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Phantom 500


Episode 8


By Alex C. McDonald






Phantom 500 – Episode 8


By Alex C. McDonald


Copyright 2015 Alex C. McDonald


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Phantom 500 – Episode 9


The doors to Admiral Chambers personal quarters wisped open and Captain James Riker was prodded in the back by one of the two soldiers escorting him to move forward. Riker stepped into the darkened, large room.

There was a typical mahogany desk in the middle of the office with neat shelves full of memorabilia. There were couches, which were used for casual meetings and a big-screen monitor in the corner. Admiral Chambers stood looking out of a ceiling-to-floor glass window into deep space.

“Leave us,” ordered Admiral Chambers to the two soldiers.

“Excuse me, sir?” replied one of the soldiers.

“You heard me, out!” said Admiral Chambers. The two soldiers quickly scrambled out of Admiral Chambers office, leaving Riker. Chambers turned back to look out at space.

“Feeling sentimental?” said Riker. Admiral Chambers chuckled.

“Something like that,” said Chambers.

“So what are you actually holding me, my crew and my daughter for?” said Riker.

“You ran, James, so I had to chase you down,” said Chambers, turning to face one of his former trusted Captains.

“You wanted to take my daughter in for questioning and I know the techniques Starfleet uses for questioning. I didn’t want my daughter drugged up and then poked and prodded,” said Riker.

“She would have been treated with the utmost respect. And firstly for that matter we helped you to save her, she owed us a debrief,” said Chambers.

“And is that what you’re doing to her now, debriefing her?” said Riker. Chambers walked over to his big-screen monitor and swiveled it around for Riker to see.

“As you can see, Crystal is quite willingly telling us everything about her ordeal,” said Chambers. An image of Crystal appeared on the screen. She was with two Starfleet Officers who were scribbling down everything she was saying. “I don’t think she has too much to say that we don’t already know.”

“So that’s it then, we’re free to go? If you could let me know where she is so I can pick her up on my way out,” said Riker, who turned to walk out of the office.

“Just wait one minute,” said Chambers.

“And that’s it, isn’t it. There’s more,” said Riker.

“Captain,” said Admiral Chambers, referring to his rank. It was rare for anyone in Starfleet to refer to anyone outside of the organization by a rank. The usual feeling in Starfleet was if they’re not a Starfleet officer, then they have no rank. “This is a Galaxy Class vessel we’re on, equipped with all the latest technology. I have already listened to every word of your conversation with Uynannah.”

“Okay, so what?” said Riker.

“So what? How do you feel about what the Lycan said,” said Chambers.

“Well, I’m a bit annoyed that he wasn’t set free, but judging by the ongoing attacks it’s probably a good thing that we’ve still got him prisoner,” said Riker. He was playing his true feelings down. He did not want to give Admiral Chambers any reason to keep him and his crew longer than was needed.

“Really? That’s all?” said Chambers.

“Yep, I’d like to get my daughter now and leave,” said Riker.

“So you don’t think I’m an evil person looking to take over the galaxy with a device that can harness the ‘Creation Particle’?” said Chambers, ignoring Riker’s request.

“No, I think you’re evil, but I don’t really care anymore. I just want to be left to my business and retire to a beach house in the Caribbean,” said Riker. Admiral Chambers laughed.

“You? On a beach house? Don’t be ridiculous,” said Chambers.

“I’d be closer to it now if you and your fleet stopped causing me problems,” said Riker.

“James, you might not like me, but I know you and sitting on a beach would bore you quickly. You’re like me, you want to be out here, in space,” said Chambers.

“I’ve changed,” said Riker.

“Have you? I doubt that,” said Chambers. “You see Captain, I have no idea what Uynannah is talking about when it comes to a ‘Creation Particle’. Maybe he’s right? But all I know is amongst all of the archaeologist’s I’ve got working down on Mars, not one of them have found evidence of such a device.”

“It’s none of my business anymore, Admiral. There’s lots of things to discover on that planet, but that’s my past now, Europa is my future,” said Riker.

“Oh yes, that’s right. You’re a merchant Captain now. Travelling through space in that old rust-bucket,” said Admiral Chambers.

“The Phantom is no rust bucket,” said Riker.

“I know, I know. A Captain loves his ship, but what if I told you that there was something Uynannah was telling you the truth about. What if I told you I had built a ship capable of going deep into space,” said Chambers.

Riker paused for a moment. He couldn’t help but be interested. He hated being in the same room as the Admiral, but the Admiral had pricked his interest. There was always talk of building a ship capable of taking human explorers out of their own solar system, but it was always just talk. However, Riker was like everyone who had ever been or dreamed of going into space. He wanted to go, explore and discover new worlds. Admiral Chambers flicked a switch on the monitor.

