Promtional events for Bars, Nightclubs and Strip Clubs


Promotion Guide for strip club/nightclub events


James L. Blackwell

Welcome. This guide has been put together from almost a decade of running a strip club which held events almost every weekend. At the beginning it was a task that seemed to become either very repitious or anxious as we raced to try and figure out the next event. But once I began to have a system in place, a plan of action, it was a much easier process for me to handle, and also for the staff itself to prepare for.

Some of the events and extras listed are things that are strip club specific, or at least may seem like it. But most of the events are able to be modified to suit the needs of the club you are in, be it bar, nightclub, dance club or strip club. You just need to do a bit of modification to make it work.

There are two distinct types of events in this book. One is a regular event, which can cover things like holidays, special events and the like. I left the dates in there as to give an idea of the times of the year that these events are the best to do. You can change the date to better suit your club.

The other is what we called Spicers, events which were thrown into the schedule to be different, to try out and to mix up things a bit. I have included the master event planner sheet I used, as well as the spicer event sheet. These are so you have a template to create your own events.

I have also gone through in the back section of the book to give some basic ideas on daily specials, contests and random items that you can use to spice up any night of the week. These are things which can be weekly specials, changed on a whim type of items.

Lastly, I have included my short essay on events. This is to give you an idea on what I expressed to my managers and staff about events. It is able to be used at your own descriscretion.


Events in a strip club, much like any other bar, are all about two things: Money and increasing you customer base. This is done by putting on a great, well-planned event with high energy and which attracts customers by being events people talk about. You will have to plan these events out weeks in advance and make sure it is perfectly done for your customers.

The planning stage of events is the most critical part of any event. This is the time when you need to assess the supplies you will need, the staffing needs for that night, and the actual type of event that will happen. You will want to plan when you are going to set up, plot out any type of contests, and plan the specials that will be going on during the events. This all needs to be planned out, written down, and prepared well in advance of the actual event.

For most major events you can actually plan out the details months in advance. By getting a yearly planner you can plot out when you need to get your supplies, decorate or start the event. By planning out your year in advance you also have a chance to fill in gaps in your schedule or during slow times. It also leads to the additional advantage of not having to stress over the events when they happen.

You will want to plan your smaller events on the off weeks of major events. These smaller events will help boost your sales, pull in customers, and help boost your numbers for major events. But you also have to do each and every event properly, with enthusiasm and make the events something to talk about. A well done minor event makes the customers wonder what you will do during a larger event.

When it comes the actual time to decorate for an event, go big without going over budget. That may seem strange to say, but if your club has a budget of $500 for an event, don’t spend half of it on one decoration and have to scrap for more to fill the club. Search out the best deals for your decorations, looking to the internet and discount stores for as many supplies as you need. You may even want to save some of your budget for sales that happen after holidays to get supplies for the next year and when the event happens again. By doing so you will have more than enough decorations within a few years that you will not have to buy any at all.

Major events should include food of some sort, but always in proportion to the amount of customers you have come to events. You don’t want to have food for a thousand customers if you only have 200 show up to most events. Remember also that any food given away is less food that you will sell during the night of the event, so make most of the giveaway food the type that is considered finger food. Aside from cheap champagne that we give away on New Year’s Eve, we do not give away any alcohol at any event. Lastly, remember that food goes stale or bad within a few hours no matter how it is heated or cooled, so you must keep an eye on it and only have it out for a limited amount of time.

Music for the night of the event should always fit the theme or feel of the event, but does not need to be the only type of music played throughout the night. Some Christmas music is fine for a Christmas event, but not every song needs to be that way. Preposition the music to the crowds, to the event, and to the energy levels of the club. You want our normal party atmosphere tweaked to the event you are having.

Contests or competitions during the event need to be planned out before the event ever starts, with all the staff and dancers involved in full knowledge of what will take place. This includes who will help with set up, take down, clean up and interceding in the event. The DJ needs to know ahead of time what to say, what to do as far as judging or awarding and the type of music to play during it all. They will need to know what they are to give away as prizes, where they will stand or go, and what to do after the event.

