Photo Booth Rentals: The ultimate guide to photo booth rentals.

Photo Booth Rentals:

The ultimate guide to photo booth rentals.

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Table of Contents

Photo Booth Rentals: 1

The ultimate guide to photo booth rentals. 1

Introduction 5

Chapter 1: What Is a Photo Booth? 6

Chapter 2: Business Executive Summary 8

Company 8

Description of Product and Service 8

Market 8

Financial Profile 9

Summary Description of the Business 9

Business Model 10

Strategy 10

[* Chapter 3: The Photo Booth Business and You 12*]

Chapter 4: Photo Booth Rental Business 14

Chapter 5: Choosing a Photo Booth 16

Chapter 6: Why A Photo Booth Works 18

[* Chapter 7: Demystifying The Photo Booth Jargon 21*]

[* Chapter 8: Choosing Between Types of Booths 24*]

[* Chapter 9: Know The Differences in Photo Booth 26*]

Chapter 10: Green Screen Photo Booth 29

[* Chapter 11: Liven Up Any Reception or Party 31*]

[* Chapter 12: Increasing Popularity of Photo Booth Hiring 34*]

[* Chapter 13: How a Photo Booth Can Enhance Special Events? 36*]

[* Chapter 14: Photo Booths for Business Promotion 38*]

Conclusion 41



[] Chapter 1: What Is a Photo Booth?

The new “must have” in wedding entertainment is having a photo booth! Ever wonder what one is and why you’d want to have one at your wedding?

Generally speaking, it will be either an enclosed or an open air area that will include a camera, backdrop, and printer. Keep in mind however that not all booths are created equal. They can vary the size, shape, and quality. Some will allow you to print pictures right on the spot and others will have the pictures uploaded onto a website for later viewing.

So, why are they so popular at weddings? Here’re my top 5 reasons why you should consider having a photo booth at your wedding!

1. Start the entertainment! The first hour or so of a reception everyone is still in their shells and unsure of what to do, but a photo booth gets the fun flowing right away.

2. It includes everyone. If you’re a bit of a wallflower, (like myself), receptions can make you feel left out, but everyone from young to old can have fun in a photo booth!

3. Gives your guests a gift. Each guest will get a special gift to remember how much fun they had at your wedding.

4. More reminders of your day. A good company will have the ability to give you digital copies of each picture. Then you can later make a fun photo album using all the pictures.

5. Everyone’s doing it! Just like your guests expect you to provide a D.J. for them to have fun and dance with the popularity of photo booths grow your guests will also expect and greatly appreciate you having a booth!

Things to consider when choosing a photo booth company:

1. Are they fully insured? Make sure to ask!

2. Can you customize your booth? A good company will have the ability to customize your booth with different templates and backgrounds.

3. What is their picture quality like? Some booths simply use webcams for their photos, which means if you try to use them later on an album you might run into quality issues.

4. Are there any hidden fees? Some companies advertise a low price, but then will add on set up and tear down fees, limit picture prints, or even add on charges for them to bring the props.

Take the time to look really at all the companies in your area, ask questions and find the perfect booth to make your day special and fun for everyone!

[] Chapter 2: Business Executive Summary

[] Company

Your photo booth rental company will be the leader in both client service and quality equipment. You will focus your efforts on building strategic relationships between party planners, hotel sales and catering managers, banquet facility managers, and local schools. You will offer the highest value photo booth rental experience in your market, allowing controlled and sustainable growth.

[] Description of Product and Service

Your photo booth rental company will offer quality photo booth equipment, including digital photo booths, classic photo booths that dispense photo strips, and green screen photo booths.

You will have knowledgeable photo booth attendants working each booth.

You will hire independent contractors to be photo booth attendants. The photo booth attendants must possess the required skills and provide excellent client service, creating happy and loyal clients.

[] Market

Since hiring a photographer can be extremely expensive, photo booth rentals are more popular than ever. Your photo booth rental company is going to bring a high-quality photography experience to your client’s front door. Your target market includes private events held by individuals, local schools, fundraising events, and corporate events. Individuals who pay for your services will be middle to upper class with disposable income.

Fundraising groups will typically choose the lowest priced quote. This will pose a challenge to you because you will not be the lowest priced photo booth rental company in the market. Corporations typically have larger entertainment budgets, which potentially makes them the most profitable segment of your market.

[] Financial Profile

Financial projections are based on similar companies based in your geographic market. The financial statement section later in this book lists key performance indicators for the first three years of operation (based on income statements figures within the business plan):

Funds Needed and Use of Proceeds

Your photo booth rental company will need $10,000 in start-up funding.

