"President Trump. Same American War Heroes Aimed To Kill My Baby Girl And I, C


My statement here is an effort to stop a group related to my family and the State Department from trying to kill me again. I am not a witness to anything and have not caused this to happen, but I make this statement in response. My baby girl was murdered. She was a fully developed healthy girl according to the nurses’ ultrasound just days before she was murdered, and it was not her mother’s own fault. I carried her myself five miles to a proper burial and she was blessed by a priest. There was an old woman very honest looking who came between me and a man, warned me by sliding her hand across her throat in warning about the man approaching with a handgun while I got into a taxi. Lesyl, my girlfriend told me later “They killed that woman”. Hopefully one arrest may lead to more. A $50,000 dollar reward will be paid in installments to anyone providing information which leads to such an arrest. My latest will and testament was made before the presidential election to nominee Donald Trump and reserve policeman Steven Seagal, I trust they can avenge my child, myself and the others. I am telling the whole truth that I know. I have also posted my MRI and MRA brain scans to prove my good health and no reason to have a heart attack; though I suspect some scarring was due to the chemically induced heart attack I had upon standing at my checkup appointment in Baguio city. I have no enemies that I know of, Here are the possible suspects their means, motives and opportunities. My father who I do love and forgive Dr. Bernard S Yudowitz was born in New York; his fathers influence led to his baby photo covering the New York daily news. His father immigrated from Poland in the early 20th century managed three fabric stores (see a store photo with his Bernard in Peekskill  in Google books) ,one store was located across the street from a prison. I was told that mobsters hid out in his shop, waiting to throw bombs at the prison executioner. Molly, his mother had a wicked temper became frantic whenever the store lights dimmed during execution time. She often slammed Bernie’s head against a wall. These events massively impacted Bernie who I believe equated heroes with these mobsters. My father once said while opening house mail in the 90s “I am gonna miss Whitey, he could sure fix a problem”. One sitting with my father may hear him tellinghis stories about hit men or how Joh Gotti called my father” The doc” upon meeting him. His notoriety as an excellent hospital administrator likely helped stage the two attempts on my life at hospitals when he told me to go to one for no reason. He was the director of psychiatry for the Massachusetts Department of Corrections at Bridgwater State prison for the criminally insane followed by his directing the New England Rehabilitation Sports Medicine Center for sports stars. My mother told me he became a doctor to understand his mother. F. Lee Bailey’s stated in his own book of my father s expert opinion that O.J. Simpson showed no symptoms of having killed anyone at that time yet at a home dinner with guests my father said all the lawyers including himself believed O.J was in fact guilty. A Massachusetts newspaper columnist in the 80’s wrote that my father only got big cases by his connections. People learned they could be promoted or demoted when dealing with my father seen in the dismissal of the Harvard dean, for not appropriating his gift of money soon enough and my mother’s psychiatrist was demoted for trying to save our family’s health from him. My personal acquaintances have refused helping me out of this current situation purely because as they say my “father also “helped” them. I was named Lawrence after my father’s psychiatrist saved him from suicide at Cornell after his mother died. My father was diagnosed having an ‘A’ type personality, driven for control of others. I always came home right after school always listening to my parents orders to this day, living as his only child for several years, my siblings were already in college far away as I entered Junior High. At my age of eleven years my father ordered my mother not to trust me and told me in front of her that he never planned to have me as a fourth child . He once beat me in the head while I was sleeping on a school holiday after kicking down the hotel room door because he thought I was pretending, he often used reverse psychology on me and made take some prescription drugs without a good reason. I was sexually molested for twenty years by my fathers father whom really was a great man, I forgive him, but my father knew or least should have because his mother stopped the same thing happening to him. While staring at the ceiling as my grandfather fondled my testicles my brother Michael sometimes caught him doing this, yelling at him, calling him “fag” and “pervert” after which Michael just left me standing alone; no one talked to me about it ever. Later in 2016 these were my issues which my father told me to deal with them while I was on holiday in the Phillippines to which  my mom told the rest of the family that I was lying about, but I was not. My mothers psychiatrist Silvio Onesti who I called around 2009 upon discovering an old report from 1979 which my school, Park in Brookline, had asked for, it requested that I should go to therapy for abuse or I would develop emotional and ego problems later on, and my parents covered it up and the abuse got worse (I had promised myself as a child and I prayed that there would someday be justice though I never sought it actively). My mother told her psychiatrist that “everything was fine at home”, a lie, because she was scared of my father, and her statement to Silvio Onesti contradicted a letter in which she wrote “things were so bad at home this being the real reason I was never in therapy for the abuses”. The schools did their part to intervene, but my father switched my schools three times and made excuses to them, I never saw my best friends again. My entrance test to a private school, Dexter, also in Brookline, was a highest score but again a few years later my parents switched me to a public one two years below my educational level, within walking distance because my mother said it would save her from driving me to friend’s homes. Driving my first car at nineteen, I caught their investigators taking u-turn after u-turn behind me, my mother denied it was her doing but her sister Ruth Pearl, confronted her on my behalf; my mother then admitted asking the investigators to . Often my father sat my mother down telling her she imagined things which she didn’t, and she became very fragile, crying at anything and spacing out. I recall once she drove a full quarter mile towards a car ahead  while my friend Jon Rosman and I warned her, and then she hit that car snapping her out of her trance. My mother  told me that my family hated me for being smarter and better looking than them. I loved my family very much yet they always abused me right up to this day. Since I was a little boy, they always gave themselves checks from the family realty company but never to me to use, and I never asked. Sometimes he had offered to give me a dividend check from the company which was in my name, but as soon as I said thank you and smiled, he’d say no  because I smiled. I left Boston like my siblings had said before me “to escape my father”, but he still had people hired to live next to me and once even moved into my house. Much later I changed my name from Yudowitz to my mother’s family name of Margulies. My Sunday school named me Heart, the headmaster said because I was sweet, and I used it sometimes which the people referred to later in this statement called me when the threats occurred..My discovery in 2009 of the report  coincided with the passport investigation and also my  house mortgage to use making a hotel or school business in China, instead spent it running from these people likely hired by my family. Something else pertinent, as a child an older boy at Camp Yavneh around 1983 took me to a shack to see his playboy magazine, then asked me for a blow job, which I refused, and it was this same boy who later came to my family house asking me to try drugs, again I refused, maybe again he wanted a blow job in exchange, I did end up taking some drags. This man Nathan Y Gross, a snitch in Allston Massachusetts frequented Brookline parks  and he showed me one swing set where he raped a girl fifteen he said. I hated him for that also. So my father told me while I was in Cebu, Philippines 2015 “Nathan had taken everything from me”, but he had not, my family had (literally, possessions, education and friends or opportunities). There was also a time I was poisoned in the Philippines, several times, and because I was angry at my father for saying this thing about Nathan I decided to make a will and testament giving all my savings (everything) to Nathan which I emailed to him, (this was also after some of the attempts on my life). Later I voided that particular will. Then I  found Nathans telephone by doing a background check, and calling him for the first time in twenty years Nathan immediately spoke about a letter my parents had just sent to him when I was poisoned, in it my father stated that I had a chemically induced psychosis. But how would my father have said that unless he had tried doing so with the poison which was a strong hallucinogen. Nathan, after he spoke with my father and Martin my brother, later denied receiving this letter, for whatever reasons. I would go on to be poisoned several times and people came to my girlfriend about poison, my baby girl was also poisoned and she wrote about them in her statement which at the time she said to me that she had something important to tell me but only after we left the city we were in where those people were chasing us around. I have blood samples to prove their was poison in me and also the baby. I recall a time I was about 18 in 1990, was in a therapy session arranged by my father and was touched on my elbow, I said it reminded me of being fondled as a young child, which explained why I wore long buttoned sleeve shirts and long pants through hot summers and refused to take baths from my mom thus making me smell, which my brothers teased me about. This past psychologist whom I only saw once wanted me to confront the abusers in order to help heal me, so I took this opportunity in 2015 to request a meeting with my mom to talk about it, and she became furious, also instigating the other family members. I was taking a holiday to the Philippines to meet a date where my father called my phone said he was concerned about me being in Cebu, talking as if I was under surveillance. He and my mother accused me of manipulating them to buy a house in Canada which I sold. What really happened was, I mortgaged the house from a private lender upon discovering this house owed taxes and had no furniture, I also had no job so a friend of the realtor suggested a loan, not I.(If I had known it was money from a trust I would have insisted a condo by the water because I wanted to be a writer buy my father insisted it should be an income property in the city) I still have no idea where the money came from which is pertinent to my statement for concern if I was being used.  Soon afterwards, border security would not let me enter Canada due to a past felony possession (In 1996 I pleaded guilty to it though there was no evidence and based on a stranger’s hearsay about my housemate) My parents were angry at me and accused me of stealing the mortgage money. Meanwhile 2016 my mother also accused me of lying about the child abuse which my father had ordered me to deal with and he said that I ought to be ashamed for bringing up abuse at their old age. I still carried with me a letter he wrote to me from Israel in it he mentioned being with Finish people there and it was Finish people who came talked with me in Philippines .Half the people coming up to me in the Philippines had Finish looks. My fathers best friend, Paul Mcswseeney was a risk management security specialist, in Boston, had put surveillance on me in my teens. It was difficult to tell different surveillance teams apart between 2008 and 2018. Paul McSweeney had connections with crime syndicates and would have turned a blind eye to the attempts on my life. One time, as a teen, I knew of a murder about to happen so I asked him what my responsibility was, he said to not mention it ever, otherwise there could be a conspiracy charge against me so I always turned a blind eye and kept my mouth shut in general, that is who I have been since my birth because I grew up respecting people’s privacy and confidentiality, so that’s another reason I am so surprised at myself to have to say something now, my innocent child was killed after I told my community and law enforcement to help prevent that. The last time I corresponded with my parents I asked them to make a confession and also for a name-card, which those Finish men in Cebu had given me, that would prove if my parents hired them or not, but as soon as I asked for it to be returned (was previously scanned and sent to their email) they ignored me and so I asked their lawyer to ask them which they also did not reply. I then mentioned a subpoena for it through their lawyer Ken Shulman, but they deleted their email accounts afterwards, a sign of guilt. At the 2008 Olympics, there were two men asking me about my lost visa and passports , one man Sasha, a Ukrainian passport holder has an MTV tattoo on the flesh at his thumb and the other, a black man John Benny, holding a Nigerian passport. Benny told Sasha I was from Brookline, though I never had said. Benny had panicked that his cover was blown so his associate asked him if his deputizing me could solve that problem, Benny was concerned I had a criminal record which I never said either. Benny identified himself as American diplomatic security and introduced Sasha as KGB they both exposed themselves as giving information to the American State Department; They were sincere in asking me what had happened to my visa and passports. After leaving the Seattle Passport Agency a bottle fell directly down to where my head was. I swear to G-d and on the holy bible never gave anyone my passport pages nor passport books in my entire life. Perhaps those two men are in deep undercover on a mission that needed secrecy, while I had a criminal record, but no one ever told me anything except many agents threatened to kill me and tried. If they really are heroes then they will be forgiving and might even help now and it is also possible that others are making it look like them, but I deserve the right to live and I am in immanent danger now.. People had  pointed fingers toward them after the bottle dropped. Benny claimed having a chloroform sales license and Sasha claimed to be popular at the electronics market for purchasing much eavesdropping equipment; this means they know hundreds of dangerous field agents whom to sell to. I have my record being expunged, the district attorney in Oregon has already agreed to expunge my past record from 20 years ago and the lawyer was paid a long time ago. In Hong Kong I was attacked with a bottle to my head, so I hired a bodyguard after making a police report inside the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Then a few days later two men came to my table and sat down, one sounded Russian. They said they were going to kill me and asked if I was a Jew and I told them there was no reason, I then called my father who mimicked me asking if I told them that there was no reason. I went to Seattle for a new passport instead of Boston, because it was closer to my house in British Columbia. The passport office in Seattle refused to give me a passport Then on leaving there one Thursday morning at around 11:30, going across the street to eat lunch and calling a taxi, a bottle fell to where my head was at the entrance to the Brooklyn Seafood restaurant. The armed bodyguard I hired confirmed with a contact inside the eatery that a bottle did drop there that day. A police report could