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Overcoming Challenges in Business and Your Self-Image




Overcoming Challenges in Business


And Your Self -image




Olufolake Stephen Adams

Copyright August 2016

(Revised Edition)


Shakespir Edition



Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Real Purpose of Starting a Business

Chapter 2: The Tenets of Business

Chapter 3: Challenges faced In Starting a Business and the Solution.

Chapter 4: Your Self-Image and Your Business

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I know that you will be faced with challenges. Challenges in business are your bread, your meat, your food for rising in business. How you see challenges will determine whether you will survive or die.

I realize from experience that so many people start off their businesses without the faintest idea of what their businesses will encounter in its journey into success and how you start your business will sooner or later have its effect on your self-image.


Chapter 1

Real Purpose of Starting a Business

I realize that so many people start of their businesses due to different reasons and purposes. Some start because their friends are doing it and making money from it. Some start because they heard that it is a lucrative business. Some start to majorly make money. Some start because it is the only way to survival. Some start because it runs in the family even though they hate the business.

Some start because they drop out of school and so they have to make a living. Some also start because they are forced into it. Why? It is because it is their family business.

Are all the reasons given bad to start a business? The answer is Capital Yes! What do I mean? I’ll explain.

You see, how you begin a thing matters a lot. Why? It is because it is the foundation of the building block of your business. That is why many businesses collapse before it even goes far. Why? The foundation is not solid and this is where people’s self-image is destroyed. Chapter 4 speaks at length on your self -image and your business

You must know the reason why you are starting your business. If you’ve started your business due to the above reasons, your business will not last for more than 2 -5 years before it goes under.

To avoid this, you must check your True Reason why you are starting your business and it must have the following reasons:

1. You love the business. You have passion for the business.

2. The business surrounds solving people’s problems. The more problems you solve, the more money you make. Don’t forget that.

3. To make the world a better place.

The just mentioned reasons have great and positive impact on your self-image.

If you look at successful entrepreneurs, you’ll realize that these entrepreneurs fulfill the 3 Major reasons that I gave above and are keeping to it today.

If you start up your business and the major purpose is to make money, you’ll just realize that you won’t even make any at all. Why? Because there are laws that govern business and if you don’t know these laws as I said earlier, you’ll be frustrated out of business. I’ll share some with you in the next chapter.



Chapter 2

The Tenets of Business


Tenets are laws that have unbroken principles that if you put them into your business, it will give you the same result like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, Brian Tracy etc. Why? Because they are the principles they themselves use.

Every successful business you see today faced the same obstacles you are facing now and overcame them.

So before setting out to do business, you must first SIT. A child that will walk must first sit, and then crawl, then stand, then walk and then run. Business too follows such steps. You must first SIT to know the reason why that business needs to exist. You must in your sitting know YOUR MISSION OF EXISTENCE, which is signifies your mission statement. What is a mission statement? How can you have one and use it also to generate sales in your business, my book ‘30 Ways to Create Sales in Your Business’, will help you tremendously on creating one that will blend with your business. Get it today. This is your core value, the very heart of your business. Have you discovered it? Coca Cola’s mission is to make Coca Cola known in every household and today, have they not achieved it? The answer is Yes.

Don’t be in a hurry to run. First Sit. Let that period be to project into the future of what you want your business to be in the next 10 to 20 years. This is how Chinese people grow their business. The plan of your business must be both short and long term for longevity even after you. To know more about the power of making both short and long terms to achieve your dreams, kindly get my book, ‘How to Translate your Imagination into Realities.’ It will explain in details, these things to you. Get it today.

So first Law: Sit. Write down your mission, goals both short and long, strategy of meeting those goals and of meeting and growing your capital and customer base and your profit margin including your work force.

2nd Law: When the above is put in place, then you need to focus on the challenges that face new businesses and create a strategy to overcome them. This is where most businesses fail. They don’t understudy these challenges before they launch out. This is where reading comes into play.

To know more on these laws to grow profits in your business, get my business book titled, ‘Secrets in Making Maximum Profits in Business.’


Chapter 3

Challenges Faced in Starting a Business and the Solution


Like I said in the introduction, challenges are your bread, your meat by which you grow; without them you won’t build any business muscles to carry your weight of Glory in business. I have severely faced mine and I still do till date.

Every business does, so you are not the only one going through it. So, stop focusing on the challenges, start for solutions instead. How? Get information. That was why I made this book FREE to access. Get information and rub your minds with great minds.

Bishop Oyedepo of Winners Chapel International, one of my mentors in Ministry said, ‘Reading keeps the fountain of wisdom flowing; mental distinction is a result of the VOLUME OF INFORMATION.’

Steve Siebold, Author of ‘How Rich People Think,’ said, ‘Rich people focus on INVESTMENT, while average people focus on saving.

Most people are more concerned with the modest gains they accumulate from their savings and investments than they are with USING THEIR BILLION DOLLAR MINDS TO CREATE A FORTUNE.

The rich focus their minds on where the big money is via their mental energy.

To start thinking like the rich, you have to stop worrying about running out of money and focus on how to make more.

Constantly worrying about money is no way to live; Dream about money instead.’ Get information.

So what are the challenges New Businesses Face?

1. Inability to make sales.

2. Inability to pull customers.

3. Business competition

4. No demand of their products and services.

5. Capital to do advert.

6. Location base.

These are the major challenges that all businesses worldwide face and you’ll have to find your way around it by doing the following:

The major solution is in your ability to market and strategize your plans. I’ll briefly explain this you.

