Playing with Fire: Bart learns a hard lesson about fire danger. Illustrated chil

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Bart learns a hard lesson about fire danger

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Playing with Fire

Supplementary Activity Book for Kids Ages 4-8

Reviewed By Readers’ Favorite

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About Sylvia Yordanova

Hello! My name is Bart. I like going out with my friends. We have a lot of fun.

Here are my friends. They are Charlie the dog, Oberon the tortoise and Bella the rabbit. One day we decided to go for a walk in the nearby forest. We walked for a long time and became very hungry. So we stopped for something to eat.

I wanted a hot dog, so I started a fire and threw the match into the bushes.

“Hey, Bart” yelled Charlie, “You should never do that!”

“Do what?” I was confused.

“Throw a lit match into the forest.” Charlie was furious.

“Stop worrying Charlie.” I said, “The match was almost out.”

“One small spark could set the whole forest on fire.”

“I already said it was almost out. What is wrong with you?” I was getting annoyed.

“Alright, alright,” I said, shaking my head. I poured some water on the fire and stomped it with my feet, making sure it was completely out. Then I hurried to catch up with my friends.

When I finally caught up with them, I could see they were still angry.

“You have to learn to think before you act Bart.” Charlie was the first to speak. “Do you know what a fire would do to the forest?” He asked.

I kept silent as Charlie continued. “It would kill many animals, birds, and insects.”

“And tortoises like me who can’t move very fast,” Oberon said.

“And rabbits like me can get trapped in their burrows. Bella said.

I kept silent as Charlie continued. “It would kill many animals, birds, and insects.”

“And tortoises like me who can’t move very fast,” Oberon said.

“And rabbits like me can get trapped in their burrows. Bella said.

“Let’s keep going, guys. I think Bart understands and won’t be careless with fire again.” Charlie said as he started walking away.

I was getting tired of my friends picking on me and telling me what to do.

“OK, since you guys are so smart you can go on without me!” I said in a huff.

“We aren’t saying you’re stupid Bart. We just want you to understand how dangerous fire can be.” Bella stated in a soothing voice.

“You guys make it sound like that. I see the adults light fires all the time. Never mind.” I started walking away.

“Don’t go, Bart,” Oberon called out.

I was hurt and angry. I kept walking away.

I went away by myself. I stopped for a swim in the river and found a bee hive in a tree. The honey made a delicious snack, but I was still hungry.

In my pack, I found some marshmallows. I made another fire and roasted them. My friends didn’t know what they were missing!

I lay down for a nap. My tummy was full, and I needed to rest. I went to sleep by the tree without properly putting out the fire.

I awoke to the smell of smoke and watched in horror as the blaze quickly spread.

My eyes were stinging, and I could barely breathe. The smoke was everywhere!

Through the smoke, I could see that the flames were all around me. It reached for my clothes and shoes. I was scared! I moved quickly away from it.

The little fire I made had grown to a big one, and I didn’t know what to do. I was scared. “Help! Help! Help! Somebody, please help me!” I cried out.

I overheard the animals screaming as they ran away. Then I heard the voices of my friends.

Would they come to help, after I treated them so badly?

“Help me! Help me!” I continued to scream.

I ran to my friends as fast as I could.

My friends heard me and came to help. With a blanket from their pack and water from the river, they quickly put the fire out.

Thankfully, it was not such a big fire and it was soon over.

I was scared and not feeling well. The heat and smoke made me cough and choke. My friends helped me walk because I was so weak.

Oberon stomped out the last of the flames. Making sure the fire was completely out.

“I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you.” My friends gathered around as I continued, “I started a fire to roast some marshmallows, but forgot to put it out when I went to sleep.” I was ashamed.

“Bart, how could you, after what we already told you?” Bella asked.

“It’s alright. The fire wasn’t so big, and I think that Bart learned a valuable lesson today.” Charlie said.

“Yes, I did. Fire is very serious and shouldn’t be used so carelessly.”

Boys and girls, I was very lucky my friends came to help. But all of that could have been avoided if I would have listePlease write to me and tell my friends and me what you would do if a fire starts at home or school.

It’s important that we all know about fire safety and have a plan.ned to them about the dangers of playing with fire. I will never play with fire again.

Ask your Mom and Dad about making a safety plan in case of a fire, or any other emergency. Write it down and send it to me and my friends so we know what to do. Paint, or draw us a picture with your letter so you can help teach Charlie, Bella, Oberon and me what to do.

We will post your letters and drawings to our website: www.kiddy-books.biz/Bart

As a thank you, we will send you another one of our stories.

60 pages

Supplementary Activity Book for Kids Ages 4-8


Review Rating: 5 stars!

