Parenting Your Child in a Nigerian Boarding School

Parenting Your Child in a Nigerian Boarding School

Sesan Oguntade

Shakespir Edition

Copyright 2016 Sesan Oguntade

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Chapter 1: Introduction

The news of another sexual abuse by a teacher on a Junior Secondary School student in a Nigerian boarding school was well reported by major news portals in Nigeria some weeks ago and the reactions of the school management of this school to this news which was blown open by the parent of this JSS 2 student gave room for suspicion and foul play.

The parent accused the teacher involved of sexually abusing her daughter in and the teacher involved expectedly denied the allegation claiming his innocence. The school management even before carrying out any investigation threw their weight behind the accused. This story reached an interesting point when it was reported that Senior Secondary School (SS3) students in the school staged a protest in support of the accused teacher. This particular strange protest by these senior students got me interested and I wrote my view on my Facebook timeline which drew different reactions from those who commented on this post.

I worked for many years in boarding schools and I have spent lots of years interacting with both teachers and students in the education industry for many years now. By God’s grace, I know when an accused, in a case like the one described above, is really an “accused”. The issue of sexual abuse on female students in our schools is a regular occurrence. Lots of irresponsible teachers are devotedly in this immoral ‘business’. Even some female teachers are sexually abusing male students in our schools today. There are even cases of teachers and school workers luring innocent students into homosexualism and lesbianism. These are the evils that are resident in our school environment and system today.

The ironic part of this is that majority of these students don’t talk or report these cases to the school management or even to their parents! They always fear retaliations from the teacher or the school worker involved. There are so many reasons why these children won’t talk, I will not be able to write much on this in this book but one of the major reasons why they don’t talk or report this evil is as a result of the irresponsible and careless attitude of parents!

Parents believe the boarding school system in our country is still what it used to be twenty or thirty years ago. The truth is that it is not; a lot has changed. We have so many misfits in the school business today. There are many teachers in our school today who are not qualified academically and morally to be in the school system. Most of them are not teachers but destroyers! Parents ‘dump’ their wards in a boarding school without carrying out due investigations and observations about the wellbeing of their wards in these schools. These children are left, at a very early age, to resist these evil practices of teachers without any form of help from anybody including their parents. It is so sad!

Now I am not asking you to stop enrolling your children in boarding schools, I am only advising you to become more responsible by learning how to choose the right boarding school and also learn how to ‘parent’ your child or children in boarding schools.

The first edition of this book was written 8 years ago and I only treated how parents can choose the right boarding schools for their children. This edition is an expanded version; I will be showing you some of the evils that is presently tearing our school system apart and endangering the spiritual, moral and academic life of our children in boarding schools.

I hope this book will be of great use to you. You can send an email to me at mailto:[email protected] to pass your comments, recommendations and experience across. I will be glad to receive them and I will surely reply every email I receive.

Thank you,

Sesan Ogunotade


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Chapter 2: Choose the Best Boarding School

I strongly believe that I have to start here. You will not be able to ‘parent’ your child effectively in a boarding school if you do not select or pick a good boarding school in the first place. Some parents don’t care; they just pick a school, pay the school fees and then “dump” their wards in the school expecting to see them again on the day of vacation! I have visited so many boarding schools and I know that lots of them have sub-standard boarding systems in place. You need to visit some boarding schools especially at the middle of the term or at the tail end of the term. You will be surprised to see how bad the standards are.

I will be using Chapter 3 to 11 to give you valued information on what you must do to pick the best boarding school for your child.

Note: The best here does not mean the amount of money a school charges as school fees.

Chapter 3: Start the Search Early

You must start your search very early. I will recommend a year before your child writes the entrance examinations into secondary schools. The best way you can do your search is to seek the views of people who are very close to you and who have children already in secondary schools. Please don’t rely solely on what you read on most schools’ websites and in their newspaper, television and radio adverts!

Chapter 4: Visit the School Before the Entrance Examination

This is what most parents don’t do. They only visit the schools during the entrance examination and on the on the resumption day. You don’t take your child to a “place of abode” without first visiting the place to make your own assessment. When you decide to visit, please let it be during the early period of the second term or late first term. This is the period you can know the true state of any school.