not be made because the police told me it could have been an accident. Several men had followed me,( including a black commando with a live security clearance and one retired navy seal team five member said he was given a medal of honor, showed me his veterans id, named Jean Luc from Alaska, when I asked him what he did, he said he kills people he works at Piano 88 bar) and several other men. Two bald men followed me in Seattle, one was also in Hong Kong behind me on his phone asking the receiver if he should shoot me or not, and a gray haired man similar in appearance to the man who came to my girlfriends residence during the 2016 repatriations loan. After Seattle I went to Boston to apply for the passport. My father was upset, because he found out that I had a mortgage, but I explained I had no choice in that matter, because my mother had said I would not be given anymore money upon receiving the house. I never asked for money and so I went to a private lender, One Stop Mortgage. I yearned to have my own home, I never had the feeling of my own place before, a place to feel safe, so I hastily agreed. Once there, my new tenants sent me an urgent email advising me there were two strange women in my yard taking photos, later I learned it was my mother and my aunt. My passport trip to Boston in my mothers car during a ride with her, I asked if my father lied all the time or just some times, as she fidgeted with her phone on the dashboard. Arriving home from that drive my father greeted us upset about that question to her. We sat in the living room together and talked about the ‘bottle dropping’ incident and I asked if it was true what my brothers said that he was ‘Jewish mafia’ , my mother gawked and said that he would not kill his own son. I asked how he knew about the mortgage, to which he said his lawyer did a search since it was a gift tax, whatever that meant, and to this my mother exclaimed about my  father that he is a good liar. My parents answering machine received a call from Benny, the undercover agent working in Hong Kong and Taiwan with the Diplomatic security forces. He invited me to meet him in Taiwan to discuss about cooperating with home to open an English business named “Movie English” that I had incorporated in Boston. I also went to the Taiwan consulate in Boston to help prepare my trip itinerary. (We met there on my birthday and I also met his personal friend for coffee she founded “Descendants of African People” she said to me that he worked for the American State Department. My father sponsored my trip to Taiwan. (At this time, I never knew for sure that I had a trust account, I considered I was borrowing). My father wanted to talk more about my passport issue, so I paid for us to meet with a mediator and for one hour he lectured me about the seriousness of losing a passport. At the Boston passport agency the man giving me my new passport  told me  I would likely be investigated for the lost passports. I met Paul McSweeney and my father at his office  at Wild Ace Inns, asked if they had been involved in any surveillance recently, which my father denied ever in my lifetime he swore on his life even though he claimed to be terminally ill. Paul already told me he had years earlier. Paul turned to me and said he owed his life to my father. After Boston I went to my nephews bar Mitzvah in Los Angeles and upon arriving, a blue sports car waiting at the exit noticed me and followed me slowly. When I turned to photograph him, he waived his hands frantically in front of his face and sped away to the highway without any passengers. His method of waiving his hands was just like the blond woman driving a green GMC truck behind me in British Columbia. I went to the Philippines on invitation from a girl and stayed there for about four years,  leaving and then coming back between girlfriends. There was a time after a break up with a girlfriend, I came back to Manila and a family at the hotel lobby invited me to dinner. As a precaution I took the hotel van with their hired security man to the date, where totally new people greeted us  instructed us to drive under a bridge in the pitch black, the driver and I agreed not to and the man who greeted us  clearly said on his phone “the hit is canceled”. I went to Cebu again and awaited  my mother to send my high school transcripts for my application to university in criminology. I was staying at the Tonros hotel when several men appeared to be staring at me from the Kukus Nest hotel across the street so I went to say hello. I had also often gone to drink coffee there. Two very big Finnish men were there, sat together and the leader of the two asked if I had ever been to the Cayman Islands, as it happened that during my previous meeting with my parents about the mortgage I copied a fax from my fathers folder in hopes to gain clues as to why someone tried to kill me. It was a fax of a transfer he had made to the Cayman Islands. The other Finnish man a nuclear physicist gave me his name card, because they said their sailboat was confiscated entering America by river, so not wanting to miss out on an opportunity, I asked if I could buy it at a discount. Leaving them at he cafe, he yelled to me “Its like a game of chess, isn’t it.” (I only played chess when I was with the two agents Benny and Sasha) and also he said “Larry, you are going to need guns” (maybe it was to warn of the dangers of sailing Asian seas?) I scanned the card and sent it to my parents email addresses thinking they might have hired them. I deleted my own email in boxes so I asked for that card from them and they refused, then I asked them through their lawyer and they refused again so I said I would get a subpoena and they then deleted their email accounts. A different man, the same place, the next morning, offered to have a drink with me and called me by my Sunday school name Heart while on his phone call. Later he crossed my path to my room and a paper similar looking to the fax had disappeared from my most important folder. The paper stolen the contact of Michael Jackson抯 previous bodyguard in Manila, in case I needed help. I actually did call him to help me two years later to get to the airport, but after his promise, his hot line telephone at his office mysteriously did not answer all night, when I was scheduled to be accompanied by him to the airport. Furthermore upon talking to my mother during that particular day I  called this bodyguard, my mother specifically mentioned details about my conversation with him that only someone either listening or watching could have known. This type of correlation between what happened in several situations and to what my mother said to me was impossible to be a coincidence and several of these instances were once in a lifetime experiences? Another different man at the Kukus who stayed there after these other men left, he stayed there for over  a month and came up to me several times His name was David and he claimed to having a purple heart medal and he would run up to me with his phone call on. I told him that I might investigate him for spying on me and he said if I did that he would tie my feet to concrete blocks and dump me in the ocean. The moment after his threat he made a telephone call and told someone to delete all the telephone records. Two fake Muslim girls came to Kukus nest one night I was there they were confused about their names, one said to the other about me sitting beside them “Are they really going to shoot him?” I called my brother Martin for advise and he told me to ignore them. Martin’s actions cost my daughters life, nearly my own life and from what I hear others also. My father had no right to speak to the US Consulate directly, because I had not signed a privacy waiver, but he found out about the letter I attached to my repatriation loan application which stated that my father was threatening me, at least it appeared so  since after the men came to my table in Hong Kong. In Davao I also applied to a university for my criminology degree I planned also to open a coffee shop, but an American named Jerry showed up at the place offering to help. A business partner came to my location and she overheard Jerry talking to me specifically about my science fiction story written years earlier that I gave to my family and brother Michael, an amateur UFO researcher;  his comments scared her away. Jerry said some of the same things these other strange men had said, such as that I was a manipulator, but the only man in the world who called me that was my paranoid father. I thought it strange that I had once called a Rabbi in Seattle, whom also knew my father a year earlier, for him to do something helpful for me while I was abroad, he had  been told that I was a manipulator by my father . I thought it must have been from when my parents were yelling at me saying that I manipulated them in to buying a house, but as I mentioned earlier, I never asked for a house, and they had asked me to stay there for six months a year which I did. About Jerry, a local ex navy and bar owner guess that Jerry was a Federally protected witness after Jerry's talk with him. Jerry also had a fake Quezon City police ID with his photo and name on it. I told jerry that the FBI would not take my calls and he said that “They have people inside the FBI.”Jerry came to my room and pointed to the photo of my father saying my father was not the kind of man to cross. Jerry was arrested for selling fake Marlboros in Davao, and I brought a sandwich to him at the jail. I am 100% sure he knows who hired the assassination team so I stress that the $50,000 dollar reward now in 2017 and forever could be awarded by tracking this Jerry down and gaining evidence. I went back to Cebu and the gray haired American man came with two cowering policeman behind him, it was 26 C Imus Highway. (Just before these men appeared at the house that time, a short American had walked slowly pass me as if to identify me, his hair was obviously dyed black to blend in)I walked up to the gray haired man and  he asked me how I made money so I told him. He joked in an evil way, that he was from France, because somehow he had overheard my joke the week before that I was from France. I told him I didn’t like being bothered and the following day an American guy approached me on the street who approached me the year before also, asking to borrow a dollar and he asked me, “Aren’t you from France?” Lesyl who became pregnant while I waited for the loan to process. My father intervened in the loan process by telling the lady at the consulate helping me that I was crazy, I had asked her out of expectance, “Did my father tell you that I was crazy? and she laughed saying yea. My father had begun telling many people either that I was a crazy or a manipulator. The consulate told me it was required on the application to ask my family and they specified 2500 as being necessary, but my father only sent 1500. It later appeared to be a trap to keep me there while a group tried to kill me. I had told my father my plans to return to America and talk to lawyers about stopping these men stalking me and he sounded solemnly disappointed at that.  In fact the was also one time I was poisoned in Cebu by a dart to my leg which left a large puffy mark, I called my mother to ask for help with protection and she said “Ill think about it" A completely different time, it was in the next city after Baguio that the same short man who walked past me before the gray haired man showing up at 26 C Imus highway from the repatriation loan, again this time walked slowly past me (his hair now was a faded brown). I had previously called my dad about the gray haired man coming and he said “That’s what you get for writing the letter? While walking back to Lesyls house, the Australian Gecko Bar owner called me over to enter his bar and to have a private meeting with him, and it was just him, his sidekick in the corner and a waitress serving us a beer. He sat close to me and said there was a contract on my life, and he said “It isnt a white man” His sidekick said “Just shoot him? then he switched chairs to sit away from me. I was not a guilty man nor a rat, nor would anyone have a reason to kill me, so I got up and sat back next to him again (I know very well about honor and these ex military could learn it from me in this case). Then he asked me if there were any court documents, I replied that I was not involved with any courts. The only thing I could think of was a questionnaire had been sent to me from Boston by a lawyer named Garabedian, from when I became upset about discovering the report and subsequent child abuse cover-up by my parents. I decided not to sue because I was not interested in money, and my parents  continued to deny everything, even Michael who watched me being molested started denying it ever happened; I had called Michael who said that I would be "locked up if I continued to say that". (The Gecko bar owner knows who hired the assassination team for those seeking the 50,000 dollar reward) fake Lesyl was pregnant so I asked for a local loan, which I paid back every month and reapplied for, for several hundred dollars to care for the baby and us too the last term of the pregnancy. The loan company in Mactan called Loan first stopped my loan because  they found out that I had a trust account that I could use instead they said, even  I did not know then about the private irrevocable trust, but that it would have been impossible for them to find out about unless someone went to tell them. I called Martin and he said that he had helped make the financial papers for my father, Martin also told me “Never tell a murderer that he is wrong.? That week we had to switch apartment in order to use my deposit money to eat with. My parents had sent money late a few months in a row. I considered some of the money sent to be a payback for the 20,000 dollars in value of my house possessions which they abandoned after promising to pick them up from my handyman. After two months of waiting which infuriated my handyman and I also my father accused me of trying to have him pick up my things and he would have been charged money by my handyman. It was actually my father's offer to pick them up, and there was no money owed for anything, I owed no one money. Lesyl and I came out of our room and then three men sat at our room's entrance in Decca 5 apartments, Mactan, so I greeted them, said hi and shook their hands to which the first one, identifying himself as Jun from Decca 3, his ID later confirmed, said “I’m not gonna shoot this man" The next man over had a huge birthmark surrounding one eye, and a bald American with arm tattoos sat next to him. (These men also know who hired the assassination team for anyone seeking the 50,000 dollar reward). we immediately moved and  there was a violent break-in into our next apartment  through the air conditioner and front door. I called 911 but there was no response and I called the NBI, but a man near the receiver ordered him to hang up. My loan had been stopped and neighbors had no food to let us borrow, because the Philippina are very poor people. Hospitals needed to be paid for any treatment received also, otherwise it would be seen as a crime if you were not to pay. Lesyl had killed our child, I am not sure how because I had taken every precaution by taking her for vitamins daily and putting rugs on the ground to avoid falls, along with the ultrasound to check the health of the baby. I wanted her to stay inside the last two months of the pregnancy as I feared those men coming around. It was one day that I asked her to bring my phone to the neighbors to sell for our food,  she disappeared for two hours and came back with some money and bag of a street drug. I yelled at her because of her past drug and alcohol addiction, but I did my best to keep her away from them. I would have taken her to live in a remote location, but I preferred busy neighborhoods to stay in public view in case those people came again. Later, I went to the Lapu Lapu police station because a duty officer at the American consulate said he had a contact inside. I made a call to the embassy from