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Paper Planes

aPaper Planes

J. Dean

Shakespir Edition



Copyright 2016, J. Dean



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For everybody who has ever wished they were somewhere else at some time in their lives…




“Good morning, everybody!”

“Hello? You guys awake? Good morning!”




“You all need your coffee?”

“Hmm, tough crowd this morning. Had a little trouble coming back from the weekend?”

Murmurs… nods…

“Well, don’t we all. Alright… let’s see who’s here and who isn’t. Andrew Adams?”


“Gina Allen?”

“Ms. Stevens?”

“Just a moment, Wayne. Gina? You here?”

Deep sigh… “Here,”

“Ms. Stevens, why don’t you just look on the seating chart and do it that way?”

“Because I like to hear your response, Wayne. It’s not enough to be present. You need to be active in class.”

“…’s a stupid idea…”

“What was that?”

Slight chuckles… “Nothing.”

“Good. Eddie Briggs?”


“Oh, I like that enthusiasm, Eddie! You had some coffee this morning, I see! Sammi Bullough?”


“Sammi Bullough?”

“Miss Bullough!”


“What!?… Here?”

More laughter…

“Miss Bullough, I suggest you listen when attendance is taken instead of drooling over the young boys on Sarah’s One Direction shirt.”

“Oh… yeah…”


“May I open a window, Ms. Stevens?”

“Yes, Jennifer. Go ahead. Ah… where was I… Zack Carmichael?”


“Andrew Denison?”


“Rachel Dowd?”


“Nathan Edel—Thomas Jamison, please put that paper airplane away!”


“Thank you. Nathan Edelman?”


“Angie Everett?”

“Angie Everett? Not here?”

“She has the flu.”

“Thank you… Jenelle Grady?”


“Hannah Higgins?”


“Sorry. Here.”

“Howard-- Who threw that!”

Snickers… murmurs…

“I asked a question: who threw that airplane?”


“I know that you saw it, class. Don’t act naive. It passed right in front of me and went out the window. Tell me who threw it. Thomas… Where did Thomas go?”

More murmurs… gasps…

“Where did Thomas Jamison go, class?”

“Do I need to punish this entire class for insubordination? Where is Thomas?”

“Left the room.”

“That’s not possible, Ricky. The door is shut. Is he hiding under one of the desks?”

“He left the room, Ms. Stevens.”

“Alright, now you’re being just silly, Ricky. How? The door is shut, and I would have noticed if he had stood up, walked in front of me, and climbed out the window.”

“He left on the plane, Ms. Stevens.”

… “On the plane.”


A couple of affirming murmurs.

“Is this some kind of joke?”

“No joke, Ms. Stevens. Chloe threw him out on the plane.”

“She threw Thomas out of the room on the plane. Thomas, who stands nearly as tall as me, flew out on a small paper airplane thrown by Chloe.”

“It’s true, Ms. Stevens.”

“Have you all lost your mind!? How could he have done that? Tell me, Chloe: how did Thomas fit on that plane?”

“He just… shrunk. Did it while you were looking at your attendance book. Then he hopped on his plane and told me to throw it out the window.”

“Just like that. Just that simply.”


“He said he was tired of school. Tired of being here, held like a prisoner. Said he was going to escape.”

Silence… murmurs… a giggle…

“Lunatics… you’ve lost your minds…”

“What you’ve told me is impossible! A child can’t just shrink and fly out on a paper plane!”

“But that’s what he did, Ms. Stevens.”

Murmurs… discussions… affirmations… approvals..

“This is nuts… I need to inform the office. Nobody else move while I walk down. I mean it!”

Doorknob turns… heels clack against a floor… door slams shut.

Feet shuffling. Desks and chairs moved. Faces at a window.

“There he is…”

“Wow… how did he do it?”

“Go Thomas, Go!”

Cheers… applause…


Dear Reader,

I want to thank you for taking the time to enjoy this short story, and hope that you had as much fun reading it as I did writing it. If you liked this or any of the other stories I have placed on Shakespir, please feel free to give it a public review, and let me know what you thought as well personally by leaving me a comment on My author blog at http://enterthevein.wordpress.com . I appreciate your feedback and also invite you to check out the first novel of my epic series, The Summoning of Clade Josso, as well as my other works, also available on Shakespir.



J. Dean


About the author: J. Dean is the author of the Vein project, his first serious venture into the realm of professional writing. A graduate of the University of Michigan, he teaches foreign language in public school and also gives private tutoring sessions, but is hoping that the Vein project will serve as a springboard for becoming a full-time writer. Mr. Dean plays guitar, bass guitar, and enjoys other hobbies such as target shooting, martial arts, and cuisine experimentation in the kitchen. He and his wife have two children and live in Michigan.



Paper Planes

  • ISBN: 9781370616183
  • Author: J Dean
  • Published: 2016-08-22 20:35:11
  • Words: 835
Paper Planes Paper Planes