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Passive Income: How To Make Money With Kindle Direct Publishing





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Just like this ebook you can also write your own ebook.

Two decades ago, if you were a new author interested in getting your book published, you had to shop it around with publishers and hope that someone, might not reject you. But nowadays you can choose to self-publish anything you’d like. Here’s how.

Amazon has over ten million self-published books, the reason is that there are just so few barriers to enter – if you want to write a book and self-publish, go ahead! It can be a “passive” income stream forever (though that should not be confused with the fact that it can be a lot of upfront work).

In the old dynamic of getting your book in print, authors basically had these options:

Send manuscripts to publishers

Have a vanity press handle publishing. You would send in your manuscript, and pay a large fee to get several hundred copies published. It would be up to you to sell them… or give them away.

That was then, this is now. The rise of tablets, smartphones and the launch of self-publishing platforms have made it possible for anyone to release their own book to the world, without going through the traditional gatekeepers or costly vanity presses.

I have started a small press and have heard from lots of newbie authors who are unsure about how to get started.

Whether you have a fiction masterpiece, a biography, nonfiction work or children’s book, this ebook will help you navigate the brave new world of self-publishing.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Road to Riches with Kindle Direct Publishing

Chapter 2: What if I’m not a writer

Chapter 2A: Ideas for Kindle Books

Chapter 3: Finding a Lucrative Niche for your Book

Chapter 4: Creating a Compelling Title and Cover

Chapter 5: Publish your eBook

Chapter 6: Formatting a Kindle Book

Chapter 7: Promoting Your Book for Good Reviews

Chapter 8: Make your book Bestseller


I want to thank you and congratulate you for downloading this book, How to make Money with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

This book contains proven steps and strategies for earning money with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

Amazon is the biggest online marketplace in the world. Millions of people visit the site each day, with their credit card on file, ready to buy at the click of a button.

As of this writing, it is estimated that Amazon currently receives about 100 million visitors a month.

When you publish on Kindle, Amazon handles distribution, order fulfillment, bookkeeping, and even helps to promote your books while paying you generous royalties. Amazon also provides detailed hourly, daily and monthly reports on all your book sales.

This book is for beginning publishers and for anyone looking to supplement their income by writing non-fiction and fiction kindle books.

Even if you are a stay-at-home mom or dad, you can still earn money on your own.  Even if you don’t have the talent to weave beautiful words into the seams of an engaging manuscript, you can still publish a book that people will love.  You don’t need to own a website or have spare money to invest.  All you need is this book to serve as your guide, some patience, and the required effort to do what’s laid out here.

Let’s get started

Chapter 1: Road to Riches with Kindle Direct Publishing

A lot of new authors, internet marketers, and publishers will tell you that Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is simple, easy, and profitable.  You can earn at least $10,000 per month (that’s just the beginning) even if you don’t have the talent to write a good book, don’t own a website, and/or have no money to fund the publishing of your book. 

However, what you will need is a lot of patience and some knowledge in searching for the right niche before writing your book.  This eBook will teach you everything you need to know about the most profitable track to take in self-publishing.  Never publish a book on a whim; timing is important to ensure the success of your endeavor.

 Getting to Know Kindle Direct Publishing

Kindle Direct Publishing is a quick, free, and easy way for authors to publish their work worldwide.  You need to come up with a good book (and niche) that your target readers will notice.  It is also important that you follow the recommended format of KDP.

Before you can publish your digital text content or the writings in digital electronic format in your computer (could be in plain text, word doc, and other word processor format), you need to sign up for a free account.  Once you have an account, it is easy to add a new book under your name. 

Once you’ve created your account and your material is ready to publish, you can fill in the title, author’s name, book description, upload your cover and digital text, set the price, and publish your book. 

The title of your book needs to be catchy if you want readers to notice you immediately. When you fill in the name of the author, you can choose to publish the book under your given name or use a pseudonym or pen name.

 You need to make the description of your book as enticing as possible. Most readers won’t pick up a book with a boring description unless their curiosity gets the best of them. 

You also need to choose a cover that tells a bit more about the book and/or makes it intriguing.  The success of your book mostly depends on your digital text or book file; you need to make sure that you offer something valuable to your target readers.  Give them something they will enjoy reading.  Some people who will say that your work is worthless, but don’t be disheartened.  Focus on the good reviews, and learn from the criticisms that others gave.

When it comes to pricing, make sure the price you want to set is just right for the book. You can also start with $0.99 and change it later when your book has its share of good reviews.  If you want to have a higher selling price, but you think your book can’t justify it, then you need to improve the book from scratch.  Of course if you start again from scratch, it will mean that you need to go through the whole process once more until you are satisfied and confident to hit the publish button.

