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Poems Of Presence

Poems Of Presence






By Carlton D Kennedy




Shakespir Edition Copyright 2016 Carlton D Kennedy




All Rights Reserved Shakespir Edition,



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Nature’s poem


Walking lightly through nature’s path,i adore the sight of every tree,

I begin a journey of calm and solace-not a care in the world around these streams,

Trickling sounds of the water against rocky formations,

A slight breeze feels fresh upon my cheeks.

The foundation of an old cottage lays bare for all to see,

Gone are the days of preserving history in mother nature,

Beside this bench i sit upon unveils a collections of swans and geese,

Calling upon me to produce something….anything in favour to be fed.

This pleasant land i am privileged to walk upon,

Many have walked before me-many will walk after me,

Sharing elations and admiration for this pleasing greenland.








Keep Away



The harshness of one’s cold-described as dull and unforgiving,

Oh, that retched cough-loud as it could be,

Keep away they mumble under their breath.

Sleepless nights and snotty sniffles keeps your head muffled,

A concoction of pills to shift this congestion,

It will pass, its will deploy, it will cease,

Until next time.
















Powerful people


Powerful people….powerful minds

Yet we wait in anticipation of good things to come,

Headlines and retribution that comes at a price,

Do they care…are they concerned.

They call them-self the leader of the people,

They say they will work harder than the last ones,

Give back more than they should take,

Shame they speak blank words,

Shame on them, shame on them.









They gather in numbers to produce a voice,

The message they convey is one of unity,

Shouting like giants…emotions are raw,

Please grant them a moment to deliver their message.

Often shuffled along and told to get real,

Only they know what they fight for,

They feel so passionate inside…fired up.

Hear there voice,let them speak,

Giants need to be heard sometimes.
















Show them


Living a life half empty i see,

In wondering what could be,

Taking too much time to figure out,

Perfect your goals and reach them,

You are great…better than you think,

Hold on tight….hold your head high,

Show them what you’re made of,

Do it for you and your pride,

You can be happy if you try.





Feel my presence around you,

Feel my caring touch,

I seek to protect your life,

You are so special to me,

Precious you so are to many around you,

You don’t see the impact you make….but i do.

Hasnt love shown you that people care,

Wishing you joy on any given day,

Something you think you don’t deserve,

We all deserve strength and love.

Forgive yourself whatever it is you may have done,

Understand you have much to give,

Your presence is valuable.






























Poems Of Presence

Poems Of Presence is described as a collections of free verse poetry. Take presence from many aspects of life. In my creative writing i hope to make people smile, think and find inspiration from would they read of my work. I don't pretend to be a amazing writer but i think all that matters is that you share with people what you feel in your heart and mind, put it out there if it feel right and then let the love and imagination of people take it and do as they will with it. I write about many different things including love, people, life, artistry, death & nature. I hope you enjoy my work. Thank you for taking the time to take a look at my books. Have a great day. Carlton D Kennedy.

  • ISBN: 9781370158546
  • Author: Carlton D Kennedy
  • Published: 2017-02-14 12:05:09
  • Words: 508
Poems Of Presence Poems Of Presence