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Preliminary Reliquary Gave Way To Ecstasy


Preliminary Reliquary Gave Way To Ecstasy


Barbara M. Schwarz




Published for your pleasure – measure upon measure of Springtime leisure – to openly renew all that’s vibrant and good and true !



Preliminary Reliquary Gave Way To Ecstasy


Oh would you be like the bee

To move around so easily

A humming ecstasy

To bring forth life




Reliquary – what could matter

now to me, except you see,

that I was happy !


Ever after simple pen,

words moved over

smooth as zen!


Every after, breathe again

simple future that I see

humming as a bee

and ever on enormously

learning now to free

the better part of energy


how could I once define

those moments that I prime

when here in Springtime see,

what matters now enormously


and though it shoots from within

see my body soul shall sing

wondrous as a wing

floating now on high

I reach the very sky

trembling as I try to see:


what matters now

enormously ! ! !


Inky inky flow

you taught me how to let go


inky inky seal

you gave my luck

a joyous seal


the ‘spring to life’ deal

I can no longer conceal


I am wheeling free

in such joy and energy

I am Spring on soldier wing

I am Spring in everything

and I rout you out

“Hear your joy!!!”

I shout

but you no longer see

what mattered once to me


simple source once

reliquary, simple source

once memory, simple source,

you know, pulls all life in its

tow, and whether you go slow,

or let the cold wind blow


Flora, now you know:

How the Springtime loved you so


Flora in your wake,

all the energy shake

alive from the earth


Welcome to your brooding

birth – welcome to a vibrant hearth

of winter showing you:


“It’s time to let the vibrant through!”


Wish winter now adieu

and wipe the sleep from you


Arise to your dawn:

Behold the earth is warm

and shorn from understanding

and steady in its wake


you have just one mission

with which the earth to shake:




in elephant footsteps

lake upon lake of flowers

showering through

calling all life to renew

the pledge of life in you


(to always soldier through

and do the best that you can do)


Venus, sheer awake, the passage

now that Springtime make

is strewn with many flowers

the heat and life of hours

stretched in the sun

see the solar energy

new warmth now become


cold fusion heart profusion

everyone – just

simple sound and tongue

the music, and the fun

of life on the run:

simply teeming through

rejoicing as you renew

the movement that rebound

in you from the living sun


See: the journey you have won

in depths of cold despair,

Winter taught you not to share

what was hidden there

until all life could repair

a vibrant humming atmosphere


the seasons are on time,

and see, my heart align


a reliquary to prime

within each living sign

of winter passing through

to let Great Spring enfold in you.


A simple haze: the light arrays

a simple moment true

before the sunlight burst anew

the simple life I see,

roaring now in ecstasy


And I cannot ignore

(I am at heaven’s door)


simple sense and final score

simple moment that now pour


‘participatory floor -

what are you now waiting for?!)


nothing; nothing further now to do

just let the sunlight shoulder you


nothing lets the love come through

as saying (loudly!):


‘I do, I do, Life, now fully embrace you!’


Embrace a space, an open trace -

embrace a score of ten

(to count you back together again)


a stitch in time: a life sign -

a stitch no less: to keep a sense of happiness !


Nataraja – the place where you are:

open to the morning star!


Open now your Spring

Life force of everything


Open now to see

Life force eternity


Open now to know

See how all can grow


Open now to show

Pure life force in open flow


Breathe exhilaration

Breathe and thought creation


See, I let you win:

Rhythmic energy timing


Open ecstasy

Open life that

Rushed to be

Life force instantly


Fire, Flesh and Flame

Roared together again


Fire, Flesh and Blood

Roared and thundered

As they could


All is now good wood

Open life now should

Bud and bud and bud


See my body

Feel my limbs

See, I speak in vibrant hymns

Joy’s own soul wins


It sings

It sings

It sings


The fearless heart made a start

Brand new wisdom to impart


Release the souls from death

Of wallowed destitute unhappiness


And I concentrated hard:

Played my body,

Pushed the card (and

removed all the lard)


Gave into each charade

Of ecstatic dance


And I saw each circumstance

(as a cavalcade of the joy

that Springtime made, so pray

now in aid: see the fearless,

none delayed!!!)


