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Pokémon Go Guide

BONUS 30 Tips & Tricks]]

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BONUS 30 Tips & Tricks


Chapter 1: How to Catch Your First Pokémon

Chapter 2: How to Find Pokémon

Chapter 3: Get to Know the Interface

Chapter 4: Finding Cool Things From Pokéstops

Chapter 5: Leveling Up and Evolving Your Pokémon

Chapter 6: How to Join a Gym Team and Battle

Chapter 7: How to Level Up as Trainer

Chapter 8: How to Win Gym Battles

Chapter 9: Rare Pokémon Strategy

Chapter 10: 30 Cool Tips and Tricks




Whether you are someone just giving it a try to the new Pokémon Go fad or you are a seasoned Pokémon trainer, we will help you catch them! We will cover all the basics and kick-start your journey into the augmented reality of the Pokémon Go world.

Pokémon Go was developed by Niantic and published by the Pokémon Company, which is the worldwide company in charge of marketing and licensing the Pokémon franchise. The game is taking the world by storm, reaching hundreds of thousands of users within a few days after its release. While it is being slowly introduced in several countries, Pokémon Go is the game to play and to invest your time in; it will bring you endless hours of fun and exciting hunts for Pokémon, battles with other trainers and going around your neighborhood searching in real-world locations for a Ponyta, a Geodude or a Gengar.

But, before you even catch your first Pokémon, you will have to install the Pokémon Go app, available for iOS and Android in selected countries, into your mobile device. If the app is not yet available in your area, do not worry, it was recently released in July 2016 and it will be introduced shortly into many other areas of the world.

The game itself will not help you much; there is a brief introduction by Professor Willow, who will give you a chance to catch your first Pokémon, the traditional starter trio: Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle. After this, you are basically left alone to fend for yourself in the never-ending adventure of Pokémon Go. There is so much to do, so many Pokémon to catch, items, gyms, you’ll have to train yourself to throw Poké Balls, while leveling up yourself as a Trainer and your growing list of Pokémon in your Pokedex.

I know, it sounds confusing for beginners and exciting for experienced players, which is why we will help everyone by providing an excellent, comprehensive and easy to follow Pokémon Go guide, so that you may enjoy your gaming experience and even introduce others into your world of Pokémon, without leaving them lost and confused.

The original song from the TV series had a famous line that said: “You teach me and I’ll teach you, Pokémon! Gotta catch’em all”, which is basically what this game is all about; promoting the encounter between players of all levels and allowing them to share their own experiences, strategies and secrets, same as we are doing with this guide.

By the way, did you know that Pokémon stands for “Pocket Monster”?

It is rather an odd choice by the developers to not include a tutorial in the game that would allow players, especially the ones who are not familiar with the Pokémon gameplay, but it is an easy game to pick up from scratch, start developing your own strategies and be totally immersed by it. For us, the secret is really to let you view into the looking glass and into the alternate reality of the game. For example, when you look at your mobile device screen and see a big green are of grass in front of you, you will really have to literally walk into it, to be able to catch any hidden Pokémon in the area.

So, walk over to the nearest hiding spots of Pokémon, enter into the multiple Pokestops in your city and don’t be afraid to battle your way to claim Gyms, all the while you will encounter other Pokémon Go with whom you can share your secrets and strategies, compare lists of Pokémon and even go together into a Pokémon hunting frenzy. The best tip we can give you for the game is that above all you should enjoy yourself, be careful as you explore your world and let the game merge itself into your daily routines. You can play it in the way to school, in the office, during the weekend at the mall or park.

We will start this guide by showing you how to catch your first Pokémon. Professor Willow will give you one Pokémon to start with but it will not be enough if you want to be the very best. There are hundreds more to catch and train. They will be your companions in this adventure and you will find yourself emotionally attached to some, if not all, with whom you will share your victories and defeats in the Pokémon arenas.

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Chapter 1: How to Catch Your First Pokémon

Catching a Pokémon is very simple; you just have to pay attention to some details in your mobile device screen that will indicate where and when a Pokémon can be caught. To start, you will have to track your Pokémon, which means moving around and into specific areas that are more likely to have hiding Pokémon and where these usually spawn.

In the game map, these areas are have different colors like dark green or light blue, to indicate that you are entering tall grass or water, where certain related types of Pokémon will be easily found. The color of the area affects the type of Pokémon you are able to catch.