The last part of events is to fill out an after event checklist to keep track of what went on during the event, the sales, customers, and what could have been done better. This will all determine if an event is worth doing again, what points can be improved upon, and what could be done differently. It also helps your club be better prepared the next time the event comes up, if it is suggested again, or if another club wants to know about it and how it went.

After event check sheet

[* Event: ______________________ *]

[* Day and Date: ________________________ *]

[* Number of customers: _________________ *]

[* Amount of sales: ______________________ *]

[* Cost of event: _______________________ *]

[* Number of girls: _______________________ *]

[* Number of Security: _____ *]

[* Number of waits: ______ *]

[* Number of bartenders: ____________ *]

[* Any problems:__________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ *]

[* What could have made it better: __________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ *]

[* Would this event be worth doing again: _________ *]


Event master



Extras needed:

Preparation needed:

The sign should read:

Day before the event:

Day of the event:

Explanation of all things involved in event


Type of event:

Explanation of event:

Recommended day:

Extras needed:


1^st^ Annual Pole Challenge

Type of event: Annual Spicer

Explanation of event: This would be an open competition event that would have girls from the area compete on the merit of the pole tricks and competition. They would be given six minutes each to perform a routine on the pole doing whatever they like, and then judged on those tricks. The awards would be given for the most unique trick, presentation, delivery and overall performance. The awards could be a cash prize, as well as a job as a (club) girl if not one already.

Recommended day: This would be a several day spicer, with girls moving to new rounds, much like the national competition.

Extras needed: N/A

Annual Employee Public Christmas Party


Reason: Public Christmas Party

Extras needed: Decorate the club, food, gifts

Preparation needed: Talk to distributors about promo gifts for guests

The sign should read: “Christmas

“Public Party


Day before the event: Make sure that all food is ready and prepared, girls are ready to go

Day of the event: Put the food out at 7pm, take down by 12.

Explanation of all things involved in event

The admission charge will be waived for all those who get here before midnight, $8 charge after midnight.

There will be a sexiest Claus contest, $50 first prize, $25 second

There will be gifts for all those who come in before 12

Free food till 12

Make sure to get special gifts for all the girls and staff

80’s night

Type of event: Single Spicer, single day event

Explanation of event: This is a night where people are encouraged to dress is 80’s attire, the music that will be played is all 80’s type of music, and some of the décor can be 80’s type décor. We would also want to have it so that it is either a $2 or $3 u call it night, so that we can say that all the liquor is 80’s priced.

Recommended day: This is a Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday type event.

Extras needed: The music needs plotted out ahead of time, the décor would be cheap 80’s type décor.

Black and White Party

Type of event: Single Night

Explanation of event: A Spicer where everyone is encouraged to wear just black and white clothing, the club is decorated in black and white with a hint of silver, and the food and music are both black and white themed. The advertising for this Spicer needs to be done several weeks in advance so that everyone will know that we are doing it.

Recommended day: Any day is good for this Spicer

Extras needed: Black and white décor, food and table clothes.

Bubble Party

Type of event: single night Spicer

Explanation of event: Using the application of a bubble machine, you would have bubbles constantly going. You would also hand out the small little bubble bottles, for people to add to the ones already out and about. The music that night would be more of the pop type, playful and upbeat.

Recommended day: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

Extras needed: Bubble machine, bottles of bubbles.

Charity Auction Event

Type of event: Single Night

Explanation of event: Every hour we bring up one person, with either a dancer, staff member or customer volunteer who is “auctioned” off for a dance. The bidding for the dance starts at $25 dollars, and continues in the way of an actual auction until the bidding stops. All money over the initial $25 is collected and given to a charity.

Recommended day: Any

Extras needed: N/A

Charity Food Drive

Type of event: Single Night Spicer

Explanation of event: This simple Spicer would be for us to collect food for a local food bank or charity like the Salvation Army. The actual Spicer would be that for each can of food that is brought in, the customer gets $1 off the price of admission.

Recommended day: Any day in the fall

Extras needed: Boxes for the food to be put in and a way to get it to the charity.

