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by Pako Valor




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First Shakespir Edition


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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual person, living or dead, business establishment, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.




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Dagon’s Spaceship



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1 Bounty


The black clouds covered the red the sky, and embers floated as black dust skimmed the dry, cracked ground. The flames rose from a small space ship with broken glass and a few corpses laid on the ground. Nova, a woman with a black, feathered hat and brown hair, laid face down coughing in the dirt as blood dripped from the cut on her forehead. A gust of wind came and blew her hat into a leafless shrub.

Dagon, a gray, muscular alien, grabbed Nova by her shirt with his metal glove and lifted her up with one arm. As he held her up, he threw a punch into her stomach and spit flew from her mouth. He then threw her against a rock.

Bale, a gray alien dressed in armor, laughed as he grabbed his laser gun.

Dagon said, “How bout you give me the code.”

Nova said, “Go fly into the sun.”

After Dagon had heard these words, he smirked and snapped his fingers. Near them were three people who had their faces in the dirt with their hands on their heads.

Bale aimed his laser gun at the three people.

Dagon said, “Is this worth more to you than your friends lives?”

Nova’s eyes enlarged as sweat flowed down her face, and she gripped the loose dirt.

Dagon said, “What a shame. Bale, kill them.”

Bale’s laser gun powered up and a green light shined on the three people.

“Wait,” said Nova.

Dagon raised his hand, and Bale held his fire.

Nova said, “It’s 39, 10, 6, and 12.”

Dagon typed the numbers on a device on his wrist and it unwounded like a complex puzzle. Map coordinates of the planet showed with a mark and after the treasure was revealed, he said, “Shoot them.”

Bale laughed, and he fired his laser into the three people’s heads.

Nova yelled and stood holding her ribs, but Dagon kneed her in the stomach, and she dropped to the ground, gasping for air.

Bale walked toward Nova and pointed his laser gun at her. It powered up, but Dagon slapped the gun from his hand.

Dagon said, “Not her. Her crimes have made her extremely valuable in the galaxy.”

Bale cuffed Nova and dragged her into Dagon’s spaceship by her legs.




2 Dagon’s Spaceship


Inside Dagon’s spaceship, people sat in prison cells, and Nova sat alone behind a cell in the dark corner. Her hand’s clenched as she shut her eyes and put her head on her knees.

Flashback: The chandeliers hung, and a red carpet led to the throne. Light shined through the broken windows, and gold and white pillars flank the carpet all the way to the throne. Teen Nova walked to the chair in beige, tattered clothing with her laser gun in her holster. She held a bag and threw jewelry inside. Her eyes enlarged because a crown laid on the chair and she put it on. She dropped her bag and posed in the mirror, smiling and said, “So, this is what it looks like to be rich.”

Mars, a strong man with tattered clothes and light armor ran into the room and caught his breath at the doorway. His laser gun was in his hand.

Nova said, “Father, look. I wear the crown of our enemies.”

Mars said, “Nova, what are you doing here? It’s not safe.” Mar’s eyes widen as a blade shot through his torso, and he gasped for air.

Nova said, “Father.” She took the crown from her head and held it.

Ogma, a gray alien in a hood pushed his sword deeper into the torso and blood squirted from the wound. He said, “The insurrection has failed. What a shame. Born a slave and now you’ll die in bondage.”

Mars said, “Nova, get out of here.”

Nova said, “Please, no, Father.”

Ogma shot Mars in the head, and he yanked his sword.

The crown dropped from Nova’s hand and clanked. Tears streamed from her face, and she let out a loud cry.

Five aliens in armor walked into the throne room, and Ogma pointed his sword at Nova. He said, “Teach this slave a lesson for grabbing my crown.” Flashback End.

In Dagon’s spaceship, Nova wiped her tears with her fist. Inside the cages, people covered in cuts and bruises talked and some walked with chains around their ankles while others shook the bars and yelled.

A door opened, and a light shined. A shadow appeared, and Bale walked through the hallway and twirled his keys. He stood at the cages and jingled it in front of the prisoners.

