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Planet Terra: King of Corpses


Planet Terra Terror: King of Corpses Rough Draft 1


Calvin Pierce



Shakespir Edition


Chapter 1


I don’t believe in God. Lust is my rod. What has he done for me? Cliff abyss gust is stronger. Shame lust the illusion. Blame it for my contusion. I believed in coin it’s nothing. I wanted something. I’m alive no longer. A feast rests in my grave the belly of the conger. Step by step now the heart of the beast beats as the blood it eats cease. Body, deceit, ambition, and skin. You don’t understand the serpent pretends. The worm sends its prey to an end. Its neck snaps your skin peels its hunger is surreal. Out my tiny light fades. God’s judgment still awaits. Body is razed in an ordeal. Captive to sin, deceived and tricked fear in me. Death chomps its chops as terror licks. Death comes quick to those fooled into its constrict. Who will ever know the pawn. In trees, in shadow, and in night the thieves stole his life. His is tome hidden.


“Oh, yes good sir we would not fail you our magnificent one ha ha.” “We did.” “We finished the task,” gargled a short green goblin called Gretzgual.



“Here we are, enjoy your reward vermin,” Muno spit. Gretzgual growled at the sermon revealing fangs below its lips. Gretzgual chuckled. He pointed to the swamp untroubled.


Gretzgual made a ruckus. “What’s this trick!” Its voice shook with fear as terror dwelled in it. It fell back, kicked. The black serpent erupted from the lys. It veered its gleaming body toward the hissing goblin. Gretzgual shrieked and raised its talon. Yet, the serpent consumed Gretzgual whole. The goblin constricted is filled with woe. The serpent had teeth coated in its inner neck. Gretzgual’s claws slipped down caught in the thick of this. It wouldn't succeed as it tried to free itself. Grind- crush- the serpent shifted its neck. Gretzgual shrieked no longer. “Good,” the serpent spoke in its rough voice, “bring me more to eat.” Gretzgual lay to rest in the belly of the conger.


“Yes as always,” Muno curtsied. He rose his eyes and they shifted toward the stranded egg dirtied. This planted on a patch of ground in the swamp. “One day you will be a meal and I will control a dragon,” the green-eyed pomped. The serpent disappeared into the thick swamp. It swam toward the bottom. Then it brooded over its own eggs. Muno stops rises and walks away solemn. “I’ll get them right away,” he said aloud. “Maybe I’ll find someone who can kill you,” he fantasized.


Goblins were a men full of poison. They knew nothing only, evil a deep lust in their heart for things. Sin was their puppeteer death was their strings.


The father clan is corrupted the children live in. Human bred into sin. Nothing but the goal to win. They plunder the world in deceit. Simple their plans unfurl. They must quench their greed. The demons use wicked keys. The design is to dominate and make one world united. Nail hit it has started.


Forbidden forest middle not that far from its center. Gretzgual was speaking to Muno who sat on a blood oak tree stump.


Muno eyes squinted while furrowing his brows. He spoke in a tactful ruthless honeyed voice, “good.”


“Yes, sir so where is prize we was promised good sir?” Gretzgual spoke greedily.


“Oh, I had almost forgotten you can’t leave empty-handed.” “We wouldn’t want that,” Muno spoke. He stomped a dark green leech on forest floor. His foot rose and machine gun rebound down. He lift his foot to see the result. Gretzgual swallowed as it watched the proceedings. Muno raises his foot. It left a footprint. He turned and walked toward the dark-canopied forest. “Follow me,” he said.


Gretzgual grinned at the man’s back. Thus revealing razor-sharp brown and yellow teeth. “Yess-sirs,” it hissed as it followed Muno. Through the forbidden forest to a swamp and frond they headed. Toward the middle of the forest they traveled. Gretzgual thought everything was splendid. In the middle of the forest there was a swamp. In the middle of this swamp, there was a dark red egg.


Chapter 2


Promise the temporal trap queen dishonest.

The crown the chalice, the goal sought unbalanced.

Eyes spy hidden, the dark all around, better to agree with the wind’s sound.

Beneath king, beneath the queen, death ring of three.

Trickery deceit cooking a monstrosity the city soon to decay.

Seeking a power, but seeking death. Forever unwieldy and never real rest.

They will die soon this you know so their strategy defenses clash and disgust grows.

Disguised death made still. It’s enough death for a meal.


“It’s time I made dependable- investments,” The green-eyed man spoke. This man sought trouble, for power. He found something of interest, he approached the leader, a tower. A three eyed, tan skin human who killed every man in the tower. It was Geolorg. Ever since Geolorg made demands of the surviving women. “Give me a tribute of food every third month.” The women had no hope of combating the abuses of Geolorg. Nor could they find anywhere safe for them to run to.


The green-eyed man got to the village’s tower undetected. Geolorg had a steady pattern. Once there the green-eyed man told the women, I am the solution to your problem. If they assisted him, he decreed freeing them from their pain. He enticed the women seducing them, and they followed his every whim. For him, they had courage, and gave their lives and fought the beast. The woman killed it and in the transformation, a new beast of bondage was over their necks. This bondage is the Muno. They refused to live without him. He taught them to kill their enemy. Any other men were to become banished from their civliziation. With him, they slew the Geolorg. Certain women tricked, became drunk with sin. A chain reaction ensued. Their town turned into a perversion. All killed male bystanders and enslaved women who crossed their path. These warriors made slaves of no end of beast, man, and abomination forcing them in labor camps. Some trained sorcerers. The sorcerers addled the prisoners mind with poison. Then they used them as suicide attack dogs. They transitioned from harmless fragile girls to assassin girls.



