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The Rise of

Anti-Gay Churches in

The United States of America!


The Atheist


Anyone who dares to watch the videos of the Anti–Gay pastors are at their own risk. The author doesn’t encourage anyone to watch those sermons, nor listen to them. The author cannot be held responsible for the ruptured eardrums, brain aneurysms, myocardial infarctions and emotional distress of any kind caused by listening to the sermons of Anti–Gay pastors who serve as the charismatic leaders for the Cult–Churches.

Copyright © 2016 All rights reserved. The rights vest with the author

No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or any other information storage and retrieval system, without the written permission of the author.



Published in the United States of America

Printed in the United States of America

Stoning the Homosexuals?!’ is neither against Christianity nor for it.


It is against the social evils of hate speech, slander, harassment, bulling, abuse, violence and infringement of human rights.


It doesn’t argue whether the Bible is right or wrong. It doesn’t discuss whether God exists or not.


The Atheist approaches the subject matter dealt with herein in a totally different angle. Instead of discussing theology and getting lost in the ocean of debates, or arguing about how the Bible is wrong to demand the death of the LGBTQ, the Atheist disproves the claims of the Anti–gay churches by using Biblical proof – that the CultChurches are wrong in spreading false Gospel, and also explains why they knowingly continue to preach something which contradicts the underlying principle of Christianity, namely love.

The Atheist dares to cover the probable consequences of hate speech directed at the LGBTQ community.




Stoning the Homosexuals is about a specific social evil which is on the rise in the United States of America. Widely known as the ‘anti-gay churches’ (or to be honest Anti–Gay Cult–Churches) these notorious, vile organizations are sowing seeds of hatred and violence in the minds of the people.


I don’t hate Christians or Muslims or Buddhists, Hindus or Jews or anyone for their faith or lack of it. Like any Atheist, I find it highly repulsive when people try to impose their beliefs and faith on others, and find it even more nauseating when they try to harm others without any mercy and kindness.


Kindly remember that we can harm others with our words too. And words might leave a scar for life.






To the people victimized by hate speech, bullying and harassment.


To the lives that were cut short by suicide, murder and massacre in the LGBTQ community.


To the people who are mourning for the loss of their loved ones in Orlando shooting & other hate crimes.


To the living people whose hearts are being torn by the cruel hawks that indulge in hate speech.


Series: Wake-Up Call

Volume 1

Edition 1


Before we proceed, I would like to clarify this…


I am not a homosexual.

(But I am mistaken to be one)

I am as straight as one can be.


I favor no religion.

I don’t hate anyone.

I don’t hate God.



I am an Atheist.

And it is my choice.

If you have a problem with that, you should fk off!


This book doesn’t seek to shame or ridicule Christians in general, but attempts to expose the shitty CultChurches.


The language used in this book might be offensive to most hypocrites, especially if they are religious. If you are a religious hypocrite or someone who cannot handle a couple of bad words please do not buy this book.

Most religious hypocrites can secretly enjoy R rated Hollywood movies and porn, but might find this disturbing. You need counseling.


This book is for people who can handle truth.

I am writing this book because:

I am against VIOLENCE.

I am against MURDER.


I am against SLANDER.

I am against HYPOCRISY.


I am against BOMBINGS.

I am against SHOOTINGS.


No human (except the convicted murderers and other notorious criminals who habitually harm the society) deserves to hear that he/she must be put to death.

No human has the right to harm another, nor say things that are disruptive to the mental peace and sanity of another. It is abusive and cruel to cripple another human with hatred, harsh words, mistreatment, disrespect and harassment. It is abuse and all abuse, despite its kind, leaves permanent mark on the victims.

What the anti-gay Churches are preaching in America is a clear violation of human rights. And it unquestionably goes against what is written in the Bible. The Anti-Gay Cult-Churches must be stopped or at least ignored so as to deprive them of the attention and spotlight for which they strive and by which they thrive.

This book exposes the Cult–Churches, who are spreading propaganda against the LGBTQ community, by proving that killing/stoning them is not even Biblical.