Funding will consist of personal savings from the owner/s. The proceeds will be used to pay for equipment, a trailer to house the equipment,

insurance, and marketing expenditures. Future growth will be funded through the company’s positive cash flow or the use of credit cards.

Additional capital from new investors will not be used due to the high cost associated with this type of financing.

[] Summary Description of the Business

Mission Statement

A mission statement formally declares what your company is trying to achieve in the medium to long term. Your mission statement should be market oriented and defined by your product or service (e.g. “We provide photo booth products and services”). You should avoid making your mission too narrow or too broad. Your mission should be realistic and should not be used for public relations purposes, but instead be specific with workable guidelines.

[] Business Model

The business model defines how you plan to execute your mission statement. Your company needs to provide the highest quality photo booth equipment along with the best service in your target market. Since you may have competition in the area, the combination of quality equipment and great service will enable long-term growth and success.

[] Strategy

The strategy of your photo booth rental company should consist of the


• Attract profitable clients who value the quality of service that you provide. Do not try to win new business by being the low price leader.

Charge a fair price and emphasize your quality service and quality equipment.

• Provide the highest photo booth rental value to your clients. This means the highest quality service at a price clients are willing to pay. Do not try to “nickel and dime” your clients for short term profit.

Instead, focus on pleasing the client to ensure a long term relationship and positive word of mouth. This type of strategy will enable long-term growth and higher profit margins.

• Grow the business in a smart way. Before spending too much money on purchasing photo booth equipment, be sure there will not be cash flow restraints that may be harmful to the business. If possible,

employ bootstrap financing. Bootstrap financing is a collection of finance methods used to minimize the amount of outside debt and equity financing needed from banks and investors. Bootstrap financing requires the entrepreneur to start the business with as little capital as possible early in the life of the business to generate positive cash flow as soon as possible. Bootstrap financing methods include personal savings, credit cards, second mortgages, and friends/family.

• Network and create key contacts within the party planning industry.

Create a commission structure of 5% to 10% of revenue for each event that is referred to your company by party planners. This will create an

• Build the business through word of mouth referrals. Word of mouth is not only the most credible form of marketing, but it is also the least expensive. Subscribe to the Word of Mouth Marketing newsletter to gain insight on word of mouth marketing techniques.


[] Chapter 3: The Photo Booth Business and You

Look around you.

Each and every day, there are countless events across the country and in your neighborhood. People constantly need entertainment for every aspect of their lives, from weddings to birthdays. It’s one thing that will always be needed from now until the end of time. To have a good time and make great memories. It’s those memories that both kids and adults will cherish for years to come, so when it comes down to saving those memories, the best way to do so lies in the one thing that’s been around for over a hundred years.

The photo.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but so is the potential to see such figures when you start your photo booth business. People love to share their thoughts and memories with others. In the end, it will be the pictures they take that will be their reminder that anything ever happened at all. That’s why it’s important now more than ever to realize the potential you have at not only creating a business out of such a need but also to be that one person that they remember more than the caterer or the person organizing the event. YOU are the one thing that will bring true joy and happiness to the guests at your event. A wedding may be for the bride and groom, but the guests will be there for you.

So now that you know where the potential lies, how can you make your newfound insight into something profitable? Enter the photo booth business. With years of experience both building, servicing, and maintaining our booths, we have been able to provide unparalleled service and support that has helped many in achieving their lifelong goals and given them one thing that they can’t get from a standard job.


Here, you’re the boss. You set up your hours and how you want to run things. We can provide you with the tools and the process to make yourself potentially earn thousands a week, but it’s ultimately your decision. Keep in mind that running a business (whether it be with a photo booth or otherwise) is not for everyone. Not everyone has the drive or focus on following things through. Not everyone has the patience to understand that success doesn’t happen overnight. This is why with our help, we can get you going from zero to hero in a matter of weeks, offering your newfound services to your community in the competitive photo booth business. If you can invest even half the time you put into working your normal job, you can see returns for your hard-earned efforts.

If you want to break the shackles and monotony of the nine-to-five job, we’ve got the means to break those chains. We offer the skills to help start your new business online with a custom theme, a domain name of your very own, and everything else needed to start you off right. There’s no gimmicks or half-promised ideals. Just a passion to help others succeed where we have done the same. Stop watching opportunity pass you by. It’s here today, knocking for you.