As was his pattern Geolorg returned to the village camp. One girl disguised as a boy stands. “Geolorg you disgusting beast, I will avenge my brothers. Face me, you revolting three eye freak.” Geolorg roared with amusement. Stomp, stomp he did toward the center of the tower. Then Geolorg wasn’t on his feet. He sprawled as a spring-loaded trap net sprung tripping and wrapping him. Rushed out the women from their hiding spots screaming over the top of their lungs. Others took knives, pitch forks, and swords and picked and butchered Geolorg apart. Geolorg shrieked in terror. He contorted when branded as by hot needles. Geolorg screamed pushing the net. The women fell backward. Strength slaughtered the Geolorg. That Geolorg could no longer fight. His blood drenched the ground. He bled out, and remained motionless. The girl assassins suffered minor injuries. Each dedicated themselves to Muno and their village from that day forward. These girls recruited other girls making them soldiers even going as far to raid other villages. All killed the boys and took abled girls with them. This seclusion occurs armored and lathered in unrighteousness. They created relations with themselves; they shouldn’t have with girls. Within influenced they accept sin. Their destiny is hell.



The roaming green eye man traveled to Life Drain the Kingdom of violence and detestable sin. It had mighty boys of valor and boys of skill.

Muno walked the streets and through crowds. His eyes darted to and fro. He was listening, listening to stories of this powerful country.


Muno sent killers to frighten the king of Life Drain. He sought the king’s power, which will produce his undoing. To overthrow the king was to overthrow the queen.


Muno met with an informant one of many in his service. A rebellion a revolution directed soon begins. His desire is in reach. Skillfully, he uses his spies to place himself in front of the king. He warns him of a threat on his and the queen’s life. “Ha ha!” Muno laughed to himself in giddy amusement as he approached the king. First, there he sent hired assassins from the Rocky Hills Kingdom. He tried to get the king to doubt his security. The assassins were there hiding in the shadows. As he approached the throne the assassins saw him looked at one another shot arrows at the king. Muno shouted. They just missed him. The assassins nimbly fled. They went through the castle windows as planned. “Let’s make a deal,” Muno then promised the king safety in return, his son. Immoral queen, a mother of abominations- the mother of this soon abomination saw deceit. “Wait,” She told the king to listen. She wanted to wait for the child’s birth. This way, it may be safe. “Here is what you can do my king,” The queen demanded hide the child until he was strong. That king was a puppet to the queen’s poison. “Ha ha, yes sir,” The king declared his thankfulness to the Muno. “I promise to grant your request,” He agreed to relinquish his son in due time.


Chapter 3


From death to death royal and kidnaped a life begins. How will it end? They have come they want they can’t have they seek they take they steal. Power formed innocently plots formed maliciously.



Muno visited Life Drain kingdom.  Muno’s informant tells Muno that the queen has given birth to a son. The son’s name was Azamuku.  Sent away, they were trying to hide the child from Muno.  Then, the time came, and they refused to give their child.  Thus, Muno would take him by force.




So he sent a girl he trained from their village to kidnap the child. This assassin girl would find and force their way into a village.  Azamuku is kept there. The assassin is tasked to bring him to the Rocky Hills secret organization. A military faction of the Kingdom in the Rocky Hill mountains. There is rough terrain everywhere.  Aside from the area flattened by the Rocky Hills various craftsman groups.  Using this place, Muno would manage his different informants.    They would bring the child to the organization. There they would raise and train the boy for him.


On the torrent goer, a new captain and its crew group of yellow-bellied bandits were coming home.  Its propulsion system is buoyant magical bubbles.  It can fly over the sea top.   Here the ship’s captain was a pirate wannabe, the spoiled son of a rich man.  In his hometown, his discipline lacks any punishment. Every day, his dad gave him what he wanted.  Today he has a party on the beach and announces he will be hiring new, crew members.  That ship was a valuable for its magical qualities.   They purchased it from a group of enchanters at a hefty price.  Several enchanters were hustlers who knew secrets others didn’t.  This set them as a powerful and respected group among the unrighteous.   At Walligator’s port, in a pub at the captain’s request a party ensues.  The young captain announces there that he will be hiring men.



At the time Muno was there at the port in a cloak watching proceedings. The men spread the rumor this captain keeps his crew with hefty paychecks.  They spoke of how he had a demon spirit he could call upon. He bought it from enchanters who attached the powers to a wrist band. Pinpointed, Muno approaches the captain at the highlight of the party.  Muno tells a ghost story.  He asks if the captain is up for the task of retrieving the said egg rarest of animals. “Deep in the forbidden forest lies riches untold.  Secrets guarded by ancient creatures.  But only the brave of heart would dare venture in such a place.” The captain smirked. “Do you know who I am, I don’t fear such beasts.”  “Such a thing is simple for us isn’t it men?!”  the captain bellowed. The men purses full shouted a hearty encore to his foolish words.



