Poet to the Poor


to the

Poems of Hope for the Bottom One Percent

John Kaniecki

Copyright © 2015 John Kaniecki

All rights reserved.

ISBN-10: 1517658071

ISBN-13: 978-1517658076


This work is dedicated to my beloved wife Sylvia Kaniecki and all my church family. I truly do love you.

This work is for all those struggling in this world simply to survive. It is written for the one percent. The bottom one percent that is. Never give up and never give in. You too have the right to a decent life.


This work is from the labor of over five years of writing. Many thanks go to all the magazines who have supported my work. Struggle Magazine, Blue Collar Review, Black Magnolias, Industrial Worker, Calvacadeofstars and many others.


Poet to the Poor 13

Tea with Joe Hill 14

The Mistress Money 16

Banjo Man 18

The Blues Man 20

A Kid’s Face 21

An Open Letter to the FBI (For Leah) 24

Peace Action 26

Chaplain Harry’s Regret 28

Cortez’ Gold 31

In Memory of Anna Mae Aquash 32

A Bouquet 34

Tears in the Grass 35

A Slave in Troy 36

Capitalism 38

Cathy at the Texaco Station 39

Gwen Patronizing at Dunkin Doughnuts 41

A Poor Man’s Statement 43

The Universe in Motion 45

In Jail 52

Nothing People 54

A History Lesson 64

A Panther’s Dream 68

A Rap for a Real Revolutionary 70

Africa 73

A Rose in Winter 75

Amilia, Precious Pleasant 76

An Ode to Langston Hughes 78

Capitalism’s Cat 80

America 82

Uncle Tom’s Office 84

Chief Joseph’s Bones 88

A Duet With Joe Hill 90

The Curse 92

The Lady With Lavender Eyes 93

A Run Away Utah Radical 98

Trotsky and the Revolution 100

Jesus and the Adulteress 102

Call Me a Traitor 104

The Porn Star 106

The Pacifist 108

The Orange Cat 110

America 112

Pale Face Lied 114

Momma – In Memory of Martha Jenkins 117

Dominick is Sweeping 120

Colors 122

A Lament for Idris Davies 125

I Once Was a Fascist 127

Four Men from the Hay Market 129

In Memory of Calvin Fisher Jr. 133

No Gloves 135

My Whore, Jesus 138

I Will Raise My Voice 140

A Hurt Lover’s Lonesome Night 143

Faces in the Sand 145

Isaiah 147

Sabria 149

Honest About Abe 151

Ona Move 153

Apollo 666 161

The Land of Plenty 163

Lying 165

Numbers Rising 167

Singing Emancipation 168

The Cross 170

Catholic Girl 180

A Poem for My Love 182

The River Of Life 183

The Last Rhino 184

A Black Poet 188

A Final Prayer at my Lynching 190

Art 192

Sonnet #5 194

Sonnet JK 3 195

A Lesson Yet To Learn 197

Cheese and Wine 198

XXX 199

An Alphabetic Experiment 200

The Fruits of Mankind’s Evilest Wrong 201

A Monument to America 202

Whores 204

A Poem for an Owner Name Joe 206

An Egyptian Slave Talking to the Lord 209

A Fascist 212

Union Pretend 214

Equality 216

An Absurd Statement 218

To Pete Seeger 220

A Poor Migrant On the Gray Hound Bus 222

In Our Land of Oz 224

Yellow Thunder 227

Third World Nation 231

To Christopher Coke (A poet at Solomon’s Shipping) 233

Oh Lord Set me Free 235

Sylvia’s Garden 239

To Sylvia 241

To Mikiera in her Younger Days 243

Lady Hannibal 245

Mother 251

Clowns 253

Babylon 255

The Factory 257

Watered Down Wine 259

No More King 262

Cactus 264

Mumia 265

Disguise in Jim Crow 268

The Cable Guy 270

Our Government 272

A Stranger 274

Mother Jones 276

The Cross Was Not Some Golden Trinket to Be Worn By Hypocrites and Liars 278

Simple Words 281

The Return of Joe Hill 284

Previously Published Credits 286


[]Poet to the Poor

Who will be the poet to the poor?

For the abused, used, confused

Who aren’t even aware

They have a hope and a prayer?

Who will be the poet to the poor?

Rich man’s writer is but a whore

Producing propaganda for war

Or marketing merchandise to sell more.

Who will be the poet to the poor?

[]Tea with Joe Hill

Joe Hill and I had tea

He let his biscuits soak

They say America is free

Man, how they love to joke

Ask Sacco and Vanzetti

Ask Red Cloud and Crazy Horse

And the way I see it

Is things are getting worse

I said “Joe why ain’t you dead?”

Righteousness is like Love my friend

Laughed Joe as he shook his head

Spirits never die and never end

A thousand tyrants and all their force

In truth could never compete

With the Love that is the source

Of one of my melodies sweet

You see death and life they coexist

Some never die and some never live

So songs of revolution will always persist

For unto themselves my songs give

So open your eyes and organize

Never give in to their lies and organize

Do not hate and despise but organize

Raise your voice in mighty cries and organize

Joe slurped the last of his tea

And bid me a final farewell

Above all fight to be free

You’ll get heaven when you give them hell

[]The Mistress Money

She’s a sultry siren singing her song

A temptress with a taunting desire

Men blindly serve her doing all wrong

Cold as ice, hot as hell fire

Money, that’s her name

Evil is her favorite game

She seems to be a mighty power

Her servants kill, destroy and devour

But she is simply a piece of paper

Free your mind you shall escape her

Money, that’s her name

Greed it is to blame

Don’t fall in love with Mistress Money

Don’t make her your sweet honey

She’ll give you a thrill

All the while setting you up for the kill

She laughs when nothings funny

That’s Mistress Money

[]Banjo Man

Banjo man

Sing me a song

Together we can

Right a wrong

Like the soil of the Earth

Your Love blossoms birth

To many fruitful trees

Of those yearning to be free

From oppression and tyranny

A simple pilgrim

Humble in heart

Your wisdom

Will never part

An honest poet most sincere

In word and deed without fear

True to your calling narrow and straight

Transfixed with Love forsaking hate

Your merciful kindness I celebrate

Banjo man

In blessing blessed

Banjo man

Take your rest

[]The Blues Man

Popcorn snapping fingers

An emancipated heart

Sing for your victuals wage slave

Separate but equal Jim Crow iron walls

See yonder mansion, see yonder manger

As united in birth welded in life

Nailed to a cross

Agony as the soldier penetrates his side

Nobody’s seen the troubles I’ve seen

They call it the blues

In the chord of C

[]A Kid’s Face

Kelly Thomas had a kid’s face

Showed up at the wrong place

Kelly Thomas had a kid’s mind

Society had left him behind

Schizophrenia is a harsh disease

But Kelly Thomas was at ease

Until the big man in blue

Said what he intended to do

Police wanted him to move

Police had something to prove

It was plain for all to see

Police brutality

Kelly Thomas had a kid’s face

Angelic and pure

Kelly Thomas had a kid’s face

But not any more

They say that this is a civilization of law

But America has a tragic flaw

Cause dogs in blue with authority

Have their own brutal reality

Beating a man with no worry

Crying as he’s dying

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry

Gasping in desperate despair

That he can’t get any air

Finally crying for his dad

They knew Kelly Thomas was crazy mad

But they didn’t care at all

Then they lied about it all

Well Kelly Thomas had his day in court

And I am so sad to report

The jury said there was no wrong done

The jury said there was no wrong done

It’s easy when it ain’t your son

Kelly Thomas had a kid’s face

Angelic in its glow

Kelly Thomas had a kid’s face

But now it ain’t so

[] An Open Letter to the FBI (For Leah)

Don’t call me an anarchist

I Am Anarchy

A thought, an idea, a philosophy

I will persist

Iron bars and unjust laws

Could never hamper my cause

Bind the Wind with a chain?

You are futile and vain

I defy your system of rampant greed

I shall succeed

As wrong loses to right

As darkness surrenders to light

I have read words from your sacred book

I suggest you take a look

“Love your enemy”

I Am Anarchy

And you are of the father of lies

The one Jesus did despise

“The Truth shall make you free”

I Am Anarchy

[]Peace Action

Will my voice be heard

Among the maddening noise

Of wicked rulers absurd

Whose greed callously destroys

The fragile calm of peace?

Will my cry go out

When missiles and bombs fall

And generals scream and shout

Where prayers in terror say all

From civilians seeking release?

Will my words by read

In a society controlled by few

Lying in everything said

Denying what is true

Where evil multiplies to increase?

Will my thoughts be known

By those who look away

Seeking just to be left alone

Hoping it will be okay

And that the evil will simply cease?

Still I’ll speak, still I’ll cry

Still I’ll write, still I’ll contemplate

Until I go on to heaven high

Or until Love has conquered hate

[]Chaplain Harry’s Regret

Harry Emerson Fosdick as a young man was an officer in the United States Army during World War I. In his capacity as chaplain he would pray with the soldiers who would attack the German machine gun nest. The majority of the soldiers would never return alive. In later life the preacher regretted this part of his past.

What I’d done I’d rather not say

We would gather

In the morn to start the day

How could a word to the Creator be ill?

I prayed for blessings to kill

I prayed for blessings to kill!

I prayed for blessings to kill

I would look the boys in their eyes

And fill their head’s with lies

And say, “Boys do your best”

The machine gun nest they would attack

And most would not come back

I now walk the silent ground

Once filled with explosions and horrid sound

White crosses abound

Everywhere to be found

Lined neatly and precise row by row

Oh the secrets they know

I too was once young in age

My deeds recorded on eternal page

Yes I too was once the fool

The devil’s tool

What is war?

Once this green silent meadow

Was divided by two trenches defining no man’s land

War is Hell and nothing grand

It is humanity’s ugliest blight

And till this day fills me with fright

When I lay on my bed calm, serene and still

Recalling how I prayed for blessing to kill

I prayed for blessings to kill……

[] Cortez’ Gold

Cortez came looking for gold

Burned his ships by the water

Lie after lie he told

And then guns erupted in bloody slaughter

Many died in the genocide

And Cortez, his fame grew wide


Ships loaded the gold purchased with pain

And sailed a world away to Spain

Where the Spaniards with special care

Line the walls of their houses of prayer


Bow down

To God country and crown

And look upon the yellow wall

It tells you all

[] In Memory of Anna Mae Aquash

Anna Mae

Van Gogh’s ear

Fills me with fears

Your hands

Fill me with tears

Everybody understands

These are your lands

And no matter how many they kill

They always will……..be

Your lands

So AIM high

Righteousness can never die

AIM high

And give it one more try

Your hands shall tear apart

The sadistic men with no heart

Who hide behind badges of gold


We fold our hands to pray

A thing you cannot do

I will pray for you

Anna Mae

[]A Bouquet

Lovely lady daisy white and yellow

Pink carnation makes a merry fellow

Senior Rose red as Christ’s sacred blood

Tommy tulip purple as the ocean flood

Flowers all pretty and unique

In a bouquet a subtle message to speak

For if flowers practiced prejudice

A bouquet’s beauty mankind would miss

[]Tears in the Grass

Withered red roses lay silent before the stone

The inscription hidden by grass over grown

A darkness prevailed though the sky clear blue

Tears wet her cheek, not a few

She whispered as if the dead could hear

“I Love you always and you are always near”

She knelt, not to worship, nor to pray

Simply for another fresh set of flowers to lay

On her knees she tore the grass to reveal

Words etched into the stone formable and real

“Loving father, husband, forever in our heart”

Countless memories, failed dreams and words unsaid

Swelled like waves crashing through her head

Then she rose and walked away, time again to part

[]A Slave in Troy

I am a slave in Troy

I sweep the streets clean

I care not if Agamemnon comes to destroy

And steel back his delightful queen


War is suffering

Fought for a vain excuse

A futile offering

On the altar of abuse


Whichever side victorious

It matters to me naught

I’ll share in nothing glorious

In servitude I am caught

Kings seeking glory

Generals to make a name

A sad sadistic story

But I am not to blame


I am humble not by choice

My master’s whims to obey

I have no voice

I have no say


If I did I would shout

To hell with you and your war

Get out, get out, get out

Don’t come round here no more


In silence I push my broom

Robbed of life’s sweet joy

Winner or loser still the doom

I am a slave in Troy


Ain’t no salvation

Found in a corporation

Just slavery

And misery

The pays too little

And the stress too great

Always in the middle

Of a dishonest debate

Constantly trying to ensure

Profits will soar

No matter what

Morals are forgot

Let alone the Love inside

That is constantly denied

[] Cathy at the Texaco Station


Pumping gas to truck and car

With a uniform red and a white star

The gas ain’t free

Everyone has to pay

The oil is bought

By wars fought

And Cathy’s uniform all red

Resemble many shot dead

Solders, women, children too

Very sad but very true

Somewhere an oil CEO

Is snorting his blow

Trying not to care

But all the while aware

In his wicked soul

As his conscience takes its toll

And Cathy

Needs to buy food to sup

So she says happily

“Fill her up?”

