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How To Make Money Online With My Favorite Passive Income Streams



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Table Of Contents



Chapter 1: The Easiest And Fastest Way To Riches

Chapter 2: $75,232.92 From A 1 Page Website In 27 Days

Chapter 3: The Oldest Way To Millions

Chapter 4: Make Money Online Using Your Passion

Chapter 5: Putting Together The Ultimate Passive Income Machine




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Hey, I want to thank you for downloading this book, Passive Income Assignment-How To Make Money Online With My Favorite Passive Income Streams


A Bit About Me:

My name is Jon Webber, and I’m the creator of The Passive Income Assignment blog. I wanted to share with you a little bit about myself.


I’m a 22-year-old guy from Vancouver and my dream is to make a living on the internet, mainly with passive income. I’m an online entrepreneur, investor, and fitness enthusiast. One of my major passions as well is teaching people, and that is why I created my site and this book.


I’m just at the beginning of my journey to financial freedom and I want to share with you the steps I’ve taken and I want you to come on this journey with me.


The purpose of my site is to be 100% open about everything in my life, from goals to exactly what I’m doing and where I’m going. I’m doing this to not only hold myself accountable, but I also want you to follow me and achieve success.


On this website I’ll be sharing my favorite books, courses, resources, tools, strategies, free content, health stuff and basically anything that has made my life better.


Please note: I am nowhere close to being an expert on online marketing or investing, and the things that have worked for me may not be for everyone. They are NOT get rich quickly ideas…..they take a lot of hard work. So please be willing to put in the time if you’re looking to get into anything I talk about. I only speak from experience, and there is a lot I don’t yet know.

Let’s Begin!


Do you want to earn more money? Do you like you should be making more money? If so, this book is for you. Many people feel like they don’t earn enough money in their current job, but few actually do anything about it. I want to show you how you can start making a bunch of money online. These techniques can be used as a side income or they could even replace your current salary.


In this book and my passive income guide I’ll be showing you EXACTLY how to start making money online by showing you proven steps as well as strategies such as:


p<>{color:#000;}. The Fastest and Easiest Way To Start Making Money

p<>{color:#000;}. How To Replace Your Current Salary and Quit Your Job

p<>{color:#000;}. How To Completely Automate Your Passive Income Business


The concepts in this book must be taken into action and you must be dedicated if you’re looking to be successful. Many people have already taken action and received thousands more per month. Now is YOUR time, and I have complete confidence in you to get out there and earn what you are truly worth.


Everything that I talk about in this book is discussed in more depth at my website [* www.PassiveIncomeAssignment.com/passive-income-guide*]


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Thank you again for downloading this book, and I hope you enjoy. Let’s get started.

Chapter 1: The Easiest And Fastest Way To Riches


Are you looking for the easiest way to make a six figure income with passive income? If so, I have the perfect solution for you, and it might surprise you. The easiest way I’ve found to create a passive income is through Kindle Publishing. Through kindle publishing you can easily create a source of income within a few weeks. Not only is this an extremely quick process, but it’s also scalable. This means that you can quickly grow your kindle business to make more money in a relatively short time. If you’re looking for something to diversify your income stream, this is definitely where you want to start. I’ll be sharing my exact strategy, how I came across kindle publishing, and how you can do the same.


What is Kindle Publishing?

You might be thinking, “Publishing? Where am I going to get a book from because I’m no author”. But what if I told you that getting a book done is the easiest and quickest step. We can now get an original book created within a week and for very little. Even established authors are using this strategy because it saves them tones of time. After the book is written, we own all the rights 100%, so everything we make goes into our pocket.


I am quickly building up my portfolio of books and I’ll give you a general idea of how all the costs work. There are many websites out there that have a team of writers that will write content for you and there are also freelancers that you can hire. Books can be written for as little as $30, but we want to make sure our books are high quality, so I’d recommend spending at least $40-50. The only other cost required on our part is to get a cover created. This will only cost us $5. All in, we will spend about $45-60 per book and it will be done in about a week.


Think this sounds too good to be true? Well like I said, the writing process is the quickest and easiest part. You will need to come up with a book title in a profitable niche and then send that to the writer. They will then do all the research and create your book. So within a week you can go from an idea to your book being sold on Amazon and generating you a profit.


