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Poverty Do You See It ?

Poverty Do You See It ?
by Kennie Kayoz
Copyright 2017 Coyotes Publishing
Shakespir Edition

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Do You See Poverty ?

Everywhere I go, I see poverty.

Do you see it ?

I don’t mean the homeless begging.

I mean those that when you look into there eyes you see the struggle.

They’re barely making ends meat to keep a roof.

They’re barely affording shoes and socks.

They barely afforded dinner last night.

That is growing larger and larger.

People are putting themselves in that hole.

The other day I drove into a small town, full of small houses.

Then I noticed the town was expanding, its not a small house.

They want the average person to live in a mansion.

How can one afford that when the average one can’t afford clothes.

I don’t have to go into a town to see poverty.
I live that shit, every day.
I can’t afford to move out.
We live pay check to pay check.
We are one step away from food donation bins.


Nobody There To Help.

When are people willing to help.
They help the rich to pay less on taxes.
They try to help the homeless find a home.

They don’t help the parents who have devised a plan of suicide
Since one of them got laid off and they’re watching life crumble.
Nobody wants to step up and help them out.

Nobody wants to help those swimming in credit card debt.
If it wasn’t for credit cards, some people wouldn’t be able to eat.
I’m not pointing the fingers are certain types of people.
Whites, Blacks, Mexicans .. I’m talking all of us.

We are all in that same boat.


We All Have The Tools

We all have the same tools to do good.

But the problem is, chances.
This isn’t monopoly, you don’t get to land on “chance”
This is life, you need someone to give you a “chance”

In order to start helping out.
You need someone to step up and offer you a job.
No matter if you’re the most qualified or lease.
Everyone needs a job to earn money.
If it wasn’t for the world revolving around money.
Then I bet people wouldn’t do a lot of things they do.

If the world was based on kindness.
I bet, whose on top of the world would be in our shoes.
We would be the ones on top.
We would be the ones not struggling.


Can Only Ask Nicely So Many Times

I get it, I really do.
Your like me, you’ve kept knocking on doors.
But nobody wants to answer anymore.
Nobody wants to give you a hand.
We all need a hand to get started.
But if nobody is willing to give it.
What’s your alternative ?

People don’t want to listen.
They think they’re better than us.
They feel that they are still struggling.
But they got a job.
They are at least helping a family out.

We’re still on the outside.
Knocking, waiting for our turn to get in.
We’re still looking waiting for our time.

I know I’m still waiting for my time.
I don’t know if it’ll ever happen.


Poverty Do You See It ?

  • Author: Coyotes Publishing
  • Published: 2017-04-08 17:35:25
  • Words: 510
Poverty Do You See It ? Poverty Do You See It ?