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Pretty Monsters (Episode Two)


Pretty Monsters

Episode Two


Written by Razalii Kitt



Pretty Monsters

Episode Two

Copyright © 2016 by Razalii Kitt


All rights reserved. Copyrighted property of the author and may not be reproduced, copied and distributed for commercial or non-commercial purposes.


This book is a work of fiction. Characters, places and events are products of the author’s imagination, and any resemblance to actual events or places or persons living or dead is entirely coincidental.


Published by Razalii Kitt


Shakespir Edition



Episode Two






Adam went all out for this party. We’d been here for a couple of hours but time was going by faster than that. There are flood lights all over the grounds lighting up the graveyard, and tiny skeleton solar-lights sticking out of the ground. Twenty feet long boardgames are spread out throughout the graveyard: snakes and ladders, twister, Chinese checkers, and so many more, and everyone is playing as the pieces, HP style. Adam got a carnival too, and if I wasn’t squeamish about heights I would have gone on every single ride. Adam even got his friend’s rock band to play on a huge wooden stage on a patch of grass by the graveyard waterfall. This party couldn’t have been cheap, there has to be at least a thousand people here.

I cover my hand over my mouth as I yawn, uncontrollably. Sadly my studious schedule usually has me in bed my now.

“Devon, come play with me.” I give him my best seductive look, as though every other noise and person was muted, except for Devon and I.

“I’m good here, watching…. you, and not getting myself into a load of trouble with your brother.”

My left hand is on red, right hand on yellow, my right foot on green, my left foot on blue, and I’m under the body of some guy named Connor; I wish it was Devon instead. I’d had a crush on Devon since I kissed him under my bed, when he was nine and I was six. Does he even remember that? He certainly has never brought it up to me.

Hayden takes his drunken lips off of some random, a brunette haired chick who is equally as drunk as my brother, which is new because he usually goes for the blondes, and spins the twister game wheel. “Left hand bue, right foot red.” I already know I’m going to fall…. hard because I’m twisted up as much as I can be. “I give, I give.” I collapse my body down on the game mat, then slide myself carefully through Conner’s legs and off the twister boardgame to where my brother, and now Devon, are standing.

“Macaria wasn’t fooling around about the heat.” There was a thin line of sweat down my back, it has to be at least 85° Celsius. Hayden, did Eboney show up with your car?” I ask my brother.

“I don’t know where she is, but here are the keys.” Hayden fumbles with a thin silver chain from around his neck and takes it off.” You wanna go home?”

“Yeah, I’m tired, can you take me?” Hayden shakes his head at me. “No can do. I’m drunk.” The girl he had been kissing giggles like a high-pitch hyena, and I step back a couple of steps from her.

“Do you need to go right now?” Hayden asks me, begging me to say no with his eyes.

“I can drop her off. I haven’t been drinking. I should have been home already anyway because my mom asked me to drive Bryson to preschool this morning.”

“Yes – thanks Dev. I’ll be dropped home…. Adam in the limo – in a few hours.” He drops the keys into Devon’s palm clumsily.

I pull my shirt up to wipe perspiration off my neck, I didn’t even care that I was showing-off the underside of my sports bra, it’s way too hot to care.

“Maybe someone else should take her.” Devon say picking up his hoodie from the grass.

“Why?” I ask Devon who won’t look me straight in the face.

“Nevermind. Let’s go Haylee. Bye Hayden, and tell everyone else we left.”

“Word.” Hayden was borderline tipsy but nothing compared to that one night two years back, he’d been throwing up wine for four hours straight, and he wouldn’t tell me why he’d gotten so wasted.

“You guys want the last bottle of water, Adam didn’t want it?” Jayleen asks me stumbling on the corner of a granite gravestone, a foot away.

“Yes, please.” Jayleen takes the lid off the bottle and hands it to me. “Thanks, and it was nice to meet you and Chelsey.”

I hug my brother goodbye then I follow Devon to the parking lot that is still half full of party goers cars and trucks.

I take a few sips of the water and hand the bottle over to Devon. “Want some.” He takes the bottle from me and downs more than half the liter bottle. “That’s good, and this place is crazy warm.”

`“It’s abnormal that the parking lot is twenty degrees less hot than the graveyard ten feet away.” Devon unlocks the drivers side and then reaches over the seats to unlocks my side of the door. I get into the passenger seat and we’re on the highway within minutes.

“Did you have fun Haylee?” He hands the water back to me.

“Yes, I’m surprised my brother invited me. The party was huge and the graveyard – isn’t it disrespecting the dead or something, dancing on peoples graves?”

“Or something.” He says adjusting the rear-view mirror. “But definitely fun!”

I take several more gulps of water then hand the water back to Devon. “I’m good, you can have the rest. I’m feeling cold, actually.” He downs the rest of the bottle and throws it to the empty seat behind us, and hands me his hoodie that was on his lap.