[] Gwen Patronizing at Dunkin Doughnuts


From an empty cup she sips

And time slips

In the canyons of her mind

Wishing for something better to find

Future or past

But the psychosis won’t last

As the police enter

The otherwise vacant place

No loitering the cop explains

But Gwen remains seated

The manager complains

And wishes her to leave

The exchange gets heated

Reluctantly with nowhere to go

Gwen leaves into the icy frigid snow

Leaving the cup of Styrofoam

In the restaurant alone

Tomorrow she will come again


[]A Poor Man’s Statement

Who am I to raise my voice?

I am one of the masses

I am one of the oppressed

One whom fortune passes

So others may be blessed

I covet not your material things

I simply wish to live well

To see my babies born

To watch them grow

To hold them in my arms

Do not inflict me with hell

For too long we have mourned

Misery we intimately know

A multitude of wicked harm

We plant the seed, build and create

By the sweat of our brow

With blood and much tears

Yet for our Love you return hate

We are always cheated some how

Bound by our fears

Who am I to raise my voice?

How do you dare

I could do nothing else for fire rages in my soul

Yes I will raise my voice

Freedom, freedom it is the goal

I will raise my voice

Till you have no more control

[]The Universe in Motion

Ethereal dance

Step left, step right

Skipping illusionary stones across a cosmic sea

Nothing is by chance

Except, perhaps, eternity


A single beat upon a tense drum


Einstein theorized a limit to light’s speed

I quote not a spiritual cripple

God’s kingdom

A mystery indeed

Herod lusted and John’s head was lost

My methods merited a greater cost


By blood

Which was shed

With writhing movements on the cross

To bring to the dead

Through death’s loss

Hope and life

Abraham, Abraham put away your knife

I bring unto you a Lamb

The great I Am

Come on baby let’s do the twist


A starry host in a heavenly mist

Let’s sail away

Swan Lake

We’ll find a canoe built for two

And hitch a ride on a shooting star

Far beyond the azure blue

Enter an acoustic guitar

We’ll walk on Saturn’s moon

Where flowers ever bloom

Kiss me, kiss me

And let the emptiness us consume

Countless wonders the Earth does contain

Like anguish, horror and pain

Tears, God’s tears that fall as rain

It nears the final hour

Fire will scour

In a concluding shower

Gone the universe

Healed we will be from the curse

And God, He is outside of time

But if there is no rhythm

There is no rhyme


We quibble over a single grain of sand

While countless comrades slip through the fingers of our hand

The speck I see it is square

No its round another does swear

Fight your battles but don’t include me

I will immerse myself in the endless sea

Stay on that damp shore

I can bear the hurt no more

Swimming is poetic motion

Love me more Love me awesome ocean

Allow your waves to caress my soul

Love tis the only worthy goal


So I wait patiently longing for the lyrical voice

Life it offers us a choice

Right and wrong is not the decision

Love tis the only lasting vision

A moment, a fraction of infinite bliss

For the universe cannot contain

All this poem does explain

A Word

Is heard


Once God spoke

Creation blossomed

And from captivity freedom broke

Now I await an endless song

Music for which we can all dance along


And what beautiful thing that will be

Me and you and you and me

And all else makes three


And many others hanging on

Give it all away and nothing will be gone

Sing, sing, sing to me please, sing to please

Spare my soul do not tease

I long for your juice with withered thirst

Fill the womb till it burst

Buddha his barren rib bones

Are played like xylophones

Judas swinging from a rope upon a tree

Rocks left and right

Let it be

I bid you good night

Dream on

Until the dawn

When we shall awake

On the meadows by a calm cool lake

Where an Iroquois boy walking alone

Tosses a gray flat shale stone

Watching the projectile skip on the water

Wishing he was with the mystic’s daughter

She is fair beyond fair

And to her beauty nothing can compare

The circle it has come around

The notion

Of the universe in motion

What have we found?

[]In Jail

Says the hood to the guard

“Aw man don’t you know life is hard?”

Said the guard to the hood

“Aw man it’s just that you ain’t no good!”

The prisoner clenches his fists on the cold steel bars

And gave the officer a serious stare

“Brother I don’t know who you are,

“But I certainly know that you don’t care!!”

The blue uniformed man’s face turned red

Confused if he felt anger or shame

Screaming, “Man your kind should all be dead,

“You ain’t got nobody but yourself to blame!!”

In the cage he sought to control his rage

The guard with nothing further to say

Simply walked away

Another criminal called from a distant cell

“Man don’t you know they gonna give you hell?”

The human being, God’s very own special creation

Replied stoically without hesitation

“If they give me hell that would be bliss

“Cause even hell is better than this.”

[]Nothing People

We are


But still I insist

We exist

They walk on by

And gives us a foreboding look

They see us

But they never say hello or hi

They do not even give their head a nod

Or in any way acknowledge

That we are there

Let alone they care

It was as if we were a criminal or crook

Or something dreaded to fear

Or something they’d like to disappear

I guess we are acceptable

After all

Our numbers are great

In fact we

Are the majority

Perhaps they still contemplate

Their final solution

Their science claims we have no soul

A byproduct of evolution

One I’m afraid

That has not made the grade

But is destined to be no more

Like the Dodo Bird and Dinosaur

We whisk with brooms wiping clean their street

Cleaning the garbage littered below their feet

We rise early to fill up the shelves from bottom to top

To do in a hurry so we are not present as they shop

In their factories we robotically work the line

We make everything but have nothing to say ‘it is mine’

We answer the phone, call after call, we answer the phone

Sitting up late in later hours in silence alone

We work the register to accept the money as they pay

They curse at us and grumble at us, in turn we wish them a ‘nice day’

Our fingers grow weary from typing their papers and letters

Then we are lectured on how we should respect our betters

Mountains of paper works are made to nothing as we file their forms

We work without ceasing cleaning up after the storms

We cut their grass and carefully rake up the leaves

We dig the grave as the family weeps and grieves

Basically we do whatever they refuse to do

Anything that they declare to their own, ‘it is beneath you’

Oh and one thing more

We always fight their war

That is the plight of the poor

That is why we are nothing people

And nothing more

The lesson we learn

From their lack of concern

When we perish and die

Not a tear do they cry

Not a lamentable sigh

They slaughter our youth

It is truth

They do not care

They only recite hypocritical, vain, empty prayer

We fill their prisons

The odds against us are stacked

Such harshness is life’s lessons

Their jails are packed

Their psychiatric institutions

Offer no solutions

Crowded and huddled together condemned to the slums

Where our comrades the roaches and rats frequently comes

They repeat their mantra

Reinforcing it time after time after time

Stay in line

Stay in line

Stay in line

One day it will be your hour

To take your place and share the power

But I have lived long only to find

It will never be in my time

And to every single generation

They have given the same presentation

Believe in our lie

As the masses of nothing people die

Their schools are tools to make us fools

Stay okay, please obey

All the rules

If you work hard and sacrifice

Your life will be rewarding and nice

So I labored long and hard

My life, my soul, I devoted

And what was the reward

One of their own was promoted

An idiot, an absurd jerk

A lazy loser for whom I do all the work

He leisured as I labor excessively

Day after day

Then comes the pay check reality

I get one fourth his pay

But everything they say is fine

Just stay in line

They said you should be glad

For the little you had

We are nothing people of that I am sure

Nothing people and nothing more


How they complain

About the nothing people domain

The hood is a savage, vicious, misery

They say that but I wish they would examine their own history

They walk with an arrogant swagger condescending and certain

They are sure

But then again

They have never been amongst the poor

Except for a drive

Where they prayed and prayed begging God just to survive

That the car would not break down

In the wrong part of town

They dwell in their middle class oasis

And give their police praises

When they arrest someone dark they are filled with delight

Especially if it is at night


They use these names, such vile words they use

The derogatory appellations which they abuse

They speak them boldly without fear

Except when we are near

But that is no crime

Cause we are nothing people, not even worth a dime

They dream and plot

A vision grand

Yet we are forgot

And not included in their utopia land

It is true

For a select few

Who have sold out every fiber of decency

Who have compromised immensely

That one must say

They are no longer us but they

They are no longer who they are

Yes they have gone that far

Still they are spat upon

A two faced Uncle Tom

They are still nothing people like you and I

The only difference is that they wear a tie

But nothing people are genuine and real

And nothing people care and feel

And nothing people may be treated as second best

But nothing people are truly blessed

For nothing people have not sold their soul

And we understand that Love is in control

So call me whatever you will

I will persevere and do God’s will

And I will do what is needed and do it with laughter

For truly the servant is the master

And I have a secret the nothing people are really much nearer

If they’d like to see one they should look in the mirror

[]A History Lesson

I sit peacefully on a grassy field

Sun shines glorious I have not a care

I turn the yellow pages of an ancient history book

Mysteries, secrets, revealed

So much I am unaware

The very place where I picnic and leisurely lie

Ten thousand did perish and die

All in just one day

A terrible price to pay

I hear the bitter yell

As the infantry marches ahead

Booming cannons fire with thundering sound

Truly this is hell

Blood flows

In red drenched uniforms lay the wounded and dead

In the mangled bodies who is who nobody knows

And not a rich man to be found

For war

Is inflicted up the poor

The banker sits comfortably across the endless sea

Casually chatting sipping his tea

Remarking at the paper’s headline

Profits are up so all is fine

She wears a black veil covering her face

A flag draped casket is lowered into the ground

A solitary bugler plays taps slowly

None can imagine her misery

Or the torment to which she is bound

To bury a child

To die for a lie

Such a disgrace

The uniformed soldiers give a final salute for one last time

Momma turns away the tears flow

She breaks down shaking out of control

None can give comfort or compensate for the crime

Forever she will intimately know

And aching emptiness in her soul

Around the Earth

Throughout the ages

Countless battles, wars without number

Fought for wicked wages

None for any true worth

Soldiers, civilians forever slumber

I slam the book shut tight

Tis a burden to know the truth

Gold and wealth the reasons we fight

As they carelessly slaughter our youth

Inside I change

My thoughts rearrange

Tell me not of burden or sacrifice

Remove the flag from my view

I am not will to pay that price

Nor pay my due

I will fight a war yes I will proceed

A battle against the merchants of death and greed

Those I fight and those alone

To cast them off their golden throne

Spread the news, spread the news

We have a choice we can choose

Do not listen

Turn and learn

A history lesson

[]A Panther’s Dream

Dream, dream, dream

Dream as much as you can

One day you will grow

To be a woman or man

Don’t let the darkness destroy

The Love of life and your sweet joy

There are those of us who wish you glory

That is the Black Panther story

Nothing good comes without a fight

Just like doing wrong is never right

When we were young we fought like hell

So when you were young life would be well

You too have your cross to bear and work to do

Know our thoughts and prayers are with you

It is not children who dream alone

We dream also, those who have grown

Yet there is something about dreams really strange

The people are different but the dreams don’t change

To live a good life and to be all you can

Seems like happiness is in everybody’s plan

Child when life hits your hard and you just gotta scream

Dream, dream, dream

Dream as much as you can

Cause fighting for your dreams

Makes you a woman or a man

Dream, dream, dream


[] A Rap for a Real Revolutionary

Bad news she softly said

Chairman Fred is dead

What was his crime?