That night they set off with Muno.  This captain was full of false bravery and pride.  And the crew members were full of coin.  In the forest, the false bravery melts as the forest life seized hold of the atmosphere.  By the time, they reach the swamp it shatters. The serpent erupts from the swamp.  “Yah, get me out of here,” the captain shouts.  Here the rich man uses his wristbands.   He bought from an enchanter for protection.  Through this device, he summoned a lion of fire.  That serpent spits a black bile on the man’s arms.  Bile hardens squeezing the wrists.  Wristbands short circuits and his wrist crushes.  Men screamed in horror as the serpent knocks him in the air.  “Help me, the young man shouted.”  He is in the serpent’s mouth.  Snap!  Muno gives a bitter smile at the man.  “Roar!” the serpent swallows the young man his whole crew follows next. Pride and coin lead to their destruction and defeat.




A dark, murky mist began to come over the swamp and the ground. This sea serpent whips its tongue like a knife cutting down all those fleeing. It dismembered bodies like they were articles of raw chicken yet swallowed them whole. Then, finished the mist began to clear and the beast curled its body around the swamp and it spoke. “The forest is growing of monsters.” “Make sure to keep yourself safe.” It chuckled. Muno smiled in return. “Of course,” he spoke.








Muno asks the girl of his village to kidnap the king and queen’s heir.  They are instructed to take the heir to the rocky hills to its secret organization. The child was in a village that was fairly superstitious. Muno began to spread rumors among the people that the child was a monster in disguise as a distraction. 




“Wanh, waenh, wa-hean.” Azamuku’s foster-mother held Azamuku close. “My baby,” she whimpered. Outside the home, terrifying shouts heard with ears inside the large still home. “Kill it.” “Burn them.” “Kill them!” Uproars created by Muno’s words. This foster mother possessed the skill in the care-taking. She was brainwashed into thinking the child was hers at the request of the Queen of Life Drain. Tears fell from Azamuku’s mother’s eye. His father stood ready with a club at the corridor of their room. That man likewise brainwashed- he possessed great leadership skills and was a powerful warrior. A loud voice spoke over the crowd outside their house. “By order of the King fair trial will be. The Lauran family is hereby placed under house arrest.” “Disperse return to your homes,” commanded a guard. Azamuku’s father relaxed as the voices outside began to crawl to a halt. He turned and walked over to Azamuku’s mother. “It’s a boy,” a woman-servant said. The servant was one of the few who knew the truth of Azamuku’s family in the village. These servants gave their lives to the queen voluntary. They would risk limb and otherwise health to make sure the child’s safety in honor of the queen. Azamuku’s father reached to touch the boy’s finger, cradle his brainwashed wife’s face.


Chapter 4


Sleep lie still speak no longer your walls have been breached your protection can not beat the beauty of women oh so sleek.


The trained assassin the green-eyed man planted discover the child’s location. They make there move as ordered.  For the child was destined to destroy the queen’s regime.


What proof do you have that this family has been influenced by a monstrosity.  “The great prophet has spoken it,” a man from the crowd declared.  “Yes the great prophet,” a woman insisted next.  “Yeah, right the old one,” the crowd began to join in.  The Council elder lifted his palm toward the crowd until the crowd’s sound died down causing his brown right sleeve to fall down his arm.  “Until substantial evidence is given this trial shall be postponed,” he put forward.  The crowd murmured in dissatisfaction.  The Council leader spoke to Azamuku’s family.  “While I know this is complete slander, I must not allow the suspicions of the villagers to go wild.”   “I am sorry,” he said as he began to walk away past them to his home.


A female from the Geolorg village dressed as a guard walked through the double door of the home of Azamuku’s parents.  They were unnoticed by the two guards guarding the entrance who were both nodding off.  This guard entered in and passed around a corner and strode into a room.  There this one began to take off the silver armor revealing long flowing brown hair a plump bosom and slender yet firm figure under silk purple and white garments. This woman walked out the room down the hall around a corner and was stopped by an arm at the corridor of Azamuku’s parents’ bed room.


“Who are you, don’t remember your face,” started a fair skinned guard on the left side of the corridor.  “A servant,” the woman responded promptly with a smile.  “She’s fine she’s obviously a servant she’s wearing the clothes,” the guard on the right side of the corridor with pale skin began.  “Go right ahead my lady,” he said while bowing slightly.  Thank you kind sir,” the woman spoke with her smile re-initiated.  “You’re just trying to get laid man,” the guard with fair skin said as the woman passed the entrance to Azamuku’s parents’ room.


Azamuku’s parents were sitting in brown wood chairs near a lit grey stone fire place.  Their backs were facing the woman.  Azamuku was in his mother’s hands.  The woman began to walk into the room until she was near Azamuku’s parents and Azamuku.  She walked over pulling out a brown dart blower.  Shot two shots at Azamuku’s parents.  They fell limp in their seats.  Azamuku began to cry as his mother’s body draped over him.  Guard’s guard!” the woman began to scream after putting the dart blower in her garment.