the women’s services department and yelled at the consulate officer to urgently call my parents for money otherwise my baby would die. I had called my father, but he didn’t want to talk on the phone as he was upset, saying that I had disrespected him somehow. I am guessing that whoever told the loan company about the trust account was preparing to move in on her once we had no money and were starving. I called my parents all week to ask for money and they refused, but instead for the first time in my life sent two checks totaling 4000 dollars which arrived the very day that she murdered my baby. When I called my father to yell at him for the murder, he picked up the phone to say that he had terminal cancer, the Boston Globe even wrote this too in their article as to why wild Acre Inns was closing, but I called the Globe and told them to take out that claim because he was not terminally ill, it appeared to be a cover story to take attention away from my baby’s murder and mine. When Lesyl killed the baby she had strained herself a few different times that week squeezing her womb, but one thing I could not figure out, was that she was in pain and could not breath, so my guess after it happened was that she was not squeezing to kill the baby but that the baby was poisoned and fighting for her life, and Lesyl was trying to constrain her own pain as the baby child struggled inside. I came to this new conclusion after reading her statement about the S.U.V. of people who came to her and mentioned their fear of poison inside the baby which was still inside of her. I was poisoned after that, which can not be a coincidence. and it was clearly a set up. A Finnish lady came to my face just after the poisoning, she said Aren’t you confused?. I had called an ambulance for myself that night to take me to the hospital and I called my parents at the same time and they seemed happy for some reason. The ambulance stayed in the parking lot for almost 30 minutes, so I took a taxi instead in fear of the symptoms of this strange poison. There had been four special agents identifying themselves as Philippine equivalent to America 抯 ice just before I was poisoned, this was at the Escario hotel. I had also heard some people outside my room in English speaking with an American accent asking which room I stayed in. When I arrived at the hospital in Cebu named Socceur hospital a man in a lab coat greeted me and gave me a pill from his pocket which made me feel like I was dying, really, it was like the feeling of falling into a endless pit, so I asked him to take my vitals and he refused, so I ran out the hospital and threw up. It was the next morning that the Finnish lady appeared to me. The man in the lab coat was the same impostor that switched places with the doctor at my check up in Baguio approximately 1000 miles away, later on. acc I left Lesyl alone at Escario and I went somewhere else when I was poisoned. When I came back to get her, we moved to a new hotel and upon arriving there at 6 am I noticed people below our room in the parking lot talking about shooting us. I immediately went to the security manager inside the lobby and pointed to one of the people on his way to a gray suv outside the gate at the only vantage point. There was a man in a yellow t-shirt on his way to that suv and the manager said he did not see him even though he was right in front of us. I immediately called the embassy because I was very afraid of what was going on there. The next week I asked Lesyl to take a moment and think about our  relationship. She was clearly disturbed about something and she said she would not tell me unless we left the city, so we did. After our arrival to Bohol, where I buried my girl, she wrote a statement with a lawyer about the suv but I didn’t tell her that I had reported the suv earlier. At one point Lesyl stated she had to choose between me or her son. We went to Baguio city, I only told the embassy and my father where I was. I made a check up appointment at the doctors office incase I wanted  to leave the country and obtain a working visa, I had checkups every year and I was healthy. While in public I made a joke and one bad lie. I joked that I would quickly get a checkup to prove my good health in case those people tried to give me a heart attack. I also made the bad lie aloud in public while walking with Lesyl that I would use any extra money I wanted to hurt that bad man of a neighbor, who had raped Lesyl during Christmas and my birthday. I called my mother to ask for more money in order to pay the exit fees and she asked me, if she sent me more money would I hurt someone. Furthermore my father on hearing the call about my exiting and needing money to do so, threatened my mom verbally,  that he would close her bank account if she did send more. (I never hurt anyone in my life and would never hurt myself either)One thing that I want to mention to the readers now is that after the attempted break in to my apartment through the air conditioner, I called my father. I was particularly disturbed that after the group left , there was a five gallon drum of bleach left on my front door mat. My father insisted  to me that I should go to the hospital, but for no reason. He  also said to me before he hung up the phone “I guess you did a public service” (He referred to my mention of his Cayman Islands account to the State department during my repatriation loan) I had been poisoned several times and called a night duty officer, who identified himself as Noel and I begged him for help, I told him I believed myself to be a good person and to please help. After begging he finally said he had done some research and said “There is a warrant on your life”. I had never heard of such a thing and I immediately told him  that it was impossible, and asked him by whom. He answered “Whitey”. He cut the call short and told me to call in the day time. The daytime duty officer sounded suspicious and asked if I had spoken to someone at night there. In Bagiuo at the check up appointment, I asked Lesyl to wait outside with her stencil pad. I stayed with the intern to attach the electrodes and we watched my heart on screen for an hour while waiting for the doctor to arrive. My heart was in good condition. Then after a whole hour of waiting, finally a new nurse came in wearing a mask and told me something very odd. The previous nurse explained that if I jogged on the running machine later to hit the red button if I felt faint, but this time the new nurse said NOT to hit the button but if feeling faint later to tell her about it instead. Then the doctor came in wearing normal clothes, looking back in time I realized that if he had worn a lab coat I would have recognized him as the same emergency room doctor in Cebu who gave me the poison tablet at Socceur hospital. I went to stand on the running machine and then noticed while looking at the monitor, just standing still my heart went racing to 120 and I could not believe it so I asked him about it and he said not to bother him ,that he was “Busy with procedure” I saw my heart beat go up more to 130 and I had not even begun jogging and when I went to say something, he snapped at me asking how I should know. This was when I told him that I was raised among Harvard doctors and knew that 120 represented a problem. Then a moment later he said like he was pretending, Oh, I see a problem and my heart went to 190 and fluctuated to 200 at which point I felt a chemical in my blood. In my mind I knew it was another hit on my life. I thought fast and pulled off the electrodes, quickly wiping the gel off my chest, meanwhile grabbing my clothes and pulling out a wad of cash that totaled much more than the amount owed for the checkup, and I told them I was leaving, that I was late for another appointment. I successfully paid and dressed and left while concentrating not to have a heart attack, and stumbled out the door. He grabbed a nun who was passing by to say a prayer over my dying body and got on his cell phone. I left the entranceway and a guard asked me to stop so I told him I’d already paid and was late for an appointment. He still would not let me pass, so I made an immediate decision to run for my life, up the private road for about 500 meters to the public street. I was chased by four guards and upon reaching the street a large masked woman, civilian, stepped out and said she was a police woman, and said I must return to the hospital. I explained again that I had already paid and had to go, and when asked, she had no id. Lesyl just reached where we were all stood and said “I thought you were going to give me a heart attack” as she stood there also wondering what to do. Finally I yelled to the street side and yelled. “I am Larry Margulies and they poisoned me”, they then let me leave. The reception nurse from inside ran to me at that point and gave me a receipt. We jumped on a bus immediately left the city. If you wanted to find this hospital, it is at the top of Session Road in Bagiuo , upon leaving the art cafe take a left, then  take the first right, and the road across the street leads to the emergency room. We went to Manila and stayed at the White night hotel where three workers witnessed my will and testament to Donald Trump the presidential nominee and Steven Seagal, giving them my family photo collection, bank account savings, email account and asking them to investigate my statement. I applied for my exit visa properly and efficiently, but upon going to pick the exit clearance up, the Immigration department told me that I had to do the entire process all over again, and for no reason at all.I was poisoned again and eventually they gave me the exit visa but also a letter stating that there was a humane issue in granting it. Lesyl was with me that day and she had promised to stay with me, but something scared her and she suddenly wanted to stay at the coffee shop and wait. I was poisoned while at the immigration office while standing in line and the symptoms gradually increased over several hours, the first few hours I went to the embassy twice. I went to the gate claiming to have an emergency. A Federal law enforcement officer took my call the week previous about investigators harassing me and he told me to come in, so at that time I was poisoned I went there to ask to speak to a law enforcement officer. I told them some people were trying to kill me outside and that I was poisoned. They refused both times I asked and told me I had to leave, but I was so scared, as the poison was becoming strong and considering its speed to take affect it felt deadly, and it was. I jumped in a taxi outside the embassy and chose a destination an hour away to my ex girlfriends house. We turned around and went back to the White knight hotel, where I had tried to take a water break on the way, but I could not stand up, feeling dizzy and throwing up for no reason. I crawled up to the room and two red laser dots were on the wall coming through an open window near Lesyl and I. Lesyl said loudly to herself finally its over. After my escape through the airport and making my way to Macao an atm machine ate my cards, so I called Martin for help to pay my hotel while a new card was on its way He answered my telephone call by yelling into the phone as soon as I said hello, Larry you need help!. It appeared he was acting and setting me up as if someone like his wife was there listening. Martin said he needed my specific address if he was going to help send money for the hotel. I told him that giving my address put me at risk because of those people. He promised to pay for the week or two but he only paid for one night seemed strange, which he did by credit card, and he spoke to me on the phone while I stood in the hotel lobby and two men appeared at the entrance on their phone. Martin asked me commented about my physical appearance,  those two men were sent to the address as soon as I gave it to Martin. Martin instructed me to call him the next day to cover the hotel costs until my card arrived, but he did not answer any calls or emails. He broke his promise This was at the Masters hotel in Macao. I managed to find a hotel that let me stay for ten days with my delayed payment. Michael called my Skype after my escape sounding desperate to talk about my trust account. Mike Yudowitz: “There is money. Send email. Confirming that you want me to be trustee and not Ken Shulman. Tell me now if you do not want me involved. I am doing this to help you. It is not something I want to do.“Larry Margulies: I don’t want you involved Mike; honestly, I don’t trust you.“Mike Yudowitz: “Ken Shulman will do it; I will call dad now, all family contact from now on will be though Shulman. I will block you now bye” In 2017 twice two men came behind me and used some tool to inject me with some strange stimulant; once while sitting in an internet bar an old man walked toward me and looked me in the face, after which a younger man came from his side and injected me with something that made my heart race over 130 bpm for several hours. It must have been some device similar to that used in the Philippines. This also happened when a man at Walmart came to me and said that my English was very good, then moved swiftly around behind me and injected in my backside with something, but in both incidents the police and I could find no video proving that. February 27th, 2017 in Mongolia upon my first morning, there were two armed men who came into my hotel room at 7am, grabbed my arm and asked me to go in a car with them, but I yelled out of the window for help, and a family saved me from them; I believe I was followed into Mongolia and set up. They also stole my computer tablet The police came, after I screamed for help outside the window and a child next door called for them. The maid clearly said to me while the  intruders men went to greet the police that they were going to kill me. They told the police they didn’t want a dead body in the room. The maid had been switched that morning from the night before and it was not a work day, it was a national holiday February 28. The police handed me the phone twice, once to the consulate lady and again to a consulate worker named Jason who said was two hours away. After my escape from that situation, my Skype wifi reception was erratic and Jason’s voice said hello to answer his phone while my Skype was ringing and I cannot explain this except that if he was hacking my signal and he confused my Skype ringing with his own phone ringing, it was definitely Jasons voice and no one else spoke American English in these parts. Later on to follow up with the consulate I discovered Jason’s job was to interview people for visas, and the one things connecting all the attempts on my life was the visa issue. $50.000 dollars is a the reward. A red Cross worker there notified me that while he worked alongside army there was an order for my death by execution. There are more than a hundred witnesses, My contact is Ken Shulman at 101 International place in Boston and my email [email protected]. There is a non expiring $50,000 Reward toward their captuer and whomever gave their order. Please help. I am a decent human being and have not crossed any lines by my statement. I am neither being a coward nor am I worthless. I have a life to live and so did my baby girl and the old lady or any others threatened or killed in this mysterious situation. Anyone with the will or authority could find the truth here and have those people arrested and charged with their crimes against humanity. The baby girl experienced a painful death at 8 months prenatal and clearly the state department and my family both knew of the events before during and after, and also the poisonings and attacks against me. I was put in this situation. Will there be anything done, will anyone please help, will a reward help. My theory is that my government listened to my father’s opinions as they had done s in the past . He told them while in a deranged anger that I was a manipulator and possibly involved in criminality (but I was not); he may have told them so, and my siblings may have stood by to collect any money from my death.