What did he do wrong?

Being ahead of his time

And fighting too strong

The wind blows harsh in Chicago

Wailing woe

For the secrets it does know

We just wanted to be free

And live decently

She says between tears

As she hangs low her head

This is the worst of our fears

Chairman Fred is dead

Revolutionaries in truth cannot die

The question will persist


I insist

That we carry on

Though like so many others

Chairman Fred is gone

I salute you sisters, I salute you brothers

Let us not give up the fight

For one day darkness will be vanquished by light

That is the hope that is the dream

That is the motive supreme

Countless sorrows my heart has bled

Our martyrs’ blood like rivers flow

Oceans of agony is the pain we know

Chairman Fred is dead

We too must be willing to give our lives

That is how the struggle survives


Africa she cannot part

Her home is in my heart

You tore me from my love to have me hated

Chained on a slave ship I was degraded

Sent to harsh toil in a foul wicked land

Whipped and beaten by an arrogant hand

Mothers raped, children sold on the auction block

I was made like an animal another of the stock

But in my soul through soft whispers we spoke

We never forgot her despite our iron yoke

Shine on Africa shine on so all can see

I will fight for I must be free

I am not a slave but a prince noble and grand

I am from Africa cannot you understand

See my skin dark brown it is not a shame

You hate my spirit; you’ve but your evil to blame

Africa, they brought me here to bind me in a cage

I have awoken, you will learn my rage

Shine on Africa fulfill our destiny

There will be no peace until you are one with me

Africa such are the lessons you teach

Africa you sweetness is now within reach

[]A Rose in Winter

A seed sleeps silent in the ground

Come spring a green tender shoot is found

Sunshine, water this we know

Tis only Love that makes the flower grow

Fragrance sweet, petals frail

The rose it’s secrets to unveil

Tis natural to be glorious in youth

Harsh winter will reveal the truth

Will the rose still be radiant in bloom?

Or shall frost devour and consume?

The gray haired in their final year

Two ways they do appear

Something wonderful that does transcend

Or lost and lonely without a friend

[] Amilia, Precious Pleasant

Pleasant mysteries of God’s kingdom

Precious wisdom

Who but the Creator

The divine maker

Could even have a dream so familiar

As sweet Amilia

Words delicate to express

Love, beauty, tenderness

Silent in word

Knowing women of virtue

Loyal and true

Does not need to be heard

For in elegant silence

Is her presence

Let me dream a dream to live

Full of desire

The Lord’s flame to give

Anointing others in fire

Telling, sharing, giving in glory

The gospel story

Cling to your cross though it cost you all

Though it bring sure loss and make you fall

For the creature of bliss that you are

Will shine divine an endless star

Amilia Precious Pleasant

Just like God meant

[] An Ode to Langston Hughes

Great “black” poet?

Is Robert Frost identified as “white” as snow?

I devoured every heart fired revolutionary syllable

Each righteous rectifying rhyme a mountainous memorial in time

Barefaced truth like Emit Till’s open casket

A little Harlem hustle humor


It will be hard to white wash you!

Your ideological inspiration a bridge transcending tumultuous times

So many eager young eyes sharpened pencils ready to serve

Great “black” poet?


[]Capitalism’s Cat

Checking out the checkout girl

A tender young black pearl

Minimum wage is a maximum insecurity prison

Banker’s blatant double vision

All for me and for the lost

A myriad of competing holocaust

Her make up envies Broadway style

A blossoming face with a sunrise of a smile

My eyes wander dipping into a lake of pleasure

One her designer jeans a Playboy Bunny tempting titillating treasure

I know the ogre of brutality called economics

Crucifying equations like Quantum Physics

Money supply a river behind a dam

Hear Oz, I Am the Banker the great I AM

Inflation, depression a premeditated scam

If need be mercenaries of fortune come to judge with decapitating sentences

So our heroine is tip toeing through rat traps

As roulette, games of chance, odds fixed, call it craps

Perhaps to marry, ah the Cinderella Complex

Or perhaps to be seduced to the Triple X

I know she got the raw materials on her own

And to descend to Deep Throat there’s always silicone

For now I guess she’ll be pleasant where she’s at

But what of tomorrow oh Capitalism’s Cat

I wish you a gated world secure

Where you can play and purr


I have seen America

She is a reflection of my grace

I have seen America

Even the wrinkles on her face

She is a merchant

Crying out in a hollow tone

Make a deal, make a deal

With all the terms unknown

I have seen America

And this is how I feel

On a path of solitude I walk alone

Over the many years we have grown

Always another surprise

Infinite unending lies

I have seen America

Myth and fable

One by one she puts her cards on the table

She shows seven aces

Smiles conquers our faces

We are playing five card stud

With nothing wild

I have seen America

[]Uncle Tom’s Office

Shinny copper bust of Lincoln on smooth glossy mahogany

A book mark in the psyche of a pretzel twisted historical fable

Fairytale fantasy fabricated falsehoods

Blue and Gray brothers pressed into eternal equality in crimson flows

Classic good versus evil where good is evil and evil a cesspool

Take a panoramic drive and see Dixie’s banner defiantly kissing the sky

Easier to slaughter an army then damp a philosophical bonfire

Our dark skinned banker perspires clothed in Mafia style Italian suits

Honest Abe emancipated birthing segregated empty pocket tight stomach poverty

Carpet Baggers camouflaged as settled hobos, the working poor

Naïve wildebeests in the gaze of leering lustful lion eyes

This land is your land stolen puzzle piece by puzzle piece

Tecumseh, Chief Joseph, Crazy Horse never signed a futile X

Reservations, ghettos, classified as a Fourth World Nation

Pig husk gnawing poverty in the Land of Plenty

Towns bandaged up like a palooka boxer throwing jabs with his face

Uncle Tom’s office has a nirvana pastel view through protective iron bars

Of course the proper appellation is Mister Tom into familiarity settles in

Whole neighborhoods sowing the seeds of the official American Dream

Until the variable rate climbs the ladder

When mortgage paper’s pirated payments are five times total income

Praises to the Lord and golden glowing glories to deregulated capitalism

Why everything is clearly presented in scribble scrabble lawyer language

Besides who was to witness but wispy ghosts of the wind

Grand larceny choose your style pistol or fountain pen

Bored Uncle Tom twirls his gold plated weapon

He leans back in his swivel chair made by involuntary cows sacrificing all

It’s a hell of a job but somebody gotta do it

In the bottom draw buried lays the sacred ancient tome

Covered with dust enough to write on

You can’t be a hypocrite if you are blindly ignorant of dogma

Uncle Tom is proud of the luxury like a parasitical mosquito in a blood bank

He’s an invaluable worker, a priest in the service of Baal

At least until the forthcoming Master Plan crucifies his carcass

Or he is sent to pasture to bathe in a sea of guilt and regret

Until then his precious white powder agitates his mind into arrogant oblivion

He hides his stash inside the head of one President Abraham Lincoln

Everything is peaches and cream in Uncle Tom’s Office

Just keep drinking Plato’s sweet nectar in willful bliss

[]Chief Joseph’s Bones

I cried out calling for Chief Joseph’s bones

I could not be heard

Not a solitary word

Amongst the lonely cries and bitter moans

Chief Joseph where do you dwell

They have deformed paradise

And concocted a concrete hell

If only they heeded your advice

If they would but listen

The sky would be clear and the blue lakes glisten

We would live off of the bounty of the land

And God’s deepest secrets understand

Instead our heaven is a sickly gray

Waters poisoned the soil spoiled

Who can really say

For what we have laboriously toiled

Chief Joseph your wisdom was profound

Truly Mother Earth none can own

If they had only known

A better world for all we would have found

All the money of every nation, of every style

Is a pile of paper sick and vile

Give me the cool summer breeze

And a life for God to please

I seek not kingdoms with golden thrones

My deepest desire is to find

A brave man gentle and kind

A man who walks no more

Who kept his spirit pure

Chief Joseph’s bones

[]A Duet With Joe Hill

I sing with Joe Hill

And I always will

Let it be known

We are never alone


He is the tenor

I am the bass

Hear the soprano

Angels of grace


Joe never died

Truth be told

You can only die

When you’ve sold

Your soul of eternity

For money

So sing Joe we have a job to do

To help the worker brave and true

To lift his spirits to heaven’s high

And expose the bosses’ evil lie

Listen to what we say

You are worthy of your pay

We’ve said it much before

You all should be getting more

Demand what is right

Give it your best fight

And remember

Never surrender

Keep it going and don’t be denied

A worker has honor worthy of pride

And me and Joe Hill at their side

[]The Curse

I am an angel afraid to fly

I am a mortal scared to die

I am the Creator in fear of creation

I am a sinner scorning salvation

Oh Lord hear my lonesome cry

Oh see my pitiful state

Unfathomable mysteries to contemplate

Try as I might try

I cannot soothe my soul

Or be whole

[] The Lady With Lavender Eyes

The lady with lavender eyes

Blinked her mascara saturated lashes

I feel like something surreal

As like heaven was above the skies

Lost in thought the downtown express bus that everyone catches

Rolls its massive wheel

Into a puddle and splashes

The lady with lavender eyes

Shocked, surprised, dazed, hazed and amazed

Her luscious eyes scan the muddle spots of dirt

Randomly scattered on her blouse and skirt

O lord, o lord, o lord of lords, God be praised

Out loud she speaks “I am born again”

But her epiphany was far from true

For you see there was no actual conversion

For her baptism was by sprinkling and not immersion

And no matter how much muddy water with which one tries

It could not help the lady with lavender eyes

Late for work and filthy she was doubly blessed

She kicked off her high heels and lifted her dress

In grim determined fashion she marched onward to go

With such determined passion she was not even in the know

Of where, or why, or what, or when or even how

Except that the moment was right here and right now

And everybody knows that everybody dies

Even the lady with lavender eyes

The lady with lavender eyes

Was walking, marching on a pilgrimage of surprise

She saw a sign like all the Pharisees were asking for

In fact there were signs on every corner and every store

There was a man withered gray hair crying out in prayer

It’s the end of the world listen to what I have to say

The lady with lavender eyes she didn’t care

If the man was right what could she do anyway?

And devout Christians believe in providence and not luck

So how do you explain that the prophet got run over by a truck?

He didn’t die; he just got crippled so he could agonize

But she didn’t know that the lady with lavender eyes

Spare change spare change cried the man with alarm

You really can’t do much when you got only one arm

So the lady with lavender eyes

Got really offended with God and tried not to despise

This poor helpless wretch clutching and crawling to survive

Perhaps he would have been better off not to be alive

So the lady with lavender eyes scrambled searching her purse

Despite her valiant efforts no coins could be found

But then how could she have caught the bus going down town?

Angry at this self-inflicted dilemma she began to curse

Spare change spare change cried the vagrant loud

So a dollar got tossed him in order to remain proud

I’m such a good person and that nobody denies

Thought the lady with lavender eyes

Thunder rumbled, lightning lit above, rain fell from the skies

Falling on all even the lady with lavender eyes

In a hustled hurry wandered the peoples not wanting wet

The origin of the philosophy of disliking rain everybody did forget

Mascara oozed down the face spreading and smearing

It was the very dreaded nightmare her mind was fearing

Speckled spots of dingy dirt is upsetting quite enough

But running make up well that just makes life too tough

Ugliness, the sin of the world, the evil, it has no alibis

Just ask the lady with lavender eyes

[]A Run Away Utah Radical

From Utah where the Utes lie dead

And Joseph Smith is prophetically read

Came a man seeking anything else

Searching for answers only found in self

Education became a scholarly approach

But the reality of lies on his conscious encroach

So every fascist notion implanted in mind

He turned full circle embracing the other kind

No wars of madness his message to declare

Eager to go abroad with everyone to share

But somewhere living Trotsky’s godless dream

He fell victim to a mad man’s egotistical scheme

And so the liberator himself was enslaved

Being cautioned on how he should behave

Thus the zeal unbridled in the glory of youth

Was cast away on a lie when searching for truth

The story though it’s ending is not sad

For the ending as of yet has not been had

Starting from Abel a worker of righteousness

Those striving to make things better ran amiss

Some nailed to the cross others in exile

A worthy revolutionary will always face trial

So before the Judge we all come one day

There to declare all we did on our Earthly stay

Yet truly there remains more to be said

Speak we shall and fight we shall

Until we are dead

[] Trotsky and the Revolution


Slips on his pink ballerina slippers

Majestically performing Swan Lake

A comrade quippers

His shoes should have been red

That was his tragic mistake

Another shot back at his brother

To me, they should be

Blue and no other color

So back and forth went the debate

And the closest of friends fled in hate

I believe no man is above another

I believe capitalism and imperialism must cease

I believe the soviets should dictate to above

I believe in communal peace

I believe in common Love

I believe the pigs and dogs whom lust in greed

Should share with the masses who are in need

I believe in the failure of the partial solution

I believe in total revolution

And finally

I believe in totality

That Trotsky would agree with me

So let us not debate each minute detail

For if we do then we all shall fail

[] Jesus and the Adulteress

The crowd roared in loud cries

A woman caught in adultery in their midst

But it is the Lord they despise

Master, there is mocking in their tone

The law says this woman we should stone

Jesus looked up then with gentle hand

His finger scribbled words in the sand

Anxious to see blood that day

Master what do you say?

