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Pass on your Death to Someone Else

Pass on your Death to Someone Else



By Hiranya Borah






Copyright 2017 Hiranya Borah


Shakespir Edition







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He has an extraordinary power to pass on his death to someone else with ease. He was blessed with the power which he did not know till he attains the age of twenty two. Then what happened? Please read this bizarre story.

This is a complete fictitious story. If you find any resemblance with any living or dead person, it is merely a coincidence only.

Thanks to my readers and friends and above all my family for their constant support to write something usual and unusual. I love them all.

Thanks to Shakespir for publishing this story book along with my other books.



Chapter I: He Was to Die on the 21st Day


It was a cold December evening some fifty five years ago in a sleepy village of Assam. Everyone in the family was busy in attending an old lady of eighty odd years. But a young mother was attending her 21 days’ old son who was born un-nourished and he was ill from the very first day of his life. Nobody other than his mother was interested in him, including his own father. So on that day both great grandson and his great grandmother were to go together from this mortal world. But definitely God had a different idea about the 21 day old boy. God was to give some responsibility to this frail boy for the mankind, no doubt, with not as big mandate as that for the great personalities of the world. Therefore, with little bit efforts by his equally fragile mother he survived leaving his great grandma to leave this world alone.

What was special about this baby boy? In the subsequent chapters, you will know about this boy, Kanak and his extra-ordinary power to survive in this competitive world.

Chapter II: He Survived the Tempest


He along with his mother and sister was travelling from Silghat (South bank of Brahmaputra) to Panpur Ghat (North bank of Brahmaputra) after attending a marriage ceremony of a relative in Nowgong on a large motor launch capable of carrying two hundred passengers along with two to three motor vehicles. It was a gloomy day of March, 1970, with overcast heavy cloud. Original expected travel time to cross the mighty river was about two hours.

When the launch left the Southern Bank, a light wind started to blow. As the motor launch started moving from the shore, wind also increased its speed. As the launch reached the middle of the river the wind became a tempest to fly away everything on its way.

The captain was one of the most experienced sailor of Assam. He immediately realized, if he would continue to struggle to fight the waves of the river, the motor launch would sink. He stopped the engine and left the launch as a leaf on a turbulent stream. It was moving up and down for next half an hour and it went down in the downstream for few miles. Kanak as a seven year boy saw fear in everyone’s face. Surprisingly no fear disturbed the young boy. Might be due to, he could not understand the danger ahead of them.

Then slowly the wind speed came down and the captain took control of the launch to the relief of everyone on the board. Finally after three and a half hours, the launch could reach its destination.

When the passengers took the connecting bus, they could see the devastation of the tempest. Thousands of trees were uprooted and thousands of houses were damaged. With great difficulty, the driver and the conductor could remove the trees fell on the road to drive the bus to its destination.

Afterwards from the newspaper, they came to know that a good number of boats were capsized in different rivers of Assam and maximum numbers were capsized in Brahmaputra. Few hundred people also lost their lives in this storm all over Assam. Somehow, Kanak along with his mother and sister survived this tempest.

Chapter III: Survived Police Firing


During 1979-85 Assam was in turmoil due to Assam agitation against the illegal Bangladeshi migrants. Thousands died in senseless clashes among different groups of people during this period.

Kanak was a student leader during this period till he left Assam in 1981. During this turmoil, he had to travel throughout Assam to perform different types of duties which included distributing relief to the effecting people, encourage to join the agitation, then finally to take appropriate steps to reopening of the schools. In the process he made good number of friends as well as good number of enemies.

Sometimes he was surprised to see some of the major incidents were taken place just after he left the place. Or he could not reach the place due to some reasons beyond his control where incident took place. In one occasion, he survived a police firing as he did not go in the procession due to an upset stomach. In that particular firing few people had died. In another occasion the car following his car was attacked by miscreants and Kanak and his team even did not know about the attack till the next day morning.

