Rage and Greed


The Shenanigans of Tortoise

Rage and Greed

Once upon a time, in a land far far away…

Animals ruled the terrain. With two legs they walked the earth – just as we do today. There were no humans in this land – just us – watching through the glass of story.

Under our lens, we see none other than the great chief, Pig. Pig was as stout as a stump and as chubby as a… well, a pig. Pig loved gold so much, and the only thing he loved more than gold was making more gold.

Pig was always counting his gold coins, swimming in them, and tucking them in at night. When Pig wasn’t counting and playing with his coins, he was busy adding more to his coins.

On a faithful day, the merchant Tortoise paid Pig a visit.

“I need some gold from you, Chief” Tortoise said.

“I have no gold for you Tortoise” Pig replied: for he knew Tortoise was a fraudster.

But Tortoise also knew the only thing Pig loved more than gold was making more gold. So, Tortoise made him a proposal.

“Great Chief Pig, I know you are very wise and very good at business too. Give me a hundred of your gold coins and I will pay you back tomorrow. In appreciation for your gesture, I will give you two hundred more gold coins that very morrow”

Pig gave Tortoise fifty gold coins, and without hesitation, he gave Tortoise fifty more coins. He was so happy. He pranced and danced because he knew by tomorrow, he would be chanced to more gold.

Every day, Pig paid Tortoise a visit to ask him for his promised gold. Tortoise would beg for forgiveness and promise to pay Pig double of what was owed by tomorrow. Days went by, weeks went by, but Tortoise’ tomorrow never came.

Pig was now very furious. He foamed in the mouth and turned crimson red. The only thing he wished was for Tortoise to be dead.

Tortoise and his wife, Turtle, planned to use Pig’s anger to deceive him off his gold.

Pig came to visit Tortoise again, but this time he found Turtle by the doorstep using her grindstone. Pig stared at Turtle, with so much anger, steam came out of his nose.

“Where is your husband?” Pig asked with steam from his nose whistling like the kettle.

“Leave me alone and go find him yourself” Turtle rudely replied.

Pig became angrier, but now, steam came out of his ears too. Pig grabbed Turtle’s grindstone and with so much rage, he flung it away. Pig was so angry he did not know where he threw it.

Tortoise came out of his front door. He smiled. Well, he did because he was happy. He was happy Pig had fallen for his devious plan.

“My good friend Pig, how are you this morning? I’ve been expecting your visit since yesterday morning” Tortoise said.

“Where is my money?” Pig interrupted.

“Your money? I have your money. For your great patience, I kept a thousand gold coins to pay you with. You have indeed been a patient friend, a patient friend I appreciate” Tortoise said.

“I kept your gold in my wife’s grindstone” Tortoise continued.

Scared somebody else might get to the gold before he does, Pig ran in search of the grindstone. Pig moved, sniffing the ground and snorting in search of Turtle’s grindstone. He searched and searched but never found it. Even till this day, Pig still sniffs the ground and snorts looking for his long lost gold.

The End.


Shenanigans of Tortoise: Greed and Rage

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Rage and Greed

  • ISBN: 9781370051069
  • Author: Murewa Ayodele, Sr
  • Published: 2016-11-30 12:50:09
  • Words: 783
Rage and Greed Rage and Greed