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Phoebe. Start.

The tragedy, which will show the way.

Phoebe put a cup of morning coffee on the table. Father looked at her reproachfully. He did not like dishes were crashing at their house. Somewhere there is a perception that to break something – for good luck. But in this family, no one believes in it.

Phoebe sighed wearily and pushed the cup closer to the center of the table. She thought many things as absurd. Through her poetic soul, Phoebe was never bothered about the broken cups or the fact that some things in their house goes down. She just did not think it important.

The father looked at her with satisfaction. He was warmed by the idea that his daughter despite her judgments pushed the cup and chased his worries away. Although in such family, like them, to act otherwise was impossible. It is very hard to ignore someone’s feelings, when it become your own. Many in the family do not even know that they feel really, because the ability to feel the emotional state of everyone living in this house, just do not leave space for your own emotional state.

Calm hung in the air. Phoebe was sitting on a big comfortable chair with round legs and rocked from side to side. Outside, there was a fog and drizzling rain. She was sad, but at the same time she was calm. Their house was always quiet. There has never been a loud cry or disputes, or simply any signs of voice. But inside each family member emotions, feelings and different ideas stormed. It was all they had in common.

Elvira without knocking came into the room where Phoebe was sitting. Knocking definitely would be superfluous, since she was well aware that her sister felt. She sat down beside. Phoebe felt pleasant warmth in the heart. Her sister was filled with compassion for her. Heart Phoebe, seemed was wrapped up in a soft warm blanket. She gently hugged her sister, showing her gratitude. But somewhere very deeply she longed for a couple of minutes to be alone. Prior to the depths of her soul, none of her family still did get. Therefore, no one could know when he needed to go away and let Phoebe to be alone.

It was almost morning, but Phoebe had not yet gone to bed. The rain continued to drizzle outside, and the fog shrouded with more power all around. Now Phoebe could not see the mysterious forest around, unable to look at the trees, and various birds sitting on a branch. She could only watch the slow-moving white shroud. At a time when all her family slept soundly, Phoebe could really relax. She was tired of the endless stream of emotions that her family experienced. But early in the morning she finally could just be alone with herself, to listen to her emotions and to understand her desires. And she wanted to know what was forbidden to know.

Phoebe closed her eyes for a moment, and dream immediately took her. Her body screamed to her that it finds it inconvenient, but sleep was more power. A few minutes passed from the time Phoebe drifted off to sleep, but a sense of panic crept deep into her heart. She tried to break free from the spell of sleep, but it was difficult to win this fight. Then her body began to burn in agony and now growing inside panic made her heart pounding in her chest. The air smelled of burning and Phoebe, experienced a sharp pain in the chest, opened her eyes.

Everything was in smoke. Breathing was virtually impossible, not only because of the smoke. Phoebe felt the pain, emotional and physical. Because of this, it was difficult to even move. Around the silence was killing and a bloodcurdling screaming erupted from throat of Phoebe by filling everything around. Bundles Phoebe had not been developed, because before it was not necessary to use the voice. It was simply unnecessary in such a family. Communication between empathy does not need words. They felt much more than anyone could say. Have a paralyzed body because of emotional explosion was very dangerous. It is always dangerous. But it is much more dangerous to try it, being in a burning house. Phoebe knew she should run. But the pain, tearing her apart, blocked signals that the brain lodged in the body. Phoebe was trapped in the fire and smoke, and devoted by her own body. But at some point, all the sensations that were fettered her, not allowing budge disappeared. Phoebe ran to the window to escape from a blazing house, but a sharp jolt in the back literally pushed her out. It was a blast. In Phoebe’s ears were ringing loud. She buried her face in the dirt, and tears flowed from her eyes. She knew that her family was dead, but she was afraid to raise her eyes and look at the remains of a blazing house. See the ruins of the place where you were born and where you had been living all your life it was difficult. But even harder to realize that now you are all alone.

Phoebe’s family lived far away from civilization. Their little house was almost impossible to find. Around was an endless forest. Normal families have neighbors, friends and relatives. But Phoebe’s family did not have any. They just lived in little house. When Phoebe grew, she began to think about the meaning of their existence. The parents instilled her that another life is not that all she has is all that she can have. But Phoebe’s heart told her that she was cruelly deceived.

She was lying by face in the dirt, as she seemed like an eternity. It was very hard to believe that if by clicking, incomprehensible to her, but at the same time familiar and secure world collapsed. To such she had not been prepared. It was necessary to climb. The tips of her fingers were tingled from the cold. The rain still continued to drizzle outside. A gusty wind was playing with her bushy brown hair. What should she do next??

Phoebe collected all the will in a fist and courageously stood up. Mud stuck in her hair, stained her cheeks and forehead. From the clothes she was wearing a short silk forty, stained with mud and burnt in some places. She took a deep breath, wiped the remnants of tears from her cheeks and looked into the distance. Chilling fear of what could be expected of her in front, forced her to cry again.

When you’re an empath you difficult to know exactly what you feel. Usually, you just feel the emotions which are experienced by someone. But when you’re all alone, you’re starting to get confused your feelings, because you do not know how to feel your emotions, you’re used to feel the emotions of others. Phoebe encountered something like this. She was standing near the ruins of the house, which still was burning in some places, and could not understand what she felt. She only knew that she was supposed to feel. She was supposed to feel grief from the loss of her family and the fear of the unknown. But she did not feel anything like that. Rather, these emotions were just in her head, in her mind and not in your heart.

She did not know exactly where she should go, but she knew either way, in the end, should lead you somewhere. Phoebe decided to just go ahead. She walked along the narrow path. Her bare feet sank in the mud, making it difficult to move. Chill won her body with every movement. The farther away from her home she went, the more the fear of the unknown grew up in her. She was taught that beyond the forest there was nothing, but what if there was something beyond the forest?

Another world!

Phoebe was standing on the road. Cars drove past her and the wind, which remained after them knocked her down. The noise from whizzing past cars frightened her. Phoebe was in transit for several days without food and without water. Weather treacherously got worse. Suddenly a hand fell on her shoulder. Phoebe jerked away from the surprise, and a shrill whistle sounded on the road.

“Stop!” Phoebe heard someone scream in fright and looked into the stranger’s eyes.

It was a young man not more than twenty-five years. His skin was dark, expressive blue eyes and dark brown hair. Phoebe saw in front of a completely normal person, the same as she was. It confirmed her fears, parents lied to her. Outside the forest, too, there was life.

Phoebe wondered. She knew that the stranger was feeling. The air smelled of panic and genuine surprise.

“You have to go from the road otherwise you can suffer” the stranger spoke again.

Phoebe understood not very well what he said. But she very well versed the emotions, so the essence of what the stranger wanted to convey, she perfectly understood. In her family rarely someone spoke. It was not necessary, because every perfectly feel and understand the feelings of another. They communicated with each other only emotionally, without words.

The stranger stood and looked at her. Cars were driving past them, honked, and some drivers were shouting nasty things. In the end, the road was designed for cars and not for pedestrians. Phoebe felt their anger and resentment. These emotions were stronger than those she experienced before. Perhaps because it was more.

“What happened to you? Why are you barefoot?” the stranger grabbed Phoebe by the arm and dragged her to the curb.

He examined the girl from head to toe, and Phoebe felt his bewilderment. She cautiously glanced around and looked back at the stranger’s eyes.

“Where am I?” she asked timidly.

Phoebe was not sure that these words were correct. She had a little practice, to talk to people.

“It is Skrimlend!” the man replied.

He quickly took his jacket off and put it on the shoulders of Phoebe. She glanced back. For Phoebe his effects were not clear, although she knew what kind of emotions moved him.

“Do you have somewhere to go?” the stranger asked.

Phoebe shook her head. In the world she did not have a place where she could go. And it was, somehow sad. Although these feelings, more likely belonged to the stranger. Yes, he felt sad because of the fact that in front of him man was standing who had nowhere to go. But at the same time, he had compassion and a kind of pity for the girl. Phoebe did not understand what all the emotions that she felt were the stranger’s emotions. But the fact that he had compassion, telling her that he was a good man.

“Skyland ?!” Phoebe repeated.

“No, Skrimlend!” the stranger corrected her.

She nodded again and began to look around. She tried to understand what she should do next. In the city there were too many people. She felt their emotions were trying to get into her head and partly she knew that if she let this happen, she would go mad.

“What’s your name?” he asked the stranger.

For Phoebe, it was the easiest question. Her name she could clearly say in all languages of the world. Phoebe sounds the same everywhere.

“Phoebe!” she said firmly.

Her teeth were chattering from the cold. It gave her a kind of childlike innocence.

“I’m Tobias! Come on, I’ll feed you,” the guy confidently took her hand and led her toward his house.

It was early morning, and usually at this time Tobias worked on his next picture. He was a little-known artist, but the money he got by selling his paintings, it was more than enough. There were, of course, and these pictures he showed no one, and even he did not think to sell them. He considered their ideal and believed that one day they would bring him worldwide fame.

But that morning, his inner voice told him to go for a walk. More recently, Tobias began experiencing a creative crisis. It was incredibly hard to create his paintings, because he did not have a muse, lacked inspiration.

While Phoebe and Tobias were going, they did not talk. Each of them was too deep in thought.

“Make yourself at home!” Tobias opened the door of his apartment before Phoebe huge and nudged her forward, so that it soon came.

Phoebe had never thought that people can live in such places and many families can live in one big house.

“Thank you!” Phoebe whispered, feeling the heat gradually was penetrating into her body.

“You need to take a bath,” Tobias said.

Phoebe nodded. She knew what bath is. Such place was in their home too. Their house had the kitchen and many different rooms. Everything was just as in the apartment of Tobias. The only difference was that they lived all alone in the forest.

Got up under the hot jets of shower, Phoebe felt pleasant warmth. This sweetly spilled over her body, forced to relax. Different tubes stood on a shelf near the mirror. She took the first available and sniffed. It smelled fresh and something else. She did not know what could be called a sharp cloying smell that emanated cold. Their home never had anything like it. She timidly squeezed a little gelatinous substance out of a tube on her palm. The smell instantly enveloped all around. Phoebe joined two palms and rubbed the gel drifted it first on her shoulders, then chest and stomach. Nice chill appeared in those areas for which she had drifted a gel. At first she was afraid because of the strange new sensations. She had never experienced anything like this, but then the sensation of light chill on her body became like her. It was a strange feeling, but pleasant.

While Phoebe took a shower, Tobias was trying to make an omelet. Perhaps it was the only dish that he can cook well. He wanted to feed the girl, so he decided not to poison her inept cooking. Tobias felt that Phoebe was unusual girl, and his whole being had an incredible desire to learn everything about the girl.

When Phoebe came out of the bath, on the couch in the living room a white shirt and tight black pants lay. Phoebe thought at first that the pants were too small for her. But it turned out, it was well stretched. Catching alluring smell of hot food in the air, she headed to the kitchen.

“You warmed up?” Tobias asked, noticing Phoebe, standing in the doorway.

The girl nodded. Tobias took her hand and sat at the table. He did not communicate with the shy girl for a long time.

“I’m not a good cook, but I hope you will like an omelet,” Tobias said, and raised an eyebrow playfully.

He always thought that a raised eyebrow makes him Alfonso. But Phoebe did not even look at him. She was too hungry to look away from the omelet with a golden crust. Picking up a fork, Phoebe began eat. The food was hot, but she could not wait.

“You probably did not eat all day!” Tobias suggested, surprised watching the girl swallowing hot food.

Phoebe frowned. She realized that her behavior caused Tobias misunderstanding and even some disgust.

“Three days!” she whispered, looking into the eyes of Tobias.

Just at the moment when her stomach was half full, she noticed how beautiful man was sitting in front of her. His big blue eyes were like two lakes, pronounced cheekbones, a broad forehead and a perfect dark skin stressed his beautiful eyes. Phoebe had never seen such unique people. She imagined that the world had so much beautiful. And all of this she could find out.

“It is too long. Where are you from?” Tobias asked.

She could not give an answer to this question, because she did not know the name of the place where she lived.

“I do not know,” Phoebe said frankly.

Her answer made Tobias feel delight. Now he could imagine anything. His first thought was that the Phoebe was alien girl who came to Earth by accident. It was his most stupid fantasy.

Phoebe giggled. She seemed to read his mind. Tobias felt alert. He did not know why she laughed, but the laugh without reason caused in him some suspicions. From the first moment of their acquaintance, he realized that Phoebe was unusual girl. She had something ethereal, something with which he had never faced. Tobias boldly looked into her eyes, looking carefully at the very depth, so as not to miss a single detail. He wanted to solve, to understand what was located in the great expanses of soul of Phoebe. She abruptly stopped laughing, responding to a shrill, piercing eyes of Tobias. She understood his desire to know everything about her, but it was for her at least unclear. His life she spent in a limited circle of people: her mother, father, who believed that all should obey him and sister. Phoebe was always among his family, a man thirsting to know what was forbidden to know.

And in that moment, when she caught glance of Tobias, she could not understand why his desire to know it was directed at her. She always thought that people is for the most part the same. She knew that every person had the universal set of emotions.

“If you have nowhere to go, you can stay here” Tobias offered and guiltily looked down at the plate.

He realized that he was behaving too arrogantly. Tobias was by nature a humble man who loved solitude and devoted himself to creative work. He never allowed himself to behave disrespectfully toward someone else. Tobias loved etiquette and civility, though often he was just an observer of people from the high society, who did not allow themselves to excess.

“Thank you!” Phoebe whispered in reply and turned again to the eating of food.

She still had difficulty with verbal communication, but the standard answer like “yes”, “no”, “thank you” or “please” that she knew, rescued her every time.

“You probably want to relax? I’ll show you the room,” Tobias said, and as the gentleman jumped out of his chair to help the girl get up from the table.

He showed the girl one of the most luxurious rooms in the apartment. Tobias preferred to sleep in a small room, which was next door to the room in which he drew.

“Thank you!” Phoebe used one of the generic words that she knew.

Phoebe really liked the room. A huge bed stood in the center, high glass cabinets were on one side of the room, and on the walls pictures hung. Phoebe always lived in a small room with a bed in exactly half of what it was in the proposed Tobias room.

When Tobias left, Phoebe felt some unpleasant emptiness. She was faced with this feeling at the moment when her whole family was killed. This emptiness was so deep that she felt a sadness and loneliness.

Tobias returned to his room. He really did not want to part with Phoebe. He wanted to talk to her, or just be there to be able to observe. At some point, he realized that the girl gave him peace of mind and got rid of the constant voltage. Previously, he always thought of his paintings, upset when the creative spirit left him, but from the moment he met with Phoebe, his thoughts were occupied only by her. And it was not connected with any matters of the heart. Tobias took the girl as something ethereal, something incomprehensible to him and something very important.

Phoebe was lying in the middle of the huge bed and considered unusual painting hanging on the wall. She knew that one artist painted these pictures. She felt fear, alienation and a deep loneliness, looking at the pictures. The artist felt it when he created it. Involuntarily tears rolled down her cheeks. She realized that every man carries in his heart a certain a part of grief and a part of sadness. It was in that all men were like. The pain was all the same. We sometimes feel lonely, sometimes sad, and sometimes we want to cry. All this is in each. Phoebe was upset because this conclusion. Only then she realized that the parents gave her best childhood. Childhood far from understanding what is sadness and what is loneliness.

Tobias sat in his cramped, cluttered with brushes and easel room. He waited for the girl was rested, so it was possible to continue a conversation with her. Find the person to whom you feel an irresistible attraction that makes you feel the taste of life and realize that you’re not hopeless when dark band starts in life, this is one of the biggest challenges in this life. Tobias thought that she was such person. In fact, he did not think of Phoebe as a subject of love, he thought of her as every believer thinks of God. He saw in her a hope, considered her a ray of light, which should take him out of the pitch darkness.

Phoebe fell asleep so quickly that even the tears on her cheeks did not have time to dry. She was looking for peace in her sleep she just wanted to get off the train was called life at least for a while. She always thought that others feel that they care about how they live. But because of her gift to feel other people’s emotions and feelings, Phoebe did not understand what she felt. Throughout her life, she managed a couple of times to be alone with herself, and instead feel the depth of her soul, she plunged into the void.

“Phoebe, are you asleep?” Tobias knocked and opened the door slightly.

Girl lying on the bed, curled up and she was singing something. Tobias called Phoebe again. Again, she did not respond. Then he plucked up courage and went into the room.

“Phoebe!” he cried indignantly.

The girl jumped out of bed in fright, not understanding what was happening. Tobias was frightened by her behavior, though most likely he was just scared that he did not understand her behavior.

“What happened?” asked Phoebe, feeling a mixture of fear and misunderstanding in the air.

Left alone, Phoebe sank into oblivion. She was no dead or alive. Only when Tobias was next to her, and she fell into his emotional field, Phoebe was again alive.

“You were singing?” Tobias worried.

But the strange behavior of the girl awakened his interest even more.

“I do not know!” she said and got out of bed.

The girl quickly went around the room on the perimeter, stopping next to each picture and saying “this.” Tobias was baffled by her behavior. The girl felt it, but easily ignored this feeling. When she reached the final picture, Tobias noticed the tears in the eyes of the girl. He did not understand why she was crying. And Phoebe, too, did not understand. Its lack of understanding they shared with each other.

“It’s your works?” She excitedly turned to Tobias.

Tears froze in her brown eyes. Phoebe was too vulnerable at that moment, as Tobias.

“Yes,” he replied timidly and began to stare intently at the girl’s face.

He did not understand why she was so emotional, could not understand her behavior, and certainly did not see in her anything normal and usual.

“Your work is very interesting,” Phoebe looked around the room again, paying attention to each picture.

Tobias felt a wave of pride at her words, but at the same time he was visited by sadness. He lived for his paintings, lived the opportunity to draw and feel the world through the brush. But the muse deserted him, and he just did not know who he was now, and what he had to do next. The girl immediately understood everything, Tobias felt.

“Draw me!” Phoebe walked slowly to Tobias and looked directly into his eyes.

The girl, it seemed recognized his most secret desires, resurrected his secret hope of being able to return to his former life.

“You will not mind?” he asked, not believing his luck.

Tobias wanted to draw the girl from the very first moment of their acquaintance. Of course, he could not just admit it.

Waiting for the appearance of Phoebe, Tobias was sitting on the edge of his throne in front of the easel. He could not wait to start drawing the girl he could not wait to look at her through the prism of art. He hoped to see Phoebe in her true face, hoping to unravel her mystery and understand her.

When Tobias looked up, he saw a naked girl’s body. About this he could only dream of in his wildest dreams. He saw her perfect curves, stunningly scribed waist and bewitching hips. Her skin was perfect, smooth tones, shimmering under the daylight. She stood before him quite openly, God’s creation, pure and mysterious. Tobias held his breath, afraid to scare off this magic moment. He was afraid to do something wrong, afraid to scare off Phoebe. She gave him a priceless gift that he did not know how to take.

Phoebe felt embarrassed and delighted at the same time. Such feelings Tobias had. She stood motionless, like a mirror, reflecting the lives of others. Phoebe felt free and satisfied. She never experienced the magic of art and sharing the loving husband Tobias to the visual arts, she was waiting for magic. She could spend an eternity, cherishing the hope for a miracle. How often do people amuse themselves such illusions, escape from reality in order to find meaning where there is none?!

Tobias skillfully drove the leaf brush on white paper. He carefully scrutinized, he studied Phoebe’s body, afraid to miss the details. He looked forward to the success of his work. Even without finishing, he already knew that this picture would be one of the greatest of his creations.

After several hours of labor, the picture was finally completed. Tobias experienced something incredible, looking on the work. He had never experienced anything like it in his life. It seemed to him that he created the masterpiece he felt that he had subdued all the power of art he became the master of the brush. Inspiration came back to him, only his muse now Phoebe was. He knew exactly what she gave him the opportunity to create.

“I never thought that someone could draw so beautifully!” Phoebe whispered excitedly, studying the picture carefully.

Tobias smiled. He was grateful to the girl, and grateful for the chance to re-create.

The search is over.

On the street was rain. The weather was, to put it mildly, bad. But Phoebe was no longer possible to stay in the apartment. She wanted to take a walk and look at the lives of people. Having lived all her life away from civilization, she certainly was interested to learn about the lives of other people at least something.

Tobias felt particularly important person at that moment. He felt the rise of the spirit, felt necessary and a little bit happy. Phoebe was not quite normal. She behaved, to put it mildly, not everyone. She was admired the most primitive things, she did not hide her children’s joy every time saw passers-by. For all this girl was something quite abnormal, she was what no one could understand.

“It’s very beautiful here!” Phoebe looked at Tobias by her open and innocent look.

He felt strange warmth inside. He was touched this girl. She made him to feel cozy. Every time she looked at him, any problems or any disturbing thoughts disappeared. Her gaze dipped to his carelessness and ease.

“And where did you live?” Tobias asked.

His thoughts about the fact that Phoebe was from another planet, quite satisfied him. He loved all unusual, because he was an artist. But he could not imagine what could be the place from which she came. She definitely was a good, sincere and cordial. In his world, he thought, people could not have such qualities. He always faced with incomprehension, anger and open ignorance of people. That’s why Phoebe was something completely incomprehensible and surprising for him.

“I lived away from it all!” the sadness came in the voice of a girl.

Tobias immediately scolded himself he asked Phoebe such a question. He did not want to upset her, because looking into her eyes shining with joy, he felt alive.

“Look over there! It is a building where many great artists for the past few decades exhibit their paintings,” Tobias pointed to a tall building with a metal dome on top.

It was the most favorite place in the city for him. Many times he imagined that his paintings would be exhibited there.

“So your pictures too exposed there?” Phoebe asked.

She looked at Tobias by her admiring eyes with a drop of children’s lights, waiting for an answer.

“Yes!” Tobias said, without thinking.

He imagined so many times that he really is one of those great artists, whose paintings are exhibited in that gallery. But it was not so. Tobias felt within himself the unpleasant feeling of guilt. He did not want to cheat Phoebe, it happened by itself.

“So, the picture on which you drew me, too, will be exhibited in this building?” Phoebe’s voice turned into a joyful murmur.

The girl looked at him with incredible respect and Tobias loved it. This glance, he wanted to see in everyone who knew him. His heart seemed to shout “Yes, look, I’m great!” Since childhood, Tobias was pursued by thirst for power. He was always a recluse, a man who at times was not seen. He hated it so much, so one of June day, when he was sitting on a small bench near the coffee shop, he vowed to himself that he would gain power and he would prove to everyone that he is a great. It took several decades, but this has not yet happened.

When Tobias and Phoebe came home, they had a surprise. Big gray cat was sitting on the doorstep. It seemed he was expecting the emergence of a host.

“Oh my God!! He’s so cute!” Phoebe first noticed the cat.

She sat down on the cold and dirty floor next to the cat and took him in her arms. It always amazed Tobias. She did not think that she can get dirty, or that she can look ugly. She just yield to the impulse of her feelings.

“He is too beautiful to be a draw,” Tobias concluded.

He was never a huge fan of animals. He knew that they do not give so much happy as dirt. And for a creative person cleaning did not bring joy. And he did not like the noise. And from cats is always a lot of noise. They play at night, meow day. It was not tempting for Tobias.

“But next to him there is no host. Can we take him?” Phoebe looked at Tobias with her innocent eyes, imploring him to consent.

He felt somewhat sorry for her because of the fact that he lied to her about the picture. Therefore, he could not refuse. Tobias nodded in response, and Phoebe screamed with joy.

“Thank you!” she whispered.

Tobias said nothing. He did not feel it was not right to accept the gratitude of a girl he tricked. Phoebe soon felt his guilt. She could not understand why he felt guilty. But she did not dare to ask. Usually Phoebe always knew why a person experiences any emotion. But at that moment she did not understand. When they were out for a walk, Phoebe at some point could to pull away from emotional state of Tobias. She plunged into some other emotion. But she did not know in which ones.

“I’ll make tea!” Tobias said, and hurried away.

Phoebe caught his slight irritation. Tobias did not like the cat. But she could not understand why he allowed her to take him.

Phoebe hurried to her room. She really wanted to be alone with a cat at least for a while. Her life turned into a gift. Her dream to see a different world realized. So she always wanted to have a cat, and now, she had. Phoebe was more than happy.

“What’s your name?” Phoebe kept saying, stroking the gray cat.

But in response the cat was only purring pretty. Phoebe felt the joy of the cat, his pleasure and something else. Something else was in the emotional state of the cat. But Phoebe could not understand what it was. This she had ever felt.

Tobias was thinking about the girl almost every waking moment. It was a senseless occupation, but Tobias had a very vivid imagination. By nature he was not a realist, he loved to dream and he loved to live in his dreams. After a meeting with the girl, he sat down on an imaginary world. His imaginary world found a new niche, and Phoebe was this niche.

“He likes you!” Tobias walked into the room to Phoebe.

He was immediately surprised by the relationship between the girl and the cat. Tobias was not a supporter of animal. He was not the enemy, too, but he always thought that for hem, for the artist, it was impossible to have a pet. All my love and care he gave to his paintings.

“He is very affectionate!” Phoebe smiled her broad and sincere smile.

Tobias took a deep breath, to somehow move the enchanting feeling that flashed in him because her smile. Yes, Phoebe inspired him and in a sense, Tobias thought the girl was his blessing. After all, for every person whose life is inseparable with the creativity it is very important to have his muse and blessing.

Phoebe was spending time with the cat, trying to please little friend. She stroked his hair, scratched behind the ear and whispers sweet words. Therefore, the appearance of Tobias was not immediately noticed.

“He’s lucky,” Tobias said, attracting the attention of girls.

At some point, Tobias felt within him a strange feeling of jealousy. It was like an absurdity, and he was not immediately able to admit it. But he became jealous of Phoebe to a new friend. He felt deprived of girl’s attention and even a little forgotten. For a sense of self-pride began to speak in it. After all, he was the savior of the girls, but the cat got all the laurels. He considered it was unfair.

“He likes me. I never had a cat, thank you for letting me leave it,” Phoebe looked at Tobias with her virgin and shining eyes.

Tobias did not actually give permission to leave the cat he only allowed to temporarily take him. But when she looked at him with shining eyes with joy, he could only nod in response. Of course, a huge fortune from what the cat will live in his house he did not feel. But it seemed to him that the payment for the happiness of the girl was not so high. He just had to get on with the cat.

Phoebe stopped playing with her new friend and switched her attention to Tobias. She could feel all his feelings and knew that he was not enthusiastic about the cat, but she was grateful to him so that in spite of all his senses, he did not like the last egoist and not kicked a defenseless animal on the street.

Tobias filled two cups of tea and sat down on a comfy sofa in a small corner. From there, it was very convenient to watch Phoebe. Last time Tobias only watched Phoebe. This was a new meaning for him. He observed and studied the girl.

“Why are you sad?” Phoebe sat down next to Tobias and stared into his eyes.

At the heart of the girl heavy load appeared, something very sad, disturbing a soul.

“I’m not sad. Now I am absolutely calm and maybe even happy.” Tobias said proudly.

But Phoebe still felt some weight on her soul. But if it was not feeling of Tobias then whose it was?

Phoebe looked at the cat, playing on the carpet. He did not look like a sad animal on the contrary the cat was unusually cheerful and active. Phoebe could not tell whence it came this strange and very unpleasant feeling inside. She felt as if her soul drowned, submerged to the bottom of the deepest ocean.

“Maybe you’re sad?” Tobias held out a cup of tea to girl.

He said this, without thinking, just it was the first thought in his head.

“I do not know,” Phoebe thought.