The guards came running in.  “What the!”  The guard with pale skin who guarded the right side of the corridor entered in first.  Both guards walked over to the parents.  The first guard began to speak.  “What happened,” he began as the woman quickly drew the dart blower, put it to her mouth, and shot a dart that stuck in his neck.  He fell on the ground.  The other guard only managed to spin before a dart hit him in front side of his neck.  The woman walked over to Azamuku’s mother, pushed her up with one hand and clutched and then cradled him away with the other.  Once in her arms she took a small needle from her garment and pricked him on the arm and he fell silent.  She placed him in a garbage carriage and wheeled it outside the room down the halls and to the exit of the home.  She walked past the guards who were outside the exit of the home.  They watched her leave.

Chapter 5


Six years later in the Rocky Hills Kingdom  Azamuku is made to do squats by someone he called teacher.  Every day it was this task or another.  Each assignment required every bit of his stamina.  If he failed he didn’t eat.  The times he did fail he would sneak out and hit the basket that a woman sat out on the 100 Ft grey balcony with a rock that always held juicy purple raisins. He was never told anything about himself or who his parents were.


Each day was an advancement in his training.  The Rocky hills secret organization purposely used medieval weapons for training and battle as they didn’t trust the unwieldy power of magic.  Take this wood stick.  Hold it.  Swing it. Try to hit me with it.  Ok your older you get it take this metal blade.  Only use it against the enemy. Swing it practice it against non animate objects.  He grew up hating violence and wanting only to solve problems without combat.  The importance of approval was placed on him so everyday he sought the world’s approval subconsciously.  So much so he considered killing himself but a girl changed all that. 


Chapter 7


A few days later the general sent a runner to Azamuku’s apartment.  The runner waited outside for him.  Azamuku unrolled the invoice he received from the General.  From the invoice fell an embroidered knife that Azamuku moved his left foot from as it hit the ground nearby.  His eyes looked from the gleaming erect dagger shinning in the sunlight brown wooden room to the note.  “Your mission is to… assassinate the King,” Azamuku’s voice trailed off.”  Azamuku skin undertook perspiration, he stared at the note. “If the king learns… you will be executed.” Azamuku eyebrows furrowed.  “Prove your loyalty to your general today your love ones are at risk,” the note read.  “When you deal the killing blow proclaim for Queen Isis, bring me his ring as proof.  It will be impossible to get past the wall but set assured security will be lax.  Return this to the runner” Azamuku tumbled back against the wall while still sitting on plain linen mattress on his brown wooden bed.  Like a man with knife held to his throat it seemed he was left little room for choice.  The general was decisive and wouldn’t hesitate to kill the ones he loved.


He clenched his teeth .  His eyes continued to search the sheet of paper. “Tonight!”  Azamuku stared at the note for a long time.  “Fine, crazy bastards I’ll do it.”  He jumped out of bed turned, got on his knees, and drug a large case from under the bed.  He opened it a pulled out a padded black armor with a hood.  He handed the note to the runner outside and they left.  He slid the armor on and snapped it up in tune.  He plucked up the dagger with the insignia that the general’s note instructed him to kill the King with and began to sharpen it as he waited for night fall.  He left his personal weapon there


“Crazy bastards…crazy…” Azamuku whispered as he withdrew from his apartment at night to the outside world.  He rubbed sweat from his forehead.  He gazed to his right and the left shifting his neck hurriedly. He started to walk toward the palace sticking close to the walls of the various buildings while his head swiveled his eyes contemplating every flickering shadow. The cold air caused  water vapor to pour from his mouth and nostrils. Finally he reached the walls of the palace.

Azamuku moved over to the wall and sprinkled some of the grass on the red liquid.  The grass stuck.  He strewed it upon part of the wall that didn’t have any of the liquid.  The wall generated ooze again. Azamuku stared at the wall with furrowed brows.  His eyes flitted about the wall which curved toward the ground.


Azamuku unbuckled his warm armor and slid it off after removing the fancy dagger he was given.  Slowly he took the armor swung his arms back and then forward on the side of his body and at near the peak of the swing he let go off the armor.  It cemented to the wall ooze excreting were it landed. Azamuku walked toward the wall and tried to remove the armor, but no matter what method or how hard he jerked at the side or back of the armor it wouldn’t budge.  


Azamuku took the dagger and thrust it into the armor’s hood which rested lowest on the wall and it penetrated the wall.   He lifted himself up with the dagger.  Placing his feet carefully on the armor his muscles bulged as he slowly began to turn on the circumference of the dagger by moving his legs and feet steadily around.  Finally at the opposite side he started to push up on away from the dagger and tip toe his feet backwards.  Before losing his center of gravity to the mercy of his climb Azamuku pushed up on the part of the dagger facing the sky.  He switched his right foot back and quickly moved his left foot onto the daggers handle.  “Hold,” he thought.  He pushed down and then successfully up from the dagger like a spring board allowing him to jump on the part of the armor which had landed on the curve of the wall.  He flung himself down over onto the other side and into a sea of what appeared to be thin brown mud.  He slowly sloshed through the mud growing more tired at each stroke.    He groaned as he forced each stride.  A thinner part of the mud made him take a plunge.  He rushed upward with more hurried strokes while spewing mud from out his mouth.  His face was no longer recognizable because of the mud.


