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3. Success is a way of life 10



2. Have a Vision. 11

3. Get the right people. 12

4. Have the right (positive) attitude. 12

5. Take the right action. 13



The failure of many lives destiny can be traced to several reasons but I would like to talk about five of the common reasons I have personally observed why a lot of people spend their lives without achieving their goals and fulfilling destiny. Every live of regret is deeply rooted in lack of success and failure in one area or the other and these are the reasons why; 14

b.Your environment 15

c.Laziness 16

d.Circumstances of life 16



1. Success takes time. 17

2. It takes commitment and determination. 17

3. You will work hard. 18

4. You will need help. 18



1. Doubt and Discouragement. 19

2. Distractions. 20

3. Fear of failure. 20



1. You have a destiny to fulfil. 22

2. You are Unique. 22






Man as specie has evolved and keeps evolving just as the world around him has undergone its fair share of change. Despite man’s continuous metamorphosis, one thing that has remained constant is his quest for success. Every human being on the face of the earth is genetically programmed to desire to be successful at one thing or the other. While there are some who end up achieving their aims and goals, majority of men suffer defeat not because they did not try, but mainly because they were uninformed. “Power to succeed” is a guide to the silent and fearful dreamer. Learning why others fail is a way to guard against failing. You are only as successful as the things you know.

Information is power and what you do not know is above you. This book has been carefully put together to pass across correct and applicable principles that will teach you how to achieve your goals and have a successful life. One thing that is sure to happen as you read and apply the principles is that you will see life from a different perspective, which will correctly position you for the success that you desire. The principles that I have shared have worked for me and I guarantee that if you apply them, you will see similar results. Success is not accidental but a series of actions that bring about a desired end. As you begin to read, know that you have just taken a step to your success.



The concept of success means different things to different people and is as old as time itself. It would be problematic and somewhat impossible to learn the secrets to a successful life without a proper understanding of what success is.

People have varying ideologies and definitions about success and while I do not claim that my definition of the word should be taken as law, I however have found that my definition has worked for me and continues to do so.

Success is the ability for an individual to discover their purpose on earth and complete it before they die or better still, to be successful in life is to maximize your full potential and ability within your lifespan. Success is not about outwitting or outdoing other people but in actual sense, success is measured by how much you produce with respect to your ability and potentials. We do not measure our success by the failures of others but by how much we could and can do in our own lives. You will always be better than someone and somebody will always be better than you. Therefore, success is truly measured by how much you have done compared to how much you were able and capable of doing. So the only people who can truly know how successful you can and could have been are you and God. The only person you need to outdo or outclass is YOURSELF!! Having a proper understanding about success will position you to better apply the principles that will be laid out as you read on.


If you desire to be successful in life then there are a few things you should understand about success or successful people.

1. Success is a choice.

Everyone desires to be successful but many have unconsciously chosen to be failures in life. If you must succeed then you understand that success is a deliberate and conscious decision. It is not accidental or automatic. You need to make up your mind to succeed before you can be successful. Choosing success over failure is more than just wishful thinking. The choice has to materialize into action. Understand that you have to make a conscious mental and sometimes physical decision to be successful in life.

2. Success is a Mindset.

The word mindset means the way your mind is set. As a man thinks, so is he. We are the product of our thoughts and imaginations. You cannot expect success when you have a failure mentality. The things you think of and process often will translate into your daily experience. What you think about is who you are or will become and your mindset will chart the course of your life. If you change how you think it will change how you live, if you think right you will live right. Successful people think successful thoughts and their positive thinking produces positive experiences. Negativity in mind can never bring positivity in life. Think positive and you will position yourself for a successful life.

3. Success is a way of life

It is not enough to choose and think you can be successful. You need to translate your choice and positive thoughts into action. Seeing success as a way of life will affect the things you eat, the way you dress, the places you visit and even the friends you keep. Your daily routine and activities should drive you closer to your goals or projects and not away from them. The way you live should be patterned after the kind of success that you desire. You cannot expect to succeed in professional sports when you do not practice daily. The daily routine of an athlete is geared towards athletics just like the daily routines of a singer or dancer is geared towards singing or dancing as the case may be. Your daily routines should look like what you want to become.