She never knew how she felt. All her feelings were always someone else’s feelings, not her. When Tobias suggested that this could be a sense of Phoebe, she was delighted at first. She always dreamed of having her own feelings. But she was not sure that it really could be her feelings.

“I just noticed that people ask questions that they would like that someone asked them,” Tobias continued to argue.

Phoebe listened to his every word.

“But …” Phoebe did not know what she had to say.

Tobias took a deep breath, leaned back on the couch and stared at the face of the girl.

“Phoebe, why are you sad?” his voice sounded like something unusual.

Tobias imagines himself a great man, knowledgeable about human psychology everything.

“I’m not sad, I’m hurt,” Phoebe as if lost in a trance for a while.

Tobias noticed the girl’s eyes were bleary, and her look lost its integrity. The girl looked at nowhere.

“Phoebe,” he anxiously tugged her hand.

She flinched in surprise. Tobias thought she was unusual. He even thought that maybe she came from another planet or another galaxy. But something happened that caused him to back out of a fantasy world, and face the truth. The girl was quite unusual, and some a little frightening.

At night, Phoebe could not sleep. She still felt it anxious feeling inside. She felt that it was getting stronger, deeper and scarier. As if this anxiety filled her as a vessel.

Cat was snoring on the feet of the girl. Because of this, Phoebe was afraid to move. She lay on the bed and just stared at the ceiling. Darkness made her nervous. It was somehow difficult to breathe and she wanted to cry. At such moments, usually you want to rely on the help, I want to believe that someone up there definitely save you. No matter what it is, God or anyone else. It is just enough to know that someone is still there. It is enough to know that this someone have all the power in his hands, this someone is all-powerful. But Phoebe did not have this knowledge. In her family, no one ever talked about God, and no one ever mentioned the existence of something powerful. So that terrible night, when her soul was filled with deadly sorrow, she had in her heart a drop of hope for a miracle. She soon felt helpless and lonely, and certainly not waiting for rescue.

In the morning, when the bright rays of the sun covered the city, Phoebe continued to lie motionless. She thought about the words of Tobias. He said that perhaps, this sorrow could be her emotion. But watching the rays of the sun penetrating into her room, filling all the bright light and warmth, Phoebe knew that she had absolutely no reason to be sad. She found life in itself beautiful. Even despite the fact that some strange emotions always filled her, Phoebe thought that most of them did not make any sense. For example, human’s sadness seemed to her absurd, because there were so many inspiring things in the world that people ignored. Or anger … This sense Phoebe did not quite understand. Of course, she knew what anger is, but she thought it was just cry of a weak soul.

“Phoebe, are you asleep?” Tobias clumsily knocked on the door.

The cat jumped up on his paws, stretched, and jumped to the floor. Knocking woke him.

“No, come in,” Phoebe tried to say as loudly as possible, but she did not have much strength.

For a moment, she thought that Tobias did not hear her, because after her words only silence followed. But then, the door’s handle was turned, and Tobias walked into the room. He looked extremely fresh and happy.

“It seems to me, or you do not sleep all night?” mood of Tobias quickly changed.

Phoebe instantly felt a change in the mood of Tobias. She felt his amusement gave way to disappointment. Emotions of Tobias allowed her at least for some time to step back from the lousy feelings that plagued her sleep all night.

“I did not move,” Phoebe tried to make a joke, but by doing so introduced Tobias in error.

He did not really understand what was going on with the girl, and did not really understand how he should deal with her. The only thing that Tobias was so sure that Phoebe was his inspiration and that he could not continue to create without her. That he was well enough to accept any truth about her.

“Your friend, it seems, slept well” Tobias nudged the cat, rubbing on his leg.

He still did not start to feel sympathy for the animal.

“Yes, I did not move all night, so as not to wake him up,” Phoebe timidly moved her foot.

Somewhere in the middle of the night, she stopped to feel the body. This happens when a person lies motionless for too long.

“You’re too kind to him,” Tobias chuckled, genuinely not understanding why Phoebe was such a kindness to the little hairballs.

Phoebe, in turn, understood perfectly the feelings of Tobias, at least to some extent, and she did not share them. She just took his position as a fact as something with it was impossible to argue.

“Okay. Get dressed, and I’ll wait for you in the kitchen. Breakfast is ready,” Tobias remembered the reason for his arrival.

Almost all people of his age with whom Tobias had to see already had a family. But it was not necessary for most Tobias. He never dreamed of a family, never thought of procreation and all that. He just drew, and his paintings were his family. In the real world, simply no one did understand him. As you noticed, Tobias was a very kind young man. He was thin, had high growth and disproportionately long arms. In today’s world it was enough to admit his as a freak. Tobias was not worried about it, because he had his painting. With them he spoke, he drew them, and so he knew that his painting never hurt him.

“What smells so?” Phoebe felt a suffocating smell, entering the kitchen.

She did not know what might smell so badly.

“This is your new friend,” Tobias smiled and pointed to a corner.

Phoebe did not know what the smell was but looking into the corner, she knew immediately what was discussed. This, incidentally, was a big negative in all animals. Plant pet, you should be prepared to put up with this drawback.

Tobias and Phoebe had to have breakfast in the living room. Even after Phoebe cleaned up in a corner, odor was still in the kitchen. It was very fun for Tobias. Of course, he did not have to clean up a bunch of crap. But he just liked that Phoebe learned new aspects of life that were not familiar to her. Although he probably was touched just watching the ever-changing expression of the girl when she was doing a dirty business.

“I will ask neighbors, maybe it’s their cat” Tobias finally ceased to make fun of the girl.

The whole situation was convenient for him. After this incident, Phoebe was a lot easier to say goodbye to the animals. And Tobias did not have to look ruthless and heartless man in her eyes. For the first time in my life, God gave trump to Tobias.

In the afternoon of the same day, Tobias went to the neighbors to find the owner of the cat and return the animal. Phoebe did not want to be all alone in the apartment. She was scared by enclosed space which was located so high above the ground. When Tobias was with her, she did not care about this. But staying in the apartment all alone, Phoebe fell into a trap of her own fears.

The weather outside was overcast. Phoebe went out and if she got into her inner world. That sadness that did not allow her sleeping through the night was still in her mind and it created inside the girl the same atmosphere that was on the street.

She shivered, feeling the slight tremors. She was cold, but to come back to an empty apartment she did not want. Struggling with a cold, she walked down the street. She looked around the city, wondering fancy people. She could not understand how a person could come up with to build high-rise buildings or make the color roof. Her house was the only house in the forest. Well, at least Phoebe did not know about the existence of the other. Her house was completely different from the houses she saw in the city. It was not as modern as the houses around. Phoebe was admired by the flower beds near the small shops on the side of the street, lights and the elegant cars. All this she had never seen.

After reaching the intersection, she turned left, but an alleyway turned out to be a dead end. Cold drops of rain poured from the sky with a powerful stream, and Phoebe realized that she needed to go back.

Strange squish caught her attention. She whirled around to find out what to publish such sound. But instead of reason, she saw the group of people approaching to her. They were very strange dressed and walked synchronously. It was beautiful, but scary at the same time. Phoebe was cornered.

“Who are you?” strangely dressed people stopped in ten feet from Phoebe.

The tall girl in black leather pants and corset came forward and said to Phoebe.

“I’m Phoebe!” she answered.

Behind the girl a few people was standing; man of medium height with long hair and a tattoo on his shoulder, a guy with a shaved head, and another guy who was a little higher than a girl with dark hair. Their clothes were not the only strange attribute. They looked completely not as people in the city. They looked completely different.

“Who are you?” she screamed so loudly that her scream could be heard on the other street.

Phoebe shivered. She was all wet, and her body was shaking from the cold. But all the things at that moment she could think of a never-ending sadness inside.

“Let me talk to her, Vera” tall guy with dark hair stepped forward and went to Phoebe.

She watched as a tall male silhouette approached her. Fear gripped her. She cringed, expecting the worst.

“Phoebe, where are you from?” the guy grabbed her by the shoulders and looked straight into her eyes.

Phoebe felt pleasant warmth inside. The sadness that haunted her disappeared. She was no longer afraid of man on the contrary, she liked his presence.

“I … I,” Phoebe tried to find the right words to answer his question.

But she just did not know how to say that she lived in the forest. Her house in the woods had not an address.

“Where do you live?” man loosened his grip, so as not to hurt the girl.

At this moment Phoebe looked him straight in the eyes, drowning in black for a moment. She plunged into something terrible and dark. Man’s eyes were the last before Phoebe lost consciousness.

It is not simple.

Phoebe opened her eyes. Everything blurred. The colors turned into one painting, something between gray and black. She put her hand to her forehead, hoping to bounce back. But everything still swam before her eyes.

“What’s your name?” I asked the tall guy.

He sat in the corner of an empty room. Phoebe could not immediately notice him. By the voice, now she could see the male silhouette.

“Phoebe,” without thinking, she said.

Phoebe was not scared. She felt bad cold because of wet clothes and all the same nasty sorrow of heart. But she was not afraid.

“Where are you from?” the guy got up, walked over to her and squatted down in front of her.

Phoebe looked up in the face of a stranger, stopped breathing for a moment. She felt pleasant warmth inside. On her face immediately smile appeared. This feeling aroused in her delight, instilled a sense of confidence and if it gave wings to her.

“I …” on a moment all thoughts flew out of Phoebe’s head.

She frantically tried to find the words to answer the question of stranger. She genuinely wanted to give him the most specific and correct answer. But it was difficult.

“Phoebe, where are you?” The man repeated the question.

His face changed. Now he looked at Phoebe a little angrily, open charity. She looked into his green eyes, trying to find something that would warm her. But in the depths of this man was only fear and charity. But what the man was afraid? She did not understand.

“I lived in the forest,” Phoebe said shyly.

Her lips were trembling from the cold. She hugged herself. She lowered her eyes down, feeling guilty, and began nervously fingering. Phoebe felt lonely and abandoned.

“What brings you to our town?” the man continued to ask her questions.

But Phoebe could not answer because she did not know the answer to any of those questions that she was asked by the man.

Suddenly, a powerful steel door in the room opened and a small thin elderly man entered the room. He was wore a classic black hat, and he was holding a tattered book in his hands.

“She needs to change. Take her to the guest room,” the old man said.

With the advent of the men in the room, Phoebe immediately felt a slight tingling sensation on the skin. She did not know what it was connected, because she had never felt anything like.

The man who asked her questions dutifully took Phoebe in hands. She immediately felt a pleasant warmth of his body. Wet clothes kidnapped her own heat, leaving her body only unpleasant chill. Phoebe instinctively clung to the man’s chest. Trembling heart feeling burst inside like a vortex. Now Phoebe was not sad, she did not feel abandoned and useless. New pleasant feeling inside as if erased everything else, taking everything around.

“Here you can change. Lizzie will give you some clothes,” they entered the small room and the man dropped Phoebe on the floor, pushing a little forward.

She instantly felt the warmth left her. Only the trembling feeling was now.

“What’s your name?” a girl of medium height turned to Phoebe.

She looked unusual. It was Lizzie. Phoebe not immediately noticed the girl because she was busy looking at the man. She was trying to figure out why next to him she has a strange feeling. But looking into the inner world of man, it seemed she if fell into the void.

“Phoebe!” she replied without thinking.

“I’m Lizzie! Take clothes, I hope you like it,” Lizzie put something black on the edge of the bed.

Only now, Phoebe saw how beautiful it was in this room. Bed, wardrobe, mirror and faint patterns on the wall were extraordinarily beautiful. Phoebe smiled, showing her gratitude to the girl. She felt that Lizzie was kind and she tried to deal with her as well.

“I’m waiting for you behind the door,” the man, who was standing behind her all the time, while she was considering the room, said.

Without waiting for an answer, he walked out the door quickly.

She left all alone in the room. Phoebe quickly dressed. Her body immediately began to accumulate heat, being in dry clothes. Although girls limbs were still icy.

“You’re dressed?” the man burst into the room without knocking.

Phoebe jumped in fright. Her whole life was monotonous and calm. She wandered through the emotions of the people around her and felt safe. But next to this man everything changed. Though, she still did not understand what it was.

“What’s your name? And why am I here?” Phoebe felt inside a surge of strength.

The man was surprised. Phoebe has changed in just a few minutes, turning from a shy girl in a self-confident person.

“I’m Cole.” the man answered only the first question of the girl.

Phoebe felt his irritation.

“Why am I here?” Phoebe asked again.

The timbre of her voice was insistent and forced to pay attention. The man made several confident steps to meet her. He stood very close to Phoebe, forcing her to look him in the eye.

“You do not ask questions, and I promise that you will not die. Okay?” Cole touched the girl’s cheek and frowned.

He could not understand why he had promised to her that, in fact, most likely, Phoebe would be died.

“Okay” Phoebe agreed.

She felt no fear, even after these words.

Phoebe and Cole went down the winding stairs. Cole proudly walked forward, and Phoebe hesitantly walked behind him. Down they were expected by a few people. These people Phoebe saw before. There were two other guys and girls who met Phoebe in the alley and the old man, whom she had seen recently. Seeing them, all immediately stopped talking and began to look for approaching Cole and Phoebe.

“Hello Phoebe!” the old man took a few steps forward.

He closely watched how Phoebe and Cole were approaching to the last step. Finally, went downstairs, Cole walked away, and Phoebe found herself face to face with the old man. She could not say a word. On the one hand it seemed strange to talk to the old man, “hi”, because they have seen each other recently. On the other hand, she was afraid to open her mouth, so she perfectly felt the emotional mood of each in relation to her. And this attitude was not positive.

“My name is Younis, and that Vera, Eric and Donald” the old man quickly realized why Phoebe did not answer him.

He pointed to a tall girl, who looked askance at Phoebe. It was Vera. Next to her a man with long hair and a tattoo on his shoulder stood. It was Eric. And behind them was Donald. His head was shaved perfectly, and because of this he seemed very dangerous. Phoebe studied everyone. They were very peculiar and different emotions drove Phoebe crazy. Whole her life she felt human emotions, but the emotions of these people were in times richer than emotions of other man on earth.

“Can you stop so nice to talk to her,” Vera took a step forward and crossed her arms.

Goosebumps ran over the body of Phoebe. She felt all the hate coming from the Vera.

“Shut up, Vera” Cole looked at her askance.

In fact, Cole did not understand why he defended Phoebe. He also did not understand why he promised Phoebe that she would leave here alive. But it happened without his knowledge.

“All right, Phoebe. Do you know why you’re here?” Younis took his black hat from his head and began to stare intently into the face of Phoebe.

It was like trying to read the answer to his question on her forehead.

“No,” Phoebe was telling the truth.

She did not understand why she was in this house. And she did not understand why all was configured so negatively towards her.

“You know who we are?’ Younis asked another question.

“No,” Phoebe said again.

The old man frowned. He knew that she was telling him the truth, but for some reason he could not believe her.

“We are guards. You ever heard of the guards?” Younis asked.

“No,” Phoebe’s answer was again negative.

“She’s lying!” Vera quickly approached Phoebe and grabbed her arm.

Phoebe screamed in pain. Power of Vera was too much for the fragile body of Phoebe.

“Get off her,” Cole instantly appeared beside them and looked embittered in Vera’s eyes.

Cole stood up to protect Phoebe.

“What’s wrong with you?” Vera released Phoebe’s hand.

She was furious. For the second time Cole became to protect Phoebe, offending her thus.

“Stop,” Younis has evolved from a cute old man in a furious monster.

His eyes were bloodshot and his voice made to tremble. Phoebe closed her eyes for a moment. She instinctively felt all the emotions of Younis. From this for some time, she lost control of her body and staggering to the side of the strong emotion, Phoebe fell to the floor.

“How are you?” Cole grabbed her by the arm to help get up.

He stood there and could catch her, but anger of Younis momentarily paralyzed him.

“Get away from her!” Younis ordered, seeing Cole’s hand reaching for Phoebe.

Cole paused for a moment, he thought about his next steps. He wanted to help Phoebe, but he could not disobey Younis.

Phoebe continued to sit with your eyes closed. Her body still trembled, though it was a little-noticeable. She could not understand what happened to her. At one point, she even thought that she died.

“What happened?” Vera took a few steps forward to Younic and tried to ask this question quietly.

But all heard her.

“Phoebe, what happened?” Younis ignored the question of Vera.

He looked into the girl’s face he tried to find answer to his question. But Phoebe’s face was completely blank, without any emotion. She sat on the floor with her closed eyes and did not move.

“What’s happening?” Cole decided to intervene.

The situation, to put it mildly, did not like him.

“Phoebe?” Younis ignored the question of Cole, too.

All attention of the old man was riveted to Phoebe.

“What happened?” Phoebe opened her eyes and found herself on the floor.

She became nervous.

In her head all mixed up and she wanted to cry. She never experienced in her life such strong emotions. Of course, she always felt the emotions of other people, but they were not as strong. They did not bring her down to the ground, did not deprive her mind and did not take power over the body.

“You fell down,” Cole immediately gave the answer to her question.

He slowly sat down beside her and took her hand, he helped to get up.

“Thank you,” Phoebe again looked into the green eyes of Cole.

It was difficult to understand what he felt at that moment. Her head still threatened to break up into pieces because of tinnitus. But touching his skin, Phoebe felt all around estranged. She looked into the eyes of Cole only a few seconds, but it time turned to her for ages.

“What do you feel?” Younis boldly approached Phoebe.

He pushed Cole away and stood directly in front of the girl.

He looked piercingly at her. Because of this, Phoebe felt like experimental animals, which cornered. She tried to lower her head down to hide from the annoying old man’s eyes. But Younis persistently put his hand on her shoulder, drawing even more attention.

“I do not know. But I clearly did not like what I felt,” Phoebe said calmly.

It was the absolute truth. Here are just Younis was not satisfied with this answer.

“If you really do not know anything… But somehow I doubt it.” Younis made a thoughtful face.

The silence lasted a few minutes long. The old man thought about everything and it was tiring. But everyone was waiting, not daring to break this silence.

Phoebe felt the emotional state of each other. But she did not feel the emotional state of Cole. She could not get deep into him and she could not understand what he felt. But everyone else was like on the palm.

“What is it?” Phoebe felt pure rage inside.

She examined each of the present and realized that this feeling did not belong to any of them. There was someone else. Phoebe did not feel fear or excitement. She could only feel that pure rage inside and control it was becoming more and more difficult for Phoebe.

“What do you mean?” Cole made a step towards the girl and looked into her eyes.

Thick lashes created a shadow on the cheekbones of Phoebe and her lips were compressed into a thin line.

“One of Morkhs is here,” he whispered, realizing it in the words of Phoebe’s face.

Everyone froze for a moment. It seemed that at any moment all just plunged into some trance. The silence was unbearable for Phoebe. Plunged in the silence, she was faced with a clear fury bubbling inside her, face to face.

Suddenly, Phoebe noticed something flashed. She turned her head sharply. There was no one.

“Do not move,” Cole whispered, noticing how Phoebe brightened.

She froze, not to ask questions. Not to move it was not easy for her, but for some unconscious reason, Phoebe obeyed order of Cole.

“I see,” Vera said loudly and in an instant all rushed to one side.

They were like chasing for a ghost and attacked on void. Phoebe was difficult to grasp the meaning of what was happening. She felt that everyone was emotionally unstable: fear mingled with courage, pain mingled with despair. But Phoebe felt something else.

“Phoebe!” a voice broke into the consciousness of Phoebe.

She turned her head sharply, and something very hard and translucent bumped into her. She did not have time to be frightened. Flopping on the floor, Phoebe stared on hanging over her dark semi-transparent stain. Haze around the strange things that hung over her, pressing her harder into the floor, constantly move, because it was difficult to understand, what it was. Sometimes Phoebe saw silhouette of a man, and sometimes translucent dark spot, like a floating cloud. Perhaps Phoebe had not realized what was the creature was hanging over her, but she knew exactly what it was filled. She felt that something frightening and incredibly dangerous. Phoebe seemed drunk an elixir of pure evil, which tasted like a rotten fruit or mold. Feeling was disgusting. Incomprehensible translucent cloud seemed to be getting stronger. Phoebe felt as her body gradually turned into a cake, which was crushing. She felt helpless. It is becoming increasingly difficult to breathe. At a moment Phoebe even lost consciousness as she thought. But in fact she just plunged into the inner world of the unknown creature, losing control of herself. Rage took possession of her. She felt its power, was ready to challenge the devil. But the moment and it was over. The cloud hanging over her disappeared. And filling her fury was gone, too. Phoebe became old Phoebe.

“How did you do that?” Donald took a few steps forward to lying on the floor Phoebe, but Cole stopped him.

Phoebe soon felt his aggressive attitude.

“Do what?” Phoebe quickly got up from the floor.

She felt like a sheep among lions pack.

“Do you know what just happened?” Younis broke into the conversation.

Phoebe shook her head. Now, when all looked at her with open hostility and resentment, she wanted to escape.

“It was one of Morkhs. They are residents of a parallel world. These creatures are an absolute evil. Many of us were killed in battle with these creatures. Therefore, we are all surprised by the fact that you’re alive,” Younis said.

Of course, Phoebe still did not understand anything. The open hostility prevented her from concentrating. But understand that she was in danger, Phoebe still could.

“I think now we need to find Morkh and send it back. She just startled him, and not sent back. Therefore, we can talk with Phoebe later,” Cole said.

And it was the right decision. But Phoebe dшв not want to be alone. She did not want to just stay in this strange house with these strange people. But she did not talk about it.

Phoebe was taken to the room where she was changing. The door was locked, and the girl did not have any chance to escape.

Phoebe sat down on the bed and started to wait. She always knew how to sit and wait. She could be in this state for a long time. At such moments, she did not think about anything. She seemed to sink into the void, in the safest place, and enjoyed nothing. But at that moment she could not turn off the flow of thoughts in her head and lapsed into silence. She heard some strange noises behind the wall she heard something crashing, someone shouts and constant buzzing. This could greatly frighten Phoebe if she could feel fear. But the girl did not have any drop of the fear.

Suddenly it was quiet outside. Phoebe began to listen, to hear at least some noise. Silence meant something bad to her. The girl stood up cautiously out of bed when he heard a lock on the door clicked. The door was ajar. Phoebe took a few steps, feeling in doubt. She doubted that she had to go through that door.

“Cole?” she asked faintly.

But there was no answer. Phoebe took a few more steps. One more step and Phoebe was very close to the door. She pushed the door awkwardly.

“Phoebe, no!” she heard a voice, but before she could anything realize, something heavy fell on her.

At one point, Phoebe was plunged into darkness. She felt no fear, no pain. She seemed to hit the world where such feelings existed. Phoebe felt only an overwhelming desire to do evil.

The darkness lifted, and mind back to Phoebe. She opened her eyes, still fear that the darkness was around.

“How are you?” Younis casually ran with his hand over her forehead.

Phoebe wrinkled. She nervously licked her lips, feeling some kind of metallic taste. It was blood. Phoebe hesitantly touched his lips. The little shapeless stain of blood left on her fingers.

“What happened?” she asked.

She saw no reason to answer the question of the old man.

“Thanks to you, we caught Morkh” Cole answered.

He stood back and looked very anxiously. Phoebe felt his concern, but she did not understand the reason for this feeling.

“Yes, and it should alert us, and not to please,” Vera said too rough.

“Vera is right!” Donald also expressed his point of view.

All were in agreement with Vera but Cole was not. He certainly knew that to believe Phoebe was dangerous. But he trusted her unconsciously.

“Morkhs are from a parallel world. And you, too, Phoebe.” Younis has ceased to be cautious and just announced his conjectures.

“But I know what fills these creatures, I can not be one of them,” Phoebe felt the acute need scared, but all she felt this was unwavering firmness and confidence.

She just can not feel fear, because none did feel it.

“You know why we found you? We are guard and our duty is to make sure that none of the parallel worlds are penetrated into our world. And most recently, we discovered that something unusual has appeared in our world. It is you, Phoebe.” Younis began to argue.

Phoebe felt like a sinking ship.

“Do you remember where you lived?” Cole looked at Phoebe.

Pleasant warmth slowly poured into Phoebe’s mind. For a moment it seemed the world disappeared. Only she and Cole existed.

“I lived in the forest.”

“In the forest?” Vera spoke maliciously.

“Why do you live in the forest?” Cole ignored Vera.

“I do not know. I just lived there with my mother, father and sister,” the girl answered.

Remembering family, Phoebe felt a pain in her chest. She first realized that her family is gone, she is now all alone.

“And where are they now?” Younis broke into the conversation.

This question proved fatal for Phoebe. In an instant, all the emotions fell on it. She could feel the salt on your lips. These were tears. Phoebe quickly wiped them with her cheeks, and defiantly looked at Younis. She felt an irresistible desire to hurt the old man.

“They died!” Phoebe said through clenched teeth.

Each present and felt a shiver. It was too weird. Younis immediately felt that he was mistaken about the girl. She was not from a parallel world, but she just did not belong to this world. Who was she?

“You stay here,” Younis gave to each his firm and resolute gaze.

Phoebe felt his power, his reputation. Like everyone else, she could not contradict him.

The object of hated.

“I brought food.” Cole walked into the room.

For Phoebe it was not a surprise. She, it seemed, knew of his decision to bring a breakfast before, Cole had decided.

“Thank you!” Phoebe felt the hot iron touched her cheek.

She instinctively ran with a hand over her face. Such feelings she had not experienced ever before.

“You need to rest,” Cole was in no hurry to leave.

Phoebe dared to raise her eyes and look straight in the face of Cole. Their eyes met, and Phoebe was plunged into a pleasant web of mild euphoria. She initially resisted this pleasant feeling, but soon the mind took up, and she took a step back. The gesture seemed to say “danger zone!”. Cole did not particularly understand what was happening. He soon became a slave of what was happening. Every time he looked at Phoebe, he became softer he did not want to tear eye from her. But all of these desires were mechanical, because he did not have any feelings.

“Okay” Phoebe whispered under his breath.

She followed to the bed, but when Phoebe turned around, there was no one in the room.

Phoebe has not desire to eat. The last time she did not have any desires. That time, when she was living with Tobias was different. She felt the beauty of the world, she enjoyed every day, glad that the sun rose every morning. She had some kind of inner life. And now, she was sitting in a large room, completely alone and did not feel anything. She simply felt the emptiness and loneliness.

Turning off the lights in the room, Phoebe lay on the bed. She stared into the darkness and involuntary memories surfaced in her mind about the feelings that she experienced, looking at the face of Cole. It was so nice and exciting she madly wanted to experience them again. Like spending in the icy darkness, she finally felt light and sun. The incredible heat instantly spread through her body, filling her heart and mind with pure energy. She felt the breath of life touched her throat. It was unforgettable.

Phoebe held all night, thinking about those minutes of bliss. She probably could spend a couple of days and nights in this state, but the knock on the door brought her back to reality.

“You’re not asleep?” Vera asked.

Phoebe did not feel such a negative attitude, which was before. But Vera still did not inspire confidence in her.

“No,” Phoebe replied dryly.

“Can I come in?” Vera stepped forward hesitantly.

She was as if hinting that failure is not acceptable.

“Come in,” Phoebe threw a blanket on the floor and sat convenient.

Vera sat across from her. Her eyebrows were furrowed. Vera thought about something.

“You already know who we are. But we do not know who you are. Yesterday, you managed Morkh …” Vera was silent for a moment.

She peered into the face of Phoebe, like studying. But Phoebe did not feel any emotion other than those Vera felt.

“I do not know who I am. And to be honest, before I met you, I thought I was the same as all” Phoebe filled the silence of her thoughts.