When you visit during the period of entrance examinations, you won’t be able to make a true assessment. The simple reason is because; the school is expecting you and they will go to any extent to put things in shape before your arrival. I know of a female boarding school with about 400 students but who has only one house parent in the boarding house. The school management usually asks teachers to act as house parents whenever it is the time for the visiting days.

Chapter 5: Is There Any Reliable Communication system?

This is very important. You must check whether there is a means whereby you can talk to your child on phone at periods and days fixed by the school. Usually and expectedly, most schools will not allow students to bring in phones but there must be a system in place whereby, as a parent, you can talk to your child through a central phone usually placed in the custody of the house parents.

Chapter 6: What is the Environment Like?

This is the more reason why you must visit the school at the periods I mentioned earlier on. If it is the custom of the school to keep the school tidy at all times, you will be able to have first-hand information on the way the school operates. You must also check the toilets and bathrooms and the safety of the drinking water.

Note: Don’t worry, they will allow you to check all of these and more since they know you are a prospective customer. They will welcome you warmly.

Chapter 7: What About the Menu?

Do you think this is not important? It is very important and I want you to take my word for this. You should check the school’s menu list and see whether it is balanced. I believe a word of mouth testimonial from a parent who already has a session or two experiences about the school will be necessary here.

He or she may have something important to tell you about a school who is fond of following the menu programmes (at the start of a term) on the school’s approved and recommended menu list but who, due to financial pressures, usually neglect the list when the term is drawing to a close. This happens in many schools!

Chapter 8: Have a Chat With House Parents:

You need to “interview” one or two of the house parents. You only need to ask them some important questions and wait patiently to listen to their comments. You must do everything to watch their mode of dressing, their comportment, the way they talk and so on. You must do this because you are handling over your parenting duties temporarily to these people in the future.

Most schools don’t bring in qualified hands to do this job. It is your duty to find this out when you “interview” them on your visit. You must also check whether the house parents live in the hostels or outside them. For utmost efficiency, house parents should live in the hostel where the children are housed.

They are “parents” to these children. I have not seen or heard of parents who make his or her young ones to stay in a different apartment to theirs. Some schools don’t see any reason for this or they can’t find a way of adopting this arrangement due to one reason or the other. It is your duty as a parent to check out for this.

Chapter 9: Check House Parents/Student Ratio

You must also check the house parents/students ratio. Though this may depend on the standard and cost of the school you visit. All the same, this is also a very important check you have to make. The standard should be 20 students to 1 house parents. That is, if there are 100 students in a particular school, there must be 5 house parents.

The standard can be better than this. Some schools have 10 to 1 house parents to students’ ratio. The better the quality of this ratio, the better for your child. Some schools try to save money in terms of salary payment by employing few numbers of hands to work in the hostels.

You can simply ask any of the house parents this question to determine this important ratio. “How many students do you have in this hostel and what about the number of parents?” If they give answers to your question, which I expect them to do; you can then divide the number of students by the number of house parents. Any answer above 20 should call for concern.

Chapter 10: What About Snacks in the Hostel? :

Please never pick a boarding school that allows students to bring in snacks or other fast food into the hostel. This arrangement can have a lot of negative effect on your child. A child can pick up immoral behaviors by coveting a very expensive snack that a hostel mate has brought into the school. There is also the case of rats invading the hostel destroying your child’s personal belongings in the process. A good boarding school should have an organized central tuck-shop system where the same snacks and drinks are sold to the children.

Chapter 11: Is there Medical Personnel in the Hostel?

There should be provisions for in-house medical personnel (a nurse) who should be housed in the hostel. This gives room for first-aid medical attention to your child if the need arises.

These are some of the things you must look out for when it is time to select a good boarding school for your child. I will be using the remaining chapters to show you how you can begin to ‘parent’ your children in the boarding school that you have chosen.

Chapter 12: Do Complete Shopping:

You must ensure you do complete shopping for your child before resumption. You may think this is not a problem but there are few parents who don’t feel it is important to get all the necessary things required by their wards before resumption. Most times, it is always due to these parents not putting in place very careful planning to get these items well ahead of the time before the school resumes. Most of them do late shopping and as a result, they leave out important things.