These are called environments and they change depending on your GPS location, which is based on Google Maps data. So, if you are near a park, you will see a green area where you can catch a Tangela or a Chikorita, which are grass type Pokémon. If you are near a lake, you will see a blue area where you can catch a Psyduck or a Staryu.

To see if you are getting closer to a Pokémon and what type of Pokémon you are tracking, you can tap on the lower-right bar in your screen, which will open a “Nearby” list of nine Pokémon that are within your reach. As you walk around, the list will blink, indicating that the order of the Pokémon has changed and the Pokémon to which you are nearer is now different. So, all you have to do is to choose your direction and keep walking until your Pokémon of choice reaches the top of the “Nearby” list, which would be the first Pokémon on the top-left.

This information is available to everyone, meaning that you may find yourself walking into an area filled with players looking for the same rare Pokémon that you are looking for.

Once you are close to a Pokémon, your device will vibrate and you will be able to see it in your screen, the Pokémon is ready for capture. The map will disappear and the Pokémon will be right in front of you. The tracking part is done, now we will go into the actual capturing of a Pokémon, which is also easy if you are careful and quick with your fingers to increase your chances of success.

First of all, keep a steady hand and a firm grip on your mobile device, the Pokémon should be in the center of your screen, this will help you when it is time to swipe your Poké Ball at it.

For some Pokémon you will be able to have multiple swipes at it and the Pokémon will not run away. The most elusive and rare Pokémon will not be so unforgiving. Once you touch and hold your Poké Ball, a colored ring appears around the Pokémon indicating the difficulty of the capture: Yellow – low difficulty, Orange – intermediate difficulty, Red – extreme difficulty.

While capturing a Pokémon, your screen will have additional icons that represent strategic options to capture the Pokémon. On the top-left, there is an icon that will allow you to leave the encounter and run from the Pokémon, use this if you already have this Pokémon and don’t want to waste a Poké ball on it. The AR icon on the top-right indicates the AR camera mode, which can be switched off, turning off the camera background to better catch the Pokémon. You will see in the center the Pokémon name and Combat Power (CP). The lower-right icons are for the Camera, to take screenshots and the one below gives you access to your Bag to change the Poké Ball or use an item, like a Razz Berry.

Pay close attention to the rings on top of the Pokémon, the colored ring will start to close and the smallest it gets, the more chances you have to catch your first Pokémon, but you will also be getting closer to allowing the Pokémon to escape. Even after the Pokémon is inside the Poké ball, there is still a chance that it will escape, to avoid this you can get stronger Poké Balls like the Great and Ultra Balls that are available for trainers with higher levels. Razz Berries are also useful in later levels of the game for the rarest Pokémon that have a higher CP, which will help to keep the Pokémon inside the ball after it is captured. We will talk about these items later in this guide, as you will most certainly not need these to capture your first Pokémon.

Once you are done with the first, you will not stop anymore and look for other Pokémon, combining their types, discovering their powers and how to use them in battles. You can also add Pokémon to your collection by hatching Eggs or evolving the Pokémon that you catch. There are dozens and dozens of ways to catch them all, try to develop your own personalized capture techniques.

Chapter 2: How to Find Pokémon

We covered the basics for tracking Pokémon and how important it is to follow your bottom-left “Nearby” compass in your screen to identify and get closer to your most desired Pokémon. Besides that, there are lots of variables that you should take into account to increase your chances of finding the type of Pokémon that you like the best or fit your strategic needs. Pokémon will spawn according to their type depending on the location you are closer to, that’s why you will see trainers looking for Pokémon on the beach, parks and even graveyards.

Though you can spend your time building up an army of easy to find Pokémon, if you really want to be the best you will have to find the rarest of Pokémon like electric, fairy, dark or ghost types.

Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game, meaning that your real world position, tracked by your device’s GPS, will determine the type of Pokémon that you can find near you, according to the area that you are currently within. This means that your location is the most important factor determining the Pokémon type you can find.

We will cover here where to find the different types of Pokémon and the locations where you will be able to find them. Remember that to catch some of these you may have to move closer or into locations that you are not familiar with, so always be very careful and aware of your surroundings.

The first thing to be aware of is that the climate of your region affects the Pokémon that you will be able to find. While Normal type Pokémon will spawn in all types of climates, other types will depend on this variable. Fire type Pokémon will span more frequently in dry climates and residential areas, while the Ice Pokémon will be around beaches and water areas. Bug and Flying Pokémon will spawn in the countryside, mostly on open fields, farms and forests.