The Lord spoke with a sigh

He who is without sin

Cast the first stone

Honest their own wickedness none could deny

The crowd began to thin

Till Jesus was with the woman alone

One last thing, The Lord said strong and sure

Go and sin no more

[]Call Me a Traitor

Call me a traitor if you will

Say my blood is not red

Say my heart is not true

Say America is not my delight

I will write poems still

My words they shall be read

For if America only knew

The impoverished would not fight

Her battles are ones of aggression

The war on terror is a lie

And the real battle to be free

Is won by exercising liberty

To raise voices in defiant cry

To oppose oppression

I do not support the mission

An effort of materialistic ambition

Bring the troops back home once more

That is the best way to serve them for sure

Call me a traitor if you will

I will not fight and kill

And when these days are dreams romantic

I will be seen patriotic

For opposing tyranny and not holding my tongue still

Call me a traitor if you will

[]The Porn Star

Lights, camera, action

Come on baby make it real

Give us the raw deal

Make like its satisfaction

The cocaine will ease the pain

Go wild like you’re insane

With pleasure

Beyond measure

Just pretend

Till the scene’s end

You can weep once you’re done

And we’ve had our fun

I don’t care how much you hate

As long as you don’t come back late

We don’t care about you at all

‘Cept when you do it all

One day you’ll get too old

Your firm body won’t be tight

Someone else’s soul will be sold

And we’ll bid you a good night

Yet while you still got the look

Do every trick in the book

Understand what you are

The porn star

[]The Pacifist

You can ask me sir

Or give an order

No matter what you do

No matter what you say

I won’t obey

My blood let it flow

But please know

I will not fight your war

Of that you can be sure

Take my life if you will


I will never kill

Don’t boast, don’t brag

Don’t wave the flag

I despise

Your lies

I will not give in

And follow your sin

I will fight, yes it’s true

Die if need be

But I’ll be fighting you

And your tyranny

I am not weak

To turn the other cheek

I am strong

Right conquers wrong

I insist

We must resist

And no matter the cost

Our ideals won’t get lost

I am the pacifist

[]The Orange Cat

I saw her not as before

Not the well-groomed feline

Sweetly purring at my door

Cast out from home

Abandoned to roam

A feat hard for a street savvy cat

Let alone, one who has known

Comfort and only that

No winter’s bitter freezing snow

No hunger or soaking rain

No wandering to and fro

With anxious worried pain

So I contemplated

The Sahara and lands far away

And I hated

The evil they


It makes no sense

Babies die of starvation

While others live in crowded slums

And when they strive for salvation

The horror of war comes

So I left my refuge secure

And fed her milk in a bowl

I could do no more

Except mourn in my soul


Why am I silenced?

This is the land of my birth

Why am I silenced?

Who are you to judge my worth?

The Sprit formed me from clay

And he gave me my day

It matters not what you say

Words are weapons with which we war

We were willing to share

To teach you the sacred prayer

But you wanted more

We we’re a virgin clean

You are a whore


So wash your hands they remain red

You cannot cleanse the blood of our dead

You came with words and ample cries

And in your greed the world dies

In your greed the world dies

In your greed the world dies

In the wilderness a baby cries

I will shield her from your lies

[]Pale Face Lied

I hear the buffalo

They come they run

I hear the rumble

I see the buffalo

They come they run

I see Babylon tumble

Crazy Horse he never died

Pale face lied, pale face lied

In the spirit world we ride

Pale face lied, pale face lied

Their own Lord they crucified

Pale face lied, pale face lied

I see a flock of bird

Way up high, in the sky

A wonderful song I heard

Mother Earth cannot die

God speaks a silent word

None can defy

Tecumseh he’s on the way

Pale face lied, pale face lied

He’s come here come here to stay

Pale face lied, pale face lied

Today this is the red man’s day

Pale face lied, pale face lied

I hear a baby cry

At a place called Wounded Knee

I saw an old woman die

In bitter agony

The truth none can deny

We know our history

You will kill our people no more

Pale face lied, pale face lied

You will rape Mother Earth no more

Pale face lied, pale face lied

You will leave, set sail from shore

Place face lied, pale face lied

God is on our side that’s for sure

Pale face lied, pale face lied

[] Momma – In Memory of Martha Jenkins

(Mother, Grand Mother, Friend, and Much More)


Lay your bones to rest

Gone is the test

You’ve done your best

You leave more behind

Than memories kind


We cherish and hold you

More than gold

More than we told you

More than we could express

God bless



We’ll wail and cry

And never forget

All the good you gave

Up to the grave

In truth you are never gone

Memories, spirits, linger on

And Momma when we fall

And with wearied voice I call

In desperate prayer

Your tender loving care

Will always be there


Jesus is the Judge of all

Before him we stand or fall

Sleep until His call

We trust and understand

God is in command

And though there is immense grief

We cling to a deep belief

A God of mercy He does reign

And Love is never in vain

[]Dominick is Sweeping

(Dedicated to the future of Michael Thompson)

Dominick is sweeping

I am sure that he is dead

Eternally sleeping

He is but a momentary memory in my head

I do not dwell on the congenial old man

Who loved to gossip and recite his life story

Who in his auburn fading autumn

Was well past youthful glory

But oh how he would chatter

On things that did not matter

My scholastic colleagues would rudely walk by

Scarcely managing more than a hi

But I would listen

To the orator broom in hand

But I would listen

And come to understand

Dominick is sweeping

A visionary confined to an untouchable past

Dominick is sweeping

He was not the first nor was he the last

Dominick is sweeping

I tell no lie

Dominick is sweeping

And one day so shall I



Blue is the coldness of snow

The curiosity for secrets we do not know

How high is the sky?

How deep is the sea?

Look intensely into my eye

Blue is the color you shall see


Red is the pains of sacrifice

The summation of suffering’s price

A crown of thorns upon His head

Red is the blood freely shed

Look into my heart

Red shall never part

Until I am dead



White is purity

Holiness and security

White is absolute

White is truth


Black is the color of imagination

The whispering sentiment of salvation

A nestled womb warm and secure

A vacuum of emptiness pure

Black is all that and something more


Yellow is the newness born

A child who has yet to mourn

Yellow is laughter full of glee

The hope of a better eternity



Gray is a cloudy day

A thought I can never say

The forgetting of how I walk my way



Green is the happiness of the queen

The mysteries of nature never seen

Green is the cleanest clean

Green is everything in between


[] A Lament for Idris Davies

The bells of Rhymney toll

For a wandering minstrel soul

A man who dug the Earth

And enchanted with his mirth

A poet dimmed in history

For speaking his mind

It is no mystery

Why the rich hate his kind

A voice for those forbidden to speak

An advocate for the meek

The vicious crime of his youth

Was simply telling the truth

We raise a toast and say a prayer

God beckons you from heaven divine

Forever your spirit you shall share

With the workers in the mine

The bells of Rhymney toll

For a wandering minstrel soul

Your words forever shall inspire

And fill us with your fire

[]I Once Was a Fascist

I once was a fascist

And thought I was supreme

I was presented an eternal quest

Called the American dream

I was instructed to prosper and succeed

That accomplishment was to satisfy one’s greed

That money brought eternal bliss

Wealth was something not to miss

America too was noble and grand

Far superior to any land

We never lost in war we were far too strong

And we were always right incapable of wrong

From kindergarten on I saluted the flag

And of all of our glory I would boast and brag

Then observation testified I learned a lie

Irrefutable evidence came I could not deny

And inner torment raged in my brain

The agony surged and I went insane

I once was a fascist

But that man no longer does exist

He is dead, nailed to a tree

I once was a fascist but now I am free

[] Four Men from the Hay Market

Four men

Who defied unjust laws

Four men

Who fought for our cause

Four men

Condemned to die

The damning testimony

From witnesses being paid to lie

Four men

Hoods over their head

Four men

Soon to be dead

Four men

From the gallows an angry word

If your listen real hard

Their voices can be heard

Albert Parsons

August Spies

Adolph Fischer

George Engel

Four men like you and I

Truth be said

The rich men are glad they are dead

As is the state

Full of contempt and hate

But that truth I deny

George Engel

Adolph Fischer

August Spies

Albert Parsons

Four men

They are alive and well

Four men their story we tell

Four men

Slaughtered in an angry rage

Will live into every age

They are alive upon this page

The battle for a just Earth

The fight for what is right

No matter how we suffer or hurt

We won’t bow down to their might

I curse you cowards hiding behind a wall

I curse you cowards seeking to take it all

Your evil dreams and wicked schemes

Are not as powerful as it seems

For men will fight be they great or small

And we shall answer

To those four men who still call

This is the message that we hear

Resonating eternally clear

We are not slaves but forever free

And we have a right to live decently

Four men who fought for all men

Let the battle rage once again

What do we have to loose but our pain

And everything to gain

[] In Memory of Calvin Fisher Jr.

Calvin Fisher walks this Earth no more

Things will never be as before

And I am sad

Especially for his dad

Sitting on the porch of his Grandmother

It was a day just like any other

But late at night on Irvington’s street

You just don’t know what you will meet

An innocent victim of the foulest of crimes

Shot in the back three times

Calvin Fisher is dead

But alive in our memory

He didn’t believe in violence or war

Carried himself respectfully

Hearts full of sorrow

Compel us to weep

I know that far past tomorrow

There will be treasures to keep

We will bury our loss

And carry our cross

Holding our heads high

And moving ahead

Calvin Fisher is dead

But in truth he’ll never die

[] No Gloves

I see the big red truck

Parked on the secluded dead end street

In front of the immaculate yard

Trim green grass flourishing green

Mulched trees

Tulips, Pansies, Marigolds abound

Lined up as soldiers marching

I see a man

“Hello” I say

His skin is dark

As if he is indigenous to these stolen lands

Hesitatingly he greets me

He looks around unsure

I see his hands

Covered with mud

Black deeply penetrating his finger nails

“They don’t give you gloves?”

I am rather shocked and appalled

Righteous anger rises

“No”, is his sad reply

I continue to converse

He looks around as if a nervous cat

“I don’t speak much English”

I believe he is lying

“My foreman is in the back”

I sense tension


Even his exploited condition

Is better than the despair

From whence he came

I walk away

Another wicked sin

To avenge

[]My Whore, Jesus


Need I say more?

