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Phantom 500 - Episode 6













Phantom 500


Episode 6


By Alex C. McDonald






Phantom 500 – Episode 6


By Alex C. McDonald


Copyright 2015 Alex C. McDonald


Smashwords Edition


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Phantom 500 – Episode 6


Captain James Riker was leaning against the hood of his car on a highway in the middle of the desert. The sun was setting and he was growing impatient. He had been on time, but the people he was supposed to meet were running late.

“Any news yet?” said Aurora. She was speaking to him from the International Space Station where the Phantom 500 was docked. Just then Riker saw lights approaching down the highway in the distance.

“Another car is approaching,” said Riker.

“I see him,” said Kakura. He was perched on a rock in the distance with a sniper rifle.

“Hold off big guy, let’s make sure Crystal is here first,” said Riker.

As the lights got closer, Riker could see that it was a black van with tinted windows. This was the people he was waiting for. The van pulled up and a gunman dressed in black with a balaclava covering his face jumped out of the passenger seat and aimed a rifle at Riker.

“Put your hands in the air,” said the gunman. He had a strange accent that Riker couldn’t place.

“Where’s my daughter?” replied Riker. The man fired a warning shot in the air.

“Put your hands in the air,” said the gunman again. Riker put his hands in the air and the man slowly approached Riker. He tapped Riker down to check for weapons. He grabbed a concealed handgun from his belt and threw it away. “Now get on the ground.”


“Get on the ground.”

“Where’s my daughter?”

The gunman then hit Riker over the head with the butt of his rifle and Riker fell to the ground. The man then pressed the end of the rifle to Riker’s head. Then the van door opened and another gunmen got out leading Riker’s daughter Crystal out of the van and holding a rifle.

“Crystal!” said Riker.


“Everyone be quiet, no talking. Give us the okay for the Phantom 500 and our cargo ship will take the goods,” said the gunman.

“Let me get up and get my daughter first and then I’ll give you the code,” said Riker.

“Sir, I’ve got a cargo ship at my rear,” said Aurora. The gunman nearest to Crystal pressed his rifle against her.

“Okay, Aurora, lock them in,” said Riker. There was an intense moment of silence and sweat began to drip down Riker’s face. A message came through to the gunmen.

“The cargo ship is saying that they can’t open the cargo bay. They say it’s been welded shut,” said the gunmen, who sounded panicked.

A bullet then whipped through the air and pierced straight into the gunmen holding Crystal’s head and he fell to the ground. Then a second one pierced the air and the gunmen nearest Riker fell to the ground.

“Crystal quickly,” said Riker. Crystal ran to her father and they embraced, but the van suddenly revved its engine and took off. The driver had been waiting and was not about to hang around to find out what had killed his two accomplices. “Crystal, are you okay?”

“I think so,” said Crystal.

Then out from behind a rocky cliff came two supersonic fighter jets. They soared over Riker and Crystal and then went in pursuit of the van. A tank was waiting in stealth mode down the highway and suddenly revealed itself and drove into the middle of the road blocking the van’s escape. Helicopters and soldiers came pouring out of hiding places. The van was cornered.

Riker then saw the driver of the van jump out of the driver’s seat holding a rifle. He didn’t know where to aim it or where to fire.

“Holy shit! It’s Ronin himself,” said Riker.

“Who?” said Crystal.

“Commander Ronin Tsokonov,” said Riker, “he’s the guy who’s instrumented this whole kidnapping.”

Ronin had no idea what to do, so he turned the rifle on himself and took his own life.

“Oh my god!” screamed Crystal, who buried her head in her father’s shoulder.


  • * *


On the International Space Station, the cargo ship that had locked in to the Phantom 500 suddenly released and sped away.

“Oh no, you don’t!” said Aurora. She quickly keyed in some commands on the Phantom 500, grabbed the steering wheel and sped off after the cargo ship. She fired a couple of warning shots across the bow of the cargo ship.