Though the climate will definitely have an impact on the Pokémon you can see in front of you, other climate related variants will not, for example if it starts to rain or there is a thunderstorm, that does not mean that your chances to catch Pikachu will increase.

But, if you really want an Electric type Pokémon, then head on to an industrial area, or your nearest college or school campus, they will be on top of your nearby list. So, location is very important to determine the Pokémon types you can find.

If you are near a railway or an airport, you will find lots of Ground type Pokémon. Railways are also great for Steel Pokémon, while a church, temple, monument or landmarks are the places to visit for a family trip and to catch a Fairy type Pokémon.

If you want to find lots of Pokémon, look for a Pokéstop or Gym and hang around the area, this will increase the spawn rate of the Pokémon and available types. This was intentionally introduced in the game, so that players will tend to play the game around Pokéstops and Gyms to socialize and mingle. So, join the catching party, buy some items from the Pokéstop, fight to become a Gym leader and share the joy of being a Pokémon trainer with your friends and local neighbors.

One important reminder while trying to find Pokémon is to be respectful and always aware of your surroundings. Though the game will automatically tag a place to spawn Pokémon, you are responsible for not trespassing, avoiding dangerous places, crossing roads and not to disturb other people, these are not within the spirit of the game.

If it is hard for you to find a certain type of Pokémon, then you can rely on Eggs that can be found at Pokéstops. At the beginning of the game you will be given an Incubator that will be used to hatch the eggs. This Incubator works with your device’s Pedometer, counting your steps as you walk around catching Pokémon, the longer you walk and leave the egg in the Incubator, the higher the chances to hatch a better Pokémon.

There are eggs that will take 2km, 5km and 10km to hatch. You can also use different Incubators at the same time and have several eggs incubating as you walk around.

Chapter 3: Get to Know the Interface

The main interface of the game is the map view, where you can see all the important information of your surroundings and current position. This is what you will see most of the time, indicating the location of nearby Gyms, Pokéstops and Pokémon. It is also a map of your actual, real-world location, meaning that if you see a street in the game that is a real street and you can use it for reference if you are familiar with the area where you are roaming around.

From top to bottom, the first thing you will notice is a compass icon that has two options: north viewing and auto-rotation. The first will have the map always pointed towards North, while the later allows the map to rotate according to where you are facing. You can also tap your screen and move it around to find what you are looking for, or use a finger to zoom in and out from the map.

The most common icons you will see are Gyms, which are icons that look like towers, and Pokéstop blue flying cubes. Gyms allow you to train and battle with your Pokémon against other trainers and teams. They are owned by a team of trainers and can be challenged at all time by their rival teams. You can buy items in Pokéstops – we will discuss these later in this guide. These are privileged locations to find Pokémon, other players and you can strike a conversation with them, join their teams to challenge a nearby Gym.

Near the bottom of the screen and right in the middle of the map, you can see your avatar, it is created as soon as you start the game for the first time and can be customized later from the Trainer profile screen. The avatar will move according to your GPS location, to move closer to any of the locations on the map, you will have to physically move in the real world and go to that location in your area. You will see the avatar move as soon as you start moving.

At the bottom of the screen, from left to right, there’s the Profile Icon showing your level, progress and username; in the middle is a Pokeball that gives access to the Main menu with the Settings, Items, Pokédex, Pokémon and other options; on the right side is the Nearby list of Pokémon that we mentioned before, that indicates what are the Pokémon closest to you.

Another important screen is your Trainer Profile. You can access it by tapping the Profile icon on the right-bottom corner of the Map. The Trainer Profile has loads of information that will help you keep track of your progress. At the top of the screen you will see your username, followed by your avatar and your current level. Just below the level is the progress bar with your current XP and remaining XP to the next level.

Below all this you will find important information that allows you to choose what you should do next in the game. You will see how many PokéCoins you have, which is the in-game currency used to buy items. Once your level reaches 5 you can join a team by going into a Gym, and then Professor Willow will invite you to join one of the game’s three teams: Team Mystic, Team Instinct, or Team Valor.

On the bottom of the screen is the list of medals that you are the closes to achieve. You can use these as your current objectives and as a guide to easily level up your trainer. The medals have different difficulties and will grant you different amounts of XP. For example, the Jogger medal is the most common and easy to get, all you have to do is walk a certain amount of kilometers to get them: Bronze – 10km, Silver – 100 km, Gold – 1000km.

