POKEMON GO: The Beginner Guide to Pokemon Hunting


The Beginner’s Guide to Pokémon Hunting






Tips, Hints, Secrets, Strategies, and Tricks for Catching, Battling, and Evolving your Pokémon


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Introduction 4

Chapter One: Introduction to Pokémon Go 5

What Is Pokémon Go? 5

The Difference Between the Original Pokémon Games and Pokémon Go 6

Getting Started 7

Chapter Two: How to Play Pokémon 9

Types of Pokémon 10

How to Catch Pokémon 10

Chapter Three: Leveling Up and Evolving Pokémon 14

How to Raise Your Trainer’s Level 15

Rewards and Unlockables 15

Chapter Four: Battling and Training at The Gyms 17

How Do Pokémon Gyms Function? 17

Battling and Training Pokémon 18

How to Attack Enemy Gyms 19

Chapter Five: Special Items and Purchases 20

Chapter Six: Pokémon Go Tips, Secrets, And Tricks 23

How to Catch Pokémon Easily 23

Choosing Teams and Battling in Gyms 27

Evolving and Leveling Up Your Pokémon 28

How to Level Up Fast 29

Additional Tips and Secrets 31

Conclusion 36

Bibliography 38



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Nintendo released its latest version of Pokémon games, Pokémon Go in July 2016. The augmented reality game has some features of the older versions of Pokémon games and new features as well. This book provides a beginner’s guide to playing Pokémon Go. The guide introduces Pokémon Go to the reader and provides all the details that new and experienced players need to play the game. The developers of Pokémon Go retained some features of previous Pokémon games and other augment reality games as well. This book explores the differences and similarities between Pokémon Go and other Pokémon games. This information is important to readers who have been playing the handheld Pokémon games.

This book provides new players with a systematic guide on how to download, install, and navigate the game app. After reading this book, you will learn how to catch different types of Pokémon, train Pokémon, win battles at Gyms, and how to level up as a trainer. You will learn how to evolve and power up monsters as well. The book outlines all the special items that players can earn and buy in the game. After covering the standard rules of playing the game, the book outlines some tips and tricks on how to play Pokémon Go and level up fast. You will learn how to throw Poke Balls without missing Pokémon and how to use different in-game items to lure more Pokémon.


[] Chapter One: Introduction to Pokémon Go


[] What Is Pokémon Go?


Pokémon Go is a newly launched game that was developed by Niantic Labs and released into the market by Nintendo. The game has taken the internet by storm since it was launched. In the 1990s, Nintendo introduced Pokémon, which was equally popular. Pokémon Go is categorized among augmented reality games, which blend the virtual world with the real world. The new game was released in July 2016 in selected countries. Reports indicate that more than 100 million have downloaded and signed up for the game since it was released. The name Pokémon is derived from two words, “pocket monsters.”

The developers retained most of the features of the Pokémon game. The new version has improved features on the original games including catching a Pokémon, items, battling at gyms, and evolving creatures. Pokémon Go uses the GPS on your device to detect your location and the clock to detect when you are playing. It uses the same technology that Google Maps uses. The game uses your time and location to make Pokémon appear on your sighting screen. Your goal as a player is to find, catch, and train the Pokémon in your location. Once you capture a Pokémon, you can put it in battle with other players.

The types of Pokémon that appear on your screen depend on your location and time. Hence, you must move to different locations to catch more Pokémon. Playing at different times of the day will also help you catch different types of monsters. The monsters that appear at night may not appear during the day. The virtual creatures or monsters are in different forms including dinosaurs, dragons, rats, birds and snakes. Other monsters look like swords, trees, and even eggs. In the Pokémon world, players are referred to as trainers. A trainer moves around the world to capture and tame all types of monsters. Trainers come together in teams to acquire and manage Gyms.

Pokémon Go was well received by game loves when it was launched. Gamers prefer this new version because it encourages them to walk around and socialize. The experience is different from other mobile games that require players to sit and focus on winning. You cannot enjoy Pokémon Go by sitting on your couch all day. You will only have a few monsters to catch as time passes. Players can choose to go hunting for Pokémon in groups. The features in the game allow players to hunt in groups in and out of the virtual world. When a monster appears in a location, all players who are close enough can catch it. However, one player in the group can decide to battle other players and control the gyms.

Pokémon Go is fun to play for people of all ages. However, there are concerns that the game may cause accidents and inconveniences in public as players move around while focused on their devices. There are also concerns about the amount of money players spend on Poke coins to catch more Pokémon. Another concern is battery and data usage, which is a common challenge to all mobile games. Pokémon Go has also experienced technical issues and glitches since its launch. However, the developers have been prompt in responding to the technical issues raised. Turning the game on and off resolves some of the technical issues such as an unresponsive screen.


  • * The Difference Between the Original Pokémon Games and Pokémon Go


The original series of Pokémon Go had 151 creatures. Nintendo continued to add more creatures to the games’ catalog. The handheld consoles now have more than 720 creatures. Pokémon Go has all 151 creatures that were available in the original game series. However, some of the creatures are not easily accessible on the new version. The developer may increase the number of monsters in Pokémon Go as well. Pokémon Go is different from other Pokémon games in many ways. First, the original games were handheld consoles with limited navigation. Players were limited to locations in the game’s world. Pokémon Go is available on mobile devices and uses geographical locations in the real world.

The game detects a player’s location on its inbuilt map based on devices GPS location. Hence, players have more fun playing Pokémon Go because they can catch many creatures. The new version of Pokémon encourages a player to move to a different geographical location and explore his or her environment. Moving from one location to another enables the player to capture new types of creatures. For instance, the creatures available in a home setting are different from those near water bodies. Playing the game in the park or near a forest will introduce new types of creatures.



The time on your device also determines the type of creatures that pop up on your screen. Some creatures such as wild animals and ghosts do not appear during the day but at night. Another notable difference in Pokémon Go is that the game allows players to lure more creatures in their environment. Players can buy or earn items as they level up to enhance their game and lure additional Pokémon to their location. Catching monsters is different in the new game. The original games required a player to form a team to capture and fight creatures. In Pokémon Go, trainers battle directly with the monsters. You do not need to join a team to catch capture monsters. You only join a team to access Gyms where you can battle with other monsters directly.