My father and family may have used the government as a means to apply violence and it is conclusive that they had real time interaction with the assassins. Michael Ann Martin and my mother knew about all the attempts on my life first hand and that is certain from their emails and conversations between 2008 and 2016. I argue that my babies death certificate by saying unknown causes can start a murder investigation because the child was fully developed and their is not a statute of limitations. the child was murdered and the people in Lesyl Medullas’ statement were responsible for her actions and if anything were to happen to me, it will likely be at their manipulation also. So I hope my will and testament giving my savings account to Donald John Trump and Steven Frank Seagal may be enough to interest them in investigating and holding those responsible. Thank G-d I am alive now and hopefully those assassins will leave me be. They had never told me what this is about except to use words like my families’. Please Boycott Yudowitz.com for their direct involvement.





[Psalm 1]

{1:1} Blessed is the man who has


not followed the counsel of the


impious, and has not remained in


the way of sinners, and has not


sat in the chair of pestilence.

{1:2} But his will is with the law


of the Lord, and he will meditate


on his law, day and night.

{1:3} And he will be like a tree


that has been planted beside


running waters, which will provide


its fruit in its time, and its


leaf will not fall away, and all


things whatsoever that he does


will prosper.

{1:4} Not so the impious, not so.


For they are like the dust that


the wind casts along the face of


the earth.

{1:5} Therefore, the impious will


not prevail again in judgment, nor


sinners in the council of the



{1:6} For the Lord knows the way


of the just. And the path of the


impious will pass away.


[Psalm 2]

{2:1} Why have the Gentiles been


seething, and why have the people


been pondering nonsense?

{2:2} The kings of the earth have


stood up, and the leaders have


joined together as one, against


the Lord and against his Christ:

{2:3} “Let us shatter their


chains and cast their yoke away


from us.”

{2:4} He who dwells in heaven will


ridicule them, and the Lord will


mock them.

{2:5} Then will he speak to them


in his anger and trouble them with


his fury.

{2:6} Yet I have been appointed


king by him over Zion, his holy


mountain, preaching his precepts.