There are other menus and options, screens and interfaces that you can access, don’t fear to tap the icons and customize your gaming experience as you like, the game is filled with useful and colorful graphics that provide all the information you need while tracking, catching, battling or buying anything in the Pokémon Go world.

Chapter 4: Finding Cool Things From Pokéstops

Pokéstops are located near public art, unique architecture or public gathering places. In your map, they will show up as blue cubes and they will open a soon as you are near enough to one of them and then you will be able to find items like Poké Balls, Potions and Eggs, among all other assorted kinds of items that will be very helpful in your journey.

The problem that many trainers encounter is that it is very easy to run out of Poké Balls and other items, because once you are emerged in the game and the Pokémon start to spawn in front of you, you just can’t help yourself and throw Poké Balls at them. Even if you have dozens of Ratata, you will try to catch another one once it is in front of you, guaranteed.

The same thing goes for all other items and resources that you find in the game and buy in Pokéstops, trainers are so eager to evolve their initial Pokémon and to gather experience points, that they easily empty their item bags within a very short period of time.

First advice is to really have a strategy on how you use your items and learn what each one can do and when is the best time to use them. But, if you are not a strategic player and that kind of in-depth information overload ruins your playing experience, then we have a way for you to gather items more rapidly.

If you manage to visit ten different Pokéstops within thirty minutes, the game will reward you by doubling the amount of items collected and your experience points. This is not easy, you will really have to find a cluster of Pokéstops and make a plan on how to go from one to the other within the time limit. You can use a bike or car, as long as you are able to visit ten, when you enter the tenth Pokéstop, you will receive an extra egg.

Many players do it and it works wonders, this is called farming. The usual cool down of Pokéstops is ten minutes and even without trying to reach the double bonus, you can still farm many Pokéstops to get your bag filled up with Balls, Potions and Items.

Your experience will also double if you have a Lucky Egg active, doubling from the usual 50XP to 100 XP per visit. These Lucky Eggs are very cool as they help you to level up much faster by doubling the XP gained during thirty minutes. You get a free Lucky Egg at Level 9, then one more Egg for each 5 levels (10, 15, 20 and so on).

Razz Berries are found in Pokéstops and they are also given free by leveling up, once you reach level 8 you will receive 10 Razz Berries. These items are used to feed the Pokémon before capturing them, this way they will be easier to catch. Find the Berries in your backpack once you have a wild Pokémon in front of you.

More and more cool items can be found in Pokéstops. One of the most useful is Potions that allow you to restore your Pokémon’s Health Points. From Standard Potions to Super Potions, Hyper Potions and Max Potions, there is a lot to work with. From level 5 and upwards, you get 10 to 20 Potions for free whenever leveling up.

Pokéstops can also be used to lure Pokémon to it, meaning that you will be able to transform a Pokéstop into a capturing spot of Pokémon. To do this you will have to use an item called Lure, which is placed on top of the landmark picture of your current Pokéstop, in the white space. This will increase the spawn rate of Pokémon for all players near that Pokéstop.

But, if you don’t want to attract Pokémon to a Pokéstop, then use Incense, another cool item that will attract Pokémon directly to you and only to you, unlike the Lure that lures the Pokémon to all players within the area, with the Incense the Pokémon that get spawned will only be seen by you. The spawn rate will be 1 Pokémon for each 5 minutes if you are standing still and 1 Pokémon for each minute or 200 meters that you walk.

These items can be used at the same time and their effects will add themselves increasing even more the spawn rate of Pokémon around you. So, be sure to have a backpack filled up with Pokéballs or else they will run away from you. The best place to do it is near Pokémon Nests, where the spawn rate is already high and stack it up with a Lucky Egg to double your XP gained from capturing Pokémon.

Chapter 5: Leveling Up and Evolving Your Pokémon

Besides leveling yourself up, you also need to keep your Pokémon evolving to get XP for you and also to get them ready for battles with other trainers. What you will basically need is two types of items to increase Pokémon XP and evolved them: Stardust and Candies. The first is used only to improve your Pokémon, while the latter is also used for evolving them.

Stardust will give your Pokémon extra CP and HP points. It is an incredible resource and should be used carefully because it gives a powerful advantage when facing other trainers.

