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Percy the Pea and Friends



Percy the Pea

and Friends

By Dame DJ

Copyright 2015 Dame DJ

Watercolour images by Dame DJ


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About the Author

Dame DJ


Dame DJ describes herself as “married young, divorced young, had two children young, starved young, remarried a couple more times, & lived in different countries to learn about life”


www.DJBooks.Club is her collection of unique experiences, joy, laughter, truth and feelings we can share together with new books added continually.


She lived in Miami, The Hampton and NYC during the Dot.com boom when it was confident, energetic, with unshakable confidence until the Chinese competition and the subprime changed all that


‘Downsize to Freedom’ was written because to her ones personal liberation is being liquid, with low maintenance costs; it gives practical and humorous tips on how to make the transition, so many are now doing, towards smaller homes.


‘Gourmands on the Run!’ with water colour paintings is a road trip from Paris down Monaco through The Loire Valley, the mountains of Provence, the great Chateaux en route, with her NYC partner ‘S’ who adored great French food visiting the greats like Maison Troisgros, Bernard Loiseau and more. The trip was not what they both expected.


‘Behind the Wall’ is written the objectivity of an English woman, moving into a luxury gated Golf & Country Club in gorgeous sunny Florida, but isolated from her familiar culture she meets great characters and learns she is in a fascinating but totally different world.


‘To be or not to be Single? That is the question?’ is all about surviving becoming single again with practical and humorous tips how to tackle the issues of travelling alone, dinning alone, introducing new partners to kids etc.


‘Percy the Pea and Friends’ Makes food fun again for kids and parents with hand painted illustrations of each healthy foods with names and personalities e.g Gary the Grape, Sally the Cauliflower to help parents face the feeding times.


Dame DJ observers life, relationships, people, cause and effect, with humour, honesty, truth and we are there with her along the journey so join her on;


[email protected]


Book HYPERLINK “http://www.amazon.com/DOWNSIZE-FREEDOM-your-home-does-ebook/dp/B011UT6RNS/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1443710696&sr=1-1&keywords=downsize+to+freedom” Downsize to Freedom’ was written after she liquidated, removed all financial obligations & overpriced assets and “downsized” to everyone’s horror.

HYPERLINK “http://www.amazon.com/Gourmands-Run-gourmet-journey-Monaco-ebook/dp/B0158ZJU7A/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1443710341&sr=1-1&keywords=gourmands+on+the+run” Gourmands on the Run! is about a journey through France, from Paris to Monaco by car, visiting the best hotels & restaurants and illustrated with watercolours.

HYPERLINK “http://www.amazon.com/not-Single-Thats-Question-ebook/dp/B01577WPZ8/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1443710437&sr=1-1&keywords=to+be+or+not+to+be+single+that+is+the+question” To be, or not to be Single. That is my Question?’ is about going in, and coming out of relationships, with some damage control.

HYPERLINK “http://www.amazon.com/Percy-Pea-Friends-Make-food-ebook/dp/B015D5W0E0/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1443710519&sr=1-1&keywords=percy+the+pea+and+friends” ‘Percy the Pea and Other Friends’ is a children’s book about healthy eating and illustrated with watercolours.

HYPERLINK “http://www.amazon.com/Behind-Wall-Moving-Country-Florida-ebook/dp/B015UBJHWK/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1443710602&sr=1-1&keywords=behind+the+wall%3B+moving+into+a+golf+%26” ‘Behind the Wall’ is a factual story describing the truth and revelations about moving into a Florida gated golf community.

~ ~ ~

She loves to keep sharing the thoughts and feelings with all her readers, and I can be reached at HYPERLINK “mailto:[email protected]

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Percy the Pea and Friends

'Percy the Pea and Friends' book is our answer to get our children to eat. We have seen our children refuse fresh food, but not known how to get them to eat? Dame DJ has given each food a name, and a personality a child can relate to in a pretty book of watercolours. It builds up the relationship between the child and food on the plate, and makes meal times much more fun. Dame DJ painted and wrote this book after feeding her own three children a healthy diet with fruits and vegetables, while battling their changing tastes, and fast food companies. "You have 3 meals a day, multiplied by the number of children, so if they look forward to eating it helps" she explains. 'Percy the Pea and Friends' is a party on a plate! Every meal time! New foods are welcome guests. A great book to help parents, to have fun with food, and empty those plates!

  • Author: dame DJ
  • Published: 2015-12-04 18:50:07
  • Words: 640
Percy the Pea and Friends Percy the Pea and Friends