It takes about 24 hours for KDP to review your submitted work.  The reviewing panel usually checks for the format and originality of your book before making it available for sale –all around the world (if you opt for worldwide rights). 

You don’t need to sell your book on your own; although, you can promote it among your peers.  Amazon will do the selling and marketing on your behalf, and you can get a royalty of up to 70% on each book sale.    That’s why you don’t need a website to sell your books.  Amazon will include it in their list of available books for sale. 

Chapter 2: What if I’m Not a Writer?

You don’t even have to be a writer to publish a book under your chosen name; you can hire a writer to write the book you want.  You can instruct the writer to follow the flow that you want for your book, or you can just let them write the book to your approval.  Writers for hire are paid for the material that meets your satisfaction.  You can make them revise the work (with instructions) if you are still not completely satisfied with the finished material.  Just make sure that your instructions are clear.


 If You’re Not a Writer

If you don’t have what it takes to move a reader through your writing, then you can always commission someone to do it for you.  There are companies that offer writing services, and most of them cover a wide range of subjects to discuss and as well as types of materials you need, including writing an eBook for you.  You can give specific instructions for the writer to follow, and they will submit to you upon completion of the book for your approval.  You can have it revised if it did not meet your satisfaction.

You can also hire an individual who offers writing services.  You can ask samples of his work to see if his writing style meets your requirements.  You might not be someone who can write well, but you will know a good article when you read one.

You can hire a ghostwriter to write books for you from Upwork.com. You can publish the ghostwritten book in your name and will continue to earn money with it. There are lots of ghostwriters looking to write books for you.

However this method is a bit costly. You need to pay the ghostwriter for the content. Formatting your book. Getting the cover design. Marketing and promotion.

But once all done you could be next J.K.Rowling. I know several ghostwriters who writes most genres from Fiction to Non-ficion.

You can also get prewritten books to publish

Contact a ghostwriter here (Upwork profile)

Or use a ghostwriter service from: http://www.hotghostwriter.com

How Much Money Can You Make?

A Kindle book with an Amazon Best Sellers Rank of #5,000 to #50,000 will sell anywhere from 1 to 20 copies a day. The lower the rank, the more books are being sold.

For instance, a book with a rank of #19,358, as shown on the illustration, sells approximately 5 copies a day.

An author who can sell five (5) units a day, priced at $2.99 (70% royalties), would earn $314 a month just from one book. If the book is enrolled in KDP select (Kindle Direct Publishing), that can add an additional $500 or more to the total monthly earnings.

Something to Get You going

To get you going, here’s an example of the possible earning that you could get through KDP.  A book that sells for $4.99 and has 41 reviews (with five stars getting the biggest chunk of the rating) should have an average sale of at least two books per day.  For such book, it is safe to choose a royalty of 70%. 

For each book sold you will get $3.49 which KDP will automatically gather every month and credit to your bank account.  If you have a steady sale of two books per day, you will get at least $209 per month – that’s just for one book.  Imagine if you have 15 books with the same output?

If your book is really good, you can get an income of $1,570 in a month for just one book.  You will gain more if you have good reviews for your book, and you will gain even more profit if you have a number of good books to offer your readers.  You might even surpass the earnings of someone with a regular office job.

How much you are able to earn from one book will depend in large part on the topic you choose, the quality of your book, and how well it is promoted.  Even if you only sell 1 copy a day, (at $2.99) you can earn $60 to $100 a month from a single book, when you add earnings from the number of books that are borrowed via KDP select.

You would need to have about 4 to 5 books bringing in a minimum of $250 a month in order to earn $1,000 a month. This is easier than earning money from a blog, primarily because of the massive amount of traffic Amazon receives each month.

Chapter 2A: Ideas for Kindle Books

I strongly believe that inside every person there is at least one book, waiting to be written.

You probably already have enough knowledge to create at least one book in one or more of these popular categories:

- Cookbooks

- Crafts, Hobbies & Home

- Computers & Technology

- Parenting & Relationships

- Personal Finance

- Sports and Outdoors

If you can’t come up with any ideas, don’t be discouraged. Keep making notes. One or more ideas will eventually pop up, perhaps when you least expect it. Keep a notebook, journal or use Ever note to capture your ideas. Look through the pages of Amazon and you’ll see there are books on every conceivable topic.  Don’t underestimate your personal experiences. Some of the things you know, which feel like second nature to you, may have taken you months or years to master.

