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Move from Negative Thoughts into Positive Thoughts and Achieve Happiness and Success


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Table of Contents


Introduction 5

Chapter 1. Positivity Unleashed 7

Chapter 2. Positivity through Self-Confidence 10

Chapter 3. Positivity through Outside Sources 14

Chapter 4. How to Use Positivity to Help Others 17

Chapter 5. Using Positivity to Help Yourself 20

Stages for your positivity training:

Conclusion 24


You’ve heard the old saying “positive thinking creates success”, haven’t

you? It’s true. Some of the most successful people in the world would not be where they are if they had not remained positive through the hard times. And everyone has hard times. Whether it’s financial, emotional, mental or spiritual, everyone experiences difficulties in their lives at some point or another.



What is positivity? It’s in each and every one of us, usually begging to get out. We create roadblocks for our positive natures because of the world we live in, where negativity abounds.



Positivity comes with a healthy dose of self-confidence. People who are confident can look at any obstacle and see the possibilities, rather than the problems.



Positivity and negativity can be found in the people you surround yourself with. Whether you believe it or not, you will be influenced by those who are around you. The way they think, talk and act will have an impact on you in some way. Sometimes, their behaviors will wear off onto you. This includes the self-destructive methods people use to escape reality in this negative world, such as drugs, heavy drinking, unfaithful relationships and dishonesty. When you are involved with criminals, addicts or generally miserable people, it is likely you will think like them, as well.



This is not a definite. There is always the possibility that you will be the light to their darkness. But is putting yourself in that kind of position making you happy? Is it making you successful? Is it a positive life?



This book will give you some ideas on how to focus on positivity, decide what is best for you in your life and try to achieve the happiness we were all meant to have. It takes effort. It takes time. You are responsible for your own life and your own happiness. It’s time to create a positive atmosphere to live in.


Chapter 1. Positivity Unleashed]


Once the what is decided, the how always follows. We must not make the how an excuse for not facing and accepting the what. – Pearl. S. Buck


When you think positively, your attitude changes without you even realizing it. You begin to focus on brighter things and hopeful thoughts. When you have hope, you expect the best. Setbacks don’t hold you back. You begin to think of them as obstacles that just get on your nerves as you find ways around them.



It’s easy to be negative. It’s easier because the world can be a dark and brutal place. It takes courage to keep going every day, when you can only see the darkness. It takes effort. But once you’ve achieved the ability to push away negativity and invite positivity, you won’t be as easily influenced.



When you feel positive, you await the happiness you are sure is just around the corner. You are able to make commitments and keep them. You are more comfortable giving of your time to help others. You pass through any difficulty with a more positive outlook.



Positivity leads to success. When you fail at something, as you inevitably will, positive thinking alters your viewpoint so that you can see the lesson you learned when pushing through only to fail. You won’t even see it as failure any more. You will think of it as the lesson that it was and be able to move on, hopefully to never make the mistakes that led up to a negative outcome.



If you are expecting to be a positive thinker on your first try, think again. You will need to work on this skill. As mentioned, the negative influence of the world around you makes a big difference to your mental and emotional behavior. You must put in the effort to think positive or you truly won’t.



Some people are born with a natural ability to smile through the pain, laugh when they want to cry and never give up hope. If you aren’t one of those people, don’t feel alone. The majority of humans on this earth feel anxiety, stress, depression and pain on a daily basis. Temporary happiness such as falling in love or getting a promotion give us hope for the future. Some are able to prolong that happiness and sustain it for a long time. Others, a majority as a matter of fact, allow the negative influences in the world to invade their thinking. Many people turn to unhealthy solutions such as drugs, alcohol and other addictions. If you are looking for positivity in life, these aren’t the answer. Not only are they dangerous to your mental and physical health, they do not lend to good atmospheres and environments. You cannot surround yourself with friendly, positive, happy people when each one of them has their senses altered by an unnatural substance.



Each day, the positive person wakes up and tells him or herself to expect great things to happen. New opportunities, connections, friendships and happiness are there for the taking. They live with hope, choosing to accept the difficulties and never lower their expectations for something better.