They pimp His name and make him a whore


Who slept in the gardens and on the street

Brother help us, sister we’re in need

I got a huge sin and its name is greed

Don’t believe a word I say it’s all a lie

They are even fake tears when I cry

I love my mansion and my limousine

My private jet is really keen

But I can’t do it; no I can’t reach my goal

So for your money I offer salvation of soul

Like I said before we’re all called fakes

But I got the smoothness that pimping takes

So donate, and please give more and more

My name is pimp and Jesus is my whore

[]I Will Raise My Voice

(My first poem every publish by Tim Hall of Struggle Magazine)

David Smith he was a good friend of mine

He worked next to me on the assembly line

He said his goal was to set man free

I won’t sell my soul to the factory

Oh yes my name is David Smith

I’ll give my life if it comes down to it

And as we worked all day long

He would softly sing this song

I will raise my voice until they hear

I will raise my voice I’ll have no fear

I will raise my voice both day and night

I will raise my voice till they see the light

After work sometimes we would go to the café

Dave would speak wonders of a better day

Capitalism is crazy with greed insane

The rich get richer the poor get pain

But the workers one day will unite

And the workers will make it right

And between drinks of domestic beer

A soft song I would hear clear

I will raise my voice until they hear

I will raise my voice I’ll have no fear

I will raise my voice both day and night

I will raise my voice till they see the light

Well Dave hated the union he hated the job

He hated the rich and he hated the mob

I don’t know who but someone did poor Dave in

When I heard I cursed and said what a sin

And when I was at the grave saying goodbye

I just couldn’t help but to cry

And as they lowered him in the ground

The wind blew a familiar sound

I will raise my voice until they hear

I will raise my voice I’ll have no fear

I will raise my voice both day and night

I will raise my voice till they see the light

[] A Hurt Lover’s Lonesome Night

Late night hush

Silence transcends to heavenly stars

Eternal lights never knowing sleep

Countless secrets they keep

No horoscope, no divination could give insight

And Almighty God chose not to speak that night

Just like yesterday

Or the day before

And before and before and before

But one day, some day, we hope for more

Ten thousand agonies of a heart broken

Emotions overflowing yet nothing spoken

Except for the screaming of her misty tears

And the sounds of creations that have been echoing for years

It is not that there is no voice

It is that we refuse to hear

And that is by choice

Who has not known woe?

Or felt the bitter pain?

That nobody could know

Let alone explain

And so she remains in her solitude

‘Cept for the infinite stars above

And thus we conclude

Keeping intact the mystery known as Love

[]Faces in the Sand

She draws faces in the sand

Under a hot sun that scorches

Soft sand explodes brilliant white

Nobody can understand

The difference between day and night

Or how love can torture

The soul

Sea gulls call, hovering in the sky

On the wind they sail

Friends, family try

How can she fail?

Waves crash with whispering spray

Day after day after day

So talented, so smart, so beautiful


Yesterday he held her in his arms

And thrilled her with his charms

Two young lovers

The universe to discover

Making love on the beach

The infinite in reach

An angry fight then sorrow

Yesterday is tomorrow

She draws faces in the sand

He is no longer by her side

Her heart like winter with bitter emotion

She draws faces in the sand

Then comes the tide

And they are washed away by the ocean



He always wants to play

And every Sunday

With a smiling face

He invites me over to his place

The boy is a joy

And I like any toy

That amuses us for a long while

Making us laugh and smile

Sometimes we take Bibles and hymnals

And pile them as high as we can

Until the preacher man

Scolds us like we are criminals


He always makes me pray

That someday

With a smiling face

He will inherit a better place


Sabria sits silently

Lost in a pout

Sour sadness upon her face

Wishing she could leave this place

I believe

Birds were meant to fly

To sit on high branches

Whistling a merry song

All day long

I believe

Birds were meant to fly

Way up in the sky

And not to grieve

And not to cry

A child’s hell we all know well

Some to more degree than others


Cast away, be free and discover

You are a lark

Proud and dark

So come soar with me

I believe

Birds were meant to fly

So Sabria

Do not grieve

Do not cry

Strengthen yourself and give it one more try

[]Honest About Abe

When we were young

Songs were sung

About Honest Abe

Freeing the slaves

He was a real good man

A true American

In Cub Scouts with a uniform blue

We took the bus down to

Washington D.C.

To live our history

There with wonder and awe

Honest Abe I saw

Sitting still and alone

A white giant upon a marble throne

My God! My God!!

The truth is there if it is sought

I fail to believe so much I was taught

And Honest Abe

Is rotting in his grave

Just like any other man

A true American

[]Ona Move

Dedicated to those slain in the fire from sky

To the men, women and children who did die

By the hands of wicked men insane

May their sacrifice not be in vain

Pale invaders from across the sea

Democracy, we shall be free?

The Earth echoes with their cries

Mother mourns lamenting their lies

Red men in peace and harmony understood

To serve the Creator we must do good

A brutal winter to survive

Indians in Love kept them alive

And to repay the kindness done

Each pilgrim picked up a gun

And to those not blown away

Gotta move gotta move this day

All in God’s name

Evil they proclaim

It’s a shame

Still I insist and say

Ona Move Ona Move this day

Arrogant minds lusting for power

A darkness of scourge to devour

Men stolen from African home

Chained on ships to terrors unknown

Victims of a diabolical plan

Beasts of burden transformed from man

Beaten, bound upon fields of cotton

Agonies the system insists be forgotten

And when the chains of iron fell

Chattel slavery deformed to a different hell

No forty acres and a mule

A little better but still infinitely cruel

The master of the opulent plantation

Shares no wealth only tales of salvation

So to those emancipated as they earnestly pray

Gotta move gotta move this day

All in God’s name

Evil they proclaim

It’s a shame

Still I insist and say

Ona Move Ona Move this day

From history that makes no sense

A hypothetical pretense

That we have an unalienable right

To say and do as we might

So we gather, build and organize

What we create they come to despise

For tyrants live in castles of sand

To be washed away when we understand

So John Africa with brilliant mind

Opened his eyes to truths to find

That the government is a slave to money

And humanity is robbed by technology

So to flourish we should live simple

And forsake the nonsense that clutters the soul

Yet darkness seeks to extinguish light

In Philadelphia came many a fight

Until in the city of brotherly love

They dropped a bomb from the sky above

Only Ramona and a child to survive

But from the ashes the dream stays alive

When you kill with a uniform it’s okay?

Gotta move gotta move this day

All in God’s name

Evil they proclaim

It’s a shame

Still I insist and say

Ona Move Ona Move this day

They lie about everything under the sun

Especially the evil they have done

Still there is something to prove

Ona Move Ona Move

Move from hate

Move from useless debate

Move from science

Move from technological reliance

Move from greed

Move I plead

Move indeed

Move from war

Move from Babylon the Whore

I’ll say it once more

For I am sure

There is something to prove

Ona Move Ona Move

Move to peace

Move to release

Move to being kind

Move to free our mind

Move to see

Move to being free

Move to God above

Most of all Move to Love

There is something to prove

Ona Move Ona Move

When we Move in this land

When we come to understand

Wicked powers will die

Empty demons tossed from the sky

I cannot Move for you

It’s something we all must do

Be true

And know in all we go through

Love will renew

Love will renew

Love will renew

There is something to prove

Ona Move Ona Move

Darkness shall decay

Ona Move Ona Move this day

No force shall make us stray

Ona Move Ona Move this day

For we too come in God’s name

We too have a message to proclaim

Our prophecies are not the same

We do not blame

Come the sun, see it rise

Look with your own eyes

Dawn’s first ray

Ona Move Ona Move this day

Night is turning to day

Ona Move that’s what we all say

Ona Move Ona Move this day

Prove what we got to prove

Ona Move

[]Apollo 666

Astronauts touched down in the canyons of my mind

The silver space ship glittered in my eye

In looking ahead they looked behind

In searching for life’s secrets they learned to die

The poetic abyss churning waves obscene

Carbon based complexity a sleek machine

Scan the outer infinite reaches of our universe

All your answers are contained in this verse

My brain dwells in foreign lands of Imagi Nation

We journey there sometimes as we softly sleep

Woe to the wicked tried through trepidation

For torments abound as pleasures from the deep

The space travelers planted a flag and made a bold shame

We come from America this is now our land we proclaim

The ghost of Columbus shuttered shaking severe

After death regrets rage forever to reign

For his pride and genocide Christopher burns in pain

His haunted eyes tell no lies forever feeling fear

As a tempest rose Red Cloud a mile high

The feathers of his war bonnet reached the sky

A giant foot rose up and then crashed down

That my friends is for Plymouth Rock and Jamestown

[]The Land of Plenty

We live in the land of plenty

Yes we do

We live in the land of plenty

Dear God it’s true

Plenty of suffering and pain

Plenty of dark skies and rain

Plenty of people living a lie

Plenty of people getting high

Plenty of people hungry

Plenty of people not free

Plenty of people doing time

Plenty of people making crime

Plenty of ill will and hate

Plenty of useless idle debate

Plenty of people with no job

Plenty of people following the mob

Plenty of people who don’t care

Plenty of people who just won’t share

Plenty of people sick with greed

Plenty of people in dire need

Plenty of people killing and dying in war

Plenty of people wanting more

There’s plenty of plenty

But don’t give none of it to me


Lying with a straight face

Lying calling sin grace

Lying so full of hate

Lying saying ‘be patient and wait’

Lying to the youth

Lying calling it truth

Lying saying it’s history

Lying saying it’s a mystery

Lying to confuse

Lying to abuse

Lying to use

Lying calling black white

Lying is their delight

Give a salute

Defend the institute

Become a recruit

Defend our shore

Oh and once more

We’re not Babylon the Whore

My oh my

See the soldiers die

Why are you crying?

I was only lying

[]Numbers Rising

There’s a madness no disguising

Numbers rising

The stock market’s rage

Or on the accountant’s page

Multiplying digits on the computer screen

What does it all mean?

Capitalism is the faith of greed

And if you are in want or need

And green papers you lack

Why it’s hit the road Jack

There’s a madness no disguising

Numbers rising

[]Singing Emancipation

The overwhelming presence of evil brings the opportunity for bravery. When one shows courage in the face of adversity and succeeds it is a powerful example. It is up to us to pick and choose our examples based on the values that we treasure. This poem was inspired at the Church of Christ at Clinton Avenue in Newark, New Jersey on December 16, 2010 with the Easternaires end of year concert. It is dedicated to Sister Dorothy Wells for her lifelong work which goes far beyond teaching youth how to sing.

Bringing souls through darkest night

In hurried hush a frightened flight

So Harriet Tubman tells

Singing souls through brightest light

A more important battle to fight

The life of Dorothy Wells

Liberated slaves sing and rejoice

We sing ‘Jesus saves’ in grateful voice

Freedom, hear the sweetest sound on Earth

Sung by angels at our savior’s birth

We sing, we sing lifting heavenly prayers

God bless Sister Wells and the Easternaires

[]The Cross

I was not in Mississippi when the crosses were burning.

My eyes were not even born to see history’s page turning.

A time, a distance far from me and you,

Like Columbus in fourteen ninety two.

I look out the window,

A church built with ancient stone.

So many things to know,

Too much for one alone.

So I rely on the Word

And the thing I have heard.

I knew Emit Till,

His blood cries out still.

All the sins that man has done,

To list every one,

Would take an eternity.

A journey of misery.


I was not in Mississippi when the crosses were burning,

But the honest are still learning.

Would you take my hand?

And try to understand,

The inner workings of the brain

And why I went insane.


Jesus hanging on your cross.

Was your mind at loss?

When the soldier pierced your side

And Mother Mary cried.

“My son, my son, he was crucified?”

I was there

on that terrible day

I was aware!

What a price to pay!


Bi Polar disorder is the proper term.

Give a little smile and a handshake firm.

And they world will never know

The madness that lurks below.


I think of my fellow kin

Sufferers of all walks and not one skin

The vacant lost look in our eyes

The distraught appearance none can disguise.

We walk in a shuffle clothes torn

We talk in a mumble as we mourn.


I have seen the rich

I have seen the poor

I have felt the pain

Of that I am sure.

Mister money bags delights in his possessions

Never learning life’s most sacred lessons.

Like the Love of Tom who I will never forget

Who gave me his last cigarette.

God have mercy on my friend

I cannot see and now pretend

That all is splendid and all is well

Cause many of us are living in hell.

John he was in the Korean War

Something that hurt him I am sure.

We’d throw our butts on the ground

As least when John wasn’t around.

John would come with his broom

He’d sweep the lot and every room

He’d ask us all to spare a dime

Since when is being poor a crime?

Yeah John he’d sweep and sweep and sweep

Others would just sadly weep

We had nothing all blessings were gone

But we stood together even with John.

John would collect the butts you know

And collect all the extra tobacco

If it wasn’t so sad it would be a joke

But John always managed to get one more smoke.