Chapter 3: Finding a Lucrative Niche for your Book

Before you start writing or hire someone to write your eBook for you, it is wise to pick a profitable niche or category first.  Choose a niche or category that is in high demand but with few competitors.  If possible, look for a niche that you can dominate.  It is important to make sure your book contains all the valuable things your readers want, which in turn will make them want to post a good review for your book.  The more good reviews you gain, the better.

 You might have a good book idea for a certain category, but if its market is not big enough, you might not see profits coming your way.  No matter how good your book is, you won’t be able to generate the expected income if no one will buy your book.

 Likewise, if you find a good niche with a big market but the competition is too high, then you might not generate the profit you expect.  You might encounter some difficulties in getting your book noticed, especially when there’s already a book with a good rating and lots of positive reviews.

 For starters, you need to find a niche or category that caters to a decent-sized market and without much competition.  When you found your niche, create a book that discusses something about that niche.  Non-fiction books are easier to produce and market, although fiction books have the largest market share and could give you more earnings. 

 For fiction book, you can plot ideas for romances, thrillers, or mysteries.  You can even plot one for a children’s book.

 A good example of a highly-specific niche with a large market that is relatively low-competition (as of the moment, at least) is the BBW-female-lead-with-a-hot-billionaire-male-lead fiction market. The target demographics include women who love good old mild erotic fantasy fiction -- and such a story doesn’t have to be written by a Nobel Prize in Literature award recipient.

If you think you cannot write fiction but want to publish it, here’s how

Go to Upwork.com

Post a job- Looking for Romance Ghostwriter about 70k words- Interested freelancers will bid on the project- Interview them- award the project to one of the best.

I too use Ghostwriter service to publish my fiction. Here’s the link to his Upwork profile.

Genres that sells well:



Young Adult

Urban Fantasy



Hire a ghostwriter to write books in these genre : UPWORK


 Your Important List

 To determine the most profitable niche, think of different categories or book ideas that you are comfortable with, and write them down.  Don’t copy other authors who create a book on a whim without consulting the marketability of their chosen book idea.

List as much as you can and check them one by one afterwards.  The next thing you need to do is determine if there is a market for your chosen book ideas.

You can start creating a book based on the most profitable niche on your list that has low competition.  You can start working on the next one after finishing the first book or you can try searching for a more profitable niche than the one you had.

 Determining the Market for your Chosen Niche

One of the most practical ways you can check the market for your chosen niche or book idea is to simply type the keyword for your book idea in Amazon’s search bar.  Select “Kindle Store” so you will only see the list of books, and not all the products, under your chosen keyword.

For example, say you have “acne” on your list.  Type the word “acne” on Amazon’s search bar and it will give you various suggestions like acne treatment, acne diet, acne cure, acne remedies, and so on.  Why is that? It’s because most searchers look for them in Amazon.  This also informs you that there is a market for each suggestion, and you only need to decide which one to choose.

The next thing you need to do is analyze the competition for your chosen niche.  If you type “acne”, you will see that there are more than four hundred books about acne – too big or too broad.  Choose something more specific like “acne treatment”. 

If you type “acne treatment” on the search bar, you will see that there are only a hundred-plus books to choose from.  There is a significant decrease in the number of competing books.  This makes it easier for you to create a book about acne treatment that has the possibility to occupy the top spot in the search list of Amazon.  You need the top spot so that searchers will notice your book first, thereby giving you the edge over others.

You need to look at the quality of books that belong on the top spots of the search list and see if you can come up with a book that is better than the ones you are trying to beat.  If your competition has 20 or more reviews (all positive), then it would be difficult to grab the top spot.  But it can still happen.  You need to try your best and create a more amazing book than the one on the top spot.

If the top three competitors have ten or fewer reviews, then it only means that the books are not yet well-established in your chosen niche.  You have an opportunity to nab the top spot if you could get more reviews for your acne treatment book.  It is safe to say that “acne treatment” is a worthwhile niche for your eBook.

Do the same checking with each book idea in your list, and start creating your book based on the most profitable niches you have gathered.

 Use of Software

You can also use software called AK Elite when looking for the perfect niche to work on.  It will help you determine the marketability of your chosen keyword, and whether to proceed with your plan to create a book based on that niche or look for another.  It also offers other features such as tracking the ranking of your book.

 There are other kinds of software that can help you meet your goal, but they can be a bit expensive.  For a beginner in KDP, it is best to stick with making the list and checking it in the Amazon’s search list.