The list of things to be bought can be obtained from the school authority. If your child is just coming in as a fresh student, this list must be included in the admission package sent to you. If it is not there, you should request for it. Ensure you don’t leave out anything. Whatever you see on the list is important for your child’s successful stay in the hostel.

You should do your shopping, in your child’s company, some weeks before resumption and not a day or two before. If you do this early enough, you can always go back to pick up some other things you must have left out before resumption day.

Make your child have a comfortable stay in the hostel. Be a good parent. Buy his or her things early and make sure you buy them all. I have seen students who learn the act of stealing because their parents fail to buy some items for them for their use in the hostel. Some children have even been lured into the wrong association because an undisciplined and corrupt friend turns into a provider every time they need some items for their use in the hostel. Some female students have also given in to the evil sexual invitations of male teachers who use money and these material things to win their hearts and minds to themselves.

Chapter 13: Resumption Day Chat:

You must ensure you personally take your child to school on the day of resumption. This will give you the opportunity to have a chat with the teacher in whose subject your child is having serious problems. If your child is a new student, you should use the opportunity to find out who the class teacher is and try to have a chat with him or her.

I am telling you from experience as a teacher, this is an important chat that can go a long way to help your child’s studies and also his or her successful stay in the boarding school. It should be a simple, friendly and straight -forward chat. For example, you can start a conversation with the teacher this way:

“Hello Mr. or Mrs. (Name of teacher), how was your break and how is the family? Thanks so much for all your effort last term. (Name of your child) did not do too well in your subject last term. What do you think is the cause of this? You can also have similar friendly chat with the class teacher.

After you must have listened to his or her explanation, you can then ask for how a solution can be found to the problem. You must ensure you do not force things on the teacher or try to exercise your right as a “customer who is always right”. If you do this, you won’t be able to get things done and you are even making things difficult for your innocent child. You only need to be friendly and cordial in your approach. Remember that teachers are also human beings. Your child’s teachers should be your best friends. You should be closer to them than you are to the principal of the school! This is the simple truth! Moreover, if this is the only truth you can pick up from this guide, please hold on to it.

Chapter 14: Closing day chat:

I have seen many parents who rush into the school on closing days, pick their children and rush back home! This is not a healthy practice. Some even don’t think they must be there personally to pick their children on closing days. They send their drivers instead to do this. Well if you are the busy type, you should ensure you give instructions to the driver or whoever is representing you to have a “closing day chat” with your child’s teachers ( preferably the class teacher and another teacher in whose subject your child has performed woefully the previous term) and this person must give you a report. You can get valuable information this way just like the resumption day chat. It is just that most teachers are always busy on the day of vacation.

You can still try as much as possible to see one or two teachers especially after you must have collected your child’s result sheet.

Note: Whether you do this on the resumption day or closing day, the most important thing is that you must see somebody (the teacher in this case) who is very relevant to the success of your child academically.

Chapter 15: The Golden Rule:

The golden rule is as simple as this “Never visits your child’s boarding school without saying hello to the class teacher”. Most parents don’t see the need for this. Even if your child is a top performer, you still need to do this. Let me pass across this information to you to support this golden rule:

•You are a parent to your child at home •The house parent is a parent to your child in the hostel •The class teacher is a parent to your child in the class environment.

Yes three important “parents”. You must ensure you say “hello” to the “class environment parent” and the house parent on any of your visits to the school.

Chapter 16: Never Miss An Open Day:

Open days are selected or fixed days which the school has set aside for parents to visit the school and have an academic chat with all the teachers of their wards. This is a very important day and I don’t think any parent should miss this. You will have the opportunity of getting first-hand information about your child from all the subject teachers also the house parents. You will also be availing yourself the opportunity to have on-the-spot information about happenings in the school. Most of the open days are fixed very close to the second CA (examination). This is a good arrangement and you can always find out a problem and get it solved before the examination. I have seen students who have retraced their steps and face their studies squarely after this timely visit by their parents. It is such an important day and I think you should not miss this day for anything.

Note: If possible, you can invite an expert to accompany you to these open days as all deliberations, problems etc. must be well documented. This expert will be of good use when you discuss some academic issues with the teachers.