They reached but missed the keys from Bale’s hand, and he laughed at them. He walked toward Nova, and she sat as the darkness covered the top of her face.

Bale said, “Oh, what’s wrong? Are you feeling a little cramped up in there?” He jingled the keys, but Nova didn’t move. “Such an inferior creature.” The ground shook, and the spaceship vibrated causing Bale to stumble and fall against the prison bars.

Nova grabbed Bale by the neck through the bars and choked him.

Bale’s eyes bulged as he gasped for air and his veins showed through his arms as he pulled at Nova’s headlock.

Nova said, “What was that you said about inferior?”  As she grabbed his gun and keys, Nova unlocked the cage and released Bale.

Bale laid on the floor and rubbed his neck. He coughed, and trembled, throwing his hands in front of him. “Wait, Nova.”

Nova fired at him and hid behind a door as two aliens rushed in. Her gun shot lasers into their heads, and they dropped dead. Then she grabbed a sword from an alien corpse.

A gust of wind blew the embers, and the leafless black trees swung. The dark clouds flashed and sparks of electricity soared. Two guards wore light armor and stayed near two hovering motorcycles parked outside. Lasers pierced through their bodies and Nova leaped onto the vehicle. The engine roared and she drove off.




3 Destruction


At a canyon, black pillars of stone reached up to the sky and lightning struck as the winds pushed. The wind caused the rocks to tumble onto a plateau. Dagon put a gold cube into his black bag and rushed toward his hovering motorcycle. The ground shook and a laser slammed into the motorcycle. The shock waves sent Dagon back and smoke rose from the motorcycle. He wiped the dust from his body and stood.

The wind blew the black smoke, and Nova’s motorcycle rushed toward Dagon.

Dagon dodged and yanked Nova by her shirt and threw her to the ground. Nova’s motorcycle leaned on its side, and he stopped and turned to her. “I don’t know how you escaped, but it was a mistake coming here. I’ll cripple you this time.” 

Nova’s fists clenched and her hands were close to her gun. “You’ve stolen my treasure, and you’ve mocked me for the last time.”

Dagon said, “This is mine now. Why don’t you just give yourself up? It’ll save me time before the planet explodes.”

Nova fired her laser gun multiple times.

Dagon opened his metal gloves and absorbed the lasers shot from Nova’s gun. He frowned and charged at her.

Nova growled and put her gun in her holster. She grabbed her sword from her back and lunged it toward him.

Dagon was inches away from her sword but the ground shook. He dodged the sword and kicked it from her hand, and it slid near a crack that opened in the ground where steam flew out.

Nova punched Dagon in the face and stomach.

Dagon grabbed her fist and threw punches at her gut. He kicked her, and she rolled on the ground. He grabbed her by the collar and lifted her up with a smirk on his face.

Blood flowed down her face, and bruises covered her arms.

Dagon said, “Did you have enough, Nova? You’ve failed and you’ll always be a slave.”

Ogma’s face superimposed over Dagon’s face and she ground her teeth and kicked, but he stopped her boot. Electricity shot through his gloves, and she screamed.

Dagon laughed and tossed her to the ground. He grabbed his cuffs from his back pocket and pressed a button on his glove as he walked toward her.

Nova laid on her stomach. The sword laid by her and the cracked ground. The steam flew from the cracks, and her arms shook and gave out. Her face fell into the dirt, and she knocked out.

It was dark, and Nova sat on a pile of gold coins with her head lowered. She picked up the coins with her hands and tears dripped on the coins. Whips smacked and chains clanked as people groaned. Her eyes enlarged, and the coins slipped through the cracks of her fingers.

Mars appeared and new armor covered his body.

Nova said, “Father, I’m not strong enough.”

Mars said, “Remember who you are. You’re stronger than you think.”

 Nova lowered her head and said, “I wish I could believe those words.”

Mars threw his arm, and images appeared. Architects drew on sketch paper, and great wonders appeared. A writer wrote, and their vision displayed on a screen. A scientist looked through a microscope and diseases died. A general on horse raised his sword, and a city was liberated. 

Nova wiped the tears from her face with her fist.