 List of Niches that you can start with

Below are some of the most profitable niches you can start working on for your book.  Remember to check first to get the most ideal niche for your project.

Diseases and other health issues: ADHD, Acne, Alzheimer’s, Anger Management, Back Pain, Anxiety, Arthritis, Asthma, Chronic Fatigue, Hair Loss, Heart Disease, Headaches, Cure Hemorrhoids, Depression, Eating Disorders, Diabetes, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Remedies, Stress, Stop Smoking, and Stop Snoring.

Beauty, health, and well-being: Anti-Aging, Beauty, Get Your Ex Back, Happiness, Life Coaching, Low Fat Recipes, Organic Food, Massage, Memory Improvement, Mental Health, Motivation, Yoga, Recipes, Relationships/Dating, Muscle Gain, Skincare, Tattoo Removal, Time Management, Travel, Weight Loss, and Weight Training.

Outdoor fun and adventure: Backpacking, Boating & Sailing, Bowling, Camping, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Rafting, Running, Saltwater Fishing, Skateboarding, Skiing, and Snowboarding.

Sports: Boxing, Chess, Golf or Golfing, Hunting, Martial Arts, Racquetball, Rugby, Tennis, Volleyball, and Wrestling.

Water fun: Swimming, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, and Surfing.

Money matters: Credit Problems, Debt Management, Gambling, Insurance (for home, pet, auto, or life), Invest in Gold, Investing, Make Money, Mutual Fund Investing, Poker, and Stock Investing.

DIY projects: Chicken Coops, Greenhouses, and Home Improvement.

Crafts and hobbies: Crocheting, Woodworking, Gardening, Interior Design, Knitting, Landscaping, Lawn Care, Learn the (followed by the name of musical instrument), Learn to Dance/Sing, Photography, Pottery, Quilting, Scrapbooking, and Wine Making.

Family matters: Adoption, Child Abuse, Divorce, Marriage Advice, Menopause, Motherhood, Pregnancy, Parenting, Single Parenting, Wedding Planning, and Wedding Speeches.

Animals: Dog Training, Horse Racing, Horse Training, Pets, and Pet Problems.

Other book ideas that might interest you: Archaeology, Astronomy, Decoration, Drop shipping, Hypnosis, NLP, Magic Tricks, Model Trains, Psychic, Psychology, Public Domain, Real Estate, Solar Power, UFOs, Wind-power, and Water Filtration.

You can also try book ideas beginning in “how to learn” followed by a certain musical instrument, language, or profession.  You can also try “how to” followed by something that you want to get rid of.

Authors of KDP sometimes make a mistake of publishing a book under a poor-selling category.  You don’t want to make the same mistake, that’s why you need to determine the niche that can bring home the bacon.

Other Factors to Consider

Other factors to consider are your level of interest and expertise in a topic. You may already have an online presence, such as a blog or a Facebook fan page about a specific topic. This will no doubt give you added authority and bring in additional traffic.  Another factor to take into account is the amount of time it takes to complete a book. Some bloggers have repurposed popular content from their blogs into Kindle books. If you can do this then your time to completion and your risk would be minimal. All you would need to do is format the content for Kindle and hit publish.  If you can quickly create a book without spending much time, don’t worry about selecting the best category. Just publish it and see what happens


Selecting the right keywords is another way to attract more potential buyers to a book.  Amazon gives you valuable keyword data through the Search field. Just type a few letters in the Search field on the Kindle Store, and a list of phrases will appear.  Use this information to enter keywords on your book details (when you upload a book), on your book description, and on your book title.  Don’t try to be clever or creative when naming your book. Don’t make people guess what your book is about. Use keywords.

Tip: If you don’t know what to write about, viewing keywords may give you some topic ideas. For example:

How to Build a (Fire, Website…)

How to Find a (Job, Girlfriend…)

How to Make (Bread, Soap…)

How to Start a (Blog, Conversation…)

How to Survive (Middle School, your freshman year…)

Take advantage of this feature by trying out multiple combinations. You may be able to come up with several ideas for book topics.

SEO Book

You could use SEObook.com, a free online tool, to help you select a topic for your book. (This is an optional step).

The success of a book will depend on several factors, including the book cover, the contents, the categories that it is listed under, the keywords you use, and how many positive reviews it can get.

Amazon can bring traffic to a book from unexpected sources such as “Buyers who bought this book also bought…“. But you really don’t have much control over that.  For these reasons, the Amazon Best sellers list should be your main research tool. Use the results of SEO Book as an “odds enhancer” and not as a definitive guide to finding profitable book topics.

