Peanut & Lily


Peanut & Lily


A beautiful Love story about a lifelong friendship

based on a true story.





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This is my story


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To all the cat & pet lovers around the world! The most precious gift you can give to someone else is Love, hope & attention…





This is my story


Hi there, I am a kitten and my name is Peanut. This is my story. I’m four years old, which is about 30 years old in human age. My story began back in September, 2010. I had lost my family and was left all alone in a dark place behind a huge building in a big city. Back then I had no idea where I was. I just remember that it was an unpleasant and scary place.


To be honest, I was afraid of every single noise. Because everything was new to me. So every smell and every noise was challenging. I was afraid that no one would ever find me because I was soooo small. Who would look after me?


A week passed and I was still all by myself. I had no hope that anyone would ever find me. I was tired. I was hungry and I was thirsty. I was scared and meowed for help. I thought someone would eventually hear me. But, I was a fighter from the start and I believed that my guardian angel would come to help.


I struggled to survive without food and milk for seven days until a miracle happened. I remember that I was touched by the hands of an angel. A beautiful and loving lady touched my skin and gave me comfort with her wonderful voice. The first thing she said was: » Sweetie what are you doing here all by yourself? Don’t worry everything is going to be fine now. You are safe. «


That was exactly what I needed to hear. I was so happy that my prayers were heard. But what now? Where was this Lady going to take me? I was starving and couldn’t think straight. Anything was good enough for me at that point.



I remember that first taste of food. It was so delicious. Yummy! I couldn’t stop eating. I was in heaven. This beautiful lady took good care of me. She spoiled me and treated me like a princess. Well, to be honest at that point she didn’t know if I was a boy or a girl. She kept asking me: » Are you a little prince or princess?«


I meowed: Of course I’m a princess. What kind of question is that? But she didn’t understand me. Nevertheless she loved me like crazy. Strangely, she also had the impression that I couldn’t see her. She kept asking me: » Can you see me? «


I meowed: Of course I can see you. Why wouldn’t I? You are the most beautiful lady I have ever seen. She had big green eyes like mine and a breathtaking smile. Every time she touched me I felt love and comfort. I felt at home. I had everything I needed. I was soooo happy.


A comfortable bed made of cotton in a shoe box under a big table. A huge living room where I played around. Lots of green plants, decorative crystal balls and beautiful curtains where I liked to hide myself. So much fun!


What wasn’t fun was my first doctor’s appointment though. This beautiful lady took me to a doctor because she wanted to make sure that everything was fine with me and to confirm that I was indeed a girl. As if that was ever a question!!!


In the doctor’s office Lily decided to name me Peanut – because I was so tiny. The doctor lady was very gentle with me and said: » Peanut needs rest and love for the next few days. Don’t worry; everything is going to be fine. «



And everything was fine until one day something unexpected happened. I had just started to make myself comfortable in my new home, when I found myself on the way to a completely new place. I had no idea where this beautiful lady Lily was taking me. I kept asking her. But she didn’t answer. I felt that she wasn’t happy about our trip either, but apparently she had no other choice.


So I found myself in an office building. The good thing was Lily was working in this office so she could still keep an eye out for me. She gave me food, made me my own special area and introduced me to all her colleagues. I was afraid of all the new faces. But they were all friendly to me.


I was not used to sharing my Lily with others. So that was a new feeling and I was often very jealous. Back at home I was Lily’s center of attention. But in this office she shared me with other people and she was very busy with work. I spent the days with eleven people in an office. Five women and five men and my dear friend, my angel and savior. Lily stayed until late afternoon with me, but then she left and I would spend the entire night by myself.


At night the office belonged to me. I was the Queen of the Office! With no one around, I could do whatever I liked. Almost two months passed and I was starting to feel at home. During the days I was not allowed to play on the office tables because everybody was focused on work. Sometimes it was hard not to jump up but I respected their rules. It’s just… I couldn’t help it! I just loved to play hide and seek with the employees. Sometimes they came looking after me and sometimes they didn’t. But I always had their full attention.