For the Candy, to evolve a Pokémon you will need a specific type and number of candies to evolve them, because the Candies are dedicated to each evolutionary family of Pokémon. So, for a Charmander to evolve to a Charmeleon and then later into a Charizard, you will have to use the use Charmander Candy, which cannot be used on a Pidgey. But, Stardust has the advantage that it can be used on any type of Pokémon.

To evolve your Pokémon you need a certain amount of Stardust and a small amount of Candies for that particular family. Use these items carefully, do not waste them in the first Pokémon you catch, it is wise to keep farming Stardust and Candies as you go along and use them in the Pokémon that you really want to evolve and make stronger, according to your battle strategies.

Chapter 6: How to Join a Gym Team and Battle

Once you reach level 5 in Pokémon Go your trainer will be able to join a team and then battle for Gyms. Professor Willow will show give you the choice between 3 teams: Team Instinct, Team Mystic and Team Valor.

This choice will determine your color and allow you to join other players from the same team in battles for Gyms. Team Instinct is colored Yellow; their mascot is Zapdos and their leader is Spark. For Team Mystic, the color is blue while their mascot is Articuno, leader is Blanche. Finally, Team Valor is red, the mascot is Moltres and leader is Candela.

Gyms then will be handled by the different teams that can capture them. The gyms are located in various locations around the world. These locations are arranged by servers and can be seen by all. If a gym is Silver, it means that the Gym does not have a leader yet and you can go win it for your team. Then you can choose the Pokémon you will be responsible for in the gym.

Gyms also have levels, but you don’t have any control over it. The levels are determined by the Prestige, and Prestige increases and decreases depending on the challenges that are won, or not. If the Prestige of your Gym comes down to zero, your team will lose it, it becomes silver and will be again available to anyone. The higher the Gym level, the higher the level of Pokémon that the Gym can have to defend it. If you and a player of your team challenge a Gym from an opposing team, both Pokémon will appear in battle and will attack simultaneously.

You can use the Gyms from your team to place Pokémon there and train them. The more Pokémon you train in a Gym, the more Prestige it will gain. So, whenever someone tries to attack your Gym it will be hard to defeat your Pokémon and eventually reduce the Prestige to zero. To train you will use a Pokémon against other players in the Gym. The experience gained and the increased prestige is less than winning the gym, but can increase the Prestige of the Gym.

If a gym belongs to another team, you can fight for it. These battles are simple, with attacks being automatic. If you tap your opponent’s Pokémon, your Pokémon will automatically attack. Every time the Pokémon attacks the opponent’s Hit Points will be reduced, and this will continue until one Pokémon is defeated. You can dodge the opponent’s attacks by sliding your finger to the right or left. And, Pokémon will also unleash powerful attacks after doing the basic attacks.

When you challenge a Gym, you can choose 6 Pokémon, choose the stronger ones but also in accordance to the type of Pokémon you will be facing. If the Gym beats you, their Prestige will increase, and if they are defeated, their Prestige will decrease. There is no waiting period for a Gym to be challenged once again.

Another thing that helps anyone who has lots of Pokémon in Gyms is that Shops will give you a bonus for every Pokémon in a Gym. Once every 21 hours, if you go to PokéShop, you’ll earn, for each Gym with a Pokémon, 10 PokéCoins and 500 Stardust. The more gyms have, the bigger the bonus.

Chapter 7: How to Level Up as Trainer

For every Pokémon that you capture, you will receive experience points (XP). However, not all Pokémon receive the same amount of XP. For example, you will find hundreds and hundreds of annoying Zubats and other Pokémon who are very common and these will only give you 100 XP. The only time you can get more XP from a Zubat is when you catch one for the first time, so a new Pokémon is always worth 500 XP and 100 XP for any other catch.

To level up rapidly you will need to catch all Pokémon that you can get your hands on, do not worry if you already have dozens of them, just keep on throwing the Pokéballs at them and catching as many as you can. Check our previous chapter and use items to increase the spawn rate and to double your XP.

Another great way to level up is to keep walking around from one place to the other, catching Pokémon and hatching eggs. Besides the excitement to know which Pokémon eggs may hatch, it is always a surprise; you should also buy more egg incubators and add eggs, especially the ones for 2km, which are easier to hatch. For each egg hatched you will receive 200 XP, do it with several incubators and soon you will be racking up XP points just from walking.