Our goal for each book will be to generate $50-100 per book per month. So it will generally take a month to break even, and then the rest will be profit. This profit will be made as long as Amazon is still a business, which will be for a long time. So think about it, if you could generate $50-100 per book, how many would you make?


My Goal

Over the next year I plan to create 80+ books and have each making me at least $50 per month. If it only takes me a month to recoup my initial investment, I will be profiting at least $4000 per month, completely passive. This means that you could potentially build a six figure income for yourself in a year.


I know people who have 200+ books, and these are all assets that will last for a long time and generate you a lot of money. The kindle business is booming, and it won’t be going away any time soon. This is becoming a very popular way of creating income for people, so now is the right time to get in. Not only does kindle publishing create you a very nice income, but it also creates other sources of income through affiliate marketing, other products or through your website.


How Kindle Publishing Works

I’m going to share with you the exact process of getting your book created and also how you can learn to do the exact same. There are many important strategies that it takes to rank your book high on Amazon, and I will show you how you can do this too:


The basic process of kindle publishing is:

p<>{color:#000;}. Research a profitable niche

p<>{color:#000;}. Create your title with proper keywords

p<>{color:#000;}. Outsource your book and cover

p<>{color:#000;}. Rank your book on Amazon

p<>{color:#000;}. Price your book

p<>{color:#000;}. Get reviews

p<>{color:#000;}. Write your description


Once you learn the step by step process on getting a book done, it’s time to scale up your business. This means making 1-5 books per week. If you make 2 books per week, that’s 8 books per month. These 8 books will be making you $400 per month. Get the idea yet?


The beauty about this is you can actually outsource 90% of the process for pennies, and this will allow you to increase production and increase income. This process doesn’t take someone who’s familiar with computers or marketing. It can be done by ANYONE willing to learn this easy process. I know 60+ year olds who are making a killing with this. I also know people who are making $30,000+ per month with this same technique. So whether your plan is to make a couple hundred per month or tens of thousands, this can all be done relatively easily.


How You Can Make More Money Through Kindle

The money you can make from kindle is awesome, but it doesn’t end here. There are tones of ways you can create even more income through your books.




First of all, your kindle books can be turned into different formats. This includes paperback versions (at no extra cost to you) and also audiobooks. This allows you to reach even more people, thus, increase your revenues each month.


Another way is to advertise other people’s products through your books. For example, if you had a book on a certain diet, you can advertise someone’s product that would benefit them even more and you will earn a commission. This can make you a monstrous return for virtually no work on your part. Sounds good right?


If you have a website, you can also promote your site in your books. For example, I have books out there about passive income and making money online. In these books I advertise my blog, which will increase traffic and increase my back end revenue.


If you aren’t motivated to get started with this, I don’t know what else I can say. Basically my respond would be WHY? You probably are in a job that you don’t like making satisfactory money, so why continue with that? I’m giving you an opportunity to change your life and do what you’ve always wanted to do.


I’m not writing this to benefit me. I’m already on my path and my life has changed dramatically. I want to help you live the life you’ve always dreamed of and I know Kindle Publishing can make that happen. That is the whole point of this website. I’m doing this for personal enjoyment because I enjoy helping people, and I know what works.



Visit my website PassiveIncomeAssignment/kindle and signup to get my FREE Kindle Publishing book and advanced lessons and learn everything you need to know about kindle publishing.

Chapter 2: $75,232.92 From A 1 Page Website In 27 Days


Are you interested in making a potential six figure income while you sleep? If so, affiliate marketing might be for you.


Affiliate marketing is when you receive a commission for referring a customer to buy someone else’s product or service. This is an awesome way to generate income because it is so easy…


This is because you don’t have to put in any time and effort creating a product. The seller already has done this by making the product, creating a website and sales page. All you have to do is refer your visitors to the affiliate site, and for each sale, you receive commission.


How awesome is that?


If you currently have a decent following, this could be an effective and easy way for you to make money online.


My goal is to make this a big part of my site, not only for the income, but I want to help people by referring them to tools and resources that have helped me.


Everything that I recommend to people, I do because I’ve used it and it had a positive impact on my life and business. I want my success to be from being open and building trust, so if I find a service or course that I loved, I want to share that with you.