And in the nights when everybody was gone I jumped around, played on the computers and slept on different office tables. That was fun. I was unstoppable!


But then on a longer weekend where Lily had to leave town, she gave me to a younger girl and said goodbye to me. I had no idea what was going on. I was so sad and didn’t want to leave my new home. But I had no other choice. This new girl was nice to me, but she wasn’t Lily. I missed Lily’s beautiful eyes and her warm hands. I wanted to go back to my Office. I didn’t want to stay with this young girl that I had not met until that day.


I remember the next four days as one of my hardest. I was so unhappy that I couldn’t eat anything. I was home-sick. I meowed: I want my Lily. I want my Office. I want to go home where I can play hide and seek and jump on the computer desk. She looked at me and without hesitation she called Lily and said to her: » I think you should get Peanut back. She misses you like crazy and isn’t feeling happy here with me. She hasn’t eaten anything. «


Said and done! The next minute Lily, my savior and my angel was back and took me in her arms. That was a wonderful moment. I had her back in my life. I didn’t want to let her go. And guess what? The best thing happened. Lily didn’t take me back to the office. She took me back to her place! It was a big surprise to be back in my first home. I realized how much I had missed this place. The smell, the plants, the beautiful crystal balls – which had now been placed out of reach. I was so afraid and exhausted after all these days of uncertainty. But now


I was finally back home where I belonged. The first thing I got from Lily was a warm and bubbly bath. I was so overjoyed and relieved that I fell into a deep and long sleep. I felt such a comfort and security like I had never felt before. And this feeling of comfort and Love continues until this day, which I’m very grateful for.


Life is full of love and I have the best friend I could ask for. Friendship is the most precious gift that one can have in Life. I feel so honored and blessed that Lily found me when I was in trouble and deep need. She was my life-saver. She decided to help me even though she had to turn her own life upside-down. She is my treasure. The most precious human soul I have ever met.


So if you ever find a helpless animal in need remember my story and regardless of how difficult it might be to take care of an animal or a human being give your love and attention. Because that’s the most precious gift you can give someone else.


That’s my story. Who is your most loveable friend? Who is your BFF? Who takes care of you every day and gives you love, hope, attention and comfort? Whoever it is let the person know how important she/he is to you and treat this person well and appreciate every single moment. This book is dedicated to my best friend, my BFF, Lily. Even though she gave me away twice because of her difficult life circumstances, I never felt rejected. I always knew she was there for me and wouldn’t let me down. I knew I could always count on her friendship. So I never lost my trust in her love.


Dearest Lily I love you for your love. I love you for your friendship. Thanks for being there for me, no matter how busy you are. I know I can always count on you.

Your BFF, Peanut


About the Author

Lily Amis was born in Asia. Today she lives in Europe. Lily experienced war as a kid and had a difficult Life as a teenager. All her negative life experiences made her strong and today she has become a fighter when it comes to human rights and justice.


Lily believes strongly that everyone deserves happiness, freedom and a life of dignity – regardless of nationality, skin-color, age, sexual orientation and religion. She also believes in a world where love, peace, justice, tolerance and respect are available for everyone.












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Peanut & Lily

PEANUT & LILY, a sweet story about a little cat named Peanut. It is a reminder for kids and adults to take more care of innocent pets, who need our love and support. PEANUT & LILY is Lily Amis’s first children’s book based on a true and loving story. Peanut is a tiny little cat who has lost her whole family. She’s all by herself in a big city. Peanut is afraid of everything and forlorn about her future - until she’s saved by the hands of an angel. Lily, her savior, finds her on the street and gives her love, hope, comfort and a new home. Peanut and Lily become friends for life.

  • Author: Lily Amis
  • Published: 2016-02-18 14:40:08
  • Words: 2095
Peanut & Lily Peanut & Lily