Disappointments still happen to positive people. They just look at it differently. You must want to be one of those people, or you wouldn’t be reading this book. People who think positively are not paralyzed by the obstacles and difficulties. They are not disabled by despair, depression, stress and anxiety.


You can achieve this kind of peace through positive thinking. In the book/movie, Pollyanna, the little girl who served as main character played a “glad game”. No matter how sad the situation seemed, she would always find something to be glad about. If you look hard enough and are willing to have an open mind, you will find something to “be glad about”. It’s not always easy, but it’s always possible. In every situation, you will find something good.



An example would be someone who has been given a diagnosis of a terminal disease. During their medical necessities, they may meet several others who come to respect and admire them and whom they also respect and admire, forming new friendships. Friends are there to help support us in our time of need. Those friends are something to be glad about. It’s important to have an open mind and not give in to the negativity. No matter how easy it would be to do so.



Having a negative attitude is easier because you don’t have to care. Caring means investing part of your heart into the goal. But when you don’t care, you are also not encouraging anyone else to care. Negative thoughts promote the expectation of failure. No one wants to fail but many push themselves to it, expecting it and causing it because of that attitude. They go through their storm with resentment, anger, hatred and stress, finding it very hard to cope with any extra anxieties they might face. Obstacles seem insurmountable. Negativity and darkness threaten to overwhelm them.

Positive thinking gives people the courage to push on, keep moving and force themselves through the storm with the expectation of success. If the outcome is not what they would have desired, they find alternate routes to get to their desired result, no matter what. In addition, they prepare for success. They make decisions ahead of time to ensure they are ready for the battle. This means getting enough sleep before the big interview, eating right before a hard workout and starting a savings account for Christmas are good preparatory decisions. They ask questions to help clarify where the path is taking them. They prepare for success.



We hope that you will find what you are looking for in the information we are giving you here. We are the first to admit it isn’t easy to be positive all the time. But with some suggestions, tips and helpful hints, you can become a positive person. You’ve already taken the first step by seeking help.




. Positivity through Self-Confidence


One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.” – Arthur Ashe


One of the key factors you need when going through your “positivity training” is to gain self-confidence. When you have a high self-esteem, it is easy to see the lighter side of things. This is because you already know you will get through it. You have no doubt. A healthy high self-esteem is rare. There is a difference between confidence and arrogance. They are easy to tell apart.

Confidence is a positive attitude, where arrogance is a negative attitude.



Confident people are sure in themselves and encourage others when times get tough. Arrogant people are sure that everyone else is at fault when things don’t go quite right because they couldn’t possibly be at fault. Confident people don’t look down on others who are not as good at certain tasks as they are. Arrogant people make condescending, cutting remarks designed to make another person feel as miserable as they do under their façade.



When you are confident in your abilities, you don’t have a problem helping others who aren’t at the same level as you. You encourage them to improve their skills, even if they eventually pass you in ability at some point. Confident people are happy with their personal expectations and don’t come down on themselves or others if they have struggles.



Ever tried to talk to someone who was so arrogant and nasty, you wanted to get away from them as quickly as possible? If so, this memory should help you decipher whether or not you are being arrogant. It’s difficult to talk to someone who is arrogant. They either want to stare you down or can’t be bothered to look at you when you talk. They discard your ideas and thoughts if they are not the same as theirs. They will have reasons why their way is always better.



Instead, you should strive to reach a level of comfortability in yourself. It can be achieved. Here’s a short list of things you can do to boost your self-confidence.

p<>{color:#151515;}. Take a class in a subject you enjoy.

p<>{color:#151515;}. Take up fitness training/weight-loss.

p<>{color:#151515;}. Write a poem or short story.

p<>{color:#151515;}. Draw/paint a picture.

p<>{color:#151515;}. Go swimming.

p<>{color:#151515;}. Reach out to friends.

p<>{color:#151515;}. Read interesting, adventurous books.

p<>{color:#151515;}. Go shopping.

p<>{color:#151515;}. Get a haircut.