“I still do not trust you. But you can help us,” Vera quickly got out of bed.

She become some kind of inflated and slightly nervous. Although, in the space of these feelings a fear was.

“How?” Phoebe asked.

It was really interesting to know the thoughts of Vera.

“Come on,” Vera quickly grabbed Phoebe’s hand.

From her tight grip shiver ran through the body of Phoebe. But she made no sound.

Once in the basement of the house, Phoebe saw vessels. They were filled with something, but she could not understand anything.

“It is Morkhs. Earlier, about half a century ago, we could send them through the portal back to their world. But now we can not send them out of this world. As long as we hold them using these vessels. But I’m not sure that we can keep them too long,” Vera took one of the vessels and gave it into the hands of Phoebe.

First, Phoebe did not want to take the vessel. She was afraid that touching him, she would be in their depth of feeling again. But Vera insisted, and Phoebe was not able to defend her position. Referring to the vessel, Phoebe felt nothing. More precisely, she did not feel that awful pure evil. But she still felt something, that’s only if those feelings were behind glass. It was not as bright as that time.

“But they’re alive,” Phoebe whispered, staring at a moving black mass, similar to the resin.

“We do not know,” Vera took the words of Phoebe like a question.

But it was not a question. Phoebe was quite confident that the creature in the vessel was alive.

“What is happening, Vera?” Younis descended to the basement.

“I thought …” Vera was trapped.

Phoebe felt as the situation grew tense, but there was nothing she could do about it.

“I have already said that your idea is stupid and dangerous” Younis took a few steps towards Vera.

Phoebe froze.

“But it seems to me …” Vera began to defend.

“What’s going on here,” Cole interrupted Vera.

He was standing on the bottom step of the stairs, not daring to make a move. He looked on Phoebe, then on Vera and on Younis. His feelings were too many-valued, to describe them.

Phoebe soon felt the air was leaving her lungs slowly. It was not enough space.

“Vera has gone mad!” Younis screamed so loudly that from the tone of his voice Phoebe startled.

“No, I’m trying to help us,” Vera defended herself.

They argued. Vera tried to hold the line, but Younis again and again attacked her. Their voices drove Phoebe crazy. She felt their disbelief, their hatred, their fear and despair at the same time. She soaked their feelings like a sponge, poisoning herself.

“Stop!” Phoebe whispered.

But nobody heard. She rushed forward, toward the stairs to get out of the space which was impregnated with hostility.

“Phoebe?” Cole blocked her path.

Close to him as if she breathed the bliss. It is mixed with anger and turned into something destructive. Phoebe fell to her knees she was trying to suppress the urge to laugh out loud and at the same time to kill. Her hands were trembling and his eyes became bright golden lights.

“Younis!” Cole shouted too loudly.

Disputing could not ignore the call of Cole. They immediately stopped to argue.

“What’s wrong with her?” Vera cringed.

Younis quickly approached the girl and sat beside her.

“Phoebe?” he whispered.

“Why are you arguing? Stop!” Phoebe growled, and clutching his head, she began to moan.

The moans were tearing soul of Cole to pieces. He felt helpless. But his desire to spare her suffering was not clear to him. He felt it, but did not understand.

“We need to take her out of here!” Vera expressed her assumption aloud.

Cole, without hesitation, picked Phoebe up on the hands and quickly climbed up the stairs. Caught in the middle of the first floor, Cole was ready to run on, but Younis stopped him.

“She’s sleeping?” Vera casually brushed a strand from face of Phoebe.

“No, she’s unconscious!” in the words of Cole was a reproach.

He was terribly irritated by everything. And the only reason this was Phoebe. He felt an urgent need to protect her and take care of her.

“Take her upstairs. We need to know what kind of girl, and how she can help us,” Younis said too cold and mechanical.

“I told you …” Vera was happy to support Younis.

Cole felt a pang in his heart. He did not like that they wanted to use Phoebe. But he could not argue.

Phoebe woke up in the same room in which she slept at night. Five guards were setting around her, waiting for her awakening. Understand their feelings Phoebe could not immediately. Chaos was still in her head.

“How are you?” Cole spoke to her first.

She felt much better after hearing his velvety deep voice.

“I am fine” a small smile touched her lips.

“What happened to you?” Younis pushed Cole to the side and approached Phoebe.

He looked at her demanding, but at the same time gently.

“I just … We were swearing and I …” Phoebe did not have enough breath to describe the feelings that she experienced.

“Concentrate and try to describe your feelings,” Younis demanded, looking at the girl’s face.

Phoebe took a deep breath. She looked at everyone present in the room to make sure she was safe.

“I felt your feelings. They are like tearing me apart, forced to go crazy,” Phoebe still felt within herself the rest of the senses.

Younis did momentarily pensive face.

“You say that you do not know who you are. I will believe you. You managed Morkh and we need your help. Instead, we’ll help you find out who you are,” Younis said at last his thoughts out loud.

For him it was not so easy. It was too dangerous his decision. He did not know what was hidden inside this girl he did not know what power was hidden in her. But the risk was necessary. For the first time in centuries, the guard was in the closed trap. The guard has lost its former strength, and they needed help.

“I agree!” Phoebe is almost never thought about to disagree.

But the only reason why she accepted the offer almost without thinking was Cole. She never had to endure such a craving for someone else. It is terrible to imagine, but Phoebe had never experienced her own feelings. But Cole awakened in her something special, something she did not understand, but really wanted to understand.

“But …” Cole wanted to say something.

But a glance at Phoebe’s eyes, his tongue as if numb. All that seemed reasonable ceased to be so. It became a beacon for him, and he unconsciously reaching out to it. He hated it. Since the appearance of Phoebe in their lair, he felt vulnerable. It infuriated him. He had to do something to keep the mind in a sober state.

“Vera will help you with the choice of clothes. We have our own fashion” Younis mysteriously smiled, casually glancing at Phoebe.

Phoebe felt something chilling in his eyes, but knew she was not supposed to be afraid of.

“Get out!” Vera began to speak very loud and demanding.

She pushed one after the other. Finally, Vera pushed Cole out of the room, and now she and Phoebe were alone.

“Trust me,” Vera said, smiling confidently.

Phoebe felt the positive spirit of Vera. But she did not even guess about what waited her ahead.

“Wow!!” Vera breathed trapped air in the lungs, seeing a new look of Phoebe.

It was very difficult to call Vera open or a friendly personality. She was accustomed to cruelty around her, accustomed to the fact that in her life there was no place for some joy and positivity. And while she was still wary of Phoebe, she felt some need to communicate with her. Something attracted her to Phoebe.

“This is …” Phoebe had no words.

Standing in front of a huge mirror in the corner of the room, Phoebe saw something very unusual. She saw herself, but at the same time, she felt that it was not her. Black latex suit, same as Vera, only more restrained, flowing hair, which was curled cute and powerful shoes, which was very comfortable it was all new for Phoebe. She was not sure she liked it or not. But looking at Vera and experienced her admiration, she had no doubt that her outfit was a bomb.

“I never thought that two women will be in our team. I was the only” Vera proudly lifted her chin and walked over to Phoebe closely.

The mood changed in her. She switched to the enthusiasm on the frequency of hate. However, Vera still felt hate toward Phoebe. Of course, now the hate was not only a sense, but it still was.

“I still hate you, and do not trust you. But you can help us. And do not you dare betray us …” Vera said with her cold and terribly frightening voice.

Although, in relation to Phoebe, words were always superfluous. She felt all the emotions of Vera, and the words, compared with the feelings were not so reliable.

“I understand,” Phoebe boldly looked into the eyes of Vera.

“Come on,” Vera cleverly changed temper justice to mercy and grabbed Phoebe’s hand.

Phoebe felt that she could only blink as other members of the guard were standing in front of her. Everyone looked at her equally stupid. Phoebe felt only light shades of sentiment, which had been differences in the feelings of each. Younis was impressed and proud, Eric was impressed and excited, Donald was impressed and puzzled, but Cole … He was just scared. Phoebe did not understand what he was afraid, but the fear she would not be confused with any other feeling.

“Good. One of Morkhs escaped and we need to find him,” Younis walked quickly to Phoebe.

He smiled too stupid and inappropriate. But it seems just Phoebe was baffled by this.

“While Morkh is in the house, it will be easier to find him” Donald took a few steps, standing next to Younis.

“The main thing is not to allow him to enter into our world. This castle is something like a bridge from one world to another. If he climbs out, then he will be in our world. In this case, we will have huge problems,” the voice of Donald made Phoebe shudder.

His speech scared Phoebe. But she recovered quickly from the next portion of someone else’s feelings, and with full determination prepared for the assignment.

“Good. Cole? You want to say something?” Younis threw a glance over his shoulder.

But the answer to his question was not entered.

4 + 1

All were broken on pairs. Vera went with Eric, Donald with Phoebe and Cole volunteered to go with Younis. He needed to talk to Younis about Phoebe.

“You risk” examining the farthest room of the castle and making sure Morkh was not there, Cole began his talk.

“You are about Phoebe” Younis smiled enigmatically.

Cole was on the verge of their emotions. He resented the fact that Younis as head of the guards took such a stupid decision. But he considered it was a stupid decision, not because of their clan would suffer. He thought it was a stupid decision, because Phoebe could suffer. Each of the guards had been trained. They were taught from birth how to survive and how to fight. But Phoebe was just an ordinary girl. He was just furious at the thought that she could get hurt.

“You always had a good sense. Phoebe is not suitable for this role, and you know it,” Cole put a hand on shoulder of Younis.

This gesture was like a challenge.

“You care about her … If this girl is what I think ahead many tests is waiting for you.” Younis hardened.

In his view, he was read the anger and despair. Cole felt that some knowledge was hidden for this view. But he could not even suggest how this knowledge was dangerous.

Vera and Eric checked all the bedrooms on the ground floor. They desperately longed to find Morkh and throw on him all their fury.

“It’s crazy,” Vera threw a glass jar on the floor.

They had to drive Morkh into this glass jar. It was vessel. More precisely, the vessel had to absorb a creature from another world. It was not so much threatening at first glance. I mean, from the weapons they had a magic jar. And it could not shoot or cut anything. At first glance, it looked even a little funny.

“We must be vigilant,” Eric was outraged.

Behavior of Vera always seemed silly to him. But at the time when they were in danger, he thought her behavior was slop. She exposed not only herself at risk, but also him. And Eric, in turn, did not want to die.

“I know. But Morkh there is no” Vera experienced genuine rage.

Enough time has passed. Erik, Cole, Vera and Younis gathered in the library. This room was called a library for the fairly logical reasons.

The first reason was the book, well, the second, the room kept the same portal to another world. They had agreed to meet there after the home inspection. But Phoebe and Donald were not.

“Something happened,” Cole nervously ran by a hand through his hair.

His senses were on edge. Although, to some extent, he did not understand what was happening to him, he did not ignore the inner experiences of Phoebe.

“They either forgot about the time, or caught Morkh or they are dead,” Vera said what she thought.

It was fairly easy for her to express her thoughts. After all, she had never experienced wacky sense of guilt due to the fact that her words could hurt someone. She was a typical emotionless machine for catching mischief from a parallel world.

“Shut up,” Cole clutched at her.

Vera was only amused by his wolf’s desire to break her. The motive of his behavior she did not know, and did not try to learn.

“Calm down. All is well with them. We’ll wait for them here,” Younis said.

Did he know that Phoebe and Donald were still alive? No. But he was obliged to say something supportive.

Phoebe and Donald completely forgot about the time. They decided to go down to the basement, where the vessels with Morkhs were. Phoebe felt very unstable. Being among the pure evil, to feel it was not very easy.

“Why you think he’s here?” Donald looked incredulously at Phoebe.

She felt his wariness. It upset her. They did not accept her, and Phoebe was not sure that they would accept her someday.

“I do not know,” Phoebe said.

It was true. She could not logically explain her decision to come here, but she felt that Morkh was here somewhere.

“Okay, I’ll check it out there, and you stay here,” Donald went quickly into the far corner of the basement.

Phoebe was left alone, among a plurality of vessels. She was supposed to be scary and in her mind she was scared, but she did not feel fear. She took a step forward. For unknown reasons, she wanted to go somewhere ahead after Donald. She was bewitched by this obsession. Her mind gradually stopped working, she was just going ahead. But then she heard as something fell. The sound reached from somewhere far away, where Donald was. Phoebe rushed forward without thinking.

“Donald” she called him.

But the response has not sounded. Seeing an empty vessel, lying on the floor, Phoebe stopped. It was the same vessel – a weapon against Morkhs.

“Donald?” she whispered.

At one point, Phoebe froze. She spent a whole minute, standing in a stupor.

“Hey,” it was the first thing that came into her head.

What she saw it was not commonplace. She saw Donald was hovering in the air and black smoke clots enveloped him. “Hey,” was the only thing that came into her head. But black clot had no brains. This, of course she could guess. Phoebe looked as pure evil absorbed Donald. She did not have time and enough knowledge to come up with something decent. So she just stepped into the darkness. Once in the stomach of pure evil, Phoebe seemed to dissolve. She did not feel any doubt, any fear or uncertainty. She knew what she wanted. She wanted to dominate and destroy. For the first time, she was so sure that she was experiencing.

Donald fell to the floor, gasping for breath. He did not think.

“Phoebe?” Donald felt a genuine sense of fear.

He saw Phoebe was standing among black smoke, he saw her eyes. They were burning bright gold. He wanted to rush to her, but fear took his entire will. He lay there and watched.

“What the hell?” Cole appeared next to Donald.

His appearance was not explicitly planned. Cole quickly ran to Phoebe and grabbed her by the shoulders, pushed to the floor. Her eyes were still burning bright golden light, but he had already seen it. At that moment, he was not afraid for his life, he was afraid for her life.

“Phoebe?” Cole cupped her face in his hands.

He held her very tightly. At the touch of his hand, Phoebe felt a slight tremor in the body. Her eyes dimmed, and her mind returned. Her life again became uncertain and no meaning, unfeeling.

“Cole?”Phoebe was bewildered.

The last thing she remembered, this was vessel, lying in the legs, and an awful bunch of black smoke, smothering Donald.

“How are you?” Cole looked suspicious.

She felt his distrust and easy fright. But the explanation of these feelings she had not.

“I am okay, what happened?” Phoebe tried not to look at Cole’s eyes.

She even tried not to look at him. Feelings that she felt being next to him, puddled her.

“Your eyes …” Donald chimed in.

He was still confused. But at the same time he was extremely happy to be alive.

“Morkh is free. Go to the other, they are in the library,” Cole said to Donald.

Cole helped Phoebe up.

It was the only right decision at that time. To sort things out when pure evil was on free, it was stupid.

“But … Okay” Donald was going to argue.

But look of Cole was so focused and fierce.

“I knew that it would happen,” Cole muttered under his breath.

Phoebe did not hear, but felt everything he said. She was not herself with rage. Everybody hated her, and she felt as if it would never end. But the hatred of the Cole was too heavy ordeal for her.

Cole quickly threw all other thoughts aside. His main task was to capture Morkh. At the same time, he and focused.

“I’ll be upstairs,” Phoebe quickly hurried to the stairs leading from the basement.

This terrible leather suit very infuriated her. Their hatred also infuriated her. It was necessary to them, and the only reason she was still alive. Realize this was not easy for her. But the decision was born in her mind. She decided to leave.

Once inside the room, Phoebe quickly changed into her stuff. All emotions evaporated from her, but the decision still remained topical. But Phoebe realized that she could not leave. They will not allow. Then a different decision was born in her head. The escape.

It was the best time for escape. All were busy catching Morkh. Phoebe was one. But there was one problem. Phoebe had no idea where the exit is. She actually did not remember how got to this place and certainly did not know how to get out.

Phoebe sat down on the edge of the bed. She had to think. About her decision she did not regret, but the only thing that still tormented her, so this reluctance to say goodbye to Cole. His presence granted her an extraordinary confidence in the fact that she was living. But all this hatred was unbearable. Seeing a huge window in the bedroom, Phoebe was ready to accept the danger that awaited her. All she knew about the other facets of life, it was dangerous. And, of course, it was dangerous to climb out the window. But she had no choice.

Height frightened her? Phoebe never knew her own fears or feelings. She just reflected the emotions of other people. It always depressed her. But at that moment, when you’re at the height of a three-story castle, and the abyss is beneath you, not knowing your own fears is very helpful.

“The main thing is not to fall” Phoebe could not stop whispering these words under her breath.

She was totally focused on her body and how to keep from falling. But in a hundred meters from the ground her foot slipped and Phoebe fell to the ground. The fact that the land is hard even a kid knows, but Phoebe, it seemed, discovered something new. In the fall she injured her shoulder, and falling down, she hit her head against the ground. For the first time she felt a physical pain. Of course, she had experienced pain, but these wounds, she had not. This feeling of burning pain gave her for a moment to feel that her body was alive. She felt alive. Again.

Hi Tobias!

“Phoebe? How your walk?” Tobias was not surprised by the appearance of Phoebe.

But Phoebe was surprised. She was absented a couple of days, but Tobias was talking to her if nothing had happened, as if she had gone for a couple of hours ago and now she backed in time for dinner.

“Well” she replied as she had to answer.

Phoebe did not really understand the behavior of Tobias, but she felt that nothing had happened for him. All was good.

“Your new friend is backed home,” Tobias smiled cheerfully.

Phoebe had forgotten about her new furry friend. But now he found his home, and it saved her from unnecessary liability. Although a couple of days ago, she would have been terribly worried about parting with the cat. But after learning of the existence of parallel worlds and realizing that she does not even know anything about herself, Phoebe thought that parting with a new friend was insignificant.

“Well,” Phoebe said the word again.

“Are you all right?” Tobias stared at her suspiciously.

He was an artist, and to notice the details it was congenital. Therefore, looking at Phoebe, he knew that something changed in the girl. But he did not know what exactly.

“Yes,” Phoebe continued to answer in one word.

Tobias wanted to start questioning her, but at some point, an inner voice stopped him. He knew that Phoebe was not an ordinary girl, and not an ordinary person, so he did not know he had the right to question her.

“I never thanked you for what you sheltered me”.

After Phoebe had to go among the people who fiercely hated her, she realized that Tobias was incredibly kind to her. She, of course, knew this before, but took it for granted. It seemed to her that all men are like Tobias. But it was not so.

“I do not know how I should react to it?” Tobias pursed his lips in a thin line.

He was baffled by her gratitude.

“Just accept it,” Phoebe smiled and headed for her room.

“What about dinner?” Tobias stopped her.

“I’m not hungry,” she said, not even turning around.

Phoebe wanted to take a shower and go to bed and forget about everything at least for a moment.

In the room where Phoebe was lying on her wide and soft bed she thought about Cole. She remembered those feelings that covered her mind, when she was next to him. It was quite unusual for her. She felt that her heart was filled with warmth the soul flied to heaven and butterflies began to breed in the stomach. It was like a drug. She longed to feel that moment again.

Immersed in a dream, Phoebe got into some indefinite space. She knew that she was sleeping, but it was all too real. Darkness if put out her eyes. Air choked her, and she wanted only one thing. She wanted power.

“No,” Phoebe screamed as she felt someone’s hand grabbed her by the shoulders.

“It’s me, Cole!” his voice was sweeter than honey.

Phoebe stared at him like he was a ghost. She pondered that must feel at this moment.

“Bad dream?” Cole smiled, breaking the silence.

Phoebe gasped with relief.

“Yes,” she replied.

“You ran away …” his voice was rough.

“Yes. I do not know how I can help you,” Phoebe said something that was not quite true.

She knew that she could help them. Suppose she did not know exactly how, but she knew that she could. It was not the reason for her escape.

“You know,” Cole did not believe her words

“Everybody hates me. I can not …” Phoebe felt the salty taste on the lips.

“Not everybody,” Cole winced then gently touched the edge of her lips.

Deft movements he wiped the tears from her cheeks.

“Everybody” Phoebe was sure of this.

“Why do you think so?” Cole was as if waiting for a definite answer from her.

“I do not think, I know,” her emotions were on edge.

Phoebe deftly jumped out of bed and headed for the door of the room. Cole grew up in an instant in front of her like a wall.

“What?” by surprise, Phoebe jerked back and nearly fell.

Cole cleverly grabbed her by the wrist and if something weightless, he pulled her to himself.

“Phoebe?” Tobias’s voice was heard at the door.

“Answer him,” Cole ordered.

But Phoebe if swallowed tongue.

“Phoebe?” this was the voice of Tobias again.

“Yes. It’s okay,” Phoebe responded instantly.

She could not think about the words, so she said that the first occurred to her.

“Go. I’ll be here,” Cole pulled back sharply from Phoebe.

Pulling the handle on the door, Phoebe left the room.

“Why you do not sleep?” she asked Tobias.

“Insomnia. And you?” he replied.

Phoebe thought. She did not sleep because of the terrible nightmare and because one of the five guardian was in her room.

“Too” she lied.

But it was reasonable. To say to Tobias about the guard, and that there are parallel worlds, it would be very foolish.

“Come on, I want to show you something,” Tobias grabbed Phoebe by the arm and dragged her to his studio.

It was quite uncomfortable at first. The paintings were placed along the walls, paint and brushes littered seemed everywhere. But for the artist it was in the order of things.

“This picture I got from my grandfather. I did not know my grandfather or grandmother, but my father gave me the painting before his death” Tobias picked up one of the pictures that were on the floor.

This painting was very different from others. It was a dull old painting with a rather strange picture. At first glance, it seemed that the picture did not make sense. But peering, you may have noticed a subtle sense.

“It’s very different from your work,” Phoebe said, with interest examining the canvas.

She understood not very much in the art, but thanks to Tobias she still managed to feel the thin line between real life and art. Suppose it was a stolen emotion, but Phoebe still managed to learn it.

“Honestly, I have no idea what the painting reflects.” Tobas laughed nervously and walked out of the studio, leaving Phoebe among creative disorder.

“What’s that?” Cole’s voice burst into the consciousness of Phoebe.

She flinched in surprise.

“How did you …” Phoebe felt his inner narcissism.

“I am the guardian. Do not forget. What is it?” Cole playfully snatched the canvas from the hands of Phoebe.

He skeptical shook it in his hands and looked at Phoebe.

“Grandfather of Tobias drew it,” she said.

Cole looked again at the painting. Now he looked at it as something else. Lines which were intertwined with each other, it seemed important. He saw some message in this picture, but I could not understand what it was.

“You need to leave,” Phoebe heard footsteps approaching the door.

It was Tobias.

“I came for you,” Cole folded his arms across his chest.

He made Phoebe nervous. And he liked it.

“Good. I will come,” Phoebe said quickly.

Cole just grinned back and disappeared.

“Take” Tobias walked into the room.

In his hands were two mugs of tea. One he handed to Phoebe.

“Thank you,” she smiled.

She liked to feel the comfort, which was created by Tobias. Even in those days, when her family was still alive, and they lived in the forest, she did not feel anything like that.

“You’re not having dinner. Are you all right?” Tobias decided to still ask Phoebe.

He felt that something was wrong, and he could not get to rid of this feeling. A walk with an unpleasant feeling in soul, it was unpleasant.

“Yes. But I …” Phoebe remembered her promise to Cole.

She promised to return to their castle. It was not so easy to explain to Tobias.

“What?” he looked at Phoebe.

“I decided to leave,” it was the only thought that came into her head.


“It does not matter. I just leave and all” Phoebe took a sip.

Hot tea burned her tongue, but no muscle on her face twitched.

“You will come to me?” Tobias asked.

Phoebe felt that he hoped for a positive response. She knew that they were very close. She felt it, and he felt it. That’s why she could not lie.

“I dont know.”

Phoebe did not know. Younis said that she was not of this world, and they would send her back to where she came from. But first, Phoebe must help them in the fight against Morkhs and Phoebe definitely was not sure, she would be able to survive in this fight or not.

Hidden from eyes.

“You are lost?” Cole appeared behind Phoebe unexpectedly.

Phoebe reflexively turned and because the sharp movement she felt a little dizzy. That was enough to flop to the ground awkwardly.

“Are you okay?” Cole leaned toward Phoebe.

She felt that he was laughing at her. It was terribly annoying. She immediately remembered that the guards hated her. From this she felt lousy.

“Yes,” Phoebe was annoyed.

She quickly got up from the ground. The place there was a castle, was different. More precisely in the place castle just was not.

“You believe that you will be able to find the way to the castle without my help?” Cole laughed at her again.

Phoebe nervously crossed her arms over her chest.

“Do not be angry.” Cole reached out to Phoebe.

“It is a sign of reconciliation?” she quipped.

Cole grinned again. But, without a word, he grabbed her by the shoulders and everything dissolved. It happened too fast, so Phoebe did not immediately realize that now she was not in the middle of the street, but in the castle.

“You should not have run off” the voice of Younis hit in the back of Phoebe.

She spun around. Do not have to be a sensible person to understand that Younis was angry.

“Come on, she’s here!” Cole stood up for Phoebe.

This contradiction in the feelings of Cole was driving her crazy. Sometimes she felt that he hated her, sometimes she felt that he was laughing at her. But now she felt the care and devotion.

“We all need to calm down,” Vera interjected into the conversation.

She looked reproachfully at Phoebe before continuing her soothing speech.

“Phoebe is here and we need to quickly solve problems with Morkhs and find out who she is to send her back,” Vera’s voice sounded rough, but nothing offensive she said.

It was so. They had to deal with Morkhs and find out the truth about Phoebe. That was the plan from the beginning.

“You’re right!” Younis said.

But the inner anger still was not extinguished in him.

Back in the room where Phoebe spent a couple of nights, she felt a strange way. It was hard to describe. Those feelings were not unique. It was hate, mixed with love, warmth and cold …

“Take it” Vera handed her a folded clothes.

It was the leather suit.

“No. I will stay in these clothes. I’m not a part of you, so there is no point in pretending that …” Phoebe paused dramatically.

She felt growing in her lust for power. Because of this, it was difficult to speak.

“It’s not so,” Vera took a step toward Phoebe.

At this point, when Vera was too close to Phoebe, something happened. Only Phoebe felt it. Morkh was somewhere very close.

“Morkh” Phoebe whispered and collapsed to her knees.

She felt the pure evil possessed her.

Phoebe seemed drowned in herself. Her eyes shone with gold, and all around it was somehow significant. Only the thirst for power was real.

Vera jumped back in fright. She heard the last word of Phoebe and knew Morkh was somewhere nearby. She was alone and unarmed, it caused panic in her. Heading briskly to the door, Vera ran out into the corridor.

“Here” she cried very loudly.

She did not have to explain everything. There was only one word for everyone to understand that the situation is at its peak. For such a long time of their struggle with Morkhs no one could get rid of the fear of them. Morkhs were not just clumps of pure evil, they were torturers souls. Younis always said that dying in a fight with Morkh, you become his slave forever. It was much worse than falling into hell. No one knew why and whether it was true. It is simply assumed as a fact.

The first Cole burst into the room. When Vera screamed the horrible thought immediately flashed in his mind. He was thinking of Phoebe. All reasonable thoughts immediately flew out of his head, and only the desire run to her was.

“Why you pinned without the vessel?” Vera growled when she saw Cole.

Only after her words, he remembered about the only weapon that could save them from death. But it did not matter. He saw Phoebe. She was sitting on her lap, resting her hands on the floor. Her face was covered with hair. He wanted to rush to her, but Vera stopped him.

“She’ll be all right, when we catch Morkh” Vera, holding Cole’s shoulders.

He knew that she was right. But in reality, they did not have weapons, and they did not see the enemy. It’s like a fight with someone you can not see.

“Morkh is here?” Donald entered the room.