To the Anti-Gay Cult Churches

(Others can skip)

If you recognize yourself to be a Cult-Church, you might be tempted to read this book for making a human-barking video and gain some cheap publicity like any attention whore would.

You might also read this more carefully than most sane people (would normally do) in order to sue The Atheist and win a good deal of money to buy nice suits, dresses, wine, sex toys, condoms and porn DVDs like all religious hypocrites do (and, of course, to visit strip clubs or get few hookers to screw or to buy dolls for the children whom you plan to groom and molest).

With great regret I would like to inform you (all suckers), that this book is not a good candidate for defamation suits as nothing said herein is defamatory in nature. (Actually the right term to be used in this context is LIBEL but the word defamation is given to provide a familiar word that can be comprehended by the dumb assholes that run the Cult-Churches and desperately look for opportunities to sue people and make easy money to support the lifestyle they obviously do not deserve.

As our team suspects that the book might become more popular than we intend it to be (though our intention is raising awareness), we had to consider the fact that the anti-gay cult heads who are greedy in nature might entertain the idea of suing us for financial purposes and attention-whoring purposes.

The names of Cult-Churches and cult-pastors are not mentioned (though mentioning facts would not make our book a good candidate for a legal suit). Your names are not here as you simply don’t deserve to be in MY BOOK.

If you find any similarities between the people, Cult-Churches, incidents, teachings, mottos and other bullshit of the cult-pastors/churches mentioned in this book and any living zombie(?!) or any real Cult-Church in any manner, feel free to assume that it is purely a sickening fiction or a fragment of a nightmare, from the mind of a normal person.

Sufficient caution has been taken in producing this book to discourage such bullshit. So take a hike or go watch your porn and finish what you are doing.

If you ever read this, I hope your heart pricks!

For Cult-Churches Alone!

Wannabe Greedy Swine Lesson 1:

When can you sue someone for defamation?

In order to sue a person for defamation or libel there must be one or more FALSE statements and that statement should cause you injury (injury doesn’t cover the pain that comes from being wuss with a short fuse in the rear).

Nothing said in this book is false. It can be corroborated with what it available all over the internet and news archives.

Nothing said here can damage the reputation of these churches as they have none. They are merely notorious and not popular at all.

Calling a wolf, ‘a wolf’ is not slander.

This book focuses, NOT on any particular scumbag or psychopath or jobless loser or self–righteous hypocrite suffering from constant murderous thoughts but focuses mainly on what the mindless propaganda of these cults–churches is doing to the humans who are already suffering humiliation and abuse, the impact on the children and youth, the potential increase in the suicide rates due to increase in bulling, the crippling effect on the society and the future impact on the world at large.

Wannabe Greedy Swine Lesson 2:


The word Cult is interchangeably used in relation to the anti–gay churches which are in the nature of cults. The author doesn’t generalize the term cult to cover all the churches as not all of them are cults.

There are real Churches that mind their own businesses and do not engage in shaming, stalking and harassing others. They are not attacked here in this book for their faith or belief in God; the author respects all humans despite their nationality, race, ethnicity, creed, religion, gender, education, sophistication, social status, physical ability (or otherwise) and, of course, their sexual orientation.

Personally I believe that you shouldn’t attack a gay man unless he is trying to rip your pants off of you (in that case it would be self-defense).


In all other cases –

It is barbarism!


It’s insanity!


It’s evil!


Warning to the Readers


(This is no prank!)


After reading this book or while reading it (or even before starting to read it), you might be tempted to search for the sermons of the anti-gay pastors who run Cult-Churches in the United States. We would like to warn something in connection therewith.

Please do not watch their videos if you have –

p<>{color:#000;}. Hypertension

p<>{color:#000;}. Cardiovascular disease or suffered brain aneurysms

p<>{color:#000;}. Family history of the above-mentioned medical conditions or if you fall under the high-risk individuals in those categories.

p<>{color:#000;}. Sensitivity to noise

p<>{color:#000;}. History of anxiety/stress/depression or other conditions which is already draining you enough.

