Panthers Nyeusi

Panthers Nyeusi

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Karmen Rawlston

I sat back cool and chilly with my good rafiki, Jenni Gisselbrecht and Taniel Mellen, lieutenant under Jera’s wing of the Philadelphia Black Panthers animal rights group; serenely munching on a few bags of chips and turkey jerky here and there back at said group’s clubhouse as Meeka flipped on the little flat screen over in the corner and began to display the late night to evening news. “I’ll be goddamned.” Taniel grumbled, plopping her typical stocky melanistic jaguar form exuberantly on the venerable crocodile skin couch and letting out a loud sigh of pure frustration as she propped her musty feet up on the Applewood coffee table next to her signature pair of old but gold banana yellow Wellington boots. “Yet another one of cats just got put down by them pussy ass pigs in a blanket down on Coshocton Boulevard. Seriously, ya’ll. We need to do sincerely a hell of a lot more than just holding paper and stick signs, marching along the block like we all a bunch of zombies infected with that nighthowler syndrome or what ya call it. We need to get out there right now and show all these mothafuckers with their foots on our throat we mean bidness.” “Not just yet, my lovely feline friend.” Jenni reassured slowly. “Huh?” Taniel question, confused for a brief moment. “I’ve already managed to get in direct contact with my father, Flint, who serves as current chief of the department at present, and his damn near working the tail off his ass to make sure these clowns get what they deserve all in the cleanest way possible; all while staying in the quote, unquote ‘guidelines’ of his position, if ya know what I mean.” “Definitely loud and clear, sister.” Jera agreed to my left. “Those whip cracking ursas have him nearly boxed up in there so tight that even the slightest nysa could have him thrown out of office, or even worse. We definitely need to focus on that little problem at hand first thing first.” “Amen, sista.” Meeka agreed, rising to her feet. “Time to make a little unexpected visit to our boys over in the 5th precinct. Call Leslie and Jess and tell em we’re ready to get this party jumpin’.” Just then, the front door to the clubhouse swung open almost without a trace from behind and in stepped our three other favorite felidae along with our one and only hippopotamus tagging along angstily from behind. “Count us no doubt in too.” Penny piped up, cracking her knuckles unwarily in anticipation.

Panthers Nyeusi

  • ISBN: 9781370994328
  • Author: Penny Tawret
  • Published: 2016-07-20 21:05:13
  • Words: 483
Panthers Nyeusi Panthers Nyeusi