Present-Day Polarization

Present-Day Polarization

Shakespir Edition

2016 Den Warren

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People are more and more against each other. Division and hate are increasing all of the time. Why are ideas becoming continually farther apart, even though science and technology continue to increase?

Those who disagree with this message may decide that I am a “hater” for bringing you this letter. A “hater” has recently come to mean anyone who disagrees with the speaker. It is an easy way to dismiss someone as not agreeing for no reason without giving their idea consideration. It is pure intolerance. The truth of the matter is that I wouldn’t bother writing this if I didn’t care for people, including those who hate me simply because they are intolerant of my beliefs. I am neither a hater nor a racist. This short message is for all races, and all nationalities. God hates racism.

The message that I want to bring you the most is that Jesus was sent by God to save the souls of all sinners.

What is a soul? A soul is your inner being that cannot die and will exist somewhere after you die. It is normal and natural to believe in a soul. Almost all religions that have ever existed believe in a soul of some kind.

Who is a sinner? A sinner by Bible definition is anyone who has ever done wrong at any time, even if they believe they are now as pure as the driven snow. But now in the early twenty-first century, there is no clear definition by society of what is wrong and right. So clearly that includes all of us. When someone wants to talk to you about Jesus, they are not condemning you. They are trying to share the same good news (gospel) that saved their own soul. Think about it; if a person tells you they believe they will go to Heaven because of their belief in Jesus, why would they want to keep it a secret from you? Wouldn’t that make them the worst villain ever?

True wrong is whatever is wrong in God’s eyes, not any philosophy of the world, such as the conventional wisdom of Hollywood. All ideas are not of equal value to God. All things are being challenged, such as marriage and even birth sex. Then whoever doesn’t conform to these radical changes immediately, even though things were that way for thousands of years, is seen as some kind of knuckle-dragging Neanderthal. A large number are tolerant of everything except Bible Christianity. Since the Bible haters have no basis for right and wrong, they can only parrot whatever their sightless role models are saying and follow them blindly like sheep. God existed before time itself, so why would He ever change? He has set forth His Law, and made it available to us in the Bible.

So many now want to divide the people. There is a battle that is going on in the world that is a spiritual one, and will soon likely be a physical one. The divisive battle lines are typically to drive a wedge between Man and those who seek to follow Jesus. Where does this come from? Take a look at the many innovations that are extremely divisive; evolution, abortion, socialism, and all sorts of sexual deviation. The proponents of these ideas always fail in debate. Then they resort to subversion and personal attacks.

This battle started in Heaven between God and Satan, who was jealous of God. Many refuse to believe in God or Satan but are happy to watch shows based upon magic or some other far out idea. If you have never taken the chance on the Bible, what do you have to lose?

Proof of this battle can be seen in the history of the Nation of Israel. God promised Israel that he would bring them back as a nation, which He did in 1948. He also promised that he would bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel. A short study of this history confirms this common truth. Many other events were foretold in the Bible, which you can read up on your own.

Satan has conspired to keep you from knowing the truth. He wants to hurt God by keeping as many of the people he created from His Heaven as possible. Therefore, he has opposed Jesus every step of the way in all ways imaginable.

Jesus was the Son of God, and the Son of the virgin Mary. Since Jesus was a man, He was a sacrifice for all other men (and women). Since he was God, he never sinned and was able to die as a replacement for you and I. Without Him, you and I would be lost to Hell, which was made for Satan and his fallen angels. (demons), but unfortunately many will not go to God’s Heaven so they must end up in Hell.

You were never meant to go to Hell, no matter what you have done. You must ignore all of the anti-Christian rhetoric and consider what I am saying. It is your soul, not theirs.

You accept Jesus as your Savior by praying to God and claiming Jesus as the payment for your sins.

Then you show your gratitude by helping others learn of Jesus and you study the Bible and learn from Bible believing Christians. There are a lot of people out there who know a lot more than I do, but beware, if you become a Christian, Satan will try to guide you in a wrong path.

Something about what I am saying to you may not see quite right. So I ask that you pray to God for independent confirmation. He will work through your circumstances to make it known to you.

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Present-Day Polarization

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Present-Day Polarization Present-Day Polarization