To gain self-confidence, you must be motivated. First, decide what your motivation is. Are you trying to learn a new language so that you can communicate with people in another country more easily when you travel? Are you trying to get a better job to help support your family with better financial stability? There is always some motivation behind any goals you set. You just have to decide what that motivation is and use it to encourage you so that you won’t quit, no matter what you face along the way.



Your confidence will affect your social wellness. This means you will be able to relate to others in your world and connect with them on a deeper level. You will develop positive friendships and maintain them. One of the reasons why you’ll have the ability to do this is because you are looking for positive people. Chances are, they are attracted to other positive people. If you are one of them, you will find yourself free of much of the negative influences of the world.



You are the company you keep. It’s an old phrase but it has a sincere meaning.



Your confidence also affects your mental wellness. You will understand yourself and have the ability to cope with the flaws you find. You may never be able to rid yourself totally of the negative feelings like hatred, anger, bitterness, jealousy and rage. But you will be able to control them. This is your mental wellness.



Another area your confidence will affect is your spiritual wellness. Your ability to generate and establish a lasting peace and harmony in yourself and your life as it is.



Your self-confidence will even affect your environmental wellness. This is when you know not to throw your trash out on the street or leave your camping ground as a dumping ground. You will be aware of your own impact on the environment and you will care about leaving a positive impact, rather than a negative one.



One of the best ways to generate self-confidence is to turn your focus inward and begin taking care of your physical wellness. You will want to avoid fast food, want to take up fitness training, want to eat right and sleep well at night. When you can do these things, your confidence in yourself will skyrocket.

Positive thinking gives you the ability to open your mind to the possibilities that are always in front of you, whether you see them or not. You will want to learn from others and then use those skills to improve your own life. In this way, your intellectual wellness is intact.



Having a low self-esteem or very little self-confidence can be devastating. Without motivation and self-confidence, it is nearly impossible to see things in a positive light. Those who wallow in that misery become anxious and depressed. They isolate themselves and create the most negative self-image they can.



Positive people don’t lose hope. They improve on their self-confidence by trusting that they can get through. In fact, they look forward to the challenges that lay ahead. They press on to achieve their dreams, advance in life and improve on themselves each and every day. They get up in the morning ready to attack the day. They refuse to feel lonely. They know their worth.



People who have self-confidence, and know the difference between arrogance and confidence, are treated by others as if they are slightly more valuable, more intelligent, more friendly and more attractive. They exude compassion and self-confidence; two things people want to be around.



Be aware that your mind will try to play tricks on you. It will tell you that you are not good enough, not confident enough, a failure all around. These thoughts are what brought you to seeking help through positivity training in the first place. When you are aware of these negative thoughts, you will know how to dispel them. You will consciously put your mind into a better frame, one that will see more light than darkness. You will actively seek out positive thoughts. You will “find your happy place” and decide to reside there until the negativity passes.



You may shed many tears at first, especially if you are going through something that is extremely traumatizing. Keep in mind that it is healthy to cry things out but there is a time when the tears must stop. There is no room for self-pity in the mind of a confident, positive person. You will achieve that goal and realize peace in your heart and mind for what might be the first time. Once you feel it, you won’t want to let it go. You won’t want the negativity anymore. You will decide for yourself that yes, you are strong enough, you are confident enough and you are good enough.



You will need your confidence to make the kind of changes you desire. You cannot let thoughts that your goals can never be reached because you’ve been striving for so long to achieve them. The best things in life take time. You must have patience and keep going. Think of it this way: If you’ve been trying to achieve a goal for a long time but haven’t gotten there yet, do you want to sacrifice the investment you’ve already made? And once you achieve your goal, the reward will be much sweeter than you could have imagined. It will be a happiness high you will ride for a long time. The longer the struggle, the greater the reward.






. Positivity through Outside Sources

We’re all working together; that’s the secret.”

