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Poems and Passages

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Shakespir Edition

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This book of poetry is dedicated to the lovers of life and love.

Peace: God is Peace. God can bring into your life a place of peacefulness that will overcome every dark or blue emotion you have ever felt. His love is so powerful that once you let go and let God, the true happiness in life will take over. Trust and Let God.

First Love: I remember my first love and our first kiss. It was innocent and every moment of our relationship felt like the Fourth of July. We promised to love each other forever and included an additional day for the event. Nevertheless, forever and day went away when we grew up.

In Love: Being in love is so much different from simply loving someone. When you are in love with someone, you love everything about him or her unconditionally. Their flaws are cute and you will never allow your friends or family to speak against them.

Black Beautiful Woman: A black beautiful woman is soulful, unique, creative, strong, and just beautiful. Some may call her bitter, ugly, and abrupt. That is only because they fear her inner strength and outer beauty. She is beauty and ever so proud because she is Mother Earth.

The Black Man: He is King, he is powerful, and he is able. He is able to love his family, care for his babies, and protect them from harm. He is educated, hardworking, and loving. The black man is king and required to be loved by the black woman.

Hood Poor: Water poured into a ketchup bottle and shaken well, scissors to cut open the last of the toothpaste that will not come out the container, milk diluted with water to feed the crying baby. Fried bologna and ramen noodles bought with food stamp card and some pocket change. Prayer said before every meal to thank God for a meal well prepared.

Hood Rich: All of the bills paid on time, including the cable and cellphone bill. Money to buy a bottle of wine, money for church offering, and money to rent that huge television that is excessively big for the small apartment size living room.

Single Mother Blues: Fell in love and danced in the dark. Fell in love and had his child. Started falling down when he said he would not marry me. Dropped a few more inches when he would not take care of his child.

Fell to the floor when the judge demanded him to pay child support. Dropped to the curb when he called me a gold-digger. Stood straight up and fell in love with myself when my child grew up and became the man his father could never be. Fell in love with self even more when I forgave the man that kept me falling.

Single Father Blues: Fell in love the day I met her. Fell in love when we danced in the dark. Never knew how to explain to her that I did not want to be a father, and now she wants me to pay for our mistake. The judge degraded me, and she allowed this to be.

However, in the same breath she claims to love me. Fell to the floor when they took half of my pay. Fell all the way, when I think of how this came to be. Now she expects me to be a dad but how can I be what I never had. Fell in love with myself when my son who is now an adult visited me the other day, and clearly said, he loved me anyway.

The Other Woman: The other woman keeps calling my house. Maybe she needs instructions or something of how to deal with my man. I told her that I could not help her and hung up. Then I star sixed nine her and offered to meet her for lunch.

I bought her a coffee and a chocolate donut because I figured we had the same things in common. She enjoyed the meal and asked me why I asked her to meet with her. I said I simply wanted to see the woman who helped my man break my heart.

I wanted to see if I could see him in her eyes and feel the love that they shared. However, all I could see was me a few years ago. A person with low self-esteem and a desire to be loved. I told her all about how he dazzled my heart and gained my trust.

Then I asked if she would promise to be a friend to the next woman who called her when our man cheats on her. She thanked me, and called me later just to say; that no one had ever explained hurt to her that way.

She ended the affair with my man, and I ended it too. Moreover, God later sent to me someone who was faithful and true and he sent someone for the other woman too.

Bill Collectors: Every day the bill collectors call but I got star six nine. I refuse to answer the phone. I paid the bill just last month and now they want me to pay again. They call so much that sometimes I think we are friends. However, I know this is not true, because they would not stalk me the way they do.

Poor People In America: Poor people in America buy water to drink. They have cable and cellphones. Their luxury bills are just as high as their utility bills. Poor people in America eat steak, drink Moscato, and buy cigarettes costing ten dollars a pack.

Poor people in America are overweight but they say they get very little food stamps. Poor people let the water run in the faucet to get cold enough to clean their collard greens. Poor people leave lights on when they are not in the room. Poor people in America are really not that poor.

The Player: The player gets every girl he wants. He wines and dines them and then takes them home. He sweet talks them and tells them everything they want to hear. He tells them he loves them with tears in his eyes. Then he moves on to his next victim.

A player is only playing because he is afraid to be real. He is afraid to love or he simply feels that he does not deserve to be loved. The player is simply a baby in a man’s body who needs a hug from his mother and possible a time out. Or maybe the player needs a real woman to shut it down.

He Touched Her: The girl that was touched in the wrong place feels like it was her fault. He never apologizes in fact he denies ever touching her. Now she is unable to trust a touch from someone who wants to love her only because he touched her.