Azamuku rubbed mud from his face as his foot hit a solid rubbery mass. He began to pick himself up and over onto grass.  He bent over to rest on his slippery knees. He panted involuntarily from the strain of peddling through thick mud for so long despite his extensive training. Looking like a giant turd after catching his breath Azamuku streaked across the ground swiveling his head this way and that as he made his way toward the tall middle Palace. “The note said middle palace highest room.” he began to plan.


Azamuku stopped at the grey stone wall.  His eyes followed the path of the design.  “Wish I had that armor…oh well.” he grimaced.  He placed his right hand in a foothold and gradually contrived his way up the palace wall looking down only twice.


Azamuku vaulted through the tower’s window.  “Splat, splat,” Azamuku cursed the sound his feet made as they planted themselves on the cool grey stone floor.  “It should be down this hall, a big door,” Azamuku meditated on as he attempted to slide-step his feet down the hall way toward the first big door he saw.  He grabbed hold of the golden handle of the large red door and budged it ajar inch by inch.  He looked in and then slid his way past the rest of the opening.  His eyes searched the room. “Someone’s there.”  “Ok.”  “No one else just the one,” “I don’t understand why I have to, it makes no sense but,” his thoughts raced as he steadily crept toward the bed “the general will kill her.”


“For Queen Isis,” Azamuku shouted as instructed while he simultaneously pulled the king out the large white bed and grasped him in a death hold.  The king arms flailed around and then his body fell still.  Guards suddenly burst inside the bedroom.  Azamuku let go of the king’s limp body quickly pulling off one of the rings on his hand.   “What who are you?” the guards drew their blades.  Azamuku stood with the ring in hand.  He took several running steps to the first nearest guard.  The guard swung a long steel sword at Azamuku neck his arm muscles straining with the tension in the swing.  Azamuku leaned back and slid avoiding the endeavor. He didn’t break his acceleration as he took two running steps.  On his right leg he pushed off the wall.  The second guard watched in surprise as Azamuku leapfrogged over him by placing both their arms on his shoulders and pushing up on and over him.  Azamuku landed causing dried mud to flake off his crusted body.  He sprinted down a hall and into a corridor to be surprised by a room full of several people in high ranking positions from his division including his general, but not only that the dead king.


“Another King?” Azamuku breathed causing dirt to fall off his face when his mouth actuated.  A wide eyed Azamuku gazed at the King and then his fully armed general whose lips was upturned at the corner and the edges of his mouth.  “Look our spy has arrived,” declared the general.  Azamuku faltered one step backward and his body was afflicted with numbness. “What are you waiting for arrest him,” the general said as several men began to run toward Azamuku.


Azamuku let out a single shaky exacerbated sigh.  He inhaled, pivoted on his left foot.  He bolted in the direction of the window. The guards that were chasing him earlier barred the path down the hallway.  While running Azamuku leaned on his left foot, tilted his shoulder to his left, and suddenly pushed off his left leg.  He exploded to his right barely dodging a blade that kissed the nape of his neck.  “Argh!” a guard shouted as he missed.

Azamuku finally found the window after passing the chamber he had visited for the murder with the dead king still there.  He quickly lifted his left leg outside the window and onto a foothold. The sound of clattering footsteps approached. Looking back through the window he saw men from his division nearing.  His right foot found a foot hold next.  The swing of an assailant’s blade just missed his hand as Azamuku let go of all footholds and began to fall toward the ground.  He reached for the wall once more grabbing foot holds with his hands.  He banged his body against the tower scraping his chest, stomach, arms, and legs at the same time. Men where climbing down after him.  Azamuku let go again as the men began to use steel metal claws in the gloves of their armor to grind down the wall.  “Ahhh!” he shouted as he landed on his legs.  He used his right hand to push himself up.  He turned and limped to light colored wall.

Where mud had been the ground seemed completely solid.  Azamuku galloped as best he could a grimace stricken on his face as he ran.  He slowed to a stop as his eye sight focused on the walls.  He looked behind him, men were gaining.  He let out a moan as he hurried to the light colored wall.  The wall came alive and shrunk back upon his approach.  "Please he thought as he leaped and placed his hands on the wall's surface digging his fingers into the crevices of the curve.  Immediately the red liquid formed but retreated when it touch Azamuku's mud caked hands.  Azamuku eyes were wide as he glanced at the substance.  He swung his left foot onto the curve and using it as leverage pushed up and rose his right arm onto the curve next.  He then proceeded to climb over the wall left hand first, right foot second, the liquid always shrinking from his body.  He landed pounding his body on the ground of the other side of the wall.  His bones jarred from the impact.  As he inhaled and exhaled- he rolled holding his head.  His body racked with the effort.  A grimace was pasted to his face.  "Hey Azamuku,” came a voice right beside him.  Azamuku turned to face the general swinging a pummeled hammer into his to the head.


Chapter 8


Azamuku groaned as he awoke strapped to a blood stained chair.  There a guard swung a sharpened knife at Azamuku’s secured hand.  Taking off three fingers.

How many ways are their to die,” the current general of the rocky hills secret organization spoke.

Azamuku one of the elite assassins of the Rocky Hills secret organization who is strapped to a blood stained wooden chair screams in agony as his third finger is chopped off and with it his dream of becoming a general for all to see. Fear, sadness, anger was what he felt inside.  A tear fell from his eyes as he groans in pain.  His ears began to ring as his body shook.




