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Phantom 500 - Episode 10













Phantom 500


Episode 10


By Alex C. McDonald






Phantom 500 – Episode 10


By Alex C. McDonald


Copyright 2015 Alex C. McDonald


Smashwords Edition


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Phantom 500 – Episode 10


The door to the interrogation room suddenly exploded off its hinges and Crystal was blown backwards and hit the wall hard. She looked up to see the Starfleet officers try to reach for their handguns at their belts, but they were quickly shot dead. The huge hulking frame of the alien Kakura strolled into the room with his gun ready. He looked around and saw Crystal cowering in the corner.

“Hurry up, we’ve got to find the Captain and get off this ship,” said Kakura.

“Okay,” said Crystal who scrambled to her feet and followed Kakura out to the hallway. Aurora was waiting for them outside in the hall standing guard, her blue hair wisped from side to side as she checked both ends of the hall. Starfleet officers were running and alarms were blaring. Aurora threw Crystal a weapon.

“Who are we fighting?” said Crystal.

“Don’t know. I haven’t seen any Lycan’s, but there’s definitely someone shooting at Starfleet personnel,” said Aurora. She quickly ran to a touch-screen monitor that was in the hall and started pressing buttons. “I’ve found where the Phantom 500 is and I think I can navigate us there.” Kakura pushed her out of the way. “Hey, what are you doing?”

“We’re not going to the Phantom. First we need to get Captain Riker,” said Kakura, as he pressed away at the screen.

“The Captain will be making his way to the Phantom, we’ll meet him there,” said Aurora.

“They would have been monitoring him and all of us from the moment we stepped on this ship. Look the Captain is here. He is stuck up near the main bridge,” said Kakura pointing to a blinking red light amongst a large map.

“Yeah, but what’s that big flashing light that he’s moving towards,” said Crystal.

“That would be where the main fight is happening,” said Kakura.

“He’s walking straight into a death zone,” said Aurora. Kakura didn’t say another word and turned around and started moving. “Where are you going?”

“To save the Captain,” said Kakura.

“I’m coming too,” said Crystal.

“Not a good idea, Crystal, you’ll probably die,” said Kakura.

“What? Are you kidding me, that’s my dad out there,” said Crystal, pushing past Kakura and taking the lead.

“You’re two hotheads, the Captain will be fine. I’m going to go and kill a few Starfleet officers that are probably trying to steal the Phantom and warm up the engines. Don’t take too long or I’m going to take the cargo back to Earth myself and get rich,” said Crystal.

“Don’t worry, we won’t,” said Kakura reloading his gun and running after Crystal.


  • * *


The bullets were coming in torrents. Captain James Riker and Admiral Hermann Chambers were pinned down and cornered.

“There’s been a breach to the hull of the ship, oxygen is escaping out into space faster than the ship’s life support systems can produce it,” said Admiral Chambers checking his mobile device.

“Do you think they know about it?” said Riker firing a few shots down at the rebels.

“I would say yes. They’ve isolated me so I can’t get out and no reinforcements are available,” said Chambers as he threw his mobile device against the wall smashing it.

“So what you’re saying is that I could hand you over and then walk free?” said Riker.

“What? If you hand me over to them you’ll never get rid of that rust bucket that you fly around in and will never Captain ‘The Submarine’,” said Chambers.

Riker just laughed and took off his white t-shirt and started waving it around the corner. A couple of bullets flew up the hallway putting a hole in his shirt.

“Hey! Surrender! I surrender,” said Riker.

“What the hell are you doing?” said Chambers.

“Throw your weapons out and then come out with your hands up!” shouted a rebel from down the hall. Riker quickly put his shirt back on and then did as he was told, throwing his rifle out into the hall and walking slowly out with his hands up. “Get down on your knees!”

“You better hurry up guys, I’ve got the Admiral here,” said Riker. Twelve rebels quickly came out of their hiding spots and ran up the hall. One of the masked rebels stopped in front of Riker.

“Your Captain James Riker?” said the rebel.

“Yes I am,” said Riker.

“You saved my brother during the Red Battle,” said the rebel.

“I’m glad to have done so, son,” replied Riker.

“I thought you got out of Starfleet?” said the rebel.

“I did and still am,” replied Riker.

“So why are you here?” said the rebel.

“My merchant ship got caught up in a bit of Starfleet business that I would have rather not have. They want to take my cargo,” said Riker.

“Get your hands off me!” shouted Admiral Chambers, who was being carried away by two large rebels holding his arms.

“We’ve got him now let’s get out of here,” said one of the large rebels.

“What do we with him?” said one of the rebels referring to Captain Riker.

“Put a bullet in his head,” said another rebel. Gunfire then blazed from down the hallway. The rebels tried to lift their weapons to return the fire, but they all fell to the ground as the precision fire of a seasoned warrior took them out one-by-one. Riker then looked around in awe at still being alive as several men lay dead around him.

“Woohoo! I think I got one,” echoed the voice of Crystal from down the hall.

“I doubt it. I pulled the trigger twelve times,” said Kakura as the two of them came running up the hallway. They stopped at Riker and helped him to his feet.

“It took you long enough. I was a sitting duck,” said Riker.

“Life support systems shutting down in thirty seconds. Please evacuate immediately. Life support systems shutting down in thirty seconds. Please evacuate immediately,” came the recorded voice.

“Let’s get out of here,” said Riker.