{2:7} The Lord has said to me: You


are my son, this day have I


begotten you.

{2:8} Ask of me and I will give to


you: the Gentiles for your


inheritance, and the ends of the


earth for your possession.

{2:9} You will rule them with an


iron rod, and you will shatter


them like a potter’s vessel.

{2:10} And now, O kings,


understand. Receive instruction,


you who judge the earth.

{2:11} Serve the Lord in fear, and


exult in him with trembling.

{2:12} Embrace discipline, lest at


any time the Lord might become


angry, and you would perish from


the way of the just.

{2:13} Though his wrath can flare


up in a short time, blessed are


all those who trust in him.


[Psalm 3]

{3:1} A Psalm of David. When he


fled from the face of his son,



{3:2} Lord, why have those who


trouble me been multiplied? Many


rise up against me.

{3:3} Many say to my soul, “There


is no salvation for him in his



{3:4} But you, Lord, are my


supporter, my glory, and the one


who raises up my head.

{3:5} I have cried out to the Lord


with my voice, and he has heard me


from his holy mountain.

{3:6} I have slept, and I have


been stupefied. But I awakened


because the Lord has taken me up.

{3:7} I will not fear the


thousands of people surrounding


me. Rise up, Lord. Save me, my



{3:8} For you have struck all


those who oppose me without cause.


You have broken the teeth of



{3:9} Salvation is of the Lord,


and your blessing is upon your




[Psalm 4]

{4:1} In parts according to


verses. A Psalm of David.

{4:2} When I called upon him, the


God of my justice heeded me. In


tribulation, you have enlarged me.


Have mercy on me, and heed my



{4:3} Sons of men, how long will


you be dull in heart, so that


whatever you love is in vain, and


whatever you seek is false?

{4:4} And know this: the Lord has


made wondrous his holy one. The


Lord will heed me when I cry out


to him.

{4:5} Be angry, and do not be


willing to sin. The things that


you say in your hearts: be sorry


for them on your beds.

{4:6} Offer the sacrifice of


justice, and hope in the Lord.


Many say, “Who reveals to us what


is good?”

{4:7} The light of your


countenance, Lord, has been sealed


upon us. You have given joy to my



{4:8} By the fruit of their grain,


wine, and oil, they have been



{4:9} In peace itself, I will


sleep and I will rest.

{4:10} For you, O Lord, have


established me singularly in hope.


[Psalm 5]

{5:1} Unto the end. For her who


pursues the inheritance. A Psalm


of David.

{5:2} O Lord, listen closely to my


words. Understand my outcry.

{5:3} Attend to the voice of my


prayer, my King and my God.

{5:4} For to you, I will pray. In


the morning, Lord, you will hear


my voice.

{5:5} In the morning, I will stand


before you, and I will see. For


you are not a God who wills



{5:6} And the malicious will not


dwell close to you, nor will the


unjust endure before your eyes.

{5:7} You hate all who work


iniquity. You will destroy all who


speak a lie. The bloody and


deceitful man, the Lord will



{5:8} But I am in the multitude of


your mercy. I will enter your


house. I will show adoration


toward your holy temple, in your



{5:9} Lord, lead me in your


justice. Because of my enemies,


direct my way in your sight.

{5:10} For there is no truth in


their mouth: their heart is vain.

{5:11} Their throat is an open


sepulcher. They have acted


deceitfully with their tongues.


Judge them, O God. Let them fall


by their own intentions: according


to the multitude of their impiety,


expel them. For they have provoked


you, O Lord.

{5:12} But let all those who hope


in you rejoice. They will exult in


eternity, and you will dwell in


them. And all those who love your


name will glory in you.

{5:13} For you will bless the


just. You have crowned us, O Lord,


as if with a shield of your good




[Psalm 6]

{6:1} In parts according to


verses. A Psalm of David. For the



{6:2} O Lord, do not rebuke me in


your fury, nor chastise me in your



{6:3} Have mercy on me, Lord, for


I am weak. Heal me, Lord, for my


bones have become disturbed,

{6:4} and my soul has been very


troubled. But as for you, Lord,



{6:5} Turn to me, Lord, and rescue


my soul. Save me because of your



{6:6} For there is no one in death


who would be mindful of you. And


who will confess to you in Hell?

{6:7} I have labored in my


groaning. Every night, with my


tears, I will wash my bed and


drench my blanket.

{6:8} My eye has been troubled by


rage. I have grown old among all


my enemies.

{6:9} Scatter before me, all you


who work iniquity, for the Lord


has heard the voice of my weeping.

{6:10} The Lord has heard my


supplication. The Lord has


accepted my prayer.

{6:11} Let all my enemies be


ashamed and together be greatly


troubled. May they be converted


and become ashamed very quickly.


[Psalm 7]

{7:1} A Psalm of David, which he


sang to the Lord because of the


words of Cush, the son of Jemini.

{7:2} O Lord, my God, in you I


have hoped. Save me from all those


who persecute me, and free me:

{7:3} lest at any time, like a


lion, he might seize my soul,


while there is no one to redeem


me, nor any who can save.

{7:4} O Lord, my God, if there is


iniquity in my hands, if I have


done this:

{7:5} if I have repaid those who


rendered evils to me, may I


deservedly fall away empty before


my enemies:

{7:6} let the enemy pursue my


soul, and take hold of it, and


trample my life into the earth,


and drag down my glory into the



{7:7} Rise up, Lord, in your


anger. And be exalted to the


borders of my enemies. And rise


up, O Lord my God, according to


the precept that you commanded,

{7:8} and a congregation of people


will surround you. And, because of


this, return on high.

{7:9} The Lord judges the people.


Judge me, O Lord, according to my


justice and according to my


innocence within me.

{7:10} The wickedness of sinners


will be consumed, and you will


direct the just: the examiner of


hearts and temperaments is God.

{7:11} Just is my help from the


Lord, who saves the upright of



{7:12} God is a just judge, strong


and patient. How could he be angry


throughout every day?

{7:13} Unless you will be


converted, he will brandish his


sword. He has extended his bow and


made it ready.

{7:14} And with it, he has


prepared instruments of death. He


has produced his arrows for those


on fire.

{7:15} Behold him who has given


birth to injustice: he has


conceived sorrow and has begotten



{7:16} He has opened a pit and


enlarged it. And he has fallen


into the hole that he made.

{7:17} His sorrow will be turned


upon his own head, and his


iniquity will descend upon his


highest point.

{7:18} I will confess to the Lord


according to his justice, and I


will sing a psalm to the name of


the Lord Most High.


[Psalm 8]

{8:1} Unto the end. For the oil


and wine presses. A Psalm of



{8:2} O Lord, our Lord, how


admirable is your name throughout


all the earth! For your


magnificence is elevated above the



{8:3} Out of the mouths of babes


and infants, you have perfected


praise, because of your enemies,


so that you may destroy the enemy


and the revenger.

{8:4} For I will behold your


heavens, the works of your


fingers: the moon and the stars,


which you have founded.

{8:5} What is man, that you are


mindful of him, or the son of man,


that you visit him?

{8:6} You reduced him to a little


less than the Angels; you have


crowned him with glory and honor,

{8:7} and you have set him over


the works of your hands.

{8:8} You have subjected all


things under his feet, all sheep


and oxen, and in addition: the


beasts of the field,

{8:9} the birds of the air, and


the fish of the sea, which pass


through the paths of the sea.

{8:10} O Lord, our Lord, how


admirable is your name throughout


all the earth!


[Psalm 9] (9 – 10)

{9:1} Unto the end. For the


secrets of the Son. A Psalm of



{9:2} I will confess to you, Lord,


with my whole heart. I will


recount all your wonders.

{9:3} I will rejoice and exult in


you. I will sing a psalm to your


name, O Most High.

{9:4} For my enemy will be turned


back. They will be weakened and


perish before your face.

{9:5} For you have accomplished my


judgment and my cause. You have


sat upon the throne that judges



{9:6} You have rebuked the


Gentiles, and the impious one has


perished. You have deleted their


name in eternity and for all



{9:7} The spears of the enemy have


failed in the end, and their


cities, you have destroyed. Their


memory has perished with a loud



{9:8} But the Lord remains in


eternity. He has prepared his


throne in judgment.

{9:9} And he will judge the whole


world in equity. He will judge the


people in justice.

{9:10} And the Lord has become a


refuge for the poor, a helper in


opportunity, in tribulation.

{9:11} And may they hope in you,


who know your name. For you have


not abandoned those seeking you,



{9:12} Sing a psalm to the Lord,


who dwells in Zion. Announce his


study among the Gentiles.

{9:13} Because of those who


yearned for their blood, he has


remembered them. He has not


forgotten the cry of the poor.

{9:14} Have mercy on me, Lord. See


my humiliation from my enemies.

{9:15} You lift me up from the


gates of death, so that I may


announce all your praises at the


gates of the daughter of Zion.

{9:16} I will exult in your


salvation. The Gentiles have


become trapped in the ruin that


they made. Their foot has been


caught in the same snare that they


themselves had hidden.

{9:17} The Lord will be recognized


when making judgments. The sinner


has been caught in the works of


his own hands.

{9:18} The sinners will be turned


into Hell: all the Gentiles who


have forgotten God.

{9:19} For the poor will not be


forgotten in the end. The patience


of the poor will not perish in the



{9:20} Rise up, Lord: do not let


man be strengthened. Let the


Gentiles be judged in your sight.

{9:21} O Lord, establish a


lawgiver over them, so that the


Gentiles may know that they are


only men.


{9:22} So then, why, O Lord, have


you withdrawn far away? Why have


you overlooked us in opportunity,


in tribulation?

{9:23} While the impious is


arrogant, the poor is enflamed.