“Please, wear it if you want.” I put his black hoodie over my head and it surrounds me with smoke and cotton candy. I let the hood fall to my back and position my cold hands in the front kangaroo pocket.

“So…. ” I’d never been alone with Devon since I was six. When I was home and not at Persef, it was always Devon and Hayden, and me as the odd one out.

“So…. do you like Hawkins High?”

“Yeah…. I mean it’s good, the teachers know what they’re talking about.”

“So, you and Chelsey were a thing and…. Adam and her?”

“They always want the singer, not the guitarist. We need to stop dating the same girls, that would help.” He rubs his hand over his forehead.

“I’d pick you.” Good God, that wasn’t what I meant to confess. “You know, if I had to choose…. I’d choose you, Adam’s great and everything – ”

Devon swerves the car into oncoming traffic, and makes my heart drop as we pull back into the correct lane. “What was that?” I hold my hand to my chest on reflex.

“I’m feeling a little strange. Sorry about that.” I rest the back of my hand to his head. “Do you feel sick?” His head feels a little warm, but normal enough.

“I’m good, nothing to worry about.” He grips the steering wheel tighter and before I know it we’re parked in my mom’s driveway and I’m inviting him in to watch a movie. My mom isn’t home until tomorrow night, and I feel a little more bold tonight, for some reason.

I open my bedroom door and turn on the light. “And this is my room.” I pull him into my doorway and we sit on my space comforter, up against the back of my bed’s bed-board. We take off our chucks and pile them by my nightstand. Our hands brush up against each other as we adjust our legs straight out on my bed and then we look at each other for a few seconds not saying a word. Devon’s brown eyes look as kind and sweet to me as when I was a kid. “I really want to kiss you…. a lot, but I can’t – I shouldn’t.” Devon fights coming any closer to me, and the look he gives me is intense. I’d kissed a few boys, but Devon kissing me had always been the highlight.

“Why shouldn’t you? I’d be okay with it.” Devon grabs my jaw gently in his hands and we look each others faces over slowly. His bleach blond eyebrows crinkle together and I rest my left hand into his spiky blond hair and slowly lean into him and he doesn’t move away, he only dares me with his eyes to make another move. I sit on my knees and move closer…. closer, and then I’m kissing Devon’s plush lips that taste like cigars and vanilla. Within seconds he’s kissing me back, sucking on my bottom lip as I work his top one and we’re perfectly succinct. I push my right hand under his black t-shirt while I stroke my hand in his hair, and he keeps his hands gently around my jaw.

And then, it’s over. Devon takes both of my hands in his hands quickly, before I have time to stop him. “Holy, hell Halyee. This isn’t me. We can’t do this…. maybe in a few years…. if you want to still…. but I can’t.” He kisses me one last time then grabs the remote at the foot of my bed, and sits back down beside me. “What are you in the mood for?” He starts flipping through stations. “We’ve got…. cartoons, some reality game-show and – ” Devon shuts the television off quickly because he managed to find some late-night porn on one of the movie stations.

I burst out laughing uncontrollably like I’m high or drunk, which I’m not. “Even the television’s trying to tell us something.”

“You are bad Haylee Keese, and now – I gotta go home.” He gets up and starts heading for the door and trips, but catches himself on my wall. I look for socks or something that he might have tripped on, but there’s nothing.

“Come on stay before you hurt yourself. PLEASE! I’ll be good, I promise. We can watch something on the streaming service my parents just got, maybe that newish show about that boy going missing in the woods. Everyone says it’s pretty good. Sexual activity is off the table, and definitely no kissing. Hayden will be home soon anyway, nothing to worry about.” I pat the bed for Devon to sit back down on and reach for his hand.

“Pure evil, that’s what you are Haylee. Why the hell do you smell, and taste so damn good? And when the hell did you grow up?” He sits back down on my bed and leaves a body sized gap between us, but lets me hold his hand in the middle of enemy lines. I don’t know if I would have been ready to win, but being this close to Devon was nice too.

I start the Internet up and put on a show from the streaming service. I feel a little…. unusual, there’s some spinning going on in the room, but I feel good. Is Devon’s heart beating as fast as mine is now?

I wish he’d kiss me again.


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Tap, tap, tap.“Haylee, you up?”

Tap, tap, tap.”Come on Haylee, am I driving you to school or what? I need my keys either way.”

“Haylee? You alive in there!”

“I’m alive.” I answer groggily. I feel terrible and I’m in pain, in places I shouldn’t be. What had I done last night?” I rub my ash-brown bangs out of my face. I open my eyes halfway and the lights from the morning are bright in my face, too bright.

“Haylee, my keys, come on.”

“Alright.”I say testily.

I open my eyes all the way and stretch my arms in the air. That was a bad move because my entire female nether region is on fire, and stretched and sore. I look around my room and my eyes stop dead on the body beside me. Oh, this is bad!