He was oblivious to the guard who said, “Is that all you’ll have of me sir?” The general of the Rocky Hill secret organization thirsty voice responded in the shadows of the room saying, “Cut another the spy who attempted to take our King’s life mustn’t use that hand again.”  The guard grunted as they swung the blade at Azamuku’s right hand lopping off another finger.  Azamuku eyes watered as he screamed in rage and pain.


“You will die I will make sure of it but you will suffer,”  the general said to Azamuku.


Azamuku sluggishly looked up toward the guard while his ears rang.  Only one thought filled his head.  “Why, why was he betrayed,” he thought.  The general watched Azamuku’s movement with a smile.”  Only one left the general said while the guard held Azamuku’s wrist which was drenched in blood.  The guard looked back expectantly.  “Cut it,” came the general’s greedy voice.  The guard turned back around lifted the blade and lopped off Azamuku’s right thumb.  


Azamuku screamed in horror and agony as the thumb fell upon the ground.  Azamuku eyes drooped and he saw the blood and the fingers of his right hand lying upon the dirty ground painting a picture of revolt and the perverse intentions that got him here.  Azamuku stomach quivered before he vomited on the already painted floor.  He blacked out and fell against the chair.


The general told the guard he would take Azamuku to prepared cell.  The guard handed the general the key and walked out of the cell.


The general released the restraints binding Azamuku.  Azamuku's limp body fell to the ground face first.  The general began to beat Azamuku by kicking him repeatedly while declaring he wasn't done with him yet- each kick.  


Azamuku was beaten while unconscious.  The general walked out the cell and returned with a hot cauterizing tool.  The time to “heal” Azamuku’s wound had come.


The general cut off Azamuku’s left hand at the wrist.  Azamuku grimaced but remained unconscious.  The general moved to continue his deed all the while smiling.  “We can’t have you dying yet now can we?” he said sarcastically.  He cauterized Azamuku’s bleeding wounds so that Azamuku would stay alive and could suffer.  Azamuku winced each time the hot metal aimed to sear his body but remained unconscious.  The general took Azamuku’s body and threw it in the prepared cell.


Chapter 9


Azamuku cries as he awakens bruised all over on the wet dirty floor of a prison cell. He was drenched with a dirty liquid, his left hand was missing and poorly cauterized, and so were the knobs on his right hand.  Azamuku attempted to stand up.  The cauterized flesh irritated him extremely and slowed his movements.  He looked at his arms and his face cringed with anger.  “I’ll kill them,” He said.  “I’ll kill them all.”


He looked at his surroundings.  He saw the grey pail walls and the grate above his head.  The icy cold winter wind bit at Azamuku’s wet exposed face.


Azamuku noticed the pain in his bruised neck and then the pain in his ruined body.  He slowly attempted to sit down.  The pain of the bruises increases tenfold causing him to feel on edge.


Azamuku's keen ears pick up the voice of the proctor making morning announcements over the prison stage.  The proctor declared for all to hear Azamuku's sentence- death in three weeks.  


Just then a man passed over calling down to Azamuku.  “Hey, the man said as he poured a foul smelling icy cold liquid through the grate and continued on his way.    Azamuku stepped backward the smell of the liquid reaching him before the liquid actually did.  He tripped on the uneven stone foundation and the piss drenched him.


Immediately his brows furrowed and he began to shiver as the cold liquid grew colder and the wind blew ever onward.  “Why, why him,” Azamuku began to think as the anger on his face rekindled causing his eyes to water.  “I’ll kill you all,” Azamuku thought.  Several children skipped over the grate taunting him. Azamuku overwhelmed and blind with anger grimaced, pushed himself up and spits at the grate but the spit falls back in his face.  He grimaces the treatment created sadness which overboard his heart.  “I can’t take this,” he complains.  Azamuku begins to weep as time passes and the freezing cold increases.  He shivers.  He tries to take off his clothing but without enough fingers only manages to shift his shirt a bit. He sits in a corner of the cell and shivers.  Day comes and goes

Chapter 10


Azamuku expects to die.  All the conditions felt right for his death and he hated it.  He sticks his tongue in between his teeth contemplating biting it and killing himself.  He contemplated killing himself when he was a kid.  Azamuku grimaced.  “I must have never really changed since those times,” he thought.  Now it seemed that he no longer could be anyone the world loved just like it was in his childhood.  No one had considered his situation now although rightly so.  He begins to recall when he tried to kill the king and frowned ashamed and regretful.  “Maybe I actually do deserve to die,” he thought.  


After all he did try to assassinate the king.  In fact he thought he had assassinated the king.  “A double- why had a double as if expecting that someone would come that night,” he thought.  "Why had he so easily killed the king's double?  "He must find out the truth that was beyond the gray cell door.   Why was he betrayed.  He walked to the cell door.  Just then the General's voice sounded down the hall and right after footsteps of two guards.  "Get him up and bring him to the king,” the General spoke.


Azamuku stepped back as a guard began to unlock the cell.  Two guards entered in and held him by his fore arms and began to move him.  Azamuku winced as the sensitive skin on his dismembered limbs was irritated by the quick grabs.  “I just need to trick them and run away,” Azamuku thought.  