The Pokémon in the original handheld games could evolve into stronger creatures. Pokémon Go lacks this feature. A trainer can only make a Pokémon stronger using the special items. A trainer must earn the required number of items by leveling or through in-game activities to evolve Pokémon. The new version also lacks the multiplayer capabilities that made the handheld games popular. Nintendo may add this feature in Pokémon Go in the future.


[] Getting Started


Pokémon Go shares many features with the original series of Pokémon games. However, you do not need to know how to play the handheld consoles to play Pokémon Go. You need to download the free mobile app, which is compatible with iOS and Android devices. The App is available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store on mobile devices. After downloading the app, you need to sign up to start playing the game. You can sign up either with a Pokémon Trainer Club or with your Google account.

Signing up with your Google is preferable because the other method is unavailable on some devices. In addition, Pokémon Trainer Club is in most cases slow or overloaded. Signing up for Google account is easy and fast. If you do not have any Google account, you can create one in less than five minutes and use it to sign up for Pokémon Go. Signing up for Pokémon Go is free. However, you can use money to Pokecoins, which are in-game currencies.

You can buy as little as 100 Pokecoins for $0.99 or spend up to $99.99 for 14,500 Pokecoins. The in-game currencies enable you to buy Poke Balls, which are items that enable you to catch Pokémon when playing the game. However, you can earn free Poke Balls and free Poke Coins with in-game activities. You will learn how to accumulate Poke Balls and play Pokémon Go without spending any real-world currency.


[] Chapter Two: How to Play Pokémon


Downloading and signup up for the game is the first step to playing the game. The second step is customizing the digital avatar. You need to choose your gender, backpack style, shirt and pants, hair and eye color, and shoes. The backpack carries all the items you pick or purchase as you move around. Your avatar should be unique for other players to identify you. The app allows you to change your avatar later on. Hence, you do not need to spend so much time on customizing your avatar if you are trying to learn how to play the game. Once you customize your avatar, it will appear on your current geographical location.

When you open the app’s interface, the player icon appears on the bottom left corner on your screen. You can view all your scores from previous games and characters by tapping on the icon. A gray box appears on the right-hand corner of your screen. Tapping on this box enables you to see the Pokémon in the area. Other important icons on the interface include Pokémon that shows all your Pokémon and Pokedex, which shows the species of Pokémon you have caught.

If you have used Google Maps before, the map in Pokémon Go will be easy to use. The in-built map resembles Google Maps only that it is animated. Movements in the grass on the map are an indication that there is a Pokémon in the area. The map has unmarked roads and landmarks are well. Landmarks appear as Gyms and Pokestops. Gyms are battle locations where the king of the hill battles or matches take place. These matches are played in teams, which you can join when you reach level five in the game. Pokestops, on the other hand, provide you with additional items like Poke Balls, potions, incense, eggs, and incubators. The items will help you lure Pokémon to your location, power up Pokémon, hatch new monsters, and evolve your Pokémon.



Your device will vibrate every time a Pokémon appears in your current GPS location. It will appear on your map. Your avatar moves from one location to another. Hence, if you the game to provide new Pokémon, you have to change your location. Tap on the Pokémon that appears to capture it. As you learn how to play this game, you must be careful to remain focused and avoid hurting yourself. It is tempting to check your device every time it vibrates to capture as many monsters as you can.

You might also be tempted to walk around glued to the screen when you see rustling grass. Rustling grass shows that a Pokémon is near you but your radar ring will show you how near or far you are from it. Focus on the ring instead of trying to trace the Pokémon with your movements.


[] Types of Pokémon


Pokémon Go has more than 100 Pokémon that players can capture. The Pokémon are of different types, which refer to species with the same characteristics. All the species can be categorized into eighteen types. The types of Pokémon in the game include Bug, Water, Ground, Electric, Ghost, Ice, Normal, Dark, Flying, Grass, Fighting, Psychic Poison, Rock, Fire, Dragon, and Steel. Each of these types has its own strengthens and weaknesses. The type of Pokémon is important when playing king of the hill matches, which are team-based battles. The types included in a Gym determines the strength of the team and hence the outcome of the match.

The best strategy when forming teams is to include different types of Pokémon in the team. A Pokémon can fit into more than one type depending on its species. All types of Pokémon will be available as you play. However, the Pokémon that appears on your map depends on your location and time. If you stay in the same location, the same type of Pokémon will keep popping up. It is boring to keep capturing the same type of monster. The secret is to explore different geographical location. For instance, if you have playing the game in your backyard of in the park, try going to the beach or near fishponds. New monsters will start popping up on your screen. Play at different times of the day as well to capture rarer species of Pokémon.


[] How to Catch Pokémon


The app gives a first-time player an opportunity to choose the first Pokémon to start with. The first three Pokémon that appears includes a Squirtel, Bulbasaur, and Charmander. You must pick one of them to get started. Once you capture one, the other two will disappear. You can then walk around and hunt for more in your neighborhood. The app gives you a fourth option of starting your game, which is referred to as Pikachu. If you want to start the game with this option, you must walk away from the three suggestions given at least four times before the Pikachu option appears. When you walk away for the first time, the three monsters will reappear. Keep moving until the starter options reappear four times.

After capturing the starter monster, it is time to move around physically to catch more monsters. The best places to find Pokémon easily are populated areas. You will find many Pokémon in places with many Pokestops, which are mostly located in populated places. Your device will only give a vibration notification when a Pokémon is close enough to capture. Hence, you do not have to walk around with your eyes on your phone. It is risky, especially when on the road. When your device vibrates, move to a safe location and then tap on it. Your virtual avatar will immediately zoom in.