Some of his known persons including his own relatives were killed during this agitation. Despite of his involvement, he was saved by the Almighty every time. However, in some of the occasions he did not face humiliations at the hands of enforcing agencies due to his guts and truthfulness.

In one occasion, he was leading a picketing at the Guwahati High Court when the Hon’ble Chief Justice entered into the campus before Kanak and his friends could do something to stop his car. Kanak wanted to talk to the Hon’ble CJ . But it was not easy. The Registrar told Kanak, if he could meet the Hon’ble CJ only and only if he desired. Kanak and his friend, who went on to be an IPS officer in due course of time, were allowed to wait at the chamber of the Registrar till they would get permission.

In the meantime, a senior police officer came to the chamber of the Registrar to arrest both of them. The police office pointing to them, with all arrogance declared, ‘Both of you are under arrest.’

But at the time, the Registrar had come back with the permission of the Hon’ble CJ. He thundered back, ‘How can you arrest them. They have the permission to meet the Hon’ble CJ. You can arrest them only after the meeting is over, if you wish. Hope you understand what I am saying?’

The police officer understood the meaning of the permission very well. We were escorted to the Chamber of the Hon’ble CJ by the Registrar himself.

He was alone and he was more than happy to chat with Kanak and his friend. He gave lot of valuable advices for next one hour or so. Kanak still remembers many of them and he even tried to follow many of them sincerely. Those advices are extremely revered for Kanak till today.

After one hour when Kanak and his friend came out of the High Court, they were discussing that the humiliated police officer would arrest them and they would get good thrashing at the hands of the police officials present there.

As soon as they emerged from the High Court Building, they saw the police officer rushed towards them. Both of them were anticipating a good thrashing. But some pleasant surprises were waiting for them. With folded hands the police officer asked them, ‘Hope you have not complained against me to Hon’ble CJ. Can I escort you to your hostel?

‘No, why should we complain against you? You have done nothing wrong to us.’ Kanak told the officer politely.

But he was not convinced. He asked with folded hands, ‘You were in the chamber for more than an hour, which is quite unusual. Can you tell something what you have discussed?’

Teasing the police officer, Kanak replied, ‘Oh you do not know perhaps. He is my mother’s own brother. We were talking about family matters only.’

The officer believed Kanak and he did not leave Kanak and his friend till he dropped them at their hostel by his own car. He also did not forget to give his phone number and address with a request to convey his regards to Hon’ble CJ whenever, Kanak would meet him next time. He also promised to help Kanak and his friend at any time whenever they might need.

Kanak is yet to meet the Hon’ble CJ so far.

The second time he was saved by his courage and wits, a good thrashing at the hands of raiding police team at the hostel in the early morning of 28th November, 1979.

On 27th November. 1979 a dead body was recovered at the drains near to one of the hostels of the college. A flag march was conducted on that evening by the army. Some of the students, who were clever or knowledgeable had left the hostel before the dusk. But Kanak neither had any experience of such an eventuality nor did he have any relative to stay overnight.

In the early morning when Police raided the hostel, Kanak told his juniors to stand behind him assuring them, ‘Nothing is going to happen to you, till I am alive.’

Actually nothing happened to any of them. The police gently told them to go the bus and sit on the bus till further order. Afterwards, however, Kanak came to know, who tried to run away from the raiding party, most of them were beaten black and blue. Luckily none was killed. The juniors always praised him for his assurance and his boldness to face the eventuality.

Chapter IV: He Met a White Clad Man


In January, 19984, he was on a tour to Jim Corbett Park and some other forests nearby along with a known family. In one of those forests, there was large lake. As none of his friends knew swimming, he had a half an hour swimming in the lake. However, when he came out of the water, someone noticed the signboard hanging on a post, ‘Do not go near to the lake. Infested with crocodiles.’

He was again saved by an unknown power. He again wondered, why he was saved.

After that incident, on his first visit to Simla, when one wheel of the bus they were travelling, was hanging in the air, all the passengers were safely evacuated. Then also, he again asked himself, ‘Who has saved us and why?’

However, he need not have to wait for any more time after that.