If you are recovering from any serious illnesses or if you have recently undergone any surgery or therapy, seek your doctor’s advice on the same.

Do not make it audible enough to scare babies, children, elderly people and the sick. Keep the volume down as the pastor(s) tend to go ultra-crazy and shout their fking brains out and make us wonder if they are going to have a brain aneurysm.

Kindly note that the tone and the words used by cult-heads are extremely harsh which tends to drip with hatred and anger unlike the sermons of other funny charismatic pastors which are good for a giggle (once in a while).


OT: The Old Testament (Before Jesus)

NT: The New Testament (After Jesus)

Cult-Churches: Cults who claim to be Christian Churches (for the limited understanding on issues discussed here).

Scummies: Scumbags collectively (plural)

Unfuckable: Someone who is not a desirable option for mating [(_]even if it is for _free on a day you are super-horny).

Note: Cult Churches which do not claim to be Christian Churches are not covered here.

Table of Content

Introduction: Rising Evil

Part 1 What’s Up?

1.1 Rise of Anti-Gay Pastors

1.2 Why America?

1.3 Orlando Shooting


Introduction: Rising Evil


Dear reader,

This book aims to create awareness about the anti-gay churches (hereinafter referred to as Cult-Churches) in America. Behind the façade of these self-proclaimed churches, there lurks pure evil that all cults have in common – greed, egotism, lust, control, brainwashing and manipulation.

These cults-churches are engaged in extremely nauseating propaganda against the LGBTQ community, and they cry aloud for the death of the same. Freedom of speech and expression are being misused – used as a tool to ridicule, mock, shame, intimidate, curse and simply harass the LGBTQ community.

No living person deserves to hear that he/she must be killed/die!

These self-proclaimed churches are cults by their nature and function; they aim at instilling feelings of hatred and discrimination while indirectly encouraging violence against the LGBTQ community. Anti-Gay Cult-Churches have existed for a while and have harassed the LGBTQ community and others for most part of their existence.

The cult-heads known as pastors are mobile embodiment of anger, hatred, bitterness, greed, jealousy, arrogance, vanity and hypocrisy, and they claim to be Christians. Being notorious for twisting the Scripture, they ‘win’ the debate & arguments by either screaming aloud or by making silly statements. Thus, diverts our focus from ‘talking sense into them’ to ‘tending to the pain in the ass.’

Though these Cult-Churches are small, pathetically insignificant, evil entities, they are growing beyond the borders by using coy tactics… the same tactics followed by most dishonest celebrities who are well-known for releasing sex tapes prior to a release/preview or simply for bagging a role, and thus by cheap strategies, enjoy the luxury of becoming overnight celebrities.

When few of the Cult-Churches took their anti-gay propaganda to a new level (demanding and praying for death), most people were shocked and angry. Some of the good, sane Christians (that kind exists) rebutted the propaganda and stood against the preaching of the Cult-Churches. But who can talk sense into, let alone argue with the people who are experts in shouting, barking, howling and screaming in rage?

When I accidentally stumbled upon some of the ideas and beliefs ‘preached’ by these Cult-Churches, I was shocked. After reducing the volume I was able to process what I had just heard. It raised a few questions. What they preached was a total contrast to what I have heard from some of the Christians I know.

I am an Atheist; I am not an alien. So, naturally by virtue of living on this planet, I know who Jesus is and what the general concept of Christianity is. You really don’t have to be a Christian to know about Jesus or understand the Bible. Most experts on Bible are not Christians but Atheists; few translations of the Bible have the intellectual contributions of an Atheist or two.

According to history, Jesus Christ existed and all modern scholars who are experts in antiquity (ancient history, classic antiquity, late antiquity, ancient Israel & Judah, Ancient Rome, etc.) agree that Jesus existed. He was a Jewish preacher who supposedly broke some of the Jewish laws & traditions by acting and talking against what the Jews followed during that time.

Jesus opposed the strict Jewish laws which comprised of following numerous rituals and customs, and instead taught love, fairness, simplicity and transparency. While the Jewish laws demanded harsh punishments for offences, Jesus commanded forgiveness and mercy. He advised people to stop being hypocrites and preached them to be merciful, kind, loving and truthful.