Pokémon Go gives you two options of viewing Pokémon. The first option is the augmented reality mode, which uses gyroscope and camera on your device to display an image of the Pokémon in your location. The species will appear as if it were in the real geographical environment. This option also enables a player to take screenshots on the Pokémon. The alternative method of viewing Pokémon uses a generic background. It is easier to capture monsters on the generic background than in the augmented reality background. Capturing Pokémon in Pokémon Go is different from other series of Pokémon. Players throw Poke balls to capture Pokémon instead of battling with them.

You capture the Pokémon that pops up by throwing Poke Balls at them. To throw a Poke Ball, tap and hold it at the bottom of your screen. A ring will immediately appear around the Pokémon you want to capture. The ring shrinks with every passing second. Wait until the ring gets to its smallest size then flick your Poke Ball towards it. Your aim should be to hit the Pokémon on its head or nose and capture it inside the Poke Ball. Several factors affect the success of your throw, which includes the type of Poke Ball chosen, the force applied, and timing.



You must release your finger at the right time to capture the Pokémon successfully. Do not be discouraged if you are not successful with the first couple of Pokémon that pop-up. You will learn how to throw Poke Balls successfully with practice. If you are successful in capturing a Pokémon, it is listed among the Pokémon under your ownership. The goal of playing this game is to capture all types of Pokémon and complete all the entries under the Pokedex. Pokedex lists all 151 species of Pokémon in the game. However, as you will learn later on in this guide, capturing monsters on the species has various benefits to you as a trainer.

You can miss a Pokémon even after what seemed to be a perfect throw. Some species of Pokémon jump out of the Poke Ball with just one or two shakes. You must recapture the Pokémon immediately but this depends on your supplies of Poke Balls. Do not try to recapture a Pokémon if you do not have enough Poke Balls. Some species of Pokémon in the game are strong. You may not capture them with the normal Poke Balls. You need Razz Berries, which a powerful Poke Balls that make Pokémon complacent.

You can tell the strength of the Pokémon you are about to capture with the color of the ring that surrounds it. A green ring shows that you can capture it with a perfect throw. A yellow ring indicates that you have a fifty-fifty chance of capturing it. A red ring shows that you a remote chance of capturing the Pokémon. In such cases, you need to throw several Poke Balls or Razz Berries to catch the Pokémon. Remember that the game provides Pokémon depending on the player’s location. Hence, players in the same exact location will see the same Pokémon. The game allows multiple players to capture the same Pokémon.

Walking to strategic environments enables to find new Pokémon to add to your collection. You can also expand your collection by luring Pokémon to your location using special items. The items available include incense that lures Pokémon specifically to you for half an hour and a Lure Patch that is available at Pokestops. A Lure Patch draws Pokémon to a Pokestop. All players near the Pokestop can capture the lured species within 15 to 30 minutes.


[] Chapter Three: Leveling Up and Evolving Pokémon


Each Pokémon in the game has its combat power, which is commonly referred to as CP. Pokémon Go shows all your Pokémon under their specific CP that appears as a singular number. The number indicates a Pokémon’s CP and level, which is an improvement from the old generations of Pokémon games. A Pokémon’s combat power indicates its strength in battle. The CP determines how hard your Pokémon will hit rival Pokémon in gyms. The number also guides you when making decisions on the best Pokémon to catch and keep. Your goal should be catching and keeping Pokémon with the highest CP.

All Pokémon in the game has a maximum CP level. The level assigned to each Pokémon depends on its weight, size, and species. However, the species is the most important factor. You can determine how far you can increase a Pokémon’s CP by checking the half-circle above it on the statistics screen. Powering your Pokémon will increase its CP towards its limit. However, you must evolve it to increase its maximum limit. Once you extend the limit, you can power the new species of Pokémon to the new maximum CP limit. The in-game currencies enable you to evolve a Pokémon and increase its CP.

Capturing a wild Pokémon earns you two in-game currencies, that is, stardust and candies. Stardust is used to train captured monsters to increase their CP and applies to all monsters in the game. Catching one monster earns you 100 stardusts. Candies are also used to train Pokémon and increase their CP. However, candies are specific to the species of monsters. Hence, if you want to train a certain type of monster, you must capture more monsters of the same type to earn more candies that are specific to that type or species.

The candies awarded vary depending on the type of Pokémon captured. You must earn candies to evolve your Pokémon to stronger creatures. Stardust currencies cannot evolve Pokémon. When you evolve a Pokémon, you level up its CP limit and turn it into a more ferocious species. Each Pokémon that you catch has an evolution tree. Each tree has a unique type of candy that increases its level. The number of candies required to evolve a monster varies with the species. An alternative way of increasing your supply of candies is transferring some monsters to the Professor.

Transferring Pokémon to the Professor earns you one candy per Pokémon. However, you must be careful to transfer only the duplicate monsters in your possession. You cannot reverse the transfer. Hence, it is advisable to transfer monsters that you are sure you can catch easily in the future. Do not trade rare and strong monsters for Candy. The combat power assigned to a Pokémon depends on the player’s level. Hence, similar species of Pokémon can have different combat power. The power increases as the player’s level increases.


[] How to Raise Your Trainer’s Level


Your trainer level will also influence how far you can increase your Pokémon’s CP despite the number of candies and stardust in your supply. The player’s level in Pokémon Go depends on the number of experience points earned. In-game activities enable players to add their experience points. Catching different species of Pokémon and exploring Pokestops enables you to level up as a trainer. Another way of increasing your level is battling in Gyms. You can also level up by hatching eggs and evolve your Pokémon. Adding new types of monsters to your collection earns bonus experience points.

One benefit of increase your trainer level is that you can join teams and battle in Gyms. You also have access to a higher quality of items such as Poke Balls, which strengthen your monsters. Increasing your trainer level enables you to defeat other trainers easily in battles for Gym. You can take over a Gym easily if its defending trainers are at a lower level than you are. Leveling up as a trainer unlocks in-game special items that you can use to increase your Pokémon. Hence, as you play the game, focus on activities that can help you earn additional experience points.


