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Prescribed Poetry That People Perceive As Potent





Prescribed Poetry That People Perceive As Potent

By Stephen Parato

All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means, including scanning, photocopying, or otherwise without prior written permission of the copyright holder. Copyright Stephen Parato © 2017 (Earth time)



Poetry is a way to convey the insights residing on the far edges of consciousness.


Some things are too big, too true for analytical explanation. Scientific analysis or complex breakdowns do not work for everything. This is why poetry is so powerful. Poetry is the bridge between the unexplainable and explainable. It’s a way to hint at what we all know, yet can’t quite explain.


Poetry is incredibly beautiful.


The name of this poetry compilation, Prescribed Poetry That People Perceive As Potent, comes from an unlikely source. It was inspired by the late hip-hop artist Sean Price’s verse on the song “Therapy.” The verse goes as follows…


“Bust the prognosis, better yet Duke have a dosage

Of prescribed poetry that people perceive as potent

I’ve been goin’ through your file and I found a conclusion

That you destined to be the best in this world of confusion

You lose when you fall victim to evil ways

I know crime pays but the rhyme slays nowadays

Take two of these and if you have a problem at all

I’m on call twenty-four hours to brawl, word is bond”


Inspiration is everywhere.


Live mindfully and experience the infinite beauty of each moment, for each moment is poetry itself.


Enjoy in joy.


- Stephen Parato




The master transmuter


For being you

For even being alive

Even when it’s not all good

It’s all good

There’s always something

To be grateful for

Life and Death


Life and death

Two sides of the same coin

Package deal

Why are we afraid of death

When it’s the only inevitability?

And the irony is

Is that we miss life

By fearing death

Live boldly

Use death as motivation

To truly live life



I am strong





I have vision




I give freely

Because I can

I love fully

Because I am


I am a king

Sovereign being of my personal domain



Can you relax

Regardless of what’s going on around you?

Can you find your center of peace?

Or do you react

With fear, anger, stress, frustration, hatred?

Abdicating your energy

To the manifestation of more of these very emotions


Relax into wholeness

And everything else falls into place

Squirrel Haiku


That feeling you get

When you see a sly squirrel

Jump from tree to tree



Think big

Think differently

Think positive

Think outside the box




Close your eyes

Let your thoughts fall

The most clarity

Comes from no thoughts at all




When the body can follow a courageous heart

Building up

Not picking apart

The bravery to say no

The courage to say yes

Willpower made manifest

Enter: Genius


Genius occurs

With the one-pointed mind


No distractions

No extra thoughts

No wasted effort

Creativity and intellect

Instinct and intuition

Are shuttled to a specific point

And the flood gates of genius open

All Encompassing Love


The bond we share

Is the essence of existence

Intertwined threads

Sown by the same seamstress

One look into your eyes

And I see infinity

One touch from your hand

And I feel eternity

The stars align in your smile

Constellations of joy

Truth of shared bliss

I wouldn’t miss this for…

I wouldn’t miss this to…

I wouldn’t miss this one

This all-encompassing love



Intelligence is momentum

Success is momentum

Health is momentum

Everything is momentum

What are you building momentum towards?

Beneath the Surface


I got extra visions

Of Uncle Fester sittin

With estheticians

Expressing the best of wisdom

Through the stress we’re given

Yet it’s more than skin deep

Veil of grim sheep

Piercing the thin sheet

Between here and the infinite

The Power of Story


Humanity is built upon stories

Stories shape our culture

Our society

The way we perceive the world





True or false

Makes no difference

The effect is the same


These stories shape our experience

Even the stories we tell ourselves

Become our reality

What’s your story?

You have the chance

To create a new story

In every moment




Complete presence

No distractions

No extraneous thought

Flow state

In the moment

Becoming a verb




I lay in the tank

My egg

Thoughts race rapidly

Body relaxes

Ah, beautiful

Thoughts come back

Body relaxes more


Insights strike

Thoughts analyze

Body relaxes even more


Drop into the void

Complete relaxation

Pure consciousness

A dip into infinity

Coming back to my body

Physical awareness

Raise my head out of the water

And slowly emerge


Measure of Time


Inches of distance

Minutes of time

Mental abstractions

Conceptual slippery slime

Does a minute exist?

Only as a unit of measure

Give me an inch

Of that imaginary treasure

Progressing events passing on by

Onward we went

But why? Why? Oh why?

