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Poetic Desk

Poetic Desk






Poetic Desk

By Prakash Hegade

Shakespir Edition

Copyright 2016 Prakash Hegade




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Preface Thoughts


Words combine together,

They clutter and gather,

They add the tune,

They add the melody.


Thoughts take words,

Words go phrases,

Phrases extend lines,

Poems thus shine.


Poems from imaginations,

Poems from reality,

Poems from fiction,

Poems from fantasy!


Through the messy desk,

Comes the clean gist,

They add the feel of good,

The deserving must and should.




Desk Work One

The Lonely Wave


Like a lonely wave of the sea,

That hated to touch the sea shore,

He preferred to stay alone,

He was for himself.


Like the dirt in the sea,

That disturbed the serenity,

Life had cruel lessons,

He was for himself.


Like the hardness of the water,

That never failed in presence,

There were people to mock,

He was for himself.


Like every wave had to end,

That had to touch the shore,

Everything washed away,

He was at peace.

Desk Work Two

The Story of Life


likes and the dislikes,

comma, continued, repeats,

the story of life.

Desk Work Three

Unwanted Gathering


In a meeting uncalled,

There were members uninvited,

Swirling up things,

Making up twigs,

And tangled twists.


Unwanted members,

Unwanted discussions,

Washes the brain,

Drains the vein,

Leaving messed up lane.


Like my head sticks a ‘wanted’ poster,

And a satisfying reward,

They rush in with speed,

Position some seed,

Which is only a weed.


You came in uninvited,

You will go away the same,

Get away from me,

I will set you all free,

Go; hunt a new home!

Desk Work Four

Seasonal We


look who’s having fun,

in summer, winter, rainy,

question, answer, you.

Desk Work Five

Answer Me Why!


I don’t know why,


It’s Love and heart!


I see through eyes,

I feel with skin,

I whiff with nose,

I lick with tongue,

I heed with ears,

In love and romances,

I lose my senses.



Why is it Love and heart?

My heart beats sturdy,

Loudly, impatiently,

When I say ‘love’,

When I demand,

Why is it heart?

Desk Work Six

Love in Fibonacci


Below is a poem which has the Syllables per line in Fibonacci Series. Off course the poem is not infinite. Considering the empty line as 0, Syllables per line are: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 and 13.







and love.


your wishes,


my invocations,


is always our togetherness,


the adhesive which envelops our foreverness!


Desk Work Seven

Love Miracle


You gave me a Hope,

To live and to fight,

To trust in miracles,

To smile with no reason,

And above all, to stay happy!


I will slap you hard,

Only to ask,

Where were you until now?

To hold you tight,

And to feel the warmth!


You added those missing colors,

That aura to feel happy about!

You added meaning to my life thereafter,

That taste to get addicted with,

You are now my happily ever after!

Desk Work Eight

Mom’s Kid


The tiny little hands

When hold mine,

All of my worries,

Just go fine.


His blabbering words,

To call me maa,

Brings down the heaven,

I dance with bliss.


When I see my kid,

I become one,

No matter age,

Still the little one.


His actions bring smile,

His smiles bring more,

The more is always less,

And it is never enough.


The kid is the inspiration,

Kid is the dream,

He keeps my hope going,

Like to the infinity.

Desk Work Nine

The Story of Likes


Like I said, like you heard,

Like I wanted, like you are.

My likes and dislikes,

Are your dislikes and likes,

Union is bigger,

Intersection is slender,

Likes of types and materials,

Dislikes of people and nature,

I disagree your dislikes,

You disagree my likes,

One thing you have liked,

Of my likes,

Is me liking you!

And now that is why,

I Love You.

Desk Work Ten

Letter to Earth


I shall stay nearby, Orbit around,

Circle in the sky, Dusty surround.


You go brown, I am red,

Terrain and craters bed.


Dunes, gullies and layers,

Ah! We mighty players.


Solar system houses nine,

A friend close will you be mine?


Dear Earth,

Will you be my friend?

Till the end?

Your neighbor,



Desk Work Eleven

Why I Lie


Some of those lie,

Which you are unaware of,

Are not mine,

They belong to time.


Some truths were bitter,

They gathered pain.

I melted them with sugar,

Coated them look better.


I take the hurt,

Let them be mine.

You deserve better,

Accept my lies.


I am sorry for what I do,

I lie,

They are not mine,

But they make the place shine!


Desk Work Twelve



degrees, positions,

still lacks in mere common sense,

real awkward moments.

Desk Work Thirteen



Weirdest all,

Madness tall,


Craziest secrets,

Zero regrets,


Energy booster,

Roller coaster,


Damn shit,

Mental wit,


Hide none,

Shameful one,


Wrapped Mess,

Dirty guess,



My friend,

My friends!

Desk Work Fourteen



They wander while we wonder,

They freeze while we free,

They sink while we blank,

They fly while we hold.


They surprise while we calm,

They hurt while we move-on,

They gather while we scatter,

They undo while we do.


They are unknown,

They are omnipresent,

They do what we don’t ask for,

The one, the thoughts.