Smoke that would rise to sting our eyes

As crosses were burning fueled by lies.

Look at me I am a man

Going crazy was not my plan

Why do you laugh at what God made?

Why when we are near are you afraid?

Jesus cast out Legion they were much

Oh sweet Lord I need your touch

Crucifying you Jesus that was enough shame

Must they add to your torment with flame?


Just because they were black?

Just because of the sanity I lack?

Burn o cross, burn and tell

Why those who lit you deserve hell


I have seen the man with money

He laughs a lot but nothings funny

Always thinks about material things

Can’t understand the King of Kings


Was there something I want said?

Before they come to bury the dead

Manic Depression is bad Schizophrenia is worse

But it all don’t matter when you’re in a hearse

Like King Tut you can have a coffin of gold

Perhaps you’ll be a legend and your tale told

But when King Jesus looks you in the eye

He will know the truth from a lie

As ye have done to them you have done to me

How please tell me what is your plea?


Guilty of greed

Guilty hoarding while so many in need

Guilty, Guilty of shame

Not caring for the homeless when they came

Guilty, Guilty of a stare

When you looked at a mad man and didn’t care.


Oh and Jesus one more charge to hold to me

I burned a cross in Mississippi.

Wrath of man availeth naught

As all the battles man has fought

I wage a war deep inside

A battle that I cannot hide

Psychiatrists, blood tests and all the colorful pills

Slows down my thought and my organs it kills

But anything is better than being locked away

And not see the sun shine in the day

We are sensitive creatures we insane

We the hidden horrors so vivid and plane

We suffer at words harsh and bitter

We weep for the animals and mourn for the litter

And nothing can make us well

Nothing can cure our hell

Yet we go on with our life

Though some give up by pill or knife

When I was a child I was abused

Now as a man I am all confused

But I thank God as I look above

That Jesus came and taught me Love

He taught me to forgive

So in grace I live

In this war we take many a loss

It all just part of bearing our cross

Words on the pages, words on the pages

To be tossed in the garbage or to live for ages?

I look again at the church of stone

Trees tower over it long have they grown

A tree is something good

From it we get our wood

Would it build a house or a store

May we build crosses no more

Do not make me a winner

Do not tell me you are not a sinner

Do not give me your prize

Do not tell me your lies

In Mississippi they say things are better

That the people they all live together

I know the truth for I have my curse

I don’t know you, BUT YOU DON’T KNOW ME.

But I believe we all struggle to be free

And that is why I write my verse

I look at the church with many a stone

Hoping deep down that we have indeed grown

We all are in chains none are without sin

Will crosses burn once more in flame?

Will a fourth Reich rise in shame?

I know not but I know where you’ve been.

[]Catholic Girl

She’s smiling

Her fingers handle the thing

Upon her neck

A crucifix of purest gold

She pays respect

To the stories she’s been told

Of Jesus and the patron saints

And Mother Mary above all

Yet all the religion offers no restraints

To other visions she answers the call

A checkered skirt is her uniform

Yet she wears it high revealing

To rules and regulations she must conform

But there is no doubt how she is feeling

She’ll go out and have her fair share of sin

What does she care?

Cause when she’s through

And feeling blue

She’ll go to confession

Then say a prayer

And she’ll be good as new

[]A Poem for My Love

I looked into your eyes

They are pretty ya know

I looked into your eyes

I said I love you so

I gently kissed your lips

They were sweet to touch

I gently kissed your lips

It was a little too much

My love I could not express

I didn’t know what to do

My love I could not express

So I wrote these words to you

[]The River Of Life

Sometimes it meanders

Calm as can be

Sometimes it roars

Full of fury

Sometimes it is dry

Lonely and empty

Sometimes it over flows

And fills the valley

But it always goes

To the sea

[]The Last Rhino

His eye is on the sparrow

Your song says that is so

Your Creator He created me

I was born

Born to be free

Like the lions who hunt pray

Like the monkeys who jestingly play

Like the ants who march in line

Like zebras running so fine

Adam he was your first

I have known your worst

They have slain me in scorn

My body desecrated

My spirit hated

Their prize—-my horn

What shall they do with it?

That cost my life to forfeit

Hang it as a trophy upon their wall

To tell glamorous stories to recall

How in an utmost cowardly act

They shot a gun from behind my back

I am animal yes it is true

Far different we are from you

True we kill, some of us to feast

But you, you are the beast

On Africa’s fields I lay rotting dead

As assassins bullet inside my head

His eye is on the sparrow

I know that is so

He enjoys their song in morn

It was the reason they were born

In me too He had His delight

I too was precious in his sight

Once our herds were without number

Now in death, extinct we slumber

I of all creatures would surely know

For you see I am the last rhino

Hear my words let them not be vain

Humanity is captive by those insane

Hear my words as softly I explain

Your job it was to tend the garden

But greed your heart it did harden

Take your prize that you lusted for

A notch on your belt, another score

And I, I am no more

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth

A horn for a horn

In fire creation it shall die to be born

On that day you shall weep, wail and mourn

Feel the horror of your wicked woe

These words are true they are so

Spoken by the last rhino

[]A Black Poet

Composing poems about being free

Boy can’t you see

Afraid of the lynch mob?

Or maybe you want a nice job?

Where you can further betray

You brethren day after day

I ain’t saying you should hate

Just get real

Is this how you feel

You are the black slate

With white chalky words neatly printed

You need to get the slate clean

You borderline on the obscene



High and lofty ideal

From all around

We kill, conquer then steal

And to you that’s just fine

Up there with the divine

You are a Negro poet playing the prosperity game

Dreaming of being a star

What you really are

Is a shame

[] A Final Prayer at my Lynching

My only crime the color of my skin

Look inside and see your sin

The gallows rope cuts my throat

Coarse fibers bite

I have strength scarce to fight

But please make note

God takes no pleasure in your wicked deeds

And evil never succeeds

One day your cities shall burn

One day the red man will return

And then you’ll learn

The wages of sin is death

The noose tightens cutting off all air

I am victorious I have not one more care

Pay heed to the words of my last breath

For though my life is through

My words ring true

And as I sway in the air

Almighty God hears my prayer

God is a God of mercy yes it is true

But God is a God of justice too

Hear the words of my final prayer

And beware


My inner beat

Pounding of my heart

Affirmation of life sweet

Sunrise, sunset, never to part

A pleasant drifting melody

Emancipated minds free

Shackles and chains

But the Spirit remains

A vigorous force

Charting our course

Blazing the way

To a glorious day

When logic cruel

Won’t be taught in school

Rather it would be

The compassion of the heart

A new reality

Gone the drudgery enter the art

[]Sonnet #5

I love you; oh how I long for a kiss

But just one kiss it will not satisfy

I will not stop till next to me you lie

Oh my dear love deny me not in this

I am aching for your passionate bliss

Whatever you desire ask it of me

But first please let me know your ecstasy

Whatever your fear let go and dismiss

For you are mine and I am yours alone

Come now my love it is now getting late

Won’t you satisfy my only desire?

I’ll give you pleasure I’ll make you groan

There is no reason we should hesitate

My heart is a spark now make it a fire

[] Sonnet JK 3

Buffalo free on plains so long ago

The Sioux took only for their need

They thought of their children denying greed

Seeds so tender was what they sow

Every person was of worth they were one

Neighbors, family, all did know

Poverty, homelessness, despair was none

Words was true in talk and deed

But now it is not so

Devastated their creed

From a world away cross the ocean

Pale face people came to their shore

Many a wicked deed the stranger done

And conquered through harsh lies and war

Vanquished by wicked foe

Till this day we all bleed.

[]A Lesson Yet To Learn

I bang my head on the door

No one answers

I bang once more

Same results as before

I bang and bang and bang

And bang and bang and bang

There is no cure

Such is the insanity of war!

[]Cheese and Wine

His soothing voice on the phone

Smoothly asking if she’s alone

Ah my dear we will have cheese and wine

We’ll have it at seven; your place or mine?


White trash white trash

I’ll give you a little cash

As long as you smile

And especially groan

Like you enjoy

The sickening


They are inflicting

Cocaine will ease the pain

You were born to do porn

[] An Alphabetic Experiment

Archers behave cowardly

Do eagles fly gracefully?

He injured just kind ladies

Most never observe perfection

Queens rarely serve tea unless violins wail exciting youthful zeal

[] The Fruits of Mankind’s Evilest Wrong

Wiser than Buddha, braver than Ali

Smarter then Einstein yes that was he

But he lived in a war zone

So all his blessings were never known

[]A Monument to America

Aluminum cans glitter

Strewn among the luscious litter

Sodas, beers, even juice

So many products we produce

Tossed by the side of the avenue

By people driving through

At rush hour cars sit idle

Time does pass

A million scowls to one smile

We are wasting gas

I see a man in tattered clothes

An individual nobody knows

It breaks my heart

As he pushes his stolen shopping cart

He mumbles to himself randomly screaming

The drivers pay no attention they are dreaming

Anxious to get to work in the morn

Contemplating last night’s porn

The bum appreciates traffic stuck

To him it is exceptional luck

It makes it safer to do his duty

To collect the cans marvelous in beauty

They are recyclable each one a dime

It may not be much but it ain’t a crime

So have no remorse when you pollute

You are contributing to an American Institute


Whores on the radio

Whores on the phone

Whores on the television

Crying in a moan

Whores in the White House

Whores on the floor

Whores on the corner

Asking for more

Whores in the office

Whores in fancy dress

Whores with brooms

Cleaning up their mess

Whores on vacation

Whores in hell

Whores seeking salvation

Doing it well

But the best whore you’ll find

Is a whore with peace of mind

And the worst whores you’ll see

Are the whores writing poetry

[] A Poem for an Owner Name Joe


It is the word

If I had to choose one adjective to describe Joe

But it is based on speculations from whispering stories

Like how a worker in the warehouse was taking a five

Unbeknownst he came upon the owner smoking

“Do you have a light?” the worker inquired

“Sure,” said Joe handing him a box of matches

Supposedly the two had a nice chat

And at the end of the day the worker found his job terminated

They speak in fear of Joe

I have never seen him

But I’ve seen the stretch limousines

Full of important clients and Joe’s family of cronies

We are told they can’t raise our scant salaries

They’re not making enough profits

To me stretch limousines are for weddings and funerals

To Joe they are overhead

And the blatant racism that Joe fosters

The warehouse physically divides the building into two sections

The well paid desk jobs are all European or Asian

Asian only because Joe is from China

The warehouse and support are all Spanish or Black or Asian

We never intermingle except once a year on the holiday for a potluck meal

Sometimes they will put the excess food from their meetings into our lunch rooms

Like throwing their table scraps to the dogs

I could prove bias simply by a photograph

However judges are also prejudiced by color

They bow to the green of money

And Joe has plenty of that and the workers don’t

I could talk of injustices for a long, long time

But this is Joe’s poem

And like I said I’ve never met him

I can only guess at why that was

Perhaps because I wasn’t worth five minutes of his precious time

In conclusion I’ll call him something worse than arrogant

A capitalist

[] An Egyptian Slave Talking to the Lord

Hey Lord

Egypt’s sun is high in the sky

Working so hard, seems like soon I’ll die

Born a captive a lowly slave

It’ll be the same to the grave


We need some help, don’t you care?

Can’t you hear our humble prayer?

It ain’t right to work this way

To labor so hard and be hungry every day

Others live in luxury

Profiting off our misery


This world ain’t just its plain to see

All I’m asking for is some mercy

How much sweat?

How many tears?

Don’t forget

These are hard years

How much woe?

How much more blood has to flow?


I don’t want a palace

Or a golden throne

I just want the peace

I’ve never known


I hate to say it but it’s true

From my point of view

Knowing what they claim

And how we praise your name

It’s hard for me to believe in you

[] A Fascist

I don’t want to be a fascist

I won’t give in I never will

I’ll fight might with might

On the streets I’ll kill

Day and night

I’ll man the barricade

Revolution must be made

An eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth

I’ll wage destruction for the truth

I don’t want to be a fascist

Full of evil and hate

Yet my master plan must persist

I don’t want to be a fascist

For today my ideals must wait

I don’t want to be a fascist

Oh my God it’s too late

[]Union Pretend

The CEO said to Union Pretend

How’s it going my good old friend?