An untidy head of short bleach blond hair is peaking from underneath my pillow. I remove the pillow and throw it to the end of my bed. “Devon.” I whisper placing fingers at the base of his neck, thank god there’s a pulse. “Devon you need to wake up.” He’s a heavy sleeper than me. “Devon my brother is at the door and we…. we need to hide you before you get your ass kicked.” The slightest bit of mumbling comes from his beautiful lips but his eyes stay closed.

“Any day now would be nice Haylee.”

Where did Devon leave the car keys. I reach under the blankets to dig through Devon’s jean pockets, but he wasn’t wearing any. Wholy-fucking-shit. I look down at myself and I’m fully nude. My pajamas are not on me, even though putting on my rainbow onsie is religion before bed.

“I’m getting old out here, my life is passing me by, and my sister is the reason.”

I look over the side of my bed, afraid of what I’d find, and then to the other side where I see Devon and my clothes tangled together with our shoes. I reach for Devon’s jeans before I can analyze and process how I feel about this situation, and find the chain with the car keys attached.

I walk over to my bedroom door and open it a crack. “I’m not feeling good so…. go to school without me, kay?”

“You want anything, ginger tea, oatmeal – ” Hayden asks me with bloodshot eyes.

“No, no, I’m good. I need sleep.” I close the door and look around my room. This would never be my childhood room ever again. It will be forever now as the room where I first had sex. I don’t even remember it. What happened last night? I kissed Devon and he kissed me…. and we stopped – he stopped, then we watched a show, the rest of the night is foggy.

I need to shower that’s all I know, I need to…. I tear trickles down my face as I close the bathroom door behind me.







I feel like crap.

My head is so, not right.

I brush my hands over my face and into my hair. My bed has never smelled this good, honey and roses. I open my eyes and quickly realize this is not my bed, nor is this my room.

I push myself up from the bedding. I was hanging out with Haylee last night, no big deal…. in Haylee’s bed, not so good. I pull the sheets away from my body and flip-the-fuck-out because proof of what had happened was staring back at me, something I’d never experienced before. The last thing I remember, I was clothed and we had started to watch a show…. I’d stopped the kissing. I remember stopping it, then I don’t remember anything.

I am the worst human being on the entire planet. I look over to see if Haylee is in the bed beside me, and she isn’t.

I pull on my jeans from the floor and zip them up, avoiding the muscle that managed to work just fine without me. I’m a fucking criminal. Hayden is never going to speak to me again. The band is going to break up, and Haylee…. what the hell does she think of me?

I walk to the closed bathroom door attached to Haylee’s room and knock softly. “Haylee, are you in there?”

“Haylee, can I come in?” If she isn’t in the bathroom, I have to find out where she is. We have to go to the clinic, I didn’t use protection. Is she on contraceptive? –

I knock on the door a little louder. “Haylee, you might not want to speak to me, but I…. I’m coming in…. unless you tell me not to, okay? We really need to talk…. if you want to?” There is no answer from the other side of the door, so I slowly open the door and peek my head around the corner. I’d thought my heart couldn’t feel worse, but what I saw made me feel like an absolute villain. How the hell could I accept forgiveness from Haylee, when I would never, forgive myself?

Haylee is sitting on the floor of her bathroom shower, her hands are wrapped around herself and tears are streaming down her face. It is the most beautiful, most heartbreaking, thing I’d seen in my life.

She rubs tears from her face fiercely. “I don’t know why I’m crying. I’m okay.”

“Nothing about this is okay.” I pull a towel from the rack on the wall and wrap it around Haylee’s body and sit behind her, cradling her wet head against my shirtless chest. “I’m so, so damn sorry. I don’t remember anything but kissing you – I don’t know how it got so out of hand. It gets fuzzy after we started watching that show. I’m so sorry Haylee.” I push her wet hair away from her face and rest my chin lightly on her head.

I don’t know how long we sit there alone, together, and not speaking, but when Haylee finally speaks again my heart misses a beat. “Would you do something for me Devon?” Her bright blue eyes look at me without tears this time.

“Anything. Anything you want Haylee.”

She turns all the way around, facing me, and lets the towel fall around her and then kisses me at the corner of my mouth and then on my lower lip, my upper lip…. “Don’t ask that of me Haylee – it’s bad enough I did it once.”

“You said anything and I want this, with you…. I want to remember what it’s like, before we have to deal with everything else. I don’t remember the details of what happened, but we both know it already happened.” She kisses me again, and this time, completely clear of mind, I don’t stop her.



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Pretty Monsters (Episode Two)

Haylee has known Devon her entire life, fifteen whole years, and he has always thought of her as the younger sister of his best friend. Nothing more, not even when she kissed Devon, once, when they were kids. One twisted fate of a night changes everything, and Adam and Macaria are left knowing more than they should. A stand alone story. This is the continuation of Adam and Macaria's journey together, but the focus is now on Adam's band-mate Devon and his best friend's sister, Haylee.

  • Author: Razalii Kitt
  • Published: 2016-11-14 03:05:10
  • Words: 3044
Pretty Monsters (Episode Two) Pretty Monsters (Episode Two)