He exposed the hypocrisy of Jewish religious leaders and taught people to love each other as they love themselves. He was crucified as the Jewish religious leaders were angry for exposing their hypocrisy and was also extremely envious of his popularity among the common folks.

For some reason, I was sure that the Jesus whom I have heard of wouldn’t demand that homosexuals must be put to death. Just like I remember most things, I remembered a sermon from my childhood days about Jesus not condemning someone who was convicted as per Jewish laws, and how he refused to cast the 1st stone (it is one of those days when you get dragged to the Church as you haven’t mastered hiding inside the home the way you wanted to master it, and also because you are too young to successfully protest as people can carry you like a doll no matter how hard you kick them).

As the cult-heads quoted the Bible verses, I had to know if the Bible really demanded that the homosexuals should be killed.

So I had two tasks on hand!

1. I had to gather information on what these Cult-Churches preach.

2. Then, I had to compare that information with what the Bible says in order to disprove the Cult–Churches.


I decided to publish this book based on what my findings are. My aim is to prevent discrimination, harassment, bullying, violence, suicide, murder, massacre, and social unrest that will be caused by this kind of hate speech.


My main concern from the moment I stumbled upon this bullshit preaching has been children and young adults. My first thought was, “What kind of pain it will bring to the delicate minds of the children, teenagers and young adults who have homosexual tendencies?” Then my concern was the impact on the society in general, and the world at large.

To be honest, it was an annoying quest. In the past few weeks, my team had to listen to genuine bullshit excreted at the top of the voice where the cult-heads slam their Bibles on the table, toss it around and treat it like an unworthy piece of junk, when they are not busy literally jumping up and down from the pulpit (the podium/platform/simply the long table they hide behind to scratch their butts).

During the process, we realized that none of us had any idea about what the Bible says on these topics in question. To know if the Bible actually demands the LGBTQs’ death, we had to include few sane Christians in the team on two conditions namely, 1) they wouldn’t dare to preach to us and 2) they will focus only on providing the information we ask for.

We believed that obtaining an unbiased view on this matter can be made possible by including Christians on our team and also by interviewing few Christians whom we know personally to be sane members of few normal churches. It was the best decision as it significantly contributed to the accuracy of the answers we sought for and improved the clarity of the subject matter we dealt with.

Basic Conclusion:

Jesus was against killing people for their sins.

Jesus constantly hung out with sinners and taught them the good ways.

Jesus condemned the religious hypocrites more than he ever condemned the normal sinners.


According to Bible most pastors are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Most Christians are deceived.

Cult–Churches are not Churches at all.


Above all, killing people for homosexuality, adultery and prostitution was given in the Old Testament for Jews. They were not supposed to catch and kill the non–Jewish people engaging in such sexual activities.


And Jesus was against most religious crap such as stoning people to death (or killing them by any means for their sins). Period!


Cult–Churches say such shocking things to gain attention, thereby increasing their audience, which is one of the tried & tested methods to increase the earnings from donations, and also because the attention feeds the crazy ego of the cult–heads, the scheming disinformation agents who happen to be nothing but crazy attention whores who are absolutely gagging for attention and recognition so as to become an eligible candidate to sign up for the next freaky reality television show on Christian families.

Part 1 What’s Up?


Throughout the history, in almost all the countries, religion and politics were intertwined. In the modern world, the laws have changed as the attitude of mankind has changed drastically. Not only there is separation of ownership from management but also religion and politics have divorced and parted ways amicably.

The Establishment Clause and Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution together states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” which emphasizes on the separation of Church from the State as observed by many scholars and prominent politicians of the time.

It is no secret that people use politics and religion for their personal gains. These personal gains are mostly monetary in nature but sometimes they are non-monetary too– the hunger to satisfy the healthy esteem needs, gratification from egotistic needs (in case of narcissism), plain desire to attain fame and recognition, etc. And in few rare cases religion is used for unfathomable gains that mental illness like psychopathy and paranoid schizophrenia (with a delusion of grandeur) demands.