To solve number 1, you have to consider who your audience is. Remember that You Are Not Sent To Everybody. So you have to sit find out who are the people who truly need your business. Targeting your audience will solve number 2 for you.

To solve problem 3, you need to avoid Competition in business. Don’t compete with anyone, compete with yourself. Competition sucks ideas. Be creative. Go to your vision board and look for strategies to dominate the market.

3rd Law: Advertise: Advertise: Partner with businesses with successful Track Records like Tripleclicks. This will solve problem 4.

To solve problem 5, you need to create a cash flow from within the business. In SFI, you can open an ECA Store.

4th Law: Proper Location: One major thing I see people do a lot is getting just anywhere they see a shop or a place to market their merchandise. This is very wrong. Why is this, is because your location is what determines your allocation. Your location is the first key that determines the sales that come towards your direction. Sales flow towards the direction of where merchandise is being needed. For example, your location may need shoes and you are selling foodstuffs, how will you sell? I believe so many people will be selling what you are already selling. You move out of competition as fast as possible.

Doing all the above to conquer the challenges in business does do a lot of good to your self-esteem.


Chapter 4

Your Self-Image and Your Business.


This is the pivot of everything. The foundation on which you build your

Business is built. Everything taught here rises or falls on this principle. Your

self- image is a major factor in business.

Let me ask you, ‘what are you worth? Seriously, what are you really worth?’ It all boils down to what is within you. The information you carry within, is what distinguishes you without. When you carry the nuggets or secrets of success in you, it doesn’t matter how people rubbish you. You won’t be moved, because of what you believe and because of what you have discovered.

When I began my online business in Nov 4 2013, I met with a lot of challenges because I was a novice and I virtually didn’t know anything about it. However, I was ready to learn but, my spouse fought against it because he had done it before and he had failed, so he didn’t want me to enter into it, so he fought against it fiercely and then later from my family.

For almost 3 years, they fought against the business. But I never let it affect me. In fact, it was like hell at home.it was that bad. But I did not listen. I continued because I HAD NO ALTERNATIVE. My physical body had collapsed as I had asthma to deal with, so my best option was to earn online. So, I persisted. I kept building my business.

Just this year July 2016, everything changed as my results began to show. Then they began to support me. In fact, my first laptop to do my business was bought for me by my siblings, who now rally round me.

My spouse stopped attacking me as my progress and success became unhidden anymore.

My secret lied in my ability to learn and what it takes to run a successful business. The same I am sharing with you now and in my other business and marketing books. Lay your hands on them and learn. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Use your money to invest into yourself!

I spend thousands of hours on reading and on books. Do the same and you will have authority in what you are doing and be successful

Your entire figure and personality lie on your self- image or self-esteem and this is where most entrepreneurs fail, because of lack of immediate results their self- image crashes. It ought not to be so. With passion and information at your disposal, your self- image receives a lifting.

Never have a very low self- esteem and low self-image, no matter what. They matter a lot in making sales. Boost your self- esteem. Discover who you are through related books. Believe you can do all things. Believe that you can make it in business and that well.

Self -discovery comes as a result of discovering who you really are, what you can achieve, what you can attain. It all boils back to your self- image; how you see yourself. It has nothing to do with ego. It has a lot to do with your perception about yourself, accurate understanding of your gender.

Remember only discoverers, recovers. Discover who you are today.

Get Zig Ziglar’s book, ‘See You Are At The Top’and you will get your Perspective correct.

To know more on how to generate sales in your business, get my book, ‘30 Ways to Create Sales in Your Business.’


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About the Author

Olufolake Stephen Adams is a Biology Educationist with an experience of 9

years in teaching. She is an Author, a business consultant and a prolific

writer. She is a Nigerian and married with kids. She bagged a double honour as a biologist educationist. She left to start her own company. She is the CEO and founder of Jesus Ventures Limited International located in Ibadan, Nigeria, with the sole aim of helping businesses make maximum profits across the globe. The company has been at it, for some years now. She has a burden to help people to solve their problems whether spiritually, business or otherwise. She has an on-going project in her city titled Ibadan Transformation. It is enlightenment project. She has written more than 19 books so far. Through the resources of her company, they have been able to make profits and insights into making sales for their customers.

She has an ECA store at Tripleclicks known as Yeshua Stores


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Overcoming Challenges in Business and Your Self-Image

Overcoming challenges in Business is a very powerful book to help, inspire, motivate and encourage new Entrepreneurs who are just starting new businesses and for those who have started and a stuck on the way and perhaps they closed up. It is to ROLL your sleeve once more as there is still hope. Challenges can either mar or make your self image in your business that you may NOT even believe in yourself any more. Reproach,ridicule and rejection can play a great deal in this. But once you know how to overcome those obstacles, your self image is boosted and you are on fire again and unstoppable. In a simple and practical steps,the Author presents the various obstacles faced in starting a new business and WHAT TO DO TO OVERCOME. in the book, you will learn: 1. The Real reason why you should start your business, not because someone started it. 2. The tenets or laws that govern business and how to use it to grow your business. 3. The challenges faced in starting a business and the solution. 4. How to build your self image with your business and lots more. it is a book worth looking into, to grow in starting your business. it will teach you the precaution you should know before launching out! STOP, READ THIS BOOK, BEFORE STARTING THAT BUSINESS!

  • ISBN: 9781370384921
  • Author: Olufolake Stephen Adams
  • Published: 2016-08-19 22:20:09
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Overcoming Challenges in Business and Your Self-Image Overcoming Challenges in Business and Your Self-Image