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Phantom 500 - Episode 13













Phantom 500


Episode 13


By Alex C. McDonald






Phantom 500 – Episode 13


By Alex C. McDonald


Copyright 2015 Alex C. McDonald


Shakespir Edition


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Phantom 500 Episode 13


“Here we go again,” said Aurora, looking at the two Starfleet Destroyers in Europa’s sky. The crew of the Phantom 500 was driving a moon-buggy truck back to the main base of Europa, with Kakura at the steering wheel. Their cargo was not what they had initially intended to carry, but was a mysterious metallic object that Aurora had identified as a sacred geometric shape known as ‘Metatron’s Cube’. They had then filled the remaining space in the container with Europa Water.

“Just take it easy, Aurora. We don’t want to make Starfleet think we’re in a rush,” said Captain James Riker, watching the two destroyers carefully.

“Have you sent that message to Crystal yet? I don’t want to be hunking this large piece of metal back to Earth if it’s nothing,” said Aurora. “Our container should be full of Europa water so my bank account looks better.”

“Just relax, you’ll get your money. I’ve sent the message to Crystal,” said Riker. When Aurora had touched the metallic shape it had sent a pulse through her body and then it began to project an image of a tall, pale being with bright green eyes and blonde hair. Kakura had filmed the hologram and they had sent it to Riker’s daughter, Crystal, who was studying foreign languages to see if she could help decipher the message.

A small ship took off out of one of the Starfleet Destroyer’s hangar and made its way down through the thin atmosphere and headed towards the dome shaped base. Riker and his crew watched quietly as the ship flew over the top of them.

“Just a checkup. They’ll be a few of them in that ship, armed of course, but looks like they’ve heard about the worker’s strike. I think this is nothing, just play it calm,” said Riker. They saw the ship land and dock.

“Should we wait, Captain?” said Kakura.

“No, it will just raise suspicion. I think we can just head straight to the Phantom and load up. We’ll see if we can avoid any contact,” said Riker. Carefully Riker, Kakura and Aurora loaded the cargo container onto the Phantom 500 and then quickly got in. Aurora sat in the pilot seat.

“Okay, Captain, let’s get out of here,” said Aurora who began turning the ship on, readying it for launch. Then there was a loud knock on the door to the ship.

“Looks like we got noticed,” said Kakura.

“Aurora, bring up the ship’s camera, I want to see who we’re dealing with,” said Riker. Aurora flicked a few switches and an image of Starfleet personnel, who were armed appeared on the screen. “Oh great!”

“Someone you know?” said Aurora.

“Lieutenant Cassandra O’Hallaran, we have a history,” said Riker.

“A good one I hope,” said Aurora.

“She’s my ex-wife,” replied Riker.

“I hope it ended amicably,” said Kakura.

“Not exactly,” said Riker. The knock came louder.

“What do we do sir? The Phantom has new weapons, but we’re not going to be able to take down two destroyers,” said Aurora.

“I’ll open the door, don’t let them check the cargo,” said Riker. He begrudgingly got out of his chair and walked to the door. “Taking on two destroyers or my ex-wife, not sure which one is worse.” He unhinged the door and pushed it open. There stood Lieutenant O’Halloran, flanked by 3 infantrymen holding rifles.

“Hello darling,” said Lieutenant O’Halloran. Her brown hair was tied up in a ponytail and her athletic physique was poised, ready to attack.

“Hello Cassandra, everything okay?” said Riker.

“You’re getting a bit of reputation out here in space, James. Are you planning on attacking us?” said Cassandra.

“You mean, are you planning on attacking me? It tends to be Starfleet that does the attacking, stealing and kidnapping,” said Riker.

“Ah yes, kidnapping. Was there any point during Crystal’s ordeal that you thought about picking up the phone and calling me?” said Cassandra.

“I had it under control,” replied Riker.

“Just like her tuition fees? Part of the reason you told me you were leaving Starfleet was so that you could earn more money to be able to pay for Crystal’s college. And still I get demand letters through my inbox. Am I expected to pay for her college on my pittance of a Starfleet salary?” said Cassandra.

“I paid the last installment, Cassandra. Perhaps you should check with Stanford University before coming and yelling at me in front of my crew,” said Riker.

“Of course I did. I’m in constant contact with them. In fact I know you did pay, but you were already four installments behind. So now you’ve just temporarily patched up the situation and are now only 3 installments behind,” said Cassandra. “That’s what you do, James, isn’t it? Patch things up until it becomes a big gaping wound that can no longer be patched.”

“At least I’m contributing and getting it back on track. What exactly are you doing?” said Riker. Cassandra’s face went red with fury. Kakura and Aurora looked at each other and rolled their eyes. They knew Riker could have just cost them their cargo, plus the hidden object they were concealing.

“I want a full inspection of this tin can you call a space ship. If there is anything untoward then you will all be arrested,” said Cassandra.

“Yes, Lieutenant,” replied a Sergeant in the infantrymen.

“Hey, wait a minute. On whose authority?” said Riker.

“Starfleets. The EMC are on strike and you are stealing their resources,” said Cassandra. “Follow me.”

“Woah, hang on,” said Riker who went to stand in front of the Starfleet officers, however, the Sergeant reacted quickly and used the butt of his rifle to smack Riker across the face and knock him down. Kakura went to move, but the Sergeant aimed his rifle at the huge alien.