To use SEO Book you will need to create an account and be logged in.  Once you log in, click on the SEO Tools tab and select Keyword Tool.

Look at the first and third columns (Google daily estimate). Ideally, you should pick a set of keywords with 200 or more daily searches on Google.

To check the validity of SEO Book, reverse engineer a few popular Kindle book titles and see if you can find a correlation. For instance, enter “Bug Out Bag” on SEO Book, and you’ll understand why there are so many of these books on sale at Amazon.

Even though the Amazon search engine differs from Google, it doesn’t hurt to review Google keyword data when choosing a book topic.

On the other hand, I’ve seen bestselling book titles on Amazon Kindle that have few search results on SEO Book.

The lesson: Do not ignore high search results on SEO Book but don’t write off a book topic simply because it has low search results on SEO Book.

As I mentioned previously, this is an optional step. Pay close attention to the Amazon Best Seller lists.

Children’s Books

As long as there are children there will be a market for children’s books.  Children’s books are cheaper than toys and baby sitters, and they do not go out of style. Most parents will gladly spend money to educate and entertain their kids.  The market for Kindle children’s books is vast when you consider educational books, which can also be marketed as Homeschooling curriculum.

For beginning writers, one of the challenges to creating children’s books is the cost of hiring illustrators.  Although the great majority of books written for children contain illustrations, if you search on Amazon for “children’s books + photos” you’ll notice countless educational books that contain only photographs.

Notice how the book, Humphrey’s Ha-Ha-Ha Joke Book, combines a photo of a hamster with various text and illustrations to create several images. If you notice the same photo is repeated over and over.

There’s no shortage of clever ideas on how to create illustrations for children’s books.

Where to Find Images

Below are several online sources where you can find free or inexpensive images.

Stockphotosforfree.com – A limited collection of high quality photographs that you can download for free.

Stockvault.net – A limited collection of images that you can download for free.

Flickr Creative Commons – A well-known source of quality images. Be sure to provide proper credit or link to the author’s page. Please note: not all authors allow their work to be used for commercial purposes. Before using an image, make sure the license information clearly states the following:

You are free:

- to Share — to copy, distribute and transmit the work – to make commercial use of the work (Very important!)clker.com – A source of public domain clipart.

These two websites provide affordable high quality images:



Chapter 4: Creating a Compelling Title and Cover

When creating your title, you need to make sure it includes the keyword for your niche.  This can actually help your book get noticed and achieve a rank for your chosen keyword.  It also helps if you can come up with a title that says something about the content of the book.  Make sure to tickle the curiosity of the reader that will push them to check out your book.

 After creating your title, you can create your book cover.  If you are good in graphics or know how to use Photoshop, then you can proceed to creating your book cover.  But if you only have basic knowledge in graphics or Photoshop, it is best to hire someone to create your book cover for you.  Your book cover should be aesthetically appealing and relevant to the content of your book.  A low quality book cover could hurt the sales of your book.

 Hire Someone to Do it For You

Here’s my choice


 There are companies and individuals who offer their services in creating a good cover for your book.  Ask for samples of their work before closing the deal.  It is also prudent to compare the works and prices of at least five individuals or companies that specialize in book cover creation.

 If you want a more professional looking book cover, then you need to look at the works of a professional designer.  They might charge a bit more, but you can be certain that you will get a killer cover that can grab attention and contribute to the overall “message” of your book.  You can discuss everything with the designer – all that you want to have for your book cover.  You can ask him if he could make it appealing so that anyone would be tempted to take a look at your book, and eventually buy it.

Your book title and cover can contribute a lot in making your book a success or a failure.  You might have a good niche and great content, but it all can go down the drain just because the title and cover did not appeal to your target readers.

Selling and promoting your book starts with creating a professional looking book cover. When creating your first book, you should focus on writing quality content, coming up with a good title, formatting your book and getting it published. That’s enough work for a beginner.

As an independent author, you are competing with big publishing houses that can spend thousands of dollars on a book cover. If your book cover looks like it was made on Paintbrush, your book will probably be ignored by most visitors.

You should not be spending time creating a book cover when you can hire somebody on Fiverr for $5 or $10. There are numerous providers on Fiverr who can design beautiful book covers for both fiction and non-fiction books. Before hiring a designer on Fiver, look at their work samples and their reviews.

Always ask for a PSD file with layers, which is a source file for Adobe Photoshop. Later on, if you decide to modify a cover or use a similar layout for a future book, you’ll have the source file.