Eric went after him. The vessel was in their hands.

“Yes, but I did not see him. This is Phoebe,” Vera looked at the gnarled body of the girl.

“I understood. We must split up. There is not much space, so we will be able to catch him,” Donald quickly built a strategy for further action.

No one dared to challenge, because it was reasonable.

“I’ll be there for Phoebe, just in case,” Cole sharply pushed Very away and walked over to Phoebe.

He slowly sat down beside her. Her eyes glowed bright gold and he did not quite understand why. But it was important to know, it was hurt for her or not.

“Do not touch her,” Vera ordered.

And Cole agreed. He did not know whether his touch could hurt her or not. He did not want to risk.

Looking around the room, and all the cabinets that were in it, everyone thought only about how not to die. These thoughts always accompanied them. But at that moment, it was much more real. The very feeling that death is somewhere nearby, it was real.

“I hear you!” Donald whispered under his breath.

The vessel was in his hands, and he squeezed it so tightly that his knuckles on the hands were white. He was going to the cupboard and felt that there was Morkh. His inner voice spoke it to him. But Donald thought it was hunting intuition, a kind of instinct. In any case, it was something that helped him always. Last step and Donald met face-to-face with pure evil. Although, as you know, evil has no face, or it hides it. Donald automatically put forward the vessel, and a dark black thick was sucked inside. It was a clean technique that worked by itself, mechanically. Inside Donald was bound by fear and his mind was frozen. Years of training played for him in good stead, he realized it only now.

“I have caught!” he shouted triumphantly, squeezing the vessel in his hand even tighter.

This allowed everyone to breathe freely. The danger was over for all but not for Phoebe.

“Phoebe?” Cole grabbed her by the shoulders.

He felt his body temperature began to rise. This was due to touch Phoebe. At that time she was in the basement, he felt the same way.

“Get away from her” Vera pushed Cole in the back, but he was like a stone.

He continued to keep Phoebe’s shoulders, calculating a second. He was waiting for that Phoebe was about to come to life.

“Phoebe,” he whispered, feeling the temperature was approaching the critical point.

He knew he stood on a dangerous path, determined not to let Phoebe. But if the mind stopped working and the only feelings were important to him.

“Let her go, you moron!” Vera shouted, but to touch or strike him again she did not dare.

Everyone froze. Cole was sitting in front of Phoebe, holding her by the shoulders and looked into her bright golden eyes.

“I will not let you!” with clenched jaw, Cole whispered.

His heart began to beat faster. This was the beginning of the end.

“Phoebe, you’re killing him,” Vera sat behind Phoebe and began to whisper in her ear.

From the first moment, she noticed that between Phoebe and Cole communication originated. She knew that only it could help at the moment.

Phoebe heard the words of Vera. She could hear everything that was happening in the room, but it was like behind the scenes. Something else took possession of her body, and Phoebe did not have power. She looked straight into Cole’s eyes and saw as life left him. It absorbed the horror, but she was powerless. She could not stop. Last breath and in the eyes of Cole something extinguished. Phoebe felt the explosion of emotions inside. Everything was back to normal, she could control the body, could speak and her eyes stopped burning by gold.

“Cole,” she grabbed his arm, but Cole’s body was cold and his eyes had no life.

His lifeless body fell to the floor. Phoebe could not cry, could not breathe. The earth went from under her feet.

“Cole, wake up!” Vera leaned over the body lying Cole.

She cried. Phoebe saw Donald tried to revive her, saw tears of Vera and frightened eyes of Eric. She felt their pain, but she could not cry. She felt guilty, felt horror choked her. But she did not feel the loss. Like Cole was alive.

Phoebe took a step back. Her hands began to shake and her heart seemed about to jump out of her chest. Something happened inside her.

“Get her out of here” Vera told Eric.

Vera’s voice was hysterical, angry and full of hate. These emotions instantly moved into Phoebe. Her body shook from it.

Eric hesitated. He did not know, Phoebe was still dangerous or not. Looking at the girl, whose body was strangely trembling, he approached her.

“Let’s go!” hiding under suspicion in a commanding tone, he took her by the shoulder.

Phoebe did not resist. She dutifully followed Eric into the corridor.

“Did you catch Morkh?” Younis faced with Eric at the door.

“Yes,” Eric said dryly.

Without looking into the face of Younis, he took a few steps forward. Phoebe dutifully followed him. She stared somewhere through reality and through Younis.

“What’s happening?” Younis grabbed Phoebe’s hand.

But she did not respond. Her gaze was lost, torn from reality.

But words was not needed. Younis dedicated his life to guard. He felt that there was a misfortune. But his selfish nature craved details.

Everyone was confused and lost. Phoebe was in the next room, and even the walls did not protect her from the emotions that raged in each. These emotions was mixed up in her, and turned into a huge lump of hatred. She hated herself.


The castle was quiet. Phoebe was lying on the bed in the same room where she killed Cole. Vera suggested she move to another, the castle was full free rooms, but Phoebe refused. She considered it her punishment, to be in this room and every minute to think about what she did. Of course, everyone was trying to comfort her, saying that it was not her fault. But Phoebe felt that each of them accused her.

“Phoebe,” she heard voice of Cole.

Darkness enveloped her, but she distinctly heard his voice. She took it for a game of imagination. He pronounced her name, dying. But she could not stop and save him.

“Why did not you let me go?” she whispered into the void.

She asked this question all the time. In her head it sounded continuously. Only the answer was not.

“I did not want to” human shadow fell on her face.

“Cole?” Phoebe cried, jumping out of bed.

It was he. The same self-satisfied as before as if nothing had happened.

“Yes. I’m as surprised as you are,” Cole grinned.

Phoebe got out of bed. She went to Cole as closely as could. Yes, it was him, she was sure.

“Why did not you let me go?” Phoebe screamed and hit Cole’s chest.

She could touch him. Cole also felt it.

“I feel you” Cole grabbed Phoebe’s hand and pressed it to her cheek.

It was filled with a feeling of happiness. Phoebe was so warm and soft. From the moment when he died, a cold accompanied him everywhere. Phoebe was the only warmth he felt.

“I killed you …” Phoebe felt tears on your cheeks.

It was the first time when she was able to cry. Looking at the face of the man she killed, and of whom she was … The one to whom she had feelings.

“Stop. In any case, I can not be dead if I’m here,” Cole grabbed Phoebe’s face with his hands.

He looked at her and realized that she was dear to him.

“I do not understand,” Phoebe took a step back.

She was confused and lost.

“Believe me, I did not die. I do not know what happened, but … Look, Phoebe, you should not let them bury my body. Otherwise I can not go back,” Cole said seriously.

Phoebe was hard to believe what was happening, but recently she found a lot of incredible things, so it could be true.

“I …” Phoebe began to doubt.

She did not know what she could do to prevent bury the body of Cole.

“I know what you feel. I do not quite understand what was going on. But only you can help me get back,” Cole began to slowly approach Phoebe.

Once close enough, he ran by his hand over her neck. Its heat that emanated from her, beckoned him.

“And if it’s a dream … I wake up and you’ll be dead and …” Phoebe grabbed her head with her hands and abruptly pulled away from Cole.

Her back rested against the wall and Phoebe closed her eyes.

“No, when you wake up, I’ll sit and look at you. You even feel ashamed,” Cole grinned.

He could joke in such a difficult moment, and it a bit convinced Phoebe.

“Why can not I be ashamed?” she asked, confused, looking straight into his eyes.

Cole paused for a moment. He stopped smiling and turned serious. Her question caught him off guard. He looked at her red tear-stained eyes, her pale, frightened face, and only desire was to cling to her red lips. He saw her slender legs, saw her chest rise and fall in the exciting rhythm. All this beckoned him. It beckoned him with their very first meeting. But he could admit it only now.

Phoebe waited for an answer. But Cole instead of words, pressed to her lips, giving her a passionate kiss. His arms wrapped around her hips. Phoebe stopped breathing. With trembling hands, she wrapped around neck of Cole, responding to his kiss. It was something unknown and exciting for her.

“I’m sorry,” Cole pulled back sharply from Phoebe.

In an instant, and the passion that held their mind, disappeared. Cole went slowly into the darkness, and Phoebe was too confused to stop him.

It is difficult to live when you are totally dependent on the emotions. But even more difficult when it is not your emotions.

Early in the morning, Phoebe went to the room of Vera. She hoped that Vera could help her.

“Vera?” she opened the door to the room and saw Vera.

Vera was sitting at a small table in the center of the room. She thought about something.

“Why are you awake?” Vera was surprised.

“I want to ask you the same question,” Phoebe confidently walked into the room.

She was determined, and in a sense, felt responsible. Time was not so much and it was necessary to act.

“I want to talk about Cole,” Phoebe did not hesitate.

“Please … I’m trying to come to terms with what happened,” Vera began to get nervous.

She abruptly stood up from her chair. Her whole body was tensed.

“Listen to me,” Phoebe quickly approached her.

Now they looked into each other’s eyes.

“Cole did not die. I do not know what happened… His body need to preserve, or he will not be able to come back,” Phoebe continued to speak in the same breath.

The first reaction of Vera to the word of Phoebe was very strange. She laughed.

“You’re crazy!” Vera was not ready to accept this truth.

But Phoebe has not time to wait, when she will ready.

“This is true. Yesterday I saw him,” Phoebe began to speak too loudly.

She felt that she was ready to explode from the increasing tension in her.

“Maybe it’s just your imagination?”

“No. It’s true.” Phoebe lost the hope to convince Vera.

“Nobius” Cole came close to Phoebe unexpectedly.

“What?” Phoebe did not understand the meaning of this word.

“Just say it to Vera,” Cole tried to explain.

But for Vera it was like madness. It seemed to her that Phoebe was crazy, because she was talking to herself.

“You obviously gone mad” Vera felt fanny because of happening.

Now she was quite sure that Phoebe went crazy on the basis of a nervous breakdown. Certainly, believe in it was much easier than in what Cole could be alive. From early childhood, they was taught to fight, they were told about the existence of parallel worlds. They come face to face with pure evil – Morkhs. But the fact she knew from birth that the dead can not be resurrected.

“Nobius” Phoebe cried desperately.

Vera stopped. This word only one could know… Only Cole.

“What did you say?” Vera asked again.

“Nobius” Phoebe repeated steadily.

She felt that she had found the key to the skeptical attitude of Vera.

“How do you know this word?” Vera cringed.

“Cole said,” Phoebe sighed with relief.

“You really saw him?”

“Yes. And he is here now.”

Vera was ready to believe. But something was still holding her.

“Color” Vera frowned.

Phoebe could know about Nobius, so Vera decided to go further.

“What?” Phoebe did not understand.

“Blue” but Cole realized what was discussed.

He slowly walked over to Phoebe and took her hand.

“Blue” Phoebe repeated.

Now Vera did not doubt. Phoebe was telling the truth.

“I will not bury the body of Cole.” she said firmly.

Phoebe was relieved. She acquired the support of Vera, which meant that all would be well.

“You did not sleep all night,” Cole said as soon as Vera left the room.

“It was not so easy,” Phoebe sighed.

“Can I hug you?” Cole took a step toward Phoebe.

He wanted to touch her again, to feel again the warmth of her body, the warmth of her lips.

“Phoebe, is that true?” Younis flew into the room.

Donald, Eric and Vera went after him.

“Yes,” Phoebe knew immediately what was discussed.

She took a few steps back, as if moving away from the sin that she intended only to make it.

“Then we need to understand what happened and to return Cole!” Younis was emphatic.

But at that moment Phoebe felt a pang of jealousy. Now Cole was completely hers. She was afraid that when he returns to his body, Cole again will only mock her, and the little that has arisen between them will disappear.

“Yes,” she said uncertainly.

“Tell them I’m not in a hurry,” Cole tried to joke.

Phoebe smiled as he expected, but her inner fears were still in her head.

All day Phoebe and Vera spent on trying to find anything about Phoebe in old books, which were kept in the library. It was not just the old books about novels or great battles it was the whole story of the parallel worlds and creatures from parallel worlds. So, Phoebe, presumably, was one of these creatures, it was quite logical to start looking there.

“Is Cole here?” Vera hated silence.

So she tried to fill it with unimportant issue.

“No,” Phoebe said.

It was difficult to distract from reading such interesting stories. All that seemed fiction came to life on the pages of old books.

“It does probably terribly not know who you are,” Vera did not stop trying to strike up a conversation.

Phoebe looked at her. To some extent Vera was right. It was shocking not know who you are. But on the other hand, when Phoebe thought about it, she knew that after learning the truth, everything could change. And not for the better way.

“Probably,” Phoebe went back to reading the book.

“Look, we’re wasting time. We do not know what to look for. You have to remember anything, at least some feature of your origin” Vera nervously waved by her hands.

They were among old and dusty books, looking for something. But they did not know what to look for. Information was too much. They needed at least something that would help narrow down the search.

“I do not know. I lived in the forest with my family. To be honest, every day the memories from past fade” Phoebe looked up from reading books.

She tried to remember anything, but her memory seemed was empty. Her mind has only the memory of Cole and memories of Tobias. And memories of Tobias also faded.

“Let’s just talk. I’ll tell you about my life, and you about yours. Maybe this will help,” Very was clearly excited.

She did not talk about her past. In fact, she had not time for this. They kept chasing for Morkhs and time to give pleasant memories she had not.

“Well,” Phoebe agreed.

“I will begin. When I was seven, I had a best friend. His name was Wood. Both of us were trained to become guardians and protect this world. Wood thought that we were elected. But I did not think so.” Vera sighed.

Phoebe felt that it was hard for her to think about Woods.

“I think you are the only guards” Phoebe was genuinely surprised.

“No. There are a lot of us. We were separated when I was fifteen. In fifteen we were divided into clans, and, unfortunately, I and Wood … We were divided. And you had a friend?” Vera quickly changed the subject.

Phoebe considered for a moment. History of Vera seemed to her very sad. In particular, she thought so, because she felt her sadness, which was at the heart of Vera.

“No. I had a sister. I grew up in a small house in the forest. Only I, my mother, my father and my older sister,” Phoebe said.

“Who was your sister?” Vera yearned to know all the details.

Phoebe wondered again.

“I do not remember” now Phoebe was bewildered.

She felt a pang of guilt. It was not her emotion. It was the emotion of Vera.

“But how you could forget the name of your sister? And the name of the parents do you remember?” Vera did not hide her indignation.

She truly did not understand, how Phoebe could forget the name of a loved one.

“No,” Phoebe jumped to her feet and raced out of the room.

She was scared. She could no longer feel indignation and a charity of Vera. It was too much for her.

“I believe and the clue is hidden in this” Cole appeared behind Phoebe.

She got accustomed to his sudden appearance. Standing in the middle of a vast corridor, Phoebe hoped that all inner feelings would disappear. But this did not happen.

“What? You mean that I can not remember the name of my sister or mother or father? I do not even remember what they looked like” Phoebe was horrified.

“No. Just breathe” Cole approached Phoebe and took her in his arms.

She was so warm and alive, and so vulnerable. He wanted to protect her, to relieve pain.

In the constant pursuit of the answer to the question “who am I?” Phoebe lost the ability to enjoy life. She seemed lost in another reality, where there was no place for beauty.

Last step.

“Are you awake?” Vera walked into the room.

She decided to have another talk with Phoebe and try to apologize for the last call. Vera knew she was too rough.

“No,” Phoebe sat on the bed.

She thought of the words of Cole. She had to figure out what was wrong with her. That was the key.

“I wanted to apologize for …” Very hesitantly walked over to Phoebe and sat next to her.

“No. It’s okay,” Phoebe did not hold a grudge against Vera.

“Donald and Eric are on the hunt. And Younis is rummaging in old books. He thinks that we have missed something.”

“Maybe. Every time I think that I can be anyone …” Phoebe sighed.

“You’re real. It is like finding a book knowing the content, but not knowing the name. But we find your name” Vera was genuine.

Phoebe felt it. But she also felt doubts. Although she had no idea what Vera could doubt.

“But you have doubts,” Phoebe decided to find out what made her doubt.

Vera paused for a moment.

“Why do you ask?” she was confused.

She was by all means trying to convince Phoebe that all would be well, and doubt it was her personal feeling, which she hid from everyone.

“I know that you doubt. Why?” Phoebe tried to explain.

Vera jumped out of bed.

“Can you read minds?” she was afraid, and at the same time felt a delight.

“No. I just … I do not know how I can call it, but I feel like everything that people feel. Their emotions become mine” Phoebe smiled.

She felt fun because of assumption of Vera. Could any one read minds?

“Perhaps it will help us. I am going to Younis. It is necessary to say this to him,” Vera quickly left the room.

“So from the very beginning you read all of our emotions?” Cole came close to her.

“Yes,” Phoebe was not lying.

She knew from the start of each emotions of, including emotions of Cole.

“That’s why you ran away?” Cole felt a pang of guilt.

If Phoebe could really feel the emotions of others, then he was ashamed of his emotions.

“Yes. I do not know how it can help. All my life I could feel other people’s emotions. If someone is hurt, it is hurt for me too.” Phoebe turned to Cole.

Now they were standing next to each other and looking into each other’s eyes.

“But you have your emotions?” it was important for Cole to find out.

After all, if Phoebe had not her emotions, so she just felt his emotions that pulled her to him.

“I don’t know. It is difficult to distinguish other people’s emotions because they become mine” Phoebe tried to find out what Cole felt.

But he simply disappeared, without giving her time to find out.

She left all alone. Phoebe began to think about her past. She tried to remember her family. But the memory was empty. Now she could not remember their names, could not remember their faces, she could not even imagine that she had a family.

Younis was trying to find anything, but it was not working. He felt foolish, and it seemed to him that he had missed something.

“I looked through all the books, but I could find only one the story of Guardian who betrayed his duty to save his beloved. He has created some kind of vessel. Maybe we need to find the vessel. Perhaps this is the answer to all our questions,” Younis looked like a madman.

Vera told him about Phoebe, and this only added the thirst to know who she was. Younis was always obsessed with knowledge of something new.

“Maybe. Donald and Eric returned. They caught another Morkh right outside the portal. We all need to relax. Eric and I will guard the portal. And tomorrow we’ll decide what to do with the search for the vessel.” Vera saw that Younis was on the verge of collapse.

She knew that in the last days there were too many events. They all needed a break.

“You’re right!” Younis was in full agreement with her.

Phoebe tried to sleep. But in her head there were too many thoughts.

“You need a sleep. Last night you did not sleep,” Cole stood in the corner of the room, near the window.

“I do not want to sleep” Phoebe experienced joy.

To stay alone in a dark room, and with a lot of thoughts in the head, it was not fun.

“I should leave. I just stop you to fall asleep,” Cole was ready to disappear.

It was not his desire. He did not want to leave and he did not want to keep a distance with Phoebe but he decided to keep. It was necessary. He believed that it was necessary.

“No, please do not leave me” Phoebe jumped out of bed.

Her hair was tousled. Cole carefully examined her from head to toe. She was delicious: half-naked feet, tousled hair and the sound of her heart. Cole realized that faintly throbbing in his head it was her heartbeat. He was blown away. He ran to Phoebe too fast. Neither she nor Cole really could not see how their bodies were woven on a bed.

“I have to leave or …” Cole pulled from lips of Phoebe, trying to cling to the remnants of the mind.

“No, please,” Phoebe protested.

Her arms wrapped around neck of Cole. She held him as hard as she could.

“No, Phoebe,” Cole roared and gathered all the forces pulled back from Phoebe.

He was hurt. He wanted her, but was afraid that it was only his desire. He was afraid that Phoebe was not attracted to him, she just felt his emotions.

“Cole?” Phoebe was breathing heavily.

“I’m sorry, but I can not do that to you” a pain was in his voice.

Phoebe heard it and felt it. She was also hurt.

“What are you talking about?” she slowly approached Cole, afraid to startle him.

She was afraid that he could disappear.

“I want you, so much,” he touched her cheek, enjoying the warmth penetrating into him.

“But I’m here, why you …” Phoebe felt a shiver.

She was cold. Or Cole was cold?

“I know. I could now take advantage of this, but I can not. I do not know if you want?” Cole said sincerely.

And Phoebe was very grateful to him. But she still did not quite understand what he was saying. She had feelings for him from the very first glance.

“Yes, I want” Phoebe was too confident.

She had no doubt of her feelings and did not understand why Cole doubted.

“You said you feel the emotions of others. What if now you feel my emotions?”

Phoebe did not think about it. She always just gave in to emotions, and it did not matter was it her or someone else’s.

“I do not know what I should say. Just stay, this is what I want!” Phoebe’s eyes filled with hope.

Cole gave up. He did not want to leave too.

“Where you disappear?” Phoebe dropped her head on his chest.

They were lying in the middle of the bed. Hands of Cole embraced the waist of Phoebe, and each of them enjoyed each other’s presence.

“I do not even know. I always feel like I’m close to you, you just do not see me,” Cole thought.

It was true. He did not become a ghost who could go where he wants. He was always next to Phoebe, and he could not get away from her.

“I’m sorry, but I am confident that we will soon repay you,” Phoebe felt guilty.

She, of course, was pleased, because Cole was beside her. But it was too selfish.

“I’m no hurry,” Cole sincerely smiled and kissed Phoebe’s forehead.

It was nice to be with her. Of course, he wanted to get back into his body, but also to be in such a state he liked. He was one of the five guards, and his whole life had only one meaning to protect this world. But now something changed. He met Phoebe, and all that was before the value was no longer his concern.

Phoebe was asleep. Cole continued to gently hug her waist, hugging her. Phoebe’s head rested on his chest. Cole heard her heartbeat and felt her breath on his neck. He was perfectly calm and for the first time in his life, he was perfectly happy.

“Phoebe, get up!” Vera timidly poked Phoebe’s shoulder.

She tried to wake her up.

“What?” Phoebe could not understand what happened.

She opened her eyes, but was not yet awake.

“Good morning!” Cole was still there.

He spent the whole night in a stationary state, guarding the dream of Phoebe.

“Good morning!” she smiled.

But then she noticed Vera.

“Good morning!” Vera thought Phoebe said it to her.

She could not see Cole, so this whole situation was pretty funny.

“What’s wrong?” Phoebe became serious.

Vera looked too upset.

“Everything is okay. Not really. You just slept all day,” she said.

Phoebe looked at the clock hanging on the wall. Vera was telling the truth. Phoebe slept all night and half a day.

“This had never happened to me,” Phoebe quickly got out of bed.

“Get dressed and come to the library. Younis found something.” Vera hurriedly left the room.

Phoebe without hesitation grabbed clothes.

“I have to go,” Cole leaned his head down and disappeared before Phoebe could respond.

He did not want to leave. Where he went, it was too cold and lonely.

All were in the library, there is not Cole. Phoebe had expected his suddenly appearance, but he did not come.

“I found the story of one old man, who created the vessel. His wife died in childbirth, as well as children, so he created a vessel. It should take away his pain. But most interesting is that this old man had a brother, and his brother is grandfather of a local artist.” Younis nervously fingered the papers in his hands.

“It is Tobias!” Cole appeared behind Phoebe.

She felt a huge relief. Cole was there, and that was the main thing.

“What?” Phoebe asked, because she did not understand what Cole said.

“This is the grandfather of Tobias.” Cole explained.

“I know who is the artist” Phoebe still did not understand the thought of Cole, but she believed him.

Younis blankly looked at Phoebe.

“I do not really understand, but this is assumption of Cole.” Phoebe tried to explain.

“Then let him speak quickly.” Vera was impatient.

Waiting was always difficult for her.

“Do you remember that picture that Tobias showed to you? This is a map. I do not know why, but I think it’s important,” Cole finally explained his train of thought.

Phoebe knew what Cole was talking. She remembered that strange picture that Tobias showed to her.

“This can be a map that will lead us to the secret diary of old man. There’s definitely kept the answers to our questions,” Younis eyes lit up.

He was crammed by enthusiasm. He felt that something unusual, something unknown would be in his hands, as if some secret revealed to him.

“We need to take this picture,” Eric chimed in.

“I can ask Tobias to give a picture to us” Phoebe decided to take matters into her own hands.

Actually, Phoebe was very afraid that Tobias could face with someone from the guards, and suffer.

“But you can not go alone,” Vera was against.

“I will not be alone,” Phoebe looked at Cole.

Beyond the world of illusion.

Phoebe stood on the threshold, afraid to ring the doorbell. She managed to understand that the time in the castle lasts much faster than in real life. Therefore, for Tobias, she might be missing a couple of hours.

“Phoebe?” Tobias was surprised.

He did not expect to see Phoebe, and, to some extent was sure that they would never meet.

“Hi. Can I come in?” Phoebe smiled.

She felt the presence of Cole, and it gave her strength.

“Of course,” Tobias opened the door wider.

“I want to ask you something,” Phoebe decided to go straight to the point.

Tobas was surprised. Phoebe wanted to ask him something, but he had no idea what.

“I think yes,” he felt insecure.

A doubt flashed in his mind. He did not know about Phoebe wanted to ask him, and was afraid that he could not give it to her.

“Do you remember, you showed me a picture of your grandfather?”

“Yes,” Tobias’s voice was still uncertain.

“I need this picture,” Phoebe said.

She never ceased to twirl her fingers, trying to deal with anxiety.

“But why?” Tobias frowned.

For him, painting was not something important, but it was very interesting, what the value of this picture was for Phoebe.

“I can not tell you. I just hope that you give me a picture without an explanation,” Phoebe had hoped.

“But …” Tobias thought.

“I’m sorry, I know you did a lot for me and I’m so grateful, but now I really need this picture” Phoebe first-ever started to manipulate somebody’s feelings.

She felt distrust of Tobias, but she felt that she was dear to her. She decided to use it.

“Well,” Tobias was cornered.

While he was walking for the picture, Phoebe tried to convince herself that she was doing the right thing.

“We need this picture, you must not blame yourself,” Cole spoke to her.

He was right, but Phoebe was still hard.

“I know,” Phoebe smiled falsely.

“Hold” Tobias give a picture to Phoebe.

The picture was in a special case.

“Thank you,” Phoebe boldly walked up to Tobias and gave him a hug.

She was grateful for the trust and for the wonderful friendships that she has known thanks to him.

Leaving the apartment of Tobias, Phoebe tried to remember everything in great detail. She tried to remember the face of Tobias, the interior of the apartment and landing.

“You are dear to him,” Cole tried to ease the internal state of Phoebe.

But could he?

“I know,” Phoebe said.

When Phoebe back at the castle, she immediately went to the library. All were there. They were waiting.

“Brought?” Younis excitedly stood on his feet when he saw Phoebe.

“Yes!” Phoebe give the picture to Younis.

Everyone was excited, Phoebe felt it. This picture was the key to the question, the answer to that was important to her.

“I need to think,” Younis went deep into the library, hiding behind the shelves of old books.

“We just have to wait,” Vera said.

Phoebe did not mind. She felt tired.

“I will go.” Phoebe said and walked into the room.

“You’re tired,” Cole always was next to her, but decided to speak just now.

Phoebe climbed the stairs leading to the upper floor. She really wanted to just lie down and not think about anything.

“Yes, probably,” said Phoebe.

Cole gently touched her hand. Phoebe stopped. To feel his touch was surprisingly nice. But at that moment Phoebe was absorbed by her thoughts. Soon she will find out who she is, and Cole will return to his body. It was good, but at the same time was bad.

“You’re upset about something,” Cole could not bring himself to shut up.

He knew that Phoebe just needed to be alone, but he could not pick up and leave, leaving her.

“I do not know. Probably, yes.” once inside the room, Phoebe was relieved.