[] Chapter 4: Photo Booth Rental Business

Although photo booths have been seen in fairs having them at your special event is a relatively new venue. People are now renting photo booths for several hundred dollars for just a few hours to help commemorate their wedding, birthday, anniversary, holiday party, and even corporate events. Many people who are looking to start their own small business are looking into this type of venture because they can get a good return on the money they have invested and they get to provide a new venue for entertainment. It is an easy business to handle and takes a minimum amount of capital to start this business. Now, it does take work so you cannot expect to invest and sit back waiting for the money to start rolling in.

You do have to maintain the equipment and make sure that it is in good working order, you have to have organizational skills to make sure that you do not book renting out your photo booth to two different events at the same time, you have to be able to deliver and set up the photo booth, and much more.

When you have decided that this will be your new business venture you need to decide if you are going to either buy or rent the equipment that is needed to start the business. On average the start-up cost for a photo booth is two thousand dollars, but it can be more. You also have the option to rent, or start a franchise from a well-known photo booth rental company that is already well established. Owning a franchise is a great idea if you want to learn how to operate such business without having to do all the research online and self-teach yourself to run the business. The company that you have the franchise with can also assist you with other aspects of the business such as how to market your new business venture.

Before you decide which route to take, you need to create a business plan so you can look at all your objectives, other marketing plans, and strategies. It is now time to think about the equipment because you cannot have a photo booth rental business if you do not have the equipment to start this type of business. If you have opted to have a franchise, the parent company will provide your new company with the equipment that you need along with training to help you better manage your business.

You will also need to get all the necessary licenses and permits that are needed to run your new business. You will also need to check in on what your tax obligations will be. Once everything is completed, you are ready for your first event, so you need to start advertising. The best way to advertise is to offer a relative or close friend the use of your photo booth free for an hour at their next event to get personal references and possible new customers. You should also carry business cards with you.

Bmore Photos Photo Booth Rentals is a company that is in the business of building memories for clients by helping them organize events that have special photo booths. If you are looking to capture memorable moments in a fun way, then try our Baltimore, Md photo booth service. We are sure you’ll like it a lot


[] Chapter 5: Choosing a Photo Booth

Film or Digital?

Customers looking to rent a photo booth often ask which is better: digital or old-fashioned film. The answer is up to the person. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

The classic, vintage style of a film booth gives them a high “cool” factor, and their photos always look great. Unfortunately, due to the rise of digital photo booths, film booths are becoming harder and harder to find. If you do manage to find a film photo booth for your event, there are some other factors you should be aware of before you make your final decision.

Film booths are slower to print than digital booths; it takes them about 3 minutes to develop a photo. They are also more expensive to operate and, weighing up to 900 lbs, more expensive to transport and difficult to bring inside some buildings. These added costs make film booths more expensive to rent than a digital booth.

When you take a picture in a film photo booth, the resulting photo strip is one-of-a-kind. Film booths are unable to store a copy of the images. Because the process is entirely mechanical, there are no saved files and no negatives. Each strip that is developed is unique; there will never be another copy. This is part of what makes the film booth experience special, but it can have its drawbacks if you are trying to put together a scrapbook of your event. If you use a film booth and your guests do not leave you a copy for a scrapbook, then you will never see their pictures.

These days the digital photo booth is king. The lower cost to operate makes rentals a lot more affordable. Guests only have to wait about 10 seconds to receive their photo strip, and you can even get a CD at the end of the night with all of the crazy pictures you and your friends took. Make sure to rent a photo booth that prints two strips of photos so your guests can share or leave you a copy.

Digital photo booths are sometimes thought to have poor image quality, but this reputation is undeserved. It is true that most of the booths that you find at malls and amusement parks these days have cheap, tacky designs and grainy photo quality. Some manufacturers seem to have lost touch with the essence of the photo booth.

The good news is that a digital photo booth doesn’t have to compromise quality or style. A few companies are emerging around the country that has honored the nostalgic quality of the classic photo booth but combined that with the features that people love in a digital photo booth. These digital booths always produce great pictures, and may look even more classic than some of the “classic” film photo booths.


[] Chapter 6: Why A Photo Booth Works

If you’ve been considering a photo booth for your wedding and weren’t sure if it’s a good idea… it is. It’s trendy, fun and a good value. As a cruise director for Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, I had an opportunity to observe people in a celebratory environment and was particularly tuned to what they enjoyed and how they reacted to entertainment as a group. After 3 years running a photo booth company, I am still amazed at the way people react to a photo booth at a wedding. I started to ask why!