[] Rewards and Unlockables


Every new level in Pokémon Go has rewards and unlockable items. The unlockables and rewards should keep you motivated to reach the highest level in the game. Moving from one level to another will require many experience points but the rewards and items are worth. The unlockable items include high-quality special items that you can collect at Pokestops and items that you can purchase from the shop. You start receiving special items at level 2 and unlockable items at level 5. However, very few levels have unlockable items. In most cases, the game rewards you with one or more special item and more of the items you received in the previous level.


[] Chapter Four: Battling and Training at The Gyms


One way to enjoy Pokémon Go is to move around as you catch new monsters until you have all types of species in your possession. However, the game has a battling side as well. Pokémon Go has the same feature as other Pokémon games where you catch and battle Pokémon at Gyms. Hence, battling and winning at Gyms might be easier if you have played other Pokémon games. You must understand what Gyms are and how they operate before you can battle your Pokémon there. Here is a guide on how to fight other monsters and win at Gyms.


[] How Do Pokémon Gyms Function?


Gyms are places where your train or battle your monsters. You must be part of a team to battle in Gyms. Teams own and defend Gyms in Pokémon Go. You can only join a team after you reach level five of a trainer. Trainers can choose to join the Instinct, Valor, or Mystic team. You can identify the teams with their specific colors. The Instinct team has the yellow color, Valor team red and Mystic team blue. You can check the team’s performance on the map with their colors and decide the best team to join. Teams compete against each other to take over and manage Gyms.

Teams manage their Gyms by placing Pokémon defenders in their Gyms. All members of a team can train their monsters in the Gyms that their team manages. Gyms have prestige and levels. A Gym’s level represents the number of available slots for the team’s defenders. A team can raise its Gym’s level by increasing its prestige. If a Gym is at level four, the managing team has four slots for Pokémon defenders. The Pokémon that occupies those slots should be from different trainers in the team. Rival teams try to lower a Gym’s prestige by fighting the defenders. The higher the number of defenders in a Gym the harder it is for rival teams to take over.

Prestige refers to the Gyms’ measure or strength. Prestige is more important because it determines the number of defenders that the team can add. Team members can increase their Gym’s prestige by training and battling defenders. Winning a friendly match against a defender will raise Gym’s prestige. You can attack an enemy Gym and lower its prestige by knocking down its defenders. If you manage to lower that Gym’s prestige to zero, all its defenders will be ejected. Your team will them occupy the Gym and add defenders as you build its prestige.

Defending your team’s Gym does not just increase its prestige but also earns you 10 Pokecoins. The Coins are the main reason for joining battling because they enable you to buy items that evolve and level up your monsters. Defending a Gym earns you Stardust as well. You can check the Coins you have earned in the store. Click on the icon that resembles a shield on the top right corner of the store. Some of the items you can buy with the Coins include incubators, incense, Poke Balls, and lures. The trick in earning many Coins is to collect them as soon as you earn them. Teams are always competing for controlling over Gyms. Hence, your team could be defeated and ejected from a Gym before you pick your earned Coins. Click on the shield every time you win a battle and collect your Coins.


[] Battling and Training Pokémon


You can train your Pokémon in any of the Gym that your team owns. Click on the icon in the Gym that resembles a boxing glove. Select one Pokémon to send to a friendly battle. Remember that you will earn points and raise the Gym’s prestige by winning. Hence, you must be careful when selecting Pokémon to send to battle. Your victory in these battles depends on the type of Pokémon that you catch. Leveling up and evolving your Pokémon serves this purpose as well. Check your Pokémon’s combat power to determine the best monster to send into battle. Consider the strength of the defenders as well.

Another way of selecting a Pokémon for battle is considering its effectiveness. For instance, you can select water Pokémon to fight fire Pokémon. Once you select a Pokémon to train, start fighting defenders in their order until your monster is defeated. Your goal should be to win as many battles as you can and increase the Gym’s level. This earns you Pokecoins and allows you to add your own defender in the Gym. Battling a defender is simple. You can unleash a normal attack by tapping your screen fast.

An alternative way of launching an attack is a power move, which is more powerful. You execute a power move with a long press instead of tapping your screen. Be careful not to miss your target because you will sustain hits with no points. You can escape hits by swiping across your screen. However, your focus should be on launching successful attacks and not dodging attack. Keep check your health bar. Your monster is knocked out when your health bar decreases to zero.


[] How to Attack Enemy Gyms


The aim of attacking enemy Gyms is to lower their prestige to zero, kick out their defenders, and take over the Gym. However, battling enemy Gyms is tough because trainers place their best defenders in Gyms. Trainers are always alert to defend their Gyms and continue training their Pokémon. It is also a race against time. You are allowed to take six of your best Pokémon to a battle. You can also help injured Pokémon with Revives and Potions from your Backpack. Revives and Potions are unlocked at higher trainer levels. Fighting defenders in an enemy alone is a tough battle. Teams often fight together to knock out as many defenders as they can before running out of time.

Another strategy of winning these battles is to swap weaker defenders with stronger ones. If one defender is too weak to fight the next line of defenders, you can change with a stronger one from your team of six monsters.


[] Chapter Five: Special Items and Purchases


Moving from one location to another introduces you to new monsters to catch. It also enables to access Poke Stops, which are hotspots and other places of interest in your area. Some common Poke Stops include monuments, landmarks, or buildings in your location. The benefit of exploring Pokestops is that you can get special items, which have different functions in the game. You must be close enough to a Pokestop to pick special items from it. As walk around expecting monsters to pop up on your screen, check for blue markers. Blue markers indicate that there are Pokestops near you.

If the Pokestops are far, floating cubes will appear on your screen. Keep walking until the cubes turn into blue markers. Tapping the markers shows you the real location of the Pokestop. Swipe the picture to see the items in the Pokestop. The items will appear inside bubbles. You add items to your collecting by popping the bubbles. After visiting and picking items from a Pokestop, you have to wait for at least five minutes before you can revisit it. You can earn special items as rewards by leveling up your trainer level. Another way of obtaining items in Pokémon Go is to purchase from the shop using Pokecoins. You can earn Pokecoins by battling in Gyms or purchase them using real currency.