Azamuku dragged his feet in the ground forcing the guards to carry his body upright.  They slowly reached open air free from confines of the cell.  Azamuku slammed his dragging feet into the ground lifted his shoulders and pulled his arms from the grasps of the ones carrying him.  He turned and ran toward an alley.  Strangely enough the guards did not chase.  Nevertheless Azamuku continued to run until he was out the sight of the two guards.


Chapter 11


Remembering how well his organization had been at finding targets Azamuku could only think of one place to go- home.  No one would suspect it he idealized.  Somehow he made his way home without being pursued.  Azamuku opened the door and immediately his training kicked in and he became wary.  "Who's there?"  Piluno was waiting for him.  "I’m surprised you could detect me in that state,” Piluno said as he stepped from the shadows.  "It seems your perception is as keen as ever.  It was a fluke what you did for this nation and it was a fluke that you could ever beat me.” 


  Piluno tossed a blade at Azamuku's head.  Azamuku moved his head and body to the left.  The knife planted itself into the wall instead of Azamuku.  Azamuku frowned frustrated- he wouldn’t learn anything at this rate.  "Piluno please I need help I don't know what's going on," Azamuku pleaded.  "I don't care you are a light that must be extinguished.”  Azamuku grimaced frustrated and angered by the response.  Piluno ran forward.   Azamuku's eyes bolted open, fear itself motioning him to move.  Piluno swung his blade down at Azamuku's waistline.  The strange things one thinks of in the times of crisis  Azamuku recalled all the time when he saw a soldier insulting the undead army with his blade hilt in his mouth.    Azamuku stepped backwards quickly on his left foot turned and clamped his mouth onto the blade stuck in the wall of his home.  


Chapter 12


Piluno sprinted, jumped off his left foot slashing at Azamuku’s chest.


Azamuku moved his right foot back turning his body quickly to the side and away from Piluno’s blade.  At the same time using the momentum he pivoted on his right foot and swung his neck outward gripping the handle of the blade with tight muscles.  Piluno landed on his right foot and quickly forcing his left leg down leaned back avoiding the blade that would have crossed his neck.  


Piluno exhaled took two steps backward.  He took one running step forward with his left leg.  He thrust forward his arm straightening down his left side.  Azamuku stepped forward quickly and stooped down while running.


He pushed through with all his might it came .  Piluno began to gargle and clutching his throat. 

The wood soaked up the carnage within the grooves of the floor like several deep dark fissure.  A thick dark red puddle formed where Piluno lay.  Piluno began to gag on his living fluid as it permeated his lungs.  Piluno grimaced deeply in such a way that the lines on his face spoke of a dream he had that was being butchered by incomprehensible amount of begrudging stabs.

Piluno’s body began to shake as if having a seizure.  “I’m betwer, you cunt kull meg,” Piluno gurgled as his eyes and mouth filled with blood.  His body ended motion.  “Argh!” Azamuku shouted out the moment Piluno’s voice quit.  Azamuku slammed his blade into the wood floor.  He clenched his jaw so tightly a tooth cracked.  Azamuku brought his hand to his mouth and cursed something.  His face became void of emotion.  A moment later he stood, turned, and struggled to put on some loose fitting clothing and mountain shoes.  He made his way out his home.  He attempted to stay low as he transverse out the gate and too the forest.



Azamuku put on a bag full of survival equipment.  He sheaves the blade within the slip along the back using his forearms.  Azamuku grimaced; somehow he felt he would never return here again.  Azamuku went out the building and bolted down the highway toward the border of the forbidden forest.  Men from his organization were chasing him.  So he ran into the forbidden forest not realizing that this would change his life forever.  Azamuku sprinted into the forest and the canopies began to block out all light.  Someone called his named in the forest.  The forest echoed the sound in its dark canopies.  "Azamuku we know you’re in there," it said.  "Come out now you don't want anyone to get hurt.  Azamuku mind flashed toward his crush the one he had loved all his life almost as much he loved the idea of being a general.      The voice threatened to kill his lover something that almost made Azamuku give up his position as rage and fear filled his heart.  The voice threatened to kill the one thing important to him left- the only thing that still had any good amount of hope of thriving.  It was his mistake he should have known better.  Azamuku eye brows furrowed as his brown face darkened red with anger.  Amidst the dark canopies the threanting voices' echoes died to a halt.  This voice threatened him suggesting he go to a lookout point that his colleagues used often.  He had to go.  Enraged and still fearful for his love's life he rushed toward the location to where the voices commanded him to go.



As he made his way through the dark forest he heard a high pitch bird like hissing noise.  Dark worms fell from the trees and onto Azamuku.  They began to bite and burrow into his clothes and then flesh.  Azamuku screamed in horror. He tried to throw from him the nasty worms.  One by one the strange tiny creatures gave distinguished squeals and dug away into the ground in out of site.  The worms had done something to Azamuku.  Azamuku swayed and looked at his hands they were beginning to blur.  He took one step then fell like a tree face first into the ground.