Mighty fine, mighty fine

How are the workers my sweet dear?

Keeping em in line, keeping em in line

Create an atmosphere of constant fear

The CEO grumbled “They get too much pay”

Ain’t there a scheme to take it away?

Hmmm said Union Pretend let me think

I’ll consult the sell outs and my fink

I believe we could create another war

It’s an old trick but it worked well before

We’ll scream patriotism and have the flag wave

Tell em we all gotta sacrifice and be brave

Then of course the profits will soar

We’ll pay them less and work em more

In his heart the CEO hated Union Pretend

In fact he wanted all thoughts of Unions to end

But for now he needed to put on a show

A few more years maybe it wouldn’t be so

So Big Bucks poured the expensive French wine

A toast was made to the ruling elite

Things are going just mighty fine

The drink was poison but tasted oh so sweet

[] Equality

I thrive among those you hate

Those you despise

And dehumanize

With slurs and derogatory taunts

Fears like Judas’ ghost haunts

The narrow darkness of your mind

Your eyes are blind

And cannot see


In others

Truly we are sisters and brothers

Your ear

Will not hear

The righteous call

That we are equal, one and all

[]An Absurd Statement

“I am a humble man” he declares

Serious as a jarhead straight from blistering Paris Island

on some God forsaken island in the poetically blue Pacific

with palm trees and a lovely blue lagoon

an ideal honeymoon getaway spot for enchanted newlyweds

except for several hundred infesting Japs

swarming with machine guns, grenades and suicide Shogun mentality.

He grits his teeth,

repeatedly blinking his eyes to wash out the stinging salty sweat blinding him

grunting like a bull in Spain facing a sadistic Matador

dodging so as not to trample dying comrades

brothers in arms whom he has lived with, slept with, got wasted with,

spent every moment with since his head was shaved in initiation

letting forth a primordial scream bayonet extended piercing in the proper location

making a now anonymous drill sergeant proud

blood spurting out like gold coins from a formally stingy Vegas slot machine in jackpot

as a fellow human being joins the company of the stingy entity known as death.

“I am a man of peace”

[]To Pete Seeger

Somewhere angels sing in joy

The sky is polluted and the sea worse

Man can proficiently destroy

It is but just one of many a curse

Way down in the valley

Pete strums a banjo

Traditions are free

And we should be also

I sing

I sing while I can

Tomorrow will bring

The fruitions of God’s plan

Perhaps then man and God shall be one

No more wickedness and evil shall be done

Play Pete play for your dreams

For what is to come may not be what is seems

Play Peter don’t put your hammer down

Until you have received your crown

Cause angels and demons converse

And the truth to see

Is in the harmony

Of the chorus

[] A Poor Migrant On the Gray Hound Bus

In Pittsburgh, he mutters

Gazing on the highway

Through the window of bus

Five hundred dollars they pay

Just to get rid of us

One condition they give

You never ever come back to live

Now in Washington, the state I mean

It’s just about apple picking season

There’s a trick to harvest a tree

Climb in the branches and shake

It’ll feel like the limbs might break

That’s the best way to do it quickly

Where you going anyway?

I sat and thought

On the lessons he taught

Any place is good

If you have brotherhood

Knew one thing for sure

I wouldn’t look down on the poor no more

[]In Our Land of Oz

Tin Man leads Scarecrow

On the Yellow Brick Road

Strolling, rolling always on the go

Dorothy in the sweetness of her teens

Oh if only you could know

What lurks between the obscenes

Tin Man cruel and vile

Scarecrow in constant denial

As the vibrant, virgin whore

Poses for a camera flash

Rolling Stone defines the score

And they pay you off in cash

On the Yellow Brick Road

Tin Man calculates psychological illusion

Scarecrow charges blindly as he pathetically screams

As Dorothy, she softly dreams

For some way out of innocent confusion

And Lions in Masses abound

Quiet as cowardly mice making no sound

As Oz sits upon the throne

And my has apathy grown

And Scarecrow is clinically insane

Intoxicating using anything for the pain

On the Yellow Brick Road

Oz’ voice thunders above the crowd

Who cares what he says it’s plenty loud

Tin Man silently, privately laments

Depraved darkness with vampiric desire

No heart, no soul, to kindle any fire

A strict rule, nobody repents

On the Yellow Brick Road

Ruby Red Slippers click, click, click, three times

If you’re the Law you can commit no crimes

And Chief Joseph laughs in most bitter tears

Oz is far worse than any of his fears

Dorothy lip syncs and gets the lyrics wrong

While Hopi dance singing tomorrow’s song

Ask Langston Hughes when it will explode

On the Yellow Brick Road

[]Yellow Thunder

Yellow Thunder

Life is cheap

Makes me wonder

How you sleep

We ruled the plains

Before the trains

Hunted Buffalo

Lived to share

Came to know

God in care

More and more your lust does abound

Pollute the skies violate the ground

A road to a destination known well


Yellow Thunder

Six feet under

Still his cries


Our soul

You stole our land

With wicked hand

Your tongues still lie

And we defy

Your control

Our Great Spirit lives

Wisdom a gift he gives

Wisdom to perceive

Wisdom to believe

Your vain and futile path

Will be repaid with wrath

The Nina, Pinto and Santa Maria

Ships numbered three

Once more they shall sail they sea

For the land will be purged by fire

And you shall bow to our desire

Your cities, roads, intrusions, no more

Burned Babylon the Whore

And on those ships you shall return

Where you go is not our concern

And Yellow Thunder will rock the Earth

And Yellow Thunder shall know rebirth

As countless drops of endless rain

Wash away the bitter stain

Soothing relief from the pain

Our land shall be our land again

Perfect, Pristine, Pure

And Yellow Thunder shall walk once more

[]Third World Nation

I see

Before me

Third world nation

My motivation

The persuasive call

Of the poorest of all

America with your missiles and planes

Reign from the heavens hellish pains

You kill and destroy

And from the poor

Steal their joy

And much more

I may not live to see


But my dedication

Has unwavering hesitation

To the third world nation

There are many who are my kin

Of all colors of skin

Who share a common salvation

Third world nation

[] To Christopher Coke (A poet at Solomon’s Shipping)


Black contrasting white


Weapons with which we fight


I must humbly say

That what you display

Is right

Shakespeare was eloquent

Jesus was heaven sent

Plato is confusing

Nietzsche abusing

But the words spoke

By Christopher Coke


And impress

On the reader of his rhyme

The symptoms of our time

Right on

Write on

For with such words to lean upon

The maladies of these evil times

And the plurality of their crimes

Will be gone

Right on

Write on

[]Oh Lord Set me Free

The task master

With whip in hand

Cackles fierce laughter

Makes you to understand

In the burning heat

There is work to complete

Bent over in the field

The sun’s fury on high

Refuses to yield

No matter how much we cry

The snap of the whip

And it’s sting

Motivates the misery

With which we sing

Oh Lord look down on me

Oh Lord can’t you see

Oh Lord look down on me

Oh Lord set me free

But verse after verse

Still the curse

Still the pain

Does remain

The slave driver

Teaches a lesson

To be a survivor

Embrace oppression

So still we toil

Working the soil

A bounty soon to discover

All for another

At night we ache

Our cold bones quake

I tell no lies

We pray the sun

Never to rise

For eternal dark

Is better I say

Then the day

Where the whip hits the mark

Still the call

Still the plea

Oh Lord set me free

Relieve my misery

Oh Lord set me free

But the Lord is blind

Or just don’t hear

For we find

The same old fear

Till the grave

It shall be

Just a slave

In misery

Still the wrong

Still the song

Forever until eternity

Oh Lord set me free

[]Sylvia’s Garden

Before the sun rises in the end of winter’s death

With chilly hands and frigid breath

Working the soil with rake and hoe

Knowing come summer a blessing to grow

Carefully placing precious seed in pot

Each cherished child never forgot

Watered and watched until they sprout

Green little creatures coming out

Early spring, past the last frost

Praying to God not one to be lost

In the soil measured apart

With cautious hands and loving heart

Early morn to water with hose

Fulfilling expectations the garden grows

Repeating the watering in the eve

Love is doing what you believe


In summer heat a bounteous place

Smiles all over Sylvia’s face

Fresh lettuce and tomato to pick at will

Mother Earth sharing her thrill


Fall comes and we harvest more

Sharing with Trevor and Ron next door

Resting now as the labor is past

How the season has gone so fast!


Looking over the garden leaves in decay

I am confident of another day

Sylvia’s garden will reappear

As long as the Lord gives us another year

[] To Sylvia

Playing rhythm guitar

Missing a string

Having a kingdom

Without a king

A brand new morn

And there is no sun

Heaven on a clear night

Not a single star in sight

That’s how life would be

To me

Without you

But the guitar strums sweet

The kingdom is complete

The sun shines rosy and grand

And heaven is just how it’s planned.

[] To Mikiera in her Younger Days

My pen stands ready

Eager to write

To tell of your glory

And the righteousness of your fight

In your youth

In the context of these evil days

Allow me to speak with truth

And give you praise

I hope you change the world for good

And in doing so yourself be transformed

Tis far better to be hated or misunderstood

Than to this world conformed

I ask you

What will you do?

How shall you rise?

Can you open the blind man’s eyes?

Or perhaps enable the deaf to hear?

Could you proclaim the truth without fear?

Let me tell you a secret

A lesson of my art

If you can light just one flame

And let it burn brightly in your heart

The world will never be the same

My pen stands ready

Eager to write

Good or bad you will have a testimony

Let it be to God’s delight

[]Lady Hannibal

Her voice rises loud

She is heard

Over the noisy crowd

Dark brown her smooth skin

Her word

Comes from deep within


Some humble, some brave

An Egyptian Pharaoh

And a galley slave

No justice no peace!

No justice no peace!!

The cries do not cease!

My blue eyes penetrate her soul

History, lessons, they guide

Lady Hannibal

I stand by her side

Bitter cold fingers numb

We speak bold

We shall overcome!

But out on the street

Without heat

We are so few

What can we do?

Lady Hannibal

Presses at my side

She flashes me a smile

My heart beats hot

And the bitterness is forgot

For a while

The tea touches the tongue

We congregate

None of us are young

We debate

Apathy, hopelessness, despair

Does anybody care?

If they do

Why are we so few?

Theories, opinions, thoughts, we exchange

The world is going to hell

We have to change, but how to break the spell?

I nibble on a cookie

Insatiable hunger

Desire does increase


Lady Hannibal breaks the gloom

Chasing away vultures of doom

We hang on every syllable

Food for the soul

Her laughing lips illuminate light

“How can we fail when we are in the right?”

Ghetto defender, warrior of the street

In winter freeze drawing the heat

Lady Hannibal has crossed the line

She has embraced the oppressed

And called them mine

Angel divine,

Demon too!

All depending on your point of view

Lady Hannibal she cannot fail

Poverty, brutality, ridicule, jail

Justice is an endless quest

Righteousness rewards no rest

Battle, war, it takes its toll

Perfection is an impossible goal

So we seek to rise above

In service to Love

Lady Hannibal I admire

Lady Hannibal I desire

Even if I were blind

I am sure I would find

Your light

Her voice is not alone

Our cries

Rise to God’s throne

Father in control

Bless Lady Hannibal

Make it right


Love is all

To see you laying in silence

Powerless except for prayer

Fighting death in defiance

Do you know how much I care?

Love is all

When you read for me before I slept?

When you dried my tears as I wept?

When you listened to my words of sorrow?

When you gave me hope for a better tomorrow?

When you denied yourself to lend a hand?

When no one but you could understand?

Love is all

The sum of your deeds immense

Most of them given at your expense

Love is all

Cancer gnaws at your body consuming the bone

We are there so you know that you are not alone

Soon God will give a beckoning call

Love is all

Flowers, cards, a casket of finest wood

Tears of sorrow, kind words do you no good

You have left to a place of no return

Life’s most important message you helped me learn

Love is all


Wall Street at morning, Manhattan down town

I start laughing as I pass clown after clown

No painted face or flashing red nose

A clown he needs none of those

Mockingly funny, gloomy despair

God bless the one who has no care

Who is the fool?