“Tell me,” Cole went up to Phoebe and took her hands.

He wanted her to open to him.

“I’m scared, because soon I will know who I am,” Phoebe said, only a fraction of what tormented.

“You are Phoebe and you will stay Phoebe, I promise,” Cole tried to instill a sense of confidence in Phoebe.

But Cole was not even sure of anything. He could not be sure.

“I hope,” Phoebe smiled wearily.

She really hoped that all would remain the same. But doubts were still. However, she could handle it.

“I’ll tell you a story,” Cole decided to divert Phoebe.

He sat her down on the bed and sat down across from her. He never told anyone this story, because it was his own. But Phoebe had become too close to him. He wanted to tell her it.

“My father, he was also one of the guard, always told me that life is too multifaceted. I was too small and could not understand the meaning of these words. Then I just thought about entertainment. When I got older, I was sent to school, where he was taught to fight. Even there I could only think about entertainment. We were told about the dangers but I felt that the world is too beautiful to be dangerous. A few days before initiation into the guard, Morkh attacked us. We were ordered to follow the shelter, but …” Cole stopped.

He did not just talk about it. Many years have passed, but the wound was still fresh.

“You do not have …” Phoebe took his hand.

She could feel his pain.

“I disobeyed because I wanted to prove to everyone that there was nothing dangerous in the world. But I was wrong. Morkh attacked me, and , instead of defend, I tried to make friends with him. My father sacrificed his life and saved me. At that moment, when his chest was pierced by pure evil, I understood the meaning of his words. Life is multifaceted, because the sun is shining now, but a few hours later, the city will plunge into darkness. Now you’re happy, but at any moment you can grasp the great sorrow. We have no control over it. All we can do it is accept it.” Cole frowned.

For the first time, he told this story. For all he was always brave custody. When his father was found dead, all thought that Cole was too strong, so he survived, and his father was not. But only Cole knew the truth.

“Thank you,” Phoebe whispered and hugging Cole’s neck by hands, clung to him.

She realized that Cole told her very personal thing. It was very important to her.

For definitely lived period, one begins to realize something. For Cole, it was a clear recognition that life is multifaceted. Previously, he believed that this was a useful. Especially when fighting with Morkh, Cole thought so. After all, if today is hard, tomorrow may be different. But after meeting with Phoebe, he looked at the diversity of the other side. Now it did not seem to him so useful. He was afraid that Phoebe is with him today, and tomorrow she would not be next.

Phoebe fell asleep on Cole’s chest. For the second time Phoebe fell asleep in his arms. Cole felt their approach and the fear he could lose her became stronger.

Younis looked at the picture. He had to understand how the old man was able to hide her diary. Picture was the key, it was sure. But apart from the curved lines that were meaningless, he could see nothing.

“This old man was damn clever” Younis was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Again and again he peered into the curves shown on the canvas.

“You have understood something?” Vera dared to approach Younis.

Everyone knew when Younis was thinking, it was impossible to approach him. But Vera did not know how to wait.

“No!” he sighed resignedly.

Younis almost gave up. In this picture, there was no point. But sometimes where there seems to be no sense something very important is hidden.


Phoebe woke up thirsty. Cole was next to her.

“Do you get enough sleep?” he asked as Phoebe opened her eyes.

“Yes, but I’m thirsty!” he said and quickly got out of bed.

Going into the bath, Phoebe filled a glass with water.

“You’re not sick?” Cole noticed that Phoebe’s face became pale.

“No” Phoebe answered.

She felt quite well. But she still felt tired.

“You’ve already got?” Vera came into the room.

Phoebe met her with friendly smile.


“Younis could not find anything” Vera frowned.

Phoebe felt her inner tension.

“What is it?” Phoebe asked, wanting to know the cause of tension.

“What are you talking about?” Vera feigned incomprehension.

But she knew very well what Phoebe asked.

“I’m just hoping that we will refund Cole” Vera admitted.

Phoebe sighed. She also wanted it, I guess. But in any case, while it was impossible.

Downstairs, where Younis went on to study painting, Phoebe paused for a moment. Something seemed familiar to her. She could not explain this feeling. She walked slowly to Younis and took the picture.

“What if the solution is inside, not outside?” Phoebe confidently put her hand on the canvas.

Her hand was in the center of the canvas. Phoebe began to feel a slight warmth that slowly spread across the palm. The canvas was transformed into something transparent, and suddenly Phoebe’s hand plunged into the canvas.

“Diary is here!” feeling for something hard inside, Phoebe took her hand.

Diary was in her hands. It was magic. Phoebe felt the admiration of all.

“I had no idea …” Younis walked over to Phoebe.

He wanted to take the diary and discover what was yet closed.

“It’s strange,” Phoebe felt the picture in her hand began to turn to dust.

In an instant, the canvas turned into a pile of ashes at her feet.

“Can I?” Younis looked at the diary.

Phoebe did not mind. She knew that to open diary and find out the truth she did not have the strength. She was too afraid to know the truth.

“Of course,” Phoebe reached Jonas blog.

The excitement grew. Phoebe knew that she could learn about yourself that would change her life. It was frightening.

“Morkh broke through the portal. He is in the castle,” Eric’s voice made everyone to turn around.

He stood in the doorway of the library and looked too excitedly.

“What?” Vera asked rhetorically.

“I tried to catch him, but he seemed to evaporate” Eric tried to explain his excitement.

Each of the guard protected the portal, and not allowed Morkhs to penetrate into our world. But this time, Eric missed one of Morkhs.

“It’s not good,” Vera looked at Younis.

Younis was sitting near the farthest shelves with books and reading a diary. He was too fascinated by the study of the diary.

“What do we do?” Phoebe asked.

“You should do nothing. They themselves caught Morkh” Cole broke into the conversation.

He was excited about the advent of Morkh and afraid that something could happen with Phoebe.

“Eric, you stay with Phoebe, and I am going to Donald” Vera gave the order, and quickly left the library.

There was only a spirit of fear, after her departure. Phoebe looked at Eric. She was not too familiar with Eric. Eric always tried to be inconspicuous and small talk. But now, he was different. He was scared.

“Stay close to me,” Eric frowned.

Phoebe was agreed that it was reasonable to stick together. But Younis could not throw.

“What do we do if Morkh would be here?” Phoebe asked.

“I do not know,” Eric answered.

But the question was for Cole.

“Just try to survive,” Cole answered, and Phoebe noticed how his expression changed.

He was angry. Very angry.

Phoebe tried to concentrate. Easy feeling of fear and helplessness became more pronounced. But it was necessary to keep yourself in hands.

“Morkh is here” Vera broke through the door of the library.

She was breathing heavily, as if she has ran a marathon. Donald was standing behind her. He too was breathing hard.

“He is much stronger than those that were before,” Donald said.

And this was something very frightening. Phoebe sensed panic in everyone she felt as if they were preparing for the apocalypse.

“We need to stick together,” Vera grabbed Phoebe’s hand.

“Why Younis does not respond?” Phoebe looked at the old man.

He was calm and too busy reading diary.

“He is not a warrior. We fight, but Younis he just our mentor.” Vera tried to explain.

But Phoebe was too hard to understand. How could he just sit and read the diary, when there was so dangerous? Phoebe did not understand.

Grouped in the center of the library, they tried to conclude Younis in lifebuoy. Phoebe was close to Vera. This was to ensure the safety for Phoebe. But Vera, like everyone else, was too scared. Phoebe felt it.

“Why they did don took vessels?” Cole always was with Phoebe.

But only now he noticed that the only weapon against Morkhs, there was none. Phoebe looked at Vera.

“Where are vessels?” she asked.

“They do not work. This Morkh is too strong and the vessel did not cope with him,” Vera answered.

This was the reason for the growing fear in them.

“Devil. Get out of here,” Cole yelled.

But only Phoebe could hear him. He touched her hand and pulled over. Startled, Phoebe screamed. But Cole was not paying attention. He wanted her to go away, to hide her in a safe place.

“Stop it,” Phoebe whispered through clenched teeth.

Cole again grabbed her arm.

“Please go away,” he pleaded.

But in Phoebe’s eyes, he saw she would not leave.

“Look out!” Eric shouted.

Phoebe did not have time to understand what happened. She only saw Vera’s body flew into the air, and the black mist enveloped her. Eric and Donald rushed to help, but they just were pulled aside. Vera gasped. Every second took away a grain of her life. Phoebe ran to her.

“Vera” Phoebe entered the fog, just like last time.

Her eyes lit up with golden light and all that Phoebe felt at that moment, it was growing in her lust for power. She absorbed the evil.

“Phoebe, stop” Cole stood nearby.

He was next to Phoebe he was in the stomach of evil. But, unlike Phoebe, he was in his mind and not drop of evil did penetrate in him.

Phoebe felt otherwise. It seemed she absorbed that she did not want to absorb. Her blood became thicker and only desires to rule, to kill and torture were real for her. The shadow around became thicker and darker. Phoebe absorbed it like a piece of cake, not wanting to stop. When Vera’s body fell to the floor, Phoebe swallowed the last particle of evil. Cole stood next to her the whole time. He saw the most terrible and dangerous creature on earth was defeated by fragile girl. But even after Phoebe swallowed pure evil, her eyes were still burning gold.

“Phoebe?” Cole touched her hand.

Now Phoebe was not warm.

‘Younis” Vera screamed, looking around.

Donald and Eric lay unconscious, and only the old man still continued to sit and read the diary.

“It can not be true,” he whispered and looked at Vera.

“What?” Vera jumped to his feet, ignoring the sharp pain in her shoulder.

Younis slowly stood up and walked over to Phoebe.

“She is the vessel” Younis whispered and pulled out to touch the shoulder of Phoebe.

“No,” Vera cried and pulled the old man aside.

It was too dangerous. Phoebe’s eyes were still bright gold, and Vera was afraid that touching her, Younis could suffer.

“What happened?” Phoebe turned to Vera and Younis.

She was the same, but in her eyes that something has changed. She was scared.

‘You’re bleeding?” Younis eyes widened.

Phoebe froze. Only now she felt blood. She touched her stomach. Glancing at her hand, Phoebe saw blood.

“All will be well,” Cole tried to touch Phoebe, but he could not.

He could not touch her. Phoebe looked at Cole, fighting the urge to scream out in pain.

“She needs help,” Vera yelled and grabbed Phoebe’s shoulders put her on the floor.

Blood was too much. But no one knew exactly how Phoebe was wounded. After all, in the fight against Morkh wound could not be was. Morkh killed, but not injured.

“Phoebe, listen to me, Phoebe. All will be well,” Cole sat down next to her.

His heart was pounding in his chest. He immediately recalled the death of his father. He, too, died in his arms.

“If I die … Cole can not return” Phoebe started to panic.

She grabbed the hand of Vera.

“You will not die!” Vera tried to console Phoebe.

But it was difficult. Vera was frightened. Blood was too much to promise a happy ending.

Cole opened his eyes frantically. He was in his body and that, to put it mildly, it was unusual for him. Of course, back in body it was really nice, but when your return does not an explanation, it was difficult to begin to rejoice. The first moment of his return, Cole spent misunderstanding and surprise. But the next moment, when the thought of Phoebe broke into his mind, the arrow of pain and despair pierced him.

Cole’s body lay in a cooling chamber. Only now, Cole realized why he was so cold. Awkwardly moving feet, Cole out of the cooling chamber and headed for the library. He wanted to go even faster, but it was difficult to control the body.

“She’s not breathing!” Vera leaned on the body of Phoebe.

Cole stood in the doorway. She was not breathing. He was struck to the heart, and only one wish at that moment there was a desire for revenge.

“Cole?” Eric was surprised.

Cole walked slowly to Phoebe. He ignored the surprised looks and exclamations. He was too disgusted to know that he was back to where Phoebe was no more.

“Take her into the room,” Younis ordered.

His voice was very calm and confident. Cole looked at him. On the face of Younis a drop of regret was not. He did not care.

“She died, but you do not care,” Cole screamed and rushed to Younis.

In an instant, Eric and Donald were near and grabbed Cole by the arms they dragged him. But Cole’s fury was too severed.

“She’s not dead!” Younis said through clenched teeth.

It made Cole freeze. He was at a crossroads, believe those words or not. But the desire that Younis was right, it was much stronger than fury.

Cole took Phoebe in his hands. Her body was cold and lifeless. It was almost impossible to believe that Younis was right, and Phoebe was still alive. But even if it was a hoax, Cole needed it.

Having laid Phoebe on the bed, Cole sat down next to her. He stared at the pale face of the girl and waited. It seemed to him that she was about to open her eyes and smile to him. He needed her sincere and sunny smile.

“This diary has more than the answers to all our questions” Younis gently hugged old notebook with records.

But Cole did not care. All his attention was focused on Phoebe. He waited. He waited for all this horror, clutching his heart and do not let breathe would disappear.

“Can you explain what happened with Phoebe?” Vera looked at demanding Younis.

During that Vera spent with Phoebe, she was attached to her. Of course, she was trying to control herself, but in fact, Vera still worried.

“She is the vessel. She is the same vessel that the old man had made. She was kept away from the people of the city, because she is dangerous,” Younis answered the question.

His words were covered in fog.

“How can she be dangerous?” Cole was outraged.

But on the other hand, in the words of Younis it was true. Like any creature on this earth, she was dangerous. Although, the risk was not so expressed yet.

“You do not understand,: Younis reproachfully looked deep into Cole’s soul.

For him, it was too difficult to accept the fact that Phoebe became much more for Cole than family, than the guards.

Often we have to deal with what we do not understand. We are afraid, we reject and do not understand, but that does not change the essence. Phoebe was dangerous, but on the other hand, Younis knew that she was the only chance to win the fight against Morkhs once and for all.

Hello new day.

Phoebe’s heart stopped beating. Body temperature was too low. It’s obvious signs of death, but no. Phoebe was alive.

Cole was sitting near Phoebe all night. He waited. Therefore, when Phoebe’s eyes widened, emotion of Cole hit on her.

“Phoebe, thank God,” Cole pressed his lips to her forehead.

Cold pricked him. But he was too happy to notice.

“Are you okay?” Vera stood behind Cole.

She looked very worried. And in her eyes it could be read “I do not believe my eyes. That can not be.”

“Probably,” Phoebe looked at hands.

There was still blood. Memories rushed into the consciousness of Phoebe, filling her soul with fear and doubt.

“You’re cold,” Cole said, touching her icy hands.

Phoebe tried to breathe, but it did not help. It seemed she no longer needed breathing.

“What happened to me? How did you come back?” Phoebe was bewildered.

She looked at Cole, then at Vera, trying to get answers to her questions. But while no one could answer.

“You need to take a shower,” Vera decided to take matters into her own hands.

Have pushed Cole behind the door, Vera helped Phoebe get out of bed and get to the bath. Phoebe could go on her own bur Vera wanted to take care of her. Perhaps this was an echo of the guilt that Vera felt. She had to protect Phoebe, but instead, Phoebe saved her.

“Thank you,” Phoebe whispered.

Vera said nothing. She just smiled, held out a towel to Phoebe and left.

Standing in front of a huge mirror, Phoebe looked at her reflection. She looked at herself, but there was a feeling that it was a reflection of a stranger. Perhaps it is normal to feel when your life has no place every day to admire a reflection in the mirror.

Standing under the hot shower spray, Phoebe felt as hot drops fell on her icy shoulders, rolled on her back and died on the buttocks. It was nice to feel the warmth that, even for a moment, as if penetrated into her, giving an incredible pleasure. Phoebe enjoyed and just stood under the jets of hot water, not thinking about anything.

“You are okay?” a knock on the door made Phoebe jump.

It was Vera. Even through the door Phoebe could feel Vera worried.

“I am going” Phoebe answered, and quickly wrapped in a towel.

She remembered what was important until attack of Morkh. It was the diary. There were all the answers, and Phoebe had to find out about.

“Hold” Vera held out clean clothes to Phoebe.

It was the usual black jeans and a white T-shirt. Phoebe was glad that there was no skin.

“Thank you. Younis has read the diary?” quickly dressed, Phoebe gathered hair in a ponytail.

She was ready to learn the truth. Especially after her strange recovery.

“Yes. I have read” Younis walked into the room.

He became something like a custodian of old notebook with accounts. And, of course, he has read the diary and had the knowledge.

“Tell!” Cole went behind Younis.

He quickly went to Phoebe, to make sure she was still alive, and stood beside her. Eric and Donald stopped next to Vera. All were ready to listen.

“This old man was a genius,” Younis stated a fact.

“That’s all?” Vera quipped.

Younis sighed. All were eager to learn, he knew it. But it was not so easy to start telling that he did not fully understand.

“When the old man’s wife died in childbirth, he was heartbroken. So he created a vessel that was supposed to suck his from grief. Phoebe, you are the vessel!” Younis was silent.

He waited for the reaction.

“This explains why Phoebe feels other people’s emotions,” Cole took Phoebe’s hand and held it to her cheek.

“She do not just a feel, she absorbs them. Phoebe did it with Morkh. She swallowed it. So when Phoebe appeared in the city, we began to notice that something strange began to happen. Phoebe just absorbed the emotions of people. If we had not found and brought her here, then … I do not know what could happen,” Younis was very excited.

He looked at Phoebe and spoke. But inside fear was born. Now he was afraid of Phoebe.

“But sometimes I feel joy or fear, and this is my emotions” Phoebe could not believe the words of Younis.

Or rather she did not want to believe. Because then she would have to admit that she is someone else creation, and not man.

“You think it’s your emotions. But you just can not have emotions. Absorbed Morkh, you moved to another stage. I do not know how to explain it. But your skin is icy, and the heart does not beat … You just died. During the time you stayed away from the city and from a variety of human emotions, your hunger died down a bit.”

“What is mean, hunger?” Vera asked, fearing the answer.

“Emotional hunger. If you experienced fatigue, it was because of the hunger. When Berothah – old man who made you, understood that you not simply swallowed his pain, but all the other emotions, he tried to fix it. He created life in the forest for you. But now you’re here. And I do not know what to do next,” Younis finished his story.

Phoebe was bewildered. Although it was not her emotions, and emotions of present, she still felt lousy.

“So I’m not a man?” Phoebe decided to ask a question the answer to which she was afraid to know.

Younis thought. He did not ask this question, because he was too busy thinking about what Phoebe was dangerous.

“I think so” he said.

The most terrible dream of Phoebe came true. It was why she was afraid to know the truth, because the truth was, to say the least, disgusting. If Phoebe had a choice, of course, she chose to live in ignorance.

“It does not mean anything,” Cole began to calm Phoebe, but not a single word could console Phoebe at that time.

When you find out that you are not a man, it’s horrible. Of course, it is possible to find a plus, because representatives of humanity are not perfect, but Phoebe wanted to feel a part of this imperfect world.

“So, I do not even have a family,” Phoebe thought about it only after she entered the room.

Cole followed her.

“It does not matter. Okay?” Cole grabbed Phoebe by the arm and pulled her to him.

They were too close to each other. Phoebe Cole clearly felt the sincerity, and knew that his words were not just an attempt to comfort her but these words were so, what he really thought.

“How can I continue to wake up in the morning, knowing it all? I do not have my emotions, and I am even no man,” Phoebe smiled nervously.

She tried to lower her head down to Cole did not see her face. She was ashamed. Cole was right, everything Phoebe’ feelings for him were only his emotions.

“You know, yesterday I would be too concerned about this. But now … I thought I lost you, and you know what … I’m ready to love for the two of us. My love is more than enough,” Cole concluded Phoebe into his arms.

Phoebe felt his heart beating in his chest, and felt his inner state. He was telling the truth, in that she was sure.

“You told you love me?” Phoebe pulled away from Cole and looked him straight in the eye.

He smiled. Yes, he said about his feelings. He loves her now was one of the happiest moments in the past twenty-four hours.

“Yes, Phoebe,” Cole tried to portray a serious face.

Instead, funny and awkward grin appeared on his face. Phoebe laughed as loud as she could.

“Thank you,” Phoebe said and kissed Cole on the cheek.

She, of course, did not stop to think about the fact that she is not a person. But she really felt better.

“You are here” Vera walked into the room without knocking.

Cole and Phoebe were standing very close to each other, and this could cause incorrect thoughts. Although on their faces it was clear that between this two people clearly something is going on.

“Vera” Phoebe moved away from Cole.

“I am not in time?” she asked, smiling strangely.

Normally Vera was rather reserved girl, and a smile on her face appeared quite rare. But now Vera was smiling from ear to ear, so that you could see her wisdom teeth.

“Yes,” Cole frowned.

“No,” Phoebe reproachfully looked at Cole.

Vera does not come without reason. If she came it is important.

“How are you?” Vera started serious.

At this time Vera came to know how Phoebe feels. It was nice and did not quite familiar. Especially for Cole. He knew Vera, as a very hard war. But now she was sincere in her feelings for Phoebe.

“I do not know. I think I am fine,” Phoebe smiled.

Vera question was rather silly. Phoebe could not be in order, because her deepest fears in an instant became a reality.

“When you swallowed Morkh …” Vera spoke about painful subject for Phoebe.

“Do not,” Cole interrupted her.

He tried to give Vera to understand that talking about it was not the best of ideas.

“No, it’s okay,” but Phoebe seemed really was not concern about that.

“How did you do it?” Vera waited for an answer with impatience.

For Vera, Donald, Erik and Younis Phoebe was something inexplicable, and they perceive her as a phenomenon. Cole had a different opinion. For him, Phoebe was a beautiful girl, to whom he, inexplicably, was drawn.

“I don’t know. It happened by itself. But what I felt, I definitely did not like” Phoebe felt the tremors.

Remembering that she felt, absorbing Morkh was disgusting. She could feel the evil, lust for power, she wanted to hurt. Of course, at that moment, when Phoebe swallowed Morkh, these feelings did not seem to her so disgusting. But now, when her soul was filled with humanity, it was horrible to remember.

“If you are the vessel, then … You swallowed Morkh, which we could not handle. I think it’s possible …” Vera stammered.

She tried to find the right words.

“I could absorb all of Morkhs” Phoebe finished the sentence of Vera.

It was much cooler then psychologist. None of the psychologists can feel the emotional state of his patient. But Phoebe easily understood people, even when they did not understand themselves.

“No, it’s a bad idea,” Cole was against.

He could not even entertain the thought that Phoebe would have to move closer to Morkh. It was enough that she almost died.

“But it makes sense. Then you do not have to fight.” Phoebe was inspired by the idea.

While this inspiration belonged to Vera. But Phoebe took this feeling for her.

“But the last time you almost died,” Cole continued to insist on his own.

It was a powerful argument. Phoebe, in a sense, agreed with him. She did not feel much joy at the thought she would over and over again have to experience terrible feelings. But she could help.

“Technically, Phoebe died. But now she is here, very much alive. And what if she can not die?” Vera paused dramatically.

Immortality is something that probably all dreamed of.

“Today, too much has happened. Tomorrow, we will share this idea with Younis” Phoebe set point.

She felt tired. As Younis said it was an emotional hunger. Emotions of Younis, or Vera or Donald or Erik and Cole for Phoebe it was not enough. And It frightened her.

“Good. I will go. Good night,” Vera smiled enigmatically and left the room.

She gave to understand, “I know everything, do not need to hide.”

“Can I stay?” Cole asked.

He did not want to move away from Phoebe. However, Phoebe, too, did not want to be alone.

“Yes. Absolutely”.

Lying on the bed, Phoebe pulled the blanket on herself. After she almost died, or died, she always felt cold.

“Come here,” Cole pulled her to him, concluding in a strong embrace.

Phoebe caught the light scent. Cole smelled … He smelled of a man. Yes, Phoebe decided that only man could smell so. The tart smell of sage mixed with a touch of leather aroma.

“Forgive me,” Phoebe spoke in a whisper.

Their bodies were loaded into the darkness, and Phoebe was afraid to break the silence.

“For what?” Cole was really surprised.

Phoebe did not need to apologize for anything.

“Because I can not give my love to you” Phoebe frowned.

Her words were some strange and funny, but it was true. Phoebe felt guilty that she could not feel.

“It’s not so,” Cole sat down opposite her and took her face in his hands.

He looked straight into the eyes of Phoebe, trying to focus on her eyes and did not look at her lips.

“Cole, I …” Phoebe frowned again.

She wanted to say how much Cole was dear to her, but then she realized. These were his feelings.

“It does not matter can you love me or not. My love is enough for the two of us. Just let me love you,” he gently kissed Phoebe’s forehead, trying to put into the kiss all his care.

Phoebe could be called the happiest man on earth. Although she was not human. But at that moment, she was so grateful for his support, because, despite everything, he was still next to her.

Touching the skin of Phoebe, Cole felt inside the desire. For a moment, he was given to it: his hands fell on hips of Phoebe and pressed to her lips, he fell on her. But Cole abruptly pulled away from Phoebe. He could not afford his selfishness took up. It was his desire, and he was afraid that Phoebe did not feel the same. Although, given the fact that Phoebe did not have her own emotions and feelings, his fear was absurd. Phoebe felt all the same thing as Cole.

“Please,” Phoebe wrapped her arms around Cole’s neck and pressed to his lips.

But Cole could not. It seemed to him it was not correct. And even the desire to kiss lips of Phoebe without stopping, and give her all his kindness could not save him from feeling of wrongness.

“I can not. You …”Cole tried to find the right words.

But it was odd. Phoebe knew everything.

“I understand. But now, I feel your love within myself. I want to feel it physically.” Phoebe’s eyes filled with hope.

And Cole resigned. His hands began to squeeze her thighs, causing the skin to burn. Inside it, there were so many feelings that it seemed he could explode at any moment. He covered her with his body, pushing her body tightly to the bed. He kissed her lips, as if it was the most important. His hand slid over the waist Phoebe, climbing higher, exploring new territory. Their breath mingled and entwined in one body.

Phoebe was drowning in the caress of Cole. Her thoughts were free. She could only think of what was happening. She felt his scorching warm hands on her stomach, she felt the sweetness of his mouth and hear his breathing. Her breathing was absent. Like Cole breathed for both of them.

Their bodies went to the world of pleasure. Phoebe felt the presence of Cole and wished that it lasted forever. They broke into the ballet hall and merged in a tragic dance. Their movements were rhythmic and smooth. This brought their emotions to the peak. One moment, and the most desirable bliss flowed inside human bodies. Like millions of exploding fireworks.

This is a dangerous step.

“Good morning” Cole if sang the words.

Phoebe opened her eyes and found that the sheets around them turned into pieces of crumpled rags.

“Good morning,” she smiled.

Phoebe remembered how she was drowning in the world of fun that night.

“We need to wake up. Vera can show up at any moment,” Phoebe quickly jumped out of bed.

Her naked body was wrapped rumpled sheets.

“I said your thoughts?” Phoebe paused for a moment.

Only now she realized that she said what Cole thought. It was hard to get used to the fact that all her feelings, which give rise to thoughts, were not her. By this it is impossible to get used to.

“Yes, but I do not want us to leave this bed. Never” Cole frowned.

But contrary to his wishes, he also got out of bed. He picked up the clothes lying on the floor and tried to bring the bed in a normal appearance.

“One moment” Phoebe giggled and quickly went into the bath.

She combed her hair, took a shower and changed clothes. When she returned to the room, Vera was already there.

“Shower in the morning?” Vera smiled slyly.

It seemed that their secret was disclosed, but Cole and Phoebe were unperturbed.

“How did you sleep Vera?” Cole began openly to say rude things.

He was angered that Vera allowed herself to go into matters that did not concern her.

“Excellent. Come on, Younis is waiting for us in the library.” Vera proudly turned on her heel and she went out and slammed the door.