There was mayhem after killing of Smti Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister of India. All shops and other business establishments were closed for a week. Thanks to the landlord and his family, who were kind enough to provide food to Kanak as all the restaurants were also closed, which actually saved his life. On the fourth day of the mayhem, there was a call by a group of likeminded persons to join a peace march around Delhi University.

Kanak also decided to join the march. On that very night he was awakened by a white clad old person.

‘Now you are old enough to know something about yourself.’ The old man was telling to Kanak with a heavenly voice.

‘You have been saved by the Almighty all along to perform some duties for the mankind. Always standby what you feel right. Do not worry for your own death. God is taking care of that. Whenever you find difficulty in get-going, you should be convinced, something good is going to happen for you and for others who matters to you. You may not become a great man in your life. But always try to do the right things that will help you. You will be able to see danger much before others can see. You will be able to deflect your death to others. Do as much good things as much you can do. Every time you do a good thing your power to see future will increase. The more you do bad things, you will lose your power.’ Telling these monologue the old man vanished to the thin air.

Kanak thought he was in the midst of a dream. He pinched himself and found he was actually with the old person a few minutes ago.

Next day, when he joined the march, his sixth sense told him. There may be some stone throwing at a particular area by some residents of Chandrawal. He alerted his friends in the milieu. Yes, there was some stone throwing, but thanks to early warning, none was injured.


Chapter V: Contradiction of Life


Whenever, he visits a patient in a hospital, he became aware whether the patient will survive or not. But he cannot tell anyone, when he is aware that the patient will die. Under this unenviable situations, he stops visiting hospital after realization of his power to see future of the patient with almost surety. His reluctance to visit any ailing person at the hospital made him an unpopular person and he was termed by his friends and relatives that he became un-social due to his arrogance emanating from his high official position. But one day he was forced to see a patient. Why?

The patient, who was a colleague of Kanak, was a victim of his own rash driving. All the relatives, colleagues and doctors declared, he would die within a short time. All his colleagues forced Kanak to visit the patient. Someone even told him, even he (Kanak) felt that the patient would survive, he (the patient) would not. Having no alternative he visited the patient and he got the unexpected sense, that patient would survive. He met the wife of the patient at her residence and told her, ‘Madam, do not worry, he will survive.’

‘Thank you, Sir. But except you, none under the sun has said that he will survive. Even we are also prepared for the eventuality.’ She thought, Kanak was giving only false assurance.

Kanak was right. The patient is still alive.

However, for Kanak, the problem only enhanced. His fear to visit hospital to meet any ailing friend only doubled. He put a full stop in visiting any ailing friend in any hospital.

Chapter VI: The Real Problem


Kanak, in principle, had never deflected any impending death threats to any other person. He had never used his hands to hurt anyone, despite of having reasonably good physical strength. He seldom tried to use official position for his personal gain. Despite of all these self-imposed restraints, he has to face some real problems in the last the few years.

However, even without using all his powers, he enjoys all help from the Almighty in tackling any problem.

But sometimes getting help from the Almighty also gives Kanak some intolerable pain. In the work places or in the society he has to do some works and sometimes some of his works irritate his seniors or some fellows in the society. Many a times their egos were hurt. Many of them tried to harm him personally. Apparently they were successful also for sometimes. Even though, Kanak never prays to God to punish them, God always gives punishment to them, which ranges from breaking of a limb to even untimely death of those persons. To see the tormentors in pain, Kanak also becomes sad.

Now a days Kanak tries to avoid any conflict with anyone, because he fears some bad things may happen to his adversaries. Many thinks he has been mellowed down. Many thinks he is now fearful about to standby the rightful person or to rightful reasons.

Nothing happens like that. He is only waiting to meet the white clad old man for his advice on his next course of actions.

The author is a Government servant and a man of vivid experiences derived from his official postings across the country, travels across India and numerous visits outside India. He is presently placed at New Delhi.

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Pass on your Death to Someone Else

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Pass on your Death to Someone Else Pass on your Death to Someone Else