And I stayed to see:

Spring in all its ecstasy


Swung now once again

Spun now all the same:

the ever rising game


The fire arm fearless



Behold your rites of Spring

the fervour now in everything

about to take its wing

(no matter what the future bring)


here the grand surprise:

here is where the future lies


here I start to see

the subtle sense of ecstasy

lies existentially in living life

to full capacity


the gentle joy regain

my mudra open plane


I am Shiva

Life Joy Diva


All at once now to

receive her

into paradise


The swinging arms so (very) nice


The poise of fortitude

It is life I exude


behold now nothing preclude

behold no preliminary interlude

behold I now swing – with the life

force that I sing


“awaken now for me

and thrive in your own ecstasy


awaken and be free

from preliminary reliquary

for now you start to see


the life force of eternity”


awaken, now my flower

the sun new life shall shower


and you are budding through

as life designed you to


awaken and be free

and let the sun now see

the zenith of all ecstasy


the height of all your memory

is in the buzzing bee

exploding now ecstatically:


“ Come now, just for me

reach the highest you can be!”


And so the nectar tree pushed forward

furiously, curiously to see

no limit now to be

just an open sky

and the will to try


to sprout in all direction


and the wind with some affection


delightedly added chill

to saddle up a Springtime thrill


and in each memory still,

the blossom sweet my heart shall trill


and pink the noise of life

and pink the rosy strife


to push right on through

into a deadly queue


of blossoming right to

the end of all you do


I am Shiva, Come now:

you cannot deceive her


(you are ready to receive her -

Spring in all its wake

lets the mountains shake)


and the rivers quake within:


flowing flowing gently glowing


first face of light

the energy excite

of different sort of bright



the sun delights in all connection


perfection perfection perfection


ecstatic life erection: all coming through


boldly now the flowers knew

this was their moment to


remind you how Spring anew

the joy of life in all you do


Awaken now my Spring


Awaken Soul and sing

the power of the bee

to move to life enormously


Awaken how I see

Spring’s own ecstasy


See now heaven’s life elate

(is that too much to ruminate?)


all the worlds with life equate:


I am Shiva, happy dance

raised to life and circumstance


All of life in happy trance

Radiant eye at every glance


I am Shiva – see !

The dance of ecstasy


I broke in days of form

my heart and hand

grew warm, and here,

the sunlight sheer adorn

the life to which I was born!


A bright and brand new morn -


movement energy, spoken

once so wistfully, gather now

so gracefully, glisten now so

gleefully – rules and rhymes

with which your heart aligns


Open now to Springtime chimes!


Calligraphy – the force of your

own hand – the music that you

understand: worlds at your command;


worlds at your beck and call:

to stand amongst it all, for,


Master! hear them all !


I am Shiva, diamond eye;

I am Shiva, now I fly and

carry with the sky – all

of life’s great ply:


all of life’s great treasure -

measure upon measure

upon measure,


I open at my leisure to

Springtime’s joyful pleasure


and layers upon layers

of sweet Springtime soothsayers

cannot really recall


the ecstasy that I now wall

into the very sky

to push all life to cry


“we are born to higher things,

lift our hearts and gentle wings”


and hear now how my message

sings: behold the flames and wings

that each Springtime brings!


Sovereign discovery -

Sovereign recovery


Life is strong in me

I am Spring’s own ecstasy


and carry forth a harmony

to simply always see:


the best now flourish in you

and me


And the journey carry on

with the love that I have won


I am no longer one

but I am the many things

that flutter as bright wings


It sings

It sings

It sings


The soul that brings her wings

and causes her to say:


Behold Springtime’s sweet array


of life in all its sway and bound with

the vibrant heat from all the ground


is rising in our shoots and shaking

all our roots – we’re in cahoots

with Spring:


and that’s worth wondering!


Spring is popping…

oh, there’s no stopping me -

I’m on a journey

to heart of ecstasy


I am flying free

(from all preliminary)


and, as far as I can see

last year’s reliquary:


meant the world to me

to help me always be

a life force energy!


Behold most glorious Spring

the one that now return and bring


the greatest that the world can see:

movement energy that’s popping now

for free in all that’s in front of me


Popping fast, so furiously

behold Springtime’s own ecstasy

a menagerie of a lifetime’s energy


and a buzzing bee applauds

now loud and precariously:


matching to my beat

see my heart and feel my feet


I am rising swift and neat

all of life now to complete


all of life one glory seat

just to hear refrain:


Behold great joy in Springtime plane


‘Sprout and sprout and sprout”

that’s all the bee can shout,


and don’t you doubt a word

of all the joy that you have heard


this is Springtime rushing through

sleepy eyes, awake now do!!!