The Shaking Dog


It begins with a subtle ring

And quickly increases to a rapid jingle

Then the symphony thickens

With the sound of shaking fur

A crescendo

Of metallic chiming and wooly doddering

It lasts for a quick eternity

Before the sound of shaking fur fades

The rapid jingle slows to a subtle ring

As silence swallows all sound

Only to be broken by the flit of paws on pavement

A chipper trot

The telltale sign of a fellow canine traveler




How you look at that word

Says a lot

Does it cause you

To cringe and cower?

Or does it make you

Summon your best?

Only you can answer



Hey dreams

Day dreams

Night dreams

Bright scenes

Waking dreams

Sleeping dreams

Is waking really

What it seems?

Coffee Shop Culture


Coffee shop culture

Beans and artistry

Warm drinks and eccentricity

Cool spaces and creativity

Come to taste

Come to chat

Come to create

That’s where it’s at

Conscious Relationships


A conscious relationship

Is like a continuous psychedelic experience

Incredibly blissful

But there’s nowhere to hide

All shadows come to the surface

All that darkness inside

It’s a choice to let go

Love over fear

Deepen what you know

Pure honesty here

Do you have the courage

To let your shell break?

Are you strong enough

To give instead of take?

Barriers will shatter



We crave community

We look for our tribe

We see the dark side of tribalism

We see the light

The connection

The love

Severed through divide and conquer

Lost factions of the same tribe

We’re all in it together

One love

One tribe

Cosmic Downloads


Cosmic downloads

You now know

Software upgrade

Take it easy for a moment


New you

Welcome to the next level



There are levels to everything

Few are clearly defined

Unique to each person

Seek and you’ll find

Levels of understanding

Levels of truth

Levels of consciousness

Coming out of the booth

Breakdowns and breakthroughs

Dissolving the old

Discover a new you

And stories untold

The Winds of Change


The winds of change blow

They come and they go

Do you adjust your sails?

Are you scared to let go?

Let it carry you on your way

To a new adventure each day

Full Color Circle


Red is passion

Rooted and strong

Orange is creativity

Sexual, whimsical

Yellow is inner fire

Personal power

Green is love

Blooming and free

Blue is expression

The hue of truth

Indigo is wisdom

Intuition within

Violet is ethereal

Connection beyond


Maroon links the reds and purples

It all comes full circle

There are no boundaries

There is no end

Grateful Focus Affirmation


I am grateful

I am focused

I am thankful

In the moment



The sound

Of birds chirping in the morning



Life bursting forth

A greeting

A reminder

To reclaim my youthful exuberance




Of any kind

Is not about denial

It’s a break

For creating space

Space for healing

Space for mindfulness

It’s the conscious space between notes

That separates music from noise

The Judge


I label constantly

I judge constantly

This is how the mind deciphers

While it can be useful

It can also be a runaway train

There’s a thin line

Between finding my car in a parking lot

And judging someone else as inferior

Or really

Judging myself as inferior

And projecting it outward


But realize

The judge makes a terrible master

Simple awareness

Is all it takes

To break the cycle



Same world

Different realities

Same truth

Different fallacies

Different interpretations

From different perspectives

Experienced through different filters

Pure novelty

Uniqueness at its finest

Thoughts Swirl


Thoughts swirl

Yes they do

And they’ll never stop

As long as you have a brain


Just practice

Bringing your point of attention

To being

Being the observer of your thoughts


Then you’re free



You’ll fall back in

Of course

But that’s a part of being human




Oh control

The only thing we truly know

That we have control of

Is our actions

At least on the conscious level


Do we even have conscious control

Of our thoughts and emotions?

They come and go

Yet we can choose

Whether or not to participate in them


We can’t control other people

We must accept them

Yet through our actions

We can potentially spark

Other’s desires to change


It’s futile

To expect people to act a certain way

Yet it’s fruitful

To focus on your actions


That’s where the ripple effect begins



I write

I flow

I go with the moment

I trust my intuition

I heed my instincts

Yet this is all built on falsities

If I don’t know “I”

