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Overhead - The Golden Thread To New Treasure Lead


Overhead – The Golden Thread to New Treasure Lead

© 2016 Barbara M. Schwarz


Purple Eyes Publishing (PEP)

the value of knowing


ISBN: 978-1-910774-85-4


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On the front: “An eyeball of the other (modernity smooth)” 2016.


Ladelled time: The Art Deco Sign:


The boom and bust

The everything to trust

And despair…

The image that lies hanging there –

eyeball, big or small:

discover all.


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I simply remain to see, all in front of me.



Overhead – The Golden Thread To New Treasure Lead


‘I’ve got it now’

I said,


I stood so many things on

their head

and the image now instead

bed down into view


‘turned up completely

that’s what I do!’,


and so the retina knew

that many things re-hew


an inverted image

that breaks out in front of you


and all that magic time

when we cease with endless

rhyme and leave the rut of our

own mime, and simply start to see:


the bigger things, enormously

are hidden right in view -


yes, they’re right in front of you


as the eyeball seek to capture all

it is the image that fall

so ceaselessly

to imagination free


part of life’s creation

part pure association

part of what we ignore

and part of what

we’ve seen before


and it’s really all too new

to latch on properly to

a simple golden thread


when just overhead

dark treasure lead to

where I could see

a turbulent new future

in front on me


all in jeopardy -

far too much expectancy

of what could where fit in…

when we bin what we thought

could win


and debunking as I do

the old familiar crew

the retina knew:


it will all upturn again

as and when I see

different things enfold

in front of me


we seek a bridge to design

safe passage over time

when all we really know is

that turbulence is in the show

of how modernity flow


so there’s always more at stake

than that old mistake that a

mindset with a future too often equate


Golden thread,

you yawn so fast

and put to bed

all that was ever said


the double-bluff

an image tough

to match to points and game

the old and new as one great plane




but do you really know

where the future go?


the sky is dark

and atmospherics spark

numerous worlds in tow

spirit of the age, where will

you flow?


spirit of this age

no longer kind or sage:

you simply wage war

with whatever was there before


Overhead, a simple thread

and golden tracery

a pathway free

from expectancy


diametrically opposed

oh how the future grows


diametrically at war

with what we seek ignore


golden thread: to shake the feather from the head

and tickle life instead.


Myopic memory

eyeball energy

that once made it before


across modernity’s dance-floor.

But the final score, we cannot ignore

is no longer sure.


No longer a waiting game,

the future now a moving plane

of what we could see

in checkered source of history

turned on its head,


alive to a golden thread

that soldiers on instead

to see a moment free

to reality.


Ladelled time you mixed so much

just to define, what was all design,


but we are all out of time

with this never-ending rhyme

of always wishing on a dime:

that happier time

before the ravages of sub-prime…


Golden thread

light up our head

to conquer fear instead.







Purple Eyes Publishing

“Ladelled time – The Art Deco sign”: great futures define the break-neck speed of time that leaps in space and design, distinctive energy to assign, but a golden thread, the simple hope that said: “Let us wait and see, and face our future determinedly with vibrant energy!”


Hope, at last, spoke.


Overhead - The Golden Thread To New Treasure Lead

In the turmoil of the day, hope spoke anyway, and started just to see of futures' criss-crossed paths that golden flee into a modernity we cannot yet see - deliberately, a golden thread start to bed moments of resourcefulness instead.

  • ISBN: 9781910774854
  • Author: [email protected]
  • Published: 2016-10-20 19:05:08
  • Words: 677
Overhead - The Golden Thread To New Treasure Lead Overhead - The Golden Thread To New Treasure Lead