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Poems to Mother Earth by Subrata Saha


I sit hear quietly in nature and think to myself how sad I feel today. I feel so sad how humankind as treated you in the most disrespectful way.

You are filled with an amazing intelligent energy. I believe a creator created you. Your beauty and exceptional wonder, which includes the plantlife and wildlife that reside in you. Whether in the mountain, lakes, forests, sky or the seas you breathe your magnificence.

We have exploited you and taken your resources for materialistic gain and to propel our own egos and arrogance. And yet you keep on giving and humankind keeps on taking. You keep providing and humankind keeps on demanding. When will we wake up to what we are doing to you? When?

Ancient culture and indigenous tribes work with you, not against you. I think we need to learn from them.They have nurtured the earth for the next generation. We need to listen others who love you with their heart and soul. They could be environmentalists, scientists, ministers, teachers or simply ordinary everyday people.

We should also listen to the young and to children. They too have something to say about their green home. We should not dismiss their opinions.

This in my lifetime poetry book to you. A gift as you will. It is my view, love and appreciation of you. I believe you let me come to you to enjoy, appreciate and to learn from the Earth school. I have chosen just a few snapshots of your beauty and wonder that have been in my childhood imagination forever.

We will take care of beautiful Mother Earth. We need to, We have to You are our home.

Earth can be spelt as Heart. That is no coincidence.

All my love Subrata.xxxxxxx ( January 2017). [*CATUS PETASATUS (Latin for Cat) *]

A coat of soft velvet grey,

A tale tipped like an artist’s brush.

Two oval almond shaped eyes of translucent opulent green.

Ears alert to every sound, movement and whisper,

A body as lithe and agile as an athlete

Leaping high and far into the abyss

To land with perfect poise and grace.

My four-legged companion

Of Ancient Egyptian blood descent

Standing proud like the Godlike Bas.

Gentle heart of gentle gold,

Every purr, every murmur

Affection no bound

Dusk dwells,

Midnight moon abound.

Cat-eyes glowing in the dark, luminous.

Warrior-like stance about to strike.

Claws like blades,

No escape, nowhere to hide.

You are the hunter feline

And I am your prey.

Subrata Saha (2009) *CRYSTAL ANGEL *

She walks softly and slowly, Treading carefully, barefooted on the moist dew cover grass. Crystals in her hair, Like tiny starlike droplets of clear quartz that glint in the sun. Strings of shimmering beads of amethysts, are gently wrapped around her delicate wrists.

Her gown is of an embroidered lace, Of pale blue turquoise, woven from gossamer and silk threads. She wears a perfume of fragrant rose water scent.

Indigo and violet butterflies gently touch her face, With their silent heartbeat of their wings.

She sits quietly among moss covered rocks and gently watches the sparkling purity of the stream passing by. The air is cool and crisp. The morning has a hush ethereal beauty, As birds of paradise sing to celebrate life itself.

Her aura shines out with a golden glow, as she holds a white rose in her hand, Covered in dew drops on its soft white petals. She unwraps the smell slowly and breathes in its aroma, And then she closes her eyes.

Heaven and bliss is here. No one must disturb her joyful silence.

Subrata Saha ( February 2013) *GOLDFINCHES *

The sun shines with a golden glow of light of iridescent beauty . Running down a flight of marble staircase of an Italian villa, down the ornate white steps to the grounds below.

The carved, ornate, marble water fountain greets me with a sound of crystal waters forming an arc of water spray, high in the blue glow of the sky.

Swishing sound of Goldfinches, wing outstretched meet within the arc, Vesica Piscis meet in the middle, Two circles meet entwined by love, Their spinning wheels of energy meeting as one. Yellow, black and bright red heads, Their plumage of colours blaze in a war paint of love.

Goldfinches meet in happiness, Their touching sweet beaks in a kiss of song. My soul desire with my love twin flame is complete.

Subrata Saha ( September 2013) *WILLOW *

Whispering leaves of green that reflect in the water colour purity of a rippling stream. Green,serrated, leaflike drops rustling in the wind, with silent telepathic and secret messages of love.

The Willow bound to Mother Nature, Ruled by the Moon Goddess of the night, Connected to the feminine divine of strength, wisdom,fertility and joy.

Willow stem tattoo pattern on my hand, The henna pattern runs deep into my skin. Its mysterious meaning, spiralling, curving with feathery sensuality. The stem branch will never bend or break, oozing energy sap of strength to keep to one’s life path.

Powerful in the mighty winds of one’s ego and forces of nature. Keeping my inner light eye pristine clear.