Chapter 5: Publish your eBook

Once you have your content and cover ready, you’re all set to publish your book.  You should’ve signed up to KDP by now.  You can click on the Bookshelf once you have registered an account in KDP.  You will see “Add New Title.”  Click on it and follow the instructions.

 On the subsequent page, you will be asked to fill in the title of the book, the description of the book, and contributors.  You will also be asked to verify the publishing rights for your work, add the keywords and categories, upload the cover of your book, and upload your digital text or your book file.  You can choose to use a pen name instead of using your real name when publishing your book.

 You need to come up with an amazing description for your book, something that entices readers to go buy your book.  Give them some hints of what can be found in the book, but don’t give the book away.  Tickle their curiosity so they will want to know more and will have to buy the book.

 KDP allows you to describe your book up to a maximum of 700 words.  You might want to use it to promote your book and charm the reader into buying it.

Publishing Territories and Royalty

On the next page, you need to verify the territories where you want to distribute your book.  If you choose “Worldwide Rights”, then readers from the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, South America, Asia, and the rest of the world can buy your book from Amazon.  You will have more opportunities to gain profit from your book.

You will notice that KDP lets you set the price of your book and royalty option.  If your book is new, then it is advisable to choose the price $0.99 and royalty of 35%.  Why? You want more people to buy your book quickly and review your book.  If you are confident that you have produced a good book, then expect lots of positive reviews.  The ranking of your book and the keyword will go up faster than expected.

“Save and publish” your book.  Amazon will put it live on sale within 24 hours.  

Once your book has landed a good spot, you can set the price at $2.99 with 70% royalty.  That would be the only time when you will see your profits start to roll in.  To reach the $3,000 (or more) profit per month, you need to publish at least 10 books (or more if necessary).  Just do the things that you did with your first book.  The more Kindle books you create, the more you prosper.

Your Author Identity

You can publish books under your real name, a pen name or a publisher’s name. There are pros and cons with each approach.

If you don’t want your boss to know that you are publishing Kindle books, you will probably want to use a pen name.

If you plan to write a series of books on one related topic, you may want to use a publisher’s name.

You can use your website or business name if your book is in the same niche as your website.

Look through Amazon and see how other authors handle their identity. One clever idea is to use a pen name that suggests the topic of your books:


Crash Davis


Doctor Garden


The Hillbilly Housewife

Some authors publish all their books under one name and some create separate identities for each book category. Choose whatever method you feel most comfortable with.

Pricing Your Book

You should price your new book at 99 cents, initially. This will make it easy for you to get some impulse buys and obtain reviews.

A 99 cent book gives your book exposure and visibility. A 99 cent book that sells 150 copies a month may yield the same amount of earnings as a $2.99 book that only sells a few copies a month.

Selling your book for 99 cents and doing free KDP promotions will increase your sales enough to land your book among the top 100 best sellers. You probably will not get this level of visibility if you start pricing your book at $2.99.

As your book continues to sell, you will see a section on your book page labeled “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought”. This is a great feature in Amazon that can bring additional traffic to your book.

If you can try to write a book on a subject where you could write a series of related books. This way, each book will support the next.

If you have three books on a similar category, you could sell your most recent book for $.99 and your oldest book for $2.99 or more.

Monitor your sales and modify your book prices accordingly. You may have to experiment a bit to find that sweet spot where you earn the most and sell the most. Try to remain flexible and think long-term.

Chapter 6: Formatting a Kindle Book

This section is aimed at beginning publishers. If you already know how to format a Kindle book, or if you know someone who can help you with this task, feel free to skip this section.

Even if you end up outsourcing the formatting of your book, it may be beneficial for you to go over these steps once or twice just so you can appreciate what it takes to format a book for Kindle.

There are several ways to format a Kindle book. This is the method I currently use.

If you do your own formatting, you can update your book at any time with no additional cost.

From Word Document to Kindle

What you need to have

- Your finished book in MS Word.

- Your finished book cover in JPG format. (Preferred dimensions: A height/width ration of 1.6. Your book cover designer will know what to do). If you don’t have the final book cover yet just use any image as a temporary cover.

To Create a Table of Contents

a) Open your Word document.

b) Format all chapter titles and subtitles as Heading 1 and Heading 2.

c) Click on the place at the beginning of your book where you want to insert a Table of Contents.

d) Select References > Table of Contents > Insert Table of Contents

e) Un-check “Show page numbers”, and click OK. A table of contents will be inserted.

f) Anytime you make a change to your book, just to be safe, select the text on your TOC and press F9 to refresh it.