This book talks about few Cult-Churches, whose cult-heads are a stomach-churning combination of everything mentioned above – infuriating greed for money and monstrous appetite for fame & recognition coupled with narcissism and lunacy.

We hope that this book:

p<>{color:#000;}. Brings clarity on matters most Atheists wouldn’t possibly know about by reason of lacking Biblical knowledge.

p<>{color:#000;}. Helps to recognize the impact of hate speech on the children and young adults, and the society in general.

p<>{color:#000;}. Warns about the impact of hate speech on bullying and harassment.

p<>{color:#000;}. Raises awareness to prevent suicide and self-harm in the LGBTQ community.

p<>{color:#000;}. Helps in understanding the need for enacting stricter laws to prevent harassment & bullying and implementation of the same by imposing heavy penalty on the perpetrators who indulge in abuse, including hate speech.

p<>{color:#000;}. Educates on protection of the interests of all the citizens despite their belief and sexual orientation.

p<>{color:#000;}. Convinces you to ignore Attention whores and deprive them of attention so as to starve them to death- naturally.

p<>{color:#000;}. Brings an understanding of the necessity for imposing heavy penalty in the form of imprisonment and/or fine on the people who indulge in hate speech.

We wouldn’t want our loved ones to be harassed for what they believe in or what they choose to be, and others deserve the same courtesy.

1.1 Rise of Anti-Gay Pastors


Usually some of the pastors and of course most of the Roman Catholic fathers are notorious for their sex scandals and swindling games. In this book we will not cover the sexual practices and escapades of Roman Catholic ‘fathers’ as this book is dedicated to creating awareness about some of the anti-gay Cult-Churches which are steadily recruiting more and more people even as we speak.

Portraying to be all virtuous, holy, mature, serious and strict to the world and then, having a raunchy sex session with the deacon’s wife or the co-pastor’s wife, on the table, in the office building, while “The Holy Bible” is one of those first things that fall off during that session of passionate sex… WOW… that must be so thrilling to be a god-lie man! A man of God or it is more like a man of Dog pretending to be a Christian who covets the neighbor’s private parts?

I have always been considerate in understanding why the religious people are so interested in screwing their neighbor’s spouses/partners and children, and also in murdering their spouses and/or the spouses of the people they screw. Who can resist that kind of thrill! Would you? After all sex is not just about having sex with a hottie, isn’t it? It is about having what’s forbidden.

Go after the forbidden fruits and remember this – forbidden fruits always taste good. This holds good even in cases where they have ripened long ago and have reached the stage of being called dry fruits. It is no secret that dried fruit tend to be sweeter than the fresh.


That’s why I am quite considerate when I see old religious men and women (with sagging, wrinkled assets) convicted of murder of the spouse of the man or woman (with equally sagging, wrinkled assets) they have been screwing around. That’s a nice way to keep your sex life all spiced up at old age. They seem to have the wisdom of how things you fail to use loses its strength sooner or later.

We cannot be warped and shortsighted to generalize that all the religious perverts love ripened fruits. Most catholic fathers and also many pastors of other denominations love to have sexual contact with young men & women, teenage girls and boys (mostly boys), children (any gender) and of course babies (again without gender discrimination). What’s sexier than something in a diaper when you are an underdeveloped, perverted, hypocritical, bastardy, psychopathic wolf in the sheep’s clothing?

Bible gives wisdom and that explains why the religious people often keep their sex life alive when they are barely alive at old age. Wait! That’s from my next book! Here we are going to talk about the social evil called anti-gay Cult-Churches.

“You have to be two people. The saint and the sinner. The librarian and the stripper.” Mike Chadway’s advice to Abby in the movie The Ugly Truth is not just something the scriptwriter came up with to make Mike Chadway look hot, sexy and irresistible to the female audience. There is truth in it. Role play has always been popular ever since cavemen period. For proof, get on your time machine and make a trip. The controversy makes it more exciting, erotic and enticing. Sadly this book doesn’t talk about the sex scandals but about the social evil that is slowly inflicting the society with ill-feelings against the LGBTQ community and how these evil organizations support violence, harassment and massacre towards the same.

