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Quit smoking with cigar

Quit Smoking With Cigar

By Esa Myllylä

[*© *]2016, 2017 Esa Myllylä, All Rights Reserved

Cover by Esa Myllylä

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Title: Quit smoking with cigar


Author: Esa Myllylä


Publisher: Shakespir, Inc.

Copyright owner is Esa Myllylä

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Pre words.

This is not a 100 or 200 pages book how to quit smoke and you do not know unless you pay some dude to get more information.

This book is minimized and the founder of “Quit Smoking With Cigar”

wants you to go to the part how to quit smoking. And if you succeed to quit smoking, send him a donation by PayPal or international cheque if you want.

The other part is how he quit smoking and what he found out and Esa Myllylä invented this method to quit smoking with cigar and it really works…


I tried many times and ways to quit smoking.


1.I tried the normal way. After smoking 20 cigarettes everyday. I tried to reduce in one week to only a couple cigarettes a day and then stop. After about 5 hours the brain was killing me of nicotine attack. It was so hard that I must have a smoke. That did not work. Even when I used bubble gum, it was still hard to quit.


2.I tried the Nicotine bubble gum. That really sucked. It tasted bad and had no effect. I needed a smoke so bad.


3.. I tried the new thing called. E-Cigarette. Well after 5 hours using it, my brain started to want normal cigarette.

4.I have tried so many times to quit without any success.


I moved to Dominican Republic in 2016.

I started to smoke the cigar because it was much cheaper than a cigarette.

A cigar cost 10 Peso and it is like 5 cigarettes and one cigarette in good quality cost the same.

I smoked 3 cigars everyday.


After one year I wanted to quit smoking and made some studies about cigars and cigarettes.


The cigars are made naturally with no extra-added chemicals like cigarettes I found out. It had less nicotine and not so bad for the body.

I was reading about the difference in natural cigars and cigarettes.

The cigarettes has over 1000 different poison, they add more nicotine and many other poison to make it harder to quit smoking.


So I started to plan to quit. In one week I reduced from 3 cigars to 1 a day.

One Thursday I smoke the last cigar.


On Friday morning I took my cup of coffee and chewed many bobble gum that day. I was even with a friend drinking whiskey and feeling not so bad. I did feel some need to smoke but I could handle it.


Saturday morning.

I was feeling ok. No need to panic with bobble gum. I drink coffee and eat breakfast. Always with coffee or food I wanted a smoke but not now.

When I feeling need to smoke a little, I chewed some bobble gum.


Sunday Morning.

I am not feeling for chewing bubble gum, which is good news. The coffee starts to taste difference. I have no abstinence for cigarette or cigar.

On hundreds of times tried to quit smoke, I did not last 5 hours.

Now I feel very proud of my self.



I do not feel anything to need a smoke.



Well 5 days has gone and I feel amazing. No need for smoke and the food taste even better now.


After one month.

I started to write this book about how to quit smoking by cigar.

I have quit smoking and want to share the best and easiest way to quit smoking and it works, yes you will have some need to smoke but this method will actually handle the abstinence because you smoking natural tobacco and then quit witch is more easier to quit.

Yes and yeah after 35 years of smoking I finally managed with my own method that I invented.


Copyright © 2016 by Esa Myllylä, All rights reserved.


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Esa Myllylä

Vianna Garcia 17

Mao, Valverde

61000 Dominican Republic

[email protected]


“Any Donations can be done to the email address by PayPal or International Cheques sent to the address above.”


This e-book is free to read and the author has only rights to publish.

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How to quit smoking by cigar.


[*1. *]First of all you need to buy natural cigars. I used Nativo Natural cigars.Make sure they are naturally made and added not extra things inside. If you used to smoke, say 20 cigarettes a day you need to calculate the tobacco inside the cigar to match 20 cigarettes. Some cigars are bigger some are smaller. Do not use cigarillos they are often made like cigarettes.


2. You need to smoke the cigars a least one month to take out the added

Chemicals that were inside the cigarettes that are now inside your body. This will make easier for you to quit and make the abstinence easier to handle.


3. Reduce the amount in one week to smoke. If you smoke 3 too 4 cigars everyday. Then reduce to 1 the last day.


4. First day without smoking. Make sure you have many bobble gums ready.

You may need it for the first day.

The abstinence will not be so hard because you have taken out many chemicals made to make harder to quit smoking out of your body.


5. Continue to have the bobble gum in your pocket ready if you feel the need to smoke. But this method is easier to quit and the abstinence is not so hard.


6. Keep up the good work and continue without the smoke.

If you managed to quit smoking then support the author by donating.



Any donations can be sent by PayPal [[email protected]

Or send international Cheques to following address:


Esa Myllylä

Vianna Garcia 17

Mao, Valverde
61000 Dominican Republic


Why is this method much easier to quit smoking?


All cigarettes are not natural tobacco. They have added many extra things like more nicotine and many chemicals to make it harder to quit and the abstinence is so hard that you must smoke one cigarette after a couple hours.


Cigars are 100% natural tobacco and have no extra chemicals put inside and that’s why your brain and body can manage to quit smoking if you have smoked natural tobacco. You really need to smoke the cigars for a least one month so all the extra chemicals (Poison) come out from your body and then it will be much easier to quit smoking.


Contact information

Esa Myllylä

e-mail [email protected]

Phone +18093612260

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A litte about me.

I born in Sweden and working with children books and lyrics.

Also like to paint.

I have written stories since 1986 and programming computer games.

Now i live in Dominican Republic



Quit smoking with cigar

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  • Author: Esa Myllylä
  • Published: 2017-05-06 20:20:12
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Quit smoking with cigar Quit smoking with cigar