3) Save your document as a Word 97-2003 file.

4) Save your Word document as a Web page, Filtered. A pop up window will appear. Click Yes. The html version of your book displays. Close the html file.

For non-fiction books, you probably don’t want an indent at the start of a new paragraph. If that’s the case, set Indent size to 0.0 em.

Check the boxes as shown on the picture above.

Line Spacing

The Word template you use to create your book, may affect the spacing on your text.

If the spacing doesn’t seem right when you review your formatted book on Amazon Kindle Previewer (not enough or too much spacing between lines), you may have to experiment checking and un-checking the boxes “Remove spacing” and “Insert blank line…” on the Look & Feel tab.  Hopefully, your book will look OK and you won’t have to change those settings.

11) On the Table of Contents tab on Level 1 TOC enter: “//h:h1” and on Level 2 TOC enter: “//h:h2”.

The remaining tabs, Heuristic Processing, Page Setup and Structure Detection I leave untouched.

Make sure Output Format is still set to: MOBI. Sometimes, it changes back to EPUB by itself.

12) Click OK.

If you need help with formatting, Hire someone to do tt for only $5 UPWORK

Chapter 7: Promoting Your Book for Good Reviews

Good reviews are important for your book because they can help your book reach the top spot in a matter of time.  A book that occupies the top spot can make better profit.

 If a certain book has zero reviews (for weeks), then it is less likely to get any buyer.  It goes the same with a book that has only 1 or 2 star reviews to show.  However, if the book boasts a decent number of 5 and 4 star reviews, then expect people to take interest in it and eventually buy the book.

 People usually judge a book based on the number of positive reviews.  A reader looking for a good book regarding weight loss will likely buy the book with a lot of positive reviews.

 Understand that there are two types of reviews, and they are the verified and the unverified.

 A review coming from someone who actually bought or downloaded your book is called the verified review.  You will see that there’s “Amazon Verified Purchase” written next to it.

 A review given by someone who did not buy or downloaded the book is called the unverified review.  All reviews, verified and unverified, are important but the verified reviews are more powerful and significant.  Verified reviews (that are positive) can help your book reach the top spots in the Amazon search for Kindle.

Getting a 5 Star Review from a Verified Purchaser

 It is not easy to get a number of 5 star reviews from verified purchasers within a span of time, but there is a way – give your book away for free.  Find social media groups such as Facebook, Twitter, or other communities that will benefit a lot from your book and give it to them for free.  You could send a PDF copy of the book, or go to your Amazon book page and click “Give as a Gift”, and send it directly to their email.  Organizations or groups that receive something useful for free won’t hesitate to give good reviews as their token of appreciation.

 You could also search for forums where you can use your book and join their community.  If your Kindle book is about issues regarding weight loss, find groups that tackle the issues regarding weight loss, and offer your book for free.  No one will be able to resist a well-written free book.  Expect positive reviews afterward

Remember to produce only quality books.  If your book is no good, then don’t expect a good review even when you give it away for free.  The reader won’t respond in a positive way if they did not read anything of value.  If your book is good, the reader will immediately give it a positive review.

To obtain reviews, join writer’s forums and social media groups. Ask friends, relatives and other Kindle authors to review your book. Please note that Amazon prohibits using paid reviews.

Do not create a second Amazon account to review your own books. Amazon has ways of finding out who’s who and they may delete your comments.

If you have a blog or a Facebook fan page, ask your readers and followers to buy and review your book. Gift a copy of your book to people you know and ask them to review it.

Once your book has 3-5 reviews, run a free promotion on KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) for 24 hours. Every free download will count as a sale which will help move your book into the best sellers rank. Usually the best days to run promotions are Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

In time, you’ll start getting additional reviews from readers.

Avoid Poor Reviews

Avoiding poor reviews (1 and 2 star reviews) is as important as getting good reviews. Once you get several poor reviews, your book sales may suffer.

To avoid bad reviews, your book must provide value. If you fill up a book with 80% fluff, you will turn some readers away and invite poor reviews.

Sometimes poor reviews are caused by complaints about content vs. price. Keep your book priced from $.99 cents to $1.99 until your book has several 4 or 5 star reviews.

After your book gathers 8-10 positive reviews or more, you can consider raising the price to $2.99. That way, even if a reviewer comes along and leaves a poor review, your book will still have a high rating.

Author Central

Amazon provides a free author page to help you promote your books and connect with readers. With Amazon Author Central you can have up to three different author profiles. When you’re starting out just focus on having one author page.

Go to https://authorcentral.amazon.com and sign up.