If it is not known


I am not a label

Black, White

American, Italian

Christian, Muslim

Rich, Poor

Democrat, Republican

Doctor, Business Person

Athlete, Nerd




It’s as simple as that

The consciousness

The pure awareness

Underlying all of it

That essence

Is shared by all of us

The ocean to our unique waves

Go within

Dive into the depths

Where you and I become we

It All Just Is


I let words flow

I allow

Resistance is futile

Surrender is the way

The ultimate way

Alignment with everythingness

Alignment with nothingness

Letting go of everything

Holding on to nothing


To truly know you are loved

Is a confirmation

Of our very essence

It’s in unity

Where we find divinity

It all rolls up to Source

It all just is



Trees are like antennas

Antennas for consciousness

Rooted in the wisdom of Gaia

Every ready to speak

With those willing to hear




Learn from the trees, my friend

Learn from the trees



No metaphor is perfect

Because it’s not the actual phenomenon


They are guide posts

Words fueled by creativity

To launch your mind

Beyond its analytical boundaries

The Fractal Moment


Oh where, oh where

Will this moment lead?

Follow my intuition

Take heed to my deeds

Assess what life gives

Adapt and grow

Act spontaneously

Drop expectation and flow

Let go of attachment

Release into love

Begin with inner peace

As below, so above

The Cosmic Playground


Play place of testing limits

Courageously investing in it

Knowing nothing is lasting

From the first to the last thing

Fleeting flux change

Seeing trust reign

As I surrender to the flow

Of endeavors I’ll never know

Dancing in the mystery

Prancing back into history

Seeing what it is to see

Being what it is to be

Primal Medicine


As you affectionately touch my body

You also touch my soul

Caress away the pain

Stroke away the sorrow

Mend my unseen wounds

Doubt drowns in the ocean of your compassion

Fear fades in the tempest of your embrace

Healing element of human touch

Primal medicine



Connection eternal

Gratitude Prayer


Thank you for this life

Thank we for this life

For all is one

Different cells, same organism

Different waves, same ocean

Unique manifestations of Source

All of which is permeated

By the fabric of love

Let Go



I let go

And it’s so beautiful

Self-Made Prisoners


We’re in prisons of our own consent

We may have been given the design plans

Yet we choose to further fortify

We choose to block all possibility of escape

We choose to lock ourselves up

And swallow the key



You bring out the best in me

Gratitude and Love

Our recipe

I can’t wait until you’re next to me

One heart, no fear

Open sesame

You radiant beacon of light

I know I’m speaking it right

Even when the day leaks into night

You’re still shining

Soaring toward the peak of your height


There’s nobody like you

That’s why I love you

With the grace of a haiku

And the flight of a dove too


I’m lost in amazement

Yet found what a maze meant

Let go of my searching ritual

And came across love unconditional

Within you

Within me

Within us

Within we


Our connection is real

Realer than anything I’ve ever known

You’re my reminder

That there is no forever alone




Open up and a poem’s received

I don’t own it, please

Do you own the breeze?

Let go and let the flow

Bring you home to see

Origami Swans


Our lives are origami swans

Floating down the river

Touch it and interfere too much

And it sinks

Or never gets to ride the current

Let it sail

Nudging it only when need be

Enjoy the ride

The Visionary’s Creed


I know what I want

I know how to get there

They may think differently

But I know me


Doubt arises

I set it aside

I know in my heart

That I’m walking in the direction of my truth


I see my vision

Crystal clear clarity

I meet it with persistence

Bringing dreams into reality


Fear grabs a hold of me

I hug it with courage

It fades back into illusion

Propelled by my truth

I keep moving


The path may be difficult

The road may be rough

Obstacles will present themselves

Unforeseen challenges may delay me

And my route may shift

But that’s a part of the pilgrimage

The challenge is where the magic is


It’s not about where I end up

It’s about who I become through the journey

More of myself

The Blossom of Femininity


Too often we’ve seen the shadows


Dominant and violent


Deceptive and vain


Forgive the fear

It’s time we embody the archetypes

Through the incarnation of love




Is the essence of masculinity

The masculine must serve the feminine

For the dance of duality to flow

Not a servant-to-master dependence

But out of the free spirit of giving

The strength of providing

Providing space for the feminine to blossom

Providing safety for the feminine to express


Just as the sun shines its light unconditionally

Ever-giving energy to Gaia

Our light must shine the same

Unyielding and unconditional

Nurturing intuition

Cultivating compassion

Harvesting harmony

To engender the flowering of the heart

And see humanity in bloom

Family In Flight


Went from a fist full of drugs*

To blissful with hugs

From sister to cuz

Never missin’ the love

Through the mist with my bruv

All our missions are tough

Momma listens to us

With beneficent trust

Meet me father (farther)

Into the gust

Spreadin’ wings

The wind is whiskin’ us up




*”Fist full of drugs” refers to always holding a beer (alcohol is legal drug). It’s also a reference to a closed fist, signifying being closed-off and stressed/holding tension. Stress is basically a drug epidemic in our society. Plus, “fist full f drugs” just sounds good as something to rhyme with.