Desk Work Fifteen

Hammer and Glue


Close to heart, Hammer and glue.

Among-st a many, Chosen few.


Hammer comes strong, Breaks into pieces.

Glue corrects the wrong, Unites with kisses.


Heart breaks apart, Unites back again.

Will never be the same, Glitches and stain.


Hammer, the foe, Is sure a friend.

It brings the glue, Who remain till end.

Desk Work Sixteen

You and Love


You and Love,


Are like made for each other.


Me and You,


Is where love is!


Desk Work Seventeen

The Colors of Light


Glow the lights,

Of colors all bright,

Radiance and festive,

Luminescence so captive,

Celebrations around,

Happy hearts found,

Joyfulness of rights,

Happy Festival of Lights!

Desk Work Eighteen



In her every joys,

In her every voice,

In her every cries,

In her every lies,


In her every bliss,

In her every stress,

In her every good,

In her every should,


He was there, as a solution.

Her exposition!

Desk Work Nineteen

Love Emotions


They start from heart,

Spread out as smile.

They start from heart,

Eye out as wink.

Love Emotions,

Are not meant to stay in!

They start from heart,

Make it beat faster.

They start from heart,

Build the desires stronger.

Love Emotions,

Are not meant to stay in!

They start from heart,

Turn cheeks red.

They start from heart,

Spread into arms.

Love Emotions,

Are meant to spread out!

They start from heart,

Connect the other.

They start from heart,

Make home for another.

Love Emotions,

Are meant to spread out!

Desk Work Twenty

Night Follows the Day


Like wrong people can always be,

An inspiration to do the right,

From Gray to Black,

You will find the White!


A little comes with another little,

To show what is more.

Do not count the number,

For 99 is also a score!


Be not sad, if the day is slow!

Feel not bad, if you feel the low!

For Every “Today Calls a Better Tomorrow!”


That’s it.

There you smile!

Desk Work Twenty One




is only one!



is not number one!



is so not me!



is so not we!


With I, its not complete,



Desk Work Twenty Two

The Ride


The curves & the straight road,

The mist & the sun shine,

The moves & the stages,

The along & the opposites,

The green & the brown,

The moves & the halts,

The vision & the reflection,

It’s a joyous ride,

With supports every side.

Journey magnification,

Wide eyes & exclamation!!

Desk Work Twenty Three




Away is not when,

I don’t get to see you.

I don’t get to hear you.

I don’t get to touch you.

I don’t get to smell you.


Away is when,

I see you, Still you stay blind,

I hear you, Still you stay ignored,

I touch you, Still you stay unresponsive,

I smell you, Still you stay unaffected.


Away is not when you are far!

Away is when you are near and yet so far!

Desk Work Twenty Four

Couples from the Clock

The hands of a clock,

Always have a stock,


Tick tock’s couple,

Ding Dong’s couple.


The hands together,

Bonded forever,

Moving with,

Couple of seconds,

Couple of minutes.


One hand following the other,


Without “U”,

I am just a meaningless


Desk Work Twenty Five

The Future Prospects


It has started now, now it has started,

What we are and what we can be,

Chart your plans, let plans be charted,

We can be what we are imagined to be.


Apply the learn, learn to apply,

It’s already time-out, past is to exhale,

Supply the apply, apply the Supply,

It’s already time-in, future is to inhale.


Make no predictions, predict no one,

Run is too long, long is the run,

Create all you need, right from zero,

Aye, aye, that’s the way to be the superhero.


The surprises waiting ahead in future,

Is the magnificence, inherent in nature.

Desk Work Twenty Six

Oh My Drawers


Hides the secrets deep down the facets,


Stays balmy all long as if its mistake,


Oh my drawers, why no speak thou?


You have let in many, let out all,


Artifacts have changed, like new stall,


Oh my drawers, why so silent thou?


You hold all that can, show no bias,


Stay put throughout, my concerns alas,


Oh my drawers, why go unspoken thou?

Desk Work Twenty Seven

A Ballad for Ghost


Scaring the people at dark nights,

Scaring the people at cold nights,

Scaring the people for all nights,

Ghosts are never seen at day sights.


Cruel, wicked, terrorizing they go,

Terrifying stories creating they go,

Uneasiness to mankind spreading they go,

Ghosts do make a super-hit night show.


Short, tall in all sizes they are,

Fast, slow, disappearing they are,

Mostly as known invisible they are,

Ghosts though near, are yet so far.

Desk Work Twenty Eight

Social Animal


Desk Work Twenty Nine

The First


With every new first, grows the list,


Longer the list, happier amid-st.


The first’s will come, some direct


Some in disguise, rest unknown.


Reset your mind, for every second,


To treat the second, to be like exactly the first!

Desk Work Thirty




Reliance at stake, belief in take.

Upbeats the hope, duty no dope.

Serving the commits, faith that fits.

Truly be one, trust always won.











[|_] _Lines that Melody


Poetic Desk

Thoughts take words, words go phrases, phrases extend lines and poems thus shine.

  • ISBN: 9781370670222
  • Author: Prakash Hegade
  • Published: 2016-07-19 23:35:20
  • Words: 1855
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