The special items you can pick from Pokestops include eggs, potions, Poke Balls, incubators, razz berries, revives, and lucky eggs. The items and their functions in the game are discussed below.


1.Poke Balls

Poke Balls enables you to catch any wild Pokémon. You get 50 Poke Balls at the start of the game. You can get free Poke Balls at Pokestops or by leveling up your trainer level. Leveling up also enables you to access upgraded Poke Balls. Upgraded Poke Balls are of different types that include Great, Ultra, and Master Balls. When you get to level 12, you can access Great Balls, level 20 Ultra Balls, and level 30 Master Balls. The essence of getting upgraded Balls is to catch rare wild animals. These species are hard to catch with the normal throw. However, it is hard to earn upgraded Balls in the game. Explore other options like throwing Razz berries before spending your upgraded Poke Balls.



Potions are important when you start battling Pokémon in Gyms. You can only access these items after reaching level 5 where you can join teams and battle in Gyms. Potions are used to heal Pokémon after a battle. The items restore part of the Pokémon’s Health Points (HP). Pokémon Go has three types of Potions that include Great, Ultra, and Max Potions. Great Potions are obtained at trainer level 10, Ultra Potions at level 15, and Max Potions at level 25. The portion of a monster’s HP that you can restore depends on the type of Potions you feed it on. This means that Ultra Potions will restore a larger portion than Great Potions. Max Potions restore the whole bar of a Pokémon’s HP.


3.Pokémon Eggs

Players can acquire new Pokémon without capturing them by hatching Eggs. Pokémon Eggs are placed in an incubator to hatch. You must also travel for a specified distance (about one kilometer) before the Eggs can hatch. The type of Pokémon that hatches out of the Eggs depends on the distance covered. You must travel a longer distance if you want to hatch rarer monsters. The secret to hatching more Eggs to pick some just before leaving a Pokestop. The game will calculate the distance as you walk up and down. You might be lucky to hatch them before getting to another Pokestop where you can pick more Eggs.



Incubators are used to hatch Pokémon Eggs. When you check into a Pokémon and get Eggs, select Start Incubator to place the new Eggs in an Incubator. You can use the first Incubator given infinitely. However, other Incubators are limited to three uses. If you want to incubate multiple Eggs simultaneously, you can purchase more Incubators from the Shop.


5.Lucky Eggs

Lucky Eggs are different from the normal Pokémon Eggs you collect at Pokestops. Acquiring more Lucky Eggs doubles your experience points. The Eggs are valid for 30 minutes. The best time to use Lucky Eggs is just before doing a task that earns your extra experience points. For instance, you can use Lucky Eggs just before starting a battle in the Gym. Lucky Eggs will help you accumulate enough experience points to catch, evolve, and hatch multiple Pokémon at the same time. They help you level up faster as a trainer.



If your Pokémon faints when battling in the Gym, you can feed it on Revives and restore its health points. A fainted Pokémon has zero health points. You can use Normal or Max Revives to revive it. Normal Revives restore half of the Pokémon’s health bar while Max Revives restore the full length of the health bar. Revives are unlocked when you reach player level 5.


7.Razz Berries

Capturing wild Pokémon earns you candies and stardust, which you can use to evolve and level up your monsters. Razz Berries make is easier for players to catch wild Pokémon. Feeding Razz Berries to monsters makes them befriend you. If you come across a wild Pokémon with a high CP, open your backpack and select one Razz Berry. Little hearts will appear on the wild Pokémon, which makes it easy to capture that Pokémon. You may need more than on Candy to lure a rare Pokémon.


8.Lure Modules and Incense

Incense and Lure Modules attract wild Pokémon to a given location. You can only use Lure Modules at Pokestops. More wild monsters will appear at the Pokestop making it easier for you to catch them. Other players at the Pokestop will benefit from the Lure Modules used. Alternatively, you can apply Incense on yourself to attract Pokémon. Other players cannot benefit from Incense, as is the case with Module Lures. Both Incense and Lure Modules are valid for 30 minutes when used.


9.Bag and Storage Upgrade

All the special items you collect or buy are stored in your bag or backpack. Your bag’s storage is limited to 350 items. You cannot pick more items from Pokestops or by increasing your trainer level if you exceed 350 items in your bag. You can increase storage space by purchasing storage upgrades, which increase your storage capacity by a maximum of 1000. An alternative way of increasing your storage space is to discard unwanted items or use some of the items such as Poke Balls and lures.


[] Chapter Six: Pokémon Go Tips, Secrets, And Tricks


The previous chapters have introduced Pokémon Go, its main features, and explained how to play the game. Catching Pokémon and winning Gym battles becomes easier and fun when you know the secrets and tricks of the game. In this chapter, you will learn how to beat other players in owning Gyms, catching Pokémon, and leveling up as a trainer. You will also get important tips and tricks on how to locate Pokestops, evolve your Pokémon, and win battles.


[] How to Catch Pokémon Easily


Pokémon Go has more than 100 monsters and catching some of them is a challenge for beginners. The number and type of monsters that you capture determine your trainer level, which is turn determines the functions you can enjoy in the game. Here are some tips on how to catch different types of Pokémon.


1.Look Out for Rustling Grass

In Pokémon Go, rustling grass is an indication that there is a Pokémon nearby. Exploring rustling grass will help you capture all monsters in the area that you visit. This is the starting point for beginners who are learning how to play the game and find monsters in their geographical location.


2.Check Your Radar Ring

Rustling grass indicates that a monster nearby could pop up on your screen if you get close enough. However, it does not tell you if the monster is close enough for you to capture. There is also a chance that the monster will not pop up. You must hang around for some time before the monster appears. The more accurate way to track monsters is to follow your radar ring, which a ring that glows around your virtual avatar. The ring draws monsters out of their hiding places. It also shows how close you are to a Gym or a Poke Stop.

Any monster that appears on your screen is about 700-1000 feet from your location. Walk along the streets or paths in your location to trace them. The ring will bring them out of their hiding without you doing anything else.