He awoke at night to a throbbing itching sensation through his body.  Mud was caked on his face. The wildlife of the forbidden forest sang its tune.   He attempted to push himself up and wipe the debris of himself.  Now standing in the moonlit light he looked around sluggishly.   He remembered his love and rushed toward the lookout point.



Azamuku made his way to the vantage point sword clasped with forearm.   He hid in the bushes near the vantage point.  Later the general came with Azamuku’s sweetheart bagged with a black mask.  “Azamuku come out,” the general shouted.  Azamuku came out.  The general smiled.  Doubt and apprehension began to fill Azamuku’s mind as his eyes moved to the general’s smiling face then the person under the hood.  “Show me it’s her,” Azamuku said shakily.  The general flippantly removed the hood revealing the face of Azamuku’s crush.  Azamuku for a brief moment was awed by the presence of the woman even in these circumstances.  The general took his dagger and slit the woman’s throat.  The woman fell to the ground dead.  The pain, disbelief, and anger in Azamuku’s heart toward the death were severe.  Azamuku fell on his knees and with blurry eyes stared at the general’s eyes.  “Why?”  Azamuku asked.  “You have long been a thorn in my side and the things you want in this world don’t matter, that’s why.”  The general spit.  Anger was all Azamuku felt now.   He yelped in pain as sharp movement was felt in his brain. Ignoring it.


Chapter 13


He clamped his sword with his mouth and ran straight toward the general attempting to cause the blade to hug the general’s stomach.  The general side stepped and deflected the tip of Azamuku’s blade with his own blade.  Azamuku fell to the side.  The general planted his foot hard into Azamuku’s back then planted his blade into Azamuku’s right arm effectively pinning Azamuku to the ground.    Azamuku enraged and in pain yelled while clinching his teeth on the handle of the blade.  “Aw it seems we missed the fun.”  A man under the general’s command in the trees voice sounded overhead.  “It looks like we didn’t need to go looking for him after all,” another member of the Rocky Hills secret organization voice sounded.  The blinding hatred Azamuku felt was enough to boil a pot.  He yelled as he wrenched his arm free of the blade pinning him by making it cut through his forearm.    He turned and threw the blade in between his teeth at the general.  The general stepped back quickly deflected the blade then laughed.  As blood poorer from Azamuku’s arm  “You can’t even protect yourself how could you have hoped to save her.” he chuckled.  Azamuku eyes burned with rage. 


A metamorphosis in his eyes the window to his soul appeared and a black wriggling pentagram was the result.  “I’ll kill you!”  Azamuku spit.  “I’ll kill you all!”  The general clutched his chest a look of surprise passed his face as he fell limp,  dead.  The other men likewise began to fall from the trees limp, dead.  Azamuku watched this confused, exhausted he fell limp.  As he lay there black torrents of worm like energy came from his left hand and fingers to form tissue and skin.  


Azamuku awoke to a bright light.  He felt the smooth prickly touch of grass beneath his left hand.  “I’m glad you are awake, I have healed your injuries.  “Who are you?”  Azamuku questioned quickly while blinking his eyes.  “Do not worry I am an ally not an enemy.”  “What could have put you in such a state I am curious to know though,” the voice continued as if wrapped in honey.  “The king,” Azamuku thought. “They must have been a formidable enemy sadly.”  Azamuku gritted his teeth.  “Do you want them dead?”  “Yes,” Azamuku quickly responded.


“Just like I have healed your injuries I can give you the power to destroy your enemies.” Azamuku felt his front side for his injury.  “It’s gone,” he thought.  He moved his right arm.  “All gone,” he proceeded to ponder.  “You can help me?” Azamuku spoke as his eyes focused on the man.  “You already have the power within yourself…” the man continued.  “I can help by giving it a push.”


Azamuku stared into the man’s greenish blue eyes.  “Yes help me.”  The man gave a gentle smile as he slowly, gingerly placed his hand on Azamuku’s chest.  Upon contact the man disappeared into a green sparkling dust.  “Wow,” Azamuku spoke as he watched the theatrics.  The man’s voice appeared although his body was no longer visible. “ I have given you power all you have to do is unleash it.”


Much later Azamuku faces the king with corspes all around him.  Men he had killed with his new eyes.  He raises his blade for the final blow.


His battles had come to and end.


At the last minute someone in a metal suit of technology comes out of a fissure of light and grabs  by the right shoulder Azamuku and attempts to stab them in the neck.  Azamuku flips that person on their back and their equipment gets damaged.  The light sucks them both in and out of sight.


Azamuku arrives in a strange world full of modern day technology.  It’s Halloween so Azamuku is taken aback by all the strange monsters.  He hears a lot of noise a home.  Thinking it could have been a war he approaches it.  Their he meets bass boom.  A man with speakers surgically scientifically embedded into him like a cyborg.  When I say party you say  party. “Bom,”  his speakers went.  “Party, ”he yelled.  “Bom,” they went again.  “Party,” the crowd repeated.

Planet Terra: King of Corpses

The story of my life if magic and goblins we're real. Which they are. Just look at your wife. Please enjoy my progress I know I will. If I could best describe this I would call it Grannys homemade pie times 100 reiterated several times. Be sure to leave a comment if you enjoy. Once I build this following I can offer more and more premium but for a fee.

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Planet Terra: King of Corpses Planet Terra: King of Corpses