Sam Walton


When you are working on your positivity training, you will need help. You can’t do it all on your own. Don’t try to convince yourself that you can. You need guidance and positive reinforcement from those around you. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to have friends around you who lift you up, encourage you and support you. If your friends are negatively impacting your life, they are not good friends. Get new ones. You can find new friends in good places such as church, the gym, the library, social gatherings and your local coffee or tea shop.


There are support groups for every type of mental distress there is. If you have lost a loved one, are going through a divorce, feel lonely and out of sorts, have an addiction problem or simply need companionship and social interaction, there is a support group for you. Check with your community centers and churches in the area for these support groups.



There are some things you should do to prepare yourself for this kind of change in your life.



First of all, except that change is necessary and that you are the only one capable of bringing it about in your life. You will need to step outside of the box, outside your comfort zone. You cannot rely on someone else to fix you. You aren’t broken in a way that someone else can fix. You must heal yourself. You are the only one you are around all day every day. You are the only one who can do it. And by putting forth the effort and trying, you will reach the goal you set for yourself. You will heal.



You have to choose it. You have to work for it. You have to direct your own growth toward the positive outcome you seek. How do you do that?



By creating your own change. Change your circumstances by venturing out into the unknown. Change your environment by getting new friends or a new job. Only you can do this. It isn’t easy and it can sometimes be extremely painful. But in the end, it is worth it. Your life will be better. You will find happiness and success. You need to prepare for change and be comfortable with it.

Analyze your life. Where do you need to make improvements? Are you hanging out with the wrong crowd? Do you need support and encouragement from others who have experienced what you are going through? Discover what is limiting you and work around those supposed limitations. Find a way. It’s okay to ask for help.



Ask yourself why you are in the position you are in. Is it something you can control? If you are limiting yourself with negative thoughts, telling yourself you are simply unable to achieve your goals, you definitely won’t. You will continue to lag behind, get nothing accomplished and face the world with a negative outlook that won’t win you any new friends.



Your positivity training is going to require some responsibility on your part. You will need to maintain a level head. If your goal is to travel to a foreign land, you need to make it a long-term goal that allows you to keep up with any current responsibilities you have that could hold you back from that goal. Set good priorities so that the changes you are making don’t end up negatively impacting you or others that rely on you.



Training your brain to think positively will require you to release any judgmental thoughts you have. Remember you are no better than anyone else. No one else is worse than you. We are all different individuals with our own personal struggles. When you judge someone else, you are releasing a negative emotion that will come back to you when you mess up. Some people may be living their lives in a very negative, disagreeable manner but remember the phrase, “There but for the grace of God, go I.” You have every right to be confident and to work on yourself each and every day. Do not deny someone else that right by judging them and making them feel negative feelings. As a positive person, it is your duty to shine a positive light on others, even when they may not deserve it. You will find that when you show kindness to others, it comes back to you.



Seek out people, support groups and relationships that build you up. Forget the idea that if you “just had” this or that, you would be a more positive person. Work on what you do have, what you can accomplish and how it will help others who associate with you regularly.



Surround yourself with people you trust. If you only have a small circle of friends, or even just one friend, seek them out, ask for help, don’t remain alone in your quest for improvement. Don’t isolate yourself. Unless you are already a positive person with a healthy sense of self-confidence, you are going to have a great deal of trouble healing and advancing on your own. We need each other. If you are a positive light, others will seek you out. They will know that you have relied on them during your darkest times and will ask for you when they are in theirs. If you are not yet a positive light, seek out a friend who is. Their light will outshine your darkness if you are willing to let it. Just being around them will help you boost your positive thinking skills.



Don’t discount counseling. Everyone can benefit from a little counseling at some point in their lives. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to a stranger, call on your minister or pastor, a close friend whom you trust or a relative if you have a tight-knit family. One very useful key to making the changes you desire in your life is to talk to someone. Why is this so important?



Because when we tell and retell the stories that make us feel neglected, unloved, negative and unhappy, we begin to see these events in a different light. When we receive the point of view from someone else’s perspective, it helps our minds open to what we did not see before.