Now that we have a proper definition and understanding of what success is, the next thing to known is that there are certain fundamental requirements one needs to have if one will fully maximize ones potentials and destiny. These requirements are;

1. Discover your purpose.

Purpose can be defined as the original intention behind the creation and existence of a thing. It is the reason why a thing or person was made or created. The first requirement for success is to discover your purpose. To discover your purpose is to know why you were born, that’s, the reason you are on earth. We were not born to just go to school, get a job, start a family, pay bills and die. There is a reason why you and I are alive. The potentials that you have are an indicator to your purpose and as I earlier said, success is maximizing potential. So simple put, success is finding purpose and completing it before you die. One way to discover purpose is to find the things you love which bring inward satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment and which give meaning to your life and the lives of those around you. Purpose makes life worth living. Anyone who commits suicide didn’t discover purpose and so had no reason to live. Discovering you purpose will give value to your life and build self esteem which in turn will dictate your life’s choices and choose your habits. So finding purpose should not be what you are good at but what you love to do. So the key to Your success in life and destiny is finding your purpose and fulfilling it.

2. Have a Vision.

A Vision is a model of a desired outcome. It is the blueprint for your footprint. A vision shows the way to go. After you discover your purpose, the next thing you need to have is vision. Purpose tells you “why” you were born but vision shows you “how” to be everything you need to be. Vision is purpose broken down into steps. Purpose tells you “why” but Vision shows you “how”. Your purpose determines your vision. Vision enables you to see why you were created. Vision is a self motivator and guides you on how to achieve your purpose. Before you get a vision for your life, discover your purpose in life.

3. Get the right people.

After you discover your purpose in life and have caught a vision, the next thing you need is to get connected to the right people. Who we are and who we become is influenced by the type of people we have around us. If you must fulfil your purpose and achieve your dream then you need to understand that there are people with whom you should not be friends. We grow from people and projects, so, having the right kind of people will create the right atmosphere for your success to manifest. You need to make friends with people who inspire you, that see and can bring out the best in you. Have people that believe in the same things you believe in and are going towards the same direction like you. Whatever we will be in the future is influenced by the friends we keep and by the relationships that we develop today. Your friends will either make you or mar you.

4. Have the right (positive) attitude.

The next requirement for success is having the right attitude. Attitude is your thought, feeling and approach towards life in every circumstance. It is how you respond to what life throws at you. Your attitude will determine your altitude. How high you will go in life is determined by how you react to life. Positivity in adversity births success in despair. The key to having the right attitude is to be optimistic and see the good out of every bad situation. Do not let the negativity of others affect you. Think positive and have hope for a better tomorrow. Having the right attitude does not mean denying reality. Accept reality but do not be depressed or down casted because of your present circumstance.

5. Take the right action.

Action is the crowning requirement of every success story. The four requirements earlier mentioned will amount to nothing if adequate and appropriate action is not taken. Action is the livewire of every successful person. The level of success that you will experience is directly proportionate to the actions you take. Action makes purpose and vision to manifest, action brings dreams to live. Take actions that will move you closer to your dream. There are actions that are unique to every destiny, purpose and vision. To fulfil your purpose, you need to go into action. Do not sit and wait for the perfect or ideal situation because it will never be ideal. Do what you can, where you are, and with what you have. The success of the future is buried in the actions of the now. The greatest enemy of inaction and success is the fear of failure. Many destinies and visions have been wasted on the platform of inaction. Any action is better than no action at all. The importance of taking action cannot be over emphasized. Go into action and your dreams will be realized.



The failure of many lives destiny can be traced to several reasons but I would like to talk about five of the common reasons I have personally observed why a lot of people spend their lives without achieving their goals and fulfilling destiny. Every live of regret is deeply rooted in lack of success and failure in one area or the other and these are the reasons why;

p<>{color:#000;}. Ignorance of Identity

Nothing sponsors calamity like lack of identity. A lot of people have not yet discovered themselves and so they do not have the real idea of their true potential. A great man once said “At the root of every crashed destiny is an identity crisis”. Your identity defines your personality and reality. No man succeeds in life until he discovers who he is and makes the man in him to show forth. A sense of identity will build self-esteem. Before you seek to be successful in life and destiny, go for self-discovery. Your identity will reveal your purpose and your purpose will dictate your life. The thing that makes you to be you is your identity. Until you discover who you truly are, you will never know what you can really do. Your life would make a whole lot of sense if you only discover who you truly are. Ignorance of one’s self means ignorance of your potentials and abilities. Go for a self discover and after you determine and separate who you are from who you are not, you will make better decisions and experience much more success.

h2<>{color:#000;}. [] Your environment

Your environment plays a huge role in your life and destiny. Just a fish cannot live outside water, so a man cannot succeed in an environment that does not support growth and success. If you do not control your environment, it will control you. If you cannot change your environment, leave the place. Our perspective, opinions and views we have about live are moulded by the environment we grew up and currently find ourselves in. You are only as good as your environment. Many dreams have been choked because the dreamer stayed in the wrong environment. There are specific environments for your dreams to grow. The inability to chose the right environment will ultimately lead to failure not because the dream was a fairytale, but because the environment choked and killed the dream. You cannot afford to undermine the power of your environment. An environment that promotes success will produce success. Choose your environment and it will greatly influence your success.