Bruv is slang for brother.

Back To Us


Life was simpler then

The only device we carried around

Was a game boy pocket

Connect the cord

Trading Pokemon under our desks

Don’t let the teacher see


Oh, we had tv, radio, computers and even portable technology

But it was far from everywhere


All we had to do was step outside

For recess and, though we couldn’t physically leave, we were FREE

Freer than we are today? Maybe


Life wasn’t without stress though

Shyness, nervousness, the fear of not being accepted by our peers


Both the light and the dark sides of tribalism had a hold on us


Sun shining

Imaginations brimming over

Fun and games

Interspersed with sometimes singling out the weak or vulnerable

I’ve been on both sides

More teasing than vicious

Yet still traumatizing for fragile souls


Oh, where do we find solace?

How can I blend the simple joys of childhood

With the small bits of wisdom I’ve gathered since?


There’s no going back

Time spirals in cycles


This time around

On a new layer of the spiral

I reach across the curve of events

Grabbing those simple joys I’ve left behind

For, paradoxically, that will allow me to let go


Somewhere beneath the physicality

Beneath the beliefs and hand-me-down identity

There is a core of being

An indescribable essence that permeates all


Through looking back, we really look within

Celestial Musicality


A troubadour born

With a unicorn horn

Cupid’s war song

Is the music lore worn

Mute the forlorn

Of the uniform norm

With a flute rapport sworn

And a lute adorned in thorns




Soul to soul greetings

Bold to bold meetings

Whole unfold dreamings

Skip the small talk

Let’s grow together

Release the past

Know forever

In your eyes

I see me

The real me

United in we

Excited to be

Excited in being

The bliss

Of emerging from the chrysalis

The Warrior Bard


Warring glory yelling wills

Amidst roaring belly thrills

And morning smelling quills

I revisit storytelling skills

Hitting the bard’s mark

The rhythm of a hard arc

With an aardvark

Marching through the harsh dark

Hark, hark

Who goes there?

Who knows where?

In Juneau

True zone of the blue nose bear

Ooo the view though there

In lieu of where

New growth scares

I assumed the pseudo sumo stare

Threw my ego out the circle

Virtues of eagles, falcons worked through

Spirit animals

Near a cannibal

How I swallowed my false pride

And grew a hero out a manic fool

Homeward Found


I fluctuate

From the deepest connection

With everyone and everything

To inextricably lonely


From total oneness


To complete isolation


I’ve never been anywhere that has truly felt like home

Yet I’ve held the feeling of home

Through an internal glance

The occurrence of dance

In currents of circumstance



Yes I’ve felt it

A sense of connection

Based upon my inner state

I can be alone in a crowd

Or one with everything while sitting “alone”

And there really is no alone

No real divide

Unless fear deceives me

And my ego takes the bait

A fishing hook?

A mouse trap?

Ego dies either way


I witness it all

And blend back into infinity again

Shadowlight Perspective


Fear is but the shadow of love

The devil is but the shadow of God

Ethereal refractions of free will

Created through the light of consciousness

Shining within me

Shining within you

Our state of being

Is merely determined by perspective

Existence is perspective

Perspectivelessness is nothingness

Yet everythingness simultaneously

All that is

Is all that is

And is beyond perspective


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Prescribed Poetry That People Perceive As Potent

A journey through life via the art of poetry... Prescribed Poetry That People Perceive As Potent is just that, plus a whole lot more. Poetry is a bridge between the describable and the indescribable. It somehow reveals what is beyond words, through words. These poems shift and shape according to you and your perspective in each moment. They will provide you with exactly what you need. Get ready for an influx of insights, smirks and aha moments.

  • Author: Stephen Parato
  • Published: 2017-05-18 07:20:27
  • Words: 3264
Prescribed Poetry That People Perceive As Potent Prescribed Poetry That People Perceive As Potent