packs of cigarettes per day and knows she needs to stop, or else die an early, painful death.

We can glean three truths here:

1. Everyone has some level of success at something.

2. Everyone has a lot of room for improvement, even in the areas where they feel successful.

3. While no one will ever find complete success in every area, everyone can and should continue to improve as long as they live.

The problem is that people realize the second truth, and most will eventually become overwhelmed by it and decide that where they are now is “good enough.”

They decide to accept the status quo. To remain in mediocrity.


What happens then? They marry the wrong person. They stay in a job or career they don’t like. They get sick, and die before age sixty. They live from paycheck to paycheck, in debt and always on the edge of broke. They ignore their deepest desires and never pursue their dreams.

They live unfulfilled lives, and die full of regret.

While most people live lives, as Thoreau once said, “of quiet desperation”, there are some who do not. There are some who have learned and consistently applied the secrets of success. There are some who – while knowing that they couldn’t possibly even come close to manifesting all the potential inside them – die old, healthy, happy and fulfilled.

And they have few to no regrets.

So, what is it they know that the rest of the world does not? They know – and practice – three principles. They are not “secrets”, really; you’re probably familiar with at least two of the three, if not all three of them.

These principles are:

1. Belief

2. Action

3. Reason

Those three words form the acronym BAR. You can remember what it means by thinking that success comes by raising the BAR.

If you are just starting a micro-business, you need to raise the BAR. If you have been running one for a while and have hit a wall in any area, from fulfillment to finances, you need to raise the BAR.

What if you don’t? You will slide into mediocrity. And guess what that means for any business, big or small?

Failure. Debt. Disappointment.

Let me ask you a question. Did you start your business, or are you thinking about starting one, so that you can eventually fail? Of course not! You started it because you wanted to succeed.

So as we go through the three principles for radical success, spend some time thinking about how you might need to make some paradigm shifts in the way you think about and approach your business.

Let’s move on to the first principle…


Before you ever do anything of significance, you have to believe you can do it. Remember the children’s story, The Little Engine That Could? Well before positive thinking gurus Zig Ziglar and Robert Schuller, children’s book author Watty Piper wrote of a small train engine that saved the day by pulling a trainload of toys over a steep mountain. His motto? “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.”

Now, of course you can say, “I think I can” all day long and it may not change your belief one iota. But the point is, the Little Engine truly believed he could.

What about our friends from earlier?

Although he has tried low-carb, HGH, fruit-only and a variety of other diets, Joe has struggled with his weight since college and has two overweight parents. In the back of his mind, he’s not sure his weight isn’t simply a genetic curse.

Jane’s husband left her seven years ago, and has done little to nothing for child support. Jane is afraid if she pulls back on her career path, she will end up not having enough to feed her kids.

Adam is convinced no woman could live with his big nose and large birthmark on his neck.

Eve’s grandparents both smoked heavily, and both lived until they were ninety – free from any kind of cancer.

What if, instead, Joe’s parents were in great shape? That Jane realized she has enough investments for her and her two kids to live comfortable for life? Adam thought big noses were sexy, and Eve’s grandparents had died around age seventy from lung cancer?

Might they believe differently? Chances are good that they would.

That being said, circumstances and experiences don’t have to dictate belief, but they strongly influence it. When a belief is based on foundational or pivotal life events, it requires concentrated, continuous effort to change.

Let’s apply the principle of belief to the micro-business world. Most people who start a blog, direct sales business, or e-Bay store do so because they want to make money. They hope that they will. They tell their closest friends they will.

Then after a few months, most quit. Why? Lack of belief. That is, lack of belief that they can succeed.

They believe that there is too much competition on the Internet to make their blog stand out and make money. They believe that everyone they show their MLM opportunity to will laugh. They believe that the Power Sellers on e-Bay have a monopoly.

How do I know that this is how most new micro-biz owners believe? Because if they believed they could succeed, they would keep going. They would persist.

Oh, and, of course, I’ve been there. It took me years to finally realize what network marketing really is and what it takes to succeed (Hint: it’s not “throwing up” all over everyone you meet about the money-making opportunity). To this day I am still kicking myself for canceling my webhosting account and losing two blogs that had finally started making me some money after three years or four years of working them (today they might have been bringing me a full-time income, if I had just believed).

