Our Own Version of Paradise


Our Own Version of Paradise


Jerrice Owens

© Copyright 2014.

All Rights Reserved.


For the fourth time since she’d cancelled the tickets, Celeste looked at the Jamaican cruise.

This trip had taken a year to plan, and the closer it got, the more she yearned. Yet here it was a week away, and Daniel had gotten a sudden promotion.

The shift in pay and vacation time had pushed them back for another eight weeks!

She knew she couldn’t get off by then and left romantic getaway pending.

Damn, was all Celeste could think, knowing how much it’d meant to her.

It wasn’t that she was a sour puss. She was happy to see her baby advance.

But they hadn’t even celebrated that! He’d announced on the phone and went back to work!

She sighed to herself and crumbled the tickets.

She really wanted some time with him. He was also working longer hours and was dead tired when he got home.

Celeste suffered from lonely dinners and cold bed sheets when she’d reach over. She needed some alone time with her man and was sure this trip would make up for it.

She picked up the phone and called Bea, greeting her with a weak hello.

Girl,” she asked, “what’s wrong with you?”

She ran her down on what’d occurred.

Dang, boo. That’s really sad. I’ll come by and hang with you.”

The two scheduled a nail appointment.

Celeste needed the company. She also needed some time to vent and knew that Bea would cheer her up.


Stressed out wasn’t even the word! This job had literally beat me down. Hadn’t gotten my ass whooped like this since I was younger skinnier fellow.

Nevertheless, the same ol’ thing; my boss was being the playground bully. Instead of licks, I was burdened with tasks—stuff that literally wore me out.


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Our Own Version of Paradise

  • Author: Jerrice Owens
  • Published: 2016-03-17 04:35:07
  • Words: 2393
Our Own Version of Paradise Our Own Version of Paradise