Reviewed By Stephen Fisher for Readers’ Favorite

Playing With Fire: Bart Learns a Hard Lesson about Fire Danger by Sylvia Yordanova is a well written story… Ms. Yordanova has done an excellent job of describing just how dangerous starting fires can be, and even worse if left unattended. With the help of the characters Charlie the dog, Oberon the tortoise, and Bella the fox, she conveys how it is everyone’s responsibility to be conscious about fire safety. Playing with Fire is well put together with illustrations that really bring her story to life. I feel that Sylvia’s approach to educate children, schools, and libraries in fire safety is very admirable. To get her work in front of as many people as possible, links are included for multimedia activities and book bundles. All I can say is, wow! Well done!

Dear Parents,

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Some responses we already had from USA Fire Districts:

“Bravo! What a valuable and worthwhile venture on behalf of our children. We will post the names of the book/video and link to the book on the fire department website on the Fire Safety page. I would also ask you reach out the local Public School district.“

“We have a comprehensive fire prevention program with our local schools which we visit every year and we would be happy to include this in our education program. Also, we will be interested in purchasing the book to hand out to students.”

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About the author

Sylvia Yordanova lives in UK, USA and in Europe. She is a mother, grandmother and animal’s lover and self-published children’s picture book author. She loves children and enjoys writing children’s books. Through the adventures of her characters, bear, elephant, dog, cat, bunny, monkey, and children, she gets to show them a glimpse into the life of others. Great illustrations and the plot pulls the kiddos into their adventure. Her books are for a little bit older reader to read to a little one or for a beginning reader to read on their own. Every book has a valuable lesson and invites parents to start a discussion with kids about their personal experience. Email: [email protected] Learn more… http://www.kiddy-books.biz

Playing with Fire: Bart learns a hard lesson about fire danger. Illustrated chil

Get a free audio recording with every book! "An excellent book for children how to handle fire and what not to do." "The illustrations are great for kids and reflect serious emotions and actions. The author also provides you free activity pages of games and coloring on her web page. This is a very worthy story." "This is a cute kids story teaching children about dangers of setting forest fires; how the careless act of one could cause many animals to lose their home." "Bart Learns a Hard Lesson about Fire Danger" is a story about a character named Bart. He and his friends go for an afternoon hike into the forest and ended up in a scary situation. Bart is very careless when using matches to light a camp fire. He refuses to listen to his friends' warning about fire safety. They explain how quickly a fire can out of control, destroying the forest and harm the animals. Bart gets angry and sets out alone, deeper into the forest. He starts another camp fire to make something to eat and forgets to put the fire out while he takes a nap. He wakes up and finds himself trapped, his camp fire had gotten out of control. What happens to him and his friend caught in the fire makes interesting reading especially to see how Bart learns his lesson about fire safety. If you and your child love to read together, then you are going to love this! It's a short, simple story that should hold a kid's attention long enough to make the point. The colorful, cartoon-like illustrations complement the text. This book features bright, full-color layouts with the convenience of the Kindle reading experience with text pop-ups! This bright picture children's book is perfect for bringing up the subject of fire safety with your little ones. Use the story to talk to your kids about this very important subject. This book provides fire safety messages in a way that is not scary to them. The storybook format makes it easier for you as a parent to read and discuss fire safety with your children. This book has suitable activities which will encourage children's awareness of security. After the story, there are 16 coloring pages, word puzzles, and mazes. It misadvised that children ask adults how they learned about the dangers of fire when they were small. Also, the kids are invited to share what they have learned from the story and send a text or pictures to our website. The idea is for them to try and teach the bear, dog, bunny and tortoise how to avoid the dangers of fire. These activities should help to reinforce what they have learned about fire safety. As an encouragement for doing this exercise, they will receive a free book. Fire is a part of the world we live in and it is extremely important topic to teach kids. Playing with fire can be very deadly. Adults leaving matches and lighters within easy sight and reach will increase the child’s chance of playing with fire. So parents should do their part by keeping these things out of reach. Fire is a leading cause of death and injury in children 10 years old and younger. To protect your kids from being burned or killed by fire or smoke inhalation, they need to understand that fire is dangerous and not a toy. Children under five are twice as likely to die in a fire so teaching them fire safety is critical. The topic can be confusing and scary for them, but this book does an excellent job at helping to teach them while making it fun. This is a good book to start the conversation, or reinforce what you are already teaching them about fire safety. It strikes the right balance between story and fire safety lessons, in a single package.

  • ISBN: 9781370833641
  • Author: Sylvia Yordanova
  • Published: 2017-01-22 20:20:25
  • Words: 1635
Playing with Fire: Bart learns a hard lesson about fire danger. Illustrated chil Playing with Fire: Bart learns a hard lesson about fire danger. Illustrated chil