So then the question is, if you lack the belief that you can be one of the “success statistics”, how do you change that?

Three ways. Read, listen, and hang out with the right people.

Read every motivational book you can get your hands on. Include books like Think and Grow Rich by T. Harv Ecker and Career Success Without A Real Job by Ernie Zelinski. Read rags-to-riches blog posts that tell the stories of people who started with nothing, and were making six figures after a year of working a micro-business. Buy and read e-books on how to begin the micro-biz of your choice, how to market it, how to grow it. Educate yourself to the largest extent possible.

Listen to podcasts where the podcasters interview success stories. I personally enjoy the podcast Yaro Starak puts out on his blog, http://entrepreneurs-journey.com, as well as the Rocking Self-Publishing podcast at http://rockingselfpublishing.com. If you are in network marketing, find home-based business podcasts where the hosts interview regular people who have had extraordinary success in the industry.

Hang out with people who are already achieving what you want to achieve. If you can’t find any bloggers in your neighborhood who are making decent money, take a successful local businessperson to lunch and pick his or her brain.

Get connected online with those in the micro-business community. Comment on your favorite blogs, participate in forums, join social media groups.

And in real life, stay away from naysayers and dream-stealers (the people who tell you that you won’t make it) as much as you can.

Let’s go back to our new friends from earlier. Let’s say that either our friends’ circumstances or past experiences were different, or that somehow they have been able to overcome the negative beliefs. What then? Will Joe lose weight simply by believing he will? Will Eve quit smoking because she walks around confessing, “I am a non-smoker”?

Not likely. Once you believe a thing is possible, there is another vital step in the direction of success. You need to take…


Let’s say the beliefs of our friends all take a turn for the positive.

Joe believes without a doubt he can lose all the weight he needs.

Jane is absolutely certain she can live a much less stressful life and still be able to take care of her children.

Adam believes he’s as attractive as the average guy on the street.

Eve is 99% sure an early, painful death is in her future if she doesn’t quit smoking.

If they want to improve in their respective problem areas of life, each one must take the appropriate action.

Joe must eat only the caloric need for his body’s ideal weight and start exercising.

Jane must get all her finances in order and make sure she has a fall-back plan in case she doesn’t begin to make money writing in the first year or two after quitting her corporate job.

Adam needs to start socializing.

Eve needs to research, select and begin an effective quit-smoking program.

Many personal development experts stop there. Of course once you’re taking action, you are on your way to certain success, right? Most rich people don’t get rich by sitting around waiting for an inheritance, and most people with a healthy weight watch what they eat and exercise regularly.

Action is where it’s at when it comes to reaching goals and fulfilling dreams…or, is it?

What if…

Three months after Joe begins his weight-loss program, he plateaus.

Jane discovers her nest egg is a little too small for comfort.

Adam can’t get a date after twelve weeks of dance lessons, singles meet-up activities, and joining an online dating service.

Eve craves a cigarette every time she sees another smoker.

Statistics promise that Joe will regain all his weight, Jane will stick with her job, Adam will go back into his shell, and Eve will resume smoking.

Taken to the micro-business world, statistics promise that you are more likely to give up on yourself early in the game than not…even if you are doing everything you’re supposed to do in your chosen industry.

Why? Why are so many people doomed to fail?

The vast majority of people will not reach a goal unless they have a compelling reason to do so.

Herein lies the number one key to success: having a WHY. Fighting your way through obstacles is uncomfortable. And the human instinct is to avoid discomfort. So you must have a strong “why”, (reason), in order to get to your “what” (goal); otherwise, when the going gets tough, you will get back into bed.

So let’s see what happens with our friends once they support their beliefs and actions with a


Joe wants to be the best model for his children possible. How will that ever happen if they see him continue to eat the wrong foods, eat too much, and never exercise? Suddenly, he has a reason to lose weight: so that his kids can learn excellent self-care skills from him.

Jane notices her son and daughter are becoming more and more distant. Not only that, she is on the edge of depression and her blood pressure is on the rise. She decides she hates life in its current form, which gives her a reason to figure out a way to live on less: she wants to learn to enjoy life again and to watch her children turn into healthy and happy adults.

