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Salvation Script

A Practical Way of Sharing the Gospel

1. Introduction & Prayer

2. The Million Dollar Question

3. Heaven Is a Holy Place

4. You’ve Heard About Jesus

5. Jesus Died on the Cross

6. Jesus, Buried and Risen

7. Jesus Invites Us

8. Prayer

9. Assurance

10. Baptism in the Holy Spirit

1. Introduction & Prayer

Greet the person and say your name.

We’re going through the neighborhood praying for people.

Is there anything we can pray for you for?

Health? Pain? Family? Job?

How about praying a blessing over you?

Let’s take hands and pray:

[Pray for the request in the NAME OF JESUS. Speak the peace and light of JESUS. Bless the person in the NAME OF JESUS, Amen.]

2. The Million Dollar Question

Before we go, may we ask you a quick question?

If you had to die today, are you sure that you will go to heaven?

[If “NO”, start the story of Jesus.]

If “YES” or “I think so,” ask,

Why would God allow you into heaven?

[Common answer: I do good to others]

It’s good that you do good to others. That’s how society works and it is a blessing to your family. But more than that is needed to go to heaven. If doing good is the standard to go to heaven, whose good is good enough for God? Even on this street people have different standards, some doing better than others. It’s an unequal standard.

You see, even when we try to do good, we often fall short. Even while we do good, we often think a bad or gossipy thought in our hearts. Next thing, a big argument erupts and we say things that we did not even know were in us and we do a lot of damage. We hurt the very people that we love. The reality is all of us have sinned.

3. Heaven is a Holy Place

Now, heaven is a holy place and God will not allow anything unclean or sinful to enter heaven, or heaven would soon look just like earth. So, we have a problem with sin. We need to deal with sin on this side of the grave, before we die and stand before God. The Good News is that God loves us and has made a way for us.

4. You’ve Heard About Jesus

You’ve heard about JESUS, so let’s just focus on Jesus again. Now, Jesus was born of Mary, while she was still a virgin. That’s what we celebrate around Christmas. Amazing that after 2000 years, His birthday is still celebrated around the world! There’s no other person like that!

Well, He grew up and as a young man He started preaching. He taught many truths about God & did many miracles. He was powerful – He even opened blind eyes and made the lame to walk.

But He also looked deep into the hearts of men. He said difficult things like love your enemies; forgive those who mistreat you. These things don’t come naturally to us. You see, Jesus looks very deep into our hearts.

5. Jesus Died on the Cross

You might know too that Jesus died on the cross. How did that happen? Well, evil men rose up against Jesus and arrested Him, because they were jealous of Him. They took Him to court and called many false witnesses against Him, and demanded that the judge hand Him over to be crucified. In those days it was how the Roman government executed criminals. The cross was to the Romans what the electric chair is to America. It was a very brutal death. Hours went by as Jesus hung there, tortured to death. Why would such a perfect Man die such a brutal death?

Jesus did not die for his own sin, for He had no sin. The reason is He willingly died for our sin. In fact, the last words that Jesus said on the cross were “It is finished”. Now back then, those same words, “It is finished” would be written on an account when it was paid in full. That’s how they did business back then. So, can you see that Jesus paid the full price for our sins, for the penalty of sin is death. He died in our place. He shed His blood for you and me, so that we can be forgiven of our sins.

6. Jesus, Buried and Risen

Not only that, but after He died, they took Him down from the cross and put him in a grave. Then on the third day something completely surprising happened: Jesus rose from the dead! Can you see that Jesus had complete victory over sin, and He had complete victory over death! And those are our problems, sin and death: We all sin and we are afraid to die. But Jesus had complete victory over sin and He had complete victory over death!

7. Jesus Invites Us

Jesus said that if we turn from our sin, believe in Him, and receive Him into our hearts, we will receive forgiveness of sins and eternal life. He will forgive you and wash you clean of all your sin. He will make you brand new on the inside. Your heart will be changed & God will be inside of you. You will think new thoughts, good thoughts, not all the old bad thoughts that you used to have. Have you ever heard of being born again? That’s what it is. Jesus will make you brand new on the inside. You will be a born again child of God.

8. Prayer

Let’s pray together and ask Jesus into your heart. Repeat this after me:

Father, I come to you in the NAME OF JESUS

I confess that I have sinned many times. I have sinned against you, and I have sinned against other people.

[Ask the person to say something specific they need forgiveness of]

I turn from my sin, LORD JESUS, and I leave it behind. Forgive me and I forgive those who sinned against me.

LORD JESUS, I believe that you died for my sins on the cross and that you rose from the dead. Wash me clean with your blood.

LORD JESUS, come into my heart and make me new. Be the Lord of my life and help me to live for you from this day forward. And when I die, I will go to heaven and be with you forever.

Thank you JESUS that I am now a child of God.


9. Assurance

Where is JESUS now?

[In my heart]

I have good news for you: Your sins are forgiven!


10. Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Now that you have received JESUS into your heart, He wants to give you power to walk in this new way. Let’s pray and ask Jesus to baptize you with the HOLY SPIRIT. Now, when the HOLY SPIRT comes on you, He will give you power and you will also speak in tongues. What is tongues? Tongues is a new language that God gives you to pray with. So let’s pray and ask JESUS for his Holy Spirit:

Father, I come to you in the Name of Jesus. I thank you for the promised gift of the Holy Spirit.

Lord Jesus, baptize me now with the Holy Spirit and with fire.

Holy Spirit, I receive you now. Fill me with your Person and with your power and enable me to speak in tongues.

And I renounce any reliance on any wrong spirits or any wrong doctrine in the Name of Jesus. Amen.

[Lay hands on the person & pray. Pray in tongues. Encourage the person to start moving their lips and voicing the new sounds that the Holy Spirit is putting in them]


QUICK GUIDE: Salvation Script

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All Scripture References: WEB Bible (World English Bible). The WEB is a public domain Modern English version of the Bible, an update of the American Standard Version of 1901.


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Quick Guide: Salvation Script

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Quick Guide: Salvation Script Quick Guide: Salvation Script