Time to fly like a bird

soar so high with every word


of ecstasy, for in such manifold

memory, the hidden heart can free

the power just to be


a preliminary reliquary

waiting just to see:


how winter now release me!


Heavenward – just like the bird


And at that word, and with a shout,

the bee cried out:


‘There’s so much more I want to see

of all your love and ecstasy !!!


I need your nectar juices, I need the joy

in open sluices and how life now spruces


So come, be bold let me see you life enfold

for me as a brand new memory

of Springtime’s harmony”


Come and float your rhyme

make your rhythm reach its prime


and see I’ll let you dine

on ecstatic pure sunshine!”


Springtime, in your wake – oh the glory

we shall make and rising to our song

and with one voice, we’ll carry on with

what all of life prolong


the simple reliquary of living life in ecstasy


“Skyward!” I now said,

and commanded Spring’s own head


to quicken now the dead leaves of yesterday

and see what gathers movement and to the earth relay


a sense of wondering, a sense of mumbled thing

that first release of wing

the echoes of an early Spring


that always shall rebound in me

a primal sense of reliquary


that preliminary thing

that causes now my heart to sing

and gives my soul its special wing


and in the fling of the cold air

I catch ecstatic movement fair

and free arise now to the life in me


a cold cold wind now blew

and as the cobwebs flew


I rose to life anew:


“I am Venus, simple sphere

arisen from a sky so clear


when in the sea, I reappear,


I am love divine

catching breath in pure sunshine


I am lively manner


I am quickening hammer

and I feel the blast, of the mistral


at last – that cold cold wind that blow

to let me all my flowers show


I am Venus risen from the grave

a thousand lives with joy to save


away from the misery they crave,


for now lets see the Spring

in all its wondering!


I am Springtime’s harmony

reaching out ecstatically:

you cannot fool me – I am


life and soul’s precocity


I’m at full velocity

and I open true

to reverberate anew


the Springtime that now grew

in colours proud and true


A simple delicate thing

the breath of life’s first wondering


A simple delicate store

to worship life in one and all


A simple delicate feast

when Springtime all the buds release


A simple thing I see

the joy of my own reliquary


The simple sense I knew

that Spring will always follow through

and arise to mightier things,


in hidden delicacy sings

what once you could not see:


here, now rebounds such ecstasy

released in sunshine’s memory,


when the sun swoops down for free

to energise the life in me


‘hurry, hurry: do!’ the bee

is calling you to keep on coming

through and worship life anew


as Springtime showed you to

release all you can do,

to freshen up the world you knew


and in a spade of trance

the moves and sense of circumstance,


that inkling from the past

when the sun was caught to cast

a gentle kindly laugh

upon our wakening path:


a moment in our wake

why how our lives snake

free in ecstasy

such monumental energy


Shudder in my eye,

see the sun now fly

higher in the sky


the zenith as a pie

to reach all that we

may try,


and confound

every sound

with what we thought

was in the ground


the earth is live awake

the earth with life now shake

and quakes us from our boots

and lets now grow green shoots


so just put away

the cobwebs of your yesterday


and ecstatically

welcome now the sun in me.


A private destiny to always ever see

the blossom of a tree


a life force memory

shower down on me


and breathe me to my sense

that all of life is recompense


and desire to catch alive

a Springtime fire of delight


bathed in sunshine’s purest sight

of always every growing

whichever way the wind is blowing


and sowing now your seed

with which new life to creed.


You bleed a little less

when it’s Springtime you possess


You heed a little more

when you hear the robins pour

out their every word:


“It is Springtime, so we’ve heard”


and raining down on me,

petals now of ecstasy


mingled with new memory

and all of life a reliquary

of sacred life’s own harmony


and I discover and repair

the sovereign moment that I share:


I have loved my life just there

breathing softly Springtime air.


And a moment to confuse,

and a lifetime to peruse

but I hear the bell and

hear the voice that time

shall sell as a never-ending

well of happiness:


Springtime reliquary

you are your own ecstasy


and I whistled through -

howled like the wind at you


and you shot to the sky

for you were born to fly

ever ever high


each time Springtime sigh

with delight:


“It is the sun within my sight

that begs me bright and free

to release all that is within me”


Such tide of understanding,

lifts a moment’s countermanding


the hot and cold that blow:

life is truly on the go


and so I beg adieu,

my winter coat has fluffy fur


and I concur I need

no longer snuggle to each creed


my bed is all made up, and

my simple life became unstuck


(Hauruck, Hauruck mit Frühjahrsschmuck)


I am ready to adorn

I feel the earth: the sun is warm,


and I cascade my flowers

I worked upon for hours


I am Flora come to you

see that you all life renew


just as Venus wished you to

embrace the love that springs in you.