Healing bark that heals the pain in my psyche, Your strong roots run deep into the Mother Earth, Entwined with my root chakra of my inner core.

Subrata Saha ( September 2013) *CIRCLE LOVE RING OF THE PUFFER FISH *

Tiny fish of scaly leathery skin, Small, with large eyes, Searching for his heart’s desire.

A genius of art To fulfil his task of wonder and delight.

Nature shapes and patterns he creates the circle, a symbol of love, whole and the divine.

The puffer fish, Dancing as courting lovers, In a circle love ring of sacred romance and love.

His fins hover over the seafloor, Making circular patterns of pebble ridges, Tenderly decorated with shells and sea flavourings.

Ocean currents caresses these lovers, Seaweed dance to the sea beat of sea salt bliss. Their love consummated , The passion ring is made whole.

Subrata Saha ( Copyright July 2015) *ELEPHANT LULLABY *

Sleepyhead, sleepy eyes, sleepy smile,

Snuggled against mum,

In tall green grass,

Daytime nap of dreams you desire.

Tuff of hair, playful spout,

Under the waterfall of life,

Rolling in mud…soft and warm.

As you laugh,

With water spray and water fun,

In a shower of delight.

Little one plays with others young ones,

Running and grabbing tails,

Trumpeting angrily,

You are indeed are the victor…

Evening descends,

Ganesha is calling,

Your belly rumbles for mama’s milk.

Drink, sleep, sweet dreams baby one,

Let me sing my elephant lullaby to you.

Subrata Saha (July 2016) *BLUE BUTTERFLY *

Sitting on Collard Hill, inhaling the intoxicating smells of lavender, orchids and wild thyme. I gaze at the richness and beauty of English summertime.

The sky is of a clear blue. The wispy clouds of white not to be seen anywhere. Summer infusion of sounds and smell brings my senses alive. I am waiting patiently for a friend.

I sit alone on this hill. The grass is like a velvet carpet under the tips of my fingers.

I see patchwork of fields of green, red, gold stretching into the distance. The heat of Mother Earth, causing waves of energy evaporating into the air.

Swallows fly swooping and catching insects on the wind. The cool summer breeze caresses my face. I am still waiting patiently for my friend.

Then I see her… A sign of gathering blue. She is of perfect, symmetry and design. Her wings aligned, A mirror image of each other. Fluttering in the breeze as she lands on a lavender fresh. Dark, black, veins, that light up under the sun rays. She the brightest of electric blues.

I hold my breath and do not stir. I do not wish to disturb the silence.

She unwinds her proboscis , Taking up the sweet nectar of the flower, That nourishes her with life. A true blue beauty of nature she is. She now sits delicately on the palm of my hand. We sit together for an eternal moment, And then she takes flight and is free.

I am glad I waited patiently for my friend. My soul has been set free.

Subrata Saha (August 2014) *SEAHORSE DANCE *

We meet, Glide up to each other, In synchronistic movements, Tails entwined. Blue waves of sea currents, Green sea plants swaying to a rhythmic song. Midnight blue ocean, Rays of sun trickling through green seaweed. We touch and caress, I approach you for our dance. Sea echoes with classical overtones, I bow to you. Our tails bind, Bodies forms a love shaped heart, Our lips touch trance, In a dance of love.

By Subrata Saha ( June 2016) *COLOURS OF LIGHT *

Light fills the room, The eyes of knowledge look to wonder, At the tiny speck of magnificence.

Radiating out beams of delight, Through a prism of possibilities, Of various wavelengths of intensity.

Colours circling, swirling, spinning, In an abstract wheel of meaning and vitality.

Their eyes see, feel and sense the colours one by one.

Red ruby, a vibrant passion of love, Heated creative blood to the soul of one’s being. Desire of love overflow.

Yellow marigold of everyday hush, The symbol of intelligence beat of learning .

Pink of broken heart petals falling, softly like pink pearl drops from their faces.

Sky blue sea of tranquillity and calmness, Which calms with soft caresses of blue light.

Orange glow for the zest of life, The enduring warm energy of the soul.

Purple of royal velvet smooth to the touch, Noble, healing and awakening of the “eye”

The green shoots of nature, The smell of renewal, rebirth and hope. Colours of light of enlightenment, Colours of meaning and feeling, Colours of nature and joy, Colours of creative healing, Colours of my love for you.

White light splits and explodes, Into a colour of wheel of brilliance, The eyes wander and see, Sweet colours of patterned light , Illuminating the darkness, A spectrum of colour beauty to behold.