Loving Self: The day that you start loving yourself will be the day that you can walk up on the stage of life and accept the applause. You will be able to receive your awards for simply being enough. Yes good enough, in all your glory. The day you learn to love yourself.

Unemployment: They say the economy is down but if you asked me; it’s been down. I can’t catch a break. I put in for a job and this guy says I’m underqualified. Put in for another job and this guy says I’m overqualified.

Someone called today but the job was an hour away, and wouldn’t you know it, I aint got no carfare. But they say the economy is down, but if you asked me; it’s been down.

My Baby Blues: When I brought my baby home, I couldn’t put her down. I kissed her to sleep, I rocked her to sleep and when she finally woke up I was asleep holding her in my arms. Now my baby is older-she won’t let me get nothing done. I can’t even spend alone time with my husband, because…

My baby wants me to hold her all day and night. What is wrong with my baby? Why didn’t I put my baby down when she was so cute and cuddly because now she is just cute, cuddly, and she cries when I try to put her down.

My Boss: My boss is driving me insane. Every day she expects me to do this and do that. So one day I told my boss, listen boss lady-I am tired of you telling me what to do. So she stopped telling me what to do after she fired me. I wonder who’s hiring.

Boss Lady: All my life I had to fight, but this year I finally stopped fighting. I own my own business now and have one hundred employees. I have learned how to negotiate and work as an outstanding transformational leader.

I allow my workers to make decisions and I always offer them the chance to provide feedback. The feeling I get when I turn the key and open the doors to my own shop is amazing. Now I get to pay more taxes, pay my employees, and deal with suppliers and vendors all day long.

I wonder how my boss’ ever made it through the day. I love being boss lady, but no one never told me how complicated it would be. I am just glad that community is now able to see how wonderful being boss lady really can be.

Black Owned: I wonder why so many stores in the black community are not owned by black people. Black babies need to see black owned stores just like they needed to see a black president.

We have to continue showing and informing our black babies that they are able to do anything they set out to do and they have to learn by example. Promote and support black owned businesses.

Dreams and Goals: When I was a little girl, I would sit under the tree in my backyard and daydream. I used to dream that I would be a star, a singer, and a schoolteacher. When I grew up and reached for my goals, I learned that some of my dreams were already accomplished.

As a child, I was a star to my parents, as a mother I was a schoolteacher, and as a wife, I learned to sing every day of how much I loved my husband. Now I am so much more than I ever dreamed of, and most of it was because of love.

Unfriended: Last night I blocked him from my Facebook account. It is over. The next day I friended a new friend only to learn it was him so I blocked him again. Then he showed up at my door. Darn, I wish someone could invent a door blocker.

President Obama: We have been honored to finally have our first black president, President Barack H. Obama. People can say what they will but President Obama has been ridiculed and disrespected like no other president.

But what makes him so highly special is that he is a class act, and a highly remarkable outstanding man, plus he is so handsome. His family, First Lady Michelle and their wonderful children have simply graced the White House with charm, intellect, and beauty. I wish that somehow they could remain in office forever.

BET: Thank God for Black Entertainment Television, we need to have something on the television that represents our culture and our black actors/actresses. Centric, Aspire, and BET we are so grateful to have our own network.

If we didn’t have this we would never see US on television in a positive manner.

My Best Friend: She has been my friend since the day we played double dutch rope and jacks. We grew up and always had each other back. If I was wrong she agreed and tried to find ways to make me right again. My sister and I are close, but can never compare to my best friend.

Aging: They say age aint nothing but a number but I think age is like a vintage wine, it just gets better with time.

Automated Teller: I tried to treat this teller with respect and do as she commands. But when I answer she continuously ask me to repeat myself or to press numerous amounts of numbers. I end up yelling at her and demanding to speak to a human.

She then ends the call. I am starting to think that the automated teller is nothing more than some mean woman pretending to be automated because she hates her job.

The Weather: People are always complaining about the weather, when it’s hot they complain and when it’s cold they complain. And the weather man is just as bad. When will people just learn to accept the weather’s temperature and delight to be alive.

Require: When we require people to treat us a certain way, they learn by example. We teach people how to love us and respect us. Require to be treated the way you treat others.

Traditional: Roses are red, violets are blue, I could see myself falling in love with you. Starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight, hopefully it will be you.

Walking Away: He walked away from me today, and I admired his every move. I was so mesmerized by his sexy walk that I forgot that he was actually leaving me for good. I ignored the kiss on the forehead, and the way he held me near.

All I could hear was him say that he would always love me and then he said goodbye. He walked away from me today, now all I can do is cry and wonder why.

Rainy Days: There is nothing sexier than a rainy day. The pitter-patter of the rain on my windowpane is alluring while the sweet scent of the raindrops dance inside my slightly opened window. They say rain is good sleeping weather, but there is so much more to do inside during rainy days.