3 Easy Steps To Make Money Affiliate Marketing


1. Create A Blog Or Website To Build A Following


I have created a step by step guide on how to make your own website. Check it out [_ Here._]


This is the first important step for creating passive income online with affiliate marketing.


The whole idea of affiliate marketing is creating a source of value where people come and trust what you’re doing and want your opinion.


This is where you can recommend products and services that will benefit them, all while generating a commission for yourself (at no extra cost to them). This is a win-win situation for you both.


In order to make money affiliate marketing, you’ll have to build a following first. This can be done through an email list or by creating a website If I had reviewed a product, and someone was looking to buy it, my site would come up and if they were to join I’d receive a commission.


Cool right?


Sometimes it is difficult to rank a blog on google for an extended period of time, and I’ve found that reviewing a product using a YouTube video and posting that on your blog is much easier to rank…


This is because YouTube is owned by google, and is held at a much higher status than a new blog. This is a powerful tool to use in your favor.


Another example on how to affiliate market is by creating a resource page and listing all of your favorite products and services. You can have a little review on each of them, and if someone is interested, they can click on the link and it will take them to the company’s page. Check out how I do this [+ Here.+]


2. Build An Email List To Market To


I have created a step by step guide on how to create and build an email list. Check it out [+ Here.+]


After you have set up some sort of platform to market on, it’s time to build up your Email list.


This is a huge part, and in my opinion, is a must have. Once you have a list, it’s time to provide your subscribers with awesome free content, and also, recommend awesome products.


This is another way I make money online.


On my site, there’s an opt in section for people to join and receive this passive income guide, and also other cool content that’s not available on the blog. Once people opt in, I receive their Email address.


The first, and most important thing to remember is, you MUST focus on providing value and building trust. I do this by sending out as much quality content as I possibly can.


Then, and only then, can you start promoting products to your list.


If you start doing this right away, before they trust you, everyone will just unsubscribe because nobody wants to receive tones of emails from someone selling stuff.


But I cannot stress this enough, provide as much free content as you possibly can first.


This is an extremely powerful tool, because if there’s a product that I really like, and I think others would too, I can easily send that info out to my list. I believe this is fair because I’m spending all this time putting together this content to make other peoples lives easier.


There are 2 important parts to remember here…


p<>{color:#000;}. You MUST only recommend products that you believe in and will benefit others, and not just to make money. You must always put your visitors first, so only recommend products and services that you feel very comfortable with.


p<>{color:#000;}. Don’t over promote to your list. You must provide an even balance of value and promoting. You need to give enough value to your visitors so they will want to keep coming back, and the number one way to lose a visitor is by just selling them stuff.


The main lesson here is, the most important part of building a list is generating trust and a relationship with your visitors. You must look out for them as much as, or even more than yourself.


3. Generate Traffic To Your Website


Once you have awesome content on your site, it’s time to start driving in traffic.


There are many ways you can do this with things such as SEO optimization, keywords, ads, and social media. One of my favorite ways to generate traffic to my site is through my kindle books.


Each book that I create gets hundreds of downloads, and in each of these I promote my site to people, so this is an extremely easy way to get in front of tones of people.


For example, creating a book on how to trade penny stocks. This will get in front of hundreds of people, and chances are, they will want a next step suggestion.


This is where I can refer them to my site and share with them the course I took on how to trade penny stocks. They will be happy because they are learning more and I’ll be happy because I received a small commission.


My kindle books can also be used to build my list.


People are joining my list because they want content and recommendations regarding certain things. This is where I can suggest products to people who are looking for exactly that.


Once again, I highly recommend educating yourself further on how to find niches and set up your affiliate marketing site.


Chapter 3: The Oldest Way To Millions


As you’ve probably heard before, the stock market is a place where many people have lost everything, and it is only for the rich who want to throw their money around. This is complete nonsense because the number one source of building wealth is through the stock market. There must be some reason that the rich are putting their hard earned money into the market, so isn’t it time you followed in their footsteps?


The reason that some people lose big and some people make a fortune is because the people who lose are uneducated. They either get too greedy or just flat out don’t have a clue what they’re doing. They end up tossing in money without knowing a thing about the company or how to read charts. This is the number one difference between being successful and becoming broke.