Suddenly, over the top of the Phantom 500 zoomed a large Starfleet Battle Destroyer. It almost smashed right into Aurora.

“Hey,” said Aurora as her ship rattled.

The Battle Destroyer, did not stop its speed and used its huge size to smash right into the cargo ship. Shattering it to pieces.

“Oh my god! What the hell!” said Aurora, who quickly had to maneuver the Phantom 500 out of the way of the incoming debris.


  • * *


Four army vehicles pulled up next to Captain Riker and the personnel jumped out to check the bodies. Hermann Chambers, Admiral of Starfleet Command, approached Riker and Crystal.

“Ah, the bastard took his own life before we could talk to him,” said the Admiral.

“Thank you Admiral,” said Riker.

“You’re welcome. Is your daughter okay, Riker?” said Admiral Chambers.

“I’m fine,” replied Crystal.

“Admiral, take a look at this,” said one of the soldiers.

“Lycans,” said Riker. The soldiers had taken off the masks of the two gunmen and revealed the alien face of the Lycans. Admiral Chambers knelt down next to one of them.

“They’re smaller than us, but smoother skin and sickish green,” said Admiral Chambers. “They were wearing their armor though which made them look as big as a human. Good thing we shot them in the head.”

“What do you mean you shot them? I took both of them out,” said Kakura, who came walking up and grimaced at the Lycan bodies.

“What do you think they’re doing here?” said Riker to Admiral Chambers.

“Well, that’s what I want to find out. Thank you for informing us about Commander Tsokonov. I knew he was a gambler, but I would never have pinned him for a spy,” said Admiral Chambers.

“Thank you for helping me save my daughter, Admiral,” said Riker.

“You’re welcome, Riker. You know, you were a great Captain, a decorated war hero, it’s a shame you left Starfleet. We could always do with a man like you, particular in these unfolding, uncertain times,” said Admiral Chambers.

“Well thank you for the offer, sir, but I served my time in Starfleet and I have a new venture now,” said Riker.

“Ah, yes, that’s right. The Phantom 500, an old ship from before the Mars Wars,” said Admiral Chambers.

“Yes, but we upgraded her with some of the technologies discovered from Mars,” said Riker. “It’s a good ship and she’s doing me just fine.”

“I’m sure she is, Riker,” said Admiral Chambers. “Listen, I’m going to need to comondere that ship of yours for a couple of days.”

“What? Why?”

“Well, your ship was on Europa when the Lycan’s invaded and we want to brush it for evidence. Just in case it will help us put together why the Lycan’s are starting a new war,” said Admiral Chambers.

“Admiral, you can’t just take my ship. This is Earth, you need a warrant,” replied Riker.

“Ah yes, but your ship is in space and I’m the Sheriff up there,” replied Admiral Chambers.

“Captain? Ten Starfleet Battle Destroyers are waiting at the door of the Phantom 500 and are asking me to vacate it,” said Aurora over the microphone to Riker. Riker looked around and realized that the soldiers around him were all now facing him.

“Ten Starfleet Battle Destroyers, Admiral. Isn’t that a little much for an ‘old ship’?” said Riker.

“That blue-haired pilot you’ve got. I like her, do you think she’d like to spend a little time with me on Mars?” said Admiral Chambers, evilly.

“Let them in Aurora and get the next shuttle back down here to Earth,” said Riker, staring straight at Admiral Chambers.

“What’s going on, Captain?” said Aurora.

“Don’t worry, Aurora. Everything’s fine,” said Riker. “Let them in.”

“Good. You’ll have your little ship back in a couple of days,” said Admiral Chambers. “Soldiers, wrap these two Lycan bodies up and take them back to the laboratory for analysis.”

“Yes, sir,” said the soldiers.

“Oh and, Mr. Riker,” said Admiral Chambers, emphasizing the ‘Mr.’ so as to ensure Riker knew he was referring to him as a civilian and not by his title of Captain, “the men here will need to take your daughter to base for some questioning.”