3.Look for Areas with Many Pokestops

You can find Pokémon almost anywhere but you can find many of them at Pokestops. Go for Pokestops that are highly populated like malls, landmarks, and places of interest. The secret is to visit places with different features. The best Pokestops to explore are parks. Most parks have different features including a forest cover and water bodies. Try parks located at the beach as well. You will find different species in such parks. In addition, hunting in parks with different terrain helps you catch many wild Pokémon without running out of Poke Balls.

Hunting at Pokestops enables you to access free special items that you can use to lure monsters to your location. Try hunting at parking lots especially those near Pokestops. If you visit the park or any other popular place, ensure that you explore the parking lot. Parking areas are known to have multiple Pokémon.



4.Hunt at Different Times of the Day

Pokémon Go uses the GPS and clock on your device to determine the types of monsters that appear on your screen. Different types of monsters are available at different times of the day. Try hunting at night as long as your neighborhood is safe. Hunt early in the night and in well-lit areas. Alternatively, you can hunt in pairs or in groups instead of hunting alone if you are unsure about your safety. You do not have to worry about losing a monster to your friend. All monsters in a certain area will be available for everyone to catch and add to their collection. Hunting in groups adds more fun and excitement to the game as well.


5.Turn Off the Augmented Reality (AR)

Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game. The point of playing the game is catching monsters in the augmented reality background. However, if you want to catch more Pokémon easily, consider turning off this feature. When you find a monster and have a Poke Ball that you can throw at it, switch off AR that is located on the top corner on your right. Hitting this button presents Pokémon in a computer-generated background instead of a virtual image of your real world. The generic background keeps the monster still even when you move up and down in the real world. You have a better chance of aiming and catching a monster in the generic background. This trick will help you catch monsters when on a bus or a train. You can catch monsters even on bumpy roads without missing your targets.


6.Throw Curve Balls

It is easier to catch rare Pokémon with a Curve Ball throw than with the normal throw. To throw a Curve Ball at a monster, hold the screen with your finger and then start making circular motions. The Poke Ball will spin and throw sparkles as you move your finger. If the Poke Ball does not emit any sparkles or spin, it means you are not doing the right thing. Practice doing the circular motions until the Ball spins. Observe the direction of the spin and then throw the Poke Ball in the opposite direction. The spin will form an arc on your target and catch it. In addition to catching rare Pokémon, throwing Curve Balls earns you extra experience points.


7.Check The Color of the Rings

When throwing Poke Balls at monsters, you will notice that the white circle that aims at your target has a colored ring inside. The color of the ring indicates the rarity of the Pokémon. The color also shows how difficult the monster is to capture. Remember that you do not want to spend all your Poke Balls while missing your targets. A green ring is a sign of common rarity and an indication that the monster is easy to catch.

An orange ring indicates that the monster is rarer to find and hard to catch. A red colored ring shows that the monster is very rare to find and very difficult to capture. Consider throwing Poke Balls when a green ring appears if you are trying to learn the game. You can try to catch rarer monsters later when you master how to throw a perfect curve. Alternatively, use special items like incense to lure the rare monsters when a red or orange ring appears.


8.Check The Size of the Ring

When you hold a Poke Ball screen to aim at a Pokémon, a circle with a colored ring will appear. The size of the ring increases and decreases as you continue to hold the screen. Wait until the inside ring shrinks to its smallest size to throw the Ball and hit your target. Timing is everything when aiming at rare monsters.


9.Use Razz Berries and Upgraded Poke Balls

Chances are that you will not catch wild or rare Pokémon with standard Poke Balls. The monsters may end up running away. Pokémon with a high CP is also hard to catch with standard Poke Balls. Throwing upgraded Poke Balls including Ultra, Great, and Master Balls helps you catch such monsters. However, upgraded Balls are hard to earn and hence you must spend them only where necessary. Start by luring the monsters with Razz Berries. You can try several throws to catch the wild monster. In case you catch a rare monster and it escapes immediately, throw another Razz Berry. Move on to the upgraded Poke Balls if Razz Berries do not seem to work. Do not shy away from moving on to another monster if your supply of Poke Balls is limited.


10.Learn Pokémon’s Silhouettes

If you have played previous versions of Pokémon, identifying Pokémon with their silhouettes on Pokémon Go should be easy. If not, take the time to study different species. When there are Pokémon in your area, their silhouettes appear on your screen. The game offers monsters that you have not hit with Poke Balls before. If you want to catch specific species of monster, then you need to master their silhouettes. Identifying Pokémon may seem difficult at first but it gets easier as you explore your environment and encounter different species.


[] Choosing Teams and Battling in Gyms


Joining a team and winning a battle in a Gym is not as easy as it seems. Your team may lose all its Gyms to enemy teams within minutes if you do not know how to battle. You might also be thrown out of a Gym as soon as you acquire it if you do not know how to defend it. Here are some tricks on how to win battles and choose teams correctly.


1.Be Careful When Choosing Teams

You can join any of the three teams when you reach level 5, that is, Instinct, Valor, and Mystic. Before choosing any of these teams, consider their dominance in your area. Decide if you want to join a dominating team or try to oppose one. Competing against strong teams is exciting but your chances of training your Pokémon are limited. Consider the strength of your Pokémon and decide if you can beat a dominating team. As you choose a team, remember that you cannot change from one team to another. If you are competing against your friends, you can join opposing teams and enjoy battling each other for Gyms.


2.Add Different Species of Pokémon in A Friendly Gym

The defenders in a friendly Gym determine how long you will manage it before another team takes over. Remember that trainers are always looking for Gyms whose defenders they can easily defeat. One secret to retaining a friendly is to add different types of Pokémon. Hence, opponents will also need different types of monsters to knock out all your defenders. Having the same type of Pokémon is risky no matter how strong they are. For instance, if you have a Gym with fire defenders, one trainer will rock, ground, and water Pokémon will knock out all your defenders easily.