In the past few years, there has been a slow rise of shady, malicious Churches (which are in the nature of cults) that ‘preach’ anger, hatred, discrimination and murder. They have slowly increased the degree of sarcasm, hatred and mockery, and have started praising & supporting violence and terrorism in their frequent gatherings, the videos of which are made freely available on YouTube and the cult websites.

Like we saw in the above paragraph, the Cult-Churches spread their preaching all across the globe by the way of YouTube, Facebook, websites and blogs. While I don’t have problem with any of the sermons and activities of almost all Churches including these anti-gay churches, I have problem with the anti-gay propaganda that are becoming more and more intense to such an extent that the cult heads themselves are going nuts enough to scream and jump while talking about it.

The Shit has hit the fan people!

This is getting out of control!

You have the power to stop it!


Their actions defy the basic belief that Church is a place of worship and not a place of cursing and fighting. While it is pretty hilarious and scary at the same time to watch the progress of mania in a human, it also raises questions, doubts and fears –for the safety of human lives.

For proving the Cult-Churches wrong, ‘Stoning the Homosexuals’ will provide only facts that can be verified by going through old news reports or by watching Cult–Church videos and by reading the Bible.


The perceived psychological impact on individuals, the impact on the society and the influence on the world can be understood by exercising commonsense and conducting research.


1.2 Why America?


You might wonder why this book talks about the rise of anti-gay cult-churches in America while many other countries are burning and stoning the homosexuals.

Is America important?

Is America as important as the world perceive it to be?


America is the TRENDSETTER.

America is the PIONEER in almost all areas.


What HAPPENS in America is important.

What you ALLOW here is important.

There are few religions which are notorious for beheading, stoning and burning people. The only reason they are a bit “quiet” for a while in America is because of the laws that protect the rights of the civilians. These kinds of hate speech and anti-gay propaganda will act as a nasty trigger or a catalyst to stir violence against LGBTQ community. Is that what you want for America? Do you want your people to be burned alive on the street corners or stoned to death? If not, people shouldn’t be talking so boldly about the death to LGBTQ community.

What happens here in America has an impact on the whole wide world as America has an important role to play and its global influence is something that cannot be ignored. What you allow in America becomes a norm of the world and all other countries will soon follow suit. Is that the kind of trend you want America to set for the world?

“Even your nationality sets you apart. The great majority of you belong to the world’s only remaining superpower. The way you vote, the way you live, the way you protest, the pressure you bring to bear on your government, has an impact way beyond your borders. That is your privilege, and your burden.”

An excerpt from the Commencement Speech of J.K. Rowling at Harvard University Commencement in 2008 is self-explanatory about how America has an impact on the world; it is undeniable.


1.3 Orlando Shooting


Some Cult–Church leaders justified the November 2015 attack in Paris saying that the people died as they worshipped death and asked for it (the American band Eagles of Death Metal was playing in Bataclan theatre in Paris which was one of the venues attacked in a series of attacks, by terrorists).


It should be noted that the band isn’t death metal band like the pastors claimed, but a rock band.


Normally, as a human, most of us tend to be sympathetic towards fellow humans as well as other species. Compassion, pity, mourning, courtesy and kindness that stems from the understanding the sufferings of others is a very natural human behavior, or let’s say, it is a very natural animal behavior.

“Only a terrorist or a traitor will support a terrorist.”

-The Atheist

And quite a few of us have the ability to put ourselves in the shoes of another and feel what they feel despite being completely different from that person in most aspects, and that’s called empathy. Empathy requires a great deal of love, and it can be a gift and a curse (as it brings pain and trauma).

What can be the biggest curse for a human?

Lack of humanity!

Inability to sympathize!

To be unloving!