They are held by the counsels that


they devise.

{9:24} For the sinner is praised


by the desires of his soul, and


the iniquitous is blessed.

{9:25} The sinner has provoked the


Lord; according to the multitude


of his wrath, he will not seek



{9:26} God is not before his


sight. His ways are stained at all


times. Your judgments are removed


from his face. He will be master


of all his enemies.

{9:27} For he has said in his


heart, “I will not be disturbed:


from generation to generation


without evil.”

{9:28} His mouth is full of


curses, and bitterness, and


deceit. Under his tongue are


hardship and sorrow.

{9:29} He sits in ambush, with


resources in hidden places, so


that he may execute the innocent.

{9:30} His eyes catch sight of the


poor. He lies in ambush, in hiding


like a lion in his den. He lies in


ambush, so that he may seize the


poor, to seize the poor as he


draws him in.

{9:31} With his snare, he will


bring him down. He will crouch


down and pounce, when he has power


over the poor.

{9:32} For he has said in his


heart, “God has forgotten, he has


turned away his face, lest he see


to the end.”

{9:33} O Lord God, rise up. Let


your hand be exalted. Do not


forget the poor.

{9:34} How has the impious one


provoked God? For he has said in


his heart, “He will not inquire.


{9:35} You do see, for you examine


hardship and sorrow, so that you


may deliver them into your hands.


The poor one has been abandoned to


you. You will be a helper to the



{9:36} Break the arm of the sinner


and the malicious. His sin will be


sought, and it will not be found.

{9:37} The Lord shall reign in


eternity, even forever and ever.


You will perish the Gentiles from


his land.

{9:38} The Lord has heeded the


desire of the poor. Your ear has


listened to the preparation of


their heart,

{9:39} so as to judge for the


orphan and the humble, so that man


may no longer presume to magnify


himself upon the earth.


[Psalm 10] (11)

{10:1} Unto the end. A Psalm of



{10:2} I trust in the Lord. How


can you say to my soul, “Sojourn


to the mountain, like a sparrow.”

{10:3} For behold, the sinners


have bent their bow. They have


prepared their arrows in the


quiver, so as to shoot arrows in


the dark at the upright of heart.

{10:4} For they have destroyed the


things that you have completed.


But what has the just one done?

{10:5} The Lord is in his holy


temple. The Lord’s throne is in


heaven. His eyes look upon the


poor. His eyelids question the


sons of men.

{10:6} The Lord questions the just


and the impious. Yet he who loves


iniquity, hates his own soul.

{10:7} He will rain down snares


upon sinners. Fire and brimstone


and windstorms will be the portion


of their cup.

{10:8} For the Lord is just, and


he has chosen justice. His


countenance has beheld equity.


[Psalm 11] (12)

{11:1} Unto the end. For the


octave. A Psalm of David.

{11:2} Save me, O Lord, because


holiness has passed away, because


truths have been diminished,


before the sons of men.

{11:3} They have been speaking


emptiness, each one to his


neighbor; they have been speaking


with deceitful lips and a


duplicitous heart.

{11:4} May the Lord scatter all


deceitful lips, along with the


tongue that speaks malice.

{11:5} They have said: “We will


magnify our tongue; our lips


belong to us. What is Lord to us?


{11:6} Because of the misery of


the destitute and the groaning of


the poor, now I will arise, says


the Lord. I will place him in


safety. I will act faithfully


toward him.

{11:7} The eloquence of the Lord


is pure eloquence, silver tested


by fire, purged from the earth,


refined seven times.

{11:8} You, O Lord, will preserve


us, and you will guard us from


this generation into eternity.

{11:9} The impious wander


aimlessly. According to your


loftiness, you have multiplied the


sons of men.


[Psalm 12] (13)

{12:1} Unto the end. A Psalm of


David. How long, O Lord? Will you


forget me until the end? How long


will you turn your face away from



{12:2} How long can I take counsel


in my soul, sorrowing in my heart


throughout the day?

{12:3} How long will my enemy be


exalted over me?

{12:4} Look upon me and listen to


me, O Lord my God. Enlighten my


eyes, lest I fall asleep forever


in death,

{12:5} lest at any time my enemy


may say, “I have prevailed


against him.” Those who trouble


me will exult, if I have been



{12:6} But I have hoped in your


mercy. My heart will exult in your


salvation. I will sing to the


Lord, who assigns good things to


me. And I will sing psalms to the


name of the Lord Most High.


[Psalm 13] (14)

{13:1} Unto the end. A Psalm of


David. The fool has said in his


heart, “There is no God.” They


were corrupted, and they have


become abominable in their


studies. There is no one who does


good; there is not even one.

{13:2} The Lord has looked down


from heaven upon the sons of men,


to see if there were any who were


considering or seeking God.

{13:3} They have all gone astray;


together they have become useless.


There is no one who does good;


there is not even one.

{13:4} Their throat is an open


sepulcher. With their tongues,


they have been acting deceitfully;


the venom of asps is under their


lips. Their mouth is full of


curses and bitterness.

{13:5} Their feet are swift to


shed blood. Grief and unhappiness


are in their ways; and the way of


peace, they have not known.

{13:6} There is no fear of God


before their eyes.

{13:7} Will they never learn: all


those who work iniquity, who


devour my people like a meal of



{13:8} They have not called upon


the Lord. There, they have


trembled in fear, where there was


no fear.

{13:9} For the Lord is with the


just generation. You have


confounded the counsel of the


needy because the Lord is his



{13:10} Who will grant the


salvation of Israel from Zion?


When the Lord turns away the


captivity of his people, Jacob


will exult, and Israel will




[Psalm 14] (15)

{14:1} A Psalm of David. O Lord,


who will dwell in your tabernacle?


Or who will rest on your holy



{14:2} He who walks without


blemish and who works justice.

{14:3} He who speaks the truth in


his heart, who has not acted


deceitfully with his tongue, and


has not done evil to his neighbor,


and has not taken up a reproach


against his neighbors.

{14:4} In his sight, the malicious


one has been reduced to nothing,


but he glorifies those who fear


the Lord. He who swears to his


neighbor and does not deceive.

{14:5} He who has not given his


money in usury, nor accepted


bribes against the innocent. He


who does these things will be


undisturbed for eternity.


[Psalm 15] (16)

{15:1} The inscription of a title:


of David himself. Preserve me, O


Lord, because I have hoped in you.

{15:2} I have said to the Lord: “


You are my God, so you have no


need of my goodness.”

{15:3} As for the saints, who are


in his land: he has made all my


desires wonderful in them.

{15:4} Their infirmities have been


multiplied; after this, they acted


more quickly. I will not gather


for their convocations of blood,


nor will I remember their names


with my lips.

{15:5} The Lord is the portion of


my inheritance and my cup. It is


you who will restore my


inheritance to me.

{15:6} The lots have fallen upon


me with clarity. And, indeed, my


inheritance has been very clear to



{15:7} I will bless the Lord, who


has bestowed understanding upon


me. Moreover, my temperament has


also corrected me, even through


the night.

{15:8} I have made provision for


the Lord always in my sight. For


he is at my right hand, so that I


may not be disturbed.

{15:9} Because of this, my heart


has been joyful, and my tongue has


exulted. Moreover, even my body


will rest in hope.

{15:10} For you will not abandon


my soul to Hell, nor will you


allow your holy one to see



{15:11} You have made known to me


the ways of life; you will fill me


with joy by your countenance. At


your right hand are delights, even


to the end.


[Psalm 16] (17)

{16:1} A Prayer of David. Lord,


listen to my justice, attend to my


supplication. Pay attention to my


prayer, which is not from


deceitful lips.

{16:2} Let my judgment proceed


from your presence. Let your eyes


behold fairness.

{16:3} You have tested my heart


and visited it by night. You have


examined me by fire, and iniquity


has not been found in me.

{16:4} Therefore, may my mouth not


speak the works of men. I have


kept to difficult ways because of


the words of your lips.

{16:5} Perfect my steps in your


paths, so that my footsteps may


not be disturbed.

{16:6} I have cried out because


you, O God, have listened to me.


Incline your ear to me and heed my



{16:7} Make your mercies


wonderful, for you save those who


hope in you.

{16:8} From those who resist your


right hand, preserve me like the


pupil of your eye. Protect me


under the shadow of your wings,

{16:9} from the face of the


impious who have afflicted me. My


enemies have surrounded my soul.

{16:10} They have concealed their


fatness; their mouth has been


speaking arrogantly.

{16:11} They have cast me out, and


now they have surrounded me. They


have cast their eyes down to the



{16:12} They have taken me, like a


lion ready for the prey, and like


a young lion dwelling in hiding.

{16:13} Rise up, O Lord, arrive


before him and displace him.


Deliver my soul from the impious


one: your spear from the enemies


of your hand.

{16:14} Lord, divide them from the


few of the earth in their life.


Their gut has been filled from


your hidden stores. They have been


filled with sons, and they have


bequeathed to their little ones


the remainder.

{16:15} But as for me, I will


appear before your sight in


justice. I will be satisfied when


your glory appears.


[Psalm 17] (18)

{17:1} Unto the end. For David,


the servant of the Lord, who spoke


the words of this canticle to the


Lord, in the day that the Lord


delivered him from the hand of all


his enemies and from the hand of


Saul. And he said:

{17:2} I will love you, O Lord my



{17:3} The Lord is my firmament,


my refuge, and my liberator. My


God is my helper, and I hope in


him: my protector, and the horn of


my salvation, and my support.

{17:4} Praising, I will call upon


the Lord. And I will be saved from


my enemies.

{17:5} The sorrows of death


surrounded me, and the torrents of


iniquity dismayed me.

{17:6} The sorrows of Hell


encompassed me, and the snares of


death intercepted me.