At the very least you should enter:

- Review (if you have any reviews)

- Product Description

- From the Author

- About the Author

You can edit this information after you publish your book.


KDP Select is one of the best features available to authors on Amazon, and it’s the easiest way to boost sales of your book. By running free day promotions through KDP Select, you can give a book maximum exposure, without a website and without paying for ads. The more free books you give away, the more you will sell later.

The more free downloads, the greater the chance your book will also be listed under Hot New Releases. Once your book is listed as a Hot New Release, go to the Kindle dashboard and increase the price a bit, in order to take advantage of the huge traffic and exposure.

Another tip: When running a free promotion, if your book is downloaded more than 1,000 times and your book reaches a top 10 spot, you may wish to cancel the promo. After a few minutes, your book’s price will go from 0.00 to its regular price, but it may remain listed on the free best seller lists for several hours, where thousands of potential buyers will still see it.

Even though your book will no longer be free, many people will click the buy button. This should give you a nice boost in sales.

To stop a free promotion, from the Kindle dashboard on Bookshelf, click the checkbox next to your book, and select “Manage Promotions” on the Actions drop-down list. On the Promotions pop up screen you should see a button that allows you to Cancel or Stop the promotion.

Take advantage of KDP Select free day promotions. For optimal results, make sure your book has at least 3 to 5 reviews before doing a free promo.

 Promoting and Marketing your Book

You don’t need to promote your book since Amazon will do that for you, but if you want to speed things up, then promoting your own book can help a lot.

Social Media, Among Friends, and Other Sites

You can promote your book on social media, among friends, and on other websites.  Aim for getting more exposure for your book.  Choose good sites to promote your book (that you can give for free), and get positive reviews as well.

KDP Select Program

When you publish a book under KDP, you have an option to register your book in KDP Select Program.  Under the program, you can take advantage of a free book promotion and Kindle Countdown Deals.  Your book becomes exclusive to Amazon for a period of 90 days (three months).  This means you are not allowed to publish your book anywhere else on the net while your book is under KDP Select Program.

 You are allowed under KDP Select to offer your book for free for 5 days.  It is up to you if you want to make such offer for five days straight or make an offer for two days in the first month, one day in the second month, and two days in the third month.  When you offer your book for free, Amazon will post your book in their Free Books section where interested readers can download it.

Taking Advantage of Kindle Countdown Deals

If your book is not getting noticed, then you can offer it at discounted price under Kindle Countdown Deals (your book must be in KDP Select).  You can offer your $2.99 Kindle book for $1.99 for a period of time to grab attention and create sales.

 Create a Number of Good Books

If you create a number of good books with lots of positive, verified reviews, then readers or buyers will come to know your name and will always look forward to your next book.  When you create a book, see to it that it is better than the previous one.

Your Own KDP Author Profile

A KDP Author Profile can help clients get to know more about the author before buying his or her book.  It can help boost the sales of the author’s different books, especially when the client loves the creations of the author.  The client will get to know the other books that the author wrote, and may buy them as well.  That’s why it is of utmost importance to produce quality books all the time.

The Inside of your Book

You can use the inside of your book to promote your other Kindle books, and generate more profit.  You can include an excerpt of your other Kindle book with provided links to make it easier for customers to locate the books in case they want to buy them too.

Make sure to refrain from using any shady strategy in promoting your book. 

Chapter 8: Make your book Bestseller

>There are a lot of ways to make your book bestseller. Collect reviews

>Promote it on social media groups related to your book

>Hire someone to promote your book

>Make a blog and a website about your book

>Ask your friends and family to review the book on Amazon

>Create an amazon author page

>Build your mailing list by giving giveaways and free books

>Enroll your book in KDP select and earn funds monthly based on number of pages your book is being read.

>Hire virtual assistants from Upwork.com to collect reviews or swap reviews for your book

>Promote your books to several free websites or paid ones

My favorites are:

http://www.bookbub.com rate $50-$500 Based on genre

http://www.bookgorilla.com $50

http://freebooksy.com Only free books. Free and $100

http://bookoftheday.org free

http://manybooks.com $25

There are lots of websites to promote your book. You can search with Google

>Join Facebook book promotion groups

If you think you cannot do these stuff yourself, then you need a helping hand. Hire a personal assistant to assist you in promoting and marketing

Hire my Personal Assistant to promote your book

You can also get my free live online video tutorial about self-publishing. I only talk with serious persons who wants to make their career in publishing.

Just email me your skype profile email me

If you like this book then please leave a review for it

Thank you for reading!

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