“No,” said Riker.

“Daddy?” said Crystal, Kakura’s large frame then stood in front of Riker and Crystal.

“Nothing to worry about, Mr. Riker. Just a routine debrief,” said Admiral Chambers.

“I know what Starfleet can do in a routine debrief and you’re not taking my daughter with you,” said Riker.

For a split second it seemed as if every particle in the world warped, morphed and transformed, before a loud bang of rocket boosters kicked in. Starfleet’s soldiers got pinned to the ground by the hull of the Phantom 500 that had appeared out of nowhere. Riker, Crystal and Kakura fell to the ground.

“Captain, quickly,” said Aurora over the microphone. Riker looked up and saw the ship’s hatch had been opened on the Phantom 500.

“Kakura! Quick,” said Riker. Kakura understood and grabbed Riker and Crystal and threw them with his mighty strength onto the ship. Riker and Crystal smacked onto the metal of the floor.

“Are you okay?” said Riker to Crystal.

“I think so,” replied Crystal.

Kakura then jumped on the roof of Riker’s car and leapt up towards the hatch himself. He didn’t quite make it and his feet dangled in the air as he held onto the door. A gun then started to fire.

“Aurora let’s go!” said Riker. Aurora kicked the Phantom 500’s rocket boosters into gear and sped off.

Riker then reached out and grabbed Kakura’s hand. He tried to pull him up, but he was too heavy for Riker.

“Dad, look,” said Crystal. Riker looked up to see the two fighter jets in hot pursuit of his ship.

“Captain, this ship wasn’t made for Earth’s atmosphere, I’ve got to get us out of here. These rocket booster’s won’t keep us afloat for long, and those fighter jets will blow us out of the sky,” said Aurora.

Crystal found a rope in the ship tied it to a pole inside the Phantom 500 and threw it out to Kakura. He was slipping fast out of Riker’s grip.

“Quickly, grab hold of the rope,” said Crystal. Riker lost his grip and Kakura went to fall, but at the last moment he grabbed the rope and began pulling himself on board. Riker and Crystal helped the large alien on.

“Okay, Aurora. We’re all on,” said Riker. Aurora then pressed the button to close the hatch.

“Everyone hold on,” said Aurora as she quickly kicked the Phantom 500 into light speed. The ship vanished just in time as two missiles sailed out of the two fighter jets.

The Phantom 500 then appeared in Earth’s orbit again and Aurora took a huge sigh of relief.

“Everyone okay back there?” said Aurora as she turned around to see Riker, Crystal and Kakura pulling themselves up off the ground.

“That was some amazing flying there, Aurora,” said Riker.

“Thank you Captain,” said Aurora. Riker stood up and walked quickly over to her.

“We might not be out of this yet,” said Riker, as he looked at the radar monitor on his screen.

“Starfleet destroyers,” said Kakura.

“What do we do, Captain?” said Aurora.

“Well, I’ve always wanted to see the rings of Saturn,” said Crystal. They all turned and Captain Riker smiled at his daughter’s suggestion.

“Good thinking, the rings will keep us hidden from Starfleet detection until we can figure this out,” said Riker.

“Okay, plugging in Saturn,” said Aurora who keyed in the coordinates.

“I told you we should never have involved Starfleet. They did nothing but get the suspect to kill himself,” said Kakura.

“The important thing is Crystal is safe. I didn’t want to take any chances,” said Riker.

“Sorry, Captain, you are right,” said Kakura.

Riker turned to Crystal and put his arm around her.

“Thank you dad,” said Crystal. The Phantom 500 then burst into light speed just before a Starfleet Battle Destroyer attempted to lock it into their tractor-beam.

“What the hell are Lycan’s doing on Earth, Kakura?” said Riker.

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Phantom 500 - Episode 6

  • Author: Alex C. McDonald
  • Published: 2015-09-26 21:50:07
  • Words: 2374
Phantom 500 - Episode 6 Phantom 500 - Episode 6