Making Love: Two people in love can make love by simply the way they speak to each other, or from the way, they stare at each other. Making love can be so much fun inside or outside the bedroom but only with someone you love.

Liberated: The black woman was never in danger of her liberation because the black man always respected her strength and ability to be queen. No your queendom and never let society mess up your happy home.

Licensed in America: This country requires everyone to have a license in every type of work they perform. The only important role of performance that does not require a license is raising children. But I guess that is the marriage license.

Miseducation: If we bring back sex after marriage, I wonder how many broken homes would exist in the black community. I wonder if they put the bible back in the schools, how many gun detectors would we need at the schoolhouse door.

I wonder if the schools started teaching true history, interpersonal communications and resist teaching about sex, how many unwanted pregnancies would no longer exist. I wonder.

Aspire to Inspire: When we teach each other, we can reach each other. When I was a child, people looked out for each other. If a family was going through a crisis, the neighborhood fed them, and provided support.

Sometimes people just need to hear a comforting word, or receive a hug. If we aspiring to inspiring all the people we meet, our communities will be a much better place to live. Unite and aspire to inspire others.

President: If I were president, I would give each household ten thousand dollars. I would cut off all types of government and state funding because it hinders people’s growth. I would place a cap on rent, and require that all renters would own their property after paying over fifty thousand dollars.

If I were president, I would free all of the black men in jail for numerous years for only misdemeanors. I would require that every parent on drugs be rehabilitated, and every missing parent spends time with their children.

I would make all children care for their parents, and I would rebuild all abandon houses. I would no longer require that we pay for water and I would put all citizens to bed at a decent hour. If I were president, fruit and vegetables would be free.

This is a poem that I wrote when I was in high school and if I were president today, I would probably feel the same as I did when I was a child.

First Date: On a first date, you are supposed to have fun conversations while dining. You are not to intimidate, educate, or investigate. On a first date, you want to make the other person yearn for a second date. A first date should be filled with fun conversations, and a fun time.

Evenly Yoked: We were so in loved that we forgot to share our likes and dislikes. We never discussed our religion or how we wanted to raise our kids. Now that we are married, he is Muslim and I am Christian.

He yells and I teach. He prays several times a day, and I celebrate holidays. But there is one thing we both agree on, we should have gotten to know each other better before we said, I do. Now I wonder if I ever did.

Black History: Our black history is so important. There are so many black people who are unaware of their true culture and ethnicity. If only we would take the time to read an African Encyclopedia, The Chosen People, Ancient Kemet, and many more.

Take the time to visit African American art museums with your children, read to them about the African kings and queens, allow them to understand and obtain important knowledge about the first doctors, mathematicians, and scholars.

The information is out there, education is paramount and required.

God Is Good: God is Good, and God is Faithful. God will never leave you and only requires you to love and believe. Never forget that you are a child of God and whatever you have done in life can be forgiven. While asking for forgiveness be sure to forgive yourself and others.

Lonely: Loneliness can creep in when you least expect. It can be at night, on a holiday, or even when someone else is with you. The best way to relieve lonely is to pray and ask God to help you through. It is also good to simply get out of the house and enjoy the free things in life.

Watching sunrise and sunset is breathtaking and can calm your emotions. Helping others can also help with lonely and depression. If you find that your depression is not lifting, seek help.

Black Hair: One day soon, when we learn to love our blackness, people of all ethnicities will say, “Wow, your hair is so pretty, thick, and nappy-you must have African in your family. It has a certain way that it spirals differently from any other ethnicity.

How do you get it that way, is there a certain mixture in the store? Please can I find it in a pack, I want my hair to look just like yours.”

Black Lives Matter: They say when we yell “Black Lives Matter” that we are being racist. We are the only race of people that when we unite or agree that we deserve equality gets accused of being racist.

Why is it that we can never require equality without someone calling us racist? I think the issue can be solved when we start showing other races that we understand the importance of how black lives matter by keeping our families united and by teaching our babies to respect and communicate.

I am not saying that killing innocent black people is the fault of US, but we can get the message out there much better by simply loving each other more, and by setting the example of how we want to be respected by others.

What If: What if we could see God every day and God would stop by to check on us daily. What if God could hear every word we uttered and every thought we contemplated. How would we react to others and how would we approach others.

Well guess what, God is with you every day and if you look, you can see his beauty and wonders all around. So act like God is watching you because God is watching.

Passages from my Book Titled Again: One night while the stars shined brightly, a passenger that no one ever knew passed their way. She provided to them a drink of wine that she made herself with different types of fruits. The drink was red and she served the drink to the beautiful couple from a very expensive chalice.