While you may be filling up your Pokédex with fairly common Pokémon and adding the 100XP for every catch, the Eggs will provide you with diversity and more choices of Pokémon to evolve. And, each time you evolve a Pokémon the game will give you 500 XP. To evolve Pokémon you have to use Candies. The easier Pokémon to evolve are Weedle, Caterpie and Pidgey as they only take 12 candies. Most Pokémon will require 25 or more candies, with the rarest requiring 100 candies for an evolution.

Chapter 8: How to Win Gym Battles

Pokémon battles only happen in Gyms. Either you are trying to defeat Gym from another team or just training in your own team’s Gym, this is where battles take place. Let’s start with the basics.

Unlike the traditional Pokémon games, battles in Pokémon Go are not turn-based and will unfold automatically. They are usually simple, short and very fast, which makes it a lot of fun to battle. They happen in real time and you will have to pay attention and be quick with the fingers. To fight, just tap the screen quickly and your Pokémon will attack, to defend you can slide from side to side, so that your Pokémon dodges from the attacks (right and left).

Once you attack several times by touching the screen, you’ll notice a blue bar will fill up just below the life of your Pokémon, this will indicate that its special move is ready to be used. It is very powerful; all you have to do is to hold the screen so that the Pokémon will use this attack. This means that while holding and waiting for the attack to take place, you will not be able to defend and dodge the other Pokémon attacks.

You can gain an advantage by the type of Pokémon that you choose. Pokémon use the famous system of “rock, paper, scissors”, some types have an advantage over others. A basic example is that water is stronger against fire. By challenging a Gym, you can choose 6 Pokémon to fight. The game will choose 6 for you, but you can change them, just tap the picture of each of them and choose the replacement.

However, if you are training, you can only play with one Pokémon, so choose one that can take a lot of attacks and has higher HP.

Before you begin, check the type of Pokémon that is defending the gym. You’ll want to check its type and the type of attack (it is not described here, but you can easily find on the internet). It’s the smartest way to ensure greater success in the gym battles.

Another important factor in Pokémon GO is to choose a Pokémon that has a high number of Combat Points (CP); the higher the CP, the stronger the Pokémon. If your CP is 14 and the Pokémon Gym has CP 200, you will have no chance. Ideally, you can choose a Pokémon with a close CP or greater than the Gym leader, this already gives you an advantage.

Depending on your team, the Gym can be an ally or rival. Check the color of the Gym (red, yellow or blue) and see which of your team. When interacting with rival Gyms, you can fight up to 3 Pokémon using your 6 Pokémon. If you see a gym with explosions on top, this is a sign that this Gym is under attack. You can also enter the battle and help win that Gym.

It is worth saying that it is possible that you have to battle more than once, because each time you win the Gym, one of the defenders is expelled from there. It is necessary to ensure that all defending Pokémon are driven out so that you can take over the Gym for your team.

After the battle, the Pokémon can be left with little to none HP, which means that it will be fainted. You need to use a portion or revive it to be able to put them in shape for the next battle. If you visit PokéStops, you will get these items. To use, just go in the items window, click Revive and then click the Pokémon fainted. The same process applies to the potions.

Chapter 9: Rare Pokémon Strategy

It’s not easy to catch a legendary Pokémon and other rare Pokémon, it takes some time and perseverance to achieve this and be able to show it off to your friends and other trainers in your team. But, we have some tips to help you get one.

So far we have covered the basics of the game and you should have already some knowledge on how it works and some experience with the game, captured a few Pokémon and you are now looking into other challenges. During an advanced stage of the game your challenges will be to capture rare Pokémon and legendary Pokémon, or how to level up quickly.

Legendary Pokémon are: Articuno (Wisdom mascot team), Zapdos (the Intuition team mascot), Moltres (Team Value mascot), Mewtwo and Mew. Some of the legendary are only available according to region: Mr. Mime exclusive to Europe; Farfetch’d in Asia; Kangaskhan is only found in Australia and New Zealand. Tauros is exclusive to North America. But, you can also find these on Eggs anywhere in the world.

So far players do not have much info on how to catch them, besides what we explained above. You cannot find them by just walking around, like with the others. It is expected that these Pokémon will appear out of special events for everyone to capture, but so far there has only been speculations around it.

Unofficially, you can find several tables online and comments from players that explain in more detail what to expect and what has been happening so far in terms of rare and legendary Pokémon, so be sure to keep yourself updated as in this field there is still much to be discovered.

One sure way to catch are Pokémon, or at least increase the chances of spawning them is to level up to level 30, that means gathering as much as 500,000 XP to climb level 30. At this level the Pokémon are much stronger and harder to catch.