“Captain Riker, take me with you,” said Admiral Chambers, staggering to his feet. He was holding his shoulder that was bleeding from a gunshot wound.

“That’s what happened to your shot,” said Kakura to Crystal, who rolled her eyes.

“You’re still alive?” said Riker.

“Please, Captain, help me,” said Admiral Chambers.

“Hey, where’s Aurora?” said Riker. The Mayfair rattled and rumbled some more and then the floor just in front of them exploded. Riker and his crew had to shield their eyes, but when they opened them there was the Phantom 500 hovering just in front of them. Aurora was at the helm and had come to get them out.

“You’ve made a giant hole in my ship!” screamed Admiral Chambers.

“Ship? I’d hardly call this a ship. It’s more like a floating dump truck,” said Riker smirking. “Now, do you want to go down with your ship like a good Captain or do you want a ride on my Phantom 500?”

Admiral Chambers grimaced and then began hobbling towards the Phantom 500. Kakura and Crystal followed as Aurora opened the door.

“Kakura, help the Admiral on board,” said Riker.

“Yes, sir,” replied Kakura who lent down and picked Admiral Chambers up. They all made their way to the brig of the Phantom 500 where Aurora was waiting.

“Aurora, let’s get out of here,” said Riker.

“Yes sir,” replied Aurora, who turned the ship around and flew back down the hole she had just created and back into the ship’s carrier, where there was a hectic evacuation happening.

“Life Support Systems are offline, Life Support Systems are offline,” came the recorded voice.

“Captain, people are being left behind,” said Aurora. Starfleet officers were scrambling into any ship they would be let into. Small carrier ships and fighter jets were taking off and flying through a force field out into space. The walls were exploding and it looked like it was every man for himself!

“Captain, did you hear Aurora,” said Kakura, but Captain Riker had a steel look on his face.

“It’s not my problem. Aurora head to the exit,” said Riker, Kakura stood up and stood over his Captain. For the first time in their history, Kakura was not following Captain James Riker’s orders.

“Sir, I disagree with your order to leave these people to die here,” said Kakura.

“I’m not Starfleet anymore and I’m tired of being part of their world,” said Riker.

“Those are my men out there, Captain, we need to do something,” said Admiral Chambers.

“Crystal, take Hermann here to the infirmary. He needs his wound attended to,” said Riker.

“That’s Admiral to you, son,” said Admiral Chambers.

“Not on my ship. On my ship you have no rank,” said Riker. Kakura grabbed Riker by the neck and held him down. “Let go of me, Kakura!”

“Sir, I am relieving you of your position of Captain of this ship, until such time that I see fit to reinstate you,” said Kakura.

“What! This is my ship and you are my subordinate, let go of me!” said Riker.

“Crystal pass me a rope,” said Kakura, Crystal nodded and grabbed a rope from a storage unit and handed it to Kakura who quickly tied Riker to his chair.

“Crystal, don’t listen to him,” said Riker.

“Dad, we can’t just let people die out there!” said Crystal.

“We don’t know who’s on whose side. We could be inviting the fight right into the Phantom,” said Riker.

“Aurora land the ship and open the door,” said Kakura. Aurora nodded and landed the Phantom 500. Kakura quickly put on an oxygen mask and jumped out of the door of his ship and began herding Starfleet officers up, Aurora ran after him. The anti-gravity mechanism on board the Mayfair was beginning to fail and people were running towards the Phantom in long jumps as if they were walking on the moon.

“Quickly, everyone!” said Kakura, as fighter jets fired away out of the exit above their heads.

“That’s everyone,” said Aurora. “Let’s get back on the ship.” Aurora and Kakura quickly get on the Phantom 500 that was packed full of scared-looking Starfleet officers. One of them had sat in Aurora’s seat. “Hey, get out of my seat!” She grabbed the officer by the neck and threw him away.

“Okay, Aurora let’s go,” said Kakura. The Phantom 500 shook as it began to float due to the increased weight, but Aurora carefully guided the ship out of the imploding Mayfair and out into space. Other Starfleet cruisers had arrived and were picking up the escapee’s.

“Quickly, fly over to the Explorer. I know the Captain of that ship well,” said a Starfleet Lieutenant. However, Kakura pulled out his large Gatling Gun and loaded it.

“All Starfleet officer’s to your knees and put your hands behind your head, or die,” said Kakura. The Starfleet personnel looked at him in shock.

“What is the meaning of this?” said the Lieutenant. Kakura stormed up to him and ‘king hit’ him right in the face. The Lieutenant fell to the ground unconscious. “Anyone else want to dance?”

All at once the Starfleet officers went to their knees and put their hands behind their heads.” Kakura then took a small axe from his belt and chopped the rope that was tying Captain Riker to his chair, setting him free.

“The ship is yours again, Captain. My apologies for my insubordination, but I think you’ll find we have enough hostages on board to ensure Starfleet no longer gives us any problems, which means we can get our cargo to Earth and make some money,” said Kakura.

“Okay,” said Riker, smirking. “Ahem, Aurora, set a course for Earth.”

“Aye, aye, Captain,” said Aurora.

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Phantom 500 - Episode 10

  • ISBN: 9781311840356
  • Author: Alex C. McDonald
  • Published: 2015-10-02 07:35:07
  • Words: 2243
Phantom 500 - Episode 10 Phantom 500 - Episode 10