3.Dodge Attacks When Starting a Battle

You attack defenders in enemy Gyms with a goal of battling them down. Try dodging the first few hits by swiping right or left. Dodging gives you extra attacks before your opponent catches up. This trick is particularly important when fighting big monsters with small but quick monsters. Small monsters can throw several attacks before a big monster response. The number of attacks you get may be the difference between taking over a Gym and losing all the battles.


4.Know How to Match Different Elements with Their Opposing Types of Pokémon

Each monster in Pokémon Go belongs to at least one primary type that can match to one or more elements. For instance, fire, steel, rock, and fighting types of Pokémon can match up to the ice elements. Ground and psychic Pokémon can take down poison elements while bug and ghost monsters can fight psychic elements successfully. Matching elements and opposing Pokémon beforehand enables you to pick the Gyms where you are likely to win battles.


[] Evolving and Leveling Up Your Pokémon


Your Pokémon’s Combat Power and health points influence your performance in the fight for Gyms. You can increase your monsters’ combat power or evolve them into stronger creatures. Consider the following tips when leveling up and evolving Pokémon.


1.Selecting A Pokémon to Evolve

You can evolve any Pokémon by feeding it on Candies. The trick when selecting creatures to evolve is to pick those with a high CP. Most players make the mistake of evolving Pokémon with low CP. Evolving such monsters is a waste of Candies because they end up at the same CP level in their new form. You may not win any battles with low-CP monsters. Hence, it is safe to trade them for Candies by sending them to Professors. Alternatively, you can feed them Stardust to increase their CP before evolving them. Evolve monsters with a high CP. You will have even stronger defenders.


2.Use Lucky Eggs When Evolving a Pokémon

Lucky Eggs double your trainer experience points, which raise your trainer level. You can use Lucky Eggs just before catching multiple Pokémon and double your points. Alternatively, you can double your experience points for evolving Pokémon using Lucky Eggs. You will earn 1000 experience points for evolving one monster instead of the usual 500 experience points. You use few candies and get double experience points in return.


3.Catch and Evolve Common Pokémon

Pokémon requires different amounts of Candies to evolve. Catch common Pokémon like Pidgey and Caterpie that require few Candy to evolve. You can evolve these Pokémon with just 12 Candy, which you can easily attain by visiting many Pokestops. Remember that your goal is to evolve Pokémon with a high CP. After capturing your common Pokémon, raise their CP first before evolving them so that your new Pokémon will have a high CP.


[] How to Level Up Fast


Your trainer level determines the type of Pokémon that you can capture and train. You can catch rarer and stronger Pokémon at higher trainer levels. In-game activities enable you to raise your trainer level by earning experience points. The secret to leveling up fast is to focus on activities that award you many experience points. Here are a few tips on how to earn a high amount of experience points fast:


1.Catch Many Pokémon

Learn how to throw perfect Poke Balls curves at monsters and catch as many as you can. Catching Pokémon is the surest and easiest way to earn experience points in the game. Adding new Pokémon to your PokeDex earns you the normal experiences points and a bonus. The bonus experience points are more than the normal points you get for catching a monster. Catching more and more Pokémon is the best strategy for new and low-level trainers who want to level up in the game.



2.Explore Pokestops

Visiting Pokestops earns you addition experience points. You may not get many points but the few you get at Pokestops add to your collection. Besides, you will find many monsters to catch at Pokestops that will earn you more points. Special items at Pokestops including Poke Balls, incense, and lures will also help you attract and catch new Pokémon for standard and bonus experience points.


3.Hatch Pokémon Eggs

Pokémon Eggs are available at Pokestops among special items. When you finish capturing all the Pokémon you can at a Pokestops, pick some Eggs and walk for a kilometer to hatch them. You will earn more experience points when the Eggs hatch and bonus points if they hatch into new Pokémon.


4.Utilize Lucky Eggs

Lucky Eggs double the experience points you gain from in-game activities. For instance, catching a new type of Pokémon, battling in the Gym, and hatching the normal Pokémon Eggs will give you additional experience points. Lucky Eggs will double the number of points you get from any of these activities. Lucky Eggs are valid for 30 minutes. Hence, you must use them just before starting the task and make sure you complete the task successfully before the 30 minutes’ elapse. You can accumulate thousands of experience points fast if you utilize Lucky Eggs well.


5.Battle at The Gyms

You can level up faster after reaching level five by training and battling at Gyms. At first, focus on training your monsters in friendly Gyms. Train monsters with higher CP because you have higher chances of defeating other monsters with strong monsters. As you master the game, attack enemy Gyms and acquire them for your team. Consider the strength of your Pokémon and the defenders in enemy Gyms before engaging in a battle. You will not gain any points if you lose battles against your opponents.


6.Evolve Your Pokémon

Each Pokémon has its own Combat Power, which you can increase by feeding it with stardust. However, you can only increase a monster’s combat power to its specified limit. The alternative is to evolve the Pokémon into a stronger species by feeding it on Candies. Evolving monsters earn you more experience points than capturing new Pokémon. Acquiring Candies to evolve a monster takes a lot of hard work and time. Do not pass an opportunity to evolve a monster because evolution strengthens your collection of monsters. Remember to evolve monster with a high CP power. You will not only end up with many experience points but stronger creatures that you can train and battle at Gyms for extra points.


[] Additional Tips and Secrets


1.Use Ingress to Find Pokémon

Ingress is a mobile game that Niantic developed before Pokémon Go. Both Ingress and Pokémon Go function in the same way. In Ingress players fight to control territories, which are connected to real geographical locations. Niantic used most of the maps in Ingress to develop Pokémon Go. The XM pools in Ingress correspond to Pokestops in Pokémon Go. One trick to trace Pokestops easily is to open both games at all times. Check for Portals in Ingress to find Pokestops and catch more monsters and acquire special items.


2.Play Pokémon Go During Off Hours

Most people use their lunch breaks and afternoons to play Pokémon Go. The game is busiest in the afternoons. You can enjoy the game better if you play at odd hours like early in the morning or late in the evening. Very few players are searching for monsters or fighting in Gyms at such odd hours.