You think it’s lush and so much slush and mush

but now just simply hush…


do you not hear what becomes ever clear:

with each vibrant sound that Spring draw near,

and beg you now to see

the sun reflects in you and me


a simple harmony

to arise to our own ecstasy


Springtime memory

Life’s own reliquary


is pushing now to free

a vibrant life for you and me.


That simple tug of war

Life is what Spring adore

Life is worth waiting for


Fighting claw of every inch

and angle, just now with the sun


to tangle and dangle just ahead

a flight of ecstasy instead,


so leave now your cleft -

you felt in winter once bereft,


simply now be deft:


embrace the very sun

for Springtime has begun


and the bee so fleet

cried: “I’ll clap you to your feet”


and as the bee hummed along

my heart and soul strummed to its song,


and, Springtime became so very strong

moving life and love along:

winning energy throng to heed

what it is we now need:


see my simple saying – it is the earth

now swaying and begging to begin

seductress joyful wing


in Spring my soul now sing and

bring a message true:


behold new life shall spring in you,

for I now can give

all the love I have to live, and


I shall surge now free

victorious in my energy

filled with total ecstasy



behold the winged that

flee cocoon’s lost memory


Springtime harmony

a subtle force in ecstasy


an energy that pushes

harder than you see

to renew the joy in me


It pushes harder than

before to open now a brand new door


to life and love and as before,

I hear the vibrant core

shout much louder now for more


“Blossom in your quarter

Blossom in the day

you felt the cold wind blow your way


Blossom now for free

you are Springtime’s ecstasy


Blossom now for all

see your life stand tall”


and the bee,

carried on regardlessly


“There’s much more I can see

if you just open free to Springtime’s

harmony… what care I for old reliquary


this is now my missionary stance: to

discover joy at every glance, so open

in each circumstance and start to flood

on through with rhythmic life that

abounds in you”


And then the buzzy bee

went further out to see


what more could be

achieved, when Springtime

open she received.


I am Shiva on each wing

I cause life and soul to sing


See the future that I bring

glistening so free when we

arise to ecstasy.


River, river, tall and free

life and love that once saved

me, I am hidden safe to see

no longer bound to reliquary.


Spring is spring’s own memory

life is none’s own enemy

life is pouring through,


every moment grand and new

just to awaken you


to the life force that just knew:


all of life a living pew

to worship now the sun in you.


Purple Eyes Publishing


I had not wanted to stutter or another word now utter to you, but in the cold all life renew, what had brought the sun so true, and turned around what once I knew, into a daze where energy plays, a simple truth that now says:


Let Springtime joy embrace your way, and let your life begin to play, ecstatic light array!


Let all my yesterday open now to sun’s grand array.


And, Springtime energy: behold your reliquary, a simple sunshine harmony.


And then I held my breath, the simplest stasis to caress, that what had mattered once for me, had no more livery, and I could simply see, quite enormously, that any reliquary was bounded on a wing with which now Springtime sing, beyond every sway, of what was once my yesterday.


So delivered up today, beyond every fray, I feel the heat of life’s own way, that bring to memory a vibrant tone of ecstasy.


The Great Vine: the moment sketched on time.


And in a journey reached of hand,

I return to marigold land


Silver vine – to grow so steadily

over time


A moment of reflection

The earth is in connection


Perfection perfection perfection

to witness our own resurrection


Blossom swift away

blossom wildly just today

blossom so that you may say


‘Rich and beautiful has been my day!’


Without further allay – the sun is out to play!


Hooray !!!


Preliminary Reliquary Gave Way To Ecstasy

I thought that I could see, the matter straight in front of me, but Springtime's energy releases entirely a different memory, and causes me to be sovereign entity. A world not as it meant to be, but what is coming through is that Springtime renew what had held such hope for you. Reliquary a simple source of history, when all a mystery, life itself twists free to vibrant ecstasy.

  • ISBN: 9781370366422
  • Author: [email protected]
  • Published: 2017-03-14 18:35:12
  • Words: 3516
Preliminary Reliquary Gave Way To Ecstasy Preliminary Reliquary Gave Way To Ecstasy