Mars said, “You’ve got the power inside you too, but remember what you’re truly fighting for. Remember your passion.”

The people from Nova’s small crashed ship appeared, and they aimed their hands toward Nova. Light traveled from their hands, and it gathered toward her heart into a glowing white ball. Then the coins under her boots dissolved.

Back at the canyon, the ground shook and the pillars of a stone dropped as tornadoes appeared in the distance and lightning struck. Nova laid on the ground.

Dagon ran with his cuffs and his gloves blinked faster. The ground rumbled and parts of the floor around the perimeter collapsed. The ground vibrated, and a burst of fire shot up into the sky. Then the blade of the sword caught on fire.

Nova leaped, and she grabbed the sword and cut through the middle of the cuffs. Her sword clanked against Dagon’s gloves multiple times and she slashed one of his metal gloves and her boot slammed into his face.

He flew toward the edge and yelled as blood squirted from his arm. His eyes widen, and Nova walked toward him. A wall of fire from the ground was behind her, and her tears blew and sparkled in the wind.

Dagon grabbed the cube and held it over the edge. “I won’t hesitate.”

Nova fired at the cube, and it dropped.

Dagon trembled and pressed his teeth together as sweat dripped. His other glove stopped blinking, and the ship arrived. It hovered in the sky, and he wiped his sweat and smiled. “Looks like you’re too late. You’ll be outnumbered. It’s all over for you.”

A ladder fell from the ship and Nova smiled.

Dagon said, “What?” He growled.

Nova laughed and crossed her arms.

Dagon said, “What have you done?”

She said, “When I escaped, you lost more than you can imagine. Your prisoners escaped by my hand, and your ship belongs to me.” Nova aimed at Dagon. “And it was all done by the hands of a slave.”

Dagon said, “Worthless scum. The others will know and they’ll destr-”

A laser flew through his chest, and he dropped as the ground trembled. The floor underneath him collapsed, and he fell into the abyss.

Nova rushed toward the ship as the ground collapsed. Fire shot up into the sky and the ground crumbled as Nova leaped onto the ladder. Fire shot up around the area, and she climbed into the ship as it flew into outer space.

She laid on the floor and caught her breath. She stood and the people inside cheered. She walked near the window and domes of fire spread throughout the planet and it exploded.

A slender man walked toward her with a black, feathered hat. He said, “We found this caught on a shrub near your other ship.”

Nova wiped the dust from her black hat and sat on her new black chair. She carved Dagon’s name under her boot besides other names.

The man said, “Where to captain?”

Outside the window, an alien cargo ship soared at a distance. Nova smiled and stood on a podium and pulled out her sword. “Let us go and steal the riches of our enemies. For this universe is ours for the taking.”

The crowd cheered and threw their fists in the air.

Then Nova’s new ship soared after the cargo ship.

The fragments of the planet that exploded floated and the gold cube drifted in the void. The cube glowed and the pieces of the planet returned to a giant rock. Light consumed the rock and shot away into outer space. Another green and blue planet appeared.




About the Author


Pako Valor is an artist and novelist, graduate of San Antonio College with an Associate of Fine Art degree in Arts and is currently earning his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Creating Writing from Full Sail University. As a storyteller, he writes about crime, war, or sci-fi. Pako published his first crime novel Superiority, and is including paintings of the characters from his stories. In his spare time, he’s either walking his dog, Nacho, or eating tacos at a restaurant. You can visit him at: https://palexm210.wixsite.com/pakovalor




Other Book


Superiority: It’s 2030, in an urbanized nation called Astronon. Donovan, a devastated inventor specialized in drones assists a weakened criminal organization into annihilating their red adversaries through tech. The feud between the two gangs escalates, but something mysterious interferes with both at night

Fear spreads through Astronon as crime spikes and poverty increases. The tensions of a third war grow between nearby countries, but all nations are unaware that a hidden war is present. Find it here: https://www.Shakespir.com/books/view/724026



  • ISBN: 9781370005666
  • Author: Pako Valor
  • Published: 2017-08-14 05:35:09
  • Words: 2500
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