Here is a list of the 12 rarest Pokemon: Machamp, Ponyta, Ditto, Weezing, Voltorb, Horsea, Staryu, Tangela, Cubone, Scyther and Lickitung. From the list of over 150 Pokémon out there, these have been so far the hardest to capture and find.

Chapter 10: 30 Cool Tips and Tricks

1 – Send duplicate Pokémon to Willow to receive resources like Candy, for the Pokémon that you are focused on evolving and using in battles. You can catch a load of Pidgey to get the XP from captures, but get rid of them later and get the bonus from Professor Willow.

2 – Walk and walk, and walk a bit more, with Incubators filled with Eggs. This will increase your chances of catching different Pokémon and also allows you to find other trainers and visit different PokéStops and Gyms.

3 – Keep your mobile device charged and ready for long walks. Most of the time you will not have access to charging stations in parks and other places, if you are really into the game, buy an external battery that will allow you to play for extended periods of time.

4 – Use your mobile data, do not worry because Pokémon Go will not use too much of the available data from your service provider. Test it out for a couple of days and see how much it costs in your plan, then use it.

5 – Pay attention to the map and use Lures from other trainers, use Incense and double your chances of catching Pokémon. Play as a team, talk with other players and share resources, use your Lure and then ask someone else to use theirs.

6 – Level up, level up and level up your trainer. Do it using our tips above and do it fast in the beginning of the game, so that you will reach higher levels and start catching more powerful Pokémon. Try to get to level 5 as fast as you can, so that you can join Gyms.

7 – Save your resources and plan your strategy on how to level up your Pokémon. Do not waste Candies or Stardust. Use these precious resources within a long-term strategy by choosing what Pokémon you want to evolve and use as your main team to take over Gyms.

8 – Teamwork is very important in Pokémon Go. It is probably the best and most exciting feature on the game. The fact that you are part of a specific team for Gyms does not mean that you cannot play games with other teams to capture Pokémon and go around town with them.

9 – Spend your time wisely between capturing Pokémon, managing your Pokédex and Bag of Items and battling for Gyms. Try to make a schedule for your week and follow it so that it will match your own schedule and the game will not overlap your responsibilities.

10 – Choose times of the day that most players will be playing the game so that it will increase the chances to meet new people and also to share resources and tips. For example: school campuses are great during lunchtime, but malls and parks are better at the end of the day.

11 – Catch Pikachu from the start, all you have to do is reject the choices given by Professor Willow in the beginning of the game and Pikachu will eventually appear in front of you to be captured.

12 – If you shoot a PokeBall and it missed the Pokémon, you can always catch it back and use it again; just tap on it. It sounds like the natural thing to do, but most players in the beginning use new balls and eventually run out of Pokeballs very fast.

13 – Always have Eggs in the Incubators and as many Incubators as you can. This is a really great way to level up and find great Pokémon while still doing other things.

14 – Use public transportation or private vehicles to get around quickly. This is great if you are making a run for PokeStops or Gyms and not really worried about catching Pokémon. Find the sweet spots in your neighborhood where player gather, but also go around to other places to find different Pokémon.

15 – Use wisely the Lucky Eggs and double your XP points for 30 minutes. Make a plan and then put it into action during those 30 minutes, like leveling up lots and lots of Pokémon with as many candies as you can.

16 – Make plan ahead of time, have a strategy to everything that you do. Don’t just go around capturing Pokémon and using your resources without having a long term strategy, you will end up wasting your resources and finding yourself lost after a couple of days.

17 – When reaching near PokeStops, check the X under the picture of the stop and click on it. This way, you will collect all the resources from that Pokestop immediately and you do not need to pop all their bubbles.

18 – Catch them all, really all of them, no matter what they are. Have your bag filled with balls and go get them. Do not worry, you can send them to Professor Willow and get resources, then use those in your favorite Pokémon.

19 – Capture a lot of Pokémon that are common in your area and then trade them, get candies for that specific evolution family and use all of them in your Pokémon that remains in your team. Catching Pokémon will mean that you will get more candies later.

20 – Turn off the AR feature, or Augmented Reality, many players have noticed that it is cool in the beginning but after a while it just bothers you if you are trying to catch Pokémon very quickly and you find those hard to catch.

21 – Be wise with your Poke Coins, most of the items are easy to find and are not worth the cost of Coins. Go around you nearest PokéStops and Gyms to check what you can find for free before wasting your Coins.