And hopefully, you will have the chance at finding a little humor along the way, especially if you have chosen to open yourself to someone who is one of those positive lights we were talking about earlier.










Chapter 4. How to Use Positivity to Help Others

The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


Helping others is good for your soul. It brings the kind of self-satisfaction that is very difficult to find.



When you begin to feel confident in yourself, as you go through your positivity training, you will feel an increased compassion for other people. You will begin to notice how miserable the people around you are. You will want to help them. Your compassion will motivate you to care for the well-being of people who are not happy.



The effort you put into helping others is a healthy antidote to anger. You will be more inclined to forget your own troubles while you help them. Helping others is a behavior we want to exhibit because it promotes good feelings all around. We feel good because we know we are being of service to someone else. They feel good because they are receiving help during their time of need. It may seem selfish to help others because it makes us feel good but it is the best way to promote success in our own lives. Others see who we really are and want to help us in return.



Don’t expect everyone to automatically jump on the bandwagon. There are many people who resent others who can reach toward positive change and achieve results. This is another instance when you need to avoid and ignore negativity and cling to positivity. The more training you have, the easier it will be. Don’t give up hope. You are encouraging others by striving for your own success.



Other people could be watching at any moment. Do you think about how your behavior is impacting the lives of others? It is vital, at this point in your training, that you begin to realize what you do really does affect others.



One of the greatest motivators for humans is their children. Loving parents want to leave a positive impact on their children. Those children who are exposed to that kind of behavior are more likely to grow up acting that way themselves. There is no doubt that a positive upbringing will make it much easier to maintain that attitude throughout their lives.

Negativity is the same way. When a child is bullied by a parent, they are very likely to go to school and bully other children. It’s not 100%. Some people are born with a positive attitude. Don’t take any chances. Raise your children with as much positive influence as possible.



Helping other people helps increase three qualities. These are understanding, personal development and self-esteem improvement. These are the benefits you will gain by helping others when they require help. You will understand your limitations and deepen your level of understanding of others and their needs. You will increase your self-esteem and self-confidence, which is the personal development you started out seeking. You will feel a part of the world, community focused, serving others with a sense of pride and compassion.

Your personal success is not dependent on how much help you give others. It is dependent on how you personally think about it. If serving does not give you personal satisfaction and happiness, you are doing it wrong. You may be just going through the motions, trying to earn “brownie points” with others so that when you need them, they are more likely to be there.



This is not positive thinking. This is putting pressure and stress on yourself to “do the right thing or else”. That doesn’t work. You should be concentrating on yourself and the way your attitude and personality are improving while serving others. Believe it or not, even total strangers can spot a fake attitude of kindness. Unless it’s genuine, you will be called out on it.



Helping others will boost your mood and you will feel rewarded with their smiles and their gratitude. It will motivate you to continue to do good things for others because you selfishly want to feel that happiness you get when they are on their way out of their own personal storm.



Make your glass half full all the time. Look through rose colored glasses but don’t ignore your responsibilities. Your inner peace will rise with each good deed you do.



When you help other people fight their battles, you realize just how good you’ve got it. By this point in your training, you will have achieved that inner peace and security that allows you the desire to help someone else out of a jam. You will find it easier to be thankful for what you have.



Being kind promotes others to be kind. It is contagious. When we watch someone else helping someone, it gives us the positive feeling we are always seeking. It is incredibly helpful to our positivity training.

Wondering what you can do to help others? Here’s a few suggestions:

p<>{color:#151515;}. Volunteer at the hospital, library, charity or community center

p<>{color:#151515;}. Coach a team on your own time.

p<>{color:#151515;}. Give hugs

p<>{color:#151515;}. Smile a lot, even to complete strangers

p<>{color:#151515;}. Be a friendly person to be around

p<>{color:#151515;}. Donate money, clothes, time, blood and other things you can afford

p<>{color:#151515;}. Ask others to donate to charity for your birthday in lieu of a gift

p<>{color:#151515;}. When you see someone in trouble, help them out if you can

p<>{color:#151515;}. Transport people with no vehicle to places they need to go

p<>{color:#151515;}. Give to the homeless

p<>{color:#000;}. Listen when people talk to you about their troubles and only offer advice if it’s asked for

p<>{color:#151515;}. Send encouraging emails, cards and presents

p<>{color:#151515;}. Be patient, encouraging and kind to everyone despite their personal circumstances

p<>{color:#151515;}. Be humble.