Subrata Saha (July 2015) *THE KESTREL *

What a wonderful bird, I have never seen any kind in the world, It is the kestrel the bird of prey, And I shall watch it everyday.

It sweeps high and low looking for food, It seems to be in a very good mood, And when it sees something,it dives, With all the air streaming by.

Its colour is a beautiful brown, With big eyes that are round, It has big clawed talons, That are swift to kill like a canon.

It is a wonderful and beautiful creature, Which belongs to nature, I shall always adore it with my sight, And think of it at night.

Subrata Saha ( Written at aged 13 in 1987) *PEAGREEN DOLPHIN OF THE SEA *

Peagreen dolphin leaping high,

From soft, foam of waves of sea salt and spray.

Arching back in playful beat,

Sheer joy and smile on your face,

Your graceful dance of the sea.

The banks of the Moray Firth,

Await your calling at high tide.

Highland mists of green perforating the air,

The gentle tide lapping against the shore.

Fisherman of the Firth,

Swimming against the tide,

Emanating echo location beat waves,

To create a net of circular bubbles,

To catch your rich quarry of pink salmon fish.

Energy pulsations from your mind,

Eye to eye, you find me…

Standing knee deep in the waters of the Loch,

We greet each other with smiles of joy.

I touch your serene face ,

And kiss you on the forehead.

Your laughter comes from deep within you.

With one last look,

And final encounter,

You leave to join your playful companions of the sea. Subrata Saha ( October 2014)


Thunder of hooves, On soft white sands, The light orb high in the sky. White horses galloping on the wing, Silky manes flowing freely, Carrying precious cargo, Carry me to the light high, Above the physical plane.

Soft white chalk under my hands, Feeling the outline of this majestic horse. Carved into the hillside with Celtic splendour. Epona may you bless him with life. “Come alive, oh horse! Come alive away from the hillside.”

Your moist warm breath in the early dawn, Your white soft matted hair against my cheek, Your slow heartbeat I feel, Gentlest of souls you are to me.

More horses gather around in a half-ring, Standing silently with their heads bowed. Standing in the centre, energy swarms around me. Blue light descends from above, Enveloping us with healing light. We close our eyes and are on the beach once more… Meditating with silence. Sea mist descends slowly…

White horses galloping on the surf, With swiftness, grace and beauty, Towards her, the Goddess Epona and eternity.

Subrata Saha ( February 2015) *WATER PURITY *

Your power is your strength,

Water memories flowing,

Through a tributaries of visions,

Shaping landscapes on your journey.

Ice, liquid, vapour, ice,

Ice blue, ice cold,

Cycles of constant energy,

Of snow-capped mountains,

To brooks,

To streams,

To rivers,

To the the sea of my mind.

Large tree reflected in drop of water,

Rainforests calling out for…

precious liquid of life.

Drumming sounds of rain on leaves,

A delight to the senses.

Intricate abstract designs of snowflakes,

Falling lightly and slowly,

Interlacing white feathers,

Weaving into a coverlet of white softness.

Water shoot high in the sky,

Like a plume of waterful smoke.

Rapids over rocks,

Waterfall flowing over rocks, Leaving a water curtain,

To hides a cave of secrets.

Water element fill our bodies,

Bathing our magical cells.

A molecule of miracles,

Keeping our inner life force alive.

Healing, holy wells of Celtic design,

Blessed by heaven and prayers,

Bless the waters,

Purify the waters,

Honor the giver of life.

Subrata Saha ( December 2016) *Paradise Bird *

Majestic burgundy beauty, Sitting with all your golden finery, On canopy branch of yellow leaves. Maroon, brown chest of pride, With a golden crown on your head, Wearing a emerald choker of varnished green. A proud stare from those gleaming eyes, Flaming yellow and white long tail , Laid out like flaxen soft hair Over your soft throned bark. No less of paradise, no less a creation, Of an infinite wisdom.

Subrata Saha ( March 2017) *THE END * *ABOUT THE AUTHOR *

Subrata Saha is a writer from the UK. This is her first poetry e-book. She has also published a children’s picture book called The Little Lost Baby Beluga Whale in 2009. She is very passionate about writing and is an avid book reader. She lives with her family in London and their family cat Percy.

Poems to Mother Earth by Subrata Saha

  • ISBN: 9781370452422
  • Author: Subrata Saha
  • Published: 2017-05-13 23:35:07
  • Words: 2439
Poems to Mother Earth by Subrata Saha Poems to Mother Earth by Subrata Saha