Adam has dreams and plans for the future, and wants to share the journey with someone. Though the reason seems vague, it is enough to keep him looking for “the one.”

Eve feels called to become a small farmer and help others become healthier by providing high-quality food. She knows she will not attain this goal to its full if she keeps smoking. The reason? Her calling. The result? She quits cold turkey and never looks back.

Friend, you can believe until your belief is coming out your ears, and be the first and quickest to take action. But if you do not have a compelling REASON to act on your belief, you will give up at the first sign of trouble.

Let me really bring this home to you. For two years, I attempted to create a profitable online business because I felt sorry for my husband who didn’t really like his job. I was sure I could surpass his income within a year or so, allowing him to quit and pursue his dream as a writer.

Two and a half years after starting, I had yet to make my first $100.

Then one day, I woke up and realized…


While I love my husband dearly, sympathy for him turned out not to be a compelling enough “why” for me to attain success in my online business. I needed to find a reason to succeed that would help me fulfill my dreams.

It didn’t take me long to find my “why”, and when I did, I finally found focus and began seeing results with my business.

Here is a hint for you: if the reason you are beginning your micro-business is strictly to make money, it will not be compelling enough.

Why do you want to make the extra money?

You’re a recently divorced parent with custody of several children and you don’t want them to be “latch key kids.”

You have a dream of helping to build orphanages in foreign countries.

You have gained specific knowledge and feel called to teach it to others, or to coach others who are going through what you have gone through, and you want to get paid for your efforts.

You love to travel, and want to be able to go wherever you want, whenever you want.

You want to pay off all your debts as quickly as possible.

You want to move out of the city, but can’t as long as you are chained to your job.

When you believe in what you are doing, take action with your business, and have a strong reason to succeed, then you will segue into the number one reason that people succeed in their micro-business of choice:

they take massive and immediate action.

Pat Flynn of smartpassiveincome.com lost his job as an architect. To earn a living for himself and his family, he started a website which earned him over $200,000 his first year. Trust me; he wasn’t sitting around writing one post a week and sticking in some Adsense code on the sidebars. He had taken massive and immediate action.

Kim Sorgius of notconsumed.com, when she came to the point where she was serious about turning her blog into a business, plugged into one of the biggest digital business conferences out there. She not only learned tons of great information she hadn’t known, but also made great connections that continue today in the form of friendships and coaching relationships. Then she went home and created a brand new product, going from $500 to a solid four to five figures every month thereafter.

She took massive and immediate action.

Are you raising the “BAR”?

Have you been firmly believing for something, and even taken action on the belief, but seen no results? Then, you are lacking a strong reason.

Perhaps you struggle just to believe that good things can come to you. Maybe you have things going on in your life – whether internal or external – that have kept you from acting on your beliefs.

If any of these be the case, you have a choice to make. You can either do what 95% of the world does and remain satisfied with mediocrity and an unfulfilled life, taking your dreams to the grave with you because staying in your comfort zone is always easier than risking greatness.

Or, you can learn to change your beliefs, get motivated to take action, and find your “why” so you can find the success you’ve always dreamed of.

A Parting Word

Are you ready to take massive and immediate action? Great! Then I have an additional resource that will spur you forward. It’s my free mini-course entitled “The 9 Work-At-Home Success Keys.” It basically outlines the nine most common mistakes among new and intermediate micro-biz owners, and how you can avoid them. And when you do avoid them, it will be so much easier to take that massive and immediate action that will propel you into success!

Get started with the course now at http://emilybizcoach.com. The sign-up form is right there on the front page (and comes with a mystery bonus, as well!).

I look forward to seeing you there, and I wish you all the best with your micro-business!


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Raising The BAR: The Three Steps To RADICAL Success In Your Micro-Business

Are you starting an online business and want to get into profit ASAP? Or have you been working a micro-business and come up against a wall? Either way, this book is for you. Online business success eludes many, but if you get a hold of and practice the three keys revealed inside this book, you will become one of the many success stories. Need some inspiration? Motivation to keep going? Download a copy of this book now, and watch your micro-business skyrocket to new levels!

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Raising The BAR: The Three Steps To RADICAL Success In Your Micro-Business Raising The BAR: The Three Steps To RADICAL Success In Your Micro-Business