. Using Positivity to Help Yourself

To dream by night is to escape your life. To dream by day is to make it happen.” – Stephen Richards


You will benefit from your positivity training in ways you did not expect. Your physical health will improve because you will be focusing on eating and sleeping right. Your mental health will improve because you will be keeping your spirits lifted and gained self-confidence. Your spiritual health will improve because you will be helping others.



First, think about your physical health. Studies show that patients who maintain a positive attitude while in hospital are more than twice as likely to heal faster. These patients were more likely to exercise more, as well, which always help any physical problems being dealt with. Exercise improves mood. It is a fact. You don’t have to push yourself. You don’t have to join a gym, get a trainer and start bodybuilding. You don’t have to do too much. You should do what makes you comfortable and only push yourself to the limits you feel you can. Those limits will increase quickly if you stick to it.



Keeping your physical health in prime condition is another way you will boost your positivity and self-confidence. You will look better externally while feeling better internally.



Humor is a part of your positivity training. Here’s some ways to improve the humor in your life:

p<>{color:#151515;}. Buy a book of humorous jokes

p<>{color:#151515;}. Make an effort to smile more often

p<>{color:#151515;}. Gather a collection of funny movies to watch when you feel down

p<>{color:#151515;}. Go see a comedian perform live.

p<>{color:#151515;}. Text or talk to a funny friend.

p<>{color:#151515;}. Check out funny videos on Facebook, YouTube or another social media site.

p<>{color:#151515;}. Avoid negative thoughts and people.

p<>{color:#151515;}. Go to a movie theater and see something funny by yourself.

p<>{color:#151515;}. Go with a friend.

p<>{color:#151515;}. Play fun video games (the ones that don’t annoy you).

p<>{color:#151515;}. Go play on a playground with your children, young relatives or by yourself.

p<>{color:#151515;}. Go online and watch videos of babies and/or kittens and puppies (or your favorite cute animal).



You must have the right attitude to do these things. You must be motivated to find your smiles and laughter. You need to smile and laugh. This is incredibly important to your well-being. Laughter improves your immune system, helps ward off dangerous diseases, such as cancer, and improves circulation and heart function.



It would be nice if you could get a prescription to rid yourself of negative thoughts and feelings. Since you can’t, you will have to write your own prescription. Everyone is an individual. What works for one person will not always work for you.



When you talk to yourself, aloud or in your mind, are your thoughts positive? Are you negatively trash talking yourself, talking yourself out of the things you want to do because you don’t think it’s possible? If you are, it’s time to stop. You are in charge of your own mind. You must choose to stop. Positive thinking means no more negative thinking. It’s not impossible. You can do it!



Here’s an important key to successful positive thinking and overcoming negativity. Hope. Yes, that sounds simple. Build up the hope in your soul. The dictionary defines “hope” as “a wish or desire accompanied by confident expectation of its fulfillment”.



There’s that word confident again. The dictionary has a very simple explanation for something that is actually very complex. Hope is difficult to gain and easy to lose. You will have to choose it each and every day as part of your positivity training.



Hope is the motivation that drives us to work toward a positive outcome to a problem we have. It builds in our souls a buffer for stress, a freedom from pain and strong coping skills. It also helps us see things in a much more positive light.



You will not find hope by being isolated. Reach out to your community to gain positive involvements with others. When you have a problem you are working on, it will help you to know that others have come through a similar storm and lived to tell about it. Seek out those who have made it through and ask them for advice and counsel.