Inability to sympathize, let alone empathize, when someone is in pain is an indication that there is something very wrong with that individual. I clearly see the characteristics of Psychopathy in cult-heads, their disciples and members who badmouthed the dead and the living (survivors of the attack and families who lost their loved ones in the attack) of the Orlando Shooting, the heartbreaking massacre which is supposed to be a tragedy that shook the nation.

Psychopathy is a personality disorder which can be treated by medication and counseling. Some of the characteristics listed in the definition of Psychopathy are persistent antisocial behavior, lack of empathy & remorse, and bold, disinhibited, egotistical traits. I think it’s high time the Government wakes up and orders therapy and/or rehabilitation of people actively involved with these Cult-Churches.

I wonder if solitary confinement is still legal in mental asylums.

(That’s a joke. The Atheist is against treating the mentally ill with solitary confinement.)


The Massacre:

In the wee hours of June 12, 2016, a repulsive monster entered the Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida and terrorized them. He opened fire and ended up killing 49 humans besides wounding 53 others humans before getting shot and killed by the Orlando Police Department. Bravo! Maybe the shooter saw himself unworthy of living on this planet after failing to achieve his career goals in law enforcement (one might wonder if the underlying motivation was the desire to shoot more people and get away with it), failed marriage and other personal failures.

It angers me to think that he had the nerve to decide the fate of others. It was described at the deadliest violence against the LGBTQ in the U.S history and also the deadliest attack on the United States after the September 11 Attack. I hope more religious nuts don’t jump up and decide to make a new record and alter the history.

The Pain:

The Orlando shooting shook the nation and the world. People were mourning for the loss of which was so sudden and undeserved. Strangers were mourning too – they were busy praying, helping, comforting & donating for the survivors and the families of the dead. The Cult-Churches were busy too; they were mocking, celebrating, releasing videos and giving interviews while few others were planning to cause trouble at the funeral.

You see, the loved ones of the dead gays must feel the pain with such great intensity than required that they should never be able to forget their loss, nor the humiliation, shock and trauma associated with the loss, thereby suffer with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) for life. For the Cult-Churches, it wasn’t not enough that those people were dead they had to be mocked even after the death as if they were scum; they had to be given a memorable funeral with hawks shitting around. One cannot imagine the pain of the families and friends who lost their loved ones in the shooting.

Death is inevitable but not this way! Dead people need to be buried but certainly not this way. Is this America? Is this the future of America? These kinds of attacks by terrorists, wannabe terrorists and psychopaths in general are pointless and so unwarranted. It doesn’t make sense to kill someone and destroy his/her life and the lives of the loved ones. And it doesn’t make any sense at all when people are praising the terrorists, wannabe terrorists and shooters, while picketing funerals and making hateful videos mocking the demise of people in terror attacks.

The Response:

Few pastors belonging to the homophobic Cult-Churches responded to the shooing at the Pulse in a disturbingly unchristian manner. The stomach-churning response of few cult-heads on social media with regard to the shooting at the Pulse, Orlando shocked the world.

If you want to continue reading this book, get your own copy (electronic or print version) on Amazon!


This sample is made available to enable the readers to make an informed decision about purchasing this book.

Promotional Copy for- Stoning The Homosexuals?! The Rise of Anti-Gay Churches i

This promotional copy of the book, 'Stoning The Homosexuals?! The Rise of Anti-Gay Churches in The United States of America!' enables the readers to make an informed decision about purchasing the same. The book 'Stoning The Homosexuals?! The Rise of Anti-Gay Churches in The United States of America!' aims to create awareness about the anti-gay churches in America which are engaged in extremely nauseating propaganda against the LGBTQ community demanding their death. The Atheist disproves the claims of these Cult-Churches with supporting Bible verses. Behind the façade of these self-proclaimed churches, there lurks pure evil that all cults have in common – vanity, greed, egotism, lust, arrogance, control and brainwashing and manipulation.

  • Author: The Atheist
  • Published: 2016-11-12 17:20:14
  • Words: 5614
Promotional Copy for- Stoning The Homosexuals?! The Rise of  Anti-Gay Churches i Promotional Copy for- Stoning The Homosexuals?! The Rise of  Anti-Gay Churches i