{17:7} In my tribulation, I called


upon the Lord, and I cried out to


my God. And he listened to my


voice from his holy temple. And my


cry in his presence entered into


his ears.

{17:8} The earth was shaken, and


it trembled. The foundations of


the mountains were disturbed, and


they were shaken, because he was


angry with them.

{17:9} A smoke ascended by his


wrath, and a fire flared up from


his face: coals were kindled by



{17:10} He bent the heavens, and


they descended. And darkness was


under his feet.

{17:11} And he ascended upon the


cherubim, and he flew: he flew


upon the feathers of the winds.

{17:12} And he set darkness as his


hiding place, with his tabernacle


all around him: dark waters in the


clouds of the air.

{17:13} At the brightness that was


before his sight, the clouds


crossed by, with hail and coals of



{17:14} And the Lord thundered


from heaven, and the Most High


uttered his voice: hail and coals


of fire.

{17:15} And he sent forth his


arrows and scattered them. He


multiplied lightnings, and he set


them in disarray.

{17:16} Then the fountains of


waters appeared, and the


foundations of the world were


revealed, by your rebuke, O Lord,


by the inspiration of the Spirit


of your wrath.

{17:17} He sent from on high, and


he accepted me. And he took me up,


out of many waters.

{17:18} He rescued me from my


strongest enemies, and from those


who hated me. For they had been


too strong for me.

{17:19} They intercepted me in the


day of my affliction, and the Lord


became my protector.

{17:20} And he led me out, into a


wide place. He accomplished my


salvation, because he willed me.

{17:21} And the Lord will reward


me according to my justice, and he


will repay me according to the


purity of my hands.

{17:22} For I have preserved the


ways of the Lord, and I have not


behaved impiously before my God.

{17:23} For all his judgments are


in my sight, and his justice, I


have not pushed away from me.

{17:24} And I will be immaculate


together with him, and I will keep


myself from my iniquity.

{17:25} And the Lord will reward


me according to my justice and


according to the purity of my


hands before his eyes.

{17:26} With the holy, you will be


holy, and with the innocent, you


will be innocent,

{17:27} and with the elect, you


will be elect, and with the


perverse, you will be perverse.

{17:28} For you will save the


humble people, but you will bring


down the eyes of the arrogant.

{17:29} For you illuminate my


lamp, O Lord. My God, enlighten my



{17:30} For in you, I will be


delivered from temptation; and


with my God, I will climb over a



{17:31} As for my God, his way is


undefiled. The eloquence of the


Lord has been examined by fire. He


is the protector of all who hope


in him.

{17:32} For who is God, except the


Lord? And who is God, except our



{17:33} It is God who has wrapped


me with virtue and made my way



{17:34} It is he who has perfected


my feet, like the feet of deer,


and who stations me upon the



{17:35} It is he who trains my


hands for battle. And you have set


my arms like a bow of brass.

{17:36} And you have given me the


protection of your salvation. And


your right hand sustains me. And


your discipline has corrected me


unto the end. And your discipline


itself will teach me.

{17:37} You have expanded my


footsteps under me, and my tracks


have not been weakened.

{17:38} I will pursue my enemies


and apprehend them. And I will not


turn back until they have failed.

{17:39} I will break them, and


they will not be able to stand.


They will fall under my feet.

{17:40} And you have wrapped me


with virtue for the battle. And


those rising up against me, you


have subdued under me.

{17:41} And you have given the


back of my enemies to me, and you


have destroyed those who hated me.

{17:42} They cried out, but there


was none to save them, to the


Lord, but he did not heed them.

{17:43} And I will crush them into


dust before the face of the wind,


so that I will obliterate them


like the mud in the streets.

{17:44} You will rescue me from


the contradictions of the people.


You will set me at the head of the



{17:45} A people I did not know


has served me. As soon as their


ears heard, they were obedient to



{17:46} The sons of foreigners


have been deceitful to me, the


sons of foreigners have grown weak


with time, and they have wavered


from their paths.

{17:47} The Lord lives, and


blessed is my God, and may the God


of my salvation be exalted:

{17:48} O God, who vindicates me


and who subdues the people under


me, my liberator from my enraged



{17:49} And you will exalt me


above those who rise up against


me. From the iniquitous man, you


will rescue me.

{17:50} Because of this, O Lord, I


will confess to you among the


nations, and I will compose a


psalm to your name:

{17:51} magnifying the salvation


of his king, and showing mercy to


David, his Christ, and to his


offspring, even for all time.


[Psalm 18] (19)

{18:1} Unto the end. A Psalm of



{18:2} The heavens describe the


glory of God, and the firmament


announces the work of his hands.

{18:3} Day proclaims the word to


day, and night to night imparts



{18:4} There are no speeches or


conversations, where their voices


are not being heard.

{18:5} Their sound has gone forth


through all the earth, and their


words to the ends of the world.

{18:6} He has placed his


tabernacle in the sun, and he is


like a bridegroom coming out of


his bedroom. He has exulted like a


giant running along the way;

{18:7} his departure is from the


summit of heaven. And his course


reaches all the way to its summit.


Neither is there anyone who can


hide himself from his heat.

{18:8} The law of the Lord is


immaculate, converting souls. The


testimony of the Lord is faithful,


providing wisdom to little ones.

{18:9} The justice of the Lord is


right, rejoicing hearts. The


precepts of the Lord are


brilliant, enlightening the eyes.

{18:10} The fear of the Lord is


holy, enduring for all


generations. The judgments of the


Lord are true, justified in



{18:11} desirable beyond gold and


many precious stones, and sweeter


than honey and the honeycomb.

{18:12} For, indeed, your servant


keeps them, and in keeping them,


there are many rewards.

{18:13} Who can understand


transgression? From my hidden


faults, cleanse me, O Lord,

{18:14} and from those of others,


spare your servant. If they will


have no dominion over me, then I


will be immaculate, and I will be


cleansed from the greatest



{18:15} And the eloquence of my


mouth will be so as to please,


along with the meditation of my


heart, in your sight, forever, O


Lord, my helper and my redeemer.


[Psalm 19] (20)

{19:1} Unto the end. A Psalm of



{19:2} May the Lord hear you in


the day of tribulation. May the


name of the God of Jacob protect



{19:3} May he send you help from


the sanctuary and watch over you


from Zion.

{19:4} May he be mindful of all


your sacrifices, and may your


burnt-offerings be fat.

{19:5} May he grant to you


according to your heart, and


confirm all your counsels.

{19:6} We will rejoice in your


salvation, and in the name of our


God, we will be magnified.

{19:7} May the Lord fulfill all


your petitions. Now I know that


the Lord has saved his Christ. He


will hear him from his holy


heaven. The salvation of his right


hand is in his power.

{19:8} Some trust in chariots, and


some in horses, but we will call


upon the name of the Lord our God.

{19:9} They have been bound, and


they have fallen. But we have


risen up, and we have been set



{19:10} O Lord, save the king, and


hear us on the day that we will


call upon you.


[Psalm 20] (21)

{20:1} Unto the end. A Psalm of



{20:2} In your virtue, Lord, the


king will rejoice, and over your


salvation, he will exult



{20:3} You have granted him the


desire of his heart, and you have


not cheated him of the wish of his



{20:4} For you have gone ahead of


him with blessings of sweetness.


You have placed a crown of


precious stones on his head.

{20:5} He petitioned you for life,


and you have granted him length of


days, in the present time, and


forever and ever.

{20:6} Great is his glory in your


salvation. Glory and great


adornment, you will lay upon him.

{20:7} For you will give him as a


blessing forever and ever. You


will make him rejoice with


gladness in your presence.

{20:8} Because the king hopes in


the Lord, and in the mercy of the


Most High, he will not be



{20:9} May your hand be found by


all your enemies. May your right


hand discover all those who hate



{20:10} You will make them like an


oven of fire, in the time of your


presence. The Lord will stir them


up with his wrath, and fire will


devour them.

{20:11} You will destroy their


fruit from the earth and their


offspring from the sons of men.

{20:12} For they have turned evils


upon you; they have devised plans,


which they have not been able to



{20:13} For you will make them


turn their back; with your


remnants, you will prepare their



{20:14} Be exalted, Lord, by your


own power. We will play music and


sing psalms to your virtues.


[Psalm 21] (22)

{21:1} Unto the end. For the tasks


of early morning. A Psalm of



{21:2} O God, my God, look upon


me. Why have you forsaken me? Far


from my salvation are the words of


my offenses.

{21:3} My God, I will cry out by


day, and you will not heed, and by


night, and it will not be


foolishness for me.

{21:4} But you dwell in holiness,


O Praise of Israel.

{21:5} In you, our fathers have


hoped. They hoped, and you freed



{21:6} They cried out to you, and


they were saved. In you, they


hoped and were not confounded.

{21:7} But I am a worm and not a


man: a disgrace among men, and an


outcast of the people.

{21:8} All those who saw me have


derided me. They have spoken with


the lips and shook the head.

{21:9} He has hoped in the Lord,


let him rescue him. Let him save


him because he chooses him.

{21:10} For you are the one who


has drawn me out of the womb, my


hope from the breasts of my



{21:11} I have been thrown upon


you from the womb; from the womb


of my mother, you are my God.

{21:12} Do not depart from me. For


tribulation is near, since there


is no one who may help me.

{21:13} Many calves have


surrounded me; fat bulls have


besieged me.

{21:14} They have opened their


mouths over me, just like a lion


seizing and roaring.

{21:15} And so, I have been poured


out like water, and all my bones


have been scattered. My heart has


become like wax, melting in the


midst of my chest.

{21:16} My strength has dried up


like clay, and my tongue has


adhered to my jaws. And you have


pulled me down, into the dust of



{21:17} For many dogs have


surrounded me. The council of the


malicious has besieged me. They


have pierced my hands and feet.