You might be thinking, “I don’t have enough money to start”, but what if I told you it only takes a couple thousand to get started. Would you invest a lousy couple thousand to make potentially tens of thousands?


Now before you go throwing your money around blindly, it’s important to understand the concepts on how to successfully make money. This is where your education comes into play. You have two options for teaching yourself. The first way is to read books and visit websites, and the second is to find a mentor or an online class where someone successful teaches you how.


The first option will be cheaper at the start, but will also take a lot longer to learn and put it all together. Though this process may save you a bit up front, you will most likely have a significant loss in the beginning. With this option you will also have to pay for charting and screening software, which can be a bit expensive as well. The second option, which I would recommend, would be to find a mentor or a class that teaches you everything you need to know in one place and guides you through the trade. This won’t be much more expensive, but in the long run will pay off substantially.


Whichever method you choose; I can’t stress enough how important the learning process is. Even if it takes you a full year before you make your first trade, it’s well worth the wait. Learn as much as you can and trade only when you feel comfortable.


I’ve gone through both options, so I know the opportunity cost in regards to time vs spending a bit more money. The choice is completely up to you, so whatever you pick, put in the dedication and you will be successful.


There are a lot of different people who have courses out there, and I’ve tried a few. I’d definitely recommend going through one of these courses instead of trying to do it yourself.

Chapter 4: Make Money Online Using Your Passion


I’ve been blogging for a while now and it has opened my eyes to how powerful a blog can be. My goal is the build my site to a six figure business, and I wanted to share with you how exactly I plan on doing this. I’ll be sharing more detailed info on how to do this step by step in later posts, but for now, I want to show you how to start making money online with a blog. Just remember that this is NOT a get rich quick approach. Blogging is a long process, and you will need to put in the time and effort to be successful. If you stick to it, this could generate you enough money to live off for the rest of your life.


The Most Important Part Of Your Blog

There are a bunch of things you need to do when making a successful blog. The most important thing is you need to be able to generate traffic to your site. Without visitors there is no possible way to generate income. So what makes people come to your blog and purchase things through you?


First of all, you MUST create awesome content that will be valuable to your audience. This content should be completely free and provide them with life changing information. The content must be good because you need to be have a consistent stream of visitors each day and build up a loyal following where people keep coming back for more. This is the most difficult and time consuming process of building your blog.


Just remember that people will only come back if you create epic content that is all free. You need to give first before you receive anything from them. You need to write things that inspire people, motivate them, and change their life. Once you’ve made this content, and not a second before, you can start sharing and promoting your site.


Now we will go into the process.


How To Get Traffic To Your Site

Search Engine Optimization – The most important way to get traffic to your site is through SEO. This means that your blog ranks in Google for your keywords. When people search for your keyword, they will normally click on the first couple sites, so you will want to rank of the first page. Google is where the majority of your traffic will come from. It is important to have a lot of high quality content on your blog because Google ranks higher for this.


YouTube – Creating quality videos on YouTube is another extremely powerful way to get traffic to your site. Google ranks YouTube videos high on their search engine so you will be shown on both websites. In all your videos have links back to your blog, so if they liked your videos, they will want more.


Social Media – Social media is a great way to share your content because so many people are using it. It also allows you to market directly to people interested in your specific content. Using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest to share all of your content will reach a huge number of people.


Message Boards – By going to message boards you can communicate directly with people interested in your niche. Posting helpful content with links back to your page will generate you a fair bit of traffic. The only thing with this is you don’t want to directly promote yourself. Add value first, then promote.


Guest Post – Writing guest posts on other popular blogs related to your niche can also give you a bunch of leads. Reach out to these people and ask if they’d allow you to guest post on their site in exchange for a link back to your blog.


By creating awesome content and using these few techniques, you will reach a lot of people and get a large following. Stick with it and you will have success.


How To Make Money Blogging

Once your blog is getting a decent following it’s time to start making some money. There are many ways you can do this, and I’ll start with the most important first.


Build An Email List – The first and most important part of your blog is your Email list. These are loyal people who trust you and want to get their hands on everything you put out. To do this you need to create a way to get their contact info (Email address). This allows you to further communicate with them and offer them products/info directly. This builds a relationship with them and is a crucial step in creating revenue from your blog.