Christmas Eve/Day Party

Date: Dec 24th and 25

Reason: Christmas Eve and day celebration

Extras needed: N/A

Preparation needed: Letting people know that we will be open those days

The sign should read: “Yes, we are

“Open Christmas

“Eve and Day”

Day before the event: N/A

Day of the event: N/A

Explanation of all things involved in event

The club will be open both days, though Christmas day we will open at 4pm

Cinco de Mayo

Date: May 5th

Reason: Celebration of Mexico’s may 5th tradition

Extras needed: There should be balloons, several Mexican style decorations

Preparation needed: table tents, flyers and mini posters

The sign should read: “Cinco de Mayo”

“(Club) style”

“May 5th

Day before the event: After close the club will need to be decorated

Day of the event: The music style that night should be more along the Latino style, though not all of it.

Explanation of all things involved in event: The drink specials for the night will be $2 coronas, $4 margaritas.

Dial-a-drink Night

Type of event: Single night event, though can be worked into a weekly special

Explanation of event: The application of a wheel with different types of drinks on it would be placed on the bar. Each time a person orders the “special”, the wheel is turned and the customer is given whatever the wheel lands on. The turn at the wheel would be charged $3, and the specials should range from several normal shots, to a few little slivers that are top shelf type drinks. It makes it a challenge to see what the person would get.

Recommended day: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

Extras needed: The drink wheel, though it would have to be able to change week to week if it becomes something that is done on a weekly basis.

DJ Challenge

Type of event: Single night

Explanation of event: This would be a single night event where we take those who are our DJs and get them to challenge each other to see who can hype the crowd up more. There is no real prize for our DJs except to have the crowd going good for as long as they possibly can.

Recommended day: Weekend night

Extras needed: N/A

Fantasy Extraordinaire Night

Date: April 21st

Reason: A little play on Administrative Professionals day

Extras needed: N/A

Preparation needed: The girls need to be informed several weeks in advance so that they can be prepared with outfits and costumes as needed.

The sign should read: N/A

Day before the event: N/A

Day of the event: N/A

Explanation of all things involved in event: Basically this event is one where the girls will dress up in school girl, secretary, business suits and the like to give the fantasy look that some men like. Those customers who also come in dressed in such a manner will be given free admission.

Father’s Day

Date: June 20th

Reason: Father’s day celebration

Extras needed: N/A

Preparation needed: Ask the girls to dress in school girl outfits, fantasy costumes

The sign should read: N/A

Day before the event: N/A

Day of the event: N/A

Explanation of all things involved in event: Drink specials for the night $2 whiskey shots.

Full Moon Wild Party

Type of event: Single night event held on the night of a Full moon.

Explanation of event: This Spicer is for that night of the month we have a full moon.

Recommended day: As it seems wild and crazy things always happen on a full moon, it would only be right to have a night that celebrates that, with some wild drink specials and a contest for the customers. The contest would be a takeoff the classic wet t-shirt contest, with the entrants showing off their “assets” by having a mooning contest.

Extras needed: N/A

Goth/Emo night

Type of event: Single night event

Explanation of event: This is a Spicer that works towards those who are in the gothic or emo type of music. The music that night would be the harder type (Du Haus, killswitch, etc.) or in the more emo style (Prozac, Simeon and plias, etc.). The club should be a darker tint than normal; the girls wear more gothic style clothing. And anyone in gothic or emo style dress would be given free admission.

Recommended day: This would be a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, or Weds. event

Extras needed: N/A

July 4th

Date: July 2nd to 4th


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Promtional events for Bars, Nightclubs and Strip Clubs

After over a decade of experience in the nightclub industry, I have complied together a sampling of some different events and games to spice up nightclubs or strip clubs to bring in more customers. These promotions are presented in easy to understand format to entertain the customers and to make the evening a little more fun for everyone involved. With over 100 pages of games, contests,and events, this is something that will help boost that slow night of the week into something much more entertaining and profitable.

  • ISBN: 9781370446070
  • Author: James Blackwell
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Promtional events for Bars, Nightclubs and Strip Clubs Promtional events for Bars, Nightclubs and Strip Clubs