3.Use Lures and Incense When Feeling Lazy

Hunting is tiring and at times risky. If you do not want to go hunting for monsters around the world, use module lures and incense to attract monsters to your location. Incense draws many monsters fast but lures takes a longer time. It takes up to one minute to get a monster with Incense and about 3-5 minutes to get one with Lures.


4.Move Your Device Around the Room to Hatch an Egg

You must walk for close to a kilometer to hatch an egg. If you are lazy or do not have time to cover that distance, try moving your phone around the room. If the GPS in that room is unsteady, the game will assume that you are walking and start calculating the distance. If you notice that your avatar is moving, keep moving your device until the egg hatches.


5.Catch More of the Same Pokémon

You may be tempted to ignore some Pokémon types that appear on your sighting screen because you have one or more of them in your Pokedex. However, having many Pokémon of the same species is advantageous because it earns you more Candy. You can use the extra Candy to evolve the Pokémon into stronger creatures.


6.Trade Pokémon in Duplicates

Capturing more of the same Pokémon earns you more Candies. However, if you go hunting in the same areas all the time or at the same time of day, you may end up with so many of the same type of Pokémon. You do not have to hoard all of them because it is unlikely that you will evolve all of them. Trade some of them in duplicates. The Professor will give you more Candy, which you can use to evolve the remaining monsters. Trading in duplicates is advantageous when you have many Pokémon of the same species with low CP.


7.Do Not Trade Your Strongest Pokémon

Pokémon has different strength or combat power. You need Pokémon with high combat power to win battles. Transfer Pokémon that has low combat power to the professor if you want more Candy and keeps those with high CP in your possession. They will help you win Gym battles for your team.


8.Get The 3D Printed Case

If you do not like playing by the rules all the time, the 3D-printed case is the ultimate cheat kit. The case is compatible with iPhone 6 and 6S and is designed to help you catch all types of monsters. The case slots over your device enabling you to throw Poke Balls at monsters without missing your target.


9.Get Pikachu as Your Starter Pokémon

Pokémon Go gives Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur as your starter Pokémon. You may be tempted to try catching any of them right away when you are playing the game for the first time. However, you can get Pikachu as your starter monster if you overcome the temptation and put in some work. The trick is to walk away whenever the three starter monsters appear. The monster will pop up again on your sighting screen. Walk away again and repeat the process at least four times. You will get a Pikachu when the monsters appear again.


10.Use The In-Game Sorting Options

If you play Pokémon Go every day, you will catch different monsters especially if you visit many places. You will waste a lot of time trying to trace a Pokémon you caught some days ago. Use the sorting options in the game to organize your monsters. The game gives you various options including time caught, favorites, name, and combat power among other options. Sorting your monsters will help you pick defenders fast when taking over Gyms. A sorted list of monsters will also help you decide the battles to engage in based on the strength and type of monsters in your possession.



11.Buy Incense and Lures Instead of Poke Balls

A good supply of Poke Balls is important if you want to catch as many monsters as you can in every location. It is tempting to spend your currencies on Poke Balls. However, buying incense and module lures is a better deal. You can use these special items to draw rare monsters to your location and catch them easily. You will get many free Poke Balls every time you check into a Pokestop.


12.Buy a Power Bank and use the Battery Saver Mode

One downside with Pokémon Go is that it consumes your phone battery’s fast. You must leave the GPS and game on throughout the day to get notifications of monsters in every area you visit. Your phone’s battery will drain even faster if your other active apps are on. Buy a good power bank and carry it with you all the time because your battery will not last all day. Consider closing some apps when not in use as well. Another way of extending your battery life is switching to the Battery Saver mode on your phone.


13.Check for Pink Petals

When hunting for monsters, look out for Pokestops with falling pink petals. Petals indicate that a player has left a lure at the Pokestops. Lures attract many monsters to the Pokestop, which players can catch within 30 minutes. Take advantage of other players’ lures and catch more monsters without spending your lures.


14.How to Earn Pikachu Gold Without Spending Real Cash

You can buy Poke Coins in Pokémon Go, which is expensive. You can earn coins without spending real-world currency by battling in the Gyms. You earn Poke Coins for every battle you win in the Gym. You earn Gold by holding a Gym that you have acquired from another team. Pokémon Go gives you 10 coins for holding a Gym for 20 hours, which is hard because other teams will keep trying to take over the Gym. One tip when holding a Gym is to keep checking for Gold coins and collecting them. You may lose all the coins you have accumulated if another team takes over the Gym before you pick your coins. Leave strong defenders in a friendly to help your team hold the Gym for as long as it can. The game allows you leave up to 10 Pokémon in friendly Gyms at any one time.


15.Buy Pokémon Go Plus

After downloading and installing your Pokémon Go app, you must keep it on to get notifications. Keeping the app running will drain your device’s battery fast. Consider buying Pokémon Go Plus from Nintendo’s official app store. Pokémon Go Plus enables you to get notifications even when the game app is off.


[][] Conclusion


Pokémon Go is the latest augmented reality game by Nintendo. The game utilizes the GPS and clock features on a player’s mobile phone to provide Pokémon that the player can catch. Players capture Pokémon by throwing Poke Balls at them. Pokémon has different combat power and levels. Players can increase their Pokémon’s combat power or evolve them into stronger types. An alternative way of increasing the number and type of Pokémon in a player’s collection is hatching Pokémon Eggs. In-game activities including catching, evolving, and hatching Pokémon earn players experience points, which determine their level in the game. At level five, players can join teams and start battling at Gyms. Players can either train their Pokémon in friendly Gyms or try to take over rival Gyms. This book offers a systematic guide to all the in-game activities including catching, evolving, training, hatching, powering up, and battling Pokémon. The book also outlines the best strategies, tricks, and secrets to playing the in-game activities like an expert and level up fast as a player.


I believe you have learned how to play Pokémon Go like an expert. You can now download the free game and join in the fun of catching monsters. You have a manual to refer to in case you forget the tricks and secrets of leveling up fast. Share the book with your friends and colleagues as well.


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