Our Fairytale


Illustrated by Lewis Braswell

Once upon a time in a kingdom on a lake,

there lived a young princess named Mary Beth.

In a nearby village there lived an evil woman who had long been jealous of anyone whose beauty surpassed her own. The woman closely watched the princess and grew more envious of her

with each passing day.

Now the woman had special powers. She used her powers to create a crystal ball. Every day the

woman would ask her crystal ball, “crystal ball, who is the fairest one of all?” And each time the crystal ball reflected back her own image.

As the years flew by; Mary Beth grew more and more beautiful and the evil woman grew more and more envious. Fortunately for the woman, Mary Beth read in the library from morning ‘till


Mary Beth read book after book, and all the while became the smartest princess to ever live. Despite all the enjoyment she got from reading, Mary Beth wondered when she would meet her handsome prince and receive her happily ever after.

One day, the evil woman spoke to her crystal ball, and the image that appeared was not hers at all. For the person she saw in her magic crystal ball was the princess, Mary Beth.

The woman sent for the doctor. “Give me the virus, for Mary Beth will be no more.” The doctor begged and pleaded, but the woman would not listen.

The next day the

doctor left and searched for the

princess. Upon

finding her, he

explained what he had done. “Forgive me,” he cried “for the evil woman you may have read about forced me to do it.”

“The evil woman?” whispered Mary Beth. Yes it was true, Mary Beth knew about her, but never imagined that

anyone, no matter how evil, would ever want to harm her.

“Hurry!” Exclaimed the doctor, “For you must run and hide.” So Mary Beth began to travel. One day here another there.

It wasn’t long after, that Mary Beth had visited just about every castle in the Kingdom. Each place she visited brought more and more thrill. Until suddenly, Mary Beth said aloud,

“I am tired of running, off to college I go! I have seen many places, but study I must!”

It was obvious to her where she would go. For truly, there was only one place worthy of a princess. So she scheduled her classes, picked out a major, and arrived at the best

university in the land…

the University of Central Florida.

The first day of classes came and went. She loved what she would be learning, and the people were great. Finally she thought she had found

her safe place.

When Mary Beth’s friends learned of her story, how the evil woman wanted her gone, they took it upon

themselves and decided to keep her protected. Laughing and dancing the next four years passed, and

still they were safe.

But the evil woman had not given up on her search. In fact, the magic crystal ball showed the evil old woman a picture of Mary Beth reading by a reflecting pond on campus. Overjoyed the evil woman rushed off with a handful of poisoned coffee. For she was determined to get rid of the princess,

once and for all.

Mary Beth’s friends warned her to be careful about who she trusted. “Don’t worry about me!” Mary Beth shouted, “After all, I am basically a CIA agent.”

A few moments later the evil woman appeared, having disguised herself. “Tired dearie?” asked the evil woman, “Have some coffee, you look like you need it.” Mary Beth remembered what her friends had told her, but she was very tired and the woman looked harmless. She took a sip, and immediately fell to the ground.

Feeling as though something awful had happened, her friends ran to the reflecting pond. Seeing the evil woman running away, they raced

after her. A storm rolled in and suddenly a flash of lightning struck, and there was the evil woman lying on the ground, for her time was over.

But it was too late for Mary Beth.

Even in her current state, she was still the most beautiful one of all. Her friends couldn’t bare to leave her. So they stayed by her side

both day and night.

One day a handsome knight, named Daniel, came riding onto campus. He saw Mary Beth, and in that moment fell in love. For he knew she was the one he would spend the rest of his life with. So he kneeled down and gave her a kiss. Mary Beth quickly awoke with a smile. The knight’s kiss had broken the spell.

Once the spell had been broken, they celebrated the only way possible, they went to Disney World! And before any more time could pass, Daniel quickly got down on one knee…

…and asked the princess if she would be his wife.

She said, “YES!!”

And they rode off into the distance. For they found each other and they would now live

happily ever after.

Our Fairytale

This is the story book that was written by Daniel Thornton and illustrated by Lewis Braswell and was used to unfold a scavenger hunt and story that led to Daniel proposing to Mary Beth!

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Our Fairytale Our Fairytale