“She is outraged” Phoebe explained.

But even without the gift of Phoebe, Cole was able to understand it without explanation.

Younis, Donald, Eric and Vera were in the library. But Younis unlike all looked like something strange. He eagerly pressed notebook with records to his chest, and his hair was tousled. It was evident that he did not slep all night.

“I knew what happened to you, Cole,” Younis as crazy genius came up to Cole.

His behavior scared all. But everyone kept this fear inside.

“She … she, in some way, absorbed you as Morkh” he continued.

But that was absurd. Cole knew that assumption of Younis could not be true. Otherwise, Morkh could hurt Phoebe. After all, when Cole was absorbed, he could touch Phoebe.

“No, I do not think so,” Cole jabbed Younis in the shoulder.

But he did not to listen to him.

“If Phoebe was able to absorb Morkh, it is possible that she would be able to absorb and others” Vera interjected into the conversation.

Younis thought. Of course, something tempting was in this assumption, but it was too risky, because Younis did not know exactly how it worked.

“It’s dangerous,” Cole was ready to break Vera to pieces.

“When I swallowed Cole, I could see him. Cole could touch me and I could feel it. But I do not see Morkh” Phoebe interrupted dispute between Cole and Vera.

Younis thought again. All this was too interesting to him and too frightened him in the same time.

“Perhaps it is because Cole has corporeal shell and Morkh has no” Younis suggested.

But doubt was heard in his voice.

“But if Cole could return, and then Morkh would be able too” Vera outlined her idea.

And it was the only thing there was no doubt.

“You’re right, it means that we can lock all of Morkhs in Phoebe and send her to the other side. Then Morkhs never come back to us” Younis realized that it was a perfect plan.

But there were those who did not think so. Cole was, perhaps, the main opponent of this idea. Vera, too, was not happy, but she did not feel hatred for Younis because of this assumption. This was something quite useful, only Cole was not ready to sacrifice by Phoebe.

“Only in your plan, there is one small problem. Phoebe can not go back,” Cole’s eyes flashed furiously.

Since then, he met Phoebe his great dedication to the cause disappeared. Like a rose-colored glasses through which he had looked at the world, broke. Everything he had been taught ceased to be relevant.

“You know it is necessary to pay for everything,” Younis was outraged.

No one had ever contradicted him. It was an unwritten rule. But the last time he faced too many times with protest and incomprehension. His feelings were hurt.

“Stop. If it is only way, I agree,” Phoebe could not stand it.

She did not like all these disputes. Every emotion was something like a huge charge of electricity, and Phoebe felt like it was causing her pain.

“No. You are crazy,” Cole laughed nervously.

It seemed that it was Phoebe’s joke, because he could not believe that she was able to leave him.

“I just do not see any other way out,” Phoebe realized how painful it was for Cole.

But the other way she could not see.

“Of course, and you decided to commit suicide!” Cole was not furious.

He was ready to grab the throat of Younis, because it was his idea. But instead feeling powerless, Cole shot out from the library. He had never felt so weak.

“Wait,” Phoebe ran after him.

He did not want to stop, because it would mean that he gave up. But it was not so.

“What are you thinking?” Cole stopped a few steps away from Phoebe.

He stood with his back to her.

“About the fact that my existence can benefit” Phoebe approached Cole and beating him, stood right in front of him.

“What are talking about?” Cole was angered by her words, so he missed the true meaning.

“You, Vera, Younis, Donald and Eric devoted yours life to protecting this world. This is more than enough to say that you have lived not in vain. But I … I do not have my feelings and I did in my life nothing but the absorption of another’s emotions. And now I have the chance to change it,” Phoebe’s eyes glistened with tears.

She felt weak, and this weakness made her cry. But it was not her feelings. This Cole felt weak.

“And what about me?” Cole asked the big question.

As he had to live without her? Or, as he had to take the news that she was going to do?

“I’m sorry” Phoebe felt despair.

It is much easier to break someone’s heart, not feeling his pain. But Phoebe broke the heart of someone whose pain was her own. But at the time it was needed.

“Tell me, what about me?” Cole waited.

He hoped that this issue would cause Phoebe to change her mind, and she would understand that suicide did not solve the problem.

“It does not matter. You know, I do not feel anything for you.” Phoebe snatched his heart.

But the pain was for the two of them. Holding back tears, and tearing it apart pain, Phoebe looked straight into his eyes. She wanted to have Cole did not have doubts that her words were true. She wanted him to hate it and let go.

“I do not believe,” he said firmly, and left.

Phoebe was left alone with a comprehensive pain. It seemed that the earth went from under her feet, but it only gave her more confidence. Way back it was not, and Phoebe now understood it. She had to do what was in her power. And she could have been the salvation of the world.

“You’re right?” Vera stopped a few steps away from Phoebe.

She did not have the gift of feeling other people’s emotions, but at the time it was not necessary. Question of Vera was rhetorical. She knew that Phoebe was not in order.

“Yes,” Phoebe tried to smile.

But this only confirmed guesses of Vera. Phoebe was not in order.

“This is a very important step …” Vera decided to conduct a psychological conversation.

But Phoebe did not need this. Psychologist needs to those who are capable of feeling, and Phoebe was only a miserable reflection of other people’s feelings.

“Do not” trying to get Vera silence, Phoebe waved her hands.

“I just want to say, if you do not want to do it, no one will force you,” Vera still said what she thought.

But these well-chosen words could not convince Phoebe to reconsider. Perhaps nothing could change her mind.

‘I understand. But I’ll do it. I have to.” Phoebe tried to smile again.

But the smile turned too unnatural. It was more like a grimace of pain and despair than a smile.

Life consists of various parts. And one of them – the meaning. We are looking for meaning in everything, the meaning in standing up in the morning, the meaning in smile, the meaning in sports. The list is endless. But most importantly, we are looking for the meaning of our life. Those who do not find this meaning commit suicide, and those who have not the courage, continue their useless existence. Phoebe was able to find meaning, even though he was in some way not too encouraging. The Meaning of life – suicide. This is not encouraging. But in the meantime, to die senselessly and die for the sake of mankind, there is a difference. Phoebe did not want to die senselessly, so it was an obvious choice.

The road into the unknown.

Phoebe and Cole were not talking to each other. Cole agreed to help, but on his expression it was clear, it did not give him joy. But stand back he could not.

“You need to absorb them, and then we plunge you into the capsule with water and send you to the other side,” Younis told about his plan.

The plan was quite nice, if we exclude the fact that Phoebe would have to fill yourself with pure evil, and then die. It’s pretty sad.

“When I will have obsessed them, you have to send me to the other side,” Phoebe became serious.

She thought about the feelings that she experienced, absorbing Morkh. It was pure evil. If too much of the evil will be in her, she would be the most bloodthirsty girl twenty-first century. That she did not want. She was going to go down in history as a hero, and not as a tyrant.

“We will do so” Vera did not understand why Phoebe doubted.

They had a plan, and were going to follow it.

“Whatever happens, you have to send me to the other side. I’m getting what I swallow, so absorbing pure evil, I will pure evil” goosebumps run on the back of Phoebe.

Although rather, goosebumps rut on the back of Vera, and Phoebe was standing close enough to feel it too.

“I realized” Vera’s hand rested on the shoulder of Phoebe.

This meant “do not worry, all will be well.”

Cole stood aside. He tried to act normal, but he had a great desire to send everything to hell, grab Phoebe and take her away from it all. And if earlier he cared about mankind, now, he with ease would be allow all to send to hell, just to save Phoebe.

“Cole?” Phoebe dared to look him straight in the eye.

In that Vera will not fail, she was sure, but that Cole at the right time let her, she was not sure.

“All you can do is hope that I’ll do everything right,” Cole’s voice was rough.

And it was quite understandable. Cole had a right to be angry at her, she knew it.

“Good. I think we need to start” Younis quickly went down the stairs leading to the basement.

There were a lot of vessels with Morkhs and Phoebe had to absorb them all. It seemed that it could take a very long time. But they did not have much. Phoebe had to deal with this in a few hours.

“I do not know how it works, but I think it will better if you leave me” Phoebe came to the first along with the vessels.

If she could experience the feeling of fear, of course she would be scared. But she only could feel the emotions of others. Therefore, standing among hundreds of vessels, she felt only despair. Cole felt despair.

“I’ll stay,” Cole folded his arms across his chest.

His decision was firm. However, he was able to show it because his tone.

“I do not think …” Phoebe was against.

But he did not listen to her. He just walked past her, heading into the far corner of the basement.

“I think you have to accept that he will be here,” Vera looked at Phoebe with regret and walked away.

In the basement, there were only Phoebe and Cole. And, of course, there were still hundreds of vessels with pure evil. Phoebe decided to get down to business. She boldly took extreme vessel and opened it. Black smoke clot immediately rushed out, but instead of freedom, the conclusion awaited him. It was a prison was called Phoebe. Inhaling pure evil and allowing him to get inside, Phoebe felt an incredible surge of something diabolical, something that easily could be classified as a mortal sin. Her eyes glowed bright gold, and it was definitely a beautiful sight. That’s just what is beautiful from the outside can be dangerous inside.

“Phoebe?” Cole appeared in the midst of events.

Because itы too desperate desire to take care of Phoebe, he almost died last time. But even this lesson, he has not learned. This guy was incorrigible.

“Go away,” Phoebe whispered.

Her eyes were still burning, but she was able to control her body. The last time when she swallowed Morkh, she could not control her body. Now she could.

“Phoebe,” Cole did not hear her.

He came too close to her. Phoebe knew it in some other reason. Her head was filled with desires to dominate, but in some other reason, she knew now she could hurt him.

“Get out,” Phoebe cried pushing him in the chest.

By surprise, Cole dropped to the floor. Phoebe tried to move away from him, but when she took a step, everything returned to normal. One of Morkhs was absorbed.

“What the hell are you doing?” Phoebe growled like a wild beast.

It was kind of funny, because in appearance, she was fragile.

“Take care of you,” he said quietly.

He liked that she reacted to him so vehemently.

“No. You want I will kill you, or worse, I will swallow, and then you would have been killed by Morkhs which I swallowed.” Phoebe’s voice rose to a shout.

Phoebe was evil. But then she stopped. It was not her emotions. She looked at Cole. It also was not anger. But then whose feelings it was? In the basement were the only Cole and Phoebe and … Morkhs.

“We need to hurry,” Phoebe knew.

Morkh whom she has swallowed … She not just swallowed him, and took his identity. They had to hurry. Otherwise, after a couple of hours Phoebe will turn into a brutal creature that sows in this world of horror and chaos.

“You have so much wish to die?” Cole wondered.

“No. I wish to finish it before how I will turn into something horrible and possibly cause harm to each of you.” Phoebe quickly walked over to a shelf and picked up the next vessel.

Feelings were repeated: the evil was becoming part of her. Phoebe’s eyes glowed golden first, but then the flames began to burn in her pupils. Cole did not interfere. He watched as Phoebe absorbed Morkhs one after another, and felt like Phoebe changed. She became harder.

“Phoebe?” Cole noticed that the blood flowed from nose of Phoebe.

Cole like crazy. He forgot everything and just rushed toward her.

“Do not come,” Phoebe stopped him at arm’s length.

She slowly sank to the floor, feeling her legs became heavier. She was not okay. For over an hour she was swallowing Morkhs one after another, and now she needed a break, but she was afraid to stop. She hurried struggling, because time was very important.

“You need to rest,” Cole accepted the rules of her game.

She did not want him to come to her because she was afraid that she could hurt him. But Cole could affect on her even at arm’s length. He hoped that he could.

“It’s okay,” Phoebe bravely rose from the floor and took the next vessel.

She felt crowded, but she had to swallow another ten vessels.

“I feel as if I have eaten a million pizzas” Phoebe smiled.

This was due to the nerves. Opening the vessels, she swallowed Morkh. Then the next, and finally, one last.

“Promise me that you will do all what you should do.” Phoebe looked at Cole last time.

It was a farewell. Phoebe spent the last force to open the vessel and absorb Morkh. Then her body fell to the floor. She was not breathing.

“Phoebe?” Cole ran to her.

He tried to revive her, but Phoebe was not breathing. She was as if dead.

“You have to immerse her in a container,” Younis appeared behind Cole.

“But …” Cole wanted to protest.

But then he remembered the last words of Phoebe, remembered her eyes were soaked by hope. He promised her to do what he should do. And he was going to perform.

Immersing the body of Phoebe in a vessel which was filled with a strange light blue liquid, Younis began to open the portal. It was necessary to send Phoebe on the other side as soon as possible.

“All will be well” Vera stood next to Cole.

She wanted him to understand that he was not alone. Vera thought that it would help him to feel better. But it was a mistake. Cole could feel better in one case only if he opened his eyes, and Phoebe was there, and all this horror with Morkhs would have stayed behind.

On the other side.

Phoebe was in a coma. Her body was dead, but her mind was too active. She was going crazy by her own impotence. She was filled with anger and at the same time she was waiting for something.

Time stood still.

The vessel became more and so …

A moment and strong bank for the preservation of Phoebe’s body turned into minor fragments. Phoebe climbed out. She was wet and angry. Although rather, she was reborn.

Making way through the inner chaos, Phoebe came back to life. The acquisition of a new entity completely changed her outlook. She become dangerous. All what she did not know before, opened to her. She had no problems, because all the answers she knew.

In a parallel world, all was quite conversely.

Cole stood in the middle of the room where Phoebe lived. Several months have passed since Phoebe was enclosed in a container and sent to certain death. During this time, the pain should subside, but it did not happen. Cole blamed himself that allowed Phoebe to take this step he blamed himself that did not prevent it.

“You’re here,” Vera was not surprised.

For the past few months she was the witness of his suffering.

“Did you want something?” Cole asked.

This question he asked mechanically. In fact, he did not care.

“No, I just …” Vera was trying to find the words.

“You wanted to make sure I was still alive,” Cole continued.

It was true, but Vera preferred to formulate it as something softer.

“Something like that,” Vera smiled.

But Cole did not share her joy. He was sick of everything, he was sick of life.

“Look, I do miss her, but we have to move on” Vera took a step toward Cole, but he took two steps away from her in response.

He did not need the consolation he needed Phoebe.

Suddenly the door swung open.

“About me yearn for?” it was Phoebe.

Everything happened so quickly that Cole did not have time even to blink. And, a moment ago, he longed for Phoebe, and now she was standing right in front of him, alive and unharmed.

“Phoebe?” Cole was baffled.

It was difficult to switch from the state of suffering, and accept the fact that Phoebe was back. In the end, he was willing to suffer for the rest of his life.

“Are you blind?” Phoebe was too rough.

She stood in front of him, and like all was well. But Phoebe was now different.

“How did you …” it was first time when Vera speechless.

“Do not go near her,” Younis’s voice was heard behind Phoebe.

He was scared. Phoebe turned slowly toward him.

“I just want to get out of this place,” Phoebe said very softly, but demanding.

When Cole heard her words, the only thought in his head, was “not to let her go.” He grabbed a table lamp and hit Phoebe’s head. Then he picked up the falling body of Phoebe in arms.

“What are you doing?” Vera was shocked.

“We need to put her in the camera,” Younis did not notice Vera.

Cole nodded. The camera was a very safe place. He was going to lock Phoebe there to be able to come up with further action.

“I understand,” Cole headed for the door.

“Cole?” Vera grabbed his arm.

She needed an explanation, because she had no idea what was happening.

“He does what he must” Younis said instead of Cole.

And it certainly was not the best answer. But at that moment, even this explanation was enough for Vera.

Cole laid Phoebe on a small bed in the corner of the cell. Her hair and clothes were wet, so taking advantage of the fact that Phoebe was unconscious, Cole dressed her.

“You’re too kind to me,” Phoebe opened her eyes.

She came to her senses before he decided to dress her.

“I do not think so” fixing shackles on her wrists, he said.

Phoebe was hurt a little, but the anger inside made her enjoy it.

“You know, it’s funny. You’re thinking that I was dead,” Phoebe behaved very rudely.

She sat down on the bed, forcing shackles compressed around her wrists even more.

“But you’re here, and I’m glad,” he said, heading for the door.

He tried to be cold with her, but all that he could think of was that she was back, and he did not even put his arm around her.

“Can you explain?” Vera was standing behind the door and waited for Cole.

“Phoebe returned” Cole whispered, not believing his own words.

“I see. Why she is in the cell?” Vera was the only person who did not understand it.

Oddly enough, but she did not notice that Phoebe somehow changed. Of course, Phoebe became rough, but Vera felt that she had a right to. After all she swallowed so many Morkhs and traveled to the other side.

“I’m going to find the answer to this question,” Cole was firm in his decision.

He felt that in the diary of the old man all the answers could be. But there was one problem. Old diary was in hands of Younis.

In an instant everything can change. A couple of months ago, Cole thought he lost Phoebe forever. But now she was here. Younis, like everyone else, thought they coped with Morks but Phoebe is back, and this meant that the long war was not ended. So, in an instant everything can change.

“Younis, I need the diary,” Cole found Younis in the library.

Old notebook with records was in his hands. It seemed Younis even slept with it.

“What?” the old man was aggressively tuned.

“Phoebe returned, and I need answers,” Cole took a few steps forward Younis, showing that he was serious.

But Younis did not even flinch.

“Me too. But in the diary is nothing,” Younis threw the old notebook to the floor.

This could mean only one thing. The diary really had not the answers. But Cole hoped. Without thinking he took the diary from the floor. On the pages of the diary was not anything useful. The old man wrote too few facts. But on the other hand, it was a diary, not a scientific book.

“We need answers,” Cole looked at Younis.

Now he needed the support of the old man.

“Maybe Phoebe has all the answers which we want to know?”

Cole never thought about it. With the advent of Phoebe many questions appeared and perhaps the answer was hidden in her.

“So, we have to talk to her,” Cole agreed.

Younis was surprised. He expected that Cole would not oppose his ideas, but it was the opposite. Cole decided to personally interrogate Phoebe.

“I’m with you” Vera did not know about the plan of Cole, but when she saw that he went into the cell to Phoebe, she wanted to go with him.

“Okay,” Cole did not mind.

Phoebe was sitting motionless. She was as if waiting for something.

“Guests” she smiled slyly.

Cole walked silently into the cell. Vera went after him.

“We have questions,” Cole took a chair and sat in front of Phoebe.

He behaved with great restraint in view of the fact that he could think only about her lips.

“We all have questions” Phoebe’s eyes flashed dangerously.

Now Vera understood why Cole so strangely behaved. Phoebe changed and she felt very foolish because she could not see it immediately.

“Look, we have questions, and you have an opportunity to respond. Just give it to us” in a conversation Vera intervened.

She was strict and, to some extent acted as a bitch. Phoebe was incredibly inspired.

“I am listening,” Phoebe said, giving a satisfied smile to Vera.

This meant that Phoebe was granted. She achieved from Vera devilish response, and it gave her great joy.

“How did you come back?” Vera asked the big question.

This question tormented all, but Cole was afraid to ask it. After all, he was glad that Phoebe returned and the rest was not interested.

“My vessel burst, and I decided it was time to go home,” Phoebe said with sarcasm.

“That’s all? Just like that?” Vera did not believe.

Back it was not so easy. She knew that even from the cradle.

“Yes. I just stepped through the portal and was here. But you are not very happy to me, as I see it,” Phoebe pointed to the shackles on her hands.

Her wrists were erased in the blood and, noticing this, Cole barely restrained. He wanted to rush to her and take the damn piece of iron with her hands.

“This is not so” Cole objected.

He could not bear to think that Phoebe felt that no one was glad her return.

“You hit me on the head, dragged into the cell, put the shackles … I think it’s not very hospitable” Phoebe continued be sarcastic.

Vera did not recognize Phoebe. It was absolutely the opposite person sitting in front of her.

“Did you lock Morkhs there?” Vera asked again.

“No” Phoebe answered.

“Then they can come back?”

“Not the ones that I have swallowed. But the others … Yes.”

Phoebe was delighted with this conversation. She felt important. Being an important part it was the part where she held sway over the world. Although it was only in her head.

“What about those which you have swallowed?” It was the question of Cole.

Phoebe smiled enigmatically.

“I have eaten them”.

Her answer was quite funny and did not fit in their head. How pure evil can be eaten?

“Have eaten?” Vera winced.

“It was very tasty,” Phoebe looked askance at Vera.

From this view goose bumps ran on the back of Vera. She was terrified.

“Okay” Cole jumped up from his chair and quickly headed for the door.

He understood. All that happened to Phoebe was due to the fact that she has absorbed too much evil. Vera went after him. She was afraid to stay in the room alone with Phoebe.

“She scares me,” locking the door of the cell Vera said.

But Cole did not listen to her. He was absorbed in his thoughts.

“I understand,” he said finally.

Vera looked at him questioningly.

“Phoebe has swallowed too much evil, so it now fills her. If we make her to absorb the good emotions, she will come back,” Cole grabbed Vera’s shoulders, thinking that since she can better understand his words.

Cole thought he got a second chance. He thought that now when he knew the answer to the main question, everything could change. He was going to return Phoebe.

“And how are you going to do it? She does not particularly go back,” Vera tried to get Cole to think.

She saw he hoped, but it could not be as careless as he thought.

“Never mind … She just does not understand all things” Cole did not want to listen to Vera.

In pursuit of the desired, it is too difficult to see that there really is.

“What did you know?” Younis was burning with impatience.

The only thing that the old man could say for sure was the fact that he hated life in the dark. He was always one step ahead of everyone and knew more than anyone else. But more recently, the life it seemed throw him overboard, and now he had to learn the news in the last turn.

“Just trust me,” Cole did not answer the question of Younis.

In fact, he did not trust Younis. Although what was about Phoebe, he did not trust anyone.

“What do you mean?” Younis was dissatisfied with this reply.

But he had no choice. All he could do so to accept the fact that he could only trust Cole.

“Just believe him,” Vera tried to maintain Younis.

She was aware of Cole’s plan and also felt that Younis should not know everything.

For an old man, it was a low blow. He was a leader, but now he was not dedicated in any case. He was trying to come to terms with it. Honestly, he tried. But it is difficult to talk about humility where your feelings are hurt. He was not going to argue or give Cole’s plan. But he desperately longed to know it.

“Younis is in furious. What will we do?” Vera caught up with Cole.

He was directed to a room where Phoebe lived before. He considered it was a special place because there he and Phoebe were close. Therefore, he hoped that this place can help Phoebe to remember all the good things she had.

“We need to move Phoebe here.” Cole was serious about.

But there was one difficulty. Once outside the cell, Phoebe could escape.

“I understand what you want to do. But Phoebe can not be let out of the cell,” Vera thought.

Cole wanted to put Phoebe at the center of all her good memories. It was reasonable. But it was necessary to think of another way to do this without releasing Phoebe from the cell.

“I think all of her memories are associated with you. Therefore, if we put you and her in the same space …” Vera got the idea in my head.

“In the cell” Cole realized what she meant.


“You decided to join me?” Phoebe was surprised.

She watched as Cole installed the second bed in the cell. But she did not realize his plan. Till.

“Yes. It is difficult to leave you alone after a few months of separation,” Cole took the rules of her game.

Phoebe portrayed the cruelty and indifference. Play by her rules, it was the only way to approach her and to realize his plan.


Phoebe sat down on the edge of the bed. She closely watched Cole. He felt her gaze, and it was driving him crazy. All he wanted so badly since the return of Phoebe to kiss her. She looked at him, and this desire only intensified.

“Say, do you remember anything?” Cole turned to Phoebe.

“You’re about the night when we were close?”

Phoebe’s face did not change. This meant that she did not experience a drop of emotion, remembering the night.

“So, you remember,” Cole was upset due to the fact that Phoebe was so cold.

But he was going to get her back.

“I have no sclerosis. Look, what was … You and me. It does not matter, “Phoebe got out of bed.

She wanted to go to Cole. But the shackles on her legs and arms, not even allowed making a step.

“It is not so for me,” Cole said convincingly.

But inside it was very painful. Every word of Phoebe was hurt for him.

“Really. Then why the shackles are put on me and I locked in the cell and forced to talk to you?” Phoebe was angry.

This was something new. She was angry, and Cole was indecently pleased. Her anger meant that they moved on to the next level. Before that Phoebe was unabashed, brutal and constantly talking shit.

“Because I love you,” Cole whispered.

He walked slowly to Phoebe, leaving a little distance between them. This distance ensured safe for Cole.

“Are you afraid of me? You all are afraid. Otherwise, I would be free,” Phoebe lifted her chin.

She was sure that in this conversation, she was won. But she was wrong.

“You’re free,” Cole took a step toward her.

Now they were too close. Cole took the keys out of his back pocket and freed the shackles from hands of Phoebe. It was a dangerous move. But he still decided.

“You’re strong. I can kill you,” Phoebe was impressed and a bit surprised.

She looked straight into the eyes of Cole.

“I do not care. I’m going to bring you back, and if you would kill me, it would mean that I could not bring you back. And without you, I do not really want to live,” Cole said from the heart.

It was his true feelings, and he boldly told them. Not waiting for an answer, he turned and walked over to his bed.

“You know, you’re right. I have changed. I became angry and heartless.” Phoebe’s voice sounded serious.

Cole paused. He did not know it was possible to believe her or not.

“When I swallowed the last vessel with Morkh, I found myself inside myself. And you know, there was so dark and empty. I heard you were talking to me, heard it all. Then I was on the other side and I realized that I have a chance to come back. But you do not accept me. You are afraid of me,” Phoebe continued to talk seriously.

Cole’s heart began to beat faster. He believed her. Now believed. He knew that she should not have to risk by her life, but she did not listen to him. And he blamed himself for what he could not protect her from so much suffering.

“Phoebe, this is not the case.” Cole in an instant appeared beside her.

He gently cupped Phoebe’s face by his hands, without ceasing to look at her lips. They lured him.

“These months I spent in hell. Without you, life was turned into hell,” Cole continued to speak in a whisper.

He hesitantly touched her lips with his fingertip. The heat burned him. In his memory at once memories of their proximity appeared. He distinctly remembered the pleasant sensation that he felt every time Phoebe touched him.

“You’re pathetic,” loud laughter of Phoebe rang out in the cell.

She laughed at him.

“What?” Cole was baffled.

He still continued to stand next to her.

“In fact, when you stuck me in the vessel, I had to die a hundred times. The pain did not stop, and do you know that was the worst of it? You let me do it,” Phoebe angrily pushed Cole.

Now he understood why she was angry. This was his anger. Phoebe began to eat his emotions, as he hoped. But she took away his anger only, not touching his love for her. This meant that Phoebe knew that having absorbed his love, she will change.

“It’s my fault. You’re right,” Cole tried again to approach her.

But Phoebe jumped back in fright.

“I have realized. You’re smarter than I thought,” Phoebe turned into a wild cat.

She realized that Cole decided to make and it frightened her. Again, feel his love for her was impossible. She could not let that happen.

“What are you talking about?” Cole looked surprised.

But he knew that Phoebe had in her mind.

“But you know. You will not be able to do it” Phoebe again turned into a bitch.

She decided that to know the enemy’s plan it is better remedy.

Ahead night was waiting their. For Phoebe, it was a turning point. She was locked up with Cole, and Cole was a trap for her. She had to eat, this process was constant, and she could not stop it. All she could, so choose what to eat. Cole was the only one whose emotions she could eat, but in the end, she would absorb all his anger and hatred, and then only love would remain.

Phoebe could not sleep. She could hear the quiet breathing of Cole and knew he was asleep. The darkness blinded her eyes, and she wanted to escape from it. But there was nowhere to run. Phoebe was locked.