The screen changed to a beautiful looking silver ship. Its long oval like body was coupled with what looked like two huge engines on either side.

“It’s called ‘The Submarine’ and is capable of travelling ten times the speed of light,” said Chambers. “It’s currently orbiting Mars, having the final touches put into place.”

“How? How did you do it?” said Riker.

“We had help from some Lycan’s,” said Chambers. Riker sensed a touch of malice in Chambers voice. He knew immediately that the Lycan’s that ‘helped’ had not given up the information willingly. He shuddered to think of the torture.

“So why are you showing me this? Surely, this is top secret,” said Riker.

“When you escaped the way you did in that old Phantom class ship, I realized you still had that edge, James. That edge that is needed from someone to go on dangerous missions,” said Chambers grinning. “The edge that won us the Red Battle.”

“You want me to rejoin Starfleet?” said Riker.

“Yes and I want you to Captain ‘The Submarine’. If you agree then I will personally make sure you get that house in the Caribbean,” said Chambers.

“What’s the mission?” said Riker. Admiral Chambers grinned and then walked arrogantly over to his desk as if he knew he was close to signing Riker on as Captain.

“We’re pretty close to certain that we’ve found the home solar system of the Lycan’s,” said Chambers. Riker’s eyes widened in shock.

“Wait a minute. This is no mission of friendly discovery then. Are you asking me to lead an attack of the Lycan home world?” said Riker.

“Not exactly, but the ship is equipped with full military capabilities. Should you need them,” said Chambers. “‘The Submarine can house thousands of infantrymen, dock hundreds of fighter jets and has its own personnel weapons arsenal that can easily take out Lycan Destroyer’s. Should it need to, of course.”

“You’re talking about an invasion,” said Riker.

“I need someone to Captain that ship that knows the Lycan’s and can make a decision quickly. I want you to find out as much as you can about them. Why they’re still sending ships to attack us and whether we can stop it once and for all.”

“Basically you’re saying I have a license to kill?” said Riker.

“James, I have a whole planet of people to protect. The Mars Wars were the bloodiest battles in human history. I can’t take the ongoing Lycan attacks lightly. Think what you think about me, but one thing I do well is protect Earth,” said Admiral Chambers.

“Sure, but you also like a little bit of genocide that goes with that protection,” said Riker.

“I do what I need to do to keep Earth safe,” said Admiral Chambers.

“I wouldn’t say releasing hundreds of POW’s into space to die is exactly something you needed to do,” said Riker.

“Did you see what they were doing to our mean and women? They attacked us Riker,” said Admiral Chambers.

The great hull of the Mayfair suddenly shook with the sound of a large explosion, causing Admiral Chambers and Riker to fall to the ground. The lights turned red and alarms blazed loudly.

“Red alert! Red alert!” said a recorded voice over speakers. “Please could all personnel calmly make their way to the evacuation points. Red alert! Red alert!” The two soldiers were waiting outside and came bounding in.

“Admiral, we’ve got to get out of here,” said one of the soldiers.

“What in the world is going on?” screamed Admiral Chambers. “This is the Mayfair, our best ship!”

The walls ricocheted with the ‘rat-tat-tat’ sound of machine gun fire from down the hallway. The two soldiers quickly lifted their weapons in readiness, but were too late as bullets flew down the hall and into their chests. Riker and Admiral Chambers dived back inside Admiral Chamber’s office and closed the door.

“Quick, that cupboard over there,” said Admiral Chambers pointing to a metal cupboard on the wall. Riker ran and pulled out a loaded rifle just as their attackers burst into the room. Riker quickly fired and two men in masks fell to the ground.

Then he was left with the gun and Admiral Chambers was unarmed. Riker then aimed his rifle at Admiral Chambers, who slowly raised his arms in surrender.

“Check them,” said Riker. Admiral Chambers crawled over to the dead men and pulled off their masks.

“Human’s, both of them,” said Admiral Chambers.

“Human’s? I was certain we were being attacked by Lycan’s,” said Riker.

“This has confirmed my worst fears. Uynannah has gotten into the heads of more people than I feared. There’s a rebel group that has formed within the ranks of Starfleet and I’m their head target,” said Admiral Chambers.

“Come on, let’s get to the Phantom 500,” said Riker and he motioned with his rifle.

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Phantom 500 - Episode 9

  • Author: Alex C. McDonald
  • Published: 2015-09-29 21:40:07
  • Words: 1986
Phantom 500 - Episode 9 Phantom 500 - Episode 9