22 – Fight for Gyms to get free Poke Coins. The more Pokémon defending a Gym, the more Coins you will get if you are able to defeat them. This is a well thought strategy to lure trainers to attack and try to capture Gyms for their teams, it is a great bonus.

23 – Twist the ball when you throw them, this will give you a bonus when catching Pokémon. You will get more XP for smaller rings when capturing a Pokémon and for a curveball. There are 3 types of captures: Nice (+10 XP), great (+50 XP) and Excellent (+100 XP).

24 – Control the evolution of an Eevee by renaming it. This way you will be able to evolve through fire (Flareon), electric (Joteon) or water (Vaporeon). For this you have to rename it, respectively: Pyro, Sparky or Rainer. It’s a fun Easter egg that the developers added.

25 – Ask for help and tips to other players. Do not try to play this game all by yourself and try to be the best trainer alone, the best trainer will be the one that just like Ash in the original Pokémon TV series was able to take his losses and learn from them, as well as from the other trainers.

26 – Pay attention to the cool down periods and respawn schedules of Pokémon. The serves of the game have pre-determined schedule when they refresh the Pokémon around your area and change to different Pokémon, so you have to learn when this happens and revisit the same areas and PokéStops.

27 – Since this is a game, there will probably be players out there trying to cheat and using hacks. If you find that there is something wrong with a Gym or a Trainer, submit a request to Niantic to report it. Get some screenshot, picture or even videos and send it over.

28 – Be careful with assaults and accidents. Use your best judgment when playing the game and always be aware of your surroundings. There will be many stories going around, some may be fake while other real, so don’t think that it is just a game and nothing can happen to you as you go around the real word catching imaginary pocket monsters.

29 – The game is also evolving and there will be lots and lots of new features and new information coming out as players discover new things and Nantic releases new features and other cool stuff. So, keep yourself active in forums and always updated, share information with others and be part of a team of local players that share the same passion for Pokémon as you do.

30 – Have fun. Have more fun. Have lots of fun. It’s a really cool and fun game to play for everyone, for all ages and whoever you are, from seasoned Pokémon players to new ones, this is a game that can be played by parents and sons, joining generations as they go around their city meeting other people and enjoying different challenges. If you are not having fun, you are doing something wrong.


You will either love it or hate it, either way the Pokémon Go game is here to stay and will just keep on evolving itself and reaching worldwide levels of acceptance that are hard to predict. It is a cultural phenomenon that is already hard to not notice and be captured by it.

One cool thing about it is that even though it is a game, it will “push” you out of the house and staying in front of your screen all the time. It promotes teamwork and people gathering together around a common passion. It will help you to get to know your city and even to get around new cities that you will visit. Even if you think that you know your own city, it will make you visit the same old local museums, parks and malls, and see them through a different perspective.

Another cool thing that comes with the game is that it fits any kind of personal schedule and routine, as long as you do not stay in the house the whole time. You can do it while shopping, while in a coffee shop, in school or in your block. There are Pokémon everywhere, even inside your room. It is a game like no other, so far, and this is a new way to play games that will for sure be followed by others in the near future.

So, download the app, give it a shot with our tips and tricks, get your hands in a few Pokémon and be on your way to Catch Them All. You will probably not be the very best, you will most probably not catch all Pokémon out there, but that does not really matter, because the whole experience of playing Pokémon Go goes much more beyond being competitive and aggressive in your gameplay and strategies, promoting team play, fun-filled moments and a gaming experience like no other.

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Pokemon Go Guide BONUS 30 Tips & Tricks

Whether you are someone just giving it a try to the Pokémon Go game or you are a seasoned Pokémon trainer, we will help you catch them! We will cover all the basics and kick-start your journey into the augmented reality of the Pokémon Go world. One cool thing about it is that even though it is a game, it will “push” you out of the house and staying in front of your screen all the time. It promotes teamwork and people gathering together around a common passion. It will help you to get to know your city and even to get around new cities that you will visit. Even if you think that you know your own city, it will make you visit the same old local museums, parks and malls, and see them through a different perspective. You are about to discover: How to Catch Your First Pokémon How to Find Pokémon Get to Know the Interface Finding Cool Things From Pokéstops Leveling Up and Evolving Your Pokémon How to Join a Gym Team and Battle How to Level Up as Trainer How to Win Gym Battles Rare Pokémon Strategy 30 Cool Tips and Tricks

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