Chapter 17: Visiting Days:

I will not advise you to go to your child’s school on every visiting day. However, you may just do this occasionally. You can however make it regular if the child is new in the school as a JS 1 student. The open day is an academic visit while the visiting day is a social visit. You can reserve most of the social activities until the time your child comes home mostly during third term holidays. You can make it a point of duty to visit on one or two visiting days in a session.

I want you to understand that you can also find a way to solve one or two academic problems during even the visiting days. It should not be all about “snacking” and drinking alone.

Chapter 18: Don’t Forget to Call:

Most boarding schools have a facility where the parent can talk to the child on phone at fixed periods. You should seize this opportunity to talk to your child. You must however, be careful to make it just an “I want to say hello to you” talk. You should not give your child the opportunity to see this as an opportunity to report one house parent or teacher to you over the phone.

You can however, tactfully obtain valued information about his or her progress or problems through this means.

Chapter 19: A Call or Two:

A call or two to your child’s class teacher from home should be your top priority. You may not even mention anything about your child in the conversation. “How about Kemi (your child)” should be the last part of this type of conversation. I am telling you most teachers love this. It shows you keep them in mind most times. They will in turn give the best possible parenting to your child in the school.

Chapter 20: A Gift or Two:

This is a very controversial issue in most schools. School administrators have always frowned at this. I am also not going to tell you it is mandatory for you to do this but I want you to know that it is one of the wisest things to do if you want to give excellent parenting to your child in the boarding school. You gift will make room for you. Nothing should be too much as occasional gifts to someone who relieves you of your parenting duties for the most parts of every passing year. No matter how little it is, a gift is a gift and it can go a long way to help your child’s academics. A parent once gave me a belt some weeks before my wedding (just before I shopped for my wedding). I gladly collected it and used it for my wedding. The gift came just at the right time and I was just very willing to assist the child in every possible way. Don’t get me wrong. I always gave my best to all my students at every point in time irrespective of whether I have met the parent or not (and I believe some other teachers are like this too). However that particular gift was just very timely and it went a long way to make me offer my very best to that child at that point in time.

Most teachers will do their work even if they have never set their eyes on you but it is wise for you to do your simple part by giving out gifts to teachers of your student child.

Note: Some school authorities will always advise against this. Please don’t listen to them, just use your initiative. The success of your child is what is important here. You must also beware of some “wayward” teachers who will be passing across a “must give” message to you. Please ignore them or do everything to make them understand that you have the right to give or not.

Chapter 21: A Necessary Guide:

This is also important especially to parents of incoming JS 1 students. These children are coming from a very different background into a boarding school environment. Some of them find it difficult settling on time and this usually affect their academics especially in the first term.

During my days of working as a teacher and hostel master in a boarding school, I have helped so many of these students to settle down by getting close to them. I have acted as a “guide” to them and most of them have loved it. Even though the school will tell you, it is not necessary but you must still look for somebody who will perform this role in the life of this child especially at this stage of his or her boarding school life. This “guide” can be the class teacher, one of the house parents, one of the teachers. It can even be the school’s secretary. The person will help your child to settle down quickly in a boarding school environment.

Some students have struggle at this stage because they have found it difficult to settle quickly enough. Some students have also lost focus at this stage. Most of the wayward students look out for fresh and innocent students they bring in early to their sinful and dirty acts. It is so sad that we now have this in our secondary schools. It used to be a practice in the higher institution but we need to wake up to the reality of the occurrence of these sinful activities in our secondary schools.

Let me add that you can also be this “guide” if you can always remember to give well-timed calls to your child at this early stage of his or her secondary school life.

Chapter 22: Regulate Your Visits:

I want you to understand that you can try as much as possible to regulate your visit to your child’s boarding school. Some JS 1 students’ parents are guilty of visiting their children’s school at odd times and almost on a weekly basis at the early stage of the child’s stay in the boarding school. Some schools frown at this and you are not even passing the right message across to your child if you pay frequent visits. Let me also tell you that some teachers don’t even like this. They see you as somebody who doesn’t have any trust in their ability to parent your child effectively. So make your child have a comfortable stay in the school by limiting your visits at least to official visiting days. You can however adopt the “guide” and “phone call” method I described above.