Once people are on your Email list, you need a way of sending them direct messages. I use Aweber for this. It allows you to create and send Emails to a list of people. If you want to send info to subscribers only or just inform them of new posts, this resource will be very helpful.


Once you’ve built a relationship, you can now start recommending products that will be useful to them. This will work because they trust you and want to have success. This will be extremely helpful because if you are to come out with a product, you will have a list of people to buy it right away.


If you want to learn how to setup and Email list, check out my step by step guide [+ Here.+]


Affiliate marketing – is when you recommend a product or service, and when someone buys it you receive a commission. This can only be used when your audience knows and trusts you. This is why you need to create a list first.


Now that your list is made, you can send them info about products that you believe in and know they will be helpful to your list. Don’t just recommend random products. There are many different products that offer products for affiliates to market to their followers. I use Clickbank. Once you find a product that is related to your niche, you can promote it with your unique URL.


Again, remember that it’s first about helping your audience, and if you can make a profit from this, that’s just a bonus.


Advertisements – This is one of the most traditional forms of making money from a blog. You can find products that offer this or someone might approach you. Basically all this is, is to have a link or banner on your site and every time someone clicks on it you get paid. The amount all depends on what you’re advertising.


Having banners on your site can produce you money, but it’s important to not overload your page with ads. This gives the user a negative experience and they won’t trust you since all you’re doing is selling them. Don’t over promote products to your audience. Create a balanced ratio of value and promoting.


Create Your Own Product – Now that you’ve built your list, it’s time to find out what they are looking for and how you can better serve them. You can survey them and ask them what exactly they want help with. This can range from coaching, to info products, to books. Now you know what they want and you can build a product and charge them for it.


In my case, I may find that most people are looking for ways to create passive income through investing. If I didn’t know this and I was posting things related to Kindle, these people wouldn’t come back. But now I know exactly what they want more of so I’d post more on investing and create info products and books related to this.


One of the most common mistakes people make is they create a product before they’ve done the research to see if there’s actually a market for it. They spend time and money creating this and when they launch it nobody buys it. Find the market first, then create.


If you want to learn how to create your own blog in minutes, check out my step by step guide [+ Here.+]

Chapter 5: Putting Together The Ultimate Passive Income Machine


You should have gone through the previous chapters about how to make passive income with different techniques already. Now it’s time to put everything together to build the ultimate passive income machine. We will be combining all the ways to make passive income, and each will complement each other. If this strategy is done the right way, it will generate you income for the rest of your life. It will take time, so don’t expect to put in no effort and end up with millions.


I will be starting with the easiest and fastest way to make passive income, so what you’ll want to do is start here and once you have success, move onto the next step and so on. In this post I’ll be giving a general guideline for what to do. I have created more detailed posts on how to do these, so check them out after reading this. I will link everything in this post. Let’s begin with Kindle Publishing.


Step 1: Kindle Publishing

This will be our first step because kindle publishing is the fastest and easiest way to make money online. You don’t need to be a writer to do this, since 90% of the people creating these books aren’t. We will want our kindle books to relate to our website later on, so if your blog is going to be on cooking, you want to create cooking related books.


Once you’ve made a series of related books, you will not only start making money from the royalties, but you will also be using these books to promote your blog and vice versa. This is so powerful because by having your book on Amazon and taking advantage of the free promotion they have, you can get in front of hundreds of people within a couple days. These people will then go to your blog if they liked your book, and potentially become a customer.


Step 2: Create Blog/Website

Now that you have a series of books in a certain niche, it’s time to create your website or blog. Your goal at the start should be to create quality content that is all free for your readers. You want to build a relationship with them first to build trust. Once the relationship is made, you can now start promoting things and monetizing your blog. An example of this can be promoting your kindle books through your blog.


Next thing you’ll want to do is create an email list. An email list is when people subscribe to your mailing list because they want to get more from you. They provide their email address and you provide them with awesome content. This is the most powerful asset you will have because these people already trust you and will basically buy whatever you put in front of them. They will not only buy your books, but they will also buy products you recommend. The most successful people on the internet today say that the money is in the list, so don’t overlook this step.