When I first heard the idea, it sounded stupid, until I saw it with my own eyes. Sure enough, this old idea, which we would casually pass up with hardly a second glance at the mall, is breathing new life into wedding entertainment. When people get in the booth together, a spark ignites, the child within them comes out, and they play behind the curtain, seeing how silly they can make the photos and laughing the entire time. It’s clear to me that photo booths are the new “chocolate fountain”, that is to say, a new staple of entertainment at weddings and parties.

So why is it that while every person there has a phone with a camera in it, they line up to play in the photo booth?

UNFAMILIAR ENVIRONMENT: On cruise ships, people were more childlike and open to silliness because they were out of their element. They looked to us (the crew) for cues how to act. When we showed them it was OK to be playful, they felt free to be silly and had a blast, moving out of their usual roles. A photo booth works much the same way.

NOSTALGIA: Everyone has been in a photo booth as a kid and being in one as an adult brings you back to your childhood. Older folks may not have been in one for 50 years and stepping inside is like stepping back in time.

PRIVACY: It is something like a game of peek-a-boo! We know we are going to show our photos to everyone, there may even be an external monitor, yet when that curtain closes we feel we have the privacy to loosen up, distort our faces and pop out laughing! Then we show them our 4 frozen moments of goofiness!

SPACE: No matter the size of the booth, you have to get close to others, breaking down our usual social barriers as we suspend our personal boundaries. This is exhilarating in itself, but it also means the usual rules of conduct don’t apply, and we let ourselves “play” and interact with the booth and the people we are with. It’s fun.

MEMORIES: The photo booth captures people who might not normally be photographed together. What a wedding photographer captures are quite different from what a photo booth captures. Strange pairings of people who might only be together at your event are preserved forever. This could include family members mixing with college friends from the opposite coast, children with great-grandparents, and best buddies who have never met until now. It gives them something to do together; an experience to share.

ENTERTAINMENT: Most importantly, a photo booth works at a party because it is a source of entertainment. For all of the reasons above, it is very entertaining. It’s less about the photos and more about the experience you have while you are in the booth. You squeeze, you giggle, pose and mug your faces, use props and get creative! Not everyone enjoys the dance floor, but everyone has a face!

Old and young, rich and poor, across race and religion, everyone has fun in the photo booth. Once you unleash your version of the “Roger Rabbit” on the dance floor, there’s no editorial control (yikes!), but if you don’t like your photos, you don’t have to show anyone, and you have the option to go again. Plus, each guest goes home with a wedding favor which reminds them how much fun they had at your wedding!

So, a photo booth serves 3 main functions for one price: entertainment, memories, and flavors. That’s not bad value for your dollar. Photo booths at weddings is still a very fresh idea which is always favorable with today’s brides who are looking for unique ways to entertain their guests. Every bride wants her reception to be memorable. Having a photo booth at your wedding reception will be something people enjoy and remember.


[] Chapter 7: Demystifying The Photo Booth Jargon

Renting a photo booth seems to keep getting more complicated. Many of the terms thrown around in the booth business are lost on actual clients. This chapter is an attempt to clear up some of the jargon, provide a few tips, and help you make informed decisions. Fully armed, you will be ready to rent the perfect booth for your event.

DSLR Camera

This is a term you will see thrown around a lot. DSLR stands for digital single-lens reflex. The digital equivalent of the 35mm Nikon or Pentax, your parents, used to carry around. A DSLR can certainly take quality photos. However, many points and shoot cameras produce quality results, as well. Your best bet is to look at samples from recent events.

Dye Sub Printers

Dye Sub is short for dye sublimation. Virtually all reputable photo both operations use some form of this technology. Dye Sublimation printers use a heat transfer process that uses a film to produce the images on the paper. The quality is usually good, and the printing speed is fast. There is not a noticeable difference between one dye sub printer and another. Steer clear of anyone still using ink jets. While the quality is good, the time to get your print at least triples.

Green Screen

Green screen is a feature often offered by photo booth companies. Green screen is the process used on television and the movies. The actor stands in front of a green background. The software is used to remove the green background and replace it with the video clip of choice. The same process can be accomplished in a photo booth with fewer precision results. The booth will have a green background. When you step in and look at the monitor, you will not see the green background, but instead, the custom background loaded in the software. Your strips will be printed with the custom background, as well.

That is the good news. The bad news is that the cut-outs will not be perfect. Some green fringing is almost always present. Barely noticeable on the small strips. However, it is very noticeable on prints made of individual images after your event.