h2<>{color:#000;}. [] Laziness

Many people fail in life and in destiny because they are too lazy to do anything about their future. Good things don’t come easy or cheap. The success that you want will not be handed to you in a platter of gold (except you are royalty then it might be). You will have to work hard to see the results that you desire. No lazy man ever achieved anything great. If you do not want to fail like others then you need to kill laziness. Your success can only be worked out by you. You hold the keys to your glorious destiny but if you decide to lie on the couch all day and do nothing, you would have denied yourself entry into your success and great future.

h2<>{color:#000;}. [] Circumstances of life

There are times that no matter how hard you try, nothing seems to work and it feels like things are against you. When you face such a situation, understand that it is a stage of life and won’t last forever. Many people at this stage give up and back down. When life seems to throw all she’s got at you, stand your grounds for you are about to reap the best life has to offer. The darkest nights give birth to the brightest mornings. Do not lose hope during the hour of trials because your success is about to manifest. The circumstance of life have reduced many individuals and ended destiny. No matter what life throws at you, make up your mind to move on and never give up. Challenges come to test the authenticity and strength of your dream. If the circumstances of life beat you, you would have failed not just yourself but the entire world. Never give up, no matter what.




In this chapter I would like to bring to your understanding certain truths about success that will properly position you and give you the right expectations.

1. Success takes time.

The first truth you should know is that genuine success takes time. There is no instant success. Give yourself adequate time to succeed. Rome was not built in a day. It takes the lifespan of an individual to know if that person is truly success. You may succeed at a project or accomplishing a dream or goal in a short time but success in destiny takes your lifetime. Every explosion in your life and destiny is a combination of small and successful actions that culminate and gives what appears to others as a sudden break. A success story means it took time and different events to build and make up what others see as the end product. Every genuine success story will take some time. That you failed at one point in your life does not mean you are a failure. You have your entirely to make it. Do not give up but push on. It may take time but you will surely get there if you refuse to quit.

2. It takes commitment and determination.

The next truth about success is that it will take commitment and determination. For your purpose to manifest you need to commit yourself to it and be determined to make things work and succeed. The things you want to do and achieve will not just happen. You have to make up your mind that no matter what, you are going to give it your best and not stop until you see the results that you want. A man with a determined mind is unstoppable. Even if you start from nothing, do not stop for anything.

3. You will work hard.

A nother truth you need to accept is that you will work hard. Working hard does not mean you will kill yourself at your place of work. It means you cannot be lazy and expect to be successful. You must put in some work or a lot of work -depending on what you want to do- in order to get the desired outcome. Working hard on your purpose and dream is a must if you want to be successful. Life is an equation. Your input in most cases will equal your output. If you want outstanding success then you should be willing to work hard and pay the price. You may not work hard your entire life but you will need to work hard for a period of time at least.

4. You will need help.

The fourth truth you need to know is that every successful person had help from someone at a point in time. There is no self-made man and I stand fully behind this statement. You will need help from people to achieve your dream. The quality and timing of the help you receive will greatly impact the amount of success you will experience and the time you experience it. There are no great men, there are only helped men. You will need help from relevant people be they family, friends, colleagues or even individuals you do not yet know personally. Whenever and wherever you can, share your dream. People do not finance individuals, they finance dreams and projects. The help you need, will show up when you share the vision you carry.



A few years ago I heard a statement which says “behind every glory is a story”. I have found this to be true. Every success story had trials, challenges and obstacles. Expecting success without challenges is like expecting to live without breathing. Every successful individual faced challenges. There are a few obstacles on the road to success that everyone who desires to succeed must face and conquer.

1. Doubt and Discouragement.

One of the things you must conquer if you will succeed in fulfilling your purpose is doubt from within and discouragement from without. If you doubt yourself then no one will believe you. Circumstances will not always be encouraging. Kill doubt from within and do not expect external encouragement. Be your own cheerleader. If you let the circumstances of life to dictate your success then you will not fulfil your purpose. If you doubt yourself you will be unable to produce and bring out the best in you. Circumstance may try to discourage you but always tell yourself that you can make it.