Stages for your positivity training:

Stage 1 – You have found yourself in a place of devastation, where you feel overwhelmed by your many stresses. You are at the beginning of your positivity training and probably finding it quite difficult to see past the darkness in negativity to the light of positivity. This is when you begin telling yourself, you can get through it, you can recover, you can heal.



Stage 2 – You make a decision to change your situation. You refuse to allow the details to bog you down, the depression to keep your mood low and the negativity around you to hold you back. You will begin to improve. You will put in the effort to give yourself motivation to change.



Stage 3 – You will begin to make those changes. You will remove the negative people and things in your life, including working to eliminate addictions and other issues that impact you negatively. You will decide what type of new hobbies you want to begin and where you will find the positive atmosphere you need. You will begin to create the best environment for your success.



Stage 4 – You will have come far enough in your positivity training to commit yourself entirely to it. You’ve come far enough to see the difference in yourself and your attitude. You will be open to helping others and lift them up because you have seen the impact positivity has had on your own life. Your compassion will have grown. Your self-confidence will be strong. You will have hope for your future.



Stage 5 – You have come to a point where you wake up daily and think positive thoughts. You will sleep soundly. You will have found out exactly what healthy foods you like and don’t like. You exercise daily. Your mind, heart and soul will be in a place where you feel much less worry and stress than you ever have before.



Keep in mind that you will still experience troubles in your life. No amount of positive thinking will force the negative out of your life. You will still be stuck in traffic, lose your wallet and go through stressful situations. This cannot be avoided every moment of the day.



What will change is not what happens to you, but how you react to it. You will play the Glad Game and find something positive in whatever is happening to you. It may not be easy. It may hurt. But you will be able to recover from mental, spiritual and emotional damage with confidence and hope. You will take responsibility for what you have done in the past and leave it behind. Memories can sometimes be our most damaging enemies. You will learn to look at these memories as a lesson learned, box them up and store them away in your mind to never be retrieved again unless absolutely necessary.




Once you have set your mind to it and decided to go through the five stages of your positivity training, you will be on your way to a positive and happier future. Don’t expect it too soon. Don’t put pressure on yourself. You need to go at your own pace. Don’t let the successes of others bring you down. You should be focusing on your own future, the goals you have put in place for yourself and how you plan to achieve them.



Learn the five stages of positivity training. Train yourself to boost your confidence so that no one can tear it down. Once you’ve achieved the peace that comes with self-assurance, you will never want to feel “down in the dumps” again. This positive thinking will radiate from you, attracting others to you and pushing away any negative influences that threaten your happiness.



It may seem like a fanciful dream to you – actually feeling happiness in the midst of a storm but it is very much possible. And you really can achieve it! You will need to put in the effort and time. You may need to make some changes in your life. Once you get to the right point in your training, you will want to make those changes, regardless of how difficult they seem. How will you meet new friends? What new job might you be needing to apply for? Do you need to go back to school and learn a new trade?



Each question will be personal for each individual. What’s good for your neighbor may not be right for you.



In the end, you will be making the choices. You will suffer any negative or positive consequences to those decisions. And you will be learning a lesson each time. How you react in the face of negativity will shift. You will no longer let it affect you the way it did before.



Thank you for choosing to purchase this book. I hope that you chose positivity and gratitude every day and I wish the very best in manifesting the life of your dreams.



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You’ve heard the old saying “positive thinking creates success”, haven’t you? It’s true. Some of the most successful people in the world would not be where they are if they had not remained positive through the hard times. And everyone has hard times. Whether it’s financial, emotional, mental or spiritual, everyone experiences difficulties in their lives at some point or another. What is positivity? It’s in each and every one of us, usually begging to get out. We create roadblocks for our positive natures because of the world we live in, where negativity abounds. Positivity comes with a healthy dose of self-confidence. People who are confident can look at any obstacle and see the possibilities, rather than the problems. With this book you will get a close look at what you have to do to turn your thoughts from negative to positive and turn any situation around. Here is what you will learn How to unleash positivity How to gain confidence How to outside sources How to use your positivity to help others How to use positivity to help yourself Download your copy now!

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