Chapter 23: Befriend Your Child

The truth is that most parents are not their children’s friends. Some of my students shared with me how they would never tell their parents what they had in their minds. They believed their parents don’t deserve it since they are always putting all their attention on their businesses and show little interest in them. Most times, I always found it difficult to convince these children, their minds were made up and fixed on this unfortunate resolution.

You should be a friend to your child. When they come back home for the holidays you will be able to extract important information about their stay in the boarding school and about happenings in their schools. This is the period a child will be more likely to share any information of sexual harassment with you from any teacher or even male students. A friend will always be ready to tell you stories and share boggling and important information with you. Even Jesus said to His disciples in John 15:15, “No longer do I call you servants, for a servant does not know what His master is doing; but I have called you friends, for all the things that I heard from my Father I have made known to you”.

You can even pick up useful information from the normal stories they will tell you about their school and their stay in school.

Chapter 24: Every Information is Vital

I have seen parents who don’t care if their child tells them stories of sexual harassment in their school so far it does not happen to their child. This is wrong! Because your child is not affected today does not mean she may not be the target of these irresponsible teachers tomorrow. When your child shares such stories with you, don’t raise an alarm, instead you should calmly ask her about the reaction of the school authority to the issue. You should also ask her about what she feels about the situation and the manner the school responded to the issue. Her comments and reactions will help you to know what to do next.

Chapter 25: You need to Find Out The Stand of the School on the Issue of Examination Malpractices

This tip will only be useful to you if you are also not an advocate of examination malpractices. I have seen parents who hired ‘examination mercenaries’ to write examinations for their children. In fact this is the order of the day in our society today! No one is really doing anything about this, almost everybody is getting involved. It has gone to an alarming rate today that some parents see it as the normal way students write examinations. When you tell them it is illegal and ungodly, they will begin to give you many reasons why you are wrong.

If you hate examination malpractices and detest an interesting evil which the devil is seriously using to destroy the future of our children and our society today, then you need to do everything to find out the viewpoint of your child’s school to this anomaly. Some schools today are masters of this dirty game; they want their students to pass their exams in flying colors at all cost to boost their market values. While they use this ungodly method to improve their purses and market values, they are introducing your children to ungodly methods of getting results without working for it! This has serious future consequences for your child and our society.

If you find out that the school does not have a strict stand on this issue, you should take your child to another school. In a particular boarding school, as at the time I worked there, they had a strict stand on this issue. This implies that there are still some schools that are still ready to conduct their businesses the way God desire it in our society today.

Chapter 26: Does She Always Talk About A Close Teacher Friend?

If your female child is always talking about a particular male teacher whenever she is on break, then it is time you find out more. Some irresponsible teachers attract the minds of female students to them with their words and actions in order to get them interested in them and to fast track the beginning of an illicit relationship with them. If she talks about this teacher and even begins to put pressure on you to buy gifts for him, then it is likely some form of illicit affairs have started between them or is about to start.

Parents of male students should keep the same precautionary actions when their male children begin to say good things about a female teacher especially if she is single. I have seen some cases of female teachers luring male students into illicit sex relationships.

Chapter 27: Homosexualism and Lesbianism is Now Part of Our Society!

This is the hot reality today! We now have homosexuals and lesbians in our society today. If they are in our society, then you should expect them to be in our boarding schools! Usually, the different cases can be a male house parent luring a male student into homesexualism, a female house parent luring a female student into the act of lesbianism. We can also have cases where these evils are practiced among students. The case with students is especially very common in our boarding schools.

You must ensure you get your child educated on these cases. Tell him or her the evil behind these practices and how it can destroy those who get involved in them. This education is important!

Chapter 28: You Must Be Prayerful

Your prayers can be there when you are not physically there. God is powerful and He is everywhere. When you pray or do what we call ‘Standing in the gap” for your child in school, you are bringing God into the situation. He will be ready to keep your child from evil. I believe every parent should pray for their children and encourage their children in the ways of God. Years before your child gets into a boarding school, you should be praying for him or her and let him or her know the way of the Lord. There is safety in this if you will heed this advice.