Step 3: Affiliate Marketing

Now that your blog has quality content on it and you have a decent following, you can now start promoting other people’s products as an affiliate. This means that you refer them to a product or service and if they make a purchase, you receive a commission. You should only recommend products that are related to your niche and you have personally tried. DON’T RECOMMEND RANDOM PRODUCTS THAT YOU HAVEN’T PURCHASED. The whole idea behind this is that you are providing them with useful tools and resources that will benefit them in some way. Your first priority should be to help them and making money should come after. This is a win-win situation for you both.


Step 4: Investing

The question now becomes “what do I do with the money I’m making”? The answer to this will depend on your personal situation, but a certain percentage should go into your investment account. There are many different ways to invest your money and it really depends on your risk tolerance. The main idea is to take advantage of compounding interest over the long term. Albert Einstein once said, “compounding interest is the most powerful force in the universe”.


You will need to figure out how much of your income you are putting away each month into your account but as a general rule, it should be at least 10% of your monthly income. Obviously the more you put in now the better as it will increase exponentially over time.


You can choose to be an active or passive investor. Being an active investor means you are actively buying and selling stock to receive capital gains. Being a passive investor means you’re investing for the long term and receiving dividend payments. Whichever method you choose will depend on your interest, but you should definitely follow one approach. Investing is the number one way to build wealth, so in my opinion it’s a must.


There you have it. This is the strategy that I’m using to build my passive income machine and how I’ve learned about doing this. The process is relatively easy if you’re willing to put in the time and effort. Don’t expect to become rich overnight. This is a long term wealth building approach and is well worth the time and effort.


You don’t have to follow this exact approach, and doing only one of them will be just fine. I’ve found this to be the best strategy for me and I wanted to share this with you. By having my kindle books making me income up front and promoting my blog, and my blog promoting my books and generating income through affiliate products and then investing a percentage in stocks, I believe that this is the ultimate passive income machine that will make me money for the long term. It’s now time for you to do the same.





Like I said before, by applying what I talked about in this book with confidence I have no doubt at all that you will be able to earn what you have always wanted to and live a quality life. The only thing holding you back is yourself, so don’t be afraid to get out there and get everything you want.


Thank you for reading this book. I absolutely hope that you received value from it. I wish you all the best in your journey, and just remember to never be satisfied, you are worth much more.



If you received value from this book, then I’d like to ask you for a favor. Would you be kind enough to leave a review for this book on Amazon? Click the link below to go to the Amazon review page!


If you enjoyed please go to the Amazon review page


I want to reach as many people as possible with this book, and more reviews will help me accomplish that.

Thank you again and best of luck!




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Passive Income Assignment: Work From Home: How To Make Money Online With My Favo

A Proven, Step-By-Step System To Take Control Of Your Finances And Achieving Everything You've Ever Wanted! Plus FREE Passive income guide that will teach you exactly how to start making money today! My name is Jon Webber and I'm about to reveal to you my proven, step-by-step system that will help you take control of your finances which will let you achieve everything you've ever wanted. I know that's a bold statement, but I can confidently say that because I've personally transformed my entire life with the information I'm sharing with you in this book. Passive Income Assignment shares how I've been able to change every area of my life by taking control of my personal finances with passive income. These Strategies And Techniques Changed My Life This book is full of powerful concepts that are backed by countless hours of my own personal research and my own real world experience, along with the experiences of THOUSANDS of men and women who have achieved amazing success by using these strategies and techniques. In short, what you will learn in this book WORKS. Here's just a few of the results I've experienced because of the strategies in this book: I went from knowing NOTHING to making thousands of dollars per month in 4 months...All passive. I've been able to quit my job and focus on developing and improving myself as a person. At 22 years old, I'm well on my way to being financially free in the next couple years. And Much More! Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn When You Download Passive Income Assignment Today How you can make a potential six figure income while doing everything you've ever dreamed of in life. The easiest, fastest and cheapest way to start making money online. How to make money through affiliate marketing. How to make money in the stock market. How to make money blogging. And much more! Download Your Copy Today To order Passive Income Assignment, click the BUY button and download your copy right now!

  • ISBN: 9781370821570
  • Author: Jon Webber
  • Published: 2016-09-09 07:50:13
  • Words: 6452
Passive Income Assignment: Work From Home: How To Make Money Online With My Favo Passive Income Assignment: Work From Home: How To Make Money Online With My Favo