The one who serves or those that rule?

What is the purpose of a tie?

Not a napkin to clean a mess

Not a cloth for tears to dry

Simply something to impress

And for those of higher ilk

You can purchase one of silk!

In olden days slaves wore an iron chain

Ties are for clowns proud and vain


I live in Babylon full of hate

They worship money and the state

The priests wear titles very bold

And want to be on top before getting old

They lie, cheat, steal, stab in the back

Wanting to believe there is nothing they lack

Heartless, cold, mean and cruel

They live the life of a fool

Not caring who they hurt or oppress

Babylon, Babylon, the world is a mess

In Babylon they take more than they give

The priest grabs everything, it is why they live

They care not for the worker nor for the poor

Soldiers by the millions suffer in war

Ah Babylon you shall fall in an hour

We will crush your head and steal your power

Red is the flood of the fire that will arise

Blood in our bellies and hope in our eyes

I sing in Babylon a song of lament

I sing the dirges each time I pay the rent

Babylon, Babylon I long for you to die

And in that hour hear my victory cry

[]The Factory

Pump, twist, screw bind,

Hammer, turn

can you learn?

How a factory makes you loose your mind?

Come in early, stay extra late,

Hear the foreman, give no debate

Do a favor take a cut in pay

We’ll make sure you do okay

What do you mean you want more?

Why can’t it be like before?

Be good and don’t give no lip

Or the safety standards might just slip

A union? Your out of your mind!

You can count on the owner to treat you kind

After all he loves you so

Cause your hard work makes his money grow

So keep silent say not a word

We have spies so you’ll be heard

I don’t know why I even waste my time

Telling you this simple rhyme

Pump, twist, screw bind

Which one of us is out of their mind?

[]Watered Down Wine

This poem is for all those who support war, oppression and social injustice in the name of Jesus.

The Lord don’t want no watered down wine

Go do what you must and don’t give me no line

Truth is that we’re all gonna die

I’m gonna crawl until I learn to fly

I ain’t gonna quit till I make it on high

The Lord don’t want you to do it alone

We are the branches where truth is known

We’ll walk as slow as the very least

Won’t touch a morsel until all can feast

I don’t believe in elite or number one

There was no ranking before time begun

If you’re so wise let your goodness show

If you’re so good then help others grow

Look hard at Jesus

There is no I only us

So you’re strong, vibrant in youth

You do no wrong, a master of truth

Check your guns in at the door

Cause their ain’t no killing in this kind of war

Hello man, wrinkled, withered, sick and gray

You have seen many a better day

Hang on brother don’t give up

One day you will drink from the cup

Everything will work out just fine

The Lord don’t want no watered down wine.

[]No More King

God save the king

Angelic choir infantile

Does sing

Each child bearing an innocent smile

Old men bow on bruised withered knee

Respecting royalty

And the revolutionary dreams

He plots, he schemes

One day a King won’t rule the land

We’ll put the power in the people’s hand

How dare he think such a thing?

A land without a king

Now we have a congress and we can vote

Reality fulfilled what those prophets wrote

Yet the bourgeoisie they wield the powers

Capitalism snaps, growls and devours

Still the revolutionary does plot

His aspirations are not forgot

Go ahead people let the common man rise

Destroy what we detest and despise

Share the land let us live as one

God meant that for us since time begun

Crazy, foolish is that the lesson you think to bring?

If we were like you we’d still have a king


A cactus sits on my desk

The sole living creation

Besides me?

The computer, the papers, the books, the pens,

the coffee mug, the stapler, the accessories

cluttered about

All dead, lifeless, meaningless

In truth chains to a merciless existence

Which bares the awful name of


Oh how I love my cactus!


Mumia lives in a place that should not exist

A result of a mockery they call a trial

The world proclaims injustice, many insist

Still the system is in defiant denial

I do not glory in the death of any man

Yet how much we can take?

We rise against oppression to do the best we can

Day after day you inflict us with your lies

The cause for justice we will never forsake

Allmighty God, He hears our cries

Allmighty God, Him you cannot fool

Or shut him out with your actions cruel

So Mumia lives, three stone walls and an iron gate

These are the manifestations of America’s hate

When you want us to kill for the flag we are brothers all

Come serve your country that is the call

And in return you make us sit and wait

Herded in your ghettos you try to educate

And when we act on the lessons you teach

When we speak our mind and practice free speech

You send in the police, the FBI and CIA

And heroes like Mumia are taken away

An honest day in court

Is what we require

That would retort

And quench this fire

Instead Mumia sits condemned on death row

In a tormented existence that few do know

A political prisoner an unwilling symbol

You can bind the man but not the soul

Mumia these words I write

And promise never to give up the fight

[]Disguise in Jim Crow

A face for the faceless

Constant and near

A smile, a grin

They are forced to wear

For they do not dare

To sin

“Yes sir,” “Yes ma’am”

Happy to serve you I am

Is there anything else I can do?

Why that’s mighty kind of you

But don’t ask

Humble they are and quiet

Till they explode in riot

And you

Your really are complexed

And wonder

Why were they so vexed?

The anger and the hate

Where did it originate?

From your rude, arrogant, demanding, insulting,


A face for the faceless

Constant and near

[]The Cable Guy

Ring, ring

Hear the doorbell sing

My oh my

It’s the cable guy

From upstairs

Susan descends

And then pretends

Not to see

As she quickly

Flees back on high

From the cable guy

Not to be confounded

I am astounded

As the blue uniformed man

Goes to his van

To remove a ladder from on top

To stop

Susan’s ability

To get cable TV.


Isolated, depressed, alone

Here finances have not grown


And now annoyed

Her days of watching television did die

Thanks to the cable guy

[]Our Government

The man from the CIA is clever and


The man from the CIA he makes me


We build weapons to fly, weapons to sail

More and more weapons so greed can prevail

I will not bow down to the god of lust

Only in Love will I place my trust

The man from the FBI why he never


The man from the FBI he’s up to no


You can be angry and black but don’t carry a


If you do remember Bobby Seals and

Fred Hampton

The police they come and arrest the wrong


And from the president on down the preach a


[]A Stranger

In a place dark and deep

Where my secrets I like to keep

I hide a special part

A treasure from my heart

It is weak


Scared and afraid

It bares the mark

Of every blow laid

Insults, wounds and things far worse

One day to that canyon I shall descend

To see if I can help my friend

Perhaps if I am gentle and kind

I may find

That he will be willing

To let me in

And I shall finally be


[]Mother Jones

Oh Mother Jones, Mother Jones

Rest your weary bones

God has heard your pleas

God has heard your groans

All you had you freely gave

Your final reward was the grave

Rest sister from the battle well fought

All your struggle was not for naught

A red tide it shall arise

And wash away those we despise

The banker, the lawyer and their kind

Will vanish nowhere to find

Don’t listen to the preacher’s cries

He is evil and full of lies

God He has a point of view

And Mother Jones he agrees with you

[* *] The Cross Was Not Some Golden Trinket to Be Worn By Hypocrites and Liars

Suffering my son it’s the way of the cross

Explains the priest in condescending fashion

The holy man don’t serve God he serves the boss

And does so with utmost zealous passion

Yet despite his hypocrisy his words are true

I am willing to pay it all for you

If you are hungry come share my bread

If you are tired come and take my bed

If you are lonely I am willing to talk

If you are lost join me as I walk

We must be united brethren one and all

So we will triumph when the moment calls

When the moment calls

With our backs against the walls

When the goons and the guard

Presses against us real hard

And threatens our lives to end

I will still be your friend

I cannot promise streets of gold and a royal throne

But I pledge you will never be alone

And if my life is snuffed out in death

My Spirit will ride upon the wind’s breath

Righteousness comes not from a priest

It comes from the service and gifts of the least

I desire not money, nor fortune, nor fame

I only wish to love others

Can you be with me and do the same

Then we will be sisters and brothers

[]Simple Words

Words cannot change the world if alone

There have been grand words since language was known

But words my friend they can touch the heart

And give us hope and a place to start

Words my friend they can touch the heart

But each of us must do our part

I confess I get afraid and feel despair

I think I am alone and nobody does care

At time of darkest night when I seem blind

I search my mind and remember those who were kind

And there is strength in the Love that does exist

So I gather the hope that I need to persist

Be the hero be mighty in word and deed

I am the champion of the oppressed tis our creed

I cannot promise you victory

We will face torment some will die

Yet if we never rally to give a try

I guarantee you endless misery

Workers of the world I feel your pains

All we have to loose are our chains

Dream brother, dream sister for the child unborn

Fight mother, fight father to heal a world torn

Organize, arise, reach for heaven’s highs

Learn the truth and don’t listen to lies

These are the words announcing the battle to come

Let us unite let us unite as one

And not cease until the battle is won

[]The Return of Joe Hill

The Industrial Workers of the World

Entered a church among the people

They climbed way high up to the steeple

And there a red flag was unfurled

Jesus Himself commented on the event

Red is the color of my cruel cross

Red is the color of the blood I loss

I believe the Wobblies are heaven sent

It’s the scabs and executives I resent

When the workers climbed down to the ground

A quite remarkable thing they found

Joe Hill was there preaching by the choir

And the whole congregation was on fire

And here are the words of the sermon

God is a worker He built the Earth and sky

Meant it to be shared by you and I

But Satan came and decided to be in control

To enslave the human race it was his goal

He wanted to be boss and lie around

In every overseer the dark lord is found

Don’t give your money to churches no more

If you want to give to God give to the poor

When the message was done we sung as one

The closing song was ‘Hallelujah I’m a Bum’

[] Previously Published Credits

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John Kaniecki was born in Brooklyn officially making him a Native New Yorker. John grew up in the quaint little town of Pompton Plains. He then began attending school at Steven’s Institute of Technology. After getting baptized in the Church of Christ at age twenty John hitchhiked and rode a Greyhound Bus around the United States. Reaching as far south as Texas and West as Washington State. Seeing the world through new eyes John dropped out of engineering school. In the upcoming years John battled with manic depression. At one time he was committed to Graystone Hospital, the former residence of one of John’s heroes Woody Guthrie. Upon recovery John returned to school and graduated from Montclair State University. John married Sylvia from Grenada and the happy couple reside in Montclair, New Jersey. John volunteers as an outreach minister at the Church of Christ at Chancellor Avenue, which is in the inner city of Newark, New Jersey. John aspires to be a great and influential writer.

The inspiration for these poems come from none other than Jesus Christ as depicted in the Bible. As Jesus explained, “Whatever ye have done to the least of them ye have done unto me.” In order to Love God who is unseen we must love man who is seen. The figures used in these poems are historical figures, or personal figures from John’s own experiences.

John is the author of a poetry book “Murmurings of a Mad Man” and the science fiction book “Words of the Future”

Published by


Editor-in-Chief: Kristi King-Morgan

Poet to the Poor

Poet to the Poor is a collection of poetry written for the bottom one percent. This work draws from historical figures and everyday people from John's life, creating a powerful poetic testimony. In revolutionary fashion John defies both the politics of the day and the modern style of poetry. The poems are written in a wide variety of styles, and rhyming is prominent. Passion and purpose abounds in these words. With over forty of the poems previously published, this work constitutes John's best, including the award winning poem "Tea with Joe Hill". If you want something to inspire you to change the world, this book is a must. Take a journey into the lives of the bottom one percent. The poor. About the Author: John Kaniecki is a member of the Revolutionary Poet's Brigade and Secretary for Rhyming Poet's International. John volunteers as a missionary in the inner city of Newark, New Jersey, for the Church of Christ at Chancellor Avenue. John is active in the antiwar movement. In particular John is a strong advocate of the rights of indigenous people. He has two previously published books. A poetry book entitled "Murmurings of a Mad Man" by eLectio Publishing and a science fiction story collection entitled "Words of the Future" published by Witty Bard Publishing.

  • ISBN: 9781311793874
  • Author: Kristi King-Morgan
  • Published: 2015-10-07 13:01:10
  • Words: 20683
Poet to the Poor Poet to the Poor