Social Media Integration

Social media integration is becoming increasingly in demand. The idea is to allow instant sharing of your photo booth images on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Two different methods accomplish this.

The first method involves an on-screen promo in which you can enter data and send yourself the pic. While great for low volume events, this method greatly reduces the number of sessions the booth can do per hour.

The second method involves using a social media kiosk outside the booth. Although this may cause some congestion, it allows your photo booth to keep humming along.

For your social media integration to run smoothly, you will need to have a reliable, fast Wi-Fi signal at your event. Be sure to check with your venue and photo booth company.

Unlimited Sessions vs. Unlimited Strips

Lastly, let’s clear this one up once and for all.

A session is defined as every time the photo sequence is started. It doesn’t matter if it is a group of 20 or a single couple. When the camera starts whirling and lights popping, the session has begun. Unlimited sessions mean you can use the booth as many times as you like. Typically, two 2 × 6-inch photo strips are printed per session.

Unlimited strips mean that instead of the booth printing two 2 × 6 per session, they will print as many as you want. Usually one for everyone in the booth.

Photo booth companies are often heavy on jargon in an attempt to convince potential clients of what makes them special. It is best to keep it simple. Know what the booth looks like, see some samples from recent events, get references and check for proper insurance. Have fun!

[] Chapter 8: Choosing Between Types of Booths

Most of us know about photo booths and could have tried shopping for one to use during a special event such as a wedding or some other big party. You will find just about two different types of photo booths. The first one is perhaps the popular traditional type that comes with a bench, some roof, and curtains that afford a degree of privacy. These days there are newer types of photo booths whose design is quite different from the traditional box type that comes with a camera that has a lovely backdrop at its front.

The open type booth: The first advantage of the open type booth is the fact that you can take large group photos of up to ten people. This means you will have more fun taking pictures especially when you want to keep memories of people who attended your special events. No one wants to miss out on the laughter and giggling that comes along with events where the group is taking a picture. Maybe the best part of the whole deal is the other fact that transporting such a booth is no big deal, and it can be placed in areas where the traditional arcade type booth will not fit. The only downside of the open booth is that using it outside becomes a little cumbersome since you have to work out plans on how to obstruct direct sunlight.

The arcade type booth: The traditional arcade type booth is what most people have known, and it comes with an attachment that can be hard to replace. This is the covered booth that has curtains for purposes of privacy. One advantage of the arcade type booth is that it is easy to match it with the existing decor, and you only need the smallest amount of space to have it in place. The photographer using the arcade type of booth has some controlled consistency and settings to use with the only disadvantage being that you can take a picture of more than four persons.

Having seen the basic differences between the two existing types of booths, choosing what you are going to use will be determined by what value you want out of the event you are holding. As soon as you make up your mind, it is always a good idea to have the venue checked that it will accommodate the type of booth you desire to use. The person hiring out the booth should be in opposition to advice on the best spots where you will get a good value for your money.

Photos provide good memories for special events, and there is no better way of ensuring these memories don’t get lost by choosing the right type of photo booth. When you hire this state of the art photo booths, you can trust that the lifelong collection of pictures you create will be something you will want revisit over and over again. Don’t forget to ask for special props that will increase the fun of taking pictures such that when they are printed, they give you the best quality prints.


[] Chapter 9: Know The Differences in Photo Booth

Ten years ago, the idea of having a photo booth at a wedding reception, private party or school dance was a novel concept. Times have changed.

Booth mania has taken off. Now, photo booths have now become as common as disc jockeys and professional photographers.

Photo booths are a fun way to add some excitement to almost any event. Like hiring any vendor, it is important to know that you are getting. This chapter will add some clarity to help you make the right choice in hiring a booth company for your event.

1) Is a photo booth right for my event?

The answer is usually YES! However, you must consider your crowd. If your group is reserved or laid back in nature, it may not be the best choice. Photo booths appeal to all ages. As long as you can imagine your guests getting crazy, you are likely a good candidate for a photo booth. A group of academics at a business conference, probably not the best choice

2) What kind of booth do I want?

Booths rentals come in 4 basic varieties.

· Traditional Arcade Style Booth- These are the booths that resemble photo booths popular in arcades in the 70s and 80s. The advantage is the retro look and feel. The disadvantage is that these booths only accommodate 2 or 3 guests at a time and tend to be the most expensive offering.

· Open Air Photo Booth- Basically a booth without the enclosure. Your guests stand in front of a background of some type. The advantages are there is no limit to the number of people who will fit and the costs are usually reasonable. The disadvantages are a lack of privacy provided by the curtain.

· Pop-Up Booth- Pop-up style booths are becoming increasingly more common. Imagine a pop-up tent with sides. These booths can look good or really bad from vendor to vendor. It is of particular importance to see exactly what you will be getting. The advantages of a pop-up style booth is in its ability to accommodate more people than an arcade style booth. Typically up to 10 guests. Also, it is easy to transport making it work well in hard to access areas. One the downside, the picture quality is often lacking, and the booth tends to get warm due to limited ventilation.

· Pipe and Drape Style Booth- A pipe and drape style booth uses an enclosure that is made from the same components used in trade shows and many reception venues. The booth is enclosed with drapes on four sides and open at the top. This type of booth is usually bigger, accommodating as many as 15 or more guests at a time. The open top keeps things cool and can be set up in multiple configurations. The extra size also allows for softer lighting producing better quality images. On the downside, the extra size requires extra space. Usually at least 6 feet x 9 feet of space is required for a pipe and drape photo booth.

There is no right or wrong photo booth. It is a personal decision. The average rental price for a 4-hour booth ranges from $400-$1600. It is worth the time to make sure you know your options, check references, and verify insurance of the vendors you are considering. Have fun!


[] Chapter 10: Green Screen Photo Booth

Green screen photo booths are trending and how

With the advent of smartphones and brilliant picture quality that the cameras installed in them offer, the trend of clicking pictures has reached a whole new high. People are capturing almost any and every moment in the hopes of remembering good old times when they want to walk down nostalgia lane in the future. The addition of effects is becoming popular by the day, and there are some ways in which various kinds of effects can be added to pictures to make them look more striking, beautiful, fun or catchy. One of the most commonly used ways of having a fun element added to pictures is by using green screen photo booths. The technique of using green screen photo booths is also called chroma key compositing, and it adds any background to the real photograph which is captured against a specially constructed green backdrop. This method was first started to be used in Hollywood filmmaking in the 1930’s and today it is rampantly used in movies, serials, news telecasts and even for fun photo shoots that people indulge in at weddings and parties or for making their portfolios.

The variety and fun that green screen photo booths add to life

The sheer variety of elements that can be added in the background of a person’s photograph with a green screen is so wide that it has escalated this technique’s popularity to tremendous levels worldwide. There are some restrictions that one has to follow, though, while using a green screen booth such as follow the proper foreground and background code, wear proper clothing, etc. As far as making the subject wear proper clothing before shooting in green screen photo booths is concerned, is that the person should be wearing a color that is in sync with the background. A color like blue makes the subject look invisible on the real screen and for green objects such as plants; a blue chroma background is used. Many companies are offering for renting today. In fact, things have become easier with the advent of software which can easily be downloaded off the net. With a green screen photo booth, you might be sitting in a boring old studio, but you can appear to be anywhere in the world, or even out of the world in space!

Parties and social dos are increasingly hiring green screen photo booths

The concept of having a photo booth installed at your party along with a variety of props for your guests to have a gala time clicking their pictures in whacky ways is emerging as the top party trend of the season all over the world. For those who are willing to shell a few extra bucks to add to a whole new world of fun and frolic to their event, green screen photo booths can be hired. The booth allows guests to select from among a variety of options for their background and then go ahead posing like there is no tomorrow and have a ball of a time!


[] Chapter 11: Liven Up Any Reception or Party

A picture booth is an excellent way to ensure that your party or wedding reception is the most talked about function for years to come! Imagine being able to look through candid and fun pictures of your friends and family enjoying themselves at your party!

Rent or Build Your Picture Booth?

A picture booth can be rented, or if you or a friend or family member is handy, one can be built without too much difficulty. There are booth rentals available in most major cities and usually, come with an attendant that will set up and run the booth for the entire party.

How Are The Booth Pictures Delivered?

A wedding photo booth generally consists of the booth itself, they can be as fancy or plain as you are willing to pay for, and the pictures can be delivered in a variety of ways including the traditional 4 picture strips, a typical computer printer printout, and in many cases, you will be given a disc of the entire night’s pictures to have forever. Also, many photo booth rental companies have an online album option whereby you and your guests can relive the night’s revelries at home on a computer.

How About Photo Booth Props?

Many picture booth rental companies provide props and costumes to spice up the photos a bit, they may be an extra charge but worth it to make your photos unique. Kids love to have their pictures taken in a photo booth, and the addition of costumes make it all the more appealing to them.

Where Can I Use a Photo booth?

Some of the functions that may be livened up with a picture booth are wedding receptions, sweet 16 parties, corporate events, and proms. The candid pictures captured at these events with a photo booth versus a photographer can make all the difference regarding the memories generated.

Make Sure Your Guests Know About the Picture Booth

Where you put the booth at your party can make a huge difference. Make sure people know where the photo booth is in the room, and that it is readily available without being in the way. An announcement by a DJ or a mention on the invitation will ensure that you will have photos of all the guests that want to participate and have their photo taken.

Where Can I Find A Photo Booth?

Again, most major cities and outlying suburbs have a photo booth rental companies. The prices will depend on things such as the size of the booth, how long it will be in service, and whether or not you have decided to include props. You really can’t go wrong renting a picture booth for your reception or party!


  • * Chapter 12: Increasing Popularity of Photo Booth Hiring

Arranging a party is not a child’s play as you have to consider a lot of things before that. You have to invite the guests by sending invitations to them, order the food, and set up some fun activities to keep the guests engaged in an amusing way. One of the cost-effective way to entertain the guests is to hire a photo booth from a renowned local agency.

To keep the memories alive, the guests can take photos in whatever poses they want and with whom they want. Most of the image booth hiring companies have a high-standard camera and a high-tech printer to capture the images and for fast printing out the images. These companies provide the customers with a tarpaulin that has the logo of the company. They also enable the guests to recall the photos from where they are taken by printing the name of the event and the host on the guestbook. The photo booth session has been further made interesting by laying out many props like caps, eyeglasses with a moustache, colorful wigs, and others. The use of many other toys like weird masks, shields, and swords have given the guests the opportunity to take the snaps in a unique way.

The setting up of photo booth is very simple. Moreover, this outstanding entertaining source occupies very little space. All you and your guests have to do is just to enter inside it and use the props they like to take pictures of them. Today, due to the advancement in the technological field, the attendants of the booth can give the prints within a few minutes. For taking the photo you won’t have to adjust anything, the attendant will do everything on your behalf. In this way, you can make sure that your guests have quality time at your party.

If you wish, then you can make the things simple and yet make the images look attractive by choosing a white backdrop. When you are choosing a white background, you are making the images stand out from the crowd. But, if you want to make your background romantic to take a photo with your fiance, you can choose a floral or set sun background.

However, while choosing the photo booth company, ensure that the company is reputed as well as has strong previous performance record. It’s better to communicate with the clients of the company directly so as to know how well they have performed in the past few years. One of the big draws is sharing. The guests simply walk away from the event after having the print out of the snaps. They can share it afterward on the various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They sweep these images through their tablet computers after linking them with the hired photo booth. As such, through this social network, the event of the host is also promoted.


  • * Chapter 13: How a Photo Booth Can Enhance Special Events?

The number one reason to host a special event is to celebrate something unique and exciting. As the host, you want to make sure that your guests are enjoying everything you have worked so hard to put together.

The number one reason to have a photo booth at your event is that they simply escalate the fun and excitement. People tend to loosen up when they are placed in front of a camera in a fun environment, especially when they have props and fun clothes to play with. Your event is already going to be the talk of the town- why not spice it up with a little bit of creativity? Photo booths are a great way to take your party to another level and bring out the wild sides of all your guests, regardless of their age.

In addition to being the hit of the night, what better way to treat your guests to fun memories that are easy to create and even easier to bring home the same night than to have a photo booth. Of course, you want to hire a professional photographer to take pictures from start to finish, but why not send your guests home with spur-of-the-moment memories of the amazing night they just had? Next thing you know, you will wake up to phone calls from those people who could not make it, wishing they had been there due to the extended excitement, aftermath talk, and the best part, pictures to show off.

The best part of having a photo booth at your event is how simple they are from beginning to end! Research is easy to do online, and there are plenty of options for all locations. Photo booths range anywhere from $500 to $ 1,500, depending on the package of choice, making them affordable for all budgets. They are also delivered, installed, and broken down by the company in which you ordered them from. Also, most companies will also send a staff member to interact with your guests, ensuring the absolute best customer service. It is as simple as picking up the phone to place your order and watching as your guests rush to get in line all night!

Not only do photo booths spice up the excitement of your party, create memorable gifts for your guests to take home, and are easy to have at your event, they also take lots of work off your hands with having to entertain your guests for all hours of the night. After running around all day to ensure proper set up of all vendors, you can finally relax and enjoy all of your hard work. After seeing all the fun your guests are having, I bet you will even jump in on a few shots to prove you were there for all the amusement.


[] Chapter 14: Photo Booths for Business Promotion

The growth in party photo booths at weddings and other private functions continues to rise at a pace, with it becoming the ‘must have’ entertainment addition, the popularity of which can be attributed to the fun factor, suitability for all ages and not least of which the memories that they naturally provide.

What are party photo booths?

Similar, in principle, to the high street and supermarket foyer ID Booths, except they’re designed for portability and transit, more often with a modern or unique design. Operating very much the same, except being pre-hired, they don’t require cash or cards to operate, while still offering the same instant print.

Those of us of a certain generation will fondly remember in our teenage years, cramming into the booths with our friends or ‘first love’ at Woolworths, the long slow wait as the ‘wet’ print is created and waving it frantically to dry! Today’s generation perhaps are sadly more familiar with a ‘camera phone’ snap and a retro feel ‘Instagram’ instead?

This nostalgia hasn’t gone, indeed the joy of a print is still very much appreciated by even the ‘smartphone’ generation and the eagerness to have a go is evident in the number of school proms now booking them.

How does all this work for business?

At some point, every business has to promote themselves to potential customers, finding interesting ways to achieve this is a never ending task, finding interesting ways to achieve this and have the customers continue to talk about it an even harder, never ending task.

A popular occurrence at present for large brands is the ‘surprise celebrity’ in a photo booth, users unknowingly, enter the branded booth on the promise of a lovely free print, and out pops a secreted celebrity who joins them in the photos. David Beckham, Peter Andre being two recent high profile examples. These companies are cleverly exploiting the benefits, just on a larger scale, not least of which regarding spend.

It would be fantastic if all business could afford their fees, but this isn’t realistic. The point is you don’t need a celebrity or the budget to hire a celebrity; a photo booth has the potential to influence customers on its own. Corporate photo booth hire is a winning hit customer at all levels.

Consider what they offer: Fun customer engagement, which comes with a ‘gift’ capable of conveying a targeted message – the print! Used correctly that print output can be a useful & powerful medium for all sorts of promotions, discount codes, direction to social media, repeat business rewards etc etc. The ‘win-win’ being the customer loves receiving them and better still you can be fairly confident that customer is going to share their experience with others. The appetite for print is as popular now as it was from when the whole media of photography was invented.

With perhaps the exception of a few industries, which may require a more somber approach, there aren’t many who couldn’t benefit from the warmth and affection that photo booths and indeed photos have for almost everyone!

The point being to stop considering photo booths as entertainment, intended for the annual office party or convention. Consider them more as part of a rounded marketing toolset, which in the right environment can pay measurable dividends.

Today’s booths can do so much more too: Video, green screen, printed gifts, plastic cards. 3D photos are just around the corner.



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Photo Booth Rentals: The ultimate guide to photo booth rentals.

Photo booth hire comprises of two key unique selling points. Firstly, they're unique. Despite the fact that both private and corporate events are adopting them as their own, no two booth experiences will be the same - just like no two weddings and no two birthday parties are truly alike. People want to provide their guests with popular forms of entertainment, but while keeping an air of individuality. Photo booths achieve this - they're fully customizable, from the booth skin to the photographic prints, and they come in a range of designs, shapes, and sizes.The second key selling point is that they're the only entertainment feature of their kind to provide a lasting keepsake. Guests and hosts across the country walk away from their events laden with memories, but with a booth, they take home fantastic, high-quality photos they can stick on the fridge or in a photo album. Many companies provide not just a hard copy for every user - they also provide the digital copies on a CD or DVD for the host to take home and share, as well as uploading all images to a relevant website or social networking site. This gives all the guests constant access to their memories of the day, to use as they wish. It doesn't get more personal than that!Understanding these two key points is essential to hiring or providing excellent photo booth hire services.To provide these services, you need to buy a photo booth that is spacious, sleek, customizable and perfect for creating that custom, photo booth nostalgia. The booth needs to be fun for a party, professional for a business launch and sophisticated for a wedding.. It’s my firm belief that this book will provide you with all the answers to your questions you may have about either hiring a photo booth for your event or starting a photo booth business.

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Photo Booth Rentals:  The ultimate guide to photo booth rentals. Photo Booth Rentals:  The ultimate guide to photo booth rentals.