She slowly got up from the bed, fearing to wake up Cole. She did not want to listen to his silly talk again. Once in the center of the cell, Phoebe felt the darkness swallowed her. She remembered that almost the same, she felt while in the vessel. But then it was worse, and her very good nature was the reason for this. Now, it was different. And she knew that she needed to get out of the cell to avoid the pain.

“Why are you awake?” Cole rolled over.

He understood that she was scared, and he really longed to rush to comfort her. But Phoebe announced the rules of the game, and he was not going to break them.

“Insomnia” she said roughly.

Phoebe stood motionless. If her heart could beat, it would have jumped out of her chest at the moment. But Phoebe lost this characteristic of a living person, when he first swallowed Morkh.

“Clearly,” Cole portrayed indifference.

He again rolled over and pretended to be asleep. But every moment, he listened to realize that Phoebe did. He heard the silence, but between the sounds of nothing he heard fear of Phoebe. As if it was talking with him.

“I hate you,” Phoebe whispered, as if knowing that Cole did not slept.

She quickly returned to the bed and closed her eyes stronger. She knew that the darkness was not eternal, and all she had to do it was to wait.

Cole lay motionless. In his chest exactly heart was beating, and he was almost in control. The only thing he could not control, so it was his thoughts. He thought that maybe Phoebe was right, and he could not bring her back. Oddly enough, but until that time, he denied such option. It seemed to him that his love could bring her back. But now, he had doubts.

“Phoebe?” Cole leaned over her face.

She was lying on the bed, curled into a tight wad. Her eyes were closed. It seemed that she was asleep.

“Finally the night is over” Phoebe’s eyes widened.

She was glad that it was light again in the cell. Phoebe did not stir a couple of minutes.

“Are you afraid of the dark?” Cole decided to make a joke.

A rage broke into brain of Phoebe. His joke touched her. After all, it was true. The darkness frightened her.

“Shut up,” she jumped out of bed and began to rush from one corner to another.

“You’re angry,” Cole continued to try to bring her out of herself.

When Phoebe was losing control of her emotions, she ceased to control everything else. Therefore, it increased the chances that she would try his love, as she said, at the taste.

“I could devour you like at that time. But you are too much inedible” Phoebe spoke of his humanity.

She felt that the bad emotions were becoming less in him. She had swallowed his hatred and anger. Time passed, and Phoebe knew that very soon she would fall into his trap.

“I would not mind,” Cole smiled.

Phoebe was startled. She needed to win this fight to break free. But she was stymied.

“Let me out of here,” she rushed to the door and banged on it with her fists.

She was in hysterics. She needed to get out, and at that moment she thought only about this. A win expected Cole in this game, so Phoebe just wanted to get out of it.

“You will not get out of here.” Cole stood motionless.

He felt that he was about to win the most important battle of his life.

“I will go out, and when I would be free, I will absorb all the emotions of people, I will make them in unfeeling creatures.” anger flashed in Phoebe’s eyes.

She rose slowly from the floor, trying to save the last bit of pride and went to her bed.

“Now think about it. It is a miniature of all mankind. Now you absorb my anger, but it will soon be over, and you have to swallow my love. After all, you are so afraid it, are not?”

Phoebe thought. He was right, but only partly.

“Yes” on the face of Phoebe a grimace of pain appeared.

Cole froze. He did not understand what was happening. Phoebe began to fade.

“Forgive me,” she whispered, and tear rolled down her cheek.

Then she collapsed on the floor. Cole heard her moans and sobs. She was hurt.

“Phoebe?” he ran to her.

He tried to understand what was happening to her but all mixed up in his head. He looked at her gnarled body in pain and could not think about anything.

“Go away,” she whispered, trying to pull away from him.

But Cole did not listen to her. He took her by the waist and lifted off the floor.

“No,” he said and put her on the bed.

He hoped that it was a side effect of Phoebe’s return.

“That’s what your love makes with me. I remember everything, I remember the first time I saw you. Even then, I felt that there was a connection between us,” Phoebe said through clenched teeth.

It had to mean something. But Cole was afraid to believe her.

“You said that you would love for the two of us. And then I decided to leave you,” Phoebe lifted her head from the pillow and moaning sat in front of Cole.

Tears ran down her cheeks. Cole looked straight into her eyes and it seems he felt her pain.

“I had to stop you,” he frowned.

Cole believed her. He gently touched her cheek, wiping moisture.

“No, you could not.”

Cole slowly leaned toward her and his lips covered her. He waited so long that kiss. He wanted to feel again the sweetness of her plump lips and he wanted to hug her again.

Phoebe hands wrapped around his neck, and she leaned to him, killing the distance between them. Her kiss was hot, bold and demanding. She kissed him so passionately, that Cole had completely lost his mind. He fell on her. Grasping her hips, he tore off her blouse, presenting a light kiss every part of the naked body. Phoebe writhed beneath him, like a snake. Her hands were walking on his back, drawing strange patterns.

“It is really you?” Cole stopped abruptly.

He looked straight into her eyes.

“Yes,” Phoebe smiled and Cole heart filled with joy.

He was able to bring her back, was able to do the impossible. His red-hot body again fell on her. He passionately kissed her lips, trying to get everything at once. Hands dragged the rest of the clothes. He was in a hurry as if afraid to wake up and find that it was just a dream. He was afraid that he would wake up and Phoebe would not be there.

Their naked bodies entwined as one. Phoebe turned into a red-hot iron that would burn Cole, making him feel life again and again. She kissed his neck, clinging to his hips harder.

They were moving in rhythm, filling the cell with noisy breathing and moaning. Cole felt again and again he plunged into her, mastering her completely. He felt like a winner. Touching her soft skin, he felt like every cell of his brain was filled with happiness. The smell of her body, piercing groans, all this made him happy. He lost and regained her. It was more than happy for him. He gained a second chance, and he was not going to lose it again.

It seems all is well.

Vera looked at Cole with distrust. He was standing next to Phoebe, assuring everyone that all is well. For Vera it was hard to believe it, but in the depth of soul she wanted it to be true.

“Are you really you?” Vera turned to Phoebe.

She closely followed the reaction of Phoebe.

“Yes!” Phoebe nervously chuckled in response.

Her eyes filled with tears, and Vera believed them.

“I’m so happy!” Vera exclaimed and ran to Phoebe.

She hugged her so tightly that it could be heard the crunch of bones of Phoebe.

“You have scared us,” Younis finally spoke.

He was happy to accept this truth, because it meant that the danger was over. Phoebe was no longer a threat.

“Well, I think now we need to think about Morkhs” Vera became serious.

Morkhs introduced fear into the heart of every. All hoped that Phoebe could help them once and for all get rid of these monsters, but it did not happen. They again had to deal with the problem.

“There are too many, so I do not think that this war will be ever stopped.” Phoebe said too seriously.

From the low tone of her voice all were enveloped by easy cold.

“But we need to figure out how to stop them,” Younis was not satisfied with such a reality.

Surrender or lose this war with Morkhs it was unacceptable option for him.

“Younis, you need to face the truth. In this war, not win. All we can do is continue to fight it. And stop thinking that this can be stopped. If you continue to think that way, then the war will be lost,” Phoebe spat facts in the face of Younis.

She was not sorry for what she said. It was true, and she was terribly enraged that all the others denied it.

“Are you okay?” Vera cringed.

When Phoebe was saying these words, she was too aggressive, and for a moment it seemed to Vera that Phoebe did not change. It seemed to her that she still was ruthless and cold.

“Yes,” Phoebe tried to smile, but she was filled with rage.

Therefore, the attempt to smile was failed.

“She’s just tired. I think Phoebe needs a break,” Cole interjected into the conversation.

He knew that Vera hinted, and his whole being terribly hated it.

“I hope,” Vera whispered and went out.

The feeling that Phoebe still represented a threat to them did not leave her. But at the same time, she was afraid that this was just paranoia. She did not want to blame Phoebe without any evidence.

“Come on,” Cole took Phoebe’s hand and they walked into the room.

In that same room where Phoebe lived before. For Cole, it meant that everything was normal again. This room meant for him very much, because all good things happened there.

“They do not really believe me,” having come in the room, Phoebe closed the door behind her.

“Simply, they are still afraid of you,” Cole said.

“And what about you?” Phoebe turned to him.

“No, and you know it.”

Phoebe thought. He really was not afraid of her. Otherwise, he would not believe her so quickly. If he was afraid of her, Phoebe would have had a few more days to play a good girl in front of him. But instead, she just told him a couple of nice words and allowed him to sleep with her. Although about sex … She was also not against it.

“Yes I know. But I also know that the only way to get rid of Morkhs it is to close the portal,” Phoebe started a serious conversation.

She did not say it in the presence of Younis and others, because she knew that they did not trust her. But Cole … He not just trust her, he was devoted to her.

“But this is impossible.”

“Maybe. Think you have devoted their entire lives to fight with Morks and it is only because the portal was opened. But every world should live their lives and do not overlap,” Phoebe walked over to Cole.

She gently held her fingertips down his cheek. In her eyes there was hope.

“In your words there is meaning, but without Younis, Vera, Donald and Erik, we will not be able to close the portal.”

“I think I can convince them,” Phoebe was too confident.

But she had a right. She knew that to persuade Vera it would be easy. With Younis it was not so easy. But having persuaded Younis, she automatically received the consent of Donald and Eric. They never argue with the old man.

Cole fell asleep very quickly. Phoebe was even a little surprised. But given the fact that he had not slept for more than a day, guarding the Phoebe, his quick dip in the dream, it was logical.

But Phoebe does not need sleep. After she had been on the other side, she not only became harder and lost humanity she ceased to need sleep, eat or drink. The only thing she needed, so it was an endless resource of emotions. Evil emotions.

Phoebe climbed gingerly out of bed and left the room.

“Phoebe?” she encountered with Vera in the corridor.

It was what she needed.

“Cole was asleep, and I decided to talk to you,” Phoebe took a deep breath.

“Well, about what?”

“Let’s go down to the library?” Phoebe suggested.

Talk in the corridor was uncomfortable.

Vera agreed. She was intrigued. After all, it was not easy to imagine what Phoebe wanted to talk to her.

“So,” Vera could not wait anymore longer.

Phoebe slowed. She were walking past the shelves, looking at books. Phoebe pulled time.

“Do you want to do away with Morkhs once and for all?” Phoebe finally stopped and turned to Vera.

She looked at Vera, knowing the answer to your question. But it was important that she replied.

“Of course, I do” she sighed.

Talk about Morkhs it was not easy for her.

“I think I know how to deal with them once and for all.”

Rejection was first reaction of Vera. She could not accept the idea of Phoebe to close the portal. Portal can not be closed, Vera knew exactly it. But she did not know why? At some point, she had a strange feeling. Vera always knew that it was forbidden to do. But she did not know why?

“But Younis will not agree,” Vera immediately pointed to the obstacle.

“It’s a matter of time. I want to know whether you agree or not?” Phoebe took a few steps towards Vera.

“I do not know.”

Vera thought it was quite tempting, but for some reason, she doubted. Perhaps, because she did not fully trust Phoebe and perhaps, because she could not discard entrenched in her mind the thought that this could not be done.

“You have spent your life on fighting with Morkhs. Your life revolves around it. You’re not free. And now we have a chance to end this war. I was on the other side, and, you know, I am sure that parallel worlds do not have to intersect,” Phoebe said very emotionally.

Every word penetrated the consciousness of Vera, forcing her to believe.

“What did you see?”

“Darkness. I was like in hell.” Phoebe said.

But it was only a small fraction of what she felt there. Once on the other side, Phoebe absorbed it, and then become old, she could not. She lost everything human, and now she longed for a power, she wanted to sow terror on Earth. But she had to close the portal that no one could ever get her back to the other side. No one has ever been able to stop her.

“I’m sorry,” Vera walked over to Phoebe and hugged her.

But Phoebe did not need her compassion. She needed her consent and she has got it.

“We need to convince Younis. Will you help?” Phoebe was too cute.

She was sick of the fact that she had to smile and be friendly. But she had a plan, and for it, she was ready to endure even this.

“Yes,” Vera said.

She stopped to doubt Phoebe, and this was because, again, Phoebe gave her hope that they could put Morkhs an end once and for all. But in order to obtain the consent of Younis, they had to come up with something more substantial than a fairy tale that a Morkhs could be put an end once and for all. For once he was already thinking that Phoebe could stop Morkhs once and for all.

“You’re here,” Cole went to the library.

When he woke up and found that Phoebe was not around his head was visited by a lot of terrible thoughts. And one of them was that Phoebe escaped.

“Phoebe told me about the possibility to get rid of Morkhs.”

“And what do you think?” Cole waited for an answer.

He thought that Vera could not accept it. After all, he as and he was confident that the portal can not be closed. But Cole loved Phoebe too much, and therefore it was easy to accept her offer.

“I think you need to try” Vera lifted her chin proudly.

This gesture meant that she was proud of her courage.

“Try what?” Younis stopped behind Cole.

Nobody expected his appearance. And no one knew what to say to him. After all, they had to convince Younis that having closed the portal, they could get rid of Morkhs, but they did not have time to think of words that would be able to convince him.

“We were discussing something very important.” Phoebe spoke.

She was the only one who had the courage to open her mouth.

Younis walked past Cole and went to Phoebe.

“And can I learn more?” Younis stopped a few steps away from Phoebe.

“I know a way how to get rid of Morkhs once and for all. It is necessary to close the portal,” Phoebe did not think long.

Younis frowned.

“I thought about it.”

His answer made everyone wonder. After all, Younis depended on the rules stronger than all. And not to close the portal was the main rule.

“And what do you think?” Cole asked.

“When we decided to send Phoebe on the other side, I was not sure it would help to win Morkhs. Before meeting with Phoebe, I had a different plan. I wanted to close the portal. But it was too dangerous. And then Phoebe came to us,” Younis said honestly.

He was not even afraid that it could offend someone.

“And you decided to risk her life, because it was less risky?” Cole flew into a rage.

Phoebe rejoiced. She swallowed his rage, feeling her strength grew.

“Come on … You’re blinded by love for her. And yes, I decided to risk one life, not hundreds.” Younis was angry, too.

For Phoebe, it was a buffet. She swallowed all their anger, savoring every moment.

“Enough.” Vera cried.

She hated it when someone swore. And it seemed to her at that moment it was completely useless. No one does return the past, so it is useless to talk about.

“So you’re not opposed the idea?” Phoebe already knew the answer.

The old man has desperate, and it was good for her.

“Yes. But it is not so simple. We need to find the space stone and send it to the other side. Then, the portal closes.”

Phoebe rejoiced. Now she knew how to close the portal. And she thought she could handle it alone. But Younis something unsaid. Phoebe felt that way.

“And how we can find the stone?” she asked.

“I know only one person who knows of its whereabouts. But he would not tell us. If we return the stone to the other side, all the portals will close,” Younis said a little evasively.

This was due to his disbelief. He did not trust Phoebe. And probably, if not for the fact that he himself thought of closing the portal, he would never have agreed to it.

“That we need. Then we finished with Morkhs” Vera smiled.

She did not understand why the old man talked so much. They had to close the portal, and it only was important.

“Vera is right” Cole said.

“But we need the space stone. Is that all what we need?” Phoebe had to find out what else was necessary in order to close the portal.

“And five guards.” Younis said.

Phoebe sighed. She knew what it meant. She had to pretend to be good for some time. It was not for her happiness.

“Well. Five guards we have, let’s find the space stone” Phoebe carelessly turned on her heel.

Younis grabbed her by the elbow.

“I do not trust you. Therefore, if you betray us, I’ll kill you” for the old man he was too frightened.

Phoebe looked surprised.

“I’m not going to betray you. All I want is to close the portal” Phoebe was telling the truth.

It really was her main goal. Although she did not do it to get rid of Morkhs. She just wanted to provide security for herself.

“Let her go,” Cole grabbed the old man by the shoulder.

But Phoebe’s hand was already free. Younis just warned her, but he did not want to hurt her. While did not want.

“The space stone is located at Sauel” Younis said.

All were silent.

“What?” Phoebe felt fear.

“Sauel is immortal guardian, which was designed to protect the stone. He is strong and will not give the stone to us.” Younis answered.

“We can take it,” Phoebe still did not understand why everyone was so tense because of this.

“No we can not. Sauel is unbeatable. He will kill us,” Vera’s eyes were wide opened.

“He is Serena, so when we will approach him, he just opens his mouth, and we will die at the same moment,” Cole tried to calmly explain to Phoebe that Vera was not able to explain.

“But I can absorb him,” Phoebe’s eyes lit up.

The stone was needed her, and she had to close the portal. Was she ready to die for this? Undoubtedly.

“You’re kidding, right ?? He did not Morkh, you can not absorb him,” Younis grinned.

He looked at Phoebe and was thinking that she has said incredibly stupid thing. Although, for all it looked that way. But they did not know that Phoebe knew.

“Cole was also not Morkh, but I was able to absorb him” Phoebe frowned.

The old man made her will pour.

“But I was able to influence you,” Cole was the only one who knew her thoughts.

“But he will not be able to affect you. When I will absorb him, you take away the stone, and we go to a safe distance. And then I’ll give him back to the body,” Phoebe laid her entire plan on the shelves.

Cole was against. In general, he always was opposed to any idea where Phoebe could suffer. It was clear. After all, he loved her.

“But he can hurt you,” Cole said.

Phoebe smiled. He cared for her, and that to some extent gave her pleasure. But she had to close the portal, and it was most important to her.

“But we have no other choice,” Phoebe came up to Cole and looked him straight in the eye.

“Last time you said so, too,” Cole frowned.

Phoebe convinced him that all would be well, but how could he believe her? The last time she also told him that they had no choice, and he almost lost her. Cole was not going to risk a second time.

“And what do you suggest?” Phoebe sighed.

“I do not know,” Cole did not have ideas.

All he knew was that he could not risk Phoebe.

“I think I know” Vera stepped into the conversation.

“Speak,” Cole ordered.

“I’m not sure. Phoebe, when you swallow Cole, you do feel something?” Vera turned to Phoebe.

She hinted at something. And Phoebe almost immediately guessed what she was saying.

“I swallowed you, because when you turned around, I was afraid to hurt you. So I swallowed you to protect. When I swallowed Morkhs I killed them, but I did not want to kill you. Therefore, it is not in the fact that you had a physical body …” Phoebe as if understood important thing.

This meant that she could kill anyone, if I wanted to. But this was a side effect. Killing, suppose Cole, she’d swallow his humanity and then, again, she would be fragile and vulnerable Phoebe. That she did not want. But partial absorption had such a side effect.

“She just did not want to kill you. Therefore, you could touch her. She wanted it.” Vera continued Phoebe’s thoughts.

“How I was able to go back?” Cole believed these words not to the end.

“You were back, when she died,” Vera answered, and looked at Phoebe.

“When I was dying, I was afraid you could also die with me. So I brought you back into your body,” Phoebe’s facial expression changed.

She thought about the feelings that felt for Cole. Of course, now she did not feel anything like that. But she remembered how nice it was.

“So, Phoebe can learn to block communication with those whom she will absorb, and not let them affect her,” Vera finally said her main assumption.

Cole thought. It would be very good, but he weakly believed in such possibility.

“But she needs training,” Younis finally joined the conversation.

He listened intently to their conversation. Now he began to understand more, so he could advise something.

“How?” Cole smiled.

He still believed that all was the usual fairy tale.

“She needs to absorb some of us,” Vera looked at Cole.

“Now you’re asking my permission?” Cole continued to respond not serious.

“No, it should not be Cole” Phoebe intervened.

She was afraid that having absorbed him, she would absorb his love. This could ruin all her plans.

“Why?” Cole asked resentfully.

Phoebe sighed. She tried to think of an answer to his question.

“Because she loves you and so it will be more difficult to break the connection,” Vera said the smart thing.

Phoebe happily confirmed her words.

“It’s for the best. Train hard, fight easy. I will wait for you in the lobby in ten minutes. I advise you to change. I will not feel sorry for you,” Cole whispered in her ear and left.

Phoebe should start nervous, but instead, she only felt excitement.

“Come on, I’ll lend you sports clothes” Vera grinned and grabbed Phoebe’s hand.

Once inside the room, Vera quickly pulled out a neatly folded set of sportswear and gave it to Phoebe.

“Again black?” Phoebe looked reproachfully at Vera.

“All my clothes are black” Vera shrugged.

It was true. In her wardrobe there was only one color. It was black.

Phoebe quickly dressed. The suit turned to her just right. Black tight leggings, short top which sexually covered her breasts and sports a light jacket.

“By the way, black color also is for you. And I advise you to collect hair. After these threats, I would afraid to stay bald,” Vera started to joke.

Phoebe smiled. Her jokes were not funny for her. But she did not want to seem rude.

“I hope I will be able handle. Honestly, I have no idea how to absorb Cole without killing” Phoebe spoke frankly.

They were going to the library. Only now, Phoebe felt uncertainly.

“You’re in love with him. Use this” Vera gave her advice.

But Phoebe could not use it, because she did not feel any feelings for Cole. She deceived all and played a nice girl, but now she could impersonate.

“You’re right,” Phoebe answered, trying to look relaxed.

Phoebe and Vera went to the library.

“Well, I’m ready,” Cole said, looking at Phoebe.

“You are brave,” Phoebe narrowed her eyes.

She slowly walked over to Cole and put her hands on his shoulders.

“Do not kill me, please” Cole laughed nervously.

Only now, when he was watching like Phoebe’s eyes light up, he felt fear.

Phoebe tried to tune. She tried to recall the feelings that felt for Cole, but it did not work. She needed to feel them.

Cole looked at Phoebe, feeling his body began to glow. These feelings were different from those experienced in the last time. Now it seemed to him that he was dying.

“Phoebe?” he whispered.

He needed to get at least some sign that everything was going according to plan. Because he felt that something was wrong.

But Phoebe could not answer him. She knew a few more minutes, and she would kill him. She should sip a little of his love. It was a risky move, but she should have been. Otherwise, she will kill Cole and her plan fails.

Phoebe focused on how to absorb a little bit of feeling of Cole. She tried to absorb quite a bit. That should be enough to ensure that she did not kill him. But as soon as she allowed herself to take a sip of his love everything inside sank. Tears rolled from her burning gold eyes. It was difficult to withstand the pressure of emotions, which burst into her. But the important thing was that it worked, and Phoebe Cole swallowed without killing him.

Cole’s body fell to the floor.

“Did you do?” Vera walked over to Phoebe.


Yes, the plan actually worked, but there was also a minus. Phoebe had a sip of love Cole, and now she felt lousy.

“Thank you for not killing me.” Cole was standing next to Phoebe.

He was joking, but Phoebe was not joking. She had a plan, and now she was afraid that the feelings that she now felt for Cole could stop her.

“Welcome,” Phoebe replied sarcastically.

Vera looked at her.

“Is Cole here?” she asked.

Phoebe nodded.

“I go to Donald and Eric. They guard the portal. Good luck with your training” Vera carelessly turned on her heel and walked away.

In the library there were only Phoebe, Cole and Younis.

“I will not disturb you,” Younis realized that he should leave them too.

Last time, the old man too often felt superfluous. In part, he thought that it happened through the fault of Phoebe. Perhaps that was why he did not trust her.

“I do not want to hurt you,” Cole said and frowned.

Prior to that, he did not think that he would have to inflict pain Phoebe that she learned to defend herself.

“But you will have” Phoebe demanded and looked at him.

She could not afford Cole to give up. She sacrificed too much, absorbing him, so escape routes she did not.

“I know,” Cole knew everything.

He understood that it was necessary. After all, if Phoebe will have swallowed Sauel, unable to defend himself, he would kill her.

Cole took Phoebe’s arm and pulled her to him.

“And that’s your plan? I can not defend against your flirting.” Phoebe snorted.

Cole smiled slyly and in an instant, his hands deftly moved to her neck. He pressed her whole body against the wall, not allowing the move. Phoebe was trapped. But she was not hurt. Rather, it was funny.

Cole tightened his grip on her throat. Startled, Phoebe felt a sharp pain spread over her neck. She tried to push away Cole, but it was useless. He too held her against the wall.

“Defend yourself” Cole cried, clenching neck of Phoebe harder.

He was angry. He was angry at himself because hurting her and at Phoebe, because she did not protect.

“Defend yourself, damn!” Cole abruptly let Phoebe and walked away from her.

He could not bear to watch as Phoebe was helpless.

“Why have you stopped?” Phoebe was unhappy.

Even though she felt weak and helpless, she did not want that Cole treated to her so.

“What? You want me to strangle you?” Cole was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

He looked at Phoebe with animals’ eyes, barely able to hold himself from rash actions.

“Come again,” Phoebe demanded.

She confidently walked over to Cole and stood in front of him.

“I think you need a break,” Cole was going to leave.

But Phoebe grabbed his arm.

“Once again,” she said, even more demanding.

Cole sighed. He knew that Phoebe was too stubborn, so he did not argue. He grabbed Phoebe by the waist and threw her on the floor. He fell on her with his whole body and again grabbed her by the neck. At this time, Phoebe felt like something different. She felt the rage inside that grew in her every moment.

“Defend yourself” Cole demanded.

And this time, Phoebe was able to. She threw all her fury, turning Cole into a clear silhouette. Now he could not touch her. He fall through Phoebe and found himself somewhere in the middle of her physical body. Phoebe lifted to her feet.

“I’ve could,” she whispered, looking at the underlying Cole.

This was something new for her. For now, she could pass through him, avoiding his touches.

“Yes,” Cole smiled.

He got up off the floor and slowly walked over to Phoebe. He reached for her hand, as if he touched the air. He could not touch Phoebe. His hand went through her.

“I do not feel anything,” Phoebe was delighted.

“And me too,” Cole frowned.

He did not like that now he could not influence her. Of course, he should have been glad, because now Phoebe could protect herself. But he still did not like it.

“Now I can get you back,” Phoebe was relieved.

She hoped that when she would have returned Cole, then all feelings for him would lose too.

“No, I’m staying,” Cole was against.

He did not want Phoebe to return him.

“I’m sorry” Phoebe frowned then her body hit the floor.

She returned Cole. But his return was not easy for her. To return Cole, she had to die again.

Danger is everywhere.

“Phoebe?” Cole looked at Phoebe from above.

He did not stay in one place, while Phoebe was unconscious. While she was dead. After all, no one knew, she would come to consciousness or not.

“Damn!” Phoebe tried to get up, but there was a ringing in her head.

She closed her eyes. The ringing began to subside, but she still felt like something strange.

“What?” Cole began to get nervous.

He examined Phoebe from head to toe, trying to figure out exactly where she felt pain.

“All is well,” Phoebe lied.

Care of Cole irritated her. But at the same time, she liked that he was close. This meant that she was still experiencing feelings for him.

“What happened to you?” Vera was behind Cole.

Phoebe almost could not see her.

“It turns out that for the return of Cole, I had to die,” Phoebe smiled ridiculous.

She slowly got out of bed and headed for the door.

“Where are you going?” Cole was baffled.

“We need to go after the space stone. I’m not going to lie here,” Phoebe said very rudely.

Now she looked like a bitch, but no one did take this into account. It seemed to all that Phoebe had a right to behave so. In part, they did not pay attention to it, because they thought that Phoebe was the same.

“You are crazy. You just got back from the dead,” Cole shouted in exasperation.

Phoebe’s eyes filled with fury. She could not restrain her.

“I think we really need to hurry. Sauel can learn about our plan and we all corpses” Vera took Phoebe’s side.