2. Distractions.

The next thing to overcome is distractions. Anything that does not contribute in achieving your purpose is a distraction. A distraction is anything that makes you to lose track. It could be losing track of time, money or your environment. It also means to lose traction which in turn limits your speed. So a reason why you must fight and overcome distraction is that it makes you to lose time and it reduces your speed. Every person with a purpose should distinguish between a necessity and a distraction. Identify the things that are a distraction in your life and do away with them. If achieving your goal will require a lot of money, spending on unnecessary outings or trips is a distraction.

3. Fear of failure.

Many dreams, ambitions and destinies have ended at the doorstep of fear. The fear of failure has killed more dreams and has paralyzed many dreamers who had talents and potential. The way to kill fear is to realize that fear is simply a mental construction of a possible outcome. It is in your mind, it is not real. What is real is the action you take and the results those actions will bring, not the imagined outcome. Things will not always work out was we would want but that should not incapacitate and prevent us from taking actions towards a desired end. No matter the dream, purpose or potential you have, if fear leads you, it will kill you. It will kill your purpose and your potentials. Dreams are achieved and projects are realized on the platform of action but there can be no action when there is fear. Do not let the fear of the unknown cloud and overshadow the reality of the now. You have all what it takes to make it in life. To conquer the fear of failure is to conquer the greatest enemy of success.



If you are like me then you will agree with me that failure is not an option. You are sure to fail if you give up but if you press on, the battle is not yet over. There are many reasons why you must not fail but I would like to bring to your attention what I think are some very important ones you should have at the back of your mind.

[] 1. Y*ou* have a destiny to fulfil.

A very important reason why you cannot afford to fail in life is that there is a purpose for your live and a reason why you were created. A failed destiny is a failed purpose and plan. Understand that you are not a nonentity. You have a role to play in the lives of those around you and the world at large. The importance of your destiny to mankind cannot be over emphasized. Failing to discover and complete your will leave a void in the world that cannot be filled. You cannot afford to fail. Do all you can to discover who you are and why you were born so you can fulfil your destiny.

[] 2. You are Unique.

Another important reason why you must not fail is that there is just one of you and no other duplicate. You are as unique as your finger print. There are things that only you can do, changes that only you van effect and impact that only can make. To fail in your destiny is to leave the world just like you met it or even worse than you met it. You are too important to go unnoticed and too relevant to be ignored. No matter how small and irrelevant you think you may be you have a place in the world. Don’t look down on yourself and don’t underestimate your ability and potentials. You have something to offer to the world.

*3._ [_Y[*ou are the answer to someone’s question]].

The 21st century has more problems than solutions; it has more questions than answers. There are two types of people; those who create problems and those who solve them. The potentials and ability that you have carry the answer to someone’s question. If you fail to fulfil your destiny, you would have left the world with a question or problem that only you have an answer or a solution to. Recognize this fact and failure will never be an option in your life. The world needs you; it needs your contribution and impact. I once heard a man say that “the riches place in the world is not the gold mines or the oil wells but the graveyard because that is where people with unachieved dreams, unrealised projects and great potentials are buried. You were born loaded, it would be sad to die with all your good stuff still in you. Give your best because you have something to offer that no one else can offer. If you fail, you would have failed not just yourself but your world.



A common notion people have about success is that success is a future event or occurrence. So many people spend their lives waiting for the day they will be successful. As a matter of fact, if you do nothing, no matter how long you live on earth, you will never be successful. Success is not as it were a destination but rather it is a series of actions that bring about a desired outcome. Someone once said that “Success is the potential destiny of all created things”. The success you desire is in you right now. You carry what will take you to your next level in life. Do not wait around for the day things will happen. Go out there and make things happen. Success is a seed you carry right now.

You have the potential to be successful even as you read this book right now. The success that you will experience will depend on how well you can nurture and bring out what is in you. You will be success when you bring the seed in you to bear fruits. When you have this understanding you will no longer look to anyone to make you succeed. The things that lie behind and ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. Look inside and bring out the deposits you already carry.

If you apply the principles outlined in this book, I guarantee you that your life will experience a 180 degree turn around towards a successful future. Dig deep down into you and unveil the hidden potentials that are buried and your success story might just be the next to be told.


Vukugah A. Emmanuel is a journalist by training, an entrepreneur by choice and a visionary by call. He has spent the last five years of his life moulding over 30 young people to discover their purpose and develop their God given abilities. He is passionate about empowering the next generation of leaders and is dedicated to teaching individuals the principles of successful living. He has serve as a leader in different capacities in two institutions and has had first hand experience in dealing with challenges and solving difficult situations. When he is not reading, he is writing and he believes in improving the mind so as to make the world a better place.


Power to Succeed-Why People Fail in Life an destiny

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Power to Succeed-Why People Fail in Life an destiny Power to Succeed-Why People Fail in Life an destiny