{21:18} They have numbered all my


bones. And they have examined me


and stared at me.

{21:19} They divided my garments


among them, and over my vestment,


they cast lots.

{21:20} But you, O Lord, do not


take your help far from me; be


attentive to my defense.

{21:21} O God, rescue my soul from


the spear, and my only one from


the hand of the dog.

{21:22} Save me from the mouth of


the lion, and my humility from the


horns of the single-horned beast.

{21:23} I will declare your name


to my brothers. In the midst of


the Church, I will praise you.

{21:24} You who fear the Lord,


praise him. All the offspring of


Jacob, glorify him.

{21:25} May all the offspring of


Israel fear him. For he has


neither spurned nor despised the


pleas of the poor. Neither has he


turned his face away from me. And


when I cried out to him, he heeded



{21:26} My praise is with you,


within a great church. I will pay


my vows in the sight of those who


fear him.

{21:27} The poor will eat and be


satisfied, and those who yearn for


the Lord will praise him. Their


hearts will live forever and ever.

{21:28} All the ends of the earth


will remember, and they will be


converted to the Lord. And all the


families of the Gentiles will


adore in his sight.

{21:29} For the kingdom belongs to


the Lord, and he will have


dominion over the Gentiles.

{21:30} All the fat of the earth


have gnashed their teeth, and they


have adored. In his sight, they


will fall down, all those who


descend to the ground.

{21:31} And my soul will live for


him, and my offspring will serve



{21:32} There will be announced


for the Lord a future generation,


and the heavens will announce his


justice to a people who will be


born, whom the Lord has made.


[Psalm 22] (23)

{22:1} A Psalm of David. The Lord


directs me, and nothing will be


lacking to me.

{22:2} He has settled me here, in


a place of pasture. He has led me


out to the water of refreshment.

{22:3} He has converted my soul.


He has led me away on the paths of


justice, for the sake of his name.

{22:4} For, even if I should walk


in the midst of the shadow of


death, I will fear no evils. For


you are with me. Your rod and your


staff, they have given me



{22:5} You have prepared a table


in my sight, opposite those who


trouble me. You have anointed my


head with oil, and my cup, which


inebriates me, how brilliant it



{22:6} And your mercy will follow


me all the days of my life, and so


may I dwell in the house of the


Lord for length of days.


[Psalm 23] (24)

{23:1} For the First Sabbath. A


Psalm of David. The earth and all


its fullness belong to the Lord:


the whole world and all that


dwells in it.

{23:2} For he has founded it upon


the seas, and he has prepared it


upon the rivers.

{23:3} Who will ascend to the


mountain of the Lord? And who will


stand in his holy place?

{23:4} The innocent of hands and


the clean of heart, who has not


received his soul in vain, nor


sworn deceitfully to his neighbor.

{23:5} He will receive a blessing


from the Lord, and mercy from God,


his Savior.

{23:6} This is the generation that


seeks him, that seeks the face of


the God of Jacob.

{23:7} Lift up your gates, you


princes, and be lifted up, eternal


gates. And the King of Glory shall



{23:8} Who is this King of Glory?


The Lord who is strong and


powerful; the Lord powerful in



{23:9} Lift up your gates, you


princes, and be lifted up, eternal


gates. And the King of Glory shall



{23:10} Who is this King of Glory?


The Lord of virtue. He himself is


the King of Glory.


[Psalm 24] (25)

{24:1} Unto the end. A Psalm of


David. To you, Lord, I have lifted


up my soul.

{24:2} In you, my God, I trust.


Let me not be put to shame.

{24:3} And do not let my enemies


laugh at me. For all who remain


with you will not be confounded.

{24:4} May all those who act


unjustly over nothing be


confounded. O Lord, demonstrate


your ways to me, and teach me your



{24:5} Direct me in your truth,


and teach me. For you are God, my


Savior, and I remain with you all


day long.

{24:6} O Lord, remember your


compassion and your mercies, which


are from ages past.

{24:7} Do not remember the


offenses of my youth and my


ignorances. Remember me according


to your mercy, because of your


goodness, O Lord.

{24:8} The Lord is sweet and


righteous. Because of this, he


will grant a law to those who fall


short in the way.

{24:9} He will direct the mild in


judgment. He will teach the meek


his ways.

{24:10} All the ways of the Lord


are mercy and truth, to those who


yearn for his covenant and his



{24:11} Because of your name, O


Lord, you will pardon my sin, for


it is great.

{24:12} Which is the man who fears


the Lord? He has established a law


for him, on the way that he has



{24:13} His soul will dwell upon


good things, and his offspring


will inherit the earth.

{24:14} The Lord is a firmament to


those who fear him, and his


covenant will be made manifest to



{24:15} My eyes are ever toward


the Lord, for he will pull my feet


from the snare.

{24:16} Look upon me and have


mercy on me; for I am alone and



{24:17} The troubles of my heart


have been multiplied. Deliver me


from my needfulness.

{24:18} See my lowliness and my


hardship, and release all my



{24:19} Consider my enemies, for


they have been multiplied, and


they have hated me with an unjust



{24:20} Preserve my soul and


rescue me. I will not be ashamed,


for I have hoped in you.

{24:21} The innocent and the


righteous have adhered to me,


because I have remained with you.

{24:22} Free Israel, O God, from


all his tribulations.


[Psalm 25] (26)

{25:1} Unto the end. A Psalm of


David. Judge me, Lord, for I have


been walking in my innocence, and


by hoping in the Lord, I will not


be weakened.

{25:2} Examine me, Lord, and test


me: enkindle my temperament and my



{25:3} For your mercy is before my


eyes, and I am serene in your



{25:4} I have not sat with the


council of emptiness, and I will


not enter with those who carry out



{25:5} I have hated the assembly


of the malicious; and I will not


sit with the impious.

{25:6} I will wash my hands among


the innocent, and I will surround


your altar, O Lord,

{25:7} so that I may hear the


voice of your praise and describe


all your wonders.

{25:8} O Lord, I have loved the


beauty of your house and the


dwelling place of your glory.

{25:9} O God, do not let my soul


perish with the impious, nor my


life with the men of blood,

{25:10} in whose hands are


iniquities: their right hand has


been filled by bribes.

{25:11} But as for me, I have been


walking in my innocence. Redeem


me, and have mercy on me.

{25:12} My foot has stood firm in


the straight path. In the


churches, I will bless you, O




[Psalm 26] (27)

{26:1} A Psalm of David, before he


was sealed. The Lord is my light


and my salvation, whom shall I


fear? The Lord is the protector of


my life, of whom shall I be



{26:2} Meanwhile, the guilty draw


near to me, so as to eat my flesh.


Those who trouble me, my enemies,


have themselves been weakened and


have fallen.

{26:3} If entrenched armies were


to stand together against me, my


heart would not fear. If a battle


were to rise up against me, I


would have hope in this.

{26:4} One thing I have asked of


the Lord, this I will seek: that I


may dwell in the house of the Lord


all the days of my life, so that I


may behold the delight of the


Lord, and may visit his temple.

{26:5} For he has hidden me in his


tabernacle. In the day of evils,


he has protected me in the hidden


place of his tabernacle.

{26:6} He has exalted me upon the


rock, and now he has exalted my


head above my enemies. I have


circled around and offered a


sacrifice of loud exclamation in


his tabernacle. I will sing, and I


will compose a psalm, to the Lord.

{26:7} Hear my voice, O Lord, with


which I have cried out to you.


Have mercy on me, and hear me.

{26:8} My heart has spoken to you;


my face has sought you. I yearn


for your face, O Lord.

{26:9} Do not turn your face away


from me. In your wrath, do not


turn aside from your servant. Be


my helper. Do not abandon me, and


do not despise me, O God, my



{26:10} For my father and my


mother have left me behind, but


the Lord has taken me up.

{26:11} O Lord, establish a law


for me in your way, and direct me


in the right path, because of my



{26:12} Do not surrender me to the


souls of those who trouble me. For


unjust witnesses have risen up


against me, and iniquity has lied


to itself.

{26:13} I believe that I shall see


the good things of the Lord in the


land of the living.

{26:14} Wait for the Lord, act


manfully; and let your heart be


strengthened, and remain with the




[Psalm 27] (28)

{27:1} A Psalm of David himself.


To you, Lord, I will cry out. My


God, do not be silent toward me.


For if you remain silent toward


me, I will become like those who


descend into the pit.

{27:2} Hear, O Lord, the voice of


my supplication, when I pray to


you, when I lift up my hands


toward your holy temple.

{27:3} Do not draw me away


together with sinners; and let me


not perish with those who work


iniquity, who speak peacefully to


their neighbor, yet evils are in


their hearts.

{27:4} Give to them according to


their works and according to the


wickedness of their inventions.


Assign to them according to the


works of their hands. Repay them



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"President Trump. Same American War Heroes Aimed To Kill My Baby Girl And I, C

Many law enforcement had already been contacted and several police reports made. The F.B.I. refuses to get involved the assassins are said by a witness named Jerry to have people inside their offices. The silent Australian owner of the Philiipine Gecko Bar and a consulate duty officer state their is a warrant on the life of Larry Margulies. Larry Margulies' family mysteriously has two way communication with agents inside as the assassinations take place. Larry's mother has an accidental fall down her stairs, and Martin Yudowitz sets his brother up. All the while family fights over Larry's trust account which suddenly shows up in the picture after his Child is poisoned as she starves to death. A real $50,000 reward to prosecute the one who gave this order of execution.

  • ISBN: 9781370182831
  • Author: Larry Margulies
  • Published: 2017-08-15 19:37:20
  • Words: 58417