“Go on, go for your weapon. I’d love to fire. I was one of the people you held hostage recently while you did your business transaction. Not pleasant kneeling down in here,” said the Sergeant. Kakura grimaced as the other Starfleet infantrymen began looking through their cupboards.

The Starfleet infantrymen tipped whole draws on the floor and scrimmaged through every nook and cranny. They made a huge mess.

“Is this really necessary, Cassandra?” said Riker.

“Check the cargo,” said Cassandra.

“Look the cargo is securely fashioned to the ship. It’s full of Europa Water, no surprise there, that’s what we came for. We’ll go and register it with Raheem right now so that it’s on record and the EMC will claim their money,” said Riker.

“I’m under strict orders to check everything on this vessel. You’ve been marked as a trouble maker, James,” said Cassandra. Cassandra made her way to the tank at the back of the ship and picked up a tap. She screwed it in and began to turn the tap to secure it and open the valve. Riker, Kakura and Aurora exchanged looks of worry. The water then began to trickle out and they all took a silent sigh of relief. Cassandra stuck her head underneath and drank the water.

“Mmm, refreshing,” said Cassandra. “I’ve never had the pleasure of drinking this liquid. First time for everything.”

She then turned off the tap and took it out of the tank and threw it on the floor with the rest of the mess she had caused. She indicated to her men to move off the ship.

“Register this with Raheem and then you can go, Captain,” said Cassandra.

“Not going to clean up the mess you’ve caused before you go?” said Riker.

“Don’t worry, I can clean it up,” said Kakura, sensing the coming anger from Cassandra.

“Yes, listen to your ape, James. Keep your mouth shut,” said Cassandra. Kakura growled underneath his breath at the insult, but didn’t say anything. Cassandra just smirked and walked off.

“Wow, she is a shark,” said Aurora.

“Tell me about it,” said Riker.

“My wife had 3 husbands before she met me and found true love,” said Kakura. “Shzwarygon women are encouraged to marry and divorce several men so that they can truly understand true love.”

“Shzwarygon?” said Aurora.

“Kakura’s home planet,” said Riker.

“I had never asked you,” said Aurora.

“You may have asked just in time,” said Kakura looking up to the sky.

“Lycan’s,” said Aurora.

“Five of them,” said Kakura. The Lycan Destroyer’s had materialized out of deep space and quickly launched a surprise attack on the two Starfleet Destroyers.

“Oh no! They’re going down,” said Riker. The three crew members watched as hundreds of missiles were launched into the Starfleet ships. One of the Starfleet Destroyer’s began to curtail sideways losing altitude and began falling into Europa’s atmosphere. There was panic in the sky as the second Starfleet Destroyers began frantically firing missiles, most of which hit the already falling Starfleet ship.

“Who in the world is Captaining up there?” said Kakura shocked at what he was seeing.

“I don’t know, but I don’t want to hang around and find out,” said Riker.

“Firing up the engines, Captain,” said Aurora who quickly closed the door to the Phantom 500 and began preparing for a speedy getaway. Riker’s wrist-com then began to ring.

“It’s Crystal,” said Riker, who picked up the call, a video of Crystal popped up on the small screen on his wrist. “Hello?”

“Dad? What have you just sent me?” said Crystal.

“I’m kinda in a situation right now, honey. Can I call you back later?” said Riker.

“Look, I’m no expert, but that video you sent me is weird. I can’t be certain, but I’m pretty sure he’s speaking a dialect of Martian,” said Crystal.

“What? Martian?” said Riker.

“Yeah, I took a course in it last semester, but no one has ever heard it being spoken, so I’m a bit unfamiliar with some of the pronunciation, but I think he’s talking about some kind of key,” said Crystal.

“Sir, I’m launching now,” said Aurora. The Phantom 500 began to move off the ground.

“Oh!” said Crystal. “Mom’s calling.”

“What?” replied Riker.

“Hang on, I’ll put her on a group chat, it’ll be fun,” said Crystal.

“Crystal I really don’t have time for this right now,” said Riker.

“Hi, mom, I’m on the phone with dad right now,” said Crystal.

“Really?” said Cassandra popping up in the video. “Has he told you that he’s leaving me on Europa to be murdered by Lycan’s?”

“What? Dad! What is going on?” said Crystal.

“Nothing, honey. I just gotta take my cargo back to Earth now. Your mom will be saved by Starfleet,” said Riker.

“James, you are the only ship that has light speed capability. Our transport ship will be blown out of the sky by the Lycan’s. Turn around now!” screamed Cassandra. Crystal pressed a button on her screen.

“Look, I’ve put her on mute so she can’t hear me. If you don’t turn around and save my mom, I’ll send the video you sent me to Starfleet Headquarters,” said Crystal, she then unmuted the conversation.

“Fine, I’m turning around,” said Riker. “But you make sure you and your men don’t bring any weapons. On this ship I’m the Captain.” He then hung up. “Kakura, get your Gatling gun, in case they try to mutiny me.”

“I’m already on it,” said Kakura pulling out his large self-made gun.

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Phantom 500 - Episode 13

  • Author: Alex C. McDonald
  • Published: 2015-10-12 22:05:19
  • Words: 2196
Phantom 500 - Episode 13 Phantom 500 - Episode 13