Yes, These Children need our love, care, money, material things but they also need our prayers the most. Our prayers can keep them from the evil that is corrupting our society today, your money will not be able to do this. Deep, Christian upbringing is the way to go if you don’t want any evil-infested person or school to destroy your child.

Chapter 29: Save Your Child From The Evils In Our School System

Though, as at the time of writing this book (April 2016), the case of the sexual abuse of a JSS 2 student at Queens College in Lagos, Nigeria is still before the Police and the teacher has not been proven guilty by any investigation or law court but I believe there is more to that case than the school management is making us to know. I believe the protest by the SS 3 students was stage managed. I believe this teacher has been in this business for years. I believe a JSS 2 student will not be able to put up such allegation against a senior teacher in her school if it did not happen at all.

I believe so many things but we are still waiting for the outcome of this case but from what I know of the Nigerian society and system, it may just be one of the cases that will be swept under the carpet soon! I hope I will be proved wrong. Thanks for reading this book. Please take actions on the tips and save the future of your child. I am open to your comments and questions. Please send them to the email address below.

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1. Myself and my siblings had grew under extreme poverty and when I struggled to find a good job after graduation, I got tensed up and I seriously needed help from any quarter to salvage the situation. 2. As a result of my predicament, I also desired a set of success principles that I could follow in my lifetime that will solve all the problems that myself and my family had and which would not destroy me at the end. I had seen and read stories of people who have embraced methods from other sources which have destroyed them at the end. I don’t want any of these; I wanted a SURE set of success principles. 3. We have been roundly disappointed on many occasions by friends, relatives and others that I had grown wary of ever finding help from any man.

Described above was my state before I gave my life to Jesus Christ and before I discovered John 15:5b. When Jesus said to me from this Bible verse that “I am all you need to be successful”; I reacted to His statement in the following ways:

1. I was excited that someone was promising me the much needed set of sure success principles if only I could stay connected to Him. 2. On the other hand, I was surprised that a Man could be so confident to declare that no man can succeed outside Him. Men have disappointed me on many occasions in the past, therefore, If I am now reading from a Man who is declaring with all confidence that I CAN only succeed or achieve anything worthy of celebration if only I am connected to Him drew some resentments from me – yes I questioned His ability to throw this statement at me! Well, thank God for the light the Spirit of God shined on this great Bible passage then. From this period and now, the Spirit of God has done a great job to show me why Jesus was right when he made that statement – He has helped me to discover more truth behind this great statement.

The Message of My Ministry

7 years after this experience, I have been inspired to understand that the content of John15:5b is actually the message God has handed over to me to speak to the world. I have written articles on this, spoken about this on platforms and have sang it as songs in gatherings – with Jesus, anyone CAN succeed and without Him, no one can succeed!

The You Can series is a collection of books that will be teaching all the Spirit of God has shared with me (and will share with me) on how the people CAN become successful or solve problems in Christ Jesus based on the revelations of John 15:5b. You CAN become whatever God designed you to be; live the life God wants you to live; solve your problems, solve the problems of others and the society; fulfill purpose if ONLY you can get connected

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Parenting Your Child in a Nigerian Boarding School

Are you a parent who has a child in a boarding school in Nigeria? Do you want to be exposed to the evils and ungodliness that have corrupted the boarding school system in Nigeria for many years now? This book shows you how to select the right boarding school in Nigeria for your child. It also teaches you how to relate effectively with the school, class teacher and subject teachers in your child's boarding school. You will also learn how to stop sexual harassment against your child in a boarding school. This guide will also expose you to how you can prevent homosexuals and lesbians from introducing your child into these sinful and future-destroying acts in a boarding school. Every parent who has a child in a boarding school or who intends to enroll a child in a boarding school in Nigeria must read this book. Save your child from the evils of sexual harassment, homosexualism, lesbianism and examination malpractices. Download a copy today.

  • ISBN: 9781310227608
  • Author: Sesan Oguntade
  • Published: 2016-04-19 13:00:10
  • Words: 6930
Parenting Your Child in a Nigerian Boarding School Parenting Your Child in a Nigerian Boarding School