They didn’t question why the assumed poor lady was carrying such an expensive drinking tool. While sipping the drink, the stars in the skies seemed to be blinking at both of them. They smiled in agreement to the drink that the lady provided and she lady smiled in return. She nodded at both of them and recited,

“Let it be known, that while under the stars that shine so bright, a gift of love for you is in store tonight. No one will ever be able to destroy this love so right. Every moon that passes the love will soar into the night. You will love forever and a day, over and over again. This love will never have an end.”

Passages from my book Autumn Leaves: I must have been sitting in my jeep with the motor running for at least fifteen minutes. The autumn leaves that scattered the pavement with the help of the wind reminded me of Flamenco dancers dressed in bright vivid colors.

I imagined that they were dancing to the sounds of a Spanish guitarist. It was a full harvest moon, on a Saturday night in November. It seemed like it was just yesterday that my boys were anxiously skipping from door to door in their Halloween costumes.

Rahim was dressed as a sheriff, and Remy was his loyal deputy. This sounds more or less right because Rahim is the leader and the older twin by five minutes and Remy is the calm soul that never minds running behind his brother.

Passages from my book Nana’s Perfect Angel: I watched as Nurse Miller tried to unravel Nana’s I.V. cord. Nana continued to smile through the pain as she lifted her feeble hand and tried to motion for me to come closer.

I was afraid. She tried to speak but the morphine drip had her heavily sedated. She could only sigh. She was finally able to moan; “Come closer” I was terrified and afraid of losing the only person who had ever loved me.

My mind and body was impersonating the behavior of a child. I stood there like a child while twisting the heel of my left shoe in a fast like motion from side to side. Finally, I realized that I was not a child, and I forced the support from my Ruby Red shoes and walked towards my Nana’s death bed.

Homeless Man: While walking down the street a homeless man asked a woman for four dollars. The woman informed him that she did not have a dollar to spare. She went into the lottery and bought six dollars’ worth of tickets knowing that she was not going to hit any one of them and she didn’t.

She bought a few candy bars for her grandchildren and a diet tea for herself. She walked passed the homeless man again, and he said, “My sister do you have four dollars?” Maybe she was confused that he asked for a certain amount and not some change, and she responded by rolling her eyes.

She shook her head no and was aggravated that he had the nerve to ask her again. The next day, he asked me for five dollars. She said to him, “So now you want five dollars?” He said, “Yes, God told me to ask one of my sisters or brothers that walked by to help me and to be clear in what I needed.

Yesterday, I needed four dollars for carfare to visit my son at the hospital who was run over for helping an elder woman from being hit by a car. I am raising him alone because I am a widower. I lost my job six months ago, but not my faith.

God told me to ask for what I wanted and I would receive it. When you walked by, I knew you were a sister in faith, so I asked you for help. But if you are hurting don’t forget to pray and be clear in what you ask for, because you will get it”

The woman held her head down in shame and reached into her purse, and gave the homeless man one hundred dollars, her last. She hugged the homeless man and apologized for judging him. He smiled and said, “That’s okay now take this with you because I know you need it more than I do”

He handed her one thousand dollars in one hundred dollar bills. The morals of this story is, never disregard or judge others because you never know who it might be. God is Good.

Message: I hope this free book of poems and paths have inspired you and have helped you with your walk in faith. Be truly loved.


MamaChellie of MamaChellie Books

Poems and Passages

Homeless Man: While walking down the street a homeless man asked me for four dollars. I informed him that I did not have a dollar to spare. I went into the lottery and bought six dollars’ worth of tickets knowing that I was not going to hit any one of them and I didn’t. I bought a few candy bars for my grandchildren and a diet tea for myself. I walked passed the homeless man again, and he said, “My sister do you have four dollars?” Maybe I was confused that he asked for a certain amount and not some change, so I rolled my eyes. I shook my head no and was aggravated that he had the nerve to ask me again. The next day, he asked me for five dollars. I said to him, “So now you want five dollars?” He said, “Yes, God told me to ask one of my sisters or brothers that walked by to help me and to be clear in what I needed. Yesterday, I needed four dollars for carfare to visit my son at the hospital who was run over for helping an elder woman from being hit by a car. I am raising him alone because I am a widower. I lost my job six months ago, but not my faith. God told me to ask for what I wanted and I would receive it. When you walked by, I knew you were a sister in faith, so I asked you for help. But if you are hurting don’t forget to pray and be clear in what you ask for, because you will get it” I held my head down in shame and reached into my purse, and gave the homeless man one hundred dollars, my last. I hugged him and apologized for judging him. He smiled, and said, “That’s okay now take this with you and get the copies of the book you need my dear child.” He handed me one thousand dollars in one hundred dollar bills. Never disregard someone because you never know who it might be. God is Good.

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