Cole was ready to strangle them both. But instead, he had to agree to this crazy pitch. He agreed to come back to Sauel today.

“You’re crazy!” Younis said.

This idea did not like him. Cole shared his opinion, but instead of to say about it, he just stood aside.

“We have a plan. I do not see any reason to wait” Phoebe looked at the old man sullenly.

“Stop arguing. We go, and we will not discuss it,” Vera said, wanting to end the pointless conversation.

It was decided that Vera, Cole and Phoebe would go to Sauel. Donald and Eric should have been left to guard the portal to Morkhs did not penetrate in our wold. But Younis was just too old to go on a mission. He himself, of course, did not think so. But…

To get to the Sauel was easier than ever. Younis did some ritual and Vera, Cole and Phoebe moved to the cave. There Sauel protected space rock.

“We act according to the plan. I go first, absorb Samul, then you take the stone, and we’re leaving,” Phoebe looked at Cole.

She tried to convince herself that he would do the same as last time, and would not spoil anything.

“The main thing is to be careful,” Vera felt the tension inside.

She began to get nervous. All she knew about Sauel, introduced her in horror. But they had a plan, and she had to follow it and forget about fear.

Phoebe confidently entered into the darkness. She had to go straight to find the lair of Sauel.

“This darkness is disgusting,” Phoebe muttered under her breath, rapidly going forward.

She was not afraid, but the joy of fornicate in dark cave she had not too.

“Who are you?” Phoebe heard a voice.

Darkness still surrounded her.

“Sauel,” she whispered.

And darkness was dispelled. Phoebe stood in the center of a small cave. The flames burned around, and at one point it seemed to Phoebe that she was trapped.

“You know my name?” from a dark corner a tall old man came.

He was very thin and wearing a strange black hoodie. His face was hidden under a huge hood.

“Yes, and I need the space stone” Phoebe boldly approached the old man.

And he did not mind. Most likely, Sauel considered himself very powerful, so he made no attempt to defend himself.

“For what?” Sauel boldly looked into the eyes of Phoebe.

“In order to close the portal,” she said and smiled slyly.

Then her eyes filled with liquid gold, and Phoebe focused on the main task – to absorb Samuel.

“You’re the vessel,” the old man’s eyes widened.

But get away from her he did not have the strength. In an instant, Phoebe skillfully swallowed him.

“You made a mistake,” the old man appeared next to Phoebe.

Now when his spirit was inside of Phoebe and his body lay in the corner, it was necessary to move on to the next part of the plan.

“Done,” Phoebe cried implying the belief to Cole and Vera that they can go and pick up the stone.

“Do you really think that you can pick up the stone?” the old man laughed loudly.

But then his face turned into a burning mixture of rage, and he cried. His voice turned into something too thin and cutting. Phoebe screamed in pain. She fell on the cold ground, trying to focus and lock the old man. But it was difficult to do because her head was ready to explode.

Seeing Phoebe on the ground, Cole rushed to her.

“We need to pick up the stone, she will cope” Vera grabbed his arm.

She could not allow failing the plan.

“But …” Cole wanted to protest.

But Vera was right. If Cole will spoil their plan, then all of them is death.

“He is not here,” Vera opened a small box, which stood in a dark corner of the cave.

Younis said that the stone was hidden there. But he was not there.

“We can not leave without it. Second chance we have not,” Cole began to frantically search.

The cave was empty too, and it seemed that the stone was not possible to hide there.

Phoebe continued to fight Sauel. She could hear every word of Vera and Cole and understood that they can not find the stone. But Sauel knew exactly where the stone lay. After gathering all the rage and anger, she rose to her feet.

“But …” the old man was confused.

He tried to scream, but it is not acted on Phoebe.

“Where is the stone?” she asked.

The old man looked at her with contempt.

“You’re too stupid to ask me about it,” the old man answered.

Phoebe was ready to kill him. The stone was needed her, and she was not going to leave without it.

“We have plenty of time to find it. So let’s get started.” Phoebe came up to Cole.

“Are you okay?” Cole looked at Phoebe’s eyes.

He was trying to see the answer in them.

“Yes,” Phoebe answered.

It was almost true. But she was concerned that the stone was hidden. Perhaps she was afraid that the stone does not exist, however, as the possibility to close the portal.

“Do you know that when you close the portal, all guards will die?” the old man suddenly spoke to Phoebe.

The old man hoped to dissuade her, because Phoebe was too close to the place where the stone was hidden.

“I do not care,” Phoebe said calmly.

Of course, now she felt love to Cole. But even that could not stop her. She wanted to close the portal.

“You really do not care?” he old man did not lose hope to reach out to humanity of Phoebe.

But she had not it anymore.

“Yes,” Phoebe looked at him askance, and then took a step forward.

Her foot hit on something. But on the floor there was nothing.

“You did the stone invisible. Very clever,” Phoebe said, trying to find something solid in the air.

Finally she found. It was a box, as Younis said. But it was invisible.

“I found,” Phoebe cried.

“Think again,” the old man again tried to reach her humanity.

But Phoebe did not answer him.

“Where?” Vera walked up to her.

Cole stood behind.

“The old man made a box with the stone invisible. I hope that Younis will deal with that,” Phoebe answered.

Vera poked his finger into the void between hands of Phoebe. There really was something hard.

“Why are you sure that this is what we need?” Vera asked.

“Because the old man nearly had a heart attack when I took the box in my hands,” Phoebe answered.

Cole was silent. He was too tense to think or speak and therefore there was nothing to say.

To return home, they had to drink some disgusting smelling green liquid from a small glass vessel. Younis said it was the only way they can get back.

“You do not have to close the portal,” the old man came up to Cole closely.

But Cole could not see him.

“Ready?” Vera handed vessel with liquid to Phoebe.

Phoebe quickly drank the contents, and when she opened her eyes, they were already home.

“You did it?” Younis was all this time waiting for them in the library.

“Yes, but the box with stone is invisible” Phoebe held out her hands to the old man.

Younis thought it was a joke, because Phoebe held out to him the air. But when he touched this air, he touched something solid. It was the box with the space stone.

“It’s strange,” Younis said.

He could not imagine that it could result in such a way.

“Can you fix it?” Vera asked.

But Younis in response shrugged his shoulders only. He had no answer to this question. He was one of the five guardians, not a magician.

“Maybe we do not need” Cole finally came to his senses.

Now when Phoebe was safe he could think and say smart things.

“What do you mean?” Vera stared at him.

“Cole wants to say that perhaps there is no point in wasting time trying to make visible the box. It’s not important,” Younis tried to explain the thoughts of Cole.

He himself thought about it.

“But what if it will not work and the portal will not be closed. And we will lose the stone forever. Then we will never be able to close the portal” Phoebe was against.

She could not risk it. Close the portal was for her the most important.

“You can touch the stone, so just will send it to the other side, and the portal closes,” Cole said.

He really thought so. But he could not understand why Phoebe was going through so much because of this. In fact, only now he noticed that she was too keen to close the portal. He was worried because of this.

“It’s too risky. Younis, you need to figure out how to make this stone visible” Phoebe turned to Younis.

“I do not know how to do it,” he answered.

Phoebe frowned. But a great idea suddenly came into her head. Samuel was still in her, and she could absorb him, to kill him. Then she would be able to learn how to make stone visible.

“Okay, I’ll go rest,” Phoebe said, and quickly left the library.

Transparent box she took with her. She was afraid to let it out of her hand.

“What are you up to?” Sauel appeared beside her.

Phoebe forced him to appear.

“I want to say goodbye,” she said, and her eyes became red-hot gold.

She swallowed him instantly. The old man had a lot of different emotions, but nothing damaging to her. He was also angry, had darkness in the soul. All of this was a delicacy for Phoebe. But now she knew a lot. In addition, how she could to remove the invisible box.

“Phoebe?” Cole entered the room.

If he had gone a few minutes earlier, he would have seen the true face of Phoebe. But this did not happen.

“Cole?” Phoebe turned to him.

By surprise, all thoughts flew out of her head.

“Why are you so eager to close the portal?” Cole looked at her with suspicion.

But Phoebe knew that it was only his suspicions. And she knew she could easily dispel them.

“Look, at the other side there is awful and yes, I want to close this portal. I do not want that world in which I was, ever crossed paths with this world” tears flowed on the cheek of Phoebe.

Phoebe could not feel anything like that, and all she said was a lie. And the tears were a lie too. But Cole was too in love with her.

“Sorry,” he quickly came up to her and hugged.

He believed her.

“I think we really should just send the box to the other side,” Phoebe whispered.

Having absorbed the old man, she did not recognize anything. Therefore, they had no option but to take the risk.

All gathered around the portal. Five guards were supposed to throw the stone into the portal. Younis said so. Phoebe did not care. She needed to the portal was closed once and for all. But having absorbed the old man, she learned something. When the portal will close, all guards die. That’s what the old man told her. But as at that time it did not bother her. Although she was not very nice to know that Cole would die.

“Ready?” Younis said.

Everyone nodded.

Phoebe stood in the corner and watched. She watched as they joined hands and formed a circle. Then Younis picked up invisible box and went to the portal. Another moment and the box flew into the portal. Everything was shaking like an earthquake.

“Goodbye,” Phoebe whispered, knowing that now all her friends would die.

If she could feel something, then it certainly would have been very painful to watch them die.

“Something’s wrong,” Younis said and portal sucked him.

Everyone was shocked. Eric and Donald wanted to escape, but the portal sucked all. Phoebe heard their cries and pleas for help. But she did not care. The only thing that was still before her eyes, it was face of Cole.

Deadly freedom.

Phoebe ran to the window to get out of the castle, just like last time. But the wall collapsed at her. Phoebe closed her eyes. But when she opened it, she saw the city. She stood in the middle of the street, whole and unharmed. And most importantly, now she was free.

“Phoebe?” Cole appeared beside her.

She was shocked to learn that she swallowed him.

“You should be dead” Phoebe could not believe her eyes.

“Did you know?” Cole asked.

He looked at her, wanting to put in his eyes all his anger. But he loved her, so it was not so easy to get mad at her.

“Yes, and I thought you are also died,” she said angrily.

Phoebe felt like anger of the whole city filled her. It was not an incomparable feeling.

“When we have sex in the cell, you do not feel anything for me?”

“All that I felt, it was the need to get out of the cell”.

“Then you should kill me.”

“I can not. Then your love will make me a miserable excuse for a man.”

“Then I’ll kill both of us,” Cole said emphatically.

His heart was broken. He realized that he could no longer return to Phoebe. And he realized that his body was sucked into the portal and thus he could not come back.

“Do not say stupid things. I will make this city to ashes, I will rule over the whole world,” Phoebe answered grinning.

Cole saw a monster in her. His entire family was killed. And the only thing he wanted was to die too. He wanted to die with Phoebe.

Phoebe needed somewhere to stay. She immediately thought of Tobias. He was very nice to her, and she decided to take advantage of it.

“Phoebe?” Tobias opened the door and stared at Phoebe.

“I’m back,” Phoebe took an innocent person.

Cole snorted. He knew that it was false.

“Come in,” Tobias invited Phoebe to come in the house.

For him, Phoebe was still the same unusually interesting girl that he once met on the street.

“I hope I did not stop you,” Phoebe continued to play an angel.

Cole snorted again, but Phoebe did not even look at him.

“Of course not,” Tobias smiled.

He was really happy to see Phoebe. Furthermore, he hoped that now she would not go anywhere.

“You’re disgusting,” Cole stood behind her.

He was not furious and he was somewhat annoyed that he could not do anything. That he could not stop Phoebe.

“Yeah,” Phoebe said, trying that Tobias did not heard.

“Grandfather’s Painting helped you?” Tobias sat down on the sofa in the living room.

Phoebe sat next to him. Once they were sitting on this couch, drinking coffee and talking. But now everything was different. Phoebe was different.

“Yes, thank you,” Phoebe smiled.

She was tired of being nice. It tired her. She killed five guards to close the portal, only to find freedom and to stop pretending. But instead, she again has to pretend.

“I’m so glad you’re back,” Tobias said admiringly.

Phoebe sighed. She could no longer bear all this performance in which she had a nice role. Because she was not cute.

“Tobias, you were very kind to me,” Phoebe stood up slowly.

Her eyes became red-hot gold.

“What’s wrong with you?” Tobias stood up.

He wanted to run, but looking at Phoebe’s eyes, he froze. He was as if mesmerized. Her eyes penetrate into him, taking some part of him. He looked and looked, until at one point it was over.

“So I want to say thank you,” Phoebe said.

She absorbed all the darkness in his soul. It made him good, not seeing anything bad and does not have the darkness inside. Only love and kindness left in him.

“You should not thank me. Our world is beautiful and we should always help each other,” Tobias said in a thin voice.

He was like a madman. In every man there are light and darkness. Only with these two elements, a person could be a man. If you pick one, then the person turns into a pitiful semblance of a living being. There are only two extremes. First, a person becomes a kind and creates the world that makes him a slave, because he can be easy used. It was Phoebe was going to do. The second extreme, the person becomes angry, eager only to dominate and destroy, that makes him a monster. Phoebe was the monster.

“Bring tea,” Phoebe flopped down on the sofa and powerfully placed on it.

Now, Tobias was a man who exuded kindness and saw around the only good. It gave her full authority over him. Now she could be herself and not pretend that Phoebe, who was now dead.

“And so you have repaid him for his kindness?” Cole came close to her.

He appealed to her conscience, but Phoebe did not have it.

“I saved him from evil,” Phoebe answered, feeling superior.

After all, now she was a slave.

“No, you turned him into nothing. And you use him,” Cole said, barely suppressing a fit of rage.

He was absorbed, and any negative emotion brought happiness Phoebe. Therefore, he tried to hold back.

“I do not care. So stop. Your conversations tire me.”

“Then just kill me,” Cole challenged Phoebe.

Phoebe stood up on her feet. She was outraged by his courage and the fact that she was so weak in front of him.

“I’d love to,” she growled.

But Phoebe still felt love for him. For this reason, she unconsciously swallowed him as he stood on the brink of death.

“You love me,” Cole was baffled.

He did not think about it. Everything on which he was so focused, it was no longer important. Because he too, loved her.

Phoebe did not say anything. She hoped that this feeling should disappear soon, to go away. Instead, it seemed that with each passing day it became stronger. Therefore, Phoebe could not absorb Cole. She was not going to even think about this option.

Tobias brought tea, but Phoebe did not want it anymore. She wanted serving evil.

“I’ll go for a walk,” she said to Tobias, heading for the door.

In the town Phoebe felt much better. Cole was not there, and it gave her joy. She was not very easy to carry on a conversation with him, because his every word evoked in her a mysterious feeling.

“Whisky?” someone asked her.

Phoebe went to the bar, which was almost next to the house of Tobias.

“Yeah,” Phoebe said, looking at the young boy standing behind the counter.

It was the bartender. Phoebe had never been to these places, so she did not really understand how she should behave.

“Did you decide to have a drink?” Cole came close.

Phoebe hated when he appeared unexpectedly.

“Shut up,” she snapped.

Cole smiled. Now he understood why she behaved so rudely. She had feelings for him, and was afraid that it could once again make her the same.

“Your whiskey,” the bartender put in front of her glass.

Phoebe never saw anything like it. And she, of course, did not know what effect alcohol had on the human’s body.

The first glass Phoebe drank quickly. She liked the sharpness of the drink. It burned her throat and she liked it too.

“Next” she told the bartender.

He cautiously looked at Phoebe.

“Maybe it will better if I call a taxi for you?” the bartender said.

Phoebe sighed. She drank a couple of glasses. She wanted more.

“What’s your name?” he asked.

Although she did not want to know his name.

“Richard,” the guy answered.

“Listen here, Richard. I want another glass of whiskey, so just give it to me,” Phoebe’s eyes flashed.

“He will not obey you,” Cole said.

“Shut up!” Phoebe screamed into the void.

Richard tensed. He looked at Phoebe as at crazy.

“Well, it is enough,” Phoebe jumped up from her chair and grabbed the bartender from the shirt.

She glared at him. Her eyes became red-hot gold. That’s all. In a moment, the guy lost half himself. Suppose it was a bad half, but it still made him whole, made him a man.

“More!” Phoebe ordered sitting on a chair.

Inside her, all exulted. The last time she swallowed part of Tobias, she did not feel anything like that.

“Your whiskey,” the bartender brought the glass and put it in front of her.

Phoebe drank the entire contents in one gulp.

“Phoebe?” Cole looked around.

All visitors of bar became crazy. Phoebe made them so. When she absorbed the evil of the bartender, she swallowed all evil of present. It scared Cole, because now Phoebe could engulf the entire city, turning all the inhabitants into slaves.

“What?” Phoebe was drunk.

She awkwardly turned to him.

“I think you should go home,” he said, trying to do everything so that Phoebe did not see what she did.

Cole was afraid if she would find out that she could absorb energy from multiple people at once, she would want to devour the whole city.

“Home” Phoebe laughed.

The bartender brought her another glass of whiskey and she drank it in one gulp. She was impressed by the impact whiskey had on her. She felt relaxed and carefree. Phoebe did not think about anything, just enjoyed it.

Flopping down on the bed, Phoebe closed her eyes. All swam. She tried to find a comfortable position to dizziness passed. But it was useless. Whenever Phoebe closed her eyes, she felt sick.

“Alcohol is very dangerous,” Cole said.

He leaned over Phoebe, gazing into her face.

“Shut up,” Phoebe answered.

Her tongue slurred.

Cole grinned in back.

“Shut up,” Phoebe repeated again.

She was almost disturbed. But then, she felt an acute attack of nausea. She jumped out of bed and ran into the bath. Cole followed her.

“Phoebe, are you okay?” Cole wanted to support her.

But Phoebe put out her hand in protest. She was ill, and she did not want that Cole had seen her in such a state.

“I’m sitting next to the toilet. Do you really want to know I am in order or not?” Phoebe did not stop to be rough.

But Cole used it. So he just went to her and sat down beside her.

“This is the consequences of alcohol abuse,” he stated a fact with an intelligent face.

Phoebe could easily guess about it herself. But Cole was talking, not only about alcohol. He wanted to Phoebe realized that for every action there were consequences.

“I understand,” she said in exasperation and looked in Cole’s eyes.

She could not understand why in spite of all that had happened he was still staring at her as if she were the most expensive in his life.

“You need to sleep, tomorrow you will feel better,” Cole held out his hand, and this time he got to touch her.

Perhaps because she was drunk and could not block him. Or maybe she just did not want to block him. Cole hoped that she did not want to block him.

He helped Phoebe up.

“I myself,” Phoebe pushed him aside and went into the room.

She hated it. Cole touched her, and it was driving her crazy. But she could not block him.

“Phoebe?” Cole stopped a few feet away.

Phoebe froze. She stood back to him and was afraid to turn around. She felt that now her feelings for him had power over her. And it was all because of alcohol.

“Do not,” Phoebe tried to get Cole to get out.

But it did not work.

“Look at me, please,” he came so close to her that Phoebe felt his breath on her neck.

“Cole …” she gasped and turned slowly.

Their eyes met.

“Do you remember, I promised that I will love for the two of us?”


“I think that now you do not need this,” he touched her cheek.

Phoebe closed her eyes. His touch was pleasant and lively.

“Why?” she whispered but her eyes were still closed.

“Because, you love me.”

It was pretty safe, but the truth. Phoebe did love him, but she was not going to admit it.

“No, you’re wrong, I …” Phoebe began to resent.

But Cole did not let her finish. His lips covered her, not allowing even to utter a squeak. Now she was at his mercy.

“Stop!” Phoebe went a little away from him.

She knew that the situation was out of control, and she was scared of it.

“Do not fight,” Cole was resolute.

Now, when Phoebe was so close to him and almost she was wounded he could not, no, he did not want to miss this opportunity to touch her, kiss her, be with her.

“Cole,” Phoebe gave up.

Their lips connected and all that they could feel at that moment, it was an irresistible desire.

Cole grabbed Phoebe passionately into his arms and laid her on the bed. Almost immediately, the memories of their first night broke into their consciousness. Then, for the first time she was his.

Tearing off her clothes, Cole fell on Phoebe, pressing her into the bed. Their naked bodies touched, and everything was gone in an instant. They were now in their world, the world of love and pleasure.

Phoebe squirmed under the body of Cole, like a snake. Not only her body but also the soul enjoyed. She felt happy and free and safe. Like under the warm body of Cole she could not be afraid of anything. Their bodies moved rhythmically, pushing them into the maelstrom of pleasure.

But something else was happening in Phoebe at that time. She felt like her soul was filled with empty, it seemed, all anger of the whole world came in her. But she did not become angry she just ate this anger, without making it his essence. Inside it was something going on, but Phoebe was too busy to pay attention to it.


Phoebe woke up early in the morning. Cole was next. He lay beside her, completely naked.

“Damn!” Phoebe whispered.

She could not believe that she allowed herself to do so. She let her emotions get the better of her.

Phoebe tried to gently get out of bed.

“Good morning!” Cole opened his eyes.

Phoebe froze. She tried to understand what she had to do.

“What happened that night … This should not happen again. Otherwise, I’ll kill you!” Phoebe hissed, looking straight into his eyes.

And to some extent it was a mistake. She had to show him all her anger, but looking into his eyes, it was hard to do.

“But did you like it?” Cole ignored her threats.

He was perfectly happy, because now he was sure that Phoebe loved him. After such a hot night, it was hard to doubt in it.

“But it does not change anything. You want me to become old Phoebe, but old Phoebe died. And I want to know do you ready to accept me for who I am?” Phoebe challenged him.

She expected to hear failure, but deep down she hoped that Cole still took her. She thought that it would be very good if they became allies. But was it possible?

“You want to ask me if I love you in spite of what you are doing from the people yours slaves? Or do you want to know if I love you, in spite of the fact that you killed me and the guard, who were my family?” Cole frowned.

He quickly got out of bed, not embarrassed of their nakedness, and walked over to Phoebe.

“I think you should not answer. I understand everything,” Phoebe tried to speak without emotions.

But inside her everything rolled over. Phoebe thought that the answer of Cole should be negative. She blocked his emotions so as not to absorb them, so she could not know what he felt.

“Yes, I still love you, Phoebe,” he said resignedly.

It was the only thing he was sure of it. He loved her more than anything else, and was even prepared to accept the fact that Phoebe could cause the end of the world.

“Love me?” Phoebe did not believe.

She was at a crossroads. She did not expect that Cole would give her an answer.

“I can not be with you for one thing, when you destroy the world. But I just can not stand aside. I do not know what I should do. But I love you, I am sure,” Cole gently grabbed Phoebe’s shoulders and hugged.

He held her so gently and tenderly, as if she was the most delicate creature on the earth.

Phoebe was melting in his arms. She felt pleasant warmth inside. She felt something inside her changed.

“Something is wrong!” Phoebe quickly pulled away from Cole.

Quickly leaving the room, Phoebe went out into the street. She was wearing only a bedsheet that covered the intimate parts of the body.

“What are you doing?” Cole followed her.

He, unlike Phoebe, did not have to worry that someone could see him.

“Something is wrong!” Phoebe repeated again.

She ran out into the street and stopped. Phoebe did not feel evil around anymore. She was swallowing something else that hurt her and made her heart shrink.

“Oh, hell!” Cole knew.

He remembered that what was in the bar. When he and Phoebe had sex, she unconsciously swallowed the entire city, and perhaps the entire world, making people good fools and ready to serve.

“Oh, hell!” Phoebe looked at Cole questioningly.

He knew something, and Phoebe knew immediately it. She saw in on his face.

“Come on,” Cole grabbed her hand, and without explanation, pulled back into the room.

Phoebe did not understand anything, but obediently followed Cole.

“You swallowed the entire city,” Cole finally stopped.

He said, very simple words, but Phoebe had enough of this. She understood.

“The whole world? Cole, I swallowed the whole world, and now only the good remained. But I can not eat the good,” Phoebe started to panic.

She always knew this day would come, but she did not think it would happen so quickly.

“Phoebe?” Cole did not understand what she was saying.

What does it mean to eat??

“Just shut up.” Phoebe was annoyed.

She felt within herself the murderous force. But at the same time, good penetrated into her and it was driving her crazy. Phoebe had to think of something.

Everything has consequences. And the consequences of all that she has done awaited Phoebe. It was not retribution or punishment. It was consequences.

Sitting on the roof of the house, Phoebe looked at the city. People were so happy and carefree. But they were lost. Phoebe knew that she took some of them. Good penetrated into her, and the more good she absorbed, the stronger she permeated self-hatred. She was aware of how much harm she had done, and it was hurt her. It was painful to realize that.

“Phoebe, talk to me,” Cole sat down beside her.

He did not really understand what was happening to her.

“I should always eat. Previously, I could choose what to eat, but after I went on the other side, everything changed. Now I can eat just evil … Good will kill me,” Phoebe closed her eyes.

A sharp pain in her stomach made her shrink. This was the beginning of her painful death.

“But …” Cole held his breath.

Now he understood. He understood why Phoebe became angry. She simply could not be otherwise.

“When you’re trying to get me back … I absorbed all the evil that was in you, and then I began to absorb the good and it was hurt me. I decided that I should pretend that I was the same that you let me and I was able to start again to absorb evil. You wanted me to be the same, but I could not,” Phoebe tried to hold back the tears.

She was hurt and offended.

“I’m sorry,” Cole whispered.

“Sorry? I killed you, killed Vera, Eric, Donald and Younis. I turned Tobias into a slave. I turn the whole city into nothing. You do not have to tell me this,” Phoebe was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Cole tried to calm her down. He pressed Phoebe to himself.

“No!” she cried and jumped away from him.

Referring to Cole, she involuntarily swallowed all his senses. All to the very last drop.

Cole froze. He continued to sit motionless. His body gradually began to become crystal.

“Cole?” Phoebe knew what happened to him.

She swallowed all his feelings, she swallowed him. This could happen to the city if Phoebe would not figure out how to stop it. Going to the edge of the roof, Phoebe saw people were falling to the ground one after the other. Phoebe swallowed them, killed them.

“That can not be,” Phoebe grabbed her head.

She felt as if the whole world, the whole life of the world entered into her. There was the only way to jump. Phoebe looked down. It was very high. But Phoebe was not afraid. She just stepped into the abyss.


Tobias woke up on the floor of his living room.

“What the hell?” he got up from the floor, feeling as if missed something very important.

Tobias looked around. What happened to him? Why was he lying on the floor? Tobias could not answer this question. He looked out the window. Everything was the same, the city, the people and passing cars.


Hundreds of stories and hundreds of events take place every minute, and at this time we wash the dishes, sleep or splashing in the bathtub. Every moment the world is in danger and someone may have saved him. And at this time we watch movies or hanging out with friends. Every minute someone dies and someone is born. And at this time we complain about life, taking another cigarette and send another minute of his life in a toilet bowl. It’s all so muddled, but of these things, our ordinary life is based, in that moment someone will save the world, or, on the contrary, destroys it.

With love Angelina Kraftt!


Phoebe lived as she thought, whole her life in the forest. She is very unusual, because she does not need words to communicate. She feels the emotions of all people, understands their essence, knows what is hidden in the depths of the human soul. But one day her life changed. She finds a friend, but begins to lose herself. Phoebe gets in a secret castle and met with the guards. She learns about the existence of parallel worlds, learns of the existence of pure evil that is called Morkh and finds love. But who is she? Will she be able to find the answer to this question, and to save her life and her love?

  • ISBN: 9781311846112
  • Author: Angelina Krafft
  • Published: 